Where to Announce/post flyers

(note: Links current as of 5/3/04)

Announcement of an Issue

(Remember to change to the current issue# ;) !) Spin doctor that I am, I would reword this slightly for the announcement in Rivendell, to focus more on “our” stuff, whereas this will draw in folks from elsewhere:

SPECIAL FEATURES in this issue include:

and much more. Click the scroll or this link to view!

E-mail reminder to writers

if your email program lets you, set the reply-to address for this as herald@istad.org

Hi, this is a friendly reminder from the editors of the Last Homely Herald You signed up to write a kingdom report for us, and our submissions deadline for this issue is _______. It doesn’t have to be long-- in fact, brief is better! All we need is 1-3 paragraphs telling us the most exciting news, events, and kingdom gossip that you’d love for the world to know about. Please let us know if you've gotten tied up and can't do it, so we have time to find someone else.

Send your submission to herald@istad.org, and PLEASE, if it's an attachment, put HERALD in the subject of the email... we've had a virus scare. ;)

Thank you SO much for your contribution-- our paper couldn't exist without wonderful people like you!

~ Tinw and Sil Ar-Feiniel

Editor's Desk

Welcome to the Last Homely Editors’ Desk! Here is where you may volunteer to write articles, ask questions, make suggestions, and see how we’re coming along with putting the issue together. YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS determine the paper’s success (as well as earning you a few points of tribute  ). We greatly appreciate all your hard work!
DEADLINE for the May Issue is April 30th
Send your submissions to

Who’s Who in This Month’s Upcoming Issue!
KEY: RED: Writer needed!
GREEN: Volunteer has signed up to cover this department!
BLACK: We have a completed article!
MONTHLY REPORTS for Guilds and Groups
Army Report: Warrior Needed!
° Bards’ Guild: Troubador Needed!
° Writers’ Guild: Scribbler Needed!
° Drill Team: Loremaster Needed!
° Word Sleuth: Scrabbler Needed!
° Racing Team: Jockey Needed!
(when you sign up, it’s a good idea to check with your guild or team head)

° Fangorn: Sentient Vegetable Needed!
° Khazad-dûm: Axe Wielder Needed!
° Lothlórien: Wood-elf Needed!
° Meduseld: Horse Lord Needed!
° Minas Tirith: Ranger Needed!
° Mordor: Villain Needed!
° The Shire: Hairy Toes Needed!
° The White Council: Pointy Hat Needed!

Articles about special goings-on around Rivendell, or reports on your favorite RPGS!

°Suggestions AND Writers Needed (ie. what's going on?)

Someone on the plaza. Please keep it mostly plaza-related!
°Interview Needed!

Give a 1-paragraph overview of a plaza house which has interesting activities for visitors (preferably Rivendell for starters)! Be sure to get permission of the owners.
° Tour Guides Needed!

Games, ongoing threads, guilds and groups-- these are the mainstays of the plaza. Write a review (like a movie review, except more IC) of one of these activities!
Critics Needed!

Share with us your first impressions, experiences as you settle into Rivendell.
Newbie Needed!

Articles on Middle-earth topics, non-Rivendell plaza news, or topics that don’t quite fit any of our other categories. We’d love to see what you come up with!
Suggestions for Topics AND Writers Needed

Poetry or short pieces of fictional prose.
Don’t sign up, just send them in, and we’ll print some of the best!

° Languages: Linguist Needed!
° Lore: Topics AND Writers needed

Cryptograms, Riddles, Crossword Puzzles, etc, we want several each issue!
Puzzlers Needed!
Make our readers leave with a laugh! Comedians Needed!

GUIDELINES FOR SUBMISSIONS: The Herald is presented as an illuminated manuscript like Bilbo’s book, talking about various events and topics. So, whenever possible, write from the point of view of Elves or Middle-earth inhabitants describing what they’ve seen or done, rather than as Tolkien fans talking about a computer bulletin board. (Obviously, if you’re interviewing an admin or discussing behind-the-scenes plaza business, this may not always be possible). Brief is Better: Aim for 1-3 paragraphs. We look for three things in an article: informative, entertaining, and inspiring. Make SURE you are familiar with the topic or activity— saying something is interesting or enjoyable doesn’t inform us about it.

Finally: Deadline is _____, send your submissions to herald@istad.organd let us know here when you’ve done so. (keep a copy of what you send, JUST in case, as insurance against the net gods)