Parth Levnui ~ Volume V
Pennas Hísimë/Ringarë ~ November/December Issue

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Winter Wonderland

Snow-covered hilltops like glistening mounds
of silver dewdrops glittering in the starlight
like heaps of bewitched treasure found,
unearthed in the ancient heart of night.

Cataracts of moonlight cascade from the stars onto the lane,
casting the silhouettes of bare trees aglow
as lovers stride in reverence, softly humming a refrain
while all around the breath of winter winds gently blow.

How I dream of this winter wonderland
how I wish things could be so!
But no snowflake falls upon this sun-bleached sand,
kissed by the oceans' steady flow.

Yet some still remember, and yet I know
that there was once snow here, half a century ago.
So still I dream for Winter's frosty hand
to weave for me a winter wonderland…

~ Arien Lea Silverleaf


Guilds and Groups

Army Report

       Finally the quest for two kidnapped healers is over, to relief of everyone. Tired, bruised, wounded but happy bunch under the command of General Rilóme, set foot into Imladris, their home. After over months, Ness and Cali are again amongst us, safe and sound. Yet it would take for them a little longer to recover from all they have been through during their captivity in the hands of the enemy. And this search haven't left its mark on them, but on everyone involved in it. We lost two our members, an elfmaiden, Taidor in Adab Nestad and one soldier, Arion. May they rest in peace, until the ruin of Arda. But one life we did save, the life of Taidor Annael, but for her parents there was no hope.

After all these events, one would think we do deserve some peace, to gather strength, to regain balance of body and mind. And we do, but time is not going on our hands. Enemy does not sleep. Just a short time ago, Host went to another mission, lead by captains Anárie and Rilóme. Orcs started mutiplying around one village of men on our borders. And Lord Elrond issue an order to protect them in any way we could. All details were explained, well not all for one can never know what lies ahead. And so began this protective mission, in which would again be (hopefully) displayed great efficiency of the Host of Imladris!

Go, soldiers go! And be the light for others in need!



Gwaith i-Nestoer

       After the company united again, suddenly they noticed a broken wagon lying on its side a bit further up the stream. They hurried to investigate. They found two mortals, dead in the river. On the bank lay a young girl, unconscious and cold. She was recognized as yet another Taidor. The company decided to leave the wounded behind on Carrock with some of the healers.

The remaining continued their way into Mirkwood, for that is where they had seen the orcs heading earlier. The forest seemed evil as they entered it. The branches let not a sunray through and the darkness hung over their heads as their doomful future. Suddenly a strange noise came from the side of the path. A large spider attacked the company. Most of the warriors stood paralyzed for a moment, before gripping their weapons. Yet Rilome commanded for them to keep still and Tinindil finished the beast off with a well-aimed shot. Saelaew, a hunter from Mirkwood, went to scout ahead.

He quickly found the orcs with the healers, yet before he could return he was captured and brought to the camp. The healers were forced to treating a wretched figure, previously known as Mouth of Sauron. They were guarded by somewhere 20 orcs.

The main company waited long for Sae, yet as he never came, they decided to attack. They sneaked to the orcs and Rilome quickly dived the company into smaller groups with different tasks. They attacked the orcs and a battle started, the most noble kind of battle, when one is fighting not only for own life, but for lives of others. It had drawn to its end, as three orcs put knives on throats of Cali, Sae and Ness. An elf managed to free Ness. But the maiden’s mind being clouded by exhaustion and fear, she returned to the battle. By that time Rilome had put knife on the throat of the Mouth. Ness defended him, for he was her patient. It resulted in a brief struggle, which orcs used to start shooting the elves. The elves fired back, but still Rilome, Olore and Ness got wounded.

After the victory, the injured were tended to, dinner was quickly prepared and after a night’s rest, the company set out again to head back to the healers for proper treatment, and then to journey back home.

Yet by the healers not everything had been so peaceful as one would imagine. At night, when the healers and wounded rested peacefully, Aikari had kept watch. Arion, a healer saved from the hands of the orcs woke up. Poison had stayed in his veins and the fear had confused his mind permanently for he thought that his fellow-elves were orcs. No matter what Aikari told him, he stayed in his delirious dreams. To protect the others, he was killed.

Next morning the main company returned with the rescued healers and the elves headed back home, as quickly as they could.




       What a busy year all in all the High Bard thought as she wrote in her journal. Since officially taking up her office in the late summer Janowyn had been working almost at full tilt, not least because her gwador, who had shared the tasks of the Aralirdan with her, had decided to leave the guild and the Valley in the early autumn. She missed Laifana every day, but was so glad that he had found happiness in his new home in Fangorn.

As for the guild itself – well it was thriving and indeed seemed to be under some kind of renaissance at present with the unlooked for but highly welcome return of Soronúmë and Tinw. Yes the Govannas had been well blessed with the gathering in of two such loved and valuable stalwarts as they and their arrival had inspired everyone into a new enthusiasm for their arts. But there were new stars in their skies too. Anárië and Tinessael had joined as Senior Bards on the very night of Tinw’s and Soronúmë return to the fold and Jano remembered the happy buzz in the Hall as they all came together in fellowship. The guild had rung to the rafters with joy and a heady celebration of song, verse and the telling of tales.

Now there was a new year to look forward to. Janowyn wondered where it would take them all, but she was not worried about this. Whilst she breathed she would care for the guild to the utmost of her ability and with the love and support of all her dear friends and cherished family, and most importantly of all the Taidrils, Saranna and Ann-thannath the guild would meet the needs and challenges of the year to come without commitment. The guild was in loving hands and would continue to thrive…




A Splash of Creativity

       Because the artists have been exceptionally busy the last while! Having covered two months almost now there is plenty to see in the EAA. With the vote ending in November the Elven Artists Association found itself with two artists of the month, Janowyn and Arien Silverleaf. Their works obviously standing out among the others in the eyes of the voters.

After that of course came a less active month, with the theme Ships and their sailors, this got quite a few pictures in the secondary thread but the first thread had considerably less activity then normal, perhaps this was because of elves and other inhabitants of Middle Earth preparing for other events that were coming up or because it was a far more difficult topic. Never the less there were astounding images in it, and Tolotos, the Eleidan College member that originally suggested the theme won the honor of Artist of the month.

Of course with Girithron upon us a final theme for the year needed to be decided upon. It was originally going to be something entirely different but at the last minute it was changed to it’s current theme which is the Spirit of Winter. So far over the cold season there have been many beautiful images from the dwellers of Middle Earth. From snow covered trees to snowflakes cut out of paper. The creativity this month is amazing.

~Fuin Elda



Fresh Paint for the Anvil

       With little happening in the last while at the Tingdain in November save the constant grind of new orders, new apprentices and work, things for a time looked rather slow at the Imladris Forge. However with the steady flow of new apprentices there have been many amazing things happening.

Orders that were once well overdue are now getting completed, with several orders that were once thought to be doomed to an eternal existence on the Order List almost finished thanks to the excellent and relentless work of the new apprentices that stepped in, in mid and late Hithui.

That of course is not the only excitement lately with the Forge, in the last few days the Forge Master has officially shut down the Tingdain Guild house in order to give it a complete revamping. Of course a new temporary home for the order list had to be created and it was, though the members of the Forge now have a bit of traveling to do in order to make it to the list. It is well worth the travel however if you wish to go and see the directions are as always in the Forge itself.

~Fuin Elda



       The Debate season is in full swing for the Imladris team. After five complete rounds, the Rivendell's records stands at 1 win and 2 losses, while currently waiting for round five to be scored. Rivendell lost its first two debates one to Rohan and one to the Shire, but both losses were by a small amount of points, so hope was still strong on the team. Round Four rolled around, and it was time to take on the Elves of Lothlorien. The debate began well, with VardaElbereth leading off for the team. Then, the rumblings of disaster began. Inwe Lythian notifed her team that she would be unable to fulfill her role as second debater. However, she let the team know in plenty of time, and Varda called in the sub for the round, Keleos Nenharma. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to the team, Keleos's internet provider had cut her off and she did not know of her sub appointment, and even if she had, would have been unable to fulfill it.

Time ticked down in the debate hall. Shortly before the final deadline, VardaElbereth posted, asking the judge, Acabar, for permission to post twice. There was some momentary confusion in the debate after that, but the DGMs came and stopped the debate, and waiving the slight late penalty for Lothlorien's second post that had been caused by Plaza backups due to archiving. After conferring with Acabar, they agreed to let VardaElbereth post twice, but with a penalty to offset the advantage gained by the team for this. After VardaElbereth's post, things went smoothly for the Rivendell team, with Rinerion posting the last main argument. However, Lothlorien's third poster disappeared! After a good deal of time had passed, the third poster appeared and apologized for failing his team. However, Acabar told the debater if he had anything to go ahead and post it. The debater was stalled by blackouts, but eventually posted. Poor Acabar had many penalties and other oddments to take into consideration for this debate. However, when all was said and done, the final score was Rivendell 57 Lothlorien 56, giving the Rivendell Debate Team their first win of the season! Rivendell has just finished a debate with the Isengard team, this one not without its own oddities, for the Isengard team had forgotten a debate was on that week! They were quickly found however, and the debate ran fairly smoothly for both sides after the initial weirdness. Hopefully, the scoring for this debate will be finished soon!

As of writing, Rivendell is currently preparing for its Round Six debate with Fangorn. The Ents have many a fine debater this year and are a team to be reckoned with. However, the Rivendell team has shown themselves to be strong this year as well, coming within striking distance of last year's debate champions in their first round. It will undoubtedly be a well fought debate, but all the best matches are!

Training has come to a small stand still in mid-season. Both FinrodFaithful and Loriwaynen have completed most of the training, and are currently waiting for the two team captains, VardaElbereth and Inwe Lythian, to finish writing the last part of the training. Hopefully once the holiday rush is over, things will be able to move along! Also, come back to the Debate Team after a small absence is Lorinol Noldo! The Rivendell Debate team welcomes back this particular debater with open arms, he being the previous co-captain and one of the best debaters that has graced this fair Valley. It looks like only good things lay ahead for the team!




"Gimme an I!"
"Gimme an M!"
"Gimme an L!"

Tumbleweed the cheetah twitched in her sleep as she dreamt about the racing season that had finally been completed. For the first time she had been thankful for the mandatory spelling lessons given at the beginning of each year. How else would she have been able to cheer on her team? What if she had spelled her homeland "Imladrise" or "Rivendel" in front of the minions? They would never have lived down the shame. Twitching once again, she felt a gentle return kick from Lion and Jujube, and rolled over to leave them more room.

The cheetah stables had been disturbingly empty that season. Struggles to fill each race had worn out their fearless leaders Merl and Rinerion, and no one around had escaped without exhaustion. Old friends who had raced for countless meets were gone, on temporary leave or perhaps for good. This had caused disruption and a rough racing season.

Yet now it was finally over, and both the cheetahs and their elven companions were glad for a breather. Even though a few months was nothing on an elven time scale, it had been a tiring nothing. Now everyone took the chance to enjoy the winter festivities and celebrate with close friends and family.

Already the new season was looking more hopeful. Several elves, some new to the Valley and others who had long called Imladris their home, wandered into the racing headquarters. In ones and twos they volunteered to race, showing up with cheetahs of all ages and experience levels. Old racers perked up, hopeful that the new members would truly stick around and bring new enthusiasm. Perhaps others would gain the same fire for racing, that same passion for running, cheering, and working through the various obstacles that mysteriously appeared during the races. With eager faces they welcomed their new team members into their fold.



Annals of Imladris

The Imladris Kingdom Review

       Another year had come and gone, and it was time once again to write up a small summation of what had happened during the previous year. The heralds of Elrond and Glorfindel, VardaElbereth and Loriwaynen, worked together long into the night, giggling mightily at points as old memories were re-awakened. Once the night was through, the scroll was ready for the approval of their Lords, and two signatures later, was posted so that all of Imladris might read it.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, and everything in between. It's so hard to believe we have come to the end of another year in Imladris. So much has happened that it is hard to know where to begin and where to end. It has been a year of change if nothing else!

This years saw the rise of many an Elrond and Glorfindel. The little bird, Tinw, after wonderful service, found that it was time step down as Elrond. In her place rose Eglagaladiel and she and the fair Eithil served the Valley well. But change, still on the wind, came again, and Eithil, the daffodily one, also found it necessary to step down and gave her charge of Glorfindel over to Loriwaynen. Gala and Lori saw over a period of much prosperity in the Valley, but as the year drew to a close, Gala found herself growing weary. Stepping down, she gave Elrond over to VardaElbereth. Now Lori and Varda, or LoVE as they are more popularly known, work together for the good of the Valley.

Lately, though there have been calls for RPGs to run in the kingdom, this year has not been bereft of them! From the silly to the serious, Imladris has seen its fair share of RPGs this year! On the more silly side, the Valinoreans, led by Hoth, gave us "The Return of the Junk", where the Valar got tired of all the stuff the Noldor had left behind when they bolted from Valinor and had come to deliver it personally to Elrond. Since no one wanted to claim any of the junk, most of it went in yard sale fashion to whoever could grab it first. On the other side of the coin, however, ther were serious RPGs, one of the more notable ones being "The Fall of Nargothrond." This was a multi-kingdom event with a storyline of epic proportions as Elves, minions, and others re-enacted the fall of the great city of Nargothrond. Several Imladris Elves, such as Laebeth, were chosen to play the roles of key characters.

Of course, RPGs are not the only way to play in Imladris! There are many feasts, festivals, and other oddments for the Elves to enjoy! Falling under the oddment category would be the changing of the Elven ranks on April Fools Day. Suddenly Elves were not warriors, bards, or scholars! They were flowers or jewels, since Elrond and Glorfindel no longer wanted any division over ranks! After a couple good chuckles, the ranks were changed back to normal.

The Enedhoer Festival, a favorite not just of Imladris but many from other kindgoms, was as big and well run as ever this year. From dart throwing, to story telling, to going down the Bruinen in a barrel, there was something for everyone at the festival, even a feast for the less active among us! And running close on Enedhoer's heels came Halloween, with the wacky Matrix icons the magnificent Peeg gave to the Elves of Imladris. It led to a few threads of off-the-wall insanity, but everyone needs a little of that every now and again.

The various IK teams in Imladris went ahead with full steam. The Imladris Jr. Drill team won the championship and became Jr. Drill champs. The poetry team is plugging along with Turgonian at the helm, though a little bird tells us they would not mind more members! So to goes the IK Racing team with Rinerion and Merl at the healm. The Debate team finds itself in the middle of the season, having just won it's first match in the fourth round against Lothlorien. Earlier, VardaElbereth was promoted to co-captain of the team with Inwe Lythian, and together they hope to guide the Debate team well. Senior Drill team has experienced a change of leadership with Idril and Galen stepping down from the captaincy and leaving the team in hands of Rinerion and Loriwaynen. And now the team is on a holiday break having played 4 matches and winning two of these. Our Battle Arena team has proved that elves are the best fighters, winning the all-plaza Tournament organized by Alkthoniel, the omnipresent Manwe.

The various organization of Imladris, such as the Host, the Forge, the Healers, and the Bard and Writers Guild, have continued throughout the year, giving us many threads to RP in, to build our characters, or to share a story or poem. Newest among them is the Architecture Guild, recently re-started by Aikanar.

The year has had its up and downs, as all years too. We are looking forward to a new year with our wonderful Elves! Let us go forward with hope and keep our fair realm shining bright.

~ Loriwaynen and VardaElbereth


Hennaid Enyr

       The year requires a roundup, as always, and for this year, we have taken what means most to the Elves of Imladris to end this wonderful year of sharing being as a race of great Elves! The Herald presents the many thanks of the Elves we hold closest to our hearts.

Aikári Salmarinian
       In the beginning of last January I was just a simple member on the plaza, active as healer in the Gwaith-i Nestoer, as smith in the Forge of Tingdain and as Rochben assigned to the Othrim devision in the Army. It was near the end of February when I received an email from Tinw and Eithil if I wanted to become care-taker in the newbie House. Off course I said yes, who could refuse something so asked nice and in trust? So I learned to know my fellow and dedicated Den Mum in the form of Ancalima. First we didn’t know what we had to each other, but soon we discovered that we could go on well together and we formed a team what weathered through joy and sad events. Nine months have passed since my inaugurisation as Den Mum and still I do with enthusiasm the job. The house has become a stable place from where our newbies venture out in the Kingdom and slow but sure turn into decidated and enthousiast members what is a joy on itself to see happen.

For this I have to thank my fellow Den Mum and house runner, Ancalima. Without her I would never have become the person I am now. For her a big HUG, she has earned it well. Thank you, mellon nin!

From the Tingdain I took a little break of two months to return somewhere around the month of May. The Forge stands for me one of the quiets places inside our kingdom where time knows no haste and forging is a delicate process. Now lead by the dedicated Fuin Elda it runs steadily. Because I am for a long time (two years now) I have been asked to make an end piece that indicated my mastery in smithing. Sure I am going for it; I am hoping I will do well. A task to fulfil in the coming year of 2007.

For my membership to the Gwaith, I remain there. My character is a healer from home and she has developed her skills as senior healer in a fine way. Trusted by the two leading runners of the Adab Nestad she will soon return in her function as Nestor and do her duty as she has done since her coming to the Dying Lands. Another event took place, something that saddened me, but had to be done. For me the changes in the Army of Imladris were a bit too much. My character was quite a respected member also with a kind of pride to what she had achieved in the army and with the changes she would return to a normal member without any form of ranking. So on 28 October I put my resignation in from the service there.

My life on the plaza at the moment is quiet. I have my normal duties to the LHH and the few other threads I am active in. Further I have laid my hand on other things and giving a little more support to the Kingdom behind the lines in the form of writing a piece of text for the Herald. In the end I would like to thank a few other friends of me: ~ Anarie: for her friendship offline from the plaza. I have always pleasant conversations with her in PM. *hugs*
~ Legolas: for his endless patience to wait for me to come online on yahoo and sharing fine hours together *hugs*
~ Thoreandan: for his lessons in computer stuff *hugs*
~ Lilu: for her help with the making of summaries in providing the information, thank you!
~ And a hug for all other Imladris Elves whom I have not mentioned here.

I wish for all of you a fine Christmas and the best of wishes for 2007! May we all have a fine year together here in Imladris.

      It's that time of year again. Namely, it's the end of the year. As much as this time of year is a time of welcoming in the new, it is also a time of reflection. A year, though not long at all to an Elf, can make a world of a difference to mere mortals.

This past year, 2006, has been an interesting one here on the Plaza. We have all experienced the sadness of many of the older members "retiring," and we've all experienced the joy of seeing newer members come in, and put in an amazing effort to involve themselves in Imladris, and the Plaza as a whole. Rulers have stepped down, and new Rulers have taken their places. As someone who is not well known (or at least doesn't feel well known) it has been an interesting experience to watch all of this activity, without having to be involved in the major events.

And what were those major events? I could say something that affecting all of Imladris, such as a Ruler stepping down, or I could say something as personally important as my promotions in two of the IK events. And you know what? Both would be right. The "major events" of the past year were what each individual makes them. That's the wonderful thing about the Plaza. There's something for everyone, and with members from all over the world, every day, you can wake up to something new and exciting.

So as we enter this new year, and even this new Plaza, watch for those major events. They may come in unfathomable ways, out of the blue. I know I'll be watching, and with such wonderful peers as you, I know I won't be disappointed.

Legolas Fireblade
      I’ll have to start this article in a way, and stop staring at the white screen that I have in front of me, trying to remember what happened in the past year on the Plaza and mostly in my kingdom, Imladris. Yes, the first kingdom that I was in and in which I am now too. A very important thing is that my Plaza career is indeed the year 2006. I joined on January 15th after watching the movies, yeah, the work of PJ, the movies with elves and warriors and based on LOTR. Even if now I know that the story is altered the movies are still fun to watch. But I will not start to talk about them here. Within a few days I got the books after joining the Plaza and, yes, that was the beginning of 2006, diving into lore and asking questions from the books.

About the kingdom now; I joined Imladris because I found elves fascinating and it seemed that this was really true after all as all those from Imladris were fascinating in there own way. After quite a long time I discovered the Last Homely House and I had 300 points or so. In a day or so I joined the house and discussed a bit with those inside and also met the owners. They were the two people that helped me with managing the immense forums and also taught me how to RP, the most enjoyable thing as I think even now, together with discussing lore for sure. Yes, the two owners were Aikari and Ancalima, how can someone who inhabits Imladris can’t know them? After exercising the RP’s in the Last Homely House I went to the big scary thing called the kingdom forums, enough scary for a newbie. I found there new RP’s, RP’s that had rules meant to be kept in mind. Finally the kingdom was a great place for a lot of activities and also for meeting people. I’ve been reserved from some time in contacting anyone but I began to do that after some time, and after chatting with Aikari, first Plaza contact in my IM list.

Imladris was a great kingdom with lots of activities, RP’s and games, art threads and places where you could get some help. It was indeed great and as I was diving inside the activities it became greater and greater.

And now I’ll remember some of the activities that happened in Imladris and that I can remember now. Most of them are probably very recent and others are not. First I remember the RP’s in the Last Homely House, those that I enjoyed a lot and that contained calm moments and also great fights with orcs and other creatures. That was my first time of RP’ing. Then I remember one of the most recent RP’s, the Search an Rescue, one of the most interesting events I ever encountered. That was one of the greatest role games of this year. Aww, also there I met my Plaza wife, even if at the beginning I thought that I will not get involved in Plaza families but that’s it, I did this too. Another great event was the IK RP in which Imladris was involved too, fighting side by side with Mordor. I even now wonder who had that idea after all. A very weird one but an idea which brought a lot of fun and ideas to RP. Who didn’t thought at the riot against the allies, that might have been interesting.

Whatever the captains were around preventing such crazy things, the same captains that made the host a welcoming place even if it passed through a lot of changes. The three captains that I knew, well some of them resigned from the captain post, Anarie, Rilome, Lilu and Aduchil, the retired one. I met the three captains in RP’s and also in the OOC’s. Anarie was always there with advices, otherwise the high captain with cold thinking in certain RP’s. Rilome was the one who kept order in the Host, OOC and IC, well, in a good way of thinking. It’s an army after all. Lilu was the friendly councilor of war, OOC and IC, giving friendly orders IC while on battlefield. Indeed the three captains were great, each in it’s own way.

Other interesting activities were the drill team of Imladris and the debate one too. I don’t know to much to tell about those. I wasn’t active there. The BWG is though important, the place where you could exercise your writing, with stories and poems. Also the bards there Janowin, Saranna and all others were always ready to make the stories look better with suggestions.

Another major event was the Battle Arena tournament, that was a great activity, and most enjoyable competition. With Iluve as the main captain, Imladris won the great tournament and slashed his victory through the other kingdoms and mostly through Mordor. That was the most interesting match as both sides were strong.

The last and greatest thing that happened to Imladris is well, the event behind OOC and IC threads, the big change of the Plaza itself that will occur after the passing of 2006 in the first day of 2007. Best regards to all the admins that worked hard to rebuilt a new site for every Tolkien lover to have a place to discuss, have fun and meet friends. That’s a great achievement, and could be considered the event of the year.

This is what I remember about the year 2006 in Imladrs and on the Plaza, my first year as part of the Tolkien community that formed around this great site. I hope the next year will bring as much great things as the past one, better said ones, because the Plaza is here for more than one year.

Best wishes to everyone in the year that will come!!!

      So another year has passed. It reminds us that not even Elves can control time, and not even we are unaffected by it, whether we wish it or not. It is not possible to list all that has happened, which has affected us. Inevitably, something would be forgotten. And we cannot be so arrogant as to presume, we can judge what is important, and what needs not to be remembered. We can only know what is important to ourselves, but never what has mattered as much to others, or what others think should be remembered. Rulers might come and go, people might come and go, and sometimes the latter can seem more important than the former. Events take place, and then they end; organisations are formed, while others dissolve. Everything around us confirms to us as time passes, so do everything else. Including ourselves.

When we delight in something, we enjoy to pretend, that it will always be so. We look forward to the new day, because we expect it will be the same. But time passes, and suddenly the day is different. Therefore, my advice is, to remember that tomorrow is not the same day. So cherish today, while you have it, before it has passed.

Anarie Drottnig
      At first, I hadn't even noticed what Kel was doing for the Herald…which is shameful, I know. *bows head* I really should check the LHH editor's desk more often. That's one of the things I'll try to change next year *g*!

How could I say no to Kel? Naturally, I obliged. I really needed some relaxation from everything I'd been doing the past days. But where to start? 2006 was a huuuuge year for me. To be quite honest with you, and to proove to everyone that even the First Captain of Imladris has blood and flesh under the steelly facade, let me tell you that I had to first venture into the archives of Imladris to refresh my memory and figure out all the stuff I'd been doing. And I tell you, I probably never knew exactly how much I did, up till now.

To make everything easier, I've made a chronological list of things I'd done in the past year, starting in January 06, and finishing now, in December 06. Let's see now…

  • I got wounded in the 'Enemy Assault' RPG, where Dunledings attacked Imladris
  • Was SCR recepient (Gildor Inglorion)
  • 'Elei e-Dannen: Dreams of the Fallen' RPG
  • wrote a few articles for Project: Elves of Arda
  • got framed for the KPs
  • had the privilege to play Orodreth, king of Nargothrond in the 'Fall of Nargothrond'
  • launched two winter activities for the Host, a ball and some preparations
  • said farewell to Tinw and welcomed Eglagaladiel as Elrond
  • became the Librarian of Imladris, next to Serveanthesia
  • witnessed the change in the way threads are displayed (no longer needing a new thread every time the old one reached 100 posts)
  • co-GMed a newbie RPG: 'The Escort Home' with Lady Aikári, with the Shire rulers as guest stars
  • was there when Sauron took hold of Vilya and nearly killed Fuin Elda in 'Edenduath Eriol: New Shadow Rising'
  • oversaw two Host activities: 'Field of Strife' and the 'Gauntlet'
  • said farewell to Eithil and welcomed Loriwaynen as Glorfindel
  • got Elfnapped in the 'Disappearance' RPG
  • signed up to do some RPG summaries for the kingdom
  • became a teacher in the School of Imladris
  • was honoured with another SCR (Celebrian)
  • bounced around the 'Meeting Hall'
  • investigated a strange, scary ship in 'Voices of the Dead'
  • plotted, launched, and finished a major IK RPG 'New Horizon' which was played by armies of Imladris, Lórien, Mordor and Rohan
  • became a senior bard in the Govanna in-Glirdain
  • had the Twins from the Matrix movies as a cool Halloween icon
  • again two Host activities: 'Sparring arena' and a 'Bonfire at the Bruinen'
  • participated actively in the BWG – Writer's Workshop
  • somewhere inbetween became Head Guild Mistress in the RPG Forum, with a lovely Padmé Amidala icon to go along with it
  • launched a Host RPG 'Under Attack' and a Fourth Age RPG 'The New Era'

Woa, now that's a huuuuge list! It appears I've been busybusybusy this year *g*! However, everything I did was for the pure fun of it. That's one of my motos in life. If you don't think you'll have fun, then don't do it! You'll end up being miserable and you'll make it miserable for others. Quite odd, I find the most boring tasks fun sometimes, which can or cannot be good. Bah, who knows, lol?

Anyway, year 2006 was a bright and huge year (as list above may speak, too). I'd say I did as much as I could; there's no possible way of doing anything more than I already did. Allright, so I could have hanged out around the Newbie Hall in Imladris a bit more…and checked the Chamber of Audience more frequently to send tribute lists in on time, not giving my rulers a headache as I did. *hides in shame*

But those are my 'to-dos' for 2007. I can't promise that I'll fulfill them all, but I can promise that I'll *try* too.

2006 was a great year. The people I interacted with and met along the way have helped me become a better person than I was, and sculpted me into what I am today. With the new Plaza coming along, I think we'll need the relationships that we have now, to help us all adjust. However, I am confidant that the good things year 2006 has left shall help us all prosper further.

Each year is symbolic and beautiful in its own way. In the beginning of 2006, I was still Mingon, or First General of the Host. We basically re-wrote the whole thing since then, much like Mo has now did with Plaza. Now I'm First Captain. To some, I may seem stern, cold and annoying. I can't blame them. Sometimes, I really am that way. But what I ask is that you do not judge me on what you see on the outside. I am definitely not a cold person by heart. My character is more than 6000 years old, she's seen more battles than she can count. If she's steel-like, emotionless and cold on the battlefield, in a battle RPG – she probably won't be that way in a social RPG where her cares are less. Have you ever considered talking to a real life General when you're on the field and battle rages around you? How do you think he'll react? And when you have as much as I have on my plate sometimes, you'll understand why I cannot always be a sweet, honey-like elleth. Though I try to be.

Hopefully I have hurt no ones feelings during year 2006. If I have…it was never my intention. Forgive me then.

To be a member of the Plaza is a blessing. Year 2007 shall be my third year on this forum. With the memories I have from 2006, I think it'll be a marvelous year.

Best wishes and many hugs to everyone who's reading this, and especially to the Elves of Imladris. You guys are the best!!

      Actually I don’t remember a thing from the last year. Seriously. I need to check the archives.

So, in the beginning of the year I was one of the three Caption Contest judges and a master healer. I think I was in the Host, too, then. I remember the market, where I had a stall but never posted. Of course, the first half of 2006 was marked by my love and first marriage to Eithon. I would like to thank him for everything in that half-year.

I was not able to come online, because school turned out to be a bit too much for me at that time, and I remember thinking a lot about Plaza. As a result, a RPG with the healers, Cali and Rilly. Thank you for all the help and all the fun and crazy chats, when we (honestly!) tried to have a serious discussion. But I am rushing ahead.

May began with Tinw leaving…I remember messaging my friend of it, and I was very sad. But then I saw Gala becoming new Elrond and I was sad and happy at the same time, posting something in CofA, that got edited out and gets me blushing until now. *g*

Then, I successfully survived 8th grade and SUMMER began!!!! Even in May, when there was almost no lessons, I was posting a lot and as a result came my second SCR in June. Whole June I spent online, being offline only for sleeping and showering. XD. I joined two huge rpg-s with Jano, which I don’t regret for they were ones of the best…not too full, unfortunately, but still very good. I posted a lot then. In June my dear sister Arry had to leave *hugs* which resulted in me missing her a lot, and having to take up the position of Tanestor.

Then in July, Eithil left Lord Glorfindel daffodilless and Lori took up the position. For the next half a year came a time when I knew the two rulers very well and was not terrified of them (too much *g*) I signed up for Arda Cup and after I lost to all of my battles, dropped out. Sometime there I was honored by being welcomed at Eledain college.

Blissful summer ended and I had to go to school, 9th grade, the year of big exams. Soon I had to resign from the Host and drop out of very many Plaza activities. There came a time I doubted if Plaza was worth the time, yet every time I came to an answer that yes, it was worth it. There came the first Enedhoer I did not take part in and a market I did not have a stall in.

Ah, yes. The Halloween. Came during a holiday and I changed to Fangorn because of Narnia and in a week got all the points back. Those crazy times. With that, my 2006 draws to the end. It was crowned by me being a senior bard *whispers* dunno why, really. There happened a lot things else, many friends unfortunately left, but many new ones came. The year was filled with grief and joy. However, now, when I look back at it and at the way it flew past me, I see there were more joys. Happy New Year and Plaza!

      And so my friends, once more we are knocking on a door of another year, here in Middle-earth. Place which most of us call home in a true sense of a word. I don't know how you feel about it, but this year for me passed by very quick. Probably because it was so full of numerous events, tasks where you don't have time to think about time, but how to successfuly do what lies ahead. Many new faces entered my life here in Imladris, new friendships were made, some of them vanished, but that is natural course in ones life. I guess.

There is one thing, or should I say several of them to be grateful for when we look back, when I look back. And those things which I am talking about are feelings of team work, great leadership and closeness of our citizens, closeness that can be nowhere found in Middle-earth, but here in Imladris. And that is something we should be proud of, something we should cherish and improve, if this is possible. Only Eru knows…

May the year to come bring you all happiness, love and your own prosperity of the body and mind!

Arien Silverleaf
      What a year it has been! 2006 was my second year on the plaza, and it was this year that I strayed beyond the poetry corner and art fanfiction into Imladris. It's been a year of ruler changes, a plaza marriage, a growing plaza family, and many new friends. With the transition into the new plaza and the end of the year, what better time than now to reflect on the past year?

First of all I want to thank all of you for making Imladris the amazing kingdom it is. What I love most about it is the same thing I love most about being on the plaza: the friendly, fun, and caring personality that makes coming here something I look forward to doing everyday. It doesn't matter how well the members know each other; most everyone is courteous and polite and supportive of another. Having the plaza here helped me in many ways. My plaza friends' and family's support has helped to make dealing with RL easier (especially when I'm stressed out with things like finals), while the PC, AFF, and EAA has helped me grow artistically and poetically. I know that without the plaza, I probably would have stopped writing and doing art altogether.

And Imladris! This kingdom and the Elves have helped me to stop being so serious and to appreciate laughter, playfulness, and the beauty of life. I have enjoyed the feasts, games, and other kingdom events. Being 'grown up' and a student at the uni doesn't leave too much room for play, but Imladris and the plaza offers a nice substitute for the RL college parties and other things I don't care for. So thank you all for that.

2006 has also been a big IC year. This year I got married to Amrun Silverleaf (*pokes n smooshies*), was adopted by plaza parents (*glomps Loony & elendil*), and this was the same year I opened my plaza house, the Silverleaf Palace, and where I got to know many of you better, especially my plaza family and friends. *hugs* To those of you who have been hanging around the Silverleaf Palace, thank you all very much for being excellent house-members and helping to make the house the place it is. I look forward to seeing you again (and anyone else who wishes to visit) in Silverleaf Palace v. 2.0 once the new plaza is up.

To all my other plaza-ites, *hugs n glomps* and I look forward to seeing you again in 2007! Happy New Year!

      On the last day of the year Jano went back to one of the first places in Imladris that she had come to love when she arrived in the spring of almost two years ago. She climbed the staircase of the Last Homely House to the second storey where she had stayed in the guest rooms very close to the Library in those early weeks. The Library was quiet as she entered and she saw nobody, although she did not doubt that there were people secreted about the lofty room, hiding away in corners, curled up and lost in words from other times or entranced with visions of far-off places. She headed for a little room at the back which was sound-proofed and began to ascend a series of catwalk and then to climb, cat-like herself, holding and standing on the edges of wooden panels until her head popped out into the fresh air beside a large bell. She smiled as she pushed herself into a sitting position on the narrow ledge that surrounded the Belfry and looked down into the snow-blanketed fountain courtyard and then out over the Valley she loved so much, towards the frozen Bruinen, sparkling in the early morning sunlight and then to farther wintry lands, blue-smudged in the far distance…

… She leaned against one of the supports of the Belfry roof and hugged her knees to her lithe body, thinking of all the things that had happened in the Valley this second year. A lot of changes and mostly for the best, though not without some sadness along the way, but that was the way of the world of course. No less than three heralds had come and gone. Jano frowned a little at the memory as she went through the small list of eminently capable people, first Tinw in May, then Eithil in July, and, only a few weeks ago Gala had also stepped aside to make way for VardaElbereth as Lord Elrond’s herald, with Lori still well in control as scribe for Lord Glorfindel. It was a very weighty responsibility working so closely with the Lords, Jano reflected soberly. An honour, no doubt about it, but it seemed to her that sometimes the heralds roles were not accorded their full respect, as their duties were time-consuming and must wear at the energies of even the most organised and determined personalities.

As a friend and fellow Bard, Tinw’s had been hardest of the three resignations for Jano to accept, especially as the filigod, who had hoped to steer the Bards and Writers Guild into a new future as one of its leaders after Idril had stepped down as High Bard, had had to leave Imladris to pursue dreams and horizons of her own for her soul’s salvation. In the wake of the mortal maid’s leave-taking, Jano, with Saranna and others had done her best to keep things running smoothing in Govannas, still having hope that Tinw might be able to return to them sooner than anticipated. But it was not to be. As full summer began, Jano and Saranna had reluctantly realised that Tinw would not return any time soon and together they had gone to the Lords and asked for help in putting affairs of the guild in order and to appoint and receive a new High Bard with a larger team of helpers to aid with the running of the guild.

It was a hard time for the changeling as the crisis at the Bards guild had been preceded by another at the Elven Artists Association. With the departure of the founding curator, her great friend and gwador Laifana, the EAA had become a place of sadness for Jano and she felt that she could not in all faith lead it for much longer. However, as her new co-curator Ellitárë was trying to keep pace with several other responsibilities away from the Valley Jano could not leave the EAA so quickly and so by the end of May she found herself running back and forth between Govannas and the EAA Halls several times every day. Luckily Saranna, Laifana and Ann-thannath were there to help Jano watch over the Bard’s guild whilst she was away with the artists. Together they made their plans and by the end of June they had gone back to the Lords for approval of several changes to make the running of the guild a little easier and share more duties so no one person was too beset with work.

The Lords were pleased with the plan and at the beginning of August Jano and Laifana had stepped up as High Bards with Saranna and Ann-thannath as Taidrils, and at last Jano was able to hand over her curators keys to Fuin Elda. It was a heady moment and the guild flourished once more, with the Hall of Writing seeing new story tellers and poets arriving and delighting all with their works. The summer passed without anything much to trouble the Govannas, but September brought a heavy blow to Jano when Laifana bade her and Rivendell farewell and went to live in Fangorn and she was left as the sole Aralirdan. The Enedhoer festival and games followed hard on her brother’s departure however and Jano was soon absorbed with barrel races, poetry games and tall story telling, so the season of falling leaves did not seem too sad.

The autumn seemed to fly past and on the very night of the first snowfalls the bards gathered in the Hall of Writings to celebrate the appointment of two new senior bards, Anárie Dröttning and Tinessael, a small figure entered the guild as Jano was singing a song of welcome and thanks to the honoured elleths. At last the filigod had returned to the Valley and her home at Govannas. The joy at the sight of Tinw’s freckled face and curly hair was infectious and even those who did not know her were smiling happily as Jano, Saranna and several others greeted their friend. As if this was not enough Tinw’s return was swiftly followed by another wanderer – her old mentor Soronúmë. As the noble ellon and the mortal maid slipped back into the ways of the guild within a heartbeat, Jano’s own heart was full at these two dear ones being restored to them. Tinw’s voice and harp filled the Hall with haunting lyrics and drifting notes and then Soro’s voice spirited them away to great events and strange lost lands…

… it was snowing again and Jano drew her hood up over her dark head. It was quite a light fall and she was at peace up here with the bells. She smiled softly – so long as nobody started to ring them. She looked down towards to the main entrance of Imladris and saw a slender figure walking up to the door. They were holding a small bundle and Jano smile suddenly widened into a huge happy grin. It was Iruviel and her new baby Eruainantiel. She had spent enough time wool gathering on her own up here Jano thought to herself – time to go back down and join her friends. And maybe get to cuddle Rain finally!

      Wow where do I start with my reflection on this past year. It's been really busy for me in real life as many of you know, and the plaza has been a wonderful place to get away from all the papers and deadlines. The rulers have been so understanding of my absence and I really am grateful for that.

This year has also been a time for change in my character's life. Her family started to expand and now she has a little elleth of her own. And I feel as though my relationship with my past family has just grown stronger. *hugs to both Lavender and Golds* I've started branching out and meeting some of the other members who have been familiar faces, but not known to Iruviel or the RL me.

I do hope to continue to get to know elves such as Ness, Jano, and Cali this upcoming year. Oh and I hope to get to know our resident human girl Tinw this year as well. Truthfully though I'm thankful for all of my friends on plaza. This last year has been wonderful and I'm greatly looking forward to many more with you.

      I must admit that I'm not the most well known name in Imladris. My character as well as the real life me are rather shy and have trouble making new friends. I also haven't had much time to explore who my character is all that much in my short time on plaza. However, this last year has seen some growth in Amani. Of course some of you know that my plaza character is married to Iruviel. She's the one that got me addicted to this place to begin with. And although you helped me through the learning curve of the OP, I believe you and I will have to learn the NP together.

Of all my family I grew closest to my neice Caeyln. However, she's moved on now to other things. I'll miss RPing with my Baby Cae, but hopefully the new you and I will become just as close. Of course Goldmoon you have also been a wonderful friend, and here's hoping our relationship continues to grow as well. And most recently Amani is beginning to branch out into the kingdom some. Hopefully I will find his niche soon. I have enjoyed my time in the BWG and getting to know Janowyn and Ness. However, I'm not that great of a writer myself, but I love stories and poems. So I think that Amani will always frequent there even if he can't write poetry or stories as the true bards can. I'm greatly looking forward to this new year on the plaza and to what the new year hold's.

Ellitare Silverleaf

Who knows the power of a word
The courage a simple phrase can bring
The strength it can give in times of hurt
How simple words can keep you going
A caring word can bring some light
When your days are falling in a shadow
Offered thoughts can help you in the fight
They lift you from no matter how low
To such support, what can one say?
Know what words, thoughts and prayers do
They’ve made me strong in another way
My words in return will be: thank you

Dear Friends,
I’ve been thinking for some time on this message, for I want it to say exactly what I’m feeling. Now that I’ve started, I realise that it is impossible to do so. There is no way to describe my feelings at this moment.

When I found out about my condition, health-wise, I broke down. I’d been living pain and tears for several weeks before I decided to tell some friends here on the plaza about my problems. When more people found out, the reactions I got were heartwarming. They quite shocked me, actually. I never knew I had so many friends here, showing their compassion with their kind words, thoughts and prayers. Some of them didn’t even know me before then. I’ve saved all the messages and often read through them.

Some of you probably don’t realise what their post meant to me, but every single one of them changed me and lifted my spirits. I was, and still am, ready to fight this. Though the pain is still around and tears often find their way in my eyes, I feel strength and hope for the uncertain future that awaits me. I have no other way to express my gratitude than with these words: thank you.

Special thanks to: Tinny, Tol, Bear, Jano, Fuin, Kel and mum. Also to all of Ohtar, the Silverleaf family and everyone who has posted in ‘Prayers for Stardancer’. I will never forget your support.

(Though this may sound as a farewell, it is not. I will certainly try to remain active here, among my friends)

With love,

~ The elves of Imladris


Where We First Met

This is where we first met, you and I
in the height of summer when the linden boughs
were laden with a sweet, haunting fragrance.
With the canopy of tiny yellow-white flowers above us
we would lean against the fibrous trunks
and watch the clouds drift slowly by in the sky.

I remember how, once, when our laughter had faded
and I turned to look at you, I saw my smiling face
framed by the pupils of your dark eyes,
serious and penetrating. Yet there must have been
no doubt between us, because it took only a split-second
for all the pieces of everything we knew
to come together in seamless harmony.

And somehow, you felt it too. You didn't say a word
but took my hands in yours, and in their warmth I understood
all that you expressed in your silent communication--
we each had our imperfections, but as one
we were perfect, if there ever was and ever will be
such a beautiful thing.

~ Arien Lea Silverleaf


Feature Articles

       In our Art Interview this month, Goldmoon Dunami meets up with Ciarda D. Beorhtlig of Rohan to talk about her art and her life.

Where were you born, how long lived there, what type of things would you say are good about where you live, your special likes there, etc?
I was born in Cuba, and I lived there until I was nine-years-old, at which time I came to live in the United States. Thingsthat were good about my birth country would be the land itself, rich and full of history and culture. But the U.S. is my home now, and what I enjoy the most about it is the family that surrounds me and our customs...such as not hiding anything from each other nor believing in "talking in private"...rather we say things in front of everyone *g*.

When did you start doing the type art, whether pictures, drawings, terregan or others, that you do now, and why?
Well, my thread has featured mostly photography and Terragen, however, the very first type of art that I did was sketching, and I still do. Whether with a mere pencil or charcoal, that's my favorite form of art, because it gives me a freedom that a camera or computer program cannot, no matter how sophisticated. Photography is something that I picked up about two years ago on a trip I made to Italy, and Terragen is extremely new to me...something I started about a month ago, or so. Aside from that I work a bit with watercolors and pastels as well.

What things do you like to see in your art, as in scenes, views?
My very favorite thing to portray in any form of art that I may do is nature. It's something that feels very close to home, and to me there's nothing like the detail in a leaf captured, or a photograph taken of the ruins of a home in Pompeii surrounded by its gardens.

Where did you learn how to use programs if any you use, and which do you use?
The only program that I use is Terragen...and ArRage from time to time, though I've not featured the latter in my thread. They're not overly complex programs, and aside from that I work with HP Solution Center and Image Zone to work a bit on my photography. Programs are something I have to get in touch with *g*.

What sort of hobbies do you enjoy? Activities you like doing in spare time, real life and plaza wise?
Reading has to come in first place when talking about real life, as well as running and playing soccer at times with friends. As for the Plaza...well...the Plaza in itself is a hobby for me. It brings distraction and something with which to learn responsibility and dedication.

Are you forever expanding your art, wanting to creat new and exciting things? If yes, what kind?
Art is something that everyone who takes a part in it will expand in, work at, and grow. It doesn't matter for how long you may create art, every day you are going to do something new, even if you don't notice it. For me, sketching or painting human portraiture is something I always try to work on...because I'm not so great at it. Aside from that, any form of program that I can get my hands on, I'll try to work with and learn.

Are you in school? If yes what are you studying for, going for later on?
I'm currently in school, yes. I'm working on my BA in Art History.

Do you plan on going further with your art, and how did you get into your art?
"Making" art is not my main career goal, but it is something that I'll deal with all my life in what I'll be doing. Art will always be a means of relaxation and growth for me in my own time. As to how I began creating art, I believe I was five-years-old and my best piece was a drawn heart with a face, hands and feet...a skirt if it was a girl, and pants if it was a boy. Yes, truly pathetic *laughs*, but for a five-year-old, it wasn't half bad. I only wish I had a copy to show along with this interview.

What all things in plaza are you a member of, what are the funnest things you like there?
Well apart from my threads in the AFF and PC, I also enter contests in both forums as well as review works from other members. I'm in the IK Poetry Team for Rohan and IK Race Team for said kingdom. I'm also a proud member of the Cavalry in Rohan. I run the Character Development thread in the N&I forum as well as the Newbie Hall in Rohan. I write for the Raedboda of Rohan, the Heren Istarion Elen of Isengard, and Middle Earth Messenger just currently. And apart from posting in nearly every kingdom I get involved in anything else I can *wipes hand over forehead* Don't ask how I can do it...I don't even know. The funnest things that I do are writing poetry and entering them in contests, as well as posting pieces in my own thread. Poetry is something that I've just recently discovered--began truly writing this past May--and more glad I could not be.

What would you tell someone about you to draw them in to see your thread about yourself?
Hmmm...good question. Well, first of all I don't consider myself a photographer, and that's mostly what there is in my thread. I'm also no expert in Terragen, and there are quite a bit of those pieces entered. Therefore, if I wanted someone to visit my thread, I'd simply tell them that it is a modest attempt at putting forth some of my creations...mostly newly discovered...welcoming any constructive criticism needed.

A sample of her work, just click on the picture to see more!

~Goldmoon Dunami


Oldie Perspective

       When I signed up to write about my staying on Plaza, I did not think it would be so hard. Pen was left on paper on a desk for many days before I started writing.

I joined plaza one lovely Sunday morning, 25 of July 2004, a week after someone told me to look there for information needed about Quenya language. I remember my first thought seeing the site: ''Oh my, this is huge!'' First hour of my arrival was spent on browsing, getting familiar with all those FAQ's, rules, pulsing the atmosphere….It was another world opening before my eyes. And I am grateful to the one who addressed me here.

Reaching those required points, I joined Kingdom Imladris. Never in my mind was there a doubt where my home would be. Elves were always my favorite race, and Last Homely House my home in dreams, home in my heart. At first, I did not spent much time there, but in OOME, showing my affection for Aragorn (yep, one more elfmaiden on a list, crazy for that ragged, handsome ranger and King). And that did not change until this day, and never will.

Finally, I began to step out of the shadow, showing myself to the others who greeted me warmly into the community. Lae and Tara were so kind, offering help in any way, for me to feel just as I was among real friends. (Thank you, girls.) Step by step, I got surrounded by so many people, not just from Imladris, but from other kingdoms. Somewhere at the end of my first year, i heard Army call and joined Beriadrim unit, after passing many tests. Those times will always stay with me forever, for it was my first test of my RP skills. Since they let me pass, I hope it meant it was good enough! *g*

As time was passing by, I got more mature, even got duties to do. Always willing to help, that did not represent any problem for me. Since I was always hanging at the feasts, they elected me as one of feasts mistresses. You would not believe how I was surprised, seeing in my palantír this invitation. Trying to be of any help i became apprentice in Adab Nestad, where I learned a lot from Arwil, Ness, Ancalima. Speaking of which, that reminds me I haven't done the test to become healer. When you see me outside, doing nothing, come to me and ask me if that task is completed. If you see my puzzled/apologizing face, kick me. That will bring me to my senses. *g*

What I dearly recall from my full last year is that Big project regarding Elves; brainstorming on topics to write about, then searching for data in all available books, and writing at the end. This elfmaiden was happy to be part of this excellent idea and then a reality that came true. And that day when Powers decided to get rid off all those junk that was left in Valinor after rebellion of us, the Noldor, is also carved in my mind. The day when Elrond's courtyard was covered with bunny slippers, Míriel's funeral brochures (???), and who knows what other weird stuff. Every time I think of it, I begin to laugh.

Of course, there are so many events which I attended for the first time a year before, like Enedhoer, Army contest, many big RPGs, Gifts of winter.. Olympics too, in its glory, and was so proud to be amongst those under Imladris' flag. So much events, so much name in two and a half years of my life on the Plaza, so much changes, but changes for the better. Changes in the spirit of Tolkien's world. Rulers were coming and going: I had seen Lae, Tara stepping up and down as Eyebrows, Tinw and Eithil too, Lory, Gala. Now Gala stepped down, and new herald of Lord Elrond in the shape of Varda was chosen. Congratulations!

I could go on and one, but Herald editor will kill me(*g*) for taking so much space. Yet before I lay down my pen, I must say ''Thank you'' to the following persons in full name, no matter from which kingdom they are coming from: Eglagaladiel, Laebeth, Taramiluiel, Tas Nenharma, Tinw, Goldmoon Dunami, Erkendorn, Rilóme, Tinessael, Ancalima, Arwil, Eithil, Elarith, Loriwaynen, Aduchil, Aithon, and Maglor Séregon, Âru n’Adûnâi, Simpsonim, Ravion, Eleniel Narel, Nienna Tindomë, my dear husband and friend.

If I forgot someone, please, forgive me. But you have to know you all have special place in my heart.

Merry Christmas and Happy New 2007!

Nai elen síla tielyana!

~ Numellote


Newbie Perspective

       I was never even interested in Middle Earth. Of course I had seen the films, but it was not until a rainy autumn a year ago, that the true colours of Tolkien was displayed in front of my black and white eyes by my beloved friend Tinessael. I made friends with Middle Earth and descended into the beautiful valley of Rivendell even before I had actually seen it before. I started reading the books with enthusiasm and with the beginning of the new year entered the valley for the first time.

At first I was scared, scared to join any quests, join feasts. I remember the shaking in my fingers, when I wrote the captions! I feel as if I had given up a huge possibility, now that I realise I did not exit my little crib near the border of the valley for almost half a year! I occasionally showed my face in the caption contests and feasts, but mostly fled before anybody could speak with me. It all started in the end of autumn- a year after I had heard of a Middle Earth like place somewhere near me, yet quite far away. I remeber discuising myself as a scary Matrix person, playing a vampire in Rohan and dancing in the Shire. Truly, the short holiday craziness opened all doors for me and this time I was not afraid to walk in. I rode a horse for the first time! People came to me and talked to me and I must have been the happiest young elf on the whole wide Middle Earth!

All you newbies, no matter, if you joined a year, a year and a half ago or only yesterday, do not be afraid to join something that looks like fun, like I was. If you write a poem and accidentally send it away, do not rush to get it and delete it, for you might be just as surprised as I was of how friendly the people here really are.

~ istawen



      Warrior's Den-Fireblade Family

Upon entering the Warrior's Den, one is at once greeted by the image of a large crest showing a sword and two axes, letting all know that this is the home of some respectable warriors. Next one notices the background decorated accordingly to the season, giving the place a homely touch. Scrolling down, one sees an image of the magnificent palace and the phrase "Whether your flame burns brightly or quietly, welcome."

Below is a description of the house, making it clear that the owner, Legolas Fireblade, and his wife, Isiliel, will welcome anyone who comes as a friend, be they warriors like Legolas, or of a more peaceful temperament like Isiliel. Along with helpful links to the Kingdom, LHH, Army House, and some friends' houses, one will find many wonderful threads, such as an adventurous RPG, everyday life in the Warrior's Den (complete with the option of a good sparring match), and even a character development thread, so that any visitor may enjoy their stay. And of course, part of what makes the Warrior's Den such a wonderful place are the Elves who dwell there.

The Fireblade Family and their many friends are always friendly and helpfull and ready to welcome any who should happen to enter the Den. So whether your flame burns brightly or quietly, you are always welcome to visit us here at the Den, and may that flame never go out!

~ Arvellas



       The winter was upon Imladris, yet it was not cold with the spirit of Rhiw in the air. The Halls of Elrond had wonderfully warm fireplaces within them, good to keep out the cold, yet when the bells tolled, the Elves gathered as always atop the hill to honour their best.

There were two. Legolas Fireblade was Earendil for the month, our very own beloved star. Arvellas became Elladan, and no doubt the Lord Elrond would be pleased to have his son in the valley once more! Both were worthy, and respected by all, judging from the murmurs as the Elves departed for the Rhiw feast.

Eglerio hyn! Praise them with great praise!

~ Keleos Nénharma


Tidings from Abroad


       Fangorn has been unhasty as ever these last months. As evidence, the final Hallowe'en activity finally concluded on December 23rd after a whopping 795 posts. Despite the best efforts of yours truly in favor of Aslan, the character of Jadis won the Army Annihilation game, a game similar to the Valinor Telethon game hosted by Imladris.

Fangorn's efforts in the telethon included an abortive attempt at a game called Valiwood Squares. Although it never quite functioned properly, we can say we tried, and that has to count for something, right? Also, the rulers of Fangorn, Thom and Lillyth, were auctioned off in a 2-for-1 special. Woggy of the Shire was the lucky winner, narrowly beating our Forest resident Region. Woggy promptly ordered the Entmoot renamed to the Mayor's Office. In more normal kingdom business, the Entish Blessing thread has been overrun with Plazaversaries, Birthaversaries, and Fangornaversaries. Apprarently, December is a great month to join the Plaza, and Fangorn!

The Yule celebrations in Fangorn are rolling along. The Feast of Yule RPG has brought in members from across the Plaza to come eat Yule dinner in Fangorn. The Secret SENTa program was a big hit, and a Yuletide Song Parody performance also garnered attention. Both the Secret SENTa and the Song Parody threads were opened under the auspices of the Forest's new Open Forest program, which allows any Fangorn member with over 500 points and 30 days to open a thread in Fangorn.

In lore matters, Fangorn's debate team is on a roll. Three of our debaters are among the top debaters in the league, and the team as a whole is undefeated and untied, the only team in the league with that distinction. Bolstering the debaters is the return of the loremaster and former ruler of Fangorn, masterofjesters, who was warmly welcomed back into the herd of Ents and will be taking part in Fangorn's next debate, which (coincedentally) happens to be against Imladris. If you want to come beat up on me, join Imladris' debate team.

~ The Nav


Minas Tirith

       Greetings, Eldar of Imladris! Once again it is my joy to bring you news of the White City! Much has happened in recent months so I’ll start with the earliest news before informing you of the Gondorian events of this Yule-tide season, mellyn. Two months ago, with the coming of Halloween, the Plaza went through a little comical change as it always does. Whereas the Elves masqueraded as characters from The Matrix and The Addmas Family TV show and the Ents of Fangorn sported the faces of the world of Narnia and the Mordorians became rock stars, the Gondorians of Minas Tirith reveled in bearing faces of the characters from the hit sci-fi TV show Stargate. The Gondorians had a few Stargate-related activities to go with the Plaza Halloween fun, one of which was Stargate – The Game. In the game, the Stargate itself appears in the Pelennor Fields and its up to whomever plays – the game was open to all races – to travel around Middle-earth and gather enough pieces to a transportation symbol to journey to one location in four listed groups; the first to do so would be the winner and in order to complete a whole symbol one had to get four pieces of it. Throughout the game, a player would encounter people from Stargate like Daniel Jackson, Colonel Jack O’Neill, Major Samantha Carter, and Teal’c.

The last racing season went rather rough for the Gondorians of Minas Tirith; the team suffered more losses than wins. The racing season ended, as always, with the Race of Champions (ROC) and The Inter-Kingdom Derby in which Gondor won Third Place with Isengard in the 170-spaces mark! Sign-ups for the upcoming season to begin next month has recently begun in the kingdom; Beregond Abell, Elenaran, Carandol Eredion, Laureel, Emus Trask, Ann Kalagon, Taragolloion, Touor, Viktor Marquis, and the reporter make up the MT Racing Team so far. Aside from racing but still along the lines of great fun, a “traveling casino” has come to the City of Kingdoms and with the grand name “The Casino Royale.” The game itself involves Roulette, Poker, and Blackjack; the title of the thread honors the new James Bond film playing in RL theaters world-wide and some of the cards in the game honor The Lord of the Rings characters of Tolkien’s including Arwen Evenstar, Boromir, and Gandalf. For some Yule-tide fun, the illustrious Gondorian cruise ship The Anduin Princess will once again sail the waters! People of all races including the Valar are welcomed to take part in the cruise scheduled for the last day of the year; the ship hasn’t left port yet so come onboard soon if you wish to take part in the excitement! Yule-tide marks the time of year when it well…ends…and you reflect on its past days and events, the people who have made it special for you, the people who’ve brightened your life from start to present, even. So in Minas Tirith, Gondorians and others races leave small notes of dearness to special friends along with best Yule wishes in a thread entitled Happy Holidays! (Greetings); in the thread, one may also include a certain styled holiday card of their choosing to go along with their heartfelt words and special greetings. From Minas Tirith, I wish you all a very merry Yule! Namarie!

~ Beren Camlost



       Suilad mellyn nin, Westu Hal! to one and all of you fair people of Imladris. It is with a continuing allegiance that I bring you this report from the great lands of The Horse Lords. One could say that us Riders really knew how to have a good time these past few months. With October bringing in those characters from "Interview with the Vampire" and all the unique faces of such, I myself was stunned when the face of Van Helsing showed up on mine. *g* Though much liked you see, hehe, it was said to of been one great halloween with many rpg's and festive occasions going on throughout Rohan. The month of November bringing in the colder weather and even some snow, you could tell the Mettare season had begun. Which leads me into those days with this report. With the archiving of our 5 th time causing a bit of havoc for some, the scr's won't be said within this one but to start us off there, here are our December ones.

SCR Recipients:
Talaika - Lothiriel
Berutiel - Théodred
Ciarda - Théodwyn
TobiasFalco - Théoden

Moving onward to the many things that took place this month. First we had seen several RPGs started. The Ride of Eorl gaining such strenght and soon to be coming to an end, a great historical event to say the least, Rohan's first King, the Ford's of Isen and the Battle of Helms Deep just three of the ones which many were and are still involved in. The Cavalry Dragon Room seeing some more leaving, it is with a deep sadness that Feawen herself, due to real life and her new child, has pulled out of our group. We're hoping though she sticks around some and keeps within sight. Many new riders, Aeolwyn, Aescthryth, Tobias having taken the test or in the process of doing so, our Cavalry once more seems to be getting back to where it was long ago. Which is a great thing. The many new faces are always welcome to any Kingdom but taking that extra step to join and defend her to within that first month, that in and of itself speaks loudly.

The winter wonderland coming into town, the Mettare, threads were open to celebrate the occasion. The Mettare Diegolwine thread brought many riders signing up to give to another, a gift to whom they might of known or perhaps not. Then the Mettare Banquet, which is still going on, and for all races, the place is just lovely. Decorated by Ciarda and her talented skill, the mood for festive dining and exchanging gifts along with later on to be dancing, that should be enough to bring you on out and weather the cold just one day. In The IK Poetry section, all are at a somwhat stand still with the holidays. The results should be though, up quite soon. All teams performed wonderful and In the IK Debate class, which is still going on, they sure make my head spin at times with things said. *g*. With one of our own heading up into Maiar land, Culfenwen, her tributes in Rohan were great so we know she will do a splendid job up in the Poetry forum. If you've not heard yet, there are really important 'red' threads tacked to the top of each Kingdom that if you've not looked into, you should. It concerns all Kingdoms and you. With so many running around in the Riddermarket grabbing those last minute gifts and foods to spend with their loved ones being done, we Horse Lords wish you all a ver Happy Holiday Season and may Bema and the Valar bless you. This shall be covered a little more in the next edition also. To each and everyone of you, stay safe this season and don't eat to much chocolate or well, cookies. May the winds be at your back and the seas stay beneath your feet. This is Goldmoon Dunami wishing you all the best until we meet again.

~ Goldmoon Dunami



Lore Matters


       Rían was daughter of Belegund, who was from the House of Beor, and grandmother to Earendil the Mariner. She was born around 450. of FA. When she was six, she followed Emeldir, wife of Barahir and mother of Beren, along with other children and women who were fleeing from Dorthonion towards Brethil. That was the time of Dagor Bragollach, fourth battle of Beleriand wars, when Morgoth broke the siege and went into counter attack. Only dozen of men, including Rían's father, Barahir and Beren, stayed to fight against him. At the end, her father was killed alongside others in 461. of the First Age, only Beren escaped this fate.

Rían married Huor of Dor-lómin, who was from the house of Hador, and that event happened only two months before Nirnaeth Arnoediad, the Battle of Unnumbered Tears. In those two months they concieved a child, and Huor told her before he went into the war, that she should name him Tuor. As the time was passing by, she did not have any news about her husband, she fled into wild, and she would have died there, if Grey Elves of Mithrim did not found her and helped her to bring Tuor into this world. Then after some time, Annael, who was the leader of the elves, told her what happened in that battle. She was crushed by that ill news. Rían left her son to Annael, who became his foster father, and departed for Anfauglith, bare land in the north where this grievous battle took place. Coming there, she laid herself upon Haudh-en Ndengin (Hill of Slain) or Haudh-en Nirnaeth (Hill of Tears), how the elves called that place, and let her soul to rest and wander beyond the circles of Arda. She was only 23 years old.

~ Numellote


Lore Matters

Of Nouns in Quenya

Nouns are words that mark things, and they can be inflacted. In Quenya there is no difference, yet more additional words can be attached to them, like endings for prepositions, possessive nouns, pair of things.

Two kinds of plural forms we have to deal with:
ending –LI
ending –R.

1. Ending LI is also called ''partitive or general plural''
Tolkien provided us with few examples, and gave no clear explanation about its use.
Example: Eldali – ''several, some elves''.

2. Ending –R is more common plural in Quenya. Nouns that end in vowels ''a, o, i, u'' and group ''ie'' receive –r at the end of a word.
Example: parma= ''book'', pl. parmar
Valie= ''female Vala'', pl. Valier

One thing that must be said. Nouns that end in vowel ''e'', form their plural in ''i'', not having – r placed after ''e''.
Example: vende= ''maiden'', pl. vendi , not vender.

Yet be alert for some exceptions.
Few nouns ending in ''e'' do not substitute that letter with ''i'', but just add –r on it.
Examples: tyelle= ''grade'', pl. tyeller, not tyelli.

With the help from Ardalambion



Puzzles and Games

Crossword Puzzle




Comic Special!

A strange scroll... found lying in the snow...

~Fuin Elda



(Dubiously adapted manipulation based on Hello Magazine's cover of the Cruise-Holmes wedding and other search images of Yul Brynner and random elf maiden )

Yes it finally happened and our friends at 'Suil' Magazine have graciously allowed us to reproduce this special foo-supplement in the LHH. The Lady Janowyn, High Bard of Imladris and FWAT leader Sergeant Telly Savaloy have at last managed to stop fighting verbal battles long enough to decide it would be much more comfortable for everyone (and quieter) to limit their future disagreements to the confines of a matrimonial home. So sit back and enjoy the full, illustrated story of how love grew from very shaky beginnings in a mutual pursuit of the 'dark side' of foo-fighting....

As some of you may know, the changeling elleth Janowyn grew up and lived in Ithilien for most of her life before joining us here in Imladris. Although raised by mortals, Jano's elven blood was inevitably drawn at times to foo-ish things from a very early age. Luckily for her she had three boisterous half-brothers and a sensible Gondorian mother and Rohir stepfather so her early sojourns into foo-ish clothing and activities were all firmly laughed scornfully into abeyance. But the attraction surfaced again once Jano was sadly parted from the last of her mortal kin. It is a little known fact that one of the oldest bastions of dark foo is to be found on the borders of Mordor - on the north Ithilien side of the Ephel Duath....

Yea verily and it came to pass that the fearless and determined maiden Janowyn entered the dread hidden portals of the Dark Foo, deep within the caves of the Ephel Duath and pledged herself to the service of the Dark Side. Here she discovered many secrets and came at last unto the inner circles of the darkest hues of cerise, where she took up her abode, thinking only to fight unceasing against the forces of the lighter and lesser forms of virulent Pink that infest the Eastern Shores. Forsaking all other succour and shields she abandoned her rubber chicken and eschewed the use of fluffy deely-boppers and powder pink lippy.

(Manipulated & adapted in Photoshop from a still scene in the FotR DVD )

But lo! After many moons of travelling to find her ancient kin far to the north of Ithilien in the remote and hidden valley of Imladris, all unknowingly found she another Servant of the Dark Foo! A paramount warrior stern of speech and shiney of pate. Mighty of thew and twinkly of eye. And he divined that Janowyn was also an adept of the Dark Foo persuasion and his equal in dedication. Upon a time, also unlooked for, he found that he desired to cleave to her. After many elaborate deliberations the fair Janowyn discovered that she desired to cleave right back (Ed: possibly she may have been holding something similar to an axe at the time...). And the name of this humongously handsome hero?
His name was....... Telly!

A fearsome foo-fighting team but does the partership work as dynamically off duty?
(image - manip from google search on The Matrix and assembled images of Yul Brynner and random elf maiden)

Balrog Barbie - top dog in the thinking Elda's capsule Dark Foo toy box.
(image - manip from google search image and assembled image from

Undercover as 'Telvis of Harad', mean moody, magnificent and showing off the top-rated chest hair
(image - manip from google search on Elvis impersonator & (another!) Yul Brynner)

... Jano and Telly have not always been a close foo-fighting partnership, although they quickly recognised that their understanding and practice of the arcane arts of the Dark Side was supremely and mutually complementary. In a recent interview Suil's reporter discovered how the happy couple first realised that they had more than lollipops and lethal ninja kicks in common...

Suil ~ So Jano, when did you know you couldn't live without your dashing foo-cop?
Jano ~ Excuse me? Oh him! *shrugs* Well I suppose it was during the second round of the Mr. Imladris contest in May this year? Sometime around then anyway.
Suil ~ You mean you can't remember such an important moment?
Jano ~ *blushes prettily* It kind of came on gradually, but he did look very good that day. *tinkly laugh* Of course I had to help him a lot in the Hair Care round.
Suil ~ And Telly? When did you realise you had met the Elleth of your dreams?
Telly ~ Are you nuts! Sheesh! More like a nightmare dontcha mean?
Jano ~ Watch it Lollipopman! *smiles sweetly* You know you love me really schnookums!
Suil ~ Errrm... *worried look* look I need this copy guys! Are you sure that you're getting hitched?
Telly ~ Puh! Sure we are - who else would take a nutcase like her on?
Jano ~ Yeah? Well just remember to watch out next time you use the chest hair dye bozo! My hand could slip and I might just put a little chilli oil in there by mistake huh! *smile becomes extremely shiny* Talking of which - chest hair that is - I like a man who can keep me warm. And he has such a magnificent chest. Anyway - that was when I began to think of him as a seriously good-looking Ellon rather than the most annoying, loud and bad-tempered Elda I ever came across!
Suil ~ *Looks for the nearest exit* Yeeesss. And Telly? Your 'magic moment'?
Telly ~ Yeah, yeah - the same as her I s'pose. At the stoopid contest.*blushes in confusion* Jano put all this goo on my chest and it kind of made the hair there all shiney like. And curly and... stuff. And I was wearing this black silk shirt thing...
Jano ~ I took the top buttons off else he'd have left them done up so nobody could see. *pinches Telly's cheek affectionately* Big lug!
Telly ~ Owwww! Anyway I won the contest so the judges musta thought I looked cute! *disgusted look*.
Jano ~ Where did she go? Hey - come back! We haven't finished yet! I was going to tell you about Telly apparating Balrog Barbie and how she really gave Lord Glorfindel a fright! Well honestly - I do think that's just rude! It's all your fault baldie!
Telly ~ Argh! Stop your flapping doll-troll! I thought you didn't like Balrog Barbie anyway?
Jano ~ Can change my mind can't I? Telvis impersonator! *pouts prettily*
Telly ~ *smiles wolfishly* I knew you liked him muin! Pity you were so underdressed in the Leaky Spittoon - goosebumps are soooo unattractive... C'mere...

*continuing to record*..... squelchy, puckering type noises....

So - a series of practical jokes that surprisingly led to Telly's startling yet well-deserved triumph in the Mr. Imladris contest also took love in several unexpected directions as Gala ran off with Eriol Rion; the second runner-up, Rilandien being cruelly spurned by Eithil who showed a most laudable and unsuspected turn of speed and was last seen running in the direction of the Dwarrowdelf, presumably to beg sanctuary from Queen Norin. And Melgolas? Well he decided he'd be far better off with his lovely, long-term and anonymous ladylove (who might possibly be called Melyanna) *confuzzled look* and made a dignified exit from the contest hot-foot for Mirkwood.
And Telly? And Jano? Well they were made for each other as they had concluded rather reluctantly after four hilarious rounds of proving just how hunky and rough-tough cop-like Telly could be. But knowing you are destined to be together for eternity is one thing - making it so is another. Commitments have to be made. Proposals have to be delivered with elan. And regrettably Telly had very little practice in this area.... And neither, since she was still a maiden *rolls eyes*, had Jano, although it seems she had fairly strong views on how such pre-nuptial goings on should be conducted.

Luckily fate took a hand and Telly, showing commendable personal courage as he is a martyr to motion sickness, volunteered to partner Luthien Tinuviel (aka SCR Ciartha Beorthig) in the Enedhoer Barrel Race. Several very strong herbal anti-barf lollipops later, poor Telly went on a 'drunken' sailorly bender around Imladris and had to be assisted home by Jano after making rather a show of himself in the fountain courtyard, where it appears he made a rather clumsy stab at a proposal of marriage....

Proposal ~ Take #1
(Romantic Verse)

“Oi! Leave off my lolly,

You peredhel dolly!
’Tis the highest of folly -
You’re right off your trolley!

Oi! Froo-foo-foo-fally
deep pink in the valley!
hoo! foo!
Oi! Blondie! Yes Glorfy!
You started this Dorky!
Don’t get yourself comfy!
You’re getting quite porky!
Oi! Barb-bar-bar-Barbie!
the valley’s gone lardie!
ha! ha!
Oi! Elrond! Lord Eyebrows!

How fast does your hair grow?
As your crown and your brows
Keep so well apart now!

Oi! Snip, snip, snip snappy

The barbers are happy!
hee! hee!

Oi Jano! Come here dear!
My frostiest frontier!
My heart is a-flutter!
It’s softer than butter!
There’s no need to tarry
It’s you I should marry!
Wha..? Shut up my face?

Babe! You got so much grace!

Don’t hit me!
Ow! ...OWWWW!

And if you fall off the horse the first time around - why then! Get right back on it and try again!

Proposal ~ Take #2 (Dialogue)

Gotta love your Little Unicorn Ringbearer! *

After a disastrous first attempt at a romantic proposal serenade whilst under the influence of too many medicated lollipops (for motion sickness) Telly tries again....
Telly: Oww! What was that for!
Sheesh! OK don't talk to me then!.... Jano? Awww C'mon... Who loves ya Baby?.... Huh? Was it my fault you forgot to mention that I would get a little fuddled if I took too many of those anti-barf lollies - was it? Huh? Cuddle-bunny?

Janowyn: *through clenched teeth* I did NOT forget! Can I help it if you've got cloth ears?! And start singing like some billy goat on fifty pipes a day? AND you know it's not a good idea to start sending the rulers up - suggesting 'Blondie' should go on a diet and that Lord Eyebrows has a bad dose of ellon pattern baldness? I'm ashamed of you Telly! And then you drag me into your pitiful little ditty and think I'll say 'Yes' to you? Well think again - big mouth!

Telly: Aw Babe - c'mon! Gimme another shot huh? I'll let you play with My Little Unicorns again * cunning look* Hide n Seek huh? Like we did last moon phase down by the nice little brown pool by the falls huh? And I'll bring strawberries... and chocolates... strawberry cream truffles! *triumphant look!* Aww c'mon Jano - you know how I love the way you use that curry comb on their dear little tails... *relieved smile*
Y'know if we did get hitched we could do that quite a bit huh? Babe... errrm... I love you even more than I do the little black unicorn with the gold horn! So how's about giving the old marriage-go-round a go then huh? Whadya say hon?

Janowyn: *sharp look*
Proper strawberry cream truffles?!!!
*blushes and hugs cunning cop*
And I get to play with the baby albino unicorn with the tiny brown spot on its left fore fetlock? And the extra twisty silver horn?
smiles shyly*
OK then - take me away Telvis!
kisses silly Telly's lovely shiny bald head*

Janowyn: Yes, I will marry you

So at last the big day arrives for our foo-fighting fiances

The Wedding Day - the dazzling guests get a word in!

Gotta love your Little Unicorn Ringbearer! *

The day of the actual wedding has come. Telly and Janowyn stand before Eru asking his blessing for the Plaza Wedding

Eru: Do you Telly take Janowyn as your Plaza Spouse?

Telly: Yes, I do

Eru: Do you Janowyn take Telly as your Plaza Spouse?

Janowyn: Yes, I do

Eru: Then by the power I hold as Eru of The Plaza I bless this wedding. May you both prosper on the Plaza holding true to each other.

Telly: Right that's that done Babe - what happens now huh? Back to yours for some grub and then get back to FWAT to do bouncer duty at the Don't Care Bears Midnight Solstice Picnic... OWWWWW!
*Pained look* I was joking you mean vixen! Alright! Alright! I know what to do! Whadya think I am - some kinda geranium? *mushy look* C'mere my dear little strawberry cream truffle...

Janowyn: *Limping a little after kicking the mighty cop's Mystic Realm shinguards* Well shut up and get on with it then Big Guy - I want to get back to Mathoms before Saranna and Bomba start pigging out on the pasties... *contented sigh as she is locked in a warm embrace by two powerful arms and engulfed in the sweet, heady waft of blueberry lollipops...*

Telly: *Waggling impressive eyebrows menacingly at guests* Oi! Talk amongst yourselves already! *Turns to Jano tenderly* Who loves ya Baby? *Doesn't wait for an answer...*

Arwil: As the self-appointed flower girl, I must say this wedding has brought so many tears to my eyes! It probably has something to do with me putting chopped onions in my flower basket, BUT THAT DOESN’T MATTER! The happy couple are just so perfect for each other! It’s one of those Elvish tales I’ve heard when I was a lil’ Elfling! I... I... *collapses in tears of joy* < Ed - Yeah right! >

Saranna: It should have been me! *sobs - with laughter* Saranna hastens to Jano’s side, clutching a large pink shiny bag she has recently bought in the market and wearing a very er... noticeable Elleth of (Dis)Honour's dress - a shiny concoction in green and orange and cyan which tinkles with small shiny - things - sewn onto it, looks as if it will reach to about the upper upper half of the Taidril’s - er - nether limbs, and consists mainly of strappy straps and transparent bits. Isn’t this exciting! She beams, seizing the nearest drink and collapsing onto a cushion.

Zorro the Blonde: I’m too sexy for my mask, too sexy for Mordor, too sexy for the orcs, sexier than Legolas... Oh Eru, time just flies when I’m adoring myself. Ahem, yet another beautiful female has fallen into the clutches of marriage. Pity. But at least, my broken heart is healed by the sight of Saranna! Come to me, my desert rose!

Telly: *Roars at Zorro* Oi! Blondie! *Steely cop voice* Put the Taidril down Bozo! I mean it! Go on Pinko - make my day! *Waves mignight purple night stick menacingly*

Janowyn: *Stamps foot petulantly* You're doing it wrong Telly! *Narrows eyes at Zorro and a white stilletto heel misses connection with somewhere squishy on his person even more narrowly* Hit the floor dirtbag before I get my eye in!

istawen: NPC Wolly - Telly's sister and Best Elleth (wearing a lime green dress with pink shoes with HUGE tufts on them) looks into Telly’s face, then pinches his cheek. ’Oooh! Tellyity-wellity, at last! You two are like completely made for each other.’ Taking out a present packed in pink paper, decorated with a green ribbon, she added, ’I thought you didn’t have a supersize-threemetrehigh-the-hairiest-ever-with-a-shiny-horn unicorn yet, at least not the new model. Open it up my dear wullity-bullity-loverly big bro!’

Telly: Ok Jano - the Pinko's yours. Play with him nicely! *looks in horror at Wolly's dress* Sheesh Wolls! Lime slime time? What is it with you dames and green anyhoo? *opens pressy* Heeeey! Thanks sis! *Whistles to lovely lilac Unicorn with sea-green mane and tail* Hey Jano - where'd you stow the curry comb?

Janowyn: *Still astride Zorro's chest stuffing the toe of her stilletto shoe down his throat* I'm busy muin! Find your own!

Feowen: *Arrives late and goes over to Jano* Lemme help muin nín! Please! Please!! Please!!! *Gleefully takes Jano's place on poor Zorro's chest *

Janowyn: Hannon gen Fee *hands other shoe over* Whack him over the head a minute while I go look for this comb - Ellons! *rolls gorgeous sea-blue eyes*

Ann-thannath: *Also arrives late and goes over to Jano* Mae tollen gwathel nín! Avaro naeth... I think I have a comb right here in my palantír case!

Fuin Elda: *Rushes in chasing Foo-Foo her pet bat* Foo-Foo! Leave Zorro's hair alone! Ooops too late! Jano?! - have you got any shampoo handy purr-lease? Oh - and many congos 'n' stuff like that to you and old grumbleguts...

Telly: *roaring even louder* Sheesh! Is there a rank left I can bust you to Probationer Elda! What's that Jano? Oh yeah! After you're through cleaning up this prisoner, you're clearing up the mess in here OK? Your dumb bat's just scared the manure out of our Little Unicorn wedding pressy! *hands very thinly bristled yard brush and bucket to Fuin*

Black Moragwen the Squat: *sobbing horrendously* I'm too late! Telvis! How could you my darling desert desperado! *turns to Jano and snarls emphatically* Hands off skinny-ribs! He's mine I tells ya!

Janowyn: *Thrusts stainless (luckily!) steel nail extensions up Orcess' enormous nostrils* AAAARRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*looks daggers at camera crew* OK! That's IT! - Cut! Sling your hooks Suil - nothing more to see here! TELLY!!!!

Suil TV reporter - Well there you are viewers! These High-Foo dos are really something else aren't they? Oh well - back to the studio where we have news just coming in on another instance of Polly Pocket Piskies running riot through Queen Norin Deathfoot's ironwork drawers *shakes ear piece and mutters in confusion* Is that right? I thought you said pants then for a second?

Keleos Nenharma: *Looks up contract with Suil Magazine and sees that she is obliged to publish this tripe - runs fingers through hair distractedly and wonders if she should visit rellies in Mirkwood for a while...*

* My Little Unicorn ~ random web image search
Rings ~ ~ All manipulated to death in Photoshop
Suil would like to thank Fuin for suggestions and Arwil, Saranna and istawen for their contributions to the making of this excerpt ~ but they can't!

Jano woke with a start just in time to hear Schookums, her dark foo pound puppy, scampering merrily out of the open door of Mathoms and into the fresh snow outside. He'd soaked her the little dickens!
The High Bard tottered her way to the door groaning gently. That was the last time, positively and absolutely, that she let Bomba play solstice barman. Whatever had she been drinking last night?! She had had the most appalling dreams - getting married to Telly was the least of them - Orcesses in Imladris and some silly masked blonde dark elf?
She looked fondly out at Schnookums playing with his ball in the snow with his little friend and closed the door... She jerked the door back open - Oh no! ohno!ohno!ohno!ohno!!!
It couldn't be? It was! Eric the 'not so little' unicorn! A wedding present from Wolly... and now there was something... someone else....

"Jano? Babe?!! Are we outta milk already!" Telly!!!! Jano swayed with shock at the sound of the loud voice in her normally quiet little house. But no wait... the changeling laughed quietly. How silly of her! She was still dreaming of course...?
"Shut the door cuddle-bunny - It's freezing!" Telly's muscular sword hand shut the door firmly...

Schnookums (aka Rowley in RL!) and Eric the wedding present play merrily in the snow the day after the Solstice wedding.
But was it really all just a horrible dream?

Eric! What do you think - did Jano really go through with it?
Eric: Neeeeiiiigggghhhh.....

(image - vicous Photoshop manip from random search image of Eric and of Rowley from personal photo-stock)




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