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Guilds and Groups

The Host of Imladris has been quite busy for some time. They have many things to do in regards to training, honing their abilities, and relaxing. The training course for the Host of Rivendell is located in a secluded part of the valley not far away from the armory; both the armory and the stables behind it provide the training soldiers with supplies and steeds. So far, four have come forth to train under Captain Narie: Elwen, Numellote, Elenaro, and myself. Elwen and I are learning equestrian skills such as the Eldarin way to master a steed, which is quite different than a mortal's. Nume is learning archery practice which should prove to be lighter work than most other things for the pregnant elleth. Elenaro is engaging in a sparring match to improve and hone his swordsmanship with Narie herself. There are many other soldiers who should drop by to hone their current skills or even adopt a new one that they haven't learned yet.

The Corinsarna Challenge also gives members of the Host of Imladris a chance to polish their skills as able warriors. In the middle of one of Rivendell's woodlands stands a lone and strong tower, Corinsarna. Warriors of the Host must brave the obstacles set up for them in order to reach the Counselor of War, Rilome, Elrond's herald, who stands at the center by the fortified tower's well. There are three barriers that present a challenge to the soldiers; they come in the form of evenly-spaced rings set with armed elven sentries that will try to delay the intrepid warrior from the rendezvous with Rilome at the center. The warriors may not kill the sentries and can only be armed with two weapons and, most importantly, their wits, which will prove quite useful during the Challenge of Corinsarna. The brave, daring, and skillful warriors who have taken part in the Challenge thus far include: Alwen Filarial, Arvellas, Ealena, Aikanar, Elenaro, a dwarf fighter Kori, the newly returned and long-missed Anarie, and Narie herself. This seems to be quite popular for the Host... now if only just as many warriors would take on training or seek some downtime in the Ancient Fields of Warriors!

The Ancient Fields of Warriors are located within Imladris, not far from the Meeting Hall of the Host; wildflowers of various and wondrous hues bloom here, and majestic trees nod in the autumn breeze. There are many paths for idle, albeit enjoyable walks that meander through the sun-dappled woods in which a warrior may choose to hunt, or to commune with, or to seek peacefulness in nature. Lakes sparkle here, and one may catch fish or swim in them. The Ancient Fields of Warriors are reserved only for soldiers of the Host of Imladris, and also for the healers of the Adab-Nestad who have often made it their duty to save the lives of the valiant. Here, soldiers and healers may come together in fellowship to relax, socialize, and bond with each other. Those who have come so far include myself and my bethrothed, Mar-Evayave, and her adopted daughters, Silmiel and Kiranell. Narie, Rilome, Akair and her elfling Earendur, Nume, Elwen, Anarie, Eruwaedhiel, and Enoki also have taken advantage of the serenity.

For a while Narie and I caught some fish for dinner while we spoke with Aikari about her son and other matters; that didn't last long, as playful Elwen wished to spar with me. Aikanato, who had come to the Fields as well, is presently dueling Rilome while Nume and Anarie watch. May is presently reading a book, and Silmiel had been making daisy chains, though she quickly decided to pay attention to Elwen and me. Only the equivalent of a four-year-old in the reckoning of Man, she did not understand, and demanded that Elwen not kill me. This was amusing for a bit, though I did tell my Lintintiel (Daughter of Sparks) that Elwen was a close friend of mine, and that we were only playing. Seeing that Silmiel was still upset by the duel, and that dinner was ready, I decided to end my duel with Elwen, though I promised that we'd do it again some time. I returned to Narie's side for the captain appeared a bit lonely, and asked if she would like me to look for some berries or other fruit for the dinner, in addition to what she already had in her basket for everyone. Silmiel is presently with us, and speaking about the book she discovered in my satchel: Grima's Leithian Tales. I may read a short story there for her or others in the glade.

That about sums up this past month's Host matters. I encourage other elves to join the Host. Narie has even made beautiful new rank insignia for the soldiers; doesn't that entice you? I am sure that there may appear an adventure for the Host any day now...

~ Aigronding


The fleeing elves rode through the night. Fuin led with the cart with metal bars so needed for the Forge, followed by the wounded Mar-Evayávë, Fingolfin next, with Aigronding and Quennar taking the rear. The screeches of the following Orcs were frightening as they came steadily closer. Yet hope came over the White Mountain peaks at their left. The deep black with Elbereth's stars turned slowly to midnight blue and then it worked slowly to purple and other, brighter colors. The five Elves watched and listened to Fuin reassure them that the Sun would be with them soon; the fear in the hearts of horse and rider was lessened.

Orc-ish screams of anger turned into fear as the Sun lightened the sky more and more. The death screams of the Orcs died slowly away and in peace the five returned toward their home, Imladris. It was Fingolfin and Aigronding who held a contest of singing songs while Fuin, Quennar and Mar laughed in mirth with them. Two nights after leaving the mines they were back.

During the time they had been gone the Forge had been locked and closed, so they unlocked the door and threw open the windows. The room was dusted out and cobwebs brushed away. New firewood was brought in and the first fires were tried. The metal bars were brought with help into the barn located in the back of the Forge. Fuin and Quennar, the two leading masters, had much to do before all was up and ready.

By the end of the summer the Forge was back into running. As Quennar hang the order book on one of the first page he read a comment written in beautiful flowing handwriting: This book is meant for masters and apprentices. If you are a master chose an item and start processing it, or fabricate something of your own design. If you are an apprentice, have a look over it with your instruction master and discuss your possibilities. This book contains a list of orders which have to be done.

If you wish to help in the Forge, post in our ooc thread and join them up in the main forum. We hope to see you soon!

~ Aikari


Whereas the first summer months had gone by in peace, quiet and delight, later months grew busy and made up for the quiet of the early summer. Taidoer were running down the hallways to equip the healers in the room with what they were missing: medicines, bandages, clean sheets…a run could mean anything. Wilara sat at her desk, adjusting the chart from time to time when a a taidor dropped by with a message. Otherwise she finished off reports, talked to new patients and spoke with nervous waiting family members.

She knew that Nárië was still in the gardens with the young human maiden Ealena. She had not yet heard how that appointment was going. The doors to rooms 2 and 4 were closed and the patients Aigronding and Eruvérdë were still under care. No news was in Wilara’s eyes good news. A badly wounded girl named Liena was taken to room 3 where Nimaroel took care over her. Sometimes it was a bit stressing for the receptionist Wilara not to know how the patient cases were going on, as she could only tell the waiting family members to have patience.

The new aphador class was going on somewhere in the building. Sometimes Wilara snapped a shot of them as they were guided around and briefed into aspects. Iif you would like to learn the art of healing, you are welcome to join. Go over to the office and leave a note. Either Minestor Aikári or Tanestor Númellótë will be there to help you with instructions.

~ Aikari


Greetings! Once again, I bring you tidings of the going-ons at the Library of Imladris. Things are still going slowly, but that is quite all right. It is mostly myself, Mar-Evayave, Eruverde, and Mar's young daughter Silmiel that are around; we are having a splendid time, though seeing new faces would be a wonderful joy. As of late, Mar has thanked Eruv for accepting our mutual desire for the wizardess to appear at our wedding. Mar was also quick to tell me of Silmiel's sickness. Since the child is not only adopted, but also half-elven, she is susceptible to colds. The child has lost much of her spiritedness, but I'm doing all I can to cheer her up, including reading to her in the Library, which she enjoys very much. Mar and Eruverde are also happy to hear me tell stories.

As mentioned in the last Library article for the Herald, the tale I'm telling is Elvana and the Wonderful Wizard of Esgal'nor. So far, a little girl named Elvana Sulewyn from Rohan, has been whisked away by a tempest that picked her house up from the green Rohirric plains and dropped her in a far-away land. Opening her front door, she saw a small race of people known as the Sintas. The Sintas were little hobbit-like people who wore fancy clothing and shoes on their feet, which Elvana found particularly odd. The sight of a pale mauve colored moon rather than the shining white glory in her own night sky was especially frightening. What shocked her the most, however, was the sight of two funny legs sticking out from beneath her house. It appeared that she had dropped her house, quite inadvertently, on top of someone!

Elvana discovered from a witch named Dwandra that the world she had found herself in was called Esgal'nor, and that the land was made by the Ainur, the same kind of spirits who served Iluvatar and had sung Arda into being. “There are many worlds in the vastness of Ea, Elvana Sulewyn, Gwandra had told her. Four of the greatest of those spirits were sent to reside in Esgal'nor as guardians of its peoples. Gwandra was one, and her job was to look out for the little people, the Sintas, and also the dwarves that lived in the realm that Elvana's house had been dropped. Her coming was very important because her house had fallen on and killed an evil witch named Berehal, who had long sought domination over Esgal'nor with her friend and fellow evil witch, Saiwen.

Gwandra informed Elvana that it wasn't in her power to return the girl to her home in Middle-earth, but, not wanting Elvana to think that it was hopeless, she told her of a good wizard that had come to Esgal'nor years before from the Beyond. She told the girl that he ruled wisely and justly in the city of Sapphire, in the center-most land of Esgal'nor, where the Fairies -great, radiant, magical, beautiful, winged beings- lived. She suggested that he might have the power to send her home, since he too came from elsewhere. He had never left Faina, Fairyland, because he had grown fond of the people; since their king and queen were no longer alive and the Princess Nelladel had been kidnapped, the people of the land wanted him to be their guardian.

Elvana wished to see this Wizard so that she might ask him to help her get home, so Gwandra told Elvana that she must travel the Kelevia -the Road of Silver Brick- from her current location of Tihen all the way to the Sapphire City in Faina. There were many dangers upon the road, for the sinister witch Saiwen, who was quite incensed at the death of her friend and ally Berehal, had many minions. Elvana learned that not everything in the magical Esgal'nor was nice and friendly like the Sintas. As a parting gift, Elvana was given the Diamond Slippers, delicate, shining diamond-like Fairy shoes, which would help her during her journey to the Sapphire City. However, they had belonged to Berehal, and only she and Nola -the witch sister of Gwandra who lived in the Southlands- had known their secrets. Saiwen would likely fight to get her hands on them.

Next month I will have more to tell you about Elvana's adventure in Esgal'nor. By then she will have begun her journey on the Road of Silver Brick, and have met a few friends such as a Knight made of gold, a beardless dwarf, and a cowardly-though-lovable Warg. These unlikely friends will all choose to join her in her quest to the Sapphire City to ask the Wizard for their hearts' desire.

~ Aigronding


The season had ended, and now the cheetahs were at rest. With great ceremony they had returned to their royal racing quarters, where they lived when not traveling from one kingdom to the next. When possible, they threaded their way stealthily out of quiet bedrooms padded with straw and crept into the wilderness for a hunt. The land directly surrounding their home was not ideal hunting – the ground was too unlevel, covered with too much forest – but if they had enough time they would travel to any plains close enough for easy access and with enough game to satisfy a hungry cheetah. There they would race after their prey, exulting in the sprints that had won them their well-deserved reputation for speed. Inhabitants throughout the Kingdoms of Middle-earth knew how fiercely the Elves defended their cheetahs, and this along with the stealth natural to any feline protected them in their forays.

Yet the racing quarters, normally calm during the off-season, was filled with churring and sometimes growling as those cheetahs still around shared the astonishing news that had come down from their Elven masters. It seemed that their sport was in danger; fewer and fewer members of the many kingdoms were willing to travel so far for races. They prefered to remain at home, particularly during the winter months when travel was difficult and dangerous. No one knew what to do, although many ideas had been tossed around. Astonished, the cheetahs listened to one of their members inform them that their team might merge with the team from another kingdom. Growling grew louder as hot debates arose as to which team would prove acceptable.

Into the midst of this discussion, another cheetah made her way into the general room and informed the others that the next racing season would be delayed so that all racers could have a break. It was hoped that this would make it easier for everyone involved to participate, by taking up less of their time each year. This change was approved of by most racers, all of whom knew the exhaustion that arose from walking – or even riding pillion – from one meet to the next, then attempting to race. Cracked, bleeding paw pads, weary joints, and stiff, aching muscles were an everyday part of racing life for those who participated regularly. Perhaps this would help the cheetahs and their Elves not to drag through each season worn-out and longing for rest. Some suggested hopefully that it might even entice back former racers who had been forced to drop out. It remained to be seen, but the rumors were promising.

~ Nenuphar


Feature Articles The TaBAthlon

Banners appeared throughout Middle-earth, bringing excitement to all who read them. A tournament known as the TaBAthlon would be held over a period of several weeks. Every kingdom would host one event of their choosing; their most eager citizens had planned and prepared activities to challenge all participants to their utmost. Alongside each competition, the kingdom would host a feast for all who wished to attend.

Already several competitions had been held. The Shire had launched the tournament with fierce game of Battlecarts. Those who participated had used catapults to attack the opposing teams' carts, with whatever ammunition they could find. Tomatoes, pumpkins, rocks, or manure flew through the air and hit carts and team members on all sides. Not long after the cleanup in the Shire, contestants found themselves wandering lost through the forest of Fangorn. Despite the peace between Fangorn and other kingdoms, many of the trees were hostile to the travelers who found themselves nervously searching for an exit.

After this, a lore contest was held in Imladris, home of many Lore masters who had sought to preserve history throughout the centuries. Isengard, meanwhile, hosted a duel between kingdoms to see who could demonstrate the greatest physical prowess. The Rohirrim chose one of their greatest passions as they crafted their challenge – a riding competition to test each kingdom and their skill.

Finally, the Mordor challenge had already started as well, although its conclusion was not yet known. Mirkwood spiders provided their webs as trampolines for those who wished to win their homelands fame and glory. As the jumping began, the free peoples noticed with unease that the spiders lurked close by, staring hungrily at the competitors. Whether they could fight them off while continuing their jumping was yet to be seen.

~ Nenuphar


Tidings from Abroad

IsengardIt had been an interesting month in Isengard. Although Nenuphar had traveled less this summer than she had in years past, prefering to spend more time getting her home ready for winter, she had heard rumors of activities livening up the Isengard halls.

One of the first was the revered Isengard pub; it was always a good place to get a drink and hang out with friends. She had heard the rumor that the pub had just been decorated with a Halloween theme, with a costume contest for all who were interested.

Although it had been many a month since Grima's disappearance, Nenuphar learned that some were trying to hunt him down. What their purpose was, she couldn't have said, but they were determined enough to seek him out throughout every corner of Middle-earth. Others had equal determination, but for a different cause. A contest between teams had arisen as to who could best remember the ancient words of scribes recording the long and venerable history of Middle-earth. As a sign of respect and honor to the greatest heroes of the Third Age, the contest was known as The One Ring Quest. Nenuphar was unable to participate in this round, but she had competed in the past and knew it for a thrilling challenge.

As she chatted with those who had visited Isengard in recent months, however, one thing made her uneasy. It was said that... something... walked the dungeons of Orthanc. A terror of the unknown something had spread throughout Isengard and beyond its borders, fueled by odd rumblings and unearthly howls that escaped the thick walls of the dungeons. No one knew what evil lurked in the dimly lit halls.

~ Nenuphar



Varkin, readers of the Herald!

I bring you some fresh news this time! Khazad-dûm has a new brand attraction called the Khazad-dûm Maze. Well, to tell you the truth, it might be not that brand new, as the Series II are starting at this moment, but definitively it is one of the most eye-catching activities currently to be found in the kingdom. Eight brave warriors are dared to enter the Maze, full of hidden perils and dangerous monsters. You may face death in the inside, but few are those who do not desire the huge heap of gold laying in its centre. Do you have courage enough to confront all of this and enter the Maze?

Not all the news from the Dwarven Realms is so good. We have witnessed a decreasing in our population and number of guests, with our streets and chambers emptier than they used to be. Nonetheless, our Rulers have in mind a set of plans that will be released soon in hopes of bringing some life back to our mountains!

The Rulers have also declared the reopening of the Dwarven Duty Centre, the Chamber that will be running all the administrative business faster and with more efficiency. In there, Dwarves may find places where they will be most useful, with an extensive list of all the jobs available and in need of an employee to fill them.

If you are wanting some fun, then I strongly recommend that you pass by the Dwarfbucks Coffeehouse where you may find some unexpected events. However, if you are need of some alcohol to fresh up your mind, then the Boozed Brawler Club may get the best of you; it is a pub-turned-cage where drunken brawlers are sent to fight against each other till only one can still stand on his/her feet.

The Anghak organization is once again under discussion. With the number of soldiers decreasing, the Rulers and the Officers of the Dwarven Army, are considering shrinking it. Instead of one large Army, they would transform the Anghak into a smaller force: the Royal Guard that would keep the peace in the Kingdom, and in time of crisis, could be enlarged. In those times, the Anghak would come back to life to secure the Kingdom against foreign invasions and attacks. However, all of this is still in the initial stages and consequently, it may still take a while till everything is arranged.

Well, here we come to the end of this article. I hope you have enjoyed it and you're now anxious to check out all this news. We await your visit!

~ Tornihyanda


Lore: The Arkenstone

The Arkenstone was huge white gem, found in the depths of the Lonely Mountain by Thrain I. He called it ''The heart of the Mountain'' and left it as a heritage to his people. The Dwarves used their knowledge and skills to shape it so it would not merely shine its own light, but also shine like a thousand sunbeams when any light fell upon it. For many years this stone was an heirloom of the kings of Dúrin's folk, but after Smaug's attack on the Mountain, it was lost to them for many years.

Eventually the group of dwarves and one hobbit led by Thorin Oakenshield came to overthrow Smaug and regain their treasure and long-lost city. It was the hobbit, Bilbo Baggins, who found Arkenstone and mentioned nothing to Thorin. Thorin had told him earlier that he could take anything as a payment for his services, so he took the Arkenstone.

Bilbo used this magnificent stone to parley between the Men from Esgaroth and the Elves from Mirkwood, who both demanded a share of the treasure after Smaug's death. Bilbo gave the stone to Bard and Gandalf to use it in negotiations with dwarves, who would not give part of the treasure to them.

After the Battle of Five armies, in which Men, Dwarves, and Elves fought together against their mutual enemies, Bard of Dale laid the Arkenstone on Thorin's chest and buried it together with the fallen dwarf. Thus the Arkenstone returned to the heart of the Mountain once more, this time forever.

~ Numellote


Language: Quenya Perfect Tense

Quenya Perfect Tense Exercises Hello my fellow readers and students. I hope you remember that last time we discussed the perfect tense and now it is time to open your homework. Let's begin with the solutions.

Translate into English:

  1. The evil queen has seized three Dwarves.
  2. An Elf has found the treasure.
  3. The queen has seen two ships.
Translate into Quenya:
  1. Enque seldor alantier.
  2. I aran elérie i mól.
  3. I nér utúlie.
New tasks are waiting for you.You didn't think I will let you go without homework, did you? *grins*

Translate into English:
  1. Nauco etélie i parma. (Telya= to finish)
  2. I aran utúlie i tári.
  3. I mól ahánie i linde. (hanyas= understand)
Translate into Quenya:
  1. Stars have faded.
  2. The bird has died.
  3. The Elf has followed the Dwarf.
See you in a month, mellyn.

With help from Ardalambion

~ Numellote



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With gratitude to each and every one of our contributors, for all your efforts to record and bring to life the magic of Imladris and of the plaza. Fond memories, fun times, a great paper: we are so proud and honoured to be able to put the Herald together - thanks to you!
~Nenuphar, Arvellas, and Mar-Evayave, co-Editors