Parth Edwen ~ Volume II
Pennas Narbeleth ~ November Issue

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Guilds and Groups

Gwaith i Nestoer

At last the healing arts are flourishing again in our valley. While walking around Rivendell, suddenly I discover a house I have not noticed before. Coming near, I see that already many people are standing in front of it. I approach with interest and ask an elf who stands nearby, “What is happening?” I receive the answer: “The new Healing house will soon opened!” I don’t have time to ask more, for at that moment the Gates open, and all go in.

       I find myself standing in a large room with many windows, so that it is well-lit and filled with fresh air. At first my intention is to go straight to the sign-up desk, but I am distracted by gorgeous carvings of Athelas, Niphredil and Elanor plants and also by a mural of Estë, the patron Valië of healers. Slowly I move towards the desk and see many corridors and doors, and wonder what lies behind them. Suddenly a voice brings me back to to the present One of the maidens who sit behind the desk asks me if I wish to sign up for the first healing course. I eagerly nod and am handed a scroll. I write down my name, noticing that mine is twelfth of fifteen places on the roster. As I leave, I hear that some elves already have to wait for the next course.

      For the next few days, I am very excited. During every free moment, I check the house to see if classes had started. At last the time comes, and I go quickly, joining some of the participants who have already arrived. Soon everyone is there and the lesson begins. Two elves lead the course: Sériva (the second master healer) and Aleandra (the first master healer). They begin with a tour of the house. I follow them and listen with interest. At last I can see all those rooms and corridors. After some time, we come to heavy oaken doors, and the students are asked to explain why the healers’ thoughts focused on the middle of the house. We are invited to ponder the architecture of the house. When everyone has answered (some answers are very good), the doors open and reveal the most beautiful garden. We are led therel and the first master healer explains about the buildings of the Gwaith I-Nestoer, the “People of the Healers.”

       After that she tells us about the four ranks of Imladris Healers. Then we are given a task: to pick any healing herb from the garden and bring it back. Everyone wanders away, and when they return, Aleandra explains each plant in turn. We are told about the healing powers of thyme, rosemary, athelas, dragon wort, and many more. It is a lot of information to remember at one time! Next, we are told about the standard first aid kit of a healer and making poultices, draughts and extracts. Then our task is to make a niphredil extract, used as calming/sleeping draught. As I finish making mine, I wait for more interesting lore and tasks. I strongly advise you to sign up for the next course!

~ Gilnessael


Army Report

       Lo and behold!

       As the sun rose over the Valley and birds welcomed the dawn, a company of Galadhrim came riding into the Valley. Garbed in the colours of their Woodland Realm, they came to answer the friendly challenge of the Host of Imladris: to spar, and test their skills in combats of friendship and fun. Gathered upon a high plateau above the Valley, battles of skill were fought like few had been fought since the Last Alliance. Many Elves have gained honour in these matches, and others have gained friends.

       And yet, even if the fighting Eldar were merry and laughter alone filled the Valley, the hearts of the Generals have been wary. A fortnight ago, Elladan and Elrohir brought evil tidings from the Hithaeglir. A new orc lair has been found, and there are rumours of stirring movements in the south. Scouts have been sent out and returned to Imladris, but the watch must be strengthened and larger patrols sent out.

       Be ready.



Bards' Guild

       Nestled within its lush backdrop, busy sounds of voices raised in discussion and quills scratching against parchment ring out from within the halls of Govannas in Glirdain. The home of the bards here in Rivendell is a flurry of activity as they begin the final stages of their research project into the Fall of Gondolin. The majority of the topics have been claimed, and many of the papers have been submitted. Much effort and work has gone into their historical and linguistic studies of that great period, and though not completely finished, their efforts are excellent and very enlightening. The submissions are posted in the Halls for all to see, to read and to learn from, so stop by and peruse the efforts of our Bards!

       On other matters, the question of the merger between the Bards’ Guild and the Writers’ Guild is still in the hands of the leaders of Rivendell and each respective guild. Many interesting points have been raised, many different viewpoints shared, and so we all are waiting now for the final word.

       The Halls of Verse and Halls of Tales continue to be repositories of new songs and stories, and we encourage you to come and check out our offerings, or share some of your stories with us! Our Bards are honing their skills and practicing their art, ready to share their abilities with you.



Drill Team

       For yet another time, it is my authority and privilege to give you the latest for the Drill Team of our kingdom, the Keepers of the Scrolls.

       Our beloved Lord Glorfindel (a.k.a Tara) had to resign from the position that she held in the team, the one of the co-captain, due to her various responsibilities as ruler. So, she was made a prime lore master in the place of Ibrantriel, who took the newly freed position of the co-captain of the team. Knowing her potential, I am sure that she will be totally successful.

       The first round of the Drill Team was rather easy for us, since we didn’t have a match against any other team. In the second round now, we are hosting the match against the White Council. I hope that we will all prove out to be good enough to win. See you all in a month or so...

~Elron Quel Droma


Fading Seasons

The sun emerges in golden splendor,
to warm the petals of an early spring.
With lucid rays of a vibrant dawn,
the gentle wind of the morning sings.

And with a smile the sun sets high,
with autumn leaves aflame with light.
The limpid hues entwine the sky
in a painting hung beside the night.

And when days' song begins to fade,
the sun bows to the silver moon.
As stars begin to dance about,
to their own enchanting tune.

And with the night comes a chilling breeze,
a cold wave of silver rain.
Pale white eyes flutter down,
as the copper fall begins to wane.

Fading seasons whisper long,
as memories of the mirrored past.
To bring to life the gold and silver,
that dimmed as the seasons passed.

~ Ailaya Nydrian


Annals of Imladris


       The sounds of song and laughter have filled the Valley during this time of celebration! Eight events were held, and folk from all over Ennorath participated in friendly competition. Aglar ath Thelyn Enedhoer ~ Glory to the Middle-Days Champions!

       Eithil’s Horse Race from Bree to the Fords of Bruinen was, not very surprisingly, won by on of the Rohirrim, Rossilínde, on her horse Scurblæd. A perian, Webit, came in second place on her colt Kippy, quite an accomplishment for one so small! Viktor Xavier of Gondor claimed third place, riding Storm.

       Two groups tried Barreling Down Bruinen. Many could not complete the treacherous course, and everyone got soaked! The first round was won by Elron Qel Droma, with Tamsyn of Rohan and Weny not far behind. In the second round Thom Greenleaf of Fangorn managed to reach the Ford first, but Arwil, Itania, and Silver Sprite were all close behind, followed by Firefly of Mordor, Rossilínde of Rohan, and our own Laebeth in another tie!

       Many skilled hunters participated in the Hunting Competition, using a variety of weapons including sling-and stones and bare hands. In the end Elanessë and Tinw declared Soronúmë the victor, followed by Firien Echui of Lothlórien and elvinhome.

       Silver Sprite and Lclaulau’s Cooking Contest made mouths water with delectable aromas! Ancalima’s savoury bacon egg and cheese pie was given first place. Webit of the Shire made a Pumpkin soup with mushrooms, which earned her second place. Mor Olnathron’s lamb stew and Searogrim of Rohan’s traditional Rohirric stew tied for third place.

       The first to correctly solve the clues and Capture the Flag, a small group of contestants are using their knowledge of Middle-earth and Elven lore to solv was one of the Edain, Viktor of Gondor, who missed only one question. Eliswathe and then Lclaulau found theirs shortly afterwards in a very close finish.

       The Wood Carving Contest saw many skillful entries, and Serveanthesia, Sériva, and Silver Sprite were hard pressed to select a winner from amongst them after Telepavariel was unexpectedly called away in the final days. At length the winner was declared to be Ellenan, who made a beautiful carving of his parents on horseback. Soronúmë’s interesting acorn, Genesis, and Ruiniel’s statuette of Lúthien shared second place honors, and Geir of the Naugrim, who carved the great peaks of the Hithaeglir, was third.

       Rilondë; unfortunately had to depart before his Archery Competition ended, but Silmarwen stepped in to see it to a close. The three rounds challenged competitors in shooting from a run, from horseback, and from a boat. In the end, three were victorious, none being able to best the others: Elron Qel Droma, Twin Demon of Rohan, and Samuraielf of the Golden Wood.

       Tinindil and Ibrantriel set such difficult challenges in the Obstacle Course that the contestants have only now finished it!

~ Taramiluiel

And now, as part of our special coverage, here are some highlights from these festive events!

Obstacle Course

       Welcome, young and old, to the Enedhoer festival’s Obstacle Course! If you’ve only just arrived at this enthralling event, then I have to say, you’ve missed a lot. Since I’m being paid by the hour, I’ll just hurry up and give you the low down on what’s been happening so far...

       The Obstacle Course challenge began with eight eager competitors — I was one — none of us knowing what we were getting ourselves into. And we were certainly about to get ourselves into quite a lot. Fresh faced and enthusiastic, we all lined up, ready to prove that Rivendell elves weren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. The ever brilliant Ibrantriel (playing the amiable role of law mistress) began by asking us mind-boggling questions based on Middle Earth’s history. A few elves were certainly glad they’d listened to stories in the Hall of Fire this round! After the questions had been answered, the first round began. It was a tricky challenge of one pole set atop another pole, without a ladder to climb. The object of this round was to grab the pole-on-a-pole. Once this feat had been achieved (with a few cases of pole sitting, monkeying around, possessed frogging, falling off the pole and a whole lot of talking to ourselves), the second part of the challenge needed to be mastered. Using the pole, the competitors needed to pole vault over a large ditch - which everyone managed, with various degrees of Elvish (or Hobbit) grace.

       It was a new round and new questions. This time, our wise Law Mistress must have been in a particularly cantankerous (never!) mood, because the questions were a lot tougher than last round. Indeed, it was so hard that one unlucky competitor was eliminated from the course. However, the rest of the stoic competitors pushed past the Questions of Doom and trudged into the second obstacle. This was going to be decidedly trickier than the last one. However, it still had to do with poles (making this reporter believe that our dear Games Master must have wanted us to be shafted *coughlamejokecough*). Four poles waited to test everyone’s balance (or lack thereof). And not only that, oh no, once the brave and ever-so-foolish competitors had hop-scotched from pole to pole (which increased in height, by the way), another challenge hovered above. A hawk, to be precise. It waited with a ribbon held in its talons. To complete the obstacle the foolhardy elf/hobbit had to take a leap of faith into the air, grab the ribbon out of the hawk’s clutches, not embarrass themselves while landing, and deliver the said ribbon to Tinindil, the dashing Games Master. Now, I must say that this challenge presented a problem to the best of us — I witnessed an elf maiden conversing to the hawk, the poor hawk having a tail feather plucked out, and almost everyone landing in a rather undignified manner. Unfortunately, our spirited friend from the Shire got eliminated in this round for not being prompt enough in finishing. After all wishing we were him, it was time to go on with the next round. Which made undignified landings look like child’s play...

       Once more the horrid questions came, although I have to take my hat off to Ibrantriel’s brilliant interrogations. And in this round, us clean ickle elfies were surprised to find a rather disgusting pit of mud waiting for us. Have you ever seen elves doused in mud? Trust me, it’s not a pretty sight! There were various complaints about getting clothes/ hair and various personal items completely ruined, but in the end, everyone got stuck into it. The idea was to traverse up four walls. Sounds easy? Well, they were also completely doused with mud. So there was about a gallon of mud and a few drowning elves in this obstacle. With varying degrees of difficulty, success was eventually reached. Of course, it was followed by the inevitable victory dances. I swear, they were becoming an art form of their own! Oh, there were also the muddy hugs. We competitors made sure that Tinindil and Ibrantriel were as muddy as we by the end.

       This next course found only the most skilled, brave and modest elves participating — we were down to four! The idea was to cross a grid of supports, covered with branches of course, just to make things tricky. Underneath these iron grids were pits. Unfortunately for the competitors (who had all been cleaned up from the last round by some Dwarven beauty specialists), it was inevitable that we would fall into at least two pits. No one had any idea what was down there. It was a suspenseful challenge. One by one, the intrepid competitors stepped towards certain doom, trying to avoid it as best they could. After one unfortunate elf fell in some disturbing substance, we all knew we mustn’t be the next to fall - or fall at all, it that could be avoided. It couldn’t, and we all succumbed to various landings - feathers, daffodils, white rabbits drinking tea, and peanut butter. Fortunately, none of these substances were fatal, although the first competitor really didn’t look or smell too good for a while!

       And so, dear friends and fellow sports fans, this is where the Obstacle Course has led the daft competitors. There is only one round left, which I’m sure will be just as fun and dirty as the previous rounds. So make sure you are there to cheer us on for the final round! I am Diava Echui, signing out.

~ Diava Echui

Hunting Competition

       Greetings Elves and... Elves! Welcome to the Hunting Competition of the Enedhoer Festival! For some of us who are not familiar with the rules, the hunter basically uses a weapon he or she has drawn from a bag. Possible weapons include slings, daggers, spears and our favourite - bows! The hunter chooses what animal he or she wishes to hunt. The harder to hunt, the more points you get! Each hunter has 4 tries at bringing down their prey. Once you have 3 animals your turn is over! Get ready for the hunt, haul out your dusty knives and pitchforks!

       After a tough first round of tears, tantrums and tempers, and of course some serious hunting, our top contenders for the trophy and title are as follows: Searogim in front with 27 points, Firien Echui chasing close behind with 18 points and Viktor Xavier and Turelie tied in third place with 16 points! The hunt started slowly where all got a chance to catch a tan, with Aerin making the first kill, slaying a boar. The pace increased as more hunters tried to bring down their selected animals and there was much disappointment - with some contenders hurting some indignant shrubbery! Finally the hunters seemed to be gaining on the animals and the hunt was well under way with numerous kills.

       With 20 contenders, the Second Competition started out with a buzz of excitement as three quick kills were made by Findecano, Elvinhome and Gilnessael; folks, I was literally on the edge of my bowstring here. Firien slew his four animals first and was in for quite a wait 'til the finish! But to end the suspense here - I know all of you want to read the rest of your Herald - The Winner of the Enedhoer Hunting Festival is... with a total of 68 points... Soronúmë! In second...only 10 points behind - is Firien Ecui with 58 points and in third is Elvinhome with 49 points! Elanesse and Tinw must have had a hard time judging these strong and excellent competitors! And good luck to next year's competitors - start practicing now: on your archery butt, your tree or your siblings - most of them will make good boars!

~ Avi Aiel

Cooking Competition

       After much “humming” and “ahhing” I decided to put my name forward to run our festival’s cookery contest. Why, you might wonder? Well, mainly because cooking is one of my favourite pasttimes, and I am relatively well-known for my crazy cookie cakes.

       But the dishes I was honoured with the pleasure of tasting far exceeded my skills. Of course I was not alone in my judging because my good friend Lclaulau was right there beside me to give her valued opinion too.

       Here is the rundown of who our challengers were and what delicacies we were given;
Arseregwen - made us a tantalizing blackberry pie with flaky pastry and juicy ripe berries whose juice oozed out of the pastry when you bite into it.
Tasarnadë - made us a mystery pie, containing cinnamon, mint and sweets with a thick layer of pastry coated in a honey coloured frosting.
Firerose - made us our first savoury dish, which consisted of a well-cooked fish, lavished with lemon and surrounded by caviar and lettuce dipped in a tangy vinaigrette.
Searogim - made us a super stew tender meat with vegetables brimming with a delicate taste and texture that was truly delicious.
Ancalima - made us a perfect egg and bacon pie, which was excellently cooked outside as she sweetly sung an ancient song.
Mor - made us our second stew, containing succulent pieces of lamb, blended with tender vegetables and a sprinkle of rosemary.
Webit - made us an interesting bowl as well as a dish (the bowl is actually sitting in my kitchen right now in preparation for Halloween.) You see she made an Autumn soup and used mushrooms and sweet cooked onions to make the wonderful-tasting soup.
Khait - made us a pumpkin pie, only the third one she has ever made, surprisingly, and it turned out beautifully with the smell of cinnamon and pumpkin wafting temptingly from it.
Soronúmë - made us his fantastically warming soup, with the help of his two friends Calandiel and Haldor I might add, with beef and mushrooms all made to be fit for the army.
Turelie - made us her Fruits of Imladris summer pudding, within it somehow capturing the very essence of the remains of summer.
Lili - made us some devilishly good chocolate brownies with cherries and a rich chocolate taste to it.

       You can imagine how hard it was for us to choose winners from such amazing dishes. It took a great deal of pondering and several extra tastes before we finally found ourselves able to award prizes.

       In first place came Ancalima, closely followed by Webit in second and not too far behind them came Sea and Mor in joint third.

       After the contest, Cali remarked, 'Thank you, thank you, thank you! Congratulations everyone! This was great fun!' so she was evidently proud of her achievement. Webit commented, 'I simply love to cook! I hope we can do it again sometime.'

       I would like to congratulate our wonderful chefs for the fantastic feast they provided us with and I wish you all happy cooking in the future!

~ Silver Sprite


Dol Guldur

       Here be an eye witness account of the horrors that are unfolding within the walls of Dol Guldur, the Necromancer's Tower. Some nights ago, five and twenty brave adventurers from all the kingdoms of Middle Earth set forth to begin their quest to defeat the Necromancer and liberate two stricken Mirkwood Elves, held prisoner for the Necromancer's amusement.

       Dol Guldur is an RPG type game where participants must pass 10 challenges before they succeed: riddles, games of chance, lore questions, or simply the roll of a dice that guides the hand of fate with a pair of scissors towards the life strings of so many. This is probably the toughest game in Middle Earth. Merciless and uncompromising, fail once and your quest ends.

       Already, the first challenge has proven fatal for some, drowning in a most vile manner. The others passed through to safe passage. Not all were successful. The horrors have claimed another three souls, and now only sixteen remain, with yet eight more challenges to pass before reaching their goal.

       In its fourth run, no-one has yet succeeded in routing the Necromancer and freeing the elves. Will Elron Qel Droma, Dundaeiel, Etharion, Firerose Arien, Elanessë, PDCML, Arwil, Eliswathe, Eithil, Gilnassael, Esmerelda, Alkthoniel, Arseregwen, Taramiluiel, Isila or Khait succeed where nobody has done before? Mandos is smiling, for soon he shall have some new companions in his Halls.

~ Lilu Olnathron


In the moment that I saw you,
I knew that you were the one for me.
When you laughed,
I felt my soul take flight.
Your eyes are intelligent and bright,
your smile lights up the forest.
You are a great warrior,
loved by your people,
and honored by your friends.
You know nothing of what I feel,
because I have never told you.
What we share will never be,
for there could only be pain at the end,
for an elf's requited love.

~ Hirilnaur

Unfinished Business

       When people think of Rivendell, they often think of a quiet place where nothing much happens. Certainly not violence! But as you pass the Last Homely House, you are drawn by the sounds of clashing blades to the entrance of the Hall of Unfinished Business. Opened periodically, this hall gives Rivendell its own duelling arena, where people of any kingdom may meet in combat to settle their differences, or simply practice fighting with swords or other weapons.

       Once the terms of battle are agreed upon, fighters are limited to 10 posts each to finish their match. Some fight until their opponent yields, others to first blood. But bitter enemies may fight to the death in this honourable hall!

       A current hall is open at the moment and can be found here. All races are welcome to test their mettle. And as you will see from the current battles, this thread is as exciting to read as it is to take part in. We look forward to seeing you in there!

~ Mor Olnathron


Living Imladris

The Birch Grove (1 ~ 2)

       "Now come, now come!"

       We hear the inaudible calling, and are transfixed with wonder.

      "Have the Seasons and the Ages changed together?
      Is it Spring again, is Arda young once more?"

       Something strange and magical is happening among the tall birches of the grove this morning. The powerful presence of Melian and Ulmo has awakened the waters of the spring and the dreaming of the trees. Something Spring-like shimmers in the Autumn air, as Elves and others gather there, not knowing why. Some who have not dared to speak before, tell their tales. Some who have not dared to listen, can now hear them. Music, dance, remembrance, and healing of a kind unlooked-for are manifested. Joy is made audible, nightmares depart, dreams awaken, beauty lives; in the Birch Grove.

~ Ancalima


Baudh Imladris

       It started in Bree. An Elf by the name of Morchen was supposed to have given information of the Fellowship to a Southron by the name of Ugular. Rangers from the north had noticed this, and it was believed that they attacked the Southron and Elf, taking the Elf back to Imladris and leaving the Southron dead behind them. A council was called. Present were Lord Erestor and Lord Elledan, Hobbits and Men from Bree, the Rangers that had escorted Morchen there, and Elves speaking for and against the accused Elf. So far no decision has been made. Morchen claims the Southron was a friend of his and that he did not nor would ever give away information concerning the Fellowship, for he did not know much about it himself. The Rangers have said that they had never wanted a fight and had not meant for the Southron to be killed, that the Southron that had gone for his weapon first, and that they had had a younger Ranger with them who had reacted quickly when he saw the Southron’s hand near his weapon. There has been anger, hurt, and sorrow in this council so far, and many await the end and the decision that must be made. Is Morchen innocent or guilty of giving away information so important for the safety of the free peoples of Middle-earth?

~ Tasarnandë


Barad Eregion

       Friendship and trade with Naugrim of Moria is rekindled, and many travellers now take the ancient road that runs from the Fords of Bruinen to the West Gate. Yet Yrch remain in the mountains, and the way is frought with danger. A mighty tower, Barad Eregion, once stood Hollin Ridge, but it was cast down by the armies of Sauron in the Second Age. The time has come to rebuild the tower.

       The Lords of Imladris have commanded that a party of Architects set forth to survey the ruins and make plans for rebuilding Barad Eregion. It will serve as an outpost for the Host of Imladris, and a place where weary travellers might rest a while and restock their supplies. As the Yrch have launched many raids on unwary travellers, they have also ordered that warriors accompany the architects.

       May Elbereth watch over them!

~ Taramiluiel


Welcome to the Caribbean

       That’s right, if ye thought ye’d stepped into Middle-earth on the 31st of October, ye were sadly mistaken! Here there were no goodie-goodie Elves; nay, peace there was naught of and pillaging and plundering were everywhere. Ye’d entered the Caribbean, where there are only pirates and wenches...and rum!

       Those two lovebirds, Will and Elizabeth, have taken up residence in the Governor's Mansion to listen ter yer whining an beggin'. If any break the Pirates' Code, ye'll be keelhauled, marooned, or hung from the yardarm until ye dance the hempen jig, savvy?

       If yer mind ain't totally drowned in rum, yer welcome ter join a Treasure Hunt. Seems ol' Bootstrap Bill was good for more than being tossed overboard with a six pounder strapped to his bootstraps! Some wit, at least, he must've had, for he hid 5 chests of loot before his death.

       If yer throat be dry from days asea, and ye've got some pieces o' eight in yer pockets, order some grog from a barmaid in the Tortuga Tavern. Rum and company is always to be found there, savvy? Strike a deal with a scurvy dog in a dark corner, or pick a brawl with a cowardly swab, arr!

       If a swashbucklin' battle be more ter yer likin', weigh anchor aboard one o' three o' the finest ships on the Seven Seas! There aren't none faster than the Interceptor, nor more mighty than the Dauntless, lest it be the Black Pearl! So bring yer cutlass, load the canons, an' do yer part ter scuttle the enemy. But if ye fail, ye'll be walkin' the plank to Davy Jones' locker!

~ Will & Elizabeth Turner


Lelie I Taurentirnova

       Lelie i Tauretirnova , located in the lush locales of Fangorn Forest is one of the most entertaining households to be found in Middle Earth today. Surrounded by tranquil glades, its grounds and magnificent white palace are a haven of peace.

       Here you can visit the Pub of Harvest Celebration. It is a warm and cozy tavern where making friends and rediscovering new ones is simply a snap. Let beverages and mouthwatering snacks as well as main courses tickle your taste buds as you have a leisurely chat by the fire. Or take a stroll out onto the Plazaversary lawns, where you can help Lelie celebrate its one year plazaversary! Sip some wine and try some of the fine cuisine, all as you enjoy the celebrations.

       But if are looking for a different form of relaxation, then come rest your mind or take your spirit to the highest plane of spirituality as you meditate in Lelie's huge meditation glade. Let our instructors guide you through your enlightening experience.

       There is more. You will find Taliesin’s Talismans, with a whole repertoire of trinkets and talismans! Or explore the grounds, complete with pleasure boating facilities and a little French café!

       Whatever you do at Lelie I Taurentirnova, we hope that you have fun!

~ Eithon Echui


Overnight Beauty

Overnight beauty, pale and slim:
Your wide velvet hat from edge to brim
Shades your soft pale face.
Little crumbs of earth
Cling helplessly to you.
They let you go
into the moonlight.

There in the moonlight,
You and your sisters
Waking up,
Rising up,
At the rising of the moon.
You and your sisters
Make a faëry ring.

~ Ancalima


Feature Articles

Seregon, the Valie with the Bird        She came to the Plaza on a quest to find pictures of Aragorn. Soon, she would become a hobbit, then eventually a ruler, and finally an admin. Two years have passed since that fateful day when Sere was appointed the Vána icon.

       Sere loves meeting and chatting with lots of people here on the Plaza. Unfortunately, it can sometimes get slow when there isn't a lot going on and no spammers to eat. If given the chance, she'd love to take to Shire back for a week and completely wreak havoc. Of course, the havoc would all depend on her mood and whatever wacko thing she'd like to try out.

Believe it or not, admins do have a life outside of the Plaza. Sere says that she is fairly lazy when not running around answering questions and fixing things. When she gets the chance, she studies viruses, her favorite being ebola. She finds it absolutely fascinating and glomps it freely.

       Before our parting, I managed to ask Sere the one question that had been burning on my mind for sometime. Although an avid fan of M*A*S*H, that is not where she got the name Hot Lips from. "Hot Lips is a nickname Morim gave me when I became Vána, 'cause the red lips on the icon are incredible hot."



       I have lived in Rivendell for more than two months now. Now I am ready to tell my story. Long I lived in my home, with good people. The only thing was, they did not understand why anyone would know the story of the Ringbearer by heart. I was glad that most accepted me the way I am, but I knew that all thought I was strange. Interested in lore, slow and sad music, long beautiful dresses, braided hair. Always dreaming away...wanting to travel and see the world. When I had lived enough years to travel on my own, I began to search. Search for a place where people would not only accept me, but join me as well. I visited many places, some better and some worse. However no place was the one where I would like to stay. Then I came to Rivendell. I still remember looking down, into the valley. Somehow I never doubted, when I stayed here. In the beginning, I stayed only to rest and then search more. I came here late, and seeing nobody went straight to the room that was given to me. Next morning I went exploring the famous valley of Imladris. I looked into many halls, houses, rooms, tents and forest clearings, but dared not to enter. Everyone was chatting and knowing exactly what to do. I was afraid to interrupt and be impolite, not knowing the rules. At last came to a hall where a feast was being held. There, as everywhere else all seemed to be familiar with each other. Taking up my courage I went in (mostly because I was tired and wanted to sit somewhere). Quietly I seated myself, but soon some people came to me. So I made my first friends in Rivendell. The time that followed seemed a blessing. I quickly made new friends, got to know people. Quickly I lost my fear of getting to know people and being myself. Fear, that someone will hurt you and use you if you open yourself to them. I realised that I was not the only one who was interested in lore, slow and sad music, long beautiful dresses, braided hair. I understood that many people were always dreaming away... that wished to travel and see the world. I even met people who knew the story of the Ringbearer better than me! More than two months have passed. In this time I met a lot of people and I made a lot of new friends. I challenged Towers of no Return, took part in Archery and Hunting Competition and in numerous feasts. I did many other things, which I would never before dream daring taking part of. I traveled freely, but always came back with gladness in my heart. I know that I don’t know everything around here, but I learn and feel with every day more and more at home here. I hope that Rivendell will never change for the worse.

~ Gilnessael



       This month I chose to just fly around Rivendell on my fell beast, Spot, and while he was looking for snacks, I would search Imladris high and low for artists and literaries. Instead of concentrating on one writer’s story, I found myself drawn to three unique attempts at culture.

       From above, nothing is more noticeable than a beautiful banner flying in the breeze. Should you find yourself in need of a banner for wherever you happen to be invading at the time, I highly recommend you visit the Get your Banner Designed Here stall owned and operated by Laurie Eleni. The banners here are truly amazing, and although the poor elven dear has had a few problems with orc attacks, keeping her from finishing the banners as timely as she would have liked, she has sent word to all her customers that she will indeed get their banners made as soon as she hires a bunch of hitdwarves to guard her stall.

       Another stall hidden along the pathways of your fair city features an artist by the name of Eliswathe. In Footsteps of Infinite: Illustrated Geneology we see this artist expand her immense talents of drawing family members. Since you elves are virtually ageless, I can imagine she’ll stay in business for some time. I wouldn’t want to see how many walls it takes for Elrond to hang his family portraits! Anyway, a great place to stop if you want to see the geezer relatives of Eliswathe. In my humble opinion, her grandsire looks a little like Mr. Spock of the Shire, but I’ll wait to start any vicious rumors until later.

       And if you don’t mind a good laugh (I know for many of you more serious types, that constitutes a crime) I highly recommend reading Humans vs Middle Earth Dwellers, a Spoof a joint effort quilled by Thali and Brandy. I warn you that the dreaded foo is still alive in this section of Rivendell. Oh yes, shield your eyes from the green and teal ink, and try not to stare at it for too long, lest you lose your enhanced elven vision. If you can get past that dreaded foo ink, I think you will enjoy the story. Very futuristic, these girls have vision!

Now this very tired wraith must find her way back to Mordor in the fog. I wish I could have caused more havoc in your fair land observing more of your artistic vendors, but alas evil draws me away. Combining all three stalls into one review, I give 5 Morgûl blades - except for the foo ink on the one parchment, all were excellent offerings.

~Rohanna, formerly of Rohan
Now living in the vacation capital of Middle Earth...




       Settling down in his chair the Elf gazed thoughtfully out the window to where the sun was setting on the far distant horizon. It was the season of Quellë, and upon the paths beneath his window he could see the cloak of red and gold that had fallen from the trees. It would not be long before the snows fell and his travels stayed for a time. He had wondered if he should move on now, there was still so much in this world for him to see before he sailed into the West, to the Blessed Realms. He smiled a thoughtful, secret smile. Eyes sparkled with a mischief unseen in his kind. But then, was he truly like his kind anymore? Who were his people if not all the peoples of this Middle Earth? Dipping the quill that rested lightly in his hand in to the inkwell that had been given to him, he began to write.

       Suilad mellon nín,

       That you have found what I am about to write speaks highly of you, for this scroll was hidden well was it not? And yet there are more. Indeed, there are many more. If you chose to find them you will find therein such things as have not been sung, or spoken of in many long years. But perhaps that is in the reckoning of the Atani. Forgive me, for I have not been among my own people for time beyond what has become, such as it is, my own reckoning.

       Songs you would find, poems, forgotten tales but for the whispered words of Old Ones who have passed unto places that are beyond our knowledge. Words of the Atani, the Periannath even the Nogothrim though you may scoff at their skill at such arts. Works of stone, perhaps, may be where their love lies but all love will feel the urge to be voiced, no matter who would speak it.

       Therefore I say to you, would you follow the footsteps of this humble Bard? Even if it were from the comfort of the Halls of Fire that you retrace the lonely paths I have wandered? Untold wealth have I learnt, many lessons are there for me to teach in return. But only if you are willing. Come to the Ford of Bruinien, three night’s time, when Tilion is at his highest point in the night sky. And then, we shall see what there is to see...


Sealing the scroll with wax, he thumbed his chin thoughtfully. Now... where might he hide this... Rising from his seat, he leaned from the window. Beneath him was a stone bench and, nodding to himself, he turned swiftly on his heels and made for the stairs.

~Part One~

       Suilad mellon nín,

       I fear time is not on my side this eve and that I may not meet with you as was originally planned. I have left for you, therefore, such things as you might find useful over the course of this journey you must now embark upon. Fear not that you will do so alone as I have done for so many years past. Yet fear indeed may be an ally you would do well to embrace...

       A scholar awaits your presence in the Library. Be kind to her, for she holds the key to the secrets you are now to unlock. If she deems you unworthy, nothing will she give unto you. Or yet she may, but falsifications would these be to trick and delude you. A message she will give you: this shall direct you to the first reward upon your journey.

       Fare thee well, mellon nín. Our paths shall cross far sooner than you might expect.


       Glancing up from her desk, the elderly elf fixed dark eyes upon her visitor. Seeing the opened scroll clenched within their hands she indicated that she desired to see it. Reading through the scroll, she smiled as though pleased. Nodding her head in greeting she rose and walked further into the depths of the library. The sweet scent of jasmine floated behind her as she wound her way past the many shelves. Finally she stopped and turning to the visitor who had followed her she smiled again. Unsure where exactly they were, she could see the confusion in the visitor’s eyes for, surely, the Library was not so large that one might get lost in it... Surely.

       “You will want the heart of Rivendell, mellon nín; it is there you will find the answers you seek to this first part of your journey. My Lord will seek you out for your next task when he feels you are ready.”




Tidings from Abroad


Autumn is always a great time of year for people to go out and enjoy themselves in the falling leaves, but in recent weeks in Fangorn, the trend has seemed to have been to become more treeish and to prepare to sleep through the winter.

However these poor people are missing out on the host of activities which are continuing to be found throughout the kingdom. The Listing the List of the Lore of Living Creatures is no collating the completed verses into a singable/recitable form, wih which it is hoped that the song will then be comprehensive for every animal the Ents can think of.

Our rulers, Morim & Mojo, have been seen all over the place displaying an odd fondness for a dark helmet and a pot of yogurt - but that could just be the result of some disease known to the Healing Grove as Halloweenensa Confusia. All in all the kingdom is going strong, with many a visitor welcome to stop over or stay for a time - so if ever you happen to be passing, make sure that you give us a call!

~ Thom Greenleaf


Khazad-dûm October has been more than a little insane inside my fair kingdom's halls. From my cushy chair deep inside the Burx Uzban Headquarters, I will try to relate as much of the news as I can to you, but be warned; so much has happened that I am sure to forget something important. First on my list of exciting happenings is the marriage of Queen Dis to Lujan Stormwing. It was supposed to be a secret ceremony only witnessed by Naith Liathant (the officiator of the service), Dis, and Lujan. However, things turned out differently. By the end of the event the glade was packed full of well wishers from all around Middle Earth. I am pleased to report to you that Queen Dis and Lujan are now happily married!

In scarier news, the army has undergone an attack this month. While they were deep in celebration in the Anghak Vale, an army of southrons assaulted them. The army of 3500 strong is no match in numbers to the mighty Anghak, but still it is a scary thing to have a foreign army so close to Moria. The Anghak is still fighting with the mysterious army. Latest news has rumoured that General Lerin has been kidnapped. I for one know nothing of such things; this claim is still unsubstantiated, and all of Khazad-dûm prays that it's just a rumor.

In the far reaches of our stony kingdom, one could hear the excruciating sounds of training this month. That's right; everyone able was recruited to participate in the Dark Games. Dwarves could be seen lifting weights, eating unspeakable foods, fine tuning their singing voices... all of it. In preparation, things got a little scary, so unless you were on the Olympic team, you stayed far away. All I can tell you is that the dwarves are going to Mordor, ready to kick some tail. Watch for us in the Olympics, we'll be the short bearded folks wearing pink (well, some us will be wearing pink). Well, that's about it for news from Khazad-dûm, or at least all that I can remember. You elves know how it is, the older you get the worse your memory is. That's the news from Moria, glomps to all.

~ Mithriltears



In this short space of time, many things have occurred here in Lothlórien. While there have been some happy things, some sorrowful events have also passed our way.

Whilst we have had many new elves join or transfer into the kingdom, still it is with sadness that we learned of the departure of others. Elves such as Himlithion who decided to travel to the Grey Havens and Nurbor who took up an abode in Rivendell as well as others were all a sad loss to our kingdom. It was also sad to hear that the elf ChrisMis was summoned to the Halls of Mandos. Elves with so much potential are no longer with us.

But enough of sad tidings. Happy and fun events have also occurred which have caused excitement in the forest. Only a day or two after the installation of the new Celeborn, a group of elves decided a kidnapping would be in order. After being stuffed in a bag, locked in a cupboard and taken on by two in a boxing match, I am pleased to say that he is fine. Apparently the incarceration was fun for all Elves. Also, this month saw the first festival of Season Fading (I Vereth Firith) commence. The Galadhrim as well as visitors to our forest are enjoying themselves immensely, especially in the different activities which are offered during this time. Preparations are also underway for the upcoming IK Olympics. Many elves are signing up to participate, and hopefully this first Lothlórien Olympic team will be successful in its ventures. Then, to the surprise of everyone, the snows came early to the forest, so the Galadhrim and guests are having fun holding a picnic in the snow!

In all a time of fun and sadness for not only Galadhrim but all visitors to the forest.

~ Ecaps


Minas Tirith The White Tree Championship entered into the semi-final stage this month. The Gondor Gale made quick work of Mordor United, winning 3-1, and the Kazad Rock Krushers are taking ages to best the Isengard Eagles, but as the clock counts down the final minutes of extra time, the Krushers' win appears inevitable. They will meet the Gale in the finals next month. Catch all of the action on the Pelennor Fields!

The Rangers are duking it out to determine which division is the best. It all started with the ongoing feud between Cúner Major Arteris Silverquill and Pelecconer Lieutenant Devin Alcar over whose division is the better one. Now, eight teams are competing in five events in one big competition for all the bragging rights! So far, the Command Team came out on top in the Archery competition with the Cúner in second place and the Pelecconer in seventh, and the Joust is currently underway.

Other than that, things are humming along as usual in Minas Tirith: the pubs are busy, the Rangers are active, Gondorians are enjoying some late Narquelië hijinks, and our Olympic team is heading to Mordor. So, remember, for a dish from the White City visit the Marketplace, for a dish in the White City visit the Pubs, but for the dish on the White City, just stay in the comfort of Rivendell and read your Homely Herald!

~ Melaiawen



Right then, I'm back after a few months off from showing you elves how much superior Mordor is to you. Unfortunately, one of your number got rather annoyed with my last article and came near me. Of course because you are all so vile this meant that I caught one of your horrible diseases and fell sick. Anyway, enough of my snivelling about your vileness— after all, that comes later.

Well, the big news in Mordor at the moment is of course our wonderful Olympics. Since it's in Mordor, it will be far better than the Minas Tirith Olympics, and will have some very superior games. This Minion has never been one to underestimate Elves; I know exactly how stupid you are, and as such I know that you have already had the games described to you in basic terms. By the time you read this, your inferior Olympic team will have entered Mordor to be beaten in every activity by Mordor, even if you cheat like I'm sure you will.

So what do the Olympics have to offer you then? Well in this journalist’s excellent opinion, a lot more than Rivendell. The Olympics will be running through the month of November and will change Mordor for the month. All of the fantastic normal activities will be shut through this time and reopened afterwards; after all, we don't know what the other kingdoms might steal. They will be replaced by fantastic new games sports and other unbelievable things, but if you want to find out what these are you'll have to come to Mordor.

That's enough of sport, though I do realise you horrible elves aren't really the sporting type. Other big things have been happenning in Mordor recently. After a short dissapearence, Loke suddenly reappered as a candle, and the once-proud Sauron was reduced to nothing more than a little burning wax. Shortly after this, the big fat cave troll Mandallah picked up the ring again! I swear that troll has more to him than meets the eye; any normal troll doesn't just find golden rings on the floor like he does. Anyway, the candle that was Loke was kicked out of Mordor to become a wandering fiend of oddness and Mandallah has taken up position as a rather fat Sauron ruling next to the quite magnificent Witchking Rohanna, who I assure you is quite magnificent even if she has a dubious taste in colour.

The general screaming, torturing and drinking has continued as normal in the last month in Mordor, and trust this fabulous orc when he says that we're getting rather good at it on the run up to the Olympics. Our army, on the other hand, has been seeing a bit of change, when the big troll Mandallah found the ring again he felt that he had to give up the black captaincy of the Morannon. There have been several applicants for the job, none of whom I'm going to disclose here. After all, you might try to assassinate them all and bring our brilliant army down to your pitiful attempt at a militiary service.

Anyway, I'd like to say I've hired some trolls to keep any of you lot and your diseases away from me so don't try to get near me or you'll get pounded by my hired help so don't even try it my trolls really are quite strong and if that fails I'll just have to go into hiding and that would stop you admiring my pretty face.



Riddermark Westu Reader hal!

The Mark has been bustling with activity once again! With our Cavalry still away, those of us on the home front are stepping up to the responsibilities they have left vacant. With the Autumn Harvest in the Riddermarket, the Harvest Festival, and the Olympics to prepare for, we have found plenty to keep us busy this past month!

The ÆldselInn is back open and running once more, though without our dear pubmistress, Eldrith. She is recovering from wounds inflicted when the Inn was robbed last night. Meanwhile, poor old Getale has gotten himself very worked up over what he believed to be an infestation of disease-carrying rats. The last time I checked, he was still frantically recruiting any help he could find to help round up and evict the rats... I suppose he refuses to be thoroughly convinced that they indeed are simply members of Meduseld’s team of racing rats!

The Mark’s Olympic team is being headed by Co-captains Idesinholdè and Imbeannowyn, and our team looks fantastic. The recruitment of the team was started far earlier this month by our Queen Éowyn / Eleo. A scout was sent out earlier in the month to find a Mascot to represent the Riddermark in the games. After much searching, a fitting one — a Badger named Sige — was found. He is currently being prepared to lead the Rohan cheering section at the Olympics. Therefore, do not be alarmed if, upon passing Gildlic Ærn, (the hub of Olympic planning and activity in Rohan) your ears catch odd noises being emitted from the Festival house. It is likely Sige burrowing through the wastebaskets in search of food.

~ Seithiel Eluchil


The Shire While the leaves of our Great Party Tree turn from a bright red to a brown, I still see the bright, shining faces of my Hobbit friends journey the market and talk excitedly amongst each other. During the last few days of our Great Harvest Fair that celebrated all that we worked hard for over the summer, the Ye Olde Village Shoppes have become lively with fun and games – and talk of two very important nuptials to the Shire!

During the Shire Harvest Ball that started off all these celebrations, MerryHobbit proposed marriage to our very own Eamila Bolger. Merely a few days later after the couple began to plan for their wedding, then our very own Brandybuck received flowers and a proposal from Balbo in the mail. So in our newly revamped Quick Post Office, where Cibarius Meadowcap (Webit) became our first Postmistress ever on October 9th, Brandy hastily wrote back, blushing, “Yes!”

Though the Post Office has certainly had its share of problems during the month – a mysterious mischief-maker has been tampering with and re-directing everyone’s letters that arrive – the rest of the Shire seems to be growing with the good-natured, pioneering Hobbit spirit. On October 7th, the game A Middle Earth Game: Who Am I? commenced and then met with such high popularity that it is now close to its fourth round -- thanks to the pioneering Baragunde! The mayors also chose ~Rings Echui early on in the month to be its Shire Olympic Captain. So it has been a busy month for the poor Hobbit lass, as she has been planning, organizing, and tearing her curly hair out in order to be ready for November’s exciting events in Mordor.

All this excitement is making a poor Hobbit lass hungry now, and so as the moon grows full I must depart for my quiet home where so much is happening that it is hard to keep up!

~ Istya Alassea


With new administration comes change, and the White Council is going through a period of many amazing changes. In the October issue of The Last Homely Herald, we brought you news of the unexpected retirement of Elen Sila, and the promotion of Grey Pilgrim to the seat of Gandalf and Arwe Thereyet to the seat of Saruman. Though El was much loved and is much missed by all, there has been no gap left in her absence thanks to the dedicated efforts of GeAr, the nickname lovingly coined for the new rulers of the White Council. Already these two ladies are showing great energy and commitment to their charges.

One of the first major changes expected will be the very name of the kingdom. That’s right, as this issue goes to press, votes are being cast by the Istari on Proposition 86IT. Though the White Council is a fine name, it is not totally indicative of who and what thrives in Isengard. This voting process, unlike most, is not anonymous, and after this reporter’s careful collection and inspection of ballots, chads, and gossip, I am happy to report that ‘Isengard’, my own personal favorite, is currently running away with the race. However, nothing is ever certain or final until the fat-orc sings, and it’s still not too late to see the HP fans spam the voting booths.

GeAr have shaken, not stirred, the pot from the top on down. The OOM, which stands for Order of Merlin, a name that is only ever whispered in public, and which is also expected to change soon, is the executive cabinet of the White Council, an order of Istari who directly support the rulers. This month has brought a number of changes and promotions within the OOM as well as five new inductions. Please join soon to be Isengard in congratulating the newest members of the OOM, Anadriewen, Nylara, Six Beleriand, Feanen Elmaite, and Ravion.

In addition to all the administrative changes going on in Isengard, the season has brought much celebration, spookiness, and apparent Looney Toons to the pubs, market, and streets of Isengard. The WC Olympic banner is proudly displayed everywhere, and a much relieved Sar-Arwe is happily watching the games in Mordor from the comforts of home on the seeing stone of Orthanc after a mysterious month long outage of service blamed on Gîl-Estel. On the darker side of the news the Trail of Eowyn continues on into its second session, the murder of a promising Istari apprentice in the library remains unsolved, and a flurry of strange reports of a balrog with bat wings have been reported both in the rooms of Orthanc and on the pinnacle of the tower. In addition the Orthanc therapy clinic has issued a health alert and advisory due to a sudden near epidemic rise in reported cases of haunted dreams about inanimate objects, prophetic visions, and nagging memories of Númenor among the faithful of Gondor and Anor. All this and more will be covered in our next report, till then... Namárië

~ Six Beleriand



It has been relatively quiet this past month in the City of Many Bells, partially because Estë’s new range of hair care products were submitted to a faulty procedure at her factories in Lórellin and accidentally contained large quantities of her powerful sleeping draught (usually only used to shut Lórien up when he’s gibbering about his gardens). All the Valier, with the exception of Yavanna (who has branches, not hair) therefore sunk into slumber until Ulmo instructed Uinen to change all the Valier’s hairs into seaweed. Meanwhile, Oromë and Manwë took advantage of their wives’ absence to go on an All-Night-Booze party in the Lórell Inn, where Lórien was festively celebrating his first day in his married life without the constant pestering of his wife. In her pastures, Yavanna has started her tercentennial Tree-Mourning, which involves her eating large quantities of chocolate and killing everything in her eyesight – which resulted in Mandos being locked in his own halls when Yavanna changed his head into an onion. The reporter would very much like to write about the current whereabouts and activities of Tulkas and Melkor, but neither has been seen since Estë’s hair care products were released. Both their spokesmaias insist, however, that their masters do not use feminine products to ‘make their hair bouncy and shiny’.

Fëa: Wait a sec? You mean Andér isn’t a natural blond! HAVE I BEEN DECEIVED ALL THIS TIME!?!?

~ Arlo



Crafts, Language and Lore

Lore Matters

       Of Valar (continued)

       You found out about the seven Valar (Manwë, Ulmo, Aulë, Orome, Mandos, Ló and Tulkas). Now you will read about the seven Valier (Varda, Yavanna, Nienna, Estë, Vairë, Vána and Nessa). Most of them were the wives of the Valar, but some were alone, like some of the Valar (Ulmo, for example).

       With Manwë, the King of Arda, lived Varda. She was the most powerful of Valier. Of all Valar, we Elves love Varda (or Elbereth as we call her) the most. She is the creator of many stars and constellations you see in the sky today. That is why Elves usually sing about Elbereth in the nights, with her stars shining above them.

       Yavanna lived with Aulë. And as much as Aulë enjoyed his creations in smithery or any other things made with tools, Yavanna enjoyed the nature, especially the trees and other plants. Before the awakening of the Elves, while Middle Earth and its trees were still waiting to grow, she often left Valinor and corrected whatever damage Morgoth and his servants made to her trees.

       Nienna, like Ulmo, lives alone. She is the sister of Fëanturi, masters of spirits (Námo and Irmo, also known as Mandos and Lórien). Her sorrow is great. She sorrows for every wound Arda got from Melkor’s doing. She lives on the most Western point of Arda, on the border of the world.

       Estë the gentle, is the wife of Irmo, and she lives with him in Lórien. She can heal all of the wounds and exhaustion. During the day, she sleeps on an island in the lake Lórellin.

       Vairë the Weaver, is the wife of the elder Fëanturi brothers, Námo. She lives with him in Mandos. She weaves the things that happened into her tapestries.

       Vána, is Orome’s wife. She is the younger sister of Yavanna, so she has some of her sister’s love for nature. Wherever she walks, if there are flowers, they spring to greet her. Also, all the birds sing about her when she’s there.

       Nessa, Oromë’s siter, is the wife of Tulkas. She loves to run through the forests and dance in the green lawns of Valinor. When she goes to run, deer, the animals she loves the most, always follow her, but she can easily outrun them.

       These are the Valar and the Valier, but this is how our ancestors who came to Valinor (the Eldar) saw them. In truth, the Valar’s Might cannot be described in words, and their appearances on Arda, no mather how great they are, are nothing more to them than clothes are to us.

       (In the next edition of the Herald, you will read about Melkor, the Dark Lord)

~Feanor Elf

A Taste of Elvish

Sucking-up in Sindarin

Do you need to butter someone up? Broken something, want a favor, hope to scam an invitation to a party? Here are some complimentary offerings to charm even the coldest hearts:

Khazad-dûm: I Naugrim in gwaith ´ornuiwain mi Ardhon bain. ~ “The Dwarves are the most courageous folk in all Arda.”

Minas Tirith: Me i Minonnen echennin a thangaded i ven an Edain. ~ “We the Firstborn were made to prepare the way for Men.”

Rohan: Uben gâr guru lín go rych. ~ “None have your skill with horses.”

The White Council: I phin idhrin ú-belir cened i menaidh bain, dan in ithryn cenir rim. ~ “The very wise cannot foresee all ends, but the Wizards see a great many!”

The Shire: Le tithin dan guir lín toer. ~ “You (plural) are small but your hearts are huge!”

Lothlórien: Penath istar i Thawarwaith amberen in Gelydh egor Thindrim. ~ “Everyone knows the Wood-Elves are more festive than the Noldor or Sindar.”

Fangorn: Elo, golas lín calenon! ~ “Wow, your foliage is so green!”

Mordor: I ´welwen sí laugon! ~ “The atmosphere here is very warm!”

~ Taramiluiel


Artisans' Corner

Candle Making Winter is fast approaching, covering the leaves of our trees with its icy presence. Darkness stalks closer, and a few candles always come in handy. For some of us elves, making candles might appeal to us, so here is a step-by-step instruction manual on making candles.

Wicks - any piece of stout string will do
Long, thin branch or stick
Wax - even recycled wax!
Wax paper - a piece of stoff old parchment is usable

Step 1
Attach wick to branch, tying a sturdy knot. The wick must be a few inches longer than your desired candle length.

Step 2
Melt the wax. You can do this in an old saucepan over a fire. Dip the wick into the saucepan and wait for the wax to cool on the wick. Dip repeatedly into the saucepan. Pull gently on the bottom of the wick to a void a bent candle forming.

Step 3
After 25 dips your candle should be finished. Cut the wick from the branch and roll in the wax paper before the wax has cooled. Trim the wick and the bottom of the candle.

You now have your own candle to light up your winter! The wax is completely reusable and this ensures darkness need never find residence in your home with this quick and easy tutorial!

~ Avi_Aiel


       Since the start of this series of articles, I have covered a fairly extensive list of herbs, recipes, storage and indeed possible treatments for several minor injuries, and when it came to writing this months I seemed to be scraping the bottom of the barrel — and then it hit me —

       You see many a medicinal setup likes to make large batches of common cures — especially those which are of a liquid form. Then the question arises: what to store them in? Some of the unenlightened settle upon barrels, thinking that these will be ideal.

       Unfortunately they are not, since most medicines soak into the wood, and end up infusing it with that medicine. If you empty, clean and refill it with a different medicine, then you end up with a contamination and a wasted batch. Far better would be store it in, say, glass bottles or jars, which are far more easily sterilised and cleansed, and do not offer the issues of contamination.

       So remember - when you are making your medicine, don't store it in the wrong container — it is often a waste of both time and effort!

~ Thom Greenleaf


haiku: Flaming Lights

Silver-eyed moon flames
With the fire of the stars
Lamps in the darkness

~ Ailaya Nydrian


Puzzles and Games

Mystery Code

Find the names of heroes of yore hidden within this mysterious inscription!

 E  O  X  A  E  B  I  I  N  C  P  F  X  N  N
 L  S  L  W  M  R  E  D  I  R  T  S  F  O  H
 Y  E  D  X  A  L  V  L  H  V  T  Y  Q  R  B
 L  C  T  K  D  G  A  N  D  A  L  F  G  U  N
 O  F  H  Q  H  F  V  I  C  O  U  A  U  A  N
 O  R  B  V  D  J  K  M  B  N  L  H  P  S  M
 J  V  I  O  V  A  Q  L  A  A  P  B  K  H  S
 N  N  H  M  T  T  I  S  D  Q  T  S  P  A  M
 F  U  V  K  O  B  E  R  W  P  D  J  L  U  S
 R  D  T  B  I  R  I  E  P  B  P  O  L  I  T
 O  Z  X  D  Q  E  O  N  F  I  G  L  O  K  A
 D  I  P  Y  L  J  T  B  P  E  O  W  U  E  B
 O  K  O  O  O  J  X  P  L  G  T  C  R  Y  H
 F  K  C  F  S  Y  I  E  R  P  Y  A  G  E  C
 K  M  U  Z  Z  N  Q  Z  W  K  H  D  A  M  N

Frodo                  Pippin               Strider               Bilbo

Gandalf         Boromir      Legolas            Galadriel

Gollum            Sauron            Spam



Mystery Code

This is an encrypted message. Each letter is shown by a different number. Your job is to unlock the secret! I have already given you a few letters to start you on your way!

136  25141515191  17261415  221613122625
2164  5191861312  156  61  17261415
1141322  2164  14119  2164  14119
18623192  14132  1319192192  152619119.


A= 14, G= 12, P=11, R=1, L=18.




An original riddle for you. (answer in credits below)

A women has seven children. Half of them are boys. How is this possible?



(inspired by Edward Gorey’s Gashleycrumb Tinies)

Previous letters: A ~ B ~ C ~ D



The Lay of Imladris

The continuing memoirs of Lord Slosh, formerly Lord Eyebrows.

Previous installments:
Part the First. ~ Part the Second. ~ Part the Third ~ Part the Fourth
Part the Fifth ~ Part the Sixth ~ Part the Seventh ~ Part the Eighth

Part the Ninth

Long was the way that fate them bore,
O'er fluffy mountains cud'ly and grey,
Through hall of fire and darkling door,
And pubs of horrors morrowless.
Then Sundering Seas between them lay,
But finally they met once more,
Ellerond long ago passed away
To Valinor, singing sorrowless.

~Arlo Cúthalion            


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    • Welcome to the Caribbean: Will & Elizabeth
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    • Khazad-dûm: Mithriltears
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    • The Shire: Istya Alassea
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      • Fading Seasons: Ailaya Nydrian
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      • Lore Matters: Feanor Elf
      • A Taste of Elvish: Taramiluiel
      • Artisans’ Corner: Avi_Aiel
      • Herb Lore: Thom Greeleaf
    • Puzzle and Games
      • Word Search: Silver_sprite
      • Cryptogram: Esmerelda
      • Riddles: Esmerelda
        • answer: All of her children are boys.
    • Humor
      • Lay of Imladris: Arlo Cúthalion
      • Khazad-dûm Tinies: Tinw
    • Artwork
      • Titles and background: Tinw
      • Celtic knotwork: Anawen
      • Candlemaking: Silmarwen
      • Herbalist Elf: Tinw, based on photo of Josiah. Used with permission.
      • Kingdom stamps: Silarvalla


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  • Hennaid evyr ~ “Many thanks” to everyone for their wonderful contributions, and for countless hours of effort which make Rivendell and the plaza a wonderful place to be.
    • ~Tinw and Silmarwen, co-editors