Parth Enegui ~ Volume VI
Pennas Yavannie ~ September Issue

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Guilds and Groups

Senior Drill

Senior Drill

On the 16 of September the sixth Drill Team season began, and Imladris' first match was against Isengard. On the same day Rinerion announced that he was stepping down from his captain position, an announcement that saddened us and caught many of us off guard. To quote Rin: “besides, how many people can say they were a Captain of the winning Drill team of Season V? And how right he is! Not many can say they were captain of the winning team of Drill Team Season V, or any season for that matter. Thank you for all you have done; you have been great for this Drill Team!

The match would prove to be a close call between Imladris and Isengard. Drifa and Woggy never fail to give both good and challenging questions when running a match, and this contest was no exception. Unfortunately Imladris missed their first question, and Isengard answered the steal correctly. An unfortunate start for the team, and a start that would already set the final results. The next three rounds both teams got their questions correct, leaving the results to be decided in the final round. Imladris answered their question correctly, but Isengard did not. The Elves for the first time in the game had a chance to get even. Unfortunately, no one was round during the six hours, and the Elves lost 8-10.

Three other matches were also played. The Riders of Rohan came all the way to the Shire, a journey that would prove to be a happy one, as they won 10-8. Minas Tirith got visitors from Fangorn, and the result here also was a close call, ending 8-10 in favour of the Gondorians. The last match was played between Lórien and Mordor, a match where the home team, Mordor, won 8-12. Congratulations to all the winning teams.

On 20 September Celeblin was promoted to co-captain of Imladris Drill Team. Congratulations! Imladris' next match will be in Elrond’s Drill Halls, and will be played against their kinsmen from Lórien. Wish them luck and stop by to cheer!

~ Celeblin

Junior Drill

Junior Drill Enedhoer is here at last, and along with all of the fun, games, eating, singing, and dancing comes the new Junior Drill season.

Last season was very exciting and a lot of fun. Fun doing what, you might ask. Most, if not all Kingdoms have a Jr Drill team. These teams are paired up against each other; each team is given a total of five questions, one question per round, with just 36 hours to come up with the right answer. Questions are taken from The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and the Silmarillion. The fun comes in trying to find the correct answer within the time limit. From time to time there is an opportunity to ‘steal’ an answer from the opposing team, with a 12 hour deadline; it can be a frantic few hours trying to find the answer.

Team members have a thread accessible to Kingdom members only where we can discuss answers. There are times when a particularly difficult question results in discussions over IM; either way it’s a great way to get to know some of your fellow Rivendell Kingdom members, or just keep in touch with old plaza friends.

Last season Imladris made it to the finals, but after a heated round lost out to Team Hank. The season ended with the overall winner Team Mordor. We hope to have a fine team again this year, with Revan (Finrod) acting as captain. We’ve just learned that our Co-Captain of previous years Iluvefailisse is moving up to Sr Drill; we wish her well and will miss her knowledge, energy, and spirited sense of fun.

Sign-ups for this season’s team close on October 5th, and the season starts in mid-October. If you think you would enjoy the competition and camaraderie of Jr Drill, hurry on over to the sign-up thread and join in on the fun.

~ Hithleen

EAA Firstly, congratulations to the August Artist of the Month, Arvellas, for her piece in the theme, "It's Got Wings!". A sampling of her beautiful artwork may be seen below.

This month the Elven Artists Association (EAA) celebrated the theme of "There is something fishy about it…", which, as you've probably guessed, relates to the creatures of the sea. The art pieces that were shared included Tolotos' amazingly detailed and shaded drawings of a tigerfish and a menacing deep-sea fish, as well as Janowyn's insignia designs using a dolphin motif. Several ArtRage pieces were also displayed. Among them were: a clean line drawing by Arvellas, a menacing shark by Loriwaynen, and a pufferfish and jellyfish by Arien Silverleaf. Several photographers – Estel Underhill, Iluvefailisse, and Fuin Elda – shared their lovely photographs, which included dolphins and even a killer whale. Arien also displayed an animated gif of a fish and bubbles.

I encourage you to visit the EAA, whether to share your own art, ask for art-related advice, or simply comment on others' work. Each thread has a theme, but as always, artists are welcome to share non-theme-related work. As co-curators of the EAA, Tolotos and I have been planning to make new improvements and additions, so keep your eyes open for new art tutorials and an upcoming art contest for artists of all skill-levels, among other changes. Hope to see you in the next EAA thread!

~ Arien Silverleaf


The sparks are flying again with eager apprentices and two masters around. Under the guidance of master Quennar apprentice Ariethil works well on a job for Kalidor. Fingolfin lays his hands on the last part of a fine sword. Hithleen is still busy on some chain mail. And a new elf Argon has joined the ranks of the fine smiths of Imladris. He told us he was an experienced smith and his words have proved to be true.

Allacan Beorhtlig came by our Forge with a sword she had retrieved on the body of a friend. Not knowing to whom it belonged, she came to us for our help. Master Quennar didn’t quite know to help with the translation of the strange inscription on the blade. Yet to our surprise master Fuin Elda returned from her journey after four weeks and took over the problem Quennar faced. Now together with Allacan she is trying to collect the information about the strange sword. In excitement we are looking forward to learning more about it.

The autumn has arrived and the leaves are falling. Now with summer at an end, there are still fine days, although they feel a little chillier. Yet enemies can still make plans, and in defense of our beloved valley the army needs good and strong weapons. Because of this the Forge is always looking for new members. If you find yourself interested in learning the smithing trade, drop by our office and let us known you want to learn. We hope to see you very soon!

~ Aikari Salmarinian



The answers had been sent in for the aphador test; soon afterwards we learned that Ariethil had passed the test and was thus promoted to aphador. She received her badge, as well her healer’s bag. Congratulations, Ariethil! Unfortunately a sad message reached us as well; Tinessael had grown tired of staying in the lands of Middle Earth. She gave her responsibilities over to Aikári, knowing she would carry on with the healing house with much experience and a loving heart. Tinessael, thank you for everything you have done and your dedication in our healing house. May your journey bring you enlightment!

The healing house goes on as always. After Tanestor Tinessael and Aphador Evenstar Halliwell took patient Elenaro under their care, he was healed in a few weeks and is now participating in (Plaza) life again. Narhirn, an elf from Lothlorien, called in for help with a terrible wound on his left arm. Aphador Ariethil took care of him; although just promoted she revealed herself as a skilled healer taking care of the problem alone. Narhirn is still under her care for now. Nestor Idhwen took a weary Hobbit, Master Nibs, under her care. After a consultation she decided he needed a cup of miruvor, the nectar of the Valar. Now he is resting in the recovery room. After that she went to the gardens to help Mar Evayávë.

As always, we are looking for new taidhrim. If you want to take your first steps into healing, go over to the office and ask for a test. Minestor Ancalima or Tanestor Aikári are there to help you with instructions.

~ Tanestor Aikari Salmarinian



We have struggled long and hard with the work that needs to be done at the Library, but are making progress. We have catalogued most of the articles here, and have will be collaborating with the Plaza Library. Our Library shall be displayed here in the Main Forum for Imladris and is open to all. Those of us working in the Library would also like to inform all plaza members of a few details and activities. There shall be a discussion group going on for the Silmarillion which will begin shortly after the Library is opened. We are also taking any submissions for the Library, although we will only submit those that tie into the History of Imladris. Anyone is welcome to write for us.

Our first new writer will soon add her article. It is a marvelous article, and I would encourage everyone to read it once we get the Library open. I shall provide a link for it once we have our official opening; it is truly amazing. Our Library has numerous benefits. If you are a healer in search of remedies, or a smith in search of texts on how to craft something, than we will be corraberating with each consenting Guild to add articles. There is a wealth of lore and history available already, as well as some highly entertaining pieces. I dare say that our poetry collection is one of the best; any are welcome to come read.

Finally I would like to thank publically all who have helped make this possible. I thank Loriwaynen and Rilome for allowing this, and for helping us link articles. Thanks to Mar-evayave for helping us in her spare time. I would like to thank Annean personally for putting up with my curiosity, helping me with things that I was clueless about, and teaching me little tricks to accomplish all of this faster. I would everyone who reads this to know that the Library would not be running without Annean, so give her a big hand! Come by and check us out. We have two great librarians, and are looking for more.

~ Elenaro


Poetry Team report

Poetry Team

The season has come to a close, and we can all take a break and relax. Team Imladris did exceptionally well this season, especially considering the pitfalls we have faced. I would first like to take a moment to say thank you to the members who cannot be with us for one reason or another. Turgonian - You were, and still are, an inspiration to us all. Your poetry is so strong, it brings me to tears. I miss your captaincy and hope you can make it back to us with the speed of Manwe's Eagles. Feowen - You were a great help, and another great poet. We would love it if you could make it back for season 3. Tanequil Silverleaf - You are a great Plaza wife and an beautiful poet. I have missed your presence this season, and am looking forward to seeing you on Imladris' team again. Arvellas - The one round you helped in was amazing, Onone nin. We would be graced with your presence if you decided to join again. Eria - Most of the Season you were gone, but the last round was great for us. I am looking forward to utilizing your skill yet again! Thali - I hope to see you fully involved once the season starts now that you have recently returned to the Plaza.

The Poetry Team came in 8th this season, beating Khazad-dum, who had suffered more than us. We did remarkably well with our Poem Balrog. Special thanks to BB who loved it enough to tribute it. This season we have had some truly amazing accomplishments; with our new grading scale I am hoping to see if we can top this season and show the Plaza what Imladris really has! So come all ye Eldar, and follow me to victory! Maglor was the greatest bard in Ea's history; let us see if we cannot best him. Forward the Golden Flower, to victory!

~ Elenaro


Racing Team

Once again, the fast-paced life of a racing cheetah had begun moving at top speed. For a time the Imladris team had suffered from few members, and their cheetahs quickly wore out. Finally, however, the numbers increased to a more reasonable level, and the racing began to improve.

The first race of the season was a home meet, always an auspicious sign. Valinor emus pranced their way to the Valley's racetrack, ready to compete. They tried their hardest, but Imladris cheetahs were feeling frisky after the long vacation, and burned up the track. The cheetahs racing for Rinerion and Dundaeiel brought in a spectacular win, helping seal the victory.

Lothlorien's foxes proved more of a challenge; awkwardness from racing against a former teammate (Fuin Elda) may have contributed to the greater hesitancy seen at this match. Ultimately the race ended in a tie, as no clear victor could be called. It was a promising beginning, and the Elves hoped that their cheetahs would continue running strong.

~ Nenuphar


Kingdom Events


There was the sound of bells pealing with joy through the silent morning of the valley. It sounded through, disturbing the rests of some, but no one seemed to mind. The bells were sounded in times of danger and celebration, but the Elves of Rivendell all knew that this peal resonated with joy and peace that could only be tied to that of the honour of some of their very own Elven friends.

"Friends," Elrond says, "Today it is time to honor two Elves of our fair home, both of whom have long served with dedication in quiet or very public ways."

This month we honor Eliendriel with the rank of Elrohir, because of her dedication to Imladris and for all of her hard work in our beautiful kingdom, particularly in the BWG, the Army, and the Library.

We also honor Mar-Evayave with the rank of Elwing for her hard work in the library, as well as her general enthusiasm.

Indeed, as the Lords would say, we should praise them with great praise. Eglerio hym!

~ Adapted by Nenuphar from an original article by Keleos Nenharma


The Havens RPG

This is a brand new RPG based in Imladris. All are welcome, whether one has the desire to play a foul, evil orc from the Misty mountains, or a tall, noble elf from Imladris or Lothlorien. There is room for healers, warriors, and smiths on both sides. If one wanted to play a pacifist and wreak havoc for the warriors of Imladris, they could play a civilian, to be defended at all costs. This is canon-based, with some looseness thrown in to make it interesting.

The Journey has begun successfully. The caravan has set out from the Valley, and crossed the Bruinen with no problems as of yet. Elenaro is leading them and Rilome has consented to join, with a small segment of the host as guardians for the caravan. The valley is dwindling in the distance, the fords have been crossed, and the Trollshaws are looming in close. Elenaro has declared he would like to pass through them before night, but what evil lurks in the darkness that is the Trollshaws? There have been reports of yrch running rampant beyond the Borders of Imladris.

Nurbor and Etharion have been sent ahead and to the flanks to scout for any possible danger, as the wagons are forced to slow upon entering the woods. Will they make it through? Will the healers traveling with the Caravan be able to prevent fatalities, and will the civilians on the way to the Haven at Mithlond make it there alive? What will happen to the brave warriors of the Host? Come by and see for yourself.

~ Elenaro


New Editor Position Available

Once again the time has come to seek out a new editor for the Herald. With the departure of our beloved Janowyn from the Herald “staff, we have been left with one editor for the entire newsletter. It has been a wonderful month; as someone who still feels fairly new to this position, I have both enjoyed and been challenged by the chance to edit our newsletter by myself. Yet the Herald is a large job for one person, and so now that I've gained enough experience to be able to teach someone new about the various Herald responsibilities, I am preparing myself to seek out a new partner.

The official call for applications will not come for a few more days; perhaps a week or two after this edition is released I will share more details about the position, as well as information on how to apply. Until then, a few thoughts to pique your interest. The main talents and interests of someone wanting to be co-editor include a knack for editing and proofreading, some basic knowledge of HTML, and solid familiarity of the Herald and its policies. The ability to create, work with, and manipulate images for webpages would definitely be a plus. While I don't anticipate making any drastic changes in the Herald – I enjoy its general format,and the readers and article writers seem to as well – new ideas for articles, special features, or ways to tweak the Herald are also welcome. Finally, anyone wanting to become co-editor will need a certain amount of time at his or her disposition. Such a commitment will probably add an extra 10-20 hours of work per month into your schedule; I encourage anyone interested to consider carefully your Plaza and RL commitments to decide whether that is an option. I'm excited for help, but don't want to cause anyone to burn out on Plaza responsibilities because of becoming the new co-editor.

On the chance that this “advertisement hasn't scared everyone away, I will let everyone know as soon as I can about applying for the co-editor position. If you enjoy reading our newsletter and think it would be fun to help make it possible each month, please think about it. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

~ Nenuphar


Feature Articles

Oldie Perspective

I've been here a while now; the Plaza has been my online home for three years. I've seen rulers come and go. I've seen some members fall out of practice and other new members join with excitement. I've watched threads start and fall apart, with things both common and extraordinary. The Plaza has been a wonderful place for me and when I reach back into the beginnings of my life here, I remember my own newbie days. I remember joining Rivendell, which has always been my home. For years I have been a dweller of the Valley, and though I did switch once to Mordor, my heart has ALWAYS been in Imladris. So when I saw that the oldbie perspective didn't have a writer this month, I decided to get off my rocker, put in my teeth, and give all you lovely Heralders something to read.

Now that I'm out of my rocker and my teeth are in, however, I find that I actually have a lot less to say than I thought I would. I just have this to offer you all; from where I'm standing, this place we log on and play in is pretty special. Not just because it's a celebration of Tolkien's marvelous works, but because since I joined, I have gained many relationships. I look at my MSN list and see that 90% of it is comprised of people from the Plaza. Maybe this points to the fact that I don't get out much, or maybe it points to the fact that we have such excellent and admirable members here. Maybe it's a little of both. Whatever the reason, I feel myself sitting back in my chair and rocking back and forth gently, content that this Plaza has given me so many chances to express my creativity and ideas, and has sent so many wonderful people my way.

Yes, as I sit here in warm nostalgia, I can only be thankful that such a place exists and that I somehow stumbled upon it. To all you young whippersnappers, I offer the advice all old people offer to young people: Don't take it for granted, because it is special even if it's “only a fun forum full of imaginary stories. the Plaza is what you make it, so don't be afraid to share your ideas! To you middle-aged players, I ask only that you keep your activities proportionate to your abilities, because to lose you to the infamous Plaza Burnout would be very sad indeed. Finally, to you old players, I am finding that there never really is an “old Plaza-ite. There is always something to learn and do and make. With that, I thank those of you you who sat and read my ramblings. Truly, thank you!

~ Isiliel


Tidings from Abroad


Fangorn has been buzzing with activity lately. For starters, our most fabulous ruler Lillyth had her 29th birthday this week, so the Forest has been full of activities in her honor. Our Battle Arena team is going strong, and our Drill Team is rocking as usual, although we did suffer a hard-fought loss to Minas Tirith last week. IK Racing has won its first two races. IK Debate made it to the semi-finals, but alas, we fell to the axes of Khazad-dum in a hotly-contested final.

In more notable news, not only has Lillyth been celebrating a birthday, the entire kingdom is as well! That's right, Fangorn turned 5 this month, and so the Forest has been partying hard with many threads, including the popular (spammy?) Entish Whispers thread. There's also been 2 Character Survival Games, as well as something called Cream the Clown.

That's about all from Fangorn Forest, we'll see you again later.

~ Nav



Varkin, readers of the Herald!

Surely some of the saddest news that hit the Kingdom recently was the departure of Tran. With little time to dedicate to the Plaza, he decided to resign from all the duties in the Kingdom, at least for the upcoming months. This meant a significant breakdown of activity in quite a few activities in the Khazad-dûm, as Tran played a major role in several threads.

Also due to this leaving, the Word Sleuth Team was reduced to only two players, Drifa and Tornihyanda. Still in the Inter-Kingdom domain, the Drill Team is desperately looking for new members; the Racing Team, which has been defeated in the first race of the season, is also looking for more racers. The Battle Arena Team has had troubles with leadership; Mognar has been promoted from co-captain to the highest position, in order to replace Tran. The Warriors of Khazad-dûm fought well in the first round against Imladris and ended with an honourable tie, although they were defeated against the tall men of Gondor in the following battle.

The Anghak was involved in an RPG with Lórien, which, must be said, didn’t end very well. This was mainly due to a lack of communication and information the Anghak soldiers received concerning the purpose of the RPG and how it would develop itself. The Queens and Officers are looking forward to mending these problems and continuing with this story or even starting a fresh one.

What seem to be in good health are the games. The Thief Hunt continues to be one of the most visited threads in Khazad-dûm and the Absolute Balderdash!, after a period of more difficulties, has regular participation from many members, chiefly from other Kingdoms. Another game is also being prepared in the corridors of the Tashid Halls; this one an idea purposed by Tornihyanda and may bring a draughts or chess competition (or both) to the Kingdom.

The Clans continue with their normal activities, though the likely re-opening of the Khazad-dûm’s Market may provide a new area to be explored by the Six Dwarven Clans within the limits of the Realms.

If you are looking forward for some company and good time, why don’t you try the Dwarfbucks Coffeehouse and Bistro or The Hearty Drinker’s Pub? Don’t expect much quietness in the Pub, since brawls are being encouraged by the bartenders. You might have some fun knocking down other pub-mates, although you may have some bruises too by the end of the night.

We also have another RPG going on, although it has been stopped for quite some time. I’ve mentioned the Ceredir’s Rings RPG in a previous report, a story brought by two Gondorians, Arnyn and Dhalion. Although it had been moving smoothly so far, it was suddenly interrupted when both of them stopped posting, and has remained on hold for a few weeks now.

In the previous months, Loin was awarded with the title of Dwarf of the Month in July and Norin in August. The fight for the September’s title is being waged by Balfur and Mithrilfire, tied with 3 votes each, by the time I had ended this report. Certainly next month I will be able to announce to you the final winner!

That is all I have to tell you this time! I hope you have enjoyed the time you spent reading the article and it has made you eager to check all of this with your own eyes. Never forget that the gates of Khazad-dûm are always opened to new visitors! We will be more than pleased to have your company.

~ Tornihyanda



The Golden Woods greet all of those that have graced their eyes with news of this fair kingdom, as Elven maidens and their ellons continue their day-to-day lives under the watchful eyes of Lord Celeborn and his Lady Galadriel.

Peace is a word that is easily associated with Lórien, as well as a joy felt in the hearts of all those that not only live in the realm, but that visit it as well. The welcoming atmosphere that is easily met upon is viewed everywhere that one roams about, the Gardens and Lawn, as well as the Hollow, some of the most noticeable of these places. Good cheer, conversation and company has been kept in every single one, as families may visit with one another and friends form a bond for the first time--or perhaps even renew old ones.

A few celebrations were seen boasted about with happy cheers, one which is rather common but nonetheless exciting every month, and the second a bit of a surprise for its featured member. Those that were awarded SCR’s during September were Dincairwen with the distinguished face of Dínendal, and Lorry, with the lovely features of Nimrodel. Well deserved were these honors bestowed upon both maidens, and properly thanked by them out of joy. A joy that was passed on to Amalric during his day of birthday celebration. As a fun activity to do and an opportunity for all of those that have even merely heard of his name to take part in, a contest was opened, where love letters were to be sent to this so-called ‘Pirate Rogue.’ The letters were certainly many--and the promises of love were slightly frightening in their ‘dedicated’ stalking abilities…if not flattering. And even if in the end he could have chose only one, this gracious ellon found it in his heart to give out care to every single one of the senders.

While the color of the leaves change and the winds pick up slightly, one notices that Summer is leaving Middle-earth, and Autumn is falling. While most of the lands would merely welcome in this season, the Galadhrim have put together a fall gathering, for the purpose of reminiscing about the first phases of the years, telling stories among one another, enjoying the comfort of delicious food, and merely enjoying the company of everyone that has decided to join it--be them residents of the wood or those passing by on visit. Serenity descends upon those that have arrived thus far, and the time promises to be nothing but full of ease and tranquility of the times.

~ Alhana


Minas Tirith

Greetings, Elves of Imladris!

The King's audience chamber in the Tower Hall was the scene of congratulations earlier this month; two rangers of Gondor, Nurbor Caladcrist and Ballin, were honored with a promotion and the responsibility of training their newer comrades. We were also gladdened by the return of several Gondorians who have long been abroad. The Rangers continue to be vigilant in defense of our land. The Rangers of the Tower Guard are investigating an attack on a village near Minas Tirith and a potential threat against the City. Meanwhile, another unit of Rangers in far-away Harondor is engaged in a fierce battle with Corsairs, where it seems the tide of battle is at last beginning to turn in favor of the men of Gondor.

The spirit of arts and learning is strong in Minas Tirith as well. Gondor is currently hosting the first ever Inter-Kingdom Poetry awards, a gathering adorned by the presence of poets from every land of Middle-earth. The White City Blossoms earned the coveted gold trophy, with second and third place going to Mordor and the Shire respectively. The poems presented by each team left this writer truly amazed. In their first Inter-Kingdom Drill match of the season, the Minas Tirith Dragons have just obtained a narrow win over the loremasters of Fangorn. Both teams deserve congratulations for the skill and effort they have displayed! In a less learned pursuit, the Gondorian skunks are even now racing the cheetahs of Imladris in their native valley. The outcome of the race is unknown at the time of writing, but it is certain to be strongly contested by both sides.

The Minas Tirith Marketplace continues to flourish as the lively center of the City, under the keen eye of the new Mayor, Taranuen. A more sinister side of the city is evident in the Mermaid's Embrace, a pub by the waterfront in Harlond. A dispute might lead to blades being drawn and charges of murder, but no blood has been shed here tonight -- yet . . . Finally, a magnificent cruise ship with the name of the Anduin Princess has recently set sail, bearing a company of Gondorians and friends from other lands. With fine food, dancing, and conversation, those aboard will surely pass a merry time.

~ Sedril



A kingdom will never pass up time of celebration, no matter what the occasion may be. When the time comes for Special Character Ranks to be given out, Rohan is one of the first kingdoms to do so. Shivased now wears the terrifying face of a Warg, Elenmìrë that of Hasufel, and Polaira Bethamarë is lucky to showcase Théodwyn. One more celebration was held for another Rider of the Mark: Goldmoon Dunami. The Golden Rider has reached the big 15K and all have been invited to congratulate her on this feat, and for her dedication to all she has done since she became a member.

Paths change and new choices are made, and in the Cavalry, it was time for its ex-Marshal to step down. Imbeannowyn gave in her badge as Third Marshal this month, and many were the sad goodbyes offered, with songs sung in her memory about all that she has meant for the Cavalry. Though her place cannot be filled – for surely this Rohir was one in a million – the Marshal badge had to be passed on; our new Third Marshal is Talaika Bréodan. She has been an incredible Æthelwigend for the Eored of Meduseld, and no one doubts that she will be a great leader for this division as well. Working alongside Second Marshal Elarith and Third Marshal ll can, the Cavalry will be secure and well organized in all of its endeavors.

The Spring festival has come to an end and everything appears to be wrapped up, cleaned, and sent on its way. This doesn’t mean that another festival will not be taking place in Edoras any time soon. As a matter of fact, at this very moment there is planning being done for the Fall celebration that should commence sooner than expected. In the meantime, a new activity seems to have taken the notice of both residents of the kingdom and visitors as well. The Towers of No Return have opened their doors again for those that dare enter, and its Gatekeepers will challenge each and every single being who walks inside. Be it physical challenge, that of the mind, or perhaps a few skills in dexterity to be tested, all is possible for the bold souls that roam the realm of Rohan during this month.

~ Alhana


The Shire

Where to begin? A lot has happened in the Shire since last I took quill to parchment to write about our goings-on. First, and I’m sure most of you already know about this, was our recent Ruler change. Feiniel had to step down for a number of very good reasons, although even at that we Hobbits can’t say we were happy about it! And naturally when one Ruler steps down another must step up. Just as last time when Miriath took over from Woggy it came as no surprise when it was announced that Cel was to take up Sam’s frying pan of doom. Here we are with two of the most awesome Hobbit lasses as our dear Mayors Sam and Pippin, so you just know to expect fun and surprises!

That Hobbit lass who likes to pretend she is Este (we’re working on a cure), Tari Boffin, has been keeping spectacularly busy around the Shire. Not only did she revamp the Shire's own newsletter, the Tuckborough Tribune – which I highly recommend you check out by the way – she has also taken us all a step back in time in Bilbo’s Return to Bag End! Hey, maybe she really has got some Valar powers. We Hobbits are having a wonderful time at the Bag End Auction. It seems that poor old Bilbo went running off with some Dwarves and met an untimely end. You see that’s why we Hobbits don’t like adventures! There is some crazy rumour that Bilbo has actually returned, but until we have proof we simply can’t believe it... especially when we’re getting such great bargains in the auction.

Tari has also invited us to share our thoughts in “What Does it Mean to be a Hobbit? Hobbits have gathered to share their favourite quotes on the most wonderful race in Middle-earth….erm, us! What is it that makes Hobbits stand out? Why is the Shire the only place we could ever call home? Here is one example that Anson kindly shared with us - 'My dear Frodo!' exclaimed Gandalf. 'Hobbits really are amazing creatures, as I have said before. You can learn all that there is to know about their ways in a month, and yet after a hundred years they can still surprise you at a pinch.' Who couldn’t love us?

Two of our more insane Hobbits (and that’s saying something!) have brought back the Shires Gaming Guild. Seph and Isila have started us off with a game of Mad Libs. It’s complete chaos in there. But folks from all over Middle-earth have been flocking in and outdoing each other in the silly stakes. Heres just one example: “I will forget my one sharp porcupine quill for a while, Eomer son of Carmen Sandiego. said Gimli; “but if ever you chance to see the body builder of the Three Little Pigs' Houses with your own eyebrows of doom, then you shall acknowledge her as the most disproportionate of hummingbirds, or our friendship will end.

Some old favourite activities have made a comeback. The Shire Knitting Circle has been re-opened by the fabulous Tulip Tulle, and our cooking organisation the Ivy Bush has had a makeover by the irreplaceable Hanna Banks. The Art Guild has been opened again and is inviting people to share their memories of Summer and hopes for Autumn. Our coneys, I’m delighted to announce, have just won their first two races of the new Racing Season, getting us off to a great start. Let’s hope we can continue the winning streak.

So indeed life in the Shire right now is good, peaceful and fun. I just wonder if it will remain that way as the inevitable madness of All Hallows Eve approaches. We will just have to wait and see.

Until next time

~ Estel Underhill


Lore: Himring

Himring was the kingdom and also the name of the city of Maedhros, the eldest son of Feanor. It was situated north of the Eastern Beleriand, between the Pass of Anglon in the west, the Himlad region in the south, Lothlann in the north and bordering Maglor's kingdom to the east. Maedhros made a fortress on the highest peak of Himring after he and his brothers were not allowed to enter Doriath, once King Thingol found out about the Kinslaying. This fortress served its purpose, for it long withstood enemy attacks, surviving even Dagor Bragollach. In Nirnaeth Arnoediad it was taken by enemies, or so it was said. When most of the Beleriand sank under the Great Sea after the War of Wrath, what was left of Himring was its peak which was later known as Himring island on the north-west shores of Middle-earth.

~ Numellote


Language: Review

Welcome to the new lesson. No, wait, I meant to say more exercises for the little gray cells inside your head. You need to have a good base before we carry on into new things regarding High elven speech. There were few sentences you needed to translate from last time. They should have been done as follows:

  • Anar sintane imbe i oronti.
  • Canta Naucor lindaner.
  • I aran tence parma.
  • Elda quente nulda.
  • Lasse lantane mír síre.
  • Nís cendane linde vanya (or Nís cendane vanya linde).

Now prepare for some more brain drilling.
  1. Put the stress on following words: Isil, Mordor, únótime, envinyatar, Yavannie
  2. Translate:
    • The wizard is little/tiny.
    • The dwarves are evil.
    • Atta eleni.
    • Eldar nar vanye.
    • Under the mountain is a lake.
    • Arta na tára.
New words:
  • Tiny = titta
  • Lake (cold pool) = ringe
  • Under = undu
  • Fortress = arta
  • Tára = high
Next time the future tense will be disscused.

With help from Ardalambion

~ Numellote


Haiku Storm

A cold baptism
stirs into awakening
the life of the sea.
You cry for the rain.
Jeweled stars slip from your eyes,
salty tears packed stiff.
Tossing and turning,
the ship on the waves churning,
sinking into black.
Cry to the corals:
I mourn the last great sea-dom.
Atlantis has gone.
Pull close, then away.
I come and go with the tide,
A farewell sea-song.
On the Eastern shores
I wait for thee. Standing by,
see me at sunrise.

~ Arien Silverleaf


Word Search

~ Celeblin


Word Scramble

~ Arien Silverleaf


The Foo

~ Fuin Elda



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