Parth Levnui ~ Volume V
Pennas Yavannië ~ September Issue

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Water Music

Beloved water music,
your rhythmic dance ensnares and entrances the heart.
You play with illusions of fantasy, fluttering your transparent scarves
of liquid bliss that scatter whispering ribbons of glimmering light
into the ebony velvet darkness.
Gently woven droplets of sound, you quench the burning desire
of the ear, evaporating the dryness of silence.

I feel you in every tear that crawls and stumbles its way across the cheek;
I hear you in the chorus of raindrops rushing towards the earth;
I see you in the trickling from rock to rock, the pouring of every river,
and in the careful enunciation in the loud crash of every waterfall.
I find you in the nuances of puffy clouds, dewy air, and moist wind.

And when I take the plunge into the sweet pool of your essence,
I hear my own laughter echoed in your voice, rippling in your subtle waves
undulating against my skin. Your lulling spell consumes me, and I slowly melt
and dissolve into water where my soul dances in a timeless existence of its own.
For this is eternity, this is the ultimate beauty, the ultimate joy,
heart-wrenching, unforgettable, sorrowfully sweet,
enchanting, intriguing, fantastical, nearly impossible—this
is water music.

~ Arien Lea Silverleaf



Tingdain: Back on Its Feet

      The Tingdain of Imladris has undergone many changes. The slow decline of activity was started to show heavily in June when few members of the Tingdain were active. At this time however there was change on the air for the Forge. A complete Glossary of Forge Terms was under way as was a massive upheaval of the Forges foundations. With the promotion to Master Smith the Forge found a new Grand Master Smith in Fuin Elda, and the step down to Honorary Grand Master by Cumehtar its former owner.

Under Fuin Elda the Glossary found its start, and is now partially loaded for all member to read through in the Tingdain house and further their knowledge of the Forge knowledge. As well The forge has found new life in memberships many apprentices have signed up though not all have returned to complete their work, some have remained and are well on in there work. As well there was the promotion of one of the apprentices that returned after a long time of being away form the Forge. Aduchil was promoted to Smith with another apprentice on his tail for the same promotion at the moment! The new orders are also coming in and the old orders that sat long are being completed as quickly as possible.

At the moment the Tingdain is well back on its feet after its short decline in the spring and may soon be finding wings.

~Fuin Elda



      Finally, the big moment had arrived. The last racing season had finished with great fanfare, and now the cheetahs had rested for long enough to start afresh. Some fidgeted restlessly in their stable, itching to be out on the tracks again. Others lazed in the sun, taking advantage of the time off to engage in enjoyable cheetah activities such as watching spiders make webs, or seeing how long the grass would grow. The break had finished, however, and it was now time for the new season to begin.

When the elves came to bring their racers to the first practice, however, all involved got a shock. Instead of Merl and Ilse, they were being taught by... Merl and Rinerion? No one knew what had happened to the former team captain; tails lashed disapprovingly as they discussed the disappearance. After much cheetah gossiping, however, they all agreed that Rinerion would be a worthy successor. He and Lion had raced for many season, and were a good pair.

To warm the cheetahs up and prepare them for the upcoming competitions, a practice race began. Ten cheetahs began, laughing at the idea of racing only against each other (especially odd for those who had last raced in the Derby and Race of Champions against all 9 kingdoms). If the competition proved nothing else, it at least showed that the big cats were ready for the new season. All but two managed to run in the right direction (quite a feat!), and three showed exceptional bursts of speed. Iruviel and Sadril, who had been gone for much of the last few months, shot to the front and managed to hold on until the end with a spectacular finish. It was going to be a great season.



Annals of Imladris

Return from Rohan

      At last the stampeding horses had been found. The injured, as well as those who had stayed to heal and protect them, waited anxiously by the fire with the horses who had been further away from the lightning-struck tree and hadn't fled in panic. Carefully they tended wounds, found duck for evening meal, and cleaned up the battlefield where the small band returning from Rohan had fought; even as they carried out these simple tasks their minds strayed constantly to their beloved new horses and those who had followed after them.

Finally a lone elf maiden returned. She and her mother had left to seek those horses that had run away, and had discovered their location in a nearby valley. The two had realized with horror that the animals had been discovered by others. A clan of Dunlanders had chanced upon the elven group and seized the opportunity to make a profit. The elven maiden Mithrellas told of the human leaders threats to steal all of the frightened, fleeing creatures unless the elves lined his pockets with enough gold to purchase him back.

Taken aback, the elves nonetheless recovered quickly. Those who were too injured to ride and intimidate the humans gathered up their supplies and set out at a slow pace in the direction of Imladris. All others who could be spared headed towards the confrontation with the humans. It was a delicate, tricky situation. No one knew how many humans they faced, but they knew it was more than the paltry handful of exhausted elves that rode with sinking hearts towards the valley. Out of these elves, only a few were uninjured and capable of their normal battle strength. What could so few do against so many?

Yet, refusing to despair, the elves continued onward. Mithrellas led their leader Soronume and healer Fuin straight to the Dunlander leader. As the three of them stood up to his bullying and tried to bluff their way out of the situation with no fighting, other elves went around neutralizing the human warriors. Many a fighter who had scoffed at rumors of Firstborn stealth found to their dismay that the rumors were no fiction; before they had realized it they found themselves bound and gagged, their weapons tossed into the underbrush (most likely into blackberry thickets, where they would stay until rust ate them or Arda was remade) and an enormous goose egg on the backs of their heads. The horses galloped away from their human captors; some responded to elven signals to flee, some followed their companions, and some merely ran for the sake of running.

The Dunlanders in their anger did attack the elves, who tried in their defence to kill as few as possible. Escape was their only desire, escape both for them and their four-footed companions, and they rode like the wind even through their exhaustion. Soon the small elven band had reached a safe distance from the humans, and prepared for the rest of their journey home. While dangers still lurked in their paths, they had won free for the time being.

~ Nenuphar


Imladris Specials: A follow up

      I have been a member of the Lord of the Rings Fanatics Plaza for (amount of days) and there has not been one day where I have regretted my decision to join, not only the Plaza but also ‘my hometown’ Imladris. Though I have not spent every one of my (no.) days in Imladris, or indeed the Plaza, I can also tell you with utmost confidence that there has not been one day where the Plaza has not been in my thoughts.

I first left the Plaza under a cloud of difficulty and secrecy. A cloud so black and heavy, I did not expect a single ray of sun to shine through. But as the elusive ‘They’ always say, every cloud has a silver lining and boy, was this one a beauty! It was so bright and dazzling, the heavy, sickening grey of the cloud just melted away. After quite some time, finally. That little voice in the back of my mind I had foolishly tried to ignore fought its way through to the forefront, its voice now loud and clear.



I said-The Lord of the Rings Fanatics Plaza.

No…I couldn’t. No one will remember me. It’ll have closed down. It’ll be so big you’ll have to send off a piece of your flesh to be accepted as a member. My account will have been deleted. I’ll try and join and everyone will laugh at me.

Oh no.

I will have the Entire World laughing at me.

Is that a Guinness World Record?


But…swallowing my foolish pride I typed the address into the bar and waited.

Name: Aragorn Elessar
Password: Yeah Right.

(I imagine now just how many people will try to get into my account with that…)


No, that can’t be right…

Surely not. Wait-you mean, it worked?

I was incredulous. It did. No one was laughing. No piece of my flesh was needed. The site was open. Ahh, but I was right in one account.

It was a bigger and I was soon to discover better than ever.

There were quite a few of the ‘old crowd’ around, or at least those who were newbies when I was leaving. They remembered me and I remembered them. You could say we remembered each other.

Those who choose to join Imladris are a special brand of people. The type that not only would you be pleased to bring home to your Mother, but those you knew you could go out with and have a good time-whether it was real or virtual.

I was happy to be back in the Plaza, but more than that I knew I had once again found where I truly belonged. Call it Rivendell, call it Imladris, call it whatever you like. I’ll call it home.

~ Arele


Tol Eressea: Really Unveiled!

      Greetings to all you peoples. This is the all-knowing and wonderful Enca, aka The Crazeh One. I am not sure if you are totally aware of this tidbit of news, but recently (or not so recently depending on when you read this), a new forum has been opened. The particular forum is called Tol Eressëa. The cover explanation that we all got is that this forum is for a select few of us regular peeps to become "moderators." Sounds important, doesn't it?

Well, we must not fall into the trap in which the RAs are trying to delude us into. Despite popular belief, ignorance isn't bliss at all. So, I have taken it upon myself to travel to the far corners of this planet called Arda to this particular island. It was quite a trip, and I almost perished in the waters, that, and I really needed to take of some business, as Ulmo would have become very upset if I would have taken care of business in the water, if you understand my meaning. But, to make a short story long, I got there nonetheless.

I embarked on this journey because I had my suspicions, suspicions that were easily proven by my observations. I had to sneak around so very carefully to get around, as I wasn't exactly invited and all that jazz. I did this very much in the same manner as the famed Gollum did, but only without all the cursing and talking to myself.

What I discovered there was somewhat shocking to me, though it may be even more so to you, my readers. I discovered that those who lived there weren't planning official things like how the forums should run, but they were talking about how to rid all the lore out of Middle-earth and beyond. Everything and anything related to lore would instantly vanish, and be replaced by none other than purple dragons. The people who were selected to run this project have been two-faced double agents their entire plaza careers. Gah, talk about a shocker.

I do not know why the peeps picked purple dragons of all things, or why these people would want to do these awful things to our lovely community, and I probably will never know, because such things are far beyond my comprehension. But I do know that the leader of all this tragedy is none other than Lilleh the Silleh, aka The Silleh One, and I do know that everything smells very Fishy. Well, I do say and highly recommend that we, as the common people, revolt against this evil! Revolution! Remember to spread the words as I just have (having risked my wooden neck and all), so we can join forces together and fight against this!

~ Encallion


Our Thoughts and Prayers

      Suilad, all in Imladris and all who read this paper. This is recent sadness, yet it must not be delayed such that it appears in next month's paper.

Much has happened in the valley so far. There was news that our head of the EAA, Ellitare, has been diagnosed with serious illness with a bad prognosis. Ellitare has had close ties with the Last Homely Herald and its Editors, past and present, and has contributed much to not only the paper, but also to the kingdom. This piece of news comes as a blow to us, editors, as friends, as well to the Valley and all who know her as a sweet, wonderful person that she has always been.

Then came news a day later that Arele has been involved in an accident, and has been warded. She is fine, according to an email we received (and lots of other people), but is under observation. Again, she is a friend of the LHH, and we wish her well.

The Herald and its Editors wish to say that our thoughts and prayers are with Ellitare and Arele, and we wish them all the best in their road to recovery. Please come home soon.

~ Editors


Words of Light

Many have traveled through the words that have caused much sorrow and pain.
But have you seen the words that bring joy and happiness, and much to gain?
Stars set high often bring words to mind that speak of honey and delight.
How can a sun that shines so bright allow you to sit in the darkness of the night?
Only sweet words can tell you the truth all shrouded in light no pain in sight.
Use your heart and cast sorrow away back into the darkness from which it came.
Many have found the words that have lead them to love and laughter.
Shall I leave you hear to sink deeper into despair?
Or take my hand and into the world of words we shall go to find a way to ease your heavy heart.

~ Areithil


Feature Articles

      The room is dark and musty, the flickering of the lone candle its only light. The shadows dance on the walls and every piece of furniture takes on a dark, ominous quality. My guest is late and I am beginning to feel slightly uncomfortable. I am in the back forests of Fangorn, a place I never wished or dreamed I would go. Yet, in the name of journalism, here I am. The wind is picking up and I finger my dagger gently, ensuring it is still nearby. Not that I fear for my safety, for everyone knows that Fangorn is one of the safest, most hospitable places in Arda. No, there is just something about this, and it is this something that my interviewee has fought hard to achieve.

Like most of us, she was born. Christened Star Flower by her father, she would soon learn that there was nothing 'starry' or 'flowery' about her persona. While her friends wanted to nurture the gardens and play with the animals, Star found herself interested in some of the darker pursuits. She has wrapped herself in this idea that she is 'mean' and in some ways, unapproachable. For fear of incurring her wrath, I would like to state for the record that this is vehemently and completely not true. I have known Star for only a while and I would easily consider her one of the dearest people I have ever met. Interesting, innovative and impressive Star has an fascinating way of being interviewed. At times she may refer to herself in the third person, but this is just apart of her charm! So without further adieu and general stuffing aroundment, I give you Star.


If you were to describe your life to the next generation, how would you do so?
I am the only generation that exists. No other does.

Was there a chore you really hated doing as a child?
When I was a child I was weak, I hated no chore. Now I torture someone into doing them for me.

How is the world now different from what it was like when you were a child?
It's not all lembas bread and honey-suckle juice. It's a hard, cold world out there and you better be prepared for it.

What kinds of books did you like to read?
I don't read books, hunky slaves read them to me.

Do you remember having a favourite nursery rhyme or bedtime story? What was it?
My father used to sing to me, the words I remember... the name of the song. No. I don't.

Do you ever remember not having enough food to eat because times were hard for your family?
We lived in Imladris, food was always plenty there but when I am by myself, sometimes I struggle. Food is generally had when you're not lazy.

What were your favourite childhood games?
Playing underneath the trees with my younger sister, Moony.

What was your favourite subject in school and why?
I didn't have a favourite subject.

What subject in school was always the easiest for you?
All the subjects were easiest, Star Flower is a genius.

What was your least favourite subject in school and why?
All of them. I had better things to do.

Were there any fads during your youth that you remember vividly?
I wore ribbons and colourful flowers in my hair. Now I just red roses. It completes the look.

Just red roses?
Rack off. Pervert.

How old were you when you started dating?
17 if I remember correctly.

Do you remember your first date? Describe the circumstances.
No, I don't and no I won't. You're way too nosey for your own good.

Name a good friend that you have known for the longest period of time? How many years have you been friends?
Taleci. She tried to call me - we're still on good basis now. I hear she's hiding somewhere in Rohan. We've been friends.... 21 years.

Has there ever been anyone in your life that you would consider to me your kindred spirit or soul mate? If so, who were they and why did you feel a special bond to them?
Yes, I used to feel like this about Turin. I hate him now. I guess, the only person I truly feel close to is my sister - Moony. That's probably because I hardly ever see her. I'm not a very loveable soul.

How did you meet the person that you would later marry? Describe them?
We met when we were children. We were almost raised together.

Do you remember where you went on the first date with your spouse?
Lothlorien I beli.. no, thats when he proposed. It's all very blurred. Rushed romances never work.

So, let that be a warning to the younger ones, then?
No. The younger ones can warn themselves.

How long did you know them before you got married?
I was born almost in his arms.

So it was an arranged romance?
Yes. We arranged to romance. Who wrote these questions?

Describe your wedding proposal.
Perfect but obviously it was tainted by the fact that he turned out to be the worst man alive. I'm glad it's over between us.

When and where did you get married?
It was a rushed thing. Mordor, somewhere... dirty.

How long have you been married (or were you married)?
I've been married three times. Ha. Which marriage are we talking about?

Do you have, or did you want children?
I want children.

What were the hardest choices that you ever had to make? Do you feel like you made the right choices?
The hardest choice was when I decided to move to Mordor, I knew something was wrong - I knew I had been evil from the start. They just tried to keep it from me.

Let me just note to you, dear reader, that after asking this question Star proceeded to call me a big-nosed so and so and chased me from Fangorn to the borders of Imladris, brandishing a sword and a hot pot of soup. I have just gotten my breath back and will attempt to risk my life again to continue this interview. Stay tuned.

I have to wait til she gets out of questioning by authorities...



Newbie Perspective

      As a child of Generation X, I have come to expect instant gratification (so the experts say). Therefore in my childhood I avoided hefty weighty tomes such as the Lord of the Rings in favour of more easily digestible reading. Now much older and wiser, and having had the instant gratification of watching the movies of LOTR, I decided this year to read the books as well.

Beginning in February 2006 I read all three of the LOTR series and had a bit of an epiphany! I had met some of these characters before! As a child I used to play a computer role-playing game (CRPG) called Alternate Reality. The storyline of the game went that an alien spaceship was abducting people to populate their bloodsports arena, called the City of Xebec’s Demise. Amongst the denizens of The City were Dwarves, Elves, Orcs, and even Rangers! I came to the conclusion that some of the denizens of Alternate Reality must have been abducted from Arda, the world created by Tolkien.

There is a song in one of the Taverns in the City that mentions a fellow by the name of Thoreandan, “the man who bit off the dragon’s hand”. I decided to have a go at writing fan fiction to put this Thoreandan back into the world of Arda. To research further I read The Hobbit and am reading The Silmarillion now. But of course, as a good GenXer that wasn’t enough for me, and I needed an instant fix, so I headed toward Google to get some quick answers about the lore and history of Arda and there came across the LOTR Plaza.

Now I am no longer just writing about Thoreandan, I am him!!! I have been exploring his personality as a half-elven, half-human living in Imladris. I haven’t even half finished writing the tale of Thoréandan and the Dragon yet, but I have already written a very short sequel, showing how my character came to be in this Virtual Middle Earth. The Plaza has given me a much wider scope than pure fan fiction did, and I have been able to get right inside the head of my character and get instant feedback about his traits, his likes and dislikes, etc from other people here by role-playing him. This is going to improve my fan fiction work no end. But even more, it has given me a place to take him, for now Thoréandan not only has a past but he also has a future. I predict that he is going to become an archaeologist in Middle Earth, leading RPG archaeological digs at important historical ME sites, and will even open a Museum to display the treasures recovered by those who participate. He is also going to become a biographer in his old age, chronicling the lives of some of the lesser known characters of Middle Earth, so as to help keep Tolkien’s dream alive.

~ Thoreandan


Newbie Perspective

      The wind chilled to the bone. It was true that before the winter would end and the Harvest would come in, the days were the coldest. And indeed, for Imladris and the valley was covered in melting snow that chilled everyone.

Yet, the bells tolled and the Elves gathered upon the hill, disregarding the cold to honour some of their best. Rilome, with her commitment to the workings of the valley, was bestowed upon Celebrian. Lilu Olnathron, the great warrior and leader, was blessed upon by Erestor. The young Tanequil Silverleaf, her eagerness and passion for life showing through in everything she did and does, was given Gil-Galad.

Eglerio hyn! Praise them with great praise!

~ Keleos Nenharma



      The wind of change has blown around Isengard as many transformations have been undergone, and many of these are beginning not to be finished until after a while. Isengard is a living kingdom and change is a proof that it’s alive and interacting with its environment…

First, the Drill Competition season is approaching and you can know that from the Practise match that is being held between Isengard and Imladris particularly. The same goes for the Rat Race Season, but the match is in Imladris between Isengard and Imladris too. Plus, the Debate Season has already started but no match is scheduled right now: but I know that the matches will soon be starting and you can enjoy the competition spirit and the wonderful fair-play spirit that reigns over all these competitions and matches…

After that, you might want to know that our beloved Daywalker has left Isengard to koin the minions of Mordor. I’m telling you this because I know that many of you know him thoroughly, for he was the receptionist of the OUCH Clinic and the Captain of the Drill Team and he participated in almost every kingdom activity that was jointed with Imladris or every other question. Speaking of which, the OUCH clinic is now recruiting surgeons.. So, if you have the skills and you don’t have a faint heart, don’t hesitate and head to the Reception desk of the Clinic. Or, if you don’t like it, just go to the Isengard Spa to get a nice little Day of Relaxation treatment. So, have no worries around Isengard because if you are injured, you shall be rescued and treated by our fine doctors…

The Pub of Christmas has been officially opened early this year in Isengard. Come in and order any meal you want without reserve or shyness. You will served and you shall be charged… But, our food is the best there is east of the Misty Mountains. For official business, and great interaction with our very friendly rulers, go to the Round Table of Orthanc hall and speak up because sometimes the Rulers can’t hear you out very well. For newbies or elves thinking of joining Isengard, the Order of Anor Welcoming Center is here to welcome you to Isengard and to help you around.

West of Isengard, you would find the Library where tons of lore and knowledge are stored. Under the Orthanc Tower, look for the Fires of Industry Armory where all kind of technological or steel-like weapons are made. The Istari Illuminators Guild is the Fireworks Department of Orthanc where you can find fireworks that satisfy all your needs. Outside of the Tower, you will find the Old Angren Street Marketplace, the official market of Isengard, and the best place to buy all your needs from staffs to books… or to music instruments. You can always join the Dwimorberg’s Shadow RPG or the Trivia Trove, The Puzzles of the White Hand, the Riddle Nebula, and the Isengard Thief Hunt activities… This months’ special is the Nylallian Challenge where you answer questions asked by Nylara and Trillian, our beloved rulers, and they give you letters so that you could find the quote they’re looking for… Interesting, isn’t it? Don’t forget that all non-istari can stay on the 6th Floor of the Orthanc Tower however, they can participate to the Parma Nolwe dicussions on Harry Potter and the Prisonner of Azkaban…. For all your announcements in Isengard, use the Orthanc Bulletin Board… It’s the only place everybody looks.

Come to Isengard to experience all those activities yourself… We’re impatiently waiting for you…!

~ O Illuvatar



      Varkin, Elves of Imladris to your own little slice of the great kingdom of Kazad-Dum. Here you can sample the many occurrences that the dwarves are participating in and perhaps find one that may help renew the friendship of dwarves and elves that existed so many years ago.

The Clans:
You can’t visit Kazad-Dum without noticing the clans. These organizations are the heartbeat of the kingdom, and are welcome to dwarves and visitors alike. First there is the Ankixogs, whose members are composed of any interested in the arts. They are the artists, poets, musicians, and storytellers of the race; as well as those that travel far and wide on this great land of Middle Earth searching for new tales and exciting happenings. If you are ever in Kazad-Dum and these pursuits interest you feel free to stop by. Even if they don’t, you can always stop by as well. Although they’re clan hall may seem one of ones with the least activity (after all many members are out traveling) you will always be welcomed by the dynamic and creative Clan Leader, Smeagupse.

Secondly there Kagams. These are those interested in the scholarly. They include historians, librarians, cartographers, and linguists. Hit most heavily by the flood of Kazad-Dum’s tunnels that has led to quite a revamp of most of the workings of the kingdom, these dwarves and honorary members are always in need of assisting with the recovery and reorganization of the precious volumes of lore that got damaged in the waters of the flood.

Then there are the Merikhansar. These clan members handle the “finer things in life”; Food, Smoking, Pub Crawling, and of course just plain Drinking. Anyone interested in food gathering, cooking, pipe weed production and/and or consumption, cooking, alcoholic beverage making and/or consumption, or bartending and/or shipping of beverages should defiantly stop on by while visiting Kazad-Dum. Their have been a couple of recent promotion ‘s in this clan as Atlus has been named “Food and Hunting Lord” and Tink (a Rider) declared a “Pipe weed Master”. There has also been talk of planning a feast for all the rulers, and Atlus has taken on most of the food preparation. Recently the members of the Alcoholic Drink Division and a few others have begun to search for scrolls of ancient lore that may hold the key to the making of ales and other beverages even better then the Dwarves already do. They are rumored to be far beneath the clan’s halls in a hidden “Deep Cellar.”

The fourth clan (there are six) is the mojak clan. This clan has rediscovered many magic arts that they are willing to teach to anyone that has an interest. These include Shamans (who study the elements of wind, earth, water, and/or fire), Druids (who work with nature), Rune carvers (who study ancient runes, with various enhancing effects), alchemists (who experiment with potions and may possess the ancient desire to turn various metals into gold), and necromancer’s (who communicate with the dead). They are also playing host at the moment to Mogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, whose teachers are presenting courses on the minor aspects of Druidism, Shamanry, and Rune carving. . Students would do well to tiptoe lightly around the somewhat gruff professor of Shamanry Snalce, especially if they are late arrivers to his class. Mogwarts Classes will most likely be close to over by the printing of this article, however the Mojaks are always up to teaching beginners who missed these classes in their normal fashion.

Not to be left out, are the Morogs, the “Dwarves’ Dwarves”. They are the miners, interested in the rather Dwarven activities of mining, and gem lore. They also are responsible for guiding people through the lower tunnels, and providing traps to protect against the goblins that still remain despite the floods. Recently an old expert of explosives has returned to the clan, after journeying underground for quite some time, with dire news that somewhere in in the lower mines a gathering of goblins has occurred, and dwarves are being sacrificed. They have also recently been given the task of designing headquarters for the soon to be back in action Dwarven Army.

Finally, there are the Yukogs. These are the crafters of Kazad-Dum. Anyone interested in the Garment Forges in Elrond‘s Valley, may want to visit this place at some point as the Yukog’s handle all crafts (smithing, Jewelry, and Tailoring). Perhaps with a union of dwarf and elf some of the quality items made in the distant past can someday be made again. The Yukog’s have also recently been assigned the task of developing the uniforms for the army to wear.

The Army:
Speaking of the army, it has been out of action for quite some time being revamped (although the dwarves all stand ready to protect their home even without the organized forces.) It still has not completely reformed, but look for it to be back in action very soon.

Other activities:
There is quite a few other things going on in Kazad-Dum and here I will mention only a few. It is well known that there seem to be thieves running rampant in many kingdom’s of Middle Earth. It may interest some to know that Kazad-Dum was the place where this epidemic seemed to originate from. (Ok so maybe that’s really not something to be really proud of) Why not assist in catching the criminals in the kingdom that started it all.

Those interested in the arts should be sure to check out the Dwarvern Art guild, as well. And if your interested in Journalism, come on down to the Miromere’s office as reporters there seem somewhat slim as of late and all races are welcome to submit pieces.

A new Pub has also been opened recently supporting a new strategic game. The game is called “Nail or Fail?” and involves the simplistic idea of nailing nails into a log. However when multiple people play (since you can swing at anyone’s nail,) strategic twists develop. You don’t want to be the first to have your nail driven in or else you pay for the nails. Also since this game occurs in a pub, drinking is involved, and the one that has his nail driven in last must pay for the drinks (and believe me with dwarves involved this bill can get rather high). And of course with all games there is the occasional extra “awards” from the rulers.

The last thing that I’ll mention (though there is certainly new things going on all the time) is that the Kwestors have begun a new quest. They are seeking an ancient scroll that will unlock the mysteries of an amulet that has somehow come into the dwarf Kain’s possession. They are still on the borders of civilized land, near a pub run by ghosts, and anyone interested in joining the quest is welcome to attempt to catch up with the group.

As you can see the Dwarves are active and full of Life, despite some minor setbacks. And they are always willing to welcome visitors into their kingdom.

~ kori_silverbear

Minas Tirith

      Suilad, elven friends of Minas Tirith ! Hearken to my news from out of the storied south, from out of the City of Kings ! When Udan was crowned the ruler of Minas Tirith, much celebration immediately followed and a Royal Coronation Ball was held, many Gondorians and those from afar attending. The ball room where the event took place was lavishly decorated and sparkling golden chandeliers and scented lanterns hanged above the guests who danced in delight to beautiful music tuned by the Royal Gondorian Players on the polished stone floor. Among the guests were some of Rivendell’s finest such as captains Rilome and Anarie Hecil-Quen of the Host of Imladris and the Valley’s famous husband and wife, Eglagaladiel and Eriol Rion ! A loose celebration of the crowning of Udan was hosted by a fellow named Jack, in whose company was a cute koala, on the Pellennor Fields under the moon and star light. Around bright fires, Gondorians and foreigners could eat cooked meat and vegetables, enjoy some ale, sing and dance ! This thread was not that Middle-earth-related but Australian in honor of the Plazanite Udan who comes from the continent down under. Also in celebratory regards, hardworking, creative, and enthusiastic folk of Gondor – Kaldaka Diandi, Elenaran, Carasalata, Finduilas Faelivrin, and Catran – were awarded Special Character Ranks for the month of September !

Long-running RPG’s in Gondor such as Northern Watch and Swan Knights ~ Liberation of Dol Amroth that I have reported on before are still continuing but there are other fun activities to be a part of as well in Minas Tirith. One of these is Minas Tirith Monopoly GM’ed by none other than the Gondorian game master himself, Elenaran ! This monopoly game is very much like the one normally played but the real estate all has to do with locations in the Minas Tirith Kingdom and some made-up ones; Plazanites from various kingdoms have been playing in the Monopoly game. The Laieboat Races have started up again in Gondor and Plazanites of other kingdoms, including a ruler and an admin, have decided to take part in the boating fun as well. This season, Laielinwen of Gondor, along with her everpresent Minions 1 and 2 and now three faithful Joeys, oversee Laieboat racing down the Sirith River; each boat has one captain and first mate along with a dock crew of two. Decision prompts are given out to each member of the Laieboat crew and they have to be done in a timely manner; cooperation is very important in the races and many people delight in the fun and the enjoyment of a little godmoding. Another game – GGM~Battle for the Northern Waste – people from all kingdoms, including Rivendell’s own co-ruler Loriwaynen, have taken delight in it. In GGM~Battle for the Northern Waste, teams of players RP traveling from Middle-earth’s Southland to the far northern expanse to conquer the empty, remote icy wasteland; the teams hire and crush mercenary foes – Black Numenoreans, Corsairs, Orc, Easterlings, Haradrim, Trolls, Uruk, Petty Dwarves, Dark Elves, Goblins, and Lossoth – to stop their enemies from being victorious. It is a dice, grid-based game and players need to post frequently. Namarie, mellyn nin ! Visit Minas Tirith whenever you can for the fun never stops here in Gondor !

~ Beren Camlost


Lore Matters

Of the Vanyar and the Falmari

The Falmari
      These were the Teleri who reached Aman, and they comprised fewer than 1/3 of the Lindar who set out from Cuiviënen to the Blessed Realm. They were probably the largest group of Teleri apart from the Sindar and Falathrim, but still were fewer in number than the Noldor of Aman.

The Teleri lived for a long time on the isle of Tol Eressëa, unable to cross the sea or to commune with the other Eldar. Then Ossë, Ulmo’s Vassal taught them how to build ships to sail to Elvenhome. According to Fëanor, the Noldor helped the Teleri build Alqualondë, the Haven of the Swans, and it was from this time forward that the Teleri now called Falmari, who were also called Foam-riders and Noldor became close to one another.

So great were their numbers, they had two lords: Elwë Singollo (which signifies Greymantle) and his brother Olwë. He had one daughter, Ëarwen, who married Finarfin the youngest son of Finwë.

The Falmari had little to do with Valinor and the Vanyar. They did not usually attend the feasts held in Valmar or upon the slopes of Taniquetil.

The Swan-ships of the Falmari, stolen by the Noldor when that people went into Exile, were said by Olwë to be irreplaceable. The Teleri built new ships after the Noldor left Aman but they didn‘t have the knowledge seeing they had been crafted by Ossë . A single reference to oar less ships coming from Tol Eressëa in "Akallabeth" suggests the Teleri perfected the design of true sailing vessels, but which group did this, Tolkien does not say.

Since the Falmari used bows to defend their ships against the Noldor it may be that they hunted in the woods of Eldamar. The size of Eldamar is unknown, but the area between the Bay of Eldamar and the Pelóri was probably at least a few dozen miles wide; Eldamar also consisted of the shore of Taniquetil and the Calacirya where Tirion was built. The shore probably extended hundreds of miles to the north of the Calacirya. There must have been sufficient trees on both Tol Eressëa and in Eldamar to allow the Falmari to build their ships and bows.

Although they manned the ships that took the Host of Valinor to Beleriand, the Falmari did not participate in the War of Wrath. Nor is there any further mention of them in the records concerning Aman, Númenor, or Middle-earth. It is possible they continued to live along the coast of Aman, spreading slowly toward the north and south as the ages passed and their numbers increased.

The Falmari probably engaged in trade with the Eldar of Tol Eressëa but more than likely had little or nothing to do with the Dunedain of Númenor. There was no tradition of friendship between the Falmari and Men, although it may be that Elwing influenced them to express some friendship toward the Dunedain.

Although "Akallabeth" says only that Ar-Pharazôn set foot upon the shores of Aman and encamped about the hill of Tuna, it may be that an army of the Númenóreans moved on Alqualondë, at least to secure their flank against attack from that direction. A Numenorean fleet must also have blockaded the harbor of Alqualondë, as Tol Eressëa itself must have been guarded against attack from the rear.

Unlike Tirion Alqualondë probably survived the onslaught, but it may have been damaged in the changes the Valar wrought upon the world. Even so, it is unlikely the Falmari would have been denied the sea they loved so much. At the very least, whatever form Aman took after its sundering from Arda, there must have been seas for the Falmari to sail upon, and perhaps even new lands for them to explore.

The Vanyar
      We know so very little about the Vanyar. They helped to build Tirion upon Tuna in Eldamar but they left the most ancient of Elven cities long before the Two Trees were slain by Melkor and Ungoliant.

The special gifts of the Vanyar seem to be a superior knowledge of poetry and music, but they were also valiant warriors who served in the War of Wrath.

The Vanyar settled on the slopes of Taniquetil or in the woods and plains of Valinor. Although Tolkien says that the Vanyar were the most loved by Manwë of all the Eldar, it seems they must have enjoyed a close relationship with Oromë and perhaps also Yavanna.

The only great work of the Vanyar to be named was Elemmirë's tale "Aldudenië". This Lament may have been composed before the Noldor went into Exile, as THE SILMARILLION says it is known to all the Eldar.

A few of the Vanyar seem to have gone into Exile with the Noldor. Notably, Elenwë the wife of Turgon was a Vanyarin Elf who perished in the Helcaraxë. Glorfindel, the great Elven lord of Gondolin who slew a Balrog, may have been a Vanya

The Vanyar would have been least affected by the invasion of the Númenóreans, although those who lived on the slopes of Taniquetil may have fled their homes to avoid being caught in the great landslide used to trap Ar-Pharazôn's army.

Ingwë was King of the Vanyar and he is said to have lived on Taniquetil at the feet of Manwë. In early legends his son Ingwiel is said to have led the army of the Vanyar in the War of Wrath. In war the Vanyar marched under white banners.

~ Sulime


Of Echtelion

      Echtelion II was born in the year 2886 of the Third Age, and became 25th Ruling Steward of Gondor, when he succeeded his father Turgon on the throne, in 2953.

He was very wise ruler, for when Sauron began to gather strength for assault from Mordor in 2951, he had strengthen gondorian defence all the way to Cair andros and further down to haven of Pelargir in the lower part of river Anduin.

In one part of his life, he had a man named Thorongil who even made it as a captain in his army. Echtelion never knew that this Thorongil was in fact Aragorn, heir to the throne of Gondor and Arnor. Steward was very fond of him, respected and appreciated his advices in every moment, while he did not think so high of his own son Denethor II. Like Aragorn, he always listened to Gandalf, who at that time was very welcome in Gondor, while Saruman was not of his liking, he had not had trust in him.

One time, Thorongil warned Steward that corsairs represented very high threat to Gondor in the south, so Echtelion had sent him to Umbar to make an assault. There Aragorn and army of Gondor won the battle, burning many swift ships that could have done great harm to Gondor. But after that glorious victory, he did not return to the White city, and Echtelion only received his message with the greetings.

Echtelion II died in 2984. and was succeeded by his son Denethor II, father of Boromir and Faramir, the last Ruling Steward of Gondor.




Of palatalized and labialized consonants in Quenya

      In Quenya, you will come across at words that start with clusters N+Y, T+Y….(nyelle= ''bell'', tyelima= ''final''…). But you wonder how can this be, if Quenya doesn't allow two single consonants (a cluster) at the beginning of the word?

Answer is that we can have them, but then those consonants should not be considered as a cluster, but as a unitary sound.

A consonant is palatalized by arching the back of the tongue up towards the roof of the mouth. Quenya's palatalized consonants are: ny, ly, ry, ty. Let's take word nyelle for example: we have initial ny to play with. This sound has the value of spanish as in maana (tomorrow), so any other pronounciation would not be correct.

When speaking of ty, Tolkien himself said that speakers may pronounce it like letter ''t'' in the word ''tune''. Example: tyelca= ''swift''. It is also said that mortals in Gondor mispronounced this ty as ch in ''church''. And about ly, this sound should come out as lh in portugese words olho meaning ''eye''.

Quenya's labialized consonants are: nw, gw, qu(=cw). We get a labialized consonants when we pout the lips.

Qu(=cw) – closest to this pronounciation is sound you hear in english word ''queen''. And this consonants you will find also in the middle of the words. Example: quelle= ''fading''

Nw sound is particularly interested. When it is found at the beginning of a word, it must be pronounced as a unitary sound (as a single labialized consonant), where it comes from older ngw (w). But when you found it in the middle of the words, then we are talking about cluster n + w. Examples: nwalme= ''torment'' , yanwe= ''bridge, joining''.

Like qu, gw is also found in the middle of the words, and only in the middle. It is always present as ngw (gw). Example: engwa= ''sickly''.

Length: ny, ly, ry, ty and qu(=cw) should be (must) counted as consonants cluster or long consonants, but sometimes as unitary ones, when it comes to stressing, which will be explained in next lesson.

With the help from Ardalambion

~ Numellote


Puzzles and Games

Clueless Crossword

A strange scroll has been found in the realm of Imladris, calling forth many scholars and loremasters to try to solve it. None could, but could you?

Hints: L=5, I=3, R=17, E=21

Next to the large puzzle, a little jumble of numbers is written: 20;6;2;6;25;1;9;24.




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