Parth Levnui ~ Volume V
Pennas Narquelië ~ October Issue

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To the Stars

In the cold October night air,
behind the smoky steam
of my warm breath--an ephemeral veil
between this world and the one beyond,
I joyously receive the sight of your ethereal twinkling,
scintillating in the cosmic rays of the universe
that makes me feel so small, bound to the earth…

Breathless, exquisite, glimmering,
you never fail to strike awe in me.
I am but a mere pinpoint to you,
and though you are a mere pinpoint to me,
you are so high above, so superior in your world of heaven.

I don't see any; to me, each star is significant.
There is no grouping, no categorizing, no naming;
there is only a feeling, a sense, a presentation
of visual music that is so exhilarating and refreshing.

If I raise my thumb, I could eclipse the moon,
like a white thumbtack, a glass orb, a silvery bubble
amongst glowing seeds that drift lightly along
as though they were blown
by the soft breathing of the milky-white sphere…
and where these soft particles land,
there grows a silver light
that comforts the loneliest of souls,
that satisfies the most passionate of dreamers,
that makes me feel wonderful to be alive.

~ Arien Lea Silverleaf


Guilds and Groups

Army Report

       Though this writer hails from the White City he often comes to Imladris to participate in the Valley’s Forge and meet up with close mellyn and to report for Rivendell’s paper, The Last Homely Herald. Witnessing some martial activities in the Valley the writer finding himself interested in its affairs, caught up with one elven soldier, Edan Amrun, on a sunny afternoon to speak about the Host of Imladris and in the hopes of putting together a report for The Last Homely Herald.

“Well, there’s been a lot of change in the Host these last few months,” Edan told. “Elrond, Glorfindel, and the Host Leaders thought that the army could use a little shape-up. The new army is centered on brotherhood; the army has become less formal and bureaucratic, and has become an organization focused on comradeship and simply being part of the Host. Also, there is a sort of a master-apprentice relationship between senior members of the Host and newcomers; now whoever joins the host can ask for a mentor who can help them get used to being part of the army and also battling in war-time. The rank structure had been done away with so that members of the Host of Imladris can feel more equal with everyone else; of course there is a need for command so in charge of the Host are Counselor of War Lilu Olnathron and captains Anarie Hecil-Quen and Rilome; they are elite veterans of the Host and had been part of the prior command staff so they know very well about handling the affairs of the army. Also, we do not need a huge headquarters ground; horses are stabled with others in the Valley, there is already a tingdain in Rivendell, and there is no need for a barracks so elven soldiers can stay at their homes with their families. The Host has only one building now with an office and one other room in it; that is the Meeting Hall where we soldiers of the army can gather together in feast to get to know each other, talk about past battles, and share memories.”

As to this reporter’s posed question as to what the Host had been up to these days, Edan spoke first of a mission with a small group of soldiers to rescue Anarie, Rilome, and the then Third Captain Aduchil who had stepped down soon after the incident. “They were all captured by Men in the Misty Mountains,” Edan told and in his eyes, this writer could see a hint of the danger that he and the others had been through. “We few soldiers – Fuin Elda, Eruwaedhiel, Feowen, Arvellas, Sulime, Legolas, me, and a some others – split into two groups, searching different places for clues as to their whereabouts. Soon, we were dispatched by Ruincarch, Rilome’s aid, as one team and adventured into the Hithaiglir where our findings pointed us. We found more evidence on our way and came to the many-tunneled cave where their captors held them; we managed to find our captains and together we made it out of the cave and got back to Rivendell. We left no one behind...only our beaten enemy. It was our first time really working together since the army’s renewal.”

Edan smiled then and said, “We soldiers of the Host only got back a few days ago from Harad. We were sent forth from the Valley to team up with the Minion of Mordor a few days before so we could recover the Silmaril last held by Maglor that had surfaced on the coast of Harad. Yes, it was a strange alliance but we had to work together; against us were the Lothlorien Guard and the Horse-lords of Rohan who had forged an alliance. The Host and the Minion army arrived at the Haradrim fortress where they were keeping the Silmaril but the Rohirrim and the Galadhrim met us there as well. During the battle, Feowen, Ruincarch, and I, sent by Anarie, teamed up with the minions Volgavia, Leafa, Nabooru to infiltrate the fort and get the Silmaril. The Minions and we sneaked to the back door and slew the guards there and we got inside the fort; I found the Silmaril in a secret chamber and we had to fight our way outside and the battle came to an end, the Minions and the Rivendell Elves victorious.” As to the current Army activity going on, Edan told me that there was a sparring arena open to all the soldiers in the Host. “Mentors and their apprentices are expected to show up and train with each other; the means of winning can be determined by first blood, post quality, and disarming the opponent. Not only both mentor and squire can participate but any soldier as I said before; they can seek someone to spar with, another host member, or be assigned an opponent by one of the leaders.” The writer kindly thanked Edan for his time and the elf soldier replied he was glad to speak on Host matters and hoped it would bring others to the army as well and would let non-members know the goings-on concerning this integral organization, the guardian, of the Valley..

~Beren Camlost


Gwaith i-Nestoer

       All started in a beautiful day in Imladris. Master Elrond called for a gathering of the elves. No one knew which was the purpose of this gathering. Soon the High Lord showed up announcing that the houses of healing had been raided by orcs. The beautiful gardens were an entire mess. The gates were down and some of the healers were injured. One of the warriors, Legolas couldn’t do nothing, being inside the houses of healing for recuperation. The orcs killed two warriors and injured Wilara, the receptionist of the houses. Soon it was discovered that part of the healers were missing kidnapped by orcs. Minestor Ancalima was missing, and so was Tinessael the healer, the other who were there. No one knew why orcs kidnapped them.

Warriors started to gather at the place were Elrond announced what happened. One of the captains of the Host of Imladris, Rilome, was there. Also Legolas, a soldier of the Host. From the healers came Numelote, Tinuwen, Saydet and Isiliel. All were ready to start the searching for the healers under the command of Rilome. After preparing the horses, the searching company went on looking for there friends from the Nestoer.

The company walked, following the tracks of the orcs, lead by the captain of the Host. They were getting them inside the woods. On there road the warriors talked about orcs and what means to face such creatures. At the same time, Tinessael and Ancalima were dragged in the woods by the group of orcs. Tinuwen’s husband was in the party too, also Saelaew, a friend of Ancalima and Cuivie, Rilome’s brother. Soon, in the woods the advancing of the kidnapped healers became a torment. The orcs had tried to feed the two healers with raw meat but they had not accepted. At the same time the search company was advancing, the warriors walking behind Rilome and the healers trying to look brave.

Soon the searching company decided to lay camp as the night was approaching. The small shelter they found was great for resting. Watch groups had been organized by Rilome. Legolas talked for the first time with Isiliel, the elleth who was a healer. The watch groups had no problem over the night. Still the captives witnessed a scene that they would never forget there entire life. That night Legolas slept at the door of the shelter guarding Isiliel and the others.

Isiliel discovers the message from Ancalima, communicating her that she has become an aphador of the healing houses. She takes the aphador badge with her eyes full of tears. Soon the company finds two bodies of the half eaten healers who were kidnapped along with the others. Unable to stand it any longer, Legolas shouts for the orcs to come out and fight. Rilome becomes angry at the imprudence Legolas shows and deals with him with harsh words. the tension between them mounts.

The orcs drag the healers to the High Pass and at the same time the searching company continues its road ahead. Legolas apologizes to Rilome for what he did earlier. He decides that he must reconcile with the captain, as he is a soldier of the Host and Rilome was indeed right about what she said. The wounded elleth dies and she is buried. Though grieved, they continue their way, playing catchup with the orcs. They find another healer, Arion, who is arrogant and speaks to them harshly. Soon the two kidnapped healers would get to the High Pass. Rilome decided that it was time to make camp again. Legolas tells Isiliel about him and his nightmare, the orcs.

Ril and the others discover that orcs use wargs to travel. They set up the camp, placing the warriors so that they would provide safety for the healers. After resting they left again. Soon a band of orcs and wargs attacked them. The warriors were ready to fight them. The brave soldiers of the Host and warriors finally won the long battle with the attackers. The healers head for safety lead by Numelote. The healer Isiliel got wounded in the fight. At the time of the battle the horses run to safety into the woods. Someone had to search for them. Legolas offered to do it and took Isiliel with him. He now was sure that he cared for her and couldn’t think that she was away even for a few moments. There on there way in the woods Legolas confessed Isiliel how much he loved her. They returned with the mounts but they were not the same any more. They would be now tied forever.

Rilome decides to send those wounded with Numellote. Hakatri, the Lorien elf would go with them. Soon he and Nume will become the best friends. Rilome will continue on her own with the warriors, Legolas, Tindil, the brave warrior that fought in the clash with the attackers, Curundil, Tinuwen and Cuivie. They would now have to split, Isiliel would go with Nume and Legolas with Rilome. After exchanging gifts, Legolas and Isiliel follow there way, each of them a different one. Rilome decided to walk on foot with the warriors.

The kidnapped healers are lead by the orcs on an unknown path. They find out that the leader of the orc group, Gila wants them alive.

Soon the warriors got to a system of caves. The orcs used that way too. Rilome organizes them to enter the caves. Legolas’ words and eagerness for battle bother Rilome again. She addresses harsh words to the warrior and orders him to keep his opinions for his own. The warriors enter the cave and inside, they fight another smaller group of wargs and orcs. Tindil, Legolas, Rilome and Tinuwen kill the attackers. Legolas is injured at his right arm by the attack of a warg.

The kidnappers and healers cross the river Anduin. The warriors must stand against another attack of a group of orcs. Legolas loses his weapon here. The others get out to safety out of the caves. After resting they go on and get to Carrock, the island in the Middle of Anduin. They meet there Numellote and her company. Legolas and Isiliel meet after a long time of being separated. After staying for a while with Isiliel, Legolas decides to make peace once an for all with the captain. The soldier and captain met and talked for a while than there friendship was proofed by the shaking of hands in the warrior’s way.

~Legolas Fireblade



       The Bards and Writers Guild, located in Govannas in Girdain, is flourishing under the management of our Aralirdain, Janowyn. Sadly, when Imladris lost the talent of Laifana to the Forest of Fangorn (drat those trees!), the BWG also lost its co-Aralirdain, and Janowyn has been magnificently guiding the BWG, with the support of Taidrils Saranna and Ann-thannath.

Highlights of projects currently underway in Govannas in Glirdain include a reorganization of threads located in the House, including an active Help Desk, critiques of creative writings from Bards in the Chamber of Tales, and poetry in the Chamber of Verse, and serves as the Headquarters for the Imladris Poetry Team. The crown jewel of the House is the Guild Poem & Display Case, where the Guild Poem is proudly displayed.

Current threads hosted in the Kingdom from the Guild include the combined BWG and Elven Artist Association contest remembering the character Maeglin. Exquisite poetry and amazing artwork honor this complex and multifaceted flawed Elf from Middle Earth's tumultuous past. Also running in the Kingdom is the BWGs Writer's Workshop, offering creative writing mentoring and advice for all writers on the Plaza. This month's topic is creating local color and setting the feel of place. Contributions to the post have demonstrated Plaza intellect and creativity, and the thread should prove to be invaluable for RPG skills as well as creative writing and poetry skill development.




       The Different Strokes

       The EAA having been under the hand of Fuin Elda and Ellitarë has faced a saddening blow as Elli has had to step down as Co-Curator. But even with this sad blow the EAA continues on.

Ilúvefailisse was awarded the Artist of the Month after sharing her brilliant pieces from the Third age. Primarily they were dark and menacing, with the Witch King on his fell beast, and the Ring Wraith in the Shire being among them.

Of course there were many other very exciting and bright pieces, including more fruit from Arien, though this time in the form of apples and bananas and pears and a wonderful image of Melian by Tolotos.

The Digital thread of course saw many photos of rolling mountains and hills and streams with manipulations to match from Gala and creatures of the most fearsome type from Arien, this trend followed through all the way into October, which also found itself with proud tigers a plenty from both Fuin Elda and Marak RedIron as the theme shifted to the Lands of the East.

And the Normal art is just as magnificent, with a fierce looking Haradrim leader from Tolotos and delicate beadwork from Arien. Of course which will be the favorite we will only know in days to come now that voting has started. A sure thing is that it will be a tough vote that with the winner to be announce on the 3rd as normal.

~Fuin Elda



       After the last Forge report there really is not too much news to report, though as always the orders are rolling in and out, though the flow of apprentices coming and going has slowed down to a reasonable pace. It’s very likely with the swift progress of a few of the apprentices that the forge will be seeing new Smiths and perhaps eventually even the odd Master Smith.

Weapons as of late have been the primary focus of orders, with swords, ranging from plain to elegant being the highest items in demand. Of course with the incredible back log of orders that is only slowly getting worked through it is indeed hard at times to see the end of the bottle neck that had formed in the Tingdain, but with a new set up in the Back Room, hopefully items that are the oldest on the order list will be done first with the new sensible order of them being first to be seen.

As well the stall at the Market has also been doing well under the primary care of Lady Aikari, a smith at the forge, and Beren Camlost, an apprentice at the forge. Of course Fuin Elda is there too, though at the moment she is more enjoying sitting in the back and letting the other two deal with the costumers while she polishes the wares. Which she can be quoted as saying, “It’s the far easier task, back here, and I like to think I do enough hard work at the forge.” All the while grinning like a cat that caught the canary.

~Fuin Elda



       Long awaited, the Inter-kingdom Debate season finally started again on September 18th, 2006! All the teams were happy to finally get underway again after a long hiatus. But, unfortunately, Imladris would have to wait a little longer for their start. The first round of the Debate season had Imladris on a by, meaning that they would not be debating that round.

However, this gave the Imladris debate team time to gather together, count off old members, and try to recruit some new ones. Before the debate season started, the Imladris debate team had seen many debaters come and then quickly go, much to its chagrin. However things calmed down, and when the dust settled, it turned out there were still a good number of regular debaters left.

Inwe- the co-captain of the Debate Team
VardaElbereth- the other (slightly insane) co-captain
Rinerion- An awesome debater, holding the highest rank one can on the debate team, Arathrabedor.
Iluvefailisse- Relatively new to debate but already showing great potential in her arguments.
Keleos Nénharma- Didn’t know the editor was a debater, did you? And a good one at that!

But beyond that, something wonderful happened. An influx of new members who actually stayed around! Currently going through training on the debate team are:

FinrodFaithful- He’s a little over halfway through the training, and though we haven’t heard from him in a bit, he’s still in good standing on the roles.
Maegolfin- He’s quickly moving through the training program and it looks like he’s picking up well on what being a debater means.
Tanequil Silverleaf- Haven’t heard from her in a bit, but still in good standing.
Loriwaynen- Though expressing ambivalence about actually debating,she’s blazing through the training!

While all this happy craziness was going on, the Imladris debate team finally had their first debate on October 10th, 2006. Their opponents: The Rohirrim, the debate champions from last season. Their topic: The Fellowship should not have stayed so long at Rivendell and Lothlorien. Imladris argued proposition, that is they argued for the topic, and was slightly dismayed to find that their entire argument opposed the books. But, rising to the occasion, they met the Rohirrim blow for figurative blow in a hard fought battle. The final score: Rohan 72 Imladris 71. Somewhat of a heartbreaker for the Imladris team, but still to lose only by one point to the debate champions of the previous season is really not a bad showing!

Right now, the debate team is preparing for and engaging in their second battle of the season. The Shire will be debating with Imladris over whether “Thingol made a mistake when he didn’t finish the return journey to Valinor.” This time Imladris will be the opposition and is very happy to find that its arguments are indeed supported by the books. Feel free to drop by the thread where the match is taking place in Imladris and lend support to your debate team!




       Finally the cheetahs were able to start official racing again. After a nice long break to get some rest and relaxation, the cheetahs were ready to go. Merl and Rinerion had begun their coaching as early as possible, and everyone was prepared for the beginning of the latest season. Unfortunately, the cheetahs and their elves hadn't reckoned on one small problem: team dropout rates.

The first race against the Isengard rats went as hoped: the Rivendell team started strong and stayed that way through the finish, with a clear victory that was still close enough to remain suspenseful. The second race was even tighter: ultimately a tie was declared with the Riddermark racoons. Everyone seemed to be on a roll.

Few realized, however, the stress and tension involved in a race. Traveling from one kingdom to another, mile after weary mile until paw pads broke and tongues lolled in exhaustion, took their pace. Even home meets were tiring for those who had just returned from a previous race with no reasonable amount of time to relax. Cheetahs, speed demons of the animal world, were meant to be sprinters and not marathon runners. As Fuin Elda, Rinerion, Merl, Iluvefailisse, Eriol Rion, and Tanquil sent their cats into more and more competitions, the exercise began to take its toll on the animals.

Even though four out of the first six races were home meets (and the other two took place in the Shire and the Riddermark, which were at least relatively close), the animals grew tired and restless. The next four races were lost; some were nearly ties, some were utter catastrophes, but in none did the worn-out cheetahs manage to regain their early advantage. A few other racers participated once or twice, but the majority of the burden fell on these six. Their elven trainers looked around in desperate hope that somewhere some fresh help would arrive to bring them relief.



Annals of Imladris

SWOT the Plaza!

       Remember what it was like when you discovered the Plaza? The excitement you felt when you finally found your own Middle-earth where you could be your true elf, hobbit, Edain, Ent, dwarf, or minion self? Here on the Plaza we have created our own Tolkien-based world. Here we may dwell in a hobbit hole or mallorn tree, become a Nazgul or bear the White Tree of Gondor upon our armor, be a wise Ent or a masterful Istari. There are those of us who even get to become a Vala or Maia.

The best part of being a part of this realm we call the Plaza is sharing it with others who enjoy it with the same passion that we do. It was with this thought in mind that the new Public Relations Forum and team came into being. The team consists of Halfir and Weny who are aided by the strong hand of our very own Tulkas, Tarkano. Their goal is to advertise the existence of the LOTR Plaza so that others may come to know and become a part of this fantastical, Tolkien world we have all created as did the Ainur with their Music.

A very capable team is halfir, Weny, and Tark…but this undertaking is immense and they need our aid. Part of the title of this article contains one of the ways that you can help, the SWOT analysis. Surely you have seen the threads for the SWOT analysis and if you have not then visit the Public Relations Forum and you will find it there. It is a questionnaire of sorts where each of the letters in SWOT stands for something. The S is for strengths, the W is for weaknesses, the O is for opportunities, and the T is for threats. The Public Relations Team will use everyone’s responses to the SWOT analysis to develop a game plan to meet their primary goal, draw more people to the Plaza and give them an opportunity to live out their own Tolkien-based dream.

There are other ways to help out halfir, Weny, and Tark with their campaign. They are very receptive to hearing any ideas that their fellow Plazanites may have as to what they can add to the advertising of the Plaza. They are also looking for people to translate brochures, fliers, and other PR material into different languages. Another way you can help is in writing a summary for the Forum Fact Sheets. The Forum Fact Sheets will let people know what treasures await them in each of the Forums. The PR team would like for people who volunteer to put down in their post what skill and knowledge they may have that could benefit the PR campaign and also for the volunteers to let them know what part of the world they live in so that the volunteer is given a task where the volunteer’s full potential cab be utilized.

So there you have it…the who, what, when, where, and why of the PR Campaign and the dedicated team running it. Be sure now to head over to the PR Forum and see what you can do to help out. Take advantage of this chance to introduce others to the same experiences we have all been blessed with and give back to the Plaza a small part of all you have gotten from it.

~ Luthien Tinuviel


Fading Season

A haiku

Fleeting time of change

When Lasse-lanta flies past

Death, remembrance cry

~ Arvellas


Feature Articles

       As Tinuviel reached the Shire she halted Firefly’s trot. Looking around at the quaint countryside of the Halflings, she smiled as she watched them go about their business. Leaping down off her mare she bid the horse wait for her by a small gathering off trees where Firefly would be out of the way. The horse did as her Mistress asked and went on. Tinuviel walked along a well-kept path until she reached the Hobbit-hole she had come to visit. ‘Twas the home of Lady Beebs, a wise and pretty Hobbit lass, and her husband Hoth. Hoth happened to be one of the Edain, a Gondorian as a matter of fact. Though some thought the pair a strange couple. It could not be denied by any that they were in love and did well by one another.

Tinuviel reached Beeb’s and Hoth’s home. The windows and door were both round as it is always in Hobbit-holes but their door was made much higher and wider to accommodate Hoth. The property was beautiful for it had a well-tended vegetable and flower garden and there was a wooden bench swing big enough for two set up. Tinuviel could just imagine the pair out there on warm nights, swinging and chatting as they looked up at the stars. The Elf walked up to the door and knocked. A few moments later she heard some rustling about and the door opened. There stood Beebs, with a bit of flour dust on her face and hands and a pretty apron covering her dress.

Beebs smiled brightly and invited Tinuviel in, saying she had just been baking some seed cakes. The elleth smiled back and said, No problem, my Lady Beebs. The aroma of them is wonderful. Come then, the Hobbit said, You must have a few and some tea as well. Taking Tinuviel by the hand she led her into the kitchen. The Elf knew already it would be futile to argue against a Hobbit and their offer of hospitality so she followed but did so smiling yet. She enjoyed keeping company with the Hobbit, and with Hoth, and listening to their tales.

My Lady, Tinuviel said as she sat at the table, I came in the hopes that you have had time to finish answering all of those questions I listed for you. Why yes I have, Beebs said setting down a cup of tea and a plate of seed cakes before the Elf. You sit and enjoy your snack and I shall fetch them. As the Hobbit hurried off Tinuviel did as she had bid her and started in on the cakes and tea. Both were wonderful and before the Elleth knew she had eaten three of them and her tea was gone.

Beebs returned with a scroll in hand and smiled at Tinuviel’s empty cup and lower stack of seed cakes. Now, the Hobbit said, What did you say all of this was for again, Tinny? Smiling the Elf said, My Lady, is for an article about you in one of the newsletters. Beebs gave a ‘bah’ in return and said, Why would anyone want to read about me? Tinuviel rose and as Beebs walked her to the door to leave she said, Because my Lady Beebs, you are our Hobbit Lady of The Stars and well loved. She bent down and kissed the Hobbit lass on her head and as she rose she said, Now be sure to give my greetings to Hoth. Beebs nodded as she smiled and Tinuviel whistled for Firefly. When the mare came to her she climbed up, and after putting away the scrolls safely into her saddlebag she waved once more at Beebs and headed off.

The next week in the newsletter of the fair valley of Imladris could be read the following title and article:

The Hobbit Lady of The Stars

Lady Beebs was kind enough to have me over to her home in the Shire and after quite a few cups of tea and many a seed cake, I managed to remember too ask her the following questions. I invite you all to read on now and get to know her better. I thank Lady Beebs for her kindness and for allowing me to pester her.

1) How did you come about finding the Plaza and what about it made you want to join?
It was in January of 2003. My best teacher friend and I had just seen TTT for the third- or maybe 4th time- she and I were the only two LOTR fanatics among the teaching staff. and we each had reasons for going to see the movie so many times...she could leave the kids at home and I escaped the lead footed football fan upstairs- that "ran downfield" with every play. She called me about an hour after we were home and read me the Plaza’s URL - telling me what a great site this was, and that they had all KINDS of Boromir threads running. (She was a fan, obviously). I came, took a look around, took some of Bilbo’s 111 question quiz, then found the lore fora. Within the week- we had a major blizzard which closed school for a couple of days, and I thought that would be a perfect time to really explore the site. So I signed up - as Blackrose Bugg- started reading all the FAQ’s, found some threads to post in, and the rest, as they say, is history.

2) What was it about the Shire and the Halflings that made you know you were a Hobbit at heart?
*laughing* I WAS a hobbit at heart since the first time I read the books back in the 60’s. I named various homes Bag End throughout the years, used "What would Sam do?" as a guide through the rough patches and learned to make seed cakes. What thrilled me so much about the Shire here on the Plaza was that I finally found a place where the Middle Earth I had had in my head so long would talk back to me!

3) What came first for you, the books or the movies?
There are movies? (Evil giggle) - seriously - I read the books for the first of countless times while I was in high school in the 60’s. I even memorized the Runes in the back of the Hobbit to take class notes in! Didn’t get many requests to lend people my notes after that!

4) What is it about Tolkien’s work that you admire so much?
His life lessons that each character learns as they grow through the story. There is always hope- even the smallest can accomplish what the mighty cannot, life with laughter and friends is so much better than one spent hoarding up riches and cold gold, and a hundred more. They are all so true, and so comforting to recall when times get rough. I don’t know how many times I told myself - "Well, as bad as this is, at least I am not crawling up Mount Doom..." and somehow. that helped!

5) How did you find out you were up to be Samwise and what was your favorite part about being Co-Ruler of the Shire?
I was talking to Sere in IM one day, and she asked me if I had checked my email lately, Always terrified of making a blunder, I rushed to open the mail - and there was one there from her! I opened it with shaky fingers, sure that I was in trouble for something I didn’t remember doing- and it was an invitation to rule beside her! I remember I asked her two key questions- first - Did you send this to the wrong person??? second- Can I still debate? Then I started hyperventilating, and didn’t settle down for a week!

My favorite part of co-ruling the Shire was watching the hobbits being happy, planning more ways for them to be happy, and interacting with them at every corner. Hobbits are the greatest folks, and many of them became real, dear friends...treasures and true jools of the heart.

6) How did being called forth to be Varda come about?
I was just about to celebrate my first rulerversary, and had been thinking about where the Shire was, and what else I wanted to try and accomplish. There wasn’t much left, and Brandy was an outstanding Ruler in her own right, ready to become the Senior Ruler and lead the Shire onwards. We had a boatload of qualified high ranking hobbits who were quite suitable to become Ruler, so it was time to make some room for all of them by asking to step up when an admin opening became available. That happened right around my Rulerversary, as timing would have it, when Loki resigned. I asked Valinor to consider me for the position- and a week later, I woke up as the Lady of the Stars - the one with the long blue robes and furry feet under them.

7) What is your favorite thing about being an Admin? Least?
The best part of being an admin is being able to serve the Plaza and its members in a thousand different ways- many of them small- some significant, but in each case, knowing that what I have done has made a difference to the Plaza- or a member. Whether it be resetting quiz stats, answering emails about the halls of knowledge, or getting in on a long, serious Valinor discussion about Plaza policy, the pleasure is in the service I can give back to a place that gave me so much!

What I dislike the most are those disciplinary moments that are unfortunately needed in order to keep chaos at bay - the spammer that starts a dozen indentical threads, the serial duper that misleads others, the trolls that only come by to foul up our wonderful playground. I deal with them because it is my responsibility to do so- but I don’t like being the big blue meanie!

8) What, if anything, do you miss about being a normal rank member?
Just coming to the plaza and finding places to post and play without having to check in on the latest issues, problems, questions, etc. Again - ny job, and I accepted it on those terms- but there have been a couple of days when I wished I was just s simple pipe puttering around my hobbit hole, baking seed cakes and seeing who might be coming by for tea.

9) In comparing the Plaza with the way it is now from the way it was when your first joined, how is it better? Worse?
I came in with the wave after the second movie, and the place was crazy! New memvbers by the dozens every day- with a range of talent and skills that ran the gamut from Tolkien Loremaster to those that didn’t even know if the Ring was ever destroyed because the third movie had not come out yet. There was a mix of personalities and characters that we don’t have today - and I kind of miss the energy that that many newbies geerated.

On the other hand- we have new forums, merged forums, the houses, SCR’s and ATR’s- top rank at 15 instead of 8, mods, all of which grew up with the plaza- and that has been something to have been a part of. I think we do a better job now of seeing to both the high ranker and the newbie...with fewer newbies, each one can get more attention and help in figuring this place out.

10) Inquiring minds want to did you and Hoth come to meet in the Plaza?
I stalked him. *grin*. I saw him posting in the lore forums where he was knowledgable, polite, well spoken, and seemed to be a gentle giant. I would go to threads where he had posted just to read his answers - and was more and more impressed as time went on. Finally I gathered the courage to email him something about one of his answers - and his response was wonderfully kind and appreciative. More emails followed, until Ander, who knew us both - got us together in the same MSN convo. From that night on- we talked every night that we could- and we RP’ed a courtship. which turned out to have more than either of us realized beneath the public posts. Finally- we found the nerve to see if what we thought was happening really was - and it was- and we decided we needed to meet face to face. We did so -and three months later I was landing in Alaska- the happiest hobbit there has ever been.

11) What is best advice that would behoove Newbies to heed?
Get attention for the RIGHT reasons. Make your rulers and the admins notice you by careful, thoughtful posting, paying attention to the detalis and the rules, playing well with others, and let us see you having fun here. We WILL notice - trust me.

12) If you had the chance to make Arda a reality what age would you live in and why?
Gah- being a hobbit -I have no idea how hobbits were in the first age-and darned little about the second- so I guess it would have to be semi early third- after the hobbits find the shire but before Sauron gathers his full strength - or, of couse the 4th age - the summer of 1420 would be a great place to start!

13) What is your favorite Plaza memory? Funniest? Saddest?
My favorite Plaza memory would have to be my wedding in the Shire- a ceremony that was every bit as real and meaningful as one standing in front of a room full of people there to see Hoth and I getting hitched. It was beautiful, as we were sitting side by side, a foot apart, whereas when the courtship had started- we were 4000 miles apart, and never dreamed that someday we would really truly be together! After that - I would have to list- how many days have I been here? At least one for every day... honestly.

Funniest- the admin cage match last year was a hoot- cause I got to be something totally different - Roh taught me well! Maybe that isn’t funniest- there are about a bajillion of those as well...if I dont laugh at least once a day on the Plaza- I fell asleep at the keyboard before I was ready to leave!

Saddest- so many good and wonderful people graduating from the Plaza and moving on with real life. As thrilled as I am that things are going so well for them- I miss them.

14) If members of the Plaza had to pick ten words that described you, what do you they would be? *can be funny or serious or a combination of both*
Old. crabby. hobbity, scary (which I have heard- and still have trouble understanding [g]), bookworm, teachery, long-winded. snobby, helpful, technoboob.

15) Inquiring minds are knocking still. Are there any secrets about Beebs that you can share?
She HATES mushrooms. Really truly - all my life . A mushroom hating hobbit seems somehow unnatural- but there it is! And someday- she would like to be known as a writer.

16) Do you have any parting words to leave us with?
Keep the dream alive. It’s something that is so special, so unique and precious- you will never find anything like it anywhere else!

~Luthien Tinuviel


       With one interview, what's better than to have another? Goldmoon Dunami does an exclusive with Nieriel.

1) Where were you born, how long lived there, what type of things would you say are good about where you live, your special likes there, etc?
I was born in Missouri USA. I lived there for nine years. hehe, I'm not too keen on where I live now, so i'll talk about MO. Missouri's best thing can actually be the people. I remember so many awesome people there. Another good this is that it was flat. I'm not a fan of lots of hills, so I like big open fields and such.

2) When did you start doing the type art, whether pictures, drawings, terregan or others, that you do now, and why?
I started doing fractals like this about three months ago. I got awesome tutorials from a friend, so I got hooked really quickly. I downloaded Terragen a little after that and I've been doing photography for about nine months.

3) What things do you like to see in your art, as in scenes, views?
Honestly, I don't know. I've never really thought about it.

4) Where did you learn how to use programs if any you use, and which do you use?
UltraFractal I was taught by Daffodilbaggins, Terragen I taught myself with some help from Daff, and GIMMP I taught myself with help from Star Flower.

5) What sort of hobbies do you enjoy?
Activities you like doing in spare time, real life and plaza wise? I love horseback riding, playing piano, drawing, painting - heck, any kind of art.

6) Are you forever expanding your art, wanting to creat new and exciting things? If yes, what kind?
New and exciting things, not really. I'm still wanting to master the basics. I want to get to the point where I can draw people. I'm horrendous with that.

7) Are you in school? If yes what are you studying for, going for later on?
I'm in highschool right now, but I want to go to college and major in graphic design.

8) Do you plan on going further with your art, and how did you get into your art?
Well, I guess since my major will include graphic art then yes. Get into it? well from the plaza. I saw all of the awesome stuff that everyone could do and I wanted to try too.

9) What all things in plaza are you a member of, what are the funnest things you like there?
Oh goodness, this might take a while. I'm a member of the OP workshoppe in the RPG forum, I GM two RPGs in the forum, I own the kingdom house of Rohan, am the TR for Meduseld Memoirs, am the TR for the Haiku contest, I have a poetry and an art thread, erm, I know there's more, but I'm not entirely sure I'm answering this right.

10) What would you tell someone about you to draw them in to see your thread about yourself?
Oh goodness, I don't know. I guess just that I'm an amateaur artist. I do sketches, watercolors, fractals, terragen, graphics, and photography. I'm always wanting to get better and would love any comments and suggestions. (and because I'm shameless, this goes the same for my poetry thread!).

A sample of her work, just click on the picture to see more!

~Goldmoon Dunami


Newbie Perspective

       It was twilight when I first set eyes upon the fair valley that was to become my home. I had come far, trekking northwest all the way from Ithilien, having left after the terrible Battle of the Pelennor in search of the Peace of Imladris and the wisdom of the great Elf-lords that still dwelt there. Never had I seen such a wondrous evening. There was song and clear laughter in the air, a mysterious quality in the valley that somehow lifted the shadow that had been gathering upon my heart, and I knew then that here I belonged.

I was welcomed graciously into the Last Homely House, and there, for the first time in a long time, I was at home. It was there that I met my good friend Legolas Fireblade. It was quite a change from my old home where my small family had lived in seclusion, but I found being among more of my fellow Quendi to be a wonderful experience. I enjoyed roaming the valley and spending time with the other Elves of Imladris. At the Mereth Imladris, I made two wonderful friends, Arien Léa Silverleaf and Beren Camlost.

It was soon after the Mereth that I joined the Host of Imladris, for I always had a dislike for evil things and was eager to fight, owing to experiences I had had as a young elleth, being robbed of my parents by the servants of Mordor. I was able to put what skill I had to use surprisingly quickly, for almost immediately afterward, our Captains were abducted and we set out to rescue them. Without even having had any formal training, I suddenly found myself battling for the Host. It resulted in a closeness and a sense of worth, which I have been grateful for ever since.

In RL, I came to the Plaza during a transition period. I had just moved to a new home and suffered some unexpected losses of people I had looked up to. I was just finishing reading LOTR, and it was proving difficult to find people who loved the books as much as I did or who shared in my love for writing poetry and prose. Then, one day, I Googled LOTR and came to the Plaza. I had found a place where I could find people who shared my interests, not only in Middle-earth, but in art and poetry as well, and I was finally able to share my poetry by means of my thread in the PC. I also came to love discussing the books in the Lore Fora and role-playing an Elf, through which I made some of my best friends.

What makes the Plaza so worthwhile is all the great people here dedicated to Tolkien and to bringing his world alive. I could not ask for a more exciting Kingdom filled with more wonderful people. In the nearly six months that I have spent here, I have learned and enjoyed so much, and the experience grows richer with each day. You Elfies make this valley a home.

~ Arvellas



      Silverleaf Palace ~ Of Fun and Family



“Is this a Plaza house or Rivendell’s only Asylum?” a Plazanite may wonder upon seeing this message, with a red lobster sported between the rows, on coming in the living room of Arien Silverleaf’s house in Imladris. The Silverleaf Palace, which this Plazanite visits very often being the Plaza son of Arien and loving a good time, is a great place to frequent. The house members and visitors are always friendly and have a great sense of humor; mostly the members and visitors are Plaza-related to one another through the Silverleafs and the sense of family is always keen even on your first entering. There’s always a game being played in The Silverleaf Palace and certainly more than one and always IC. One game being played currently is Race through Locked Doors. In the game, upon entering one of Silverleaf Palace’s many rooms, the player find that the lock has been replaced and there’s no key at all to open the door; inside, Arien herself gives the gamer one of her innocent little smiles and tells that the locks are ancient and new ones were needed. There are nineteen locked doors in the IC game and when she unlocks the first door for the player, the gamer can start to play; the Plazanite can choose only one key each turn and has to RP whatever task comes with it – half of the keys will send you forward and the others will send you back a few paces; whoever makes it the farthest in matters of spaces will win and get to choose a key for their own chamber.

Another game being played currently in the house is Brother Hunt. In the game, house member Olore Silverleaf says yes or no to creative and straight-forward questions posed by other house members and visitors as to who is her RL brother on the Plaza and she also has left hints throughout the Plaza to help them as well. Another fun game that Arien has in her house is The Silverleaf Palace Thief Hunt which is on its second thread; the thief hunt is much like those played in kingdoms such as Minas Tirith and Imladris but the suspects are house members and other Silverleaf Palace relatives, the things stolen belong to others in the big family – the reporter’s own Plaza character’s sword is on the list – and the various places to search are locations in the Silverleaf Palace including Arien’s Laboratory, the Music and Ballroom, Dungeons, Gardens, Library, Kitchen, and the Psychedelic Pillow-room. Aside from games, one could always stop inside the great Chatterbox where you can talk and talk and talk – from the Plaza to RL, members of the house and visitors speak about it all; much laughter is had and sorrows shared, everyone getting to know each other better with each passing Chatterbox thread. I love the Silverleaf Palace and always will; it’s one of my favorite houses and the people are a handful of the Plaza’s many finest.

~ Beren Camlost



       Once again as the Enedhoer came upon the Elves, the valley was filled with joy and song of the season's harvest. Indeed, Enedhoer was a time to have great fun and celebration in the valley, and when the bells rang atop the hill for the Elves to come forth to honour their finest, they came, glad in their hearts.

Three were honoured. The one both well versed in scholarly terms, as well as having a warrior heart, Anarie was Celebrian. With a kind heart and patience for those new and fresh to the valley, Ancalima was Erestor for the month. Finally, humbled in their company, Keleos came in with Elwing.

Eglerio hyn! Praise them with great praise!

~ Keleos Nénharma



       Varkin, Elves of Lothlorien to your own little slice of the great kingdom of Kazad-Dum, once again. Though it may seem that some happenings around the kingdom seem to have gone the unhasty way of the Ents, the journey of the Qwestors and the Nail or Fail game come to mind, there have also been some major happenings!

The first is that the great Alce has stepped down as ruler, and has reduced her duties in the kingdom, although she still makes appearances teaching in the Mojak’s and some other places. It is rumored that a hobbit friend of hers by the name of Belladonna Underhill has become quite active in the Shire. On top of this, the kingdom’s famous Thief Hunters have turned their attention to an escalated crime, involving the Murder of the other ruler Dain and the theft of some of his objects from the Royal Chambers. Leading this investigation, and filling in the ruler’s rather large shoes, is the new Queen TMM who has taken to the post quite naturally. It is sad to see such great leaders depart, but everyone has welcomed TMM with open arms. Replacing the murdered leader is none other then the former Big Mattock of the Morog’s, Norin who as of this writing has not officially received all privileges of ruler, but should by the you are reading this.

Another big happening is that the Anghak (the dwarvern army)has now been completely reestablished and has begun settling in to the barracks and training with a passion. Anyone from any of Middle Earth’s Various kingdoms is welcome to join either the melee (sword and axes) Blag, Archer and Scout Blag, or Healer’s Blag. The leader’s do ask that their members not be a member of any other Kingdom Army however.

Also there has finally been the opening of a more regular pub (to all dwarves’ delight), where one can relax, socialize with, and (most importantly) drink with the best of them. It is also a place, to make and break various records, one of which is the longest song attempted by the Anxiog Clan Leader.

As for the clans, there has been business as usual for some and some big happenings in some as well. The Mojaks are still training many in the arts of “dwarvern magic” which draws upon a connection with the Song of Arda. The Anxiogs have welcomed a few more members, and their more poetic members have shown a lot of activity. It is important to note that this clan, however, is not just for poets. The Kagam’s continue their recovery efforts, as well as their seeking of knowledge both past and present. The Merikhansar have welcomed a few new members, and three of their members (one from the Alcoholic Beverage department, one from the bartending department, and the Food and Hunting Lord) have found a secret passage underneath the bar and are investigating the rumors of lost brewing secrets earnestly now. These are two dwarves (Atlus, and Kori_silverbear) and an Imladris elf (Phi Liende). They have just recently been joined by a new member of the Cooking Devision, a hobbit by the name of Merioldo Bolger. The Morogs have been blessed with the return of a miner long thought lost, but also with the revelation of many goblins beneath Kazad-Dum and have begun their own expedition to route them out and protect the kingdom. And the Yukog’s still teach and perfect their metal craft, jewelry making, and garment making skills while fulfilling orders for many of Middle Earth’s Residents. There is talk now of creating a catalog to both display their works and perhaps promote more commerce from the Mountains of Kazad-Dum.

Kazad-Dum is very much alive and the dwarves are always ready to welcome travelers from everywhere and anywhere to their magnificent Kingdom Under The Mountains.

~ kori_silverbear




       The Woods of Lothlorien are as golden as ever as its elven citizens go about their daily lives of work, fun and pleasure. But it has seen a few changes midst its enchanted borders. Quite a few elves, in the last month or so, who had gone over to the dark side with no intention of returning, not to mention the few who changed their identities altogether intending to vanish into the netherlands, found themselves drawn back to the magic of the woods.

The Lothlorien Guard saw a change as the brilliant Arachiril Brillonnien, decided to step down and make way for another to take her place. The soldiers of the guard, though sad with her decision, were not unhappy with her successor as the new Arachir was no stranger to leading the Guard into battle. It was with delight that the rangers and archers of Lothlorien greeted Nayeldraccon as their new co-general. Besides this promotion the Garment Crafters of Lothlorien also saw a change in the managerial level as Earwiggi, a dedicated member of the GCL, was made the new manager.

With the various Inter-kingdom competitions going on as well, Lorien has seen, is seeing, and will continue to see for the next few weeks, a constant influx of men, dwarves, creatures from the dark lands, and hobbits. And as the current RPG, The Fall of Feanor, begins to make headway one is bound to see quite a few more visitors as anyone who is anyone who wants to play a mighty Noldo is welcome. Good wishes to all those of you who grace the Woods of Lothlorien.

~ Shadowheart


Minas Tirith

       Salutations, Eldar of the Hidden Valley of Rivendell ! It is my pleasure to again bring you new of Minas Tirith, the White City of the South ! Now the celebrations of the crowning of Udan have passed away but the Gondorians are still having their fun. Racing Season has picked up again and the cute little skunks of Team Gondor are at it again, mellyn ! So far, Team Gondor has not had a win in the races but they came very close to beating Isengard in the last competition. We Gondorians never give up though and neither do our skunks ! Also, on October twenty-second Tiana who co-rules Minas Tirith and as the Lady Arwen, had her second Plazaversary and many Gondorians and Plazanites from other kingdoms gathered to tell her how much she is well-loved.

The RPG’s Northern Watch and GGM~Battle for the Northern Waste that I have reported on previously are still going on much to the enjoyment of those playing; also, there is another Dol Amroth RPG being played and the Gondorian in charge is Dhalion. In the fledging RPG, news is brought that people on Tol Falas are under Southron oppression and it is up to Prince Imrahil’s knights to come to their aid; Imladris’ own Anarie Hecil-Quen and Lady Aikari are participating in the RPG but not as their usual Plaza characters and race. A Place to Roam Plazanites like to post in as well; A Place to Roam, now on its fourth thread, is a loose RPG centered on character building; in the RPG, one could spin a tale or make a quest all their own or with others – it can be as long as he or she or they want and can take place just about anywhere in Middle-earth, near Minas Tirith or far beyond. I look forward to again bring you tidings from the City of Kings next month, my elven friends !

~ Beren Camlost



       Welcome again to another exciting month of news here in the Great Land of the Horse Lords. It surely was a month of many things going on. With winter fast approaching, the Fall Festivals got underway. We had many activities this month. The Scarecrow Obstacle Course, The Feast dance, A Mr/ Miss Meduseld contest for those wishing to show off how you think you should be the winner. The winners for the Scarecrow finishing at this time, they were; Celandine and Sk8erphan tied for first place, Fyrefly and Kori second and Enneleyn followed by Ithil after that.They had to carry a scarecrow around a course with many unusual things or obstacles along the way. Some batty, some hilarious and some really scary. Get it, scary? haha. The Badger Chase is still ongoing as well as Mr/ Miss contest so I'll have to let you know those winners.There was also a Royal Nursery's Halloween as well as Nightmare on Eldoras Street, which both seemed to be lots of fun in doing. Are you easily scared? Most were and are open to all races so come down and see if there is time left or just have a peek to see what it was all about.

The Throne Room sure had some offending visitors to this month. A man with a tasteless Monkey showed up trying to tear up the nice room by having exploding banana's. Yes, I did say exploding. Peeg up to his tricks or is that treats again.

In the Cavalry there was news of a Battle rpg going on including four Kingdoms just for fun. Seems someone has found the Simaril and they are trying to make sure others don't get it and uses its power. With Taethowen stepping down as Marshal for the Eastmark, we soon congratulated Fyrefly to take her place. Also leaving were Eleowyn, for her own reasons of wishing to be with her family more. Myself getting promoted to Aerest Paethfindian, it indeed was a month of change within the ranks of Cavalry. The Ik Poetry Season one coming to an end for the many fair Kingdoms to taking place, Rohan again placed third in Round 10. If your just feeling the need to come and visit Rohan now would be the time. Rumor has it there will be some great changes taking place soon, more fun added, more rpg's and lots to chose from.

And saying that, I now must end this months report with the SCR awardies. SCR Awards went to:

Gwai as Théoden
Tink as Warg
Lyra as Éothain
Ethirost as Firefoot
The Rider of the Month was Sk8erphan (Dirina) as well as the Newbie of the month going to Ethirost!

Well thats its for this month, so you see lots of things happened in Rohan this time around and I'm quite sure next months will be spooktacular. Haunting even if i say so myself. This is your roaming reporter Goldmoon Dunami saying have a wonderful day!

~ Goldmoon Dunami



Lore Matters


       Alqualonde is the town and harbour of the Teleri in Valinor. It lies on eastern shore in the bay of Eldamar, north of Calacirya and looks on Tol Eressea. Its name comes from Quenya and in Common speech is translated as Haven of the swans or Swanhaven. (alqua=swan + londe= haven, harbour). It was named so after their ships who were made in the liking of swans. This place was built in 1162 of the Valian Years, after Teleri had left Tol Eressea, in natural harbour. Noldor, who under the their king Finwe, helped them in building the city, also gave them opals and gems, which Teleri casted into the waters along with pearls of their own, giving the shores amazing looks.

Apart from jewels, city was lit by many lamps, and tower of Olwe, the Teleri king, was rising proudly amidst the town. Entry to the harbour was arched with natural rock. The Teleri lived in friendship and peace with Noldor for more than three centuries, until First Kinslaying among elves occured in 1496 of Valian Years. Under the command of Feanor, Noldor who rebelled against the Valar, took their ships and killed many of the Teleri. When some of the Noldor came back to Middle-earth, Feanor burned the most beautiful ships that has ever been and will be, at the site of Losgar. At the end of the Second Age, Valinor was moved from this world, and thus also Alqualonde.

~ Numellote


Stressing in Quenya

As every other language, Quenya too has its own rules when it comes to stressing (accenting) a word. They are not complicated, one just need a concetration. Of course, there are few exceptions within them.

1. Monosyllable words – they are the easiest, and no headache in dealing with them.
Example: nal= dale

2. Polysyllabic words (2 syllables) –also easy to stress. Except one word that we know, stress (accent) falls on first syllable.
Example: Atsa = claw
Exception: avÁ = don't

3. Words with 3 or more syllables – those require attention. You will see that large amount of these words receive stress on the second-to-last-syllable.
Example: Arafinwe (Finarfin)

Yet some syllables in those words don't have something that must contain to receive the stress, when it comes down to second-to-last-syllable rule. And that thing is: long vowel, a diphtong, short vowel followed by double consonant or 2 consonants.

Let's play with two examples: Arafinwe and alcare (splendour, radiance, brilliance)

Arafinwe has no problem receiving stress altough the vowel in second-to-last-syllable is short. Why? Answer is: two consonants ''n'' and ''w''are following short ''i''.

And what is with alcare? In second-to-last-syllable, we have short ''a'' followed by only one consonant – ''r''. So this syllable cannot receive the stress, it cannot be alCAre. So we move to third syllable from last. And correct pronounciation should be Alcare. Another example of this is word ''Teleri''. Again we have problem with ''e'' because it is short, and has no double or 2 consonants behind it. Shifting to third to last syllable we get ''TEleri''. The same procedure is with Eressea – eREssea)

Example with long vowel – Ambaróne (uprising, sunrise, Orient) – since here ''o''is long, it receives stress, no matter if followed by a single consonant.

Example with a diphtong – Valarauco (Balrog) – second - to - last - syllable contains diphtong au , no question where the stress will fall. ValaRAUco.

Example with two consonants – Elendil. Since second – to- last - syllable is followed by two consonants, correct stressing should be ElENDil.

Example with double consonant – Elenna (Starwards) – like in sentence above, only short ''e'' is followed by two ''n''.

Be careful when trying to stress word Helcaraxe, for ''x'' is in fact ''ks''(two consonants).

Also I said previously that long vowels receive stress almost always. But that is not the case with word Úlairi (Nazgul, ringwraights ). Here stress is not on ''ú'', but on ''ai'', the diphtong (remember the rule!) – ÚlAIri.

Another example is ''Palantír''. When stands as singular, it receives the stress on second-to-last-syllable – ''PalANTír''. But when is in plural, it is ''PalanTÍRi'', cause of the long ''i''.

One thing more. When a word that is long ends with two short syllables, second one may receive also stress, but it much weaker than the primary. Example: Hísime= mist

With help from Ardalambion




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