Parth Enegui ~ Volume VI
Pennas Narquelie ~ October Issue

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Guilds and Groups

Here is this month’s look at our beloved Host. The brave soldiers just finished their mission in the maze-like caves where they fought against orcs, following their courageous Captain and leaders. Like always, as soon as one mission finished, another started.

The Host is now involved in an apparently diplomatic mission which will involve a meeting with the Rangers in “Rangers Lead the Way, a brand-new RPG. The peculiarity of this Host thread is the fact that no one has any weapons. Despite that there are enough other things to grab attention and draw people in.

This month we also celebrate the 5th plazaversary of the captain of the Host, Rilome. I wish her many more around here leading the Host as she has done until now, or even better.

The Host is proud to welcome their newest member, Siladhiel Turambar. We wish her a merry life in the army, and may she always fight bravely for our beloved kingdom.

This is all that has happened in this glorious month. May there be many more brave deeds the next one!

~ Legolas Fireblade


I must admit that when I first signed up for debate, I had not a clue what I was doing. However, it seemed interesting. Merging lore with argumentative essays? Why not? When I signed up, I was a little afraid that writing a debate post would be just like doing homework, something which I did not need more of. I faced up to these fears during the practice debate held in the kingdom on the topic of whether or not our dear Lord Glorfindel’s return to Middle-Earth was driven by the desire for greater fame.

I soon found that while it was scary to find myself captaining one of the teams (I had been talked into it because I wasn’t sure what I was getting into), the post-writing itself was thankfully different from homework. It was much less tedious, and quite a bit more fun. Writing up the not-so-short debate post found me reading and re-reading that short portion of the Silmarillion which contained the relevant information. (And as a result I ended up quoting half of that section.) Stringing the quotes and their explanations together on a coherent paragraph, was quite a challenge, and trying to fit that all into a nice not-so-long essay was even worse.

After managing to come up with a post, however, I soon realised that this was quite interesting after all. Of course, it could be because I was looking back in retrospect, or it could also have been because it was already over and I was quickly forgetting the work put into it (which is perfectly normal for me). That doesn't seem to have been the case though, as I think I might have found yet another IK thread to spam up with my newbie-ish enthusiasm. Now I can say proudly that I have the highest of respects for the debaters who have been at this since the start. The effort they must have put in is phenomenal. To all the prospective debaters out there reading this, you know you want to join us.

~ Tanequil


With a loss in their first match of the season, the elves of Imladris and of the Sr. Drill Team were eager to strike back in their next match. Their kin from Lórien came to visit Imladris for the second competition of the drill season. Officiated by Anson Longbottom and Feiniel of the Shire, this proved to be a most enjoyable match. Lórien missed their first deadline, giving the elves of Rivendell a flying start; they were leading already from the first set of questions. A team cannot hope for a better start; it boosts the moral of the team, and gives them both a lead and a passion to defend that lead. This our Sr. Drill Team did well. When the match was over, Imladris won 12 - 6.

After a good win against the Galadhrim, the elves of the Last Homely House now left for Khazad-dûm to drill against the Dwarves. Rochir Mumakdacil and Carandol Eredion of Minas Tirith came to officiate. Once more Fortuna smiled at our elves, giving them another first-round lead. When the second round found them ahead by six points, there was no way the elves could now lose. In the end Imladris won 12 - 4 over the dwarves of Khazad-dûm, in a match with enjoyable and challenging questions.

In other drill competitions of the second week, Mordor won 16 - 4 against the Ents of Fangorn, Khazad-dûm won 12 - 8 against Minas Tirith and Isengard won 12 - 6 against the Shire. For the third week of the season, the results were: Fangorn won 16 - 4 against Lórien, Rohan won 10 - 8 against Mordor and the Shire won 12 - 6 against Minas Tirith.

After an unfortunate first match, the elves of Imladris have bounced back well. They have deserved every point so far, with great team work and team spirit. The next match will be against the Riders of Rohan, where Fangorn will officiate. As Rohan is still unbeaten, this could prove to be a tough match indeed. Wish our drillers the best of luck!

~ Celeblin


This is Hithleen, reporting live from the Jr. Drill Chambers in Rohan. The new season started off with a bang, and tensions are running high already.

The Imladris team roster has seen a few changes this season, with a promising group of Lorists in the line-up. Our team Captains are Revan and Tanequil, who are both experienced and knowledgeable; the team members are Ariethil, Deluhathol, Ealena and yours truly. With an awesome group like this, who knows how far we can go?

Rivendell’s worthy opponent for the first match of the season is Team Riddermark. Rohan’s team Captains are Helekwen and Windowcel, and the team members are Elarith, Eurig Dunami, Calenaldawen and Nihty. Rumour has it that this is the first time the Riddermark has had its own team, and their enthusiasm will surely be running strong.

The match started out evenly, under the wise eyes of the Officiant Hakatri, with both teams providing the correct answer. Team Imladris, however, must have lost their hourglass, and missed the deadline for the second question. It will be something of a mad scramble to make up the lost points since Team Riddermark went for the steal and answered it correctly. Well done, Rohan!

With the score standing in Rohan’s favour, Rivendell had some scrambling to do and turned in the correct answer for their third question, but stumbled and failed to take the steal. At this writing the score is 6 – 4 for Rohan, with two questions to go. However, hope is not lost; Team Imladris’ steely determination will serve them well.

In other Jr. Drill news, there is another match underway in the Forests of Fangorn between the Derndingle Drillers and the Shire Jr Drill Team. Spectators there are currently holding their breath awaiting the next answers. The current score is Fangorn 4, Shire 2.

Remember to come out and root for your team, fellow Rivvy citizens! Spectators are welcome and the team appreciates your support.

~ Hithleen


Elven Artists Association

First of all, I present with pride the winner of our monthly contest. Based on the theme “there’s something fishy about it… the winner entered an art piece that impressed us with its beauty and the obvious artistic skills of its creator: Arvellas, Artist of the Month of October, with glamorfish. See her artwork below.

What else is new? November 1st is approaching rapidly, to both my pleasure and horror. It will be an important day for the EAA, for on that day we shall reveal what all those months of brainstorming, planning and preparing have brought. Without revealing too much already, it is safe to say that the EAA will change from what it has been in the past. We will have more contests and games, for more variety and entertainment. We also plan to provide help for those who think they can’t draw or take a picture. Last but not least, we hope for continuing cooperation with other art threads from the various Kingdoms.

Curious? Stay tuned, and check out the EAA thread on the 1st of November. See you there. Oh, and don’t forget to bring your pencil and brushes!

~ Tolotos


The answers were sent in from the aphador test; soon afterwards we learned that Ariethil had passed the test and thus been promoted to aphador. She received her badge as well her healer’s bag. Congratulations, Ariethil!

Besides Ariethil's wonderful news, I have something else joyous to share. Legolas, who has always lived in the valley, has taken the test for aphador without taking our class, and graduated with a high score. Congratulations! We've had a few quiet days at the healing house where the aphador and nestoer have been keeping themselves busy with gardening. The taidor have been doing the cleaning the corridors and healing rooms.

Recently a group of elves returned from a journey with many wounded. Wilara had to call all available nestoer and aphadors to look after the patients. Legolas and Ariethil are being treated in room 2. The lady Siladhiel is now being cared for by our Minestor Ancalima. Their wounds are pretty severe, although I can't share exactly what their status is. Know only that a few fights for life are going on now and in a few hours those threats will be vanished. That is the way of healing.

As always we are always looking for new taidhrim. If you want to take your first steps into healing, go over to the office and ask for a test. Minestor Ancalima or Tanestor Aikári are there to help you with instructions.

~ Tanestor Aikári Salmarinian


The season was rapidly drawing to a close, with almost no time left before the famous Race of Champions and Derby were to be held. Throughout the kingdoms, racers were stretching and straining, trying to pull out final bursts of speed to be invited to the Race of Champions. Those hoping for the Derby were more laidback, as most were guaranteed a spot should they choose to attend.

The cheetahs were no different. The past several weeks had seen them trekking throughout the farthest reaches of Middle-earth. Some trotted over the mountains on their own feet, with anxious Elves watching for cracked footpads or signs of exhaustion. Others rode pavillion on horses, a combination hard to imagine without the careful, patient training of the Elves to smooth out the horses' fears. A few had chosen to attend only those matches held in Imladris, in order to avoid any mishaps brought about through fall storms. Each cheetah (or at least, each Elf), had nursed hopes of victory, both for the team and for themselves as individuals, and now the final moments were at hand. One last race, one final opportunity to bring Imladris to the head of the racing teams. Could they do it?

~ Nenuphar


Kingdom Events

SCRs of the month!

There was the sound of bells pealing with joy through the silent morning of the valley. It sounded through, disturbed the rests of some, but no one seemed to mind. The bells were sounded in times of danger and celebration, but the Elves of Rivendell all knew that this peal resonated with joy and peace that could only be tied to that of the honour of some of their very own Elven friends.

"Friends," Elrond says, "Today it is time to honor 2 Elves of our fair home, both of whom have long served with dedication in quiet or very public ways. Ariethil has been honored with the face of Elwing for her work in the Host and as a Healer Our other honoree, Siladhiel, has been given Elrohir's face in thankfulness for her welcoming of newbies and her assistance in arranging our Festival."

Indeed, as the Lords would say, we should praise them with great praise. Eglerio hym!

~ Adapted by Nenuphar from an original article by Keleos Nenharma


Troubles In Harlindon

It was a cool May day in 3022 when a Hobbit came to Lord Elrond to share the alarming news that strange things were happening in the southern land of Harlindon. He showed him a knife that had been found bearing clear markings of the men of the south from Harad. Worried, he asked Lord Elrond for an investigation.

Lord Elrond called a group of twelve Eldar together to explore along the coast of Harlindon starting from the city of Mithlond. And so an expedition started quietly from the coastal city. Galdor joined them as guide. They met in the harbour of Mithlond and greeted each other. After a short visit to the market for provisions they left the city and rode quickly on through the day. As they rode they saw a wreck laying on the beach that had sunk not long before in a violent storm.

Galdor, Etharion, Eluglin and Janowyn decided to inspect the wreck on the beach. To their surprise they found one of Aulë’s followers, the dwarf Grimr. He became upset with the intrusion, but the soothing words of Janowyn and Etharion prevented Grimr from becoming really angry. Together they examined the ship, discovering some odd rarities.

Before they could discuss their findings, five former slave rowers jumped on them and all had to draw their swords and axes. How it will go on, you can read in the thread, or you can join and experience yourself how the story will go on. All are welcome!

~ Aikári Salmarinian


Herald Editor Position Available

“Hear ye, hear ye! shouted the messenger, as the trumpets fell silent. “Our much beloved Herald is in need of a new editor to help carry on its grand and noble purpose of sharing with the Elves of Imladris and their fair guests the news from the far corners of Middle-earth. Nenuphar, the current head editor, has written up a list of what is needed to help publish this newsletter. All who desire this position are encouraged to apply.

Those listening now drew in closer as the messenger pulled out a list and nailed it up with a flourish where all could see.

“To any who are interested in becoming an editor for the Herald, here is what I'm looking for. The only absolutely necessary traits are those with stars by them (this is because it is either inherent in the position or because it involves something I know I need help with).
  • editing ability (in particular, the ability to proofread and catch both spelling and grammar mistakes, as well as the occasional rewording)
  • basic HTML skills
  • the ability to be reasonably organized
  • *willingness to solicit articles and keep up with those who have promised to write (possibly including posts on the bulletin boards in other kingdoms, writing to those who have signed up, etc.)*
  • creative ideas for the future; anything from new article ideas to new ways to get people involved, and so on
  • *time available to work at this position, approximately 20 hours a month (mostly in the first and last weeks of each month)*

Anyone who is interested in the Herald editor position, please email me at and answer the following questions:
  1. Why are you interested in being the new Herald editor?
  2. Which of the aforementioned editorial traits do you feel you would do well at? Which, if any, do you struggle with? (remember that it's okay not to be good at all of them, as long as you are strong at some)
  3. Answer one of the following sets of questions:
    1. Which section of the Herald (Organizations and Groups, Kingdom Events, Puzzles and Games, etc.) is your favorite? How would you like to help maintain that section and/or help it grow?
    2. What new ideas do you have for an article or section that would build up the Herald? What ideas do you have for bringing this new plan to life?

Thank you very much for your time and energy.

~ Nenuphar


Feature Articles

IK Poetry Report

The final and last round, Round 10 of Season ll in the IK Poetry Competitions, was not only inspiring, but also gave all of the Kingdom teams the chance to breathe easier knowing they would have some time off afterwards. This second season was one of my own personal favorites. One of my dreams came to pass with the first ever IK Award Ceremony. I've seen teams growing, and becoming better and better with each round. I as lead Council member have been seeing an influx of new people joining.

Some think for some reason that IK Poetry is hard to to be involved with; that is far from the truth. We as poets have always loved competing, and what better way to show off your skills than in writing alongside a team that you can share with all of Middle-earth? If you ever have questions, I'm but a call away, and am glad to help you understand how we work. I've been a member for the better part of three years and there just isn't more fun to be had; you can post your work out there for all to see.

The Award Ceremony held in the White City revealed just how great our teams were, with Gondor winning first place, Mordor second and the Shire third. The final round, Round 10, allowed two new forms; the Licentia Rhyme, and the Acrostic. Balrogs were the poetry theme, and the poems brought forth were well-written and entertaining. Even as I speak, Season lll has begun; the new judging charts now allow 30 points per poem. This will give a much wider range of scoring options, with a possible total score of 60 per team for both poems.

If you are interested, why don't you stop by the IK Poetry sign-ups in your own kingdom and give it a try? Believe me when I say that there is no better way to show others your poetic skills and work with a team who enjoys that chance as well. So what are you waiting for? Come on down, or give me a holler (not literally mind you *g*) and let me tell you how we work. Truly, you would love it. And what those words, I must bid you Namaie. Take care, and be safe this season.

~ Goldmoon Dunami


Tidings from Abroad


Varkin, readers of the Herald! This has been a month full of news and interesting things to know!

First of all, it is with pride that I announce that the Word Sleuth Team started the season with a wonderful victory against the Elves of Imladris. Led by Drifa and with Tornihyanda and Salguod as the two other members, the Muzdukhs showed that they are able to fight for a top position in the final standings of the season.

The Racing Team, on the other hand, is not doing so well. Struggling with the lack of members, if has been rather difficult to get six racers each week; lost points due to racers who did not show is getting more and more common. The Drill Team had a strong start and it is likely to achieve many more victories in the near future!

There is a new Dwarf of the Month (September’s Edition) and his name is Balfur. This month, few Dwarves have cast their votes; nevertheless, Drifa is likely to win the award for the second time since it began, as she is the only Dwarf nominated yet.

The Anghak keeps on with daily activities. With the coming of new recruits who decided to join the Dwarven Anghak, the Realm is full of hard training sounds. The Kapons are busy preparing the new soldiers for glorious battles and mighty deeds. Besides the training, there is no major RPG planned for the upcoming weeks, although that can change anytime.

In the games domain, Khazad-dûm has two games opened at the moment, though there is some confusion about the recent closing of the Absolute Balderdash. Following renewal politics, the Rulers have decided that it was time to close this game and open up space for a new one. The new game, called The Arena, allows the contesters to play matches of both chess and draughts. However, as I was saying, some people disagreed with the closing of Absolute Balderdash, wondering if it wouldn’t be possible to keep the three games (the two and Thief Hunt) going on at the same time. Tornihyanda is waiting for the final judgement of the Rulers, but Absolute Balderdash is temporarily closed.

The Market has also returned to the Kingdom caves and despite all efforts, it isn’t having as much success as initially planned. Still, the shop owners are confident that people may start coming soon and help in the growing and development of the newborn Market of Khazad-dûm.

Are you eager to check this all out? I hope so! We shall be waiting for your visit; don't forget to bring a friend with you!

~ Tornihyanda



Though there has been some talk around Middle-earth about a Minion raid around the different realms – rumors that I’m sure have not fallen on deaf ears in Imladris – for now, at least, the peace that is so well-known in Lórien has been kept. Amalric and Nienna Tindómë handed out their two special awards this month to Vinya and Taurëllo Hyanda. Vinya received the credit and face of Anendel, while Taurëllo was handed the glory of Haldir, both to be worn for a month as befitting tradition.

Birthdays and plaza-versaries have also been celebrated throughout the month, with other business continuing as normal. Activity at the Gardens, however, seems to have slowed down somewhat. The picking of grapes – which shall be made into wine as soon as possible – is being done with the utmost care by those who have been volunteering. The Lawn keeps its earthly theme, and the Hollow has introduced a slight twist that has tended to liven everything up even more than normal.

Everyone visiting now has been kindly asked – or at the very least, encouraged – to wear a costume of their choosing. From snakes to candy dolls to black fairies, all sorts of costumes have been seen about; even one young lad that appeared to be a great wizard from another world was present. This is not the only event that has taken such a twist. The Phial of the Lady Galadriel was handed down to a few lucky souls for creative purposes. Those that received it were asked to come up with a new making and retelling of what Gandalf had to face when fighting the Balrog. What has been come up with is…interesting and original, to say the least. These are just some of the things that let us see that in the month to come a few things might be different in the Golden Wood.

~ Alhana


Minas Tirith

Greetings from Minas Tirith!

Nothing breathes mystery and romance like a masked ball. The masque currently being held at Minas Tirith's Tavern of the Seven Stars is no exception. Romance must be in the air, since at least one proposal of marriage has already been made and accepted tonight. King and Steward, man or minion may move through the hall unrecognized. But what will happen when the masks come off?

The Inter-Kingdom Poetry Awards Ceremony is winding to a close, but not before poets from every kingdom have displayed their talents. I hope the dedicated organizers will consider making it an annual event -- and that the next one will also be held in Gondor! The Men of Gondor continue to be active in Inter-Kingdom Drill, Debate, Racing, Poetry and Word Sleuth, among other activities. A thief hunt, a caption contest, and a codebreaking challenge involving a mysterious underground vault have lured both Gondorians and those of other kingdoms to try their wits and creativity

The King continues to accept pledges of loyalty from citizens old and new in the Tower Hall, greeting each in turn. The Elite Ranger Corps has accepted a group of new trainees, whose enthusiasm for defending Gondor is clear. Meanwhile, their more experienced comrades are wrapping up a fierce battle against a group of Corsairs. In more gentle arts, a merchant caravan is assembling to travel to Edoras to trade with our allies in Rohan. Word has it the caravan will be accompanied by performers to enliven the tedium of the journey. A full complement of guards accompanies them as well, since bandits would gladly prey on their rich wares before they reach their destination. The Houses of Healing are said to be a peaceful place, but they have been quite busy of late. The experienced Healers are used to dealing with wounds, recalcitrant Rangers, and routine check-ups, but what is one to make of an Elf who claims he is Sauron?

Whether it is a case of poisoning in the Dungeons, unexpected family secrets revealed among dusty scrolls in the Minas Tirith Library, smoke bombs and steel flying on the Training Grounds, or a pie fight in the Ranger Barracks, there is always excitement in the White City!

~ Sedril



Over in the Shire it is Harvest time, and with that come the long nights and special Harvest Celebrations. Soon the Shire will be in a state of pure madness as folk dress up in bizarre costumes, play crazy games, and cause general havoc. The insanity has already started with some new things going on around our Four Farthings. Not only have our Village Shoppes opened for a spot of midnight shopping, but our homes have been opened to trick-or-treaters coming from all over the Shire and beyond.

In other parts there are very different things happening. A special Harvest Costume Contest offers people the chance to come and show off their amazing costume-making or costume-shopping abilities. So far we have a Doctor of Death, a Hobbit dressed as an Elf, a green toilet plunger, and a squid! No I’m not sure what half those things are either. It makes me wonder if the costume I’ve chosen but have yet to finish is quite strange enough. So may I suggest that if you want a jolly good laugh you should head on over there and witness Hobbits making extraordinary fools of themselves!

I simply must mention some very odd events over in Buckland. As we all know, those Bucklanders are a little odd, not content to keep their feet dry and stay at home safe from the adventures of the outside world. You may or may not know that the Bucklanders are also a bunch of tricksters. Yes, they love to come into other parts of the Shire and play tricks on us regular Hobbits. Yet word travels fast, and it seems as though some Hobbits from other parts have crossed the Brandywine Bridge and are causing utter chaos over there. Shakedown Alley some are calling the streets of Buckland; I don’t know about that but I do know that trees are being papered, underpants are being pulled over people’s heads, and bathtubs are being stolen!! The place is in such a state of disorder, it’s truly shocking…. I may have to join them, just to see it for myself.

Just outside the Shire, over in Bree, Hobbits are gathering in teams to seek out treasure. There is an old legend of a powerful Hobbit; some called him a Wizard. It is rumored that on the night he died, he ran outside shouting some riddle about the small fighting for the tall and how this would lead to his treasure being found. Well it seems that the time has come. Those few brave enough to seek out this Wizard's treasure are getting together in teams to decide how to discover at last if the Wizard of Staddle is indeed a myth or the truth passed down through the generations.

For those not already off causing trouble, dressing up in odd outfits, or seeking treasure, the Mayors have pinned a special notice outside their Office in Hobbiton. It is a very handy guide for Hobbits and visitors alike which will be updated as the days go on, announcing all the new and fun things going on. I for one will be keeping my eye on it, and may I suggest you do the same. I happen to know of some very fun activities happening around the Shire in the next few weeks!

That’s all for now. Here's to a good Harvest and Happy Halloween!

~ Estel Underhill



Westu Hal, Suilad mellyn nin; greetings from the great land of the Horse Lords. It is with a springy bounce in my step that I bring wonderful and exciting news to you this month. The days have been growing longer; with fall arriving, and along with it the beautiful colors of the leaves, one can tell that the chilly winds are soon to follow. Be that as it may, we Rohirrim never let that stop us from enjoying the Fall Festivities. This month there were many, some of which were quite exciting and entertaining. Firstly though, let's reward our SCR awardies. Isolde A Dunami wears the face of Theodwyn, and Calenaldawen will be Freda. Next we turn to our Newbies of the Month; we had a tie between Yrmanna Ambyre and Eurig Dunami. Congratulations to you all! The Rider of the Month award went to our very own Shivased because of the many contributions she brings to our great Kingdom each and every day; her contributions range from her position in the Cavalry as a Æthelwigend, to Captain of Word Sleuth, or the many Badges and other activities she is involved with

Now onwards to the games, as they say here in Rohan. We begin the Fall Festivities with a Masquerade Dance, where one can see many beautiful costumes, as well as awards being given out. Carandol from Gondor was invited by Goldmoon to be the game master in our game of chance. Beneath some masks on a large table are gifts of many varieties; guests can choose to turn over the masks with the hope of winning one of these gifts. The costumes range from someone dressed as an owl, our hostess' costume, to ravens, swans, dragons, and people dressed as flame or in the colors of fall. The masquerade is still going on, and will continue until mid-November; you are invited to come on over and have some fun! We are also holding a Harvest Race where contestants gather as many fruits and vegetables as possible. Other games have included corn shucking, a corn maze, the famous Badger Race, a pumpkin race (involving floating down the river in a pumpkin), and many more. And of course fall isn't complete without a scarecrow building contest as well.

In other news, the Riddermarket saw some excitement this month. A thief named Askobar took one older Rider hostage while trying to steal money from the candy shop, Glaedmund Abiring. The market is always protected by our Cavalry Patrollers, and he was quickly apprehended. He has been taken to the Throne Room by Dragonhelm, Shivased, and several others, and now must await his fate. For now, that is all the news from the lands of the Rohirrim. Thank you for allowing me to bring you news from afar, and I wish you all a wonderful and safe holiday to come. Please stop by sometime and enjoy our wonderful Kingdom; you are always welcome. This is Goldmoon Dunami, saying Namarie.

~ Goldmoon Dumami



Some call me a simple daydreamer,
as I love looking up to the sky.
Perhaps in my eyes I see wisdom,
and wish others could see why.

You see life is what you make it,
we live it so day by day.
Nothing can stand between you,
if you listen and trust the way.

Futures are how you see them,
not something wrote in a book.
Taking all those precautions,
why not just give life a look?

They say dreams are illusions,
a way of looking ahead.
But listen my friend I'll tell you,
somethings you might have misread.

We Daydreamers are mysterious,
some even have that power.
To make all things seen before you,
rise up and change in an hour.

Take me into your dreamland,
let me make you truly believe.
No one can change who you are,
or dreams what you only perceive.

Visions of beauty and tradition,
can be some things you hold dear.
Never let anyone tell you naught;
we Daydreamers are now here.

~ Goldmoon Dunami


  • Guilds and Organizations
    • Army Report: Legolas Fireblade
    • Debate Team: Tanequil
    • Sr. Drill Team: Celeblin
    • Jr. Drill Team: Hithleen
    • EAA: Tolotos
    • Gwaith in Nestoer: Aikari
    • IK Racing Team: Nenuphar
  • Kingdom Events
    • SCRs of the month!: Nenuphar
    • Troubles In Harlindon: Aikari
  • Feature Articles
    • IK Poetry Overview: Goldmoon Dunami
  • Tidings From Abroad
    • Khazad-Dum: Tornihyanda
    • Lothlórien: Alhana
    • Minas Tirith: Sedril
    • Riddermark: Goldmoon Dunami
    • The Shire: Estel Underhill
  • Poetry
    • Daydreamer: Goldmoon Dunami
  • Artwork
    • Titles and background: Tinw
    • Ink sketches: Tinw
    • Eagle and Cheetah sketches: Ellitare
    • Kingdom stamps: Silarvalla
With gratitude to each and every one of our contributors, for all your efforts to record and bring to life the magic of Imladris and of the plaza. Fond memories, fun times, a great paper: I am so proud and honoured to be able to put the Herald together - thanks to you!
~Nenuphar, Editor