Parth Odothui ~ Volume VII
Pennas Nenime ~ February Issue

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Guilds and Groups

Word Sleuth or Scrabble lovers unite!

That could easily become the motto of any WS plaza team or League in general. Run by our very own illustrious Ealena and Reikon of Mordor, this league has been quite a success this year since its revival.

I would have been happy to report that our own team has made it to the final match but alas, we lost in a dramatic semi-final match to Shire team (and this loss was not only because of our opponents incredible word-knowledge). As the Spring was coming to a close our team numbers were constantly shrinking and it led to us missing our turns. Yet we learned from our mistakes (or at least should have) and your humble reporter can only hope it won't happen again.

The biggest scoop is of course the final match that is now being played between the teams from the Shire and Khazad-dum. One can see thick dictionaries being tossed around and nerve-cracking deadlines – everything that makes such a match enjoyable for spectators. There are still several letters to be drawn so let's wait and see who's the best sleuth plaza has!

~ Loriwaynen


What comes to mind when you hear the word 'debate'? Argument, of course. You expect to hear many voices involved in making others believe something that might sound strange at first. As the debate progresses you come to realize that you are convinced, despite the fact that you were of a different opinion in the beginning. As you already know, this season's debate rules were altered to reflect the big changes that plaza has undergone; they became shorter and more user-friendly, so to speak. However you will not find queues wanting to enroll in debate. It is still viewed as a straining and demanding activity (and I would not say that it is not so, at least somewhat). That is why we see long pauses in-between matches. One of those pauses fell around the time I'm to write about.

Right now our team is preparing for the match against the Ridermark team. We will have to prove that magic had more impact on Middle-earth. The strategy is already being prepared, quotes are being searched and posted and I have no doubts that our team, led by experienced Inwe, will be a tough opponent and the Riders will have a hard time arguing against our case.

~ Loriwaynen


A small troop of craftsmen and –women went off with their horses, deeper into the mountains and woods. The trees were growing thinner and smaller as they reached a level of cold where green had trouble growing. Here the paths and the rocks were covered in the winter snow. The elves didn’t talk much, all hidden deep in their cloaks to block the cold out. Near the end of their journey, the path ended at a ridge. The group of elves dismounted and took the horses by the reigns, following the turn around the ridge. It was dangerous with the snow lying around; with one misstep, horse and rider could plunge into the deep, meeting certain death. Fortunately, that didn’t happen. The turn led toward a plateau big enough to camp for the night and right behind a large opening into a cave. At first it looked a shallow cave with a natural chamber up front.

The elves entered the cave and came into a round antechamber where left at their hands were old sleeping quarters and right was a mess hall. Dirt of ages lay packed here and it was visible that nobody had returned when the diggers had left it so long ago. Right in front of them was a winding stair that led down into the dark. In the dark was a second anteroom hidden a short way from a closed storage room and a longer path toward an opened hallway leading into mineshafts. As the elves went down softly step by step…the sound of dripping water echoed loudly. If you listened quietly you could perhaps hear even more. For the danger lay not in visiting the storage room, but in the utterly dark hallway right behind the winding stairs. The air was cold and old and boisterous. It seemed somehow that the hallway toward the mines was breathing. Yet nothing had come from it…yet. The elves were gathering downstairs and exploring the lock on the closed door to the storage room.

Would you like to join and help us on this perilous journey? Come on, then! The greatest part of the tale is about to happen!

~ Aikari


Spring has gone, and last week we celebrated midsummer. The gardens are full of flowers and trees are beginning to carry the first signs of fruit, though it will be a few months before you can pluck apples and pears from the trees. If you walk along the paved paths, you find forest fruit ripe to eat, such as strawberries, gooseberries, blackberries, and raspberries.

Inside the Adab Nestad we had an unexpected visit from Tinessael in an almost transparent form. For a short moment her presence lightened our hearts and it was good to see her face once more. Then the visit was interrupted by two men who came in the house, one of them so severely wounded that the carrier feared for his life. Tanestor Númellótë, aphadoer Istawen, Mar-Evayávë and Nimroel took care of this wounded man. For a long time the door to healing room 2 was closed. Nobody was allowed to go in except the healers who were needed there. Slowly these three brave healers settled the leg, the right arm, and the organs in his belly. Now Enpecedude is resting quietly in one of the recovery rooms.

Minestor Idhwen sat in her office and looked through several dossiers, and when done with her duties she took the key for the archives to take a look there. That was delayed for a few hours, because Endril had injured his ankle while climbing into a tree and Idhwen took care of that in healing room 1. After that both went off toward the archives. Inside they found all once-used animals and a couple of scrolls. Not knowing what they really said, Idhwen and Endril left and the Minestor went to the garden to join Nárië and a newly joined healer, Kiranell. There she read through the two scrolls, discovering a strange one, with a description for a potion which was written down by Annatar Aulendil. She is still unsure what this receipt really is and also who the writer, Annatar, is…

At least another face returned and this time it was the maiden Aikári, now accompanied by a little baby, Eärendúr. In her absence of nearly 18 months from Imladris and Middle-earth, she got married and gave birth to a son. Nestor Fuin was delighted to see her old friend back, and Aikári entrusted her little baby to her.

This time we had a really long report of all the events, *g*. As always, we are always looking for new taidhrim. So if you want to take your first steps into healing, go over to the office and ask for a test. Minestor Aikári or Tanestor Númellótë are there to help you with instructions.

~ Aikari


The season had flown by, and already it was time for the final race. Cheetahs wound their way around the racing headquarters, stretching with fluid grace and studied nonchalance as they awaited the final results.

Those who were in the decisive last race had already travelled to Lothlorien, where they were running their hardest. No one knew how the competition would finish, although it would be close; the foxes had been running well this season. Nenuphar and Tumbleweed had been unable to make it to Lothlorien this time, but had watched the season develop with anxious anticipation.

Imladris had made it through with 1 tie and 5 wins, putting them a meager point ahead of any other team. Should they win this race it would mean certain victory for the whole season, the first time Imladris had managed first place in all of Nenuphar's many seasons of racing. Losing could mean dropping back into fourth or fifth place if the other teams right on their heels all won their respective races. Little wonder that it was an exciting moment.

~ Nenuphar


Kingdom Events

Changing Times

Imladris Elves were blessed in July 2006 when Loriwaynen claimed the throne of Glorfindel. Unfortunately her time as ruler could not last forever, so on the 24th May 2008 she stepped down and brought about the end of an era.

Lori saw the kingdom through an eventful period of plaza history, including a complete revamp of the coding. Despite general plaza activity levels dropping significantly, Lori has had a huge part to play in keeping Imladris an interesting place to be, with lots of activities and a wonderful atmosphere.

Now Imladris has been given a wonderful Glorfindel once again, with Ealena taking up the role. So far Lena has been doing a great job, and long may she do so!

~ Pip Reonyea



Elwen sat at her desk to write yet another report to Imladris, but even at this fair hour of the day, where the rays of the setting sun were covering everything and everyone in the camp with a golden blur, she found it hard to concentrate. Her hand was shaking slightly as she put quill to paper and searched for words that would not cause alarm, yet still give a serious impression of the perilous situation they were facing.

Ost-Formentir, the beginning of laer (summer)

The events of the past days have been dark and threatening, and the fate of the fort is suspended. In Captain Lagorith’s absence I have found a worthy lieutenant in the Elf Telkelion, whose help has been invaluable in dark times such as we live to face. At the moment he lies unconscious, a deep wound in his head, after being thrown off the topmost tower by a fellow soldier, and Elf! A shadow lies over Ost-Formentir, a dark shadow that has turned Elf against Elf and led to a conspiracy inside the fort itself. The conspirators, whose names are known to me, do not wish only to have myself and Lagorith replaced, but have declared allegiance to the Orcs and goblins, offering their assistance in an oncoming attack upon the fort. There is proof of their abominable deeds, a scroll which Aigronding Mordagnir retrieved from the Orc camp and sent to me. But – alas! – he and another ellon were captured, and now lie in the mercy of the Orcs and the conspirators. and hard it is to tell which of the two monstrous kinds will show more. To their rescue I have sent Mar-Evayávë and Pele, two of the most able warriors in the fort, with a group of Elves. They left yesterday, and all our hopes are with them.

We are surrounded by enemies. A hostile clan of Dwarves has taken the side of the Orcs and threatens to assail us. Mar managed however to gain the friendship of another of their clans, and they are now a most valuable ally, together with the tribe of the White Feather of the Hills of Evendim. Pele Alarion of Gondor showed extraordinary skill and valour in defeating a group of the possessed Dwarves that were threatening to cross the lake and launch an attack on the fort; the horses that were stolen have been regained, and the gold I mentioned in my previous report retrieved by Alaron of Rohan. And yet we are not safe. Reinforcements, such as Imladris can afford to send, are most welcome. Or anything that could raise the morale of the Elven warriors, after the terrible crimes that have been discovered to be committed by some of their own. We remain determined to stay and fight, no matter how great an army there be unleashed against us.

~ Elwen

She rolled the parchment into a tight scroll and tied it to the falcon’s leg, then let it fly in the direction of the valley, hoping there would be good news coming soon from the east or the south.

~ Elwen Falmariel


To Arms!

Polish your swords and grab your bows, Elves of Imladris, for the kingdom is under attack! Noting the temporary absence of our rulers as they visited distant lands those dastardly minions, led by the Witchking of Angmar, have dared to cross the Ford of Bruinen to set foot upon the lands of Elrond Half-Elven in search of prisoners.

Nazgûl, black Numenoreans, Balrogs and Barrow-wights were amongst those filthy invaders to cross the river into this peaceful land. They came by night, setting fire to buildings and killing innocent Eldar. Screams of horror split the night as the people of Mordor brought pain and suffering to the Last Homely House.

Soon the Host ran to meet them, swords shining in the moonlight, bows whispering a deathly song. Whilst they have cut a swathe through the ranks of the minions, there is still room for more resistance. The minions have hid throughout Imladris. This is your opportunity to repel the foe, so grab your weapons and get out there and fight - your kingdom needs YOU!

~ Pip Reonyea


Tidings from Abroad

IsengardFrom Isengard, the place where wizards stash their stuff when they go wandering, there is never much news. You see, wizards have a penchant for secrecy. But you’ll certainly find wild rumors, impossible gossip, and the craziest stories making the rounds – and some of it might even be true.

Six months.

Six months it has been since the last wizard sent word to Imladris of the goings-on in the Tower. In that time, much has happened. I do not know, but about the time that the missives stopped arriving, Trillian laid down her robes and Daywalker become Saruman – a post he holds on to with all the evil in him to this date. No overt signs of his plotting are visible, though he is watched carefully in case he should try something strange with ducks, pigs, chickens, bleaches, or blades. So far, he has come off clean. Life has continued – from the Chronicles of Nan Curunir to the Rooms of Orthanc, from the Valentine’s Pub to the Mad as a March Hare Pub and Casino (which saw a lot of business indeed, and a family reunion, too!), to the Post Office. The Market opens again, as do the Fires of Industry and the Fighting Uruk Hai.

Apart from these numerous activities, a grand celebration was planned with Khazad-dûm for the occasion of a “chance meeting in Bree” between Gandalf and Thorin, which set the events at the end of the Third Age in Motion – an Eating Contest, Axe-Throwing Contest, and a few others come to mind. Not long after the end of the month-long celebrations, there was a sudden influx of wizards – old ones returning, new ones coming over the sea. But Searogim, who was Gandalf for over a year and a half, decided it was time for her to leave. And so, Dalfie: Morgray, a new Ruler came to power.

And yet, for all these changes – and I have only touched upon the highlights – I have not yet told you the juiciest news of all. There is something in the air. Something grand has been planned for Isengard, and it is still brewing. Perhaps by the time you read this, it will have been set in motion. All that can be said for now is – keep your eyes peeled. Watch it! And watch this space. There will be more news coming your way soon enough.

~ Nineran Isme



Varkin, Readers of the Herald!

The Kingdom of Khazad-dûm has witnessed the rise of a new Ruler! Fingolfin, dear to all inhabitants of the mines, has stepped forward in the election of a new King to replace the fallen King Nain. Though it was a tough decision, the Wise Council of the Dwarves gathered during several days to come to agreement, honouring Fingolfin with the ruling of the Kingdom. Keeping up with all the duties can be hard, but this brave man is ready, and so far, he has been showing everyone the Council was right!

However, life in Khazad-dûm hasn’t been resumed with the appointment of a new ruler. The Marketplace has been attacked by a giant Balrog who spread pain and destruction everywhere. It was thought they had been extinguished and banned from Khazad-dûm and all the Dwarves are running to arms in order to combat this new and unexpected threat. There have been some fierce days around the mines, as a Balrog can’t be defeated with a few buckets of water.

Aside from all these troubles, the Badger Team of Khazad-dûm keeps gathering victories around Middle-earth. Always busy with the hundreds and hundreds of trips from one side to the other, the furry racers of Khazad-dûm are currently leading the standings, although they are sharing the first place with other teams. Concerning the other Dwarven teams that participate in several international events, they are being rearranged now, choosing new leaders and being invigorated through the signing up of new members.

There is good news for all brawlers! Some may say it was about time, but if you consider yourself a good pub brawler, then you ought to join the hottest brand-new club, the Booze Brawlers Club! Counting with fewer members than expected at first, the runners have decided to change the model a bit and instead of a separated fight between a pair of brawlers, everyone has been dragged into a closed cage, where they brawl till only one can stand on his or her feet. Willing to show your valour? Then join the Booze Brawlers!

And speaking of brawling and pubs, Khazad-dûm assisted the opening of a quite awkward pub, where the main rule is being silent. Why, do you ask? It seems a famous guest took some days off in the mines and doesn’t want to be disturbed. However, no one knows exactly who it may be and if you are eager to discover, don’t forget to pass by the Pub of Silence.

So, has all this news piqued your curiosity? If you are looking to find out about all of this and much more, come to the Kingdom of Khazad-dûm! We will be more than pleased to be graced by your presence!

~ Tornihyanda



Suilad mellyn nín, Westu hal to you, the fair elves of Imladris. Once again, the warmer weather is surely bringing forth those from the lands of the Horse Lords. We’ve seen many a new-comer recently, which is always most welcomed. Our shop owners are setting up their first fruits, flowers, dresses, and clothing for this lovely weather as well. Such a whirlwind of activities has been going on that I don't even know what all to cover in this edition. As with any Kingdom, new riders and old riders that have returned always provoke new ideas, thoughts, and plans on making sure we keep up with the ever-changing lives of our residents. Word has it that one rider, Aodh, has been seen after many long months of no one knowing of his whereabouts. This is surely making his wife Eleowyn most happy. Our dedicated Caewyn has once more come home, after years of being in Maia Land, so to speak, *g*. With the opening of a new Bards Guild, all are definitely welcome to stop by, listen to the bards sing, and rejoice in this lovely season. As we are all headed into a warmer season, with many of us having packed those winter clothes away, the streets are filled with folks out just enjoying the fun-in-the-sun type atmosphere. With so many returning, Rohan is once more very active, alive, and so full of merriment. It’s always grand to see so many around, and friends returning.

The Riddermark Poetry team, did not do as well as they wished this last round although they tried their hardest; refusing to give up, they hope to do much better in the grand finale, which is running right now. Our Cavaliers are training, new recruits are joining, and we are once again seeing strength in our cavalry, something definitely needed to help protect our homelands and borders. New games are afoot: The Lair, Lac in Middle-earth, as well as thoughts on new ones up and coming. Many from around ME come to visit with great hopes. To bring us to a close, the SCR awards for May were Tazynia Dunami as Lothiriel, and Nocona as Theodred with the Rider of the Month Afor. For June, the Rider of the Month was Lenwe Surion, and the two SCR awards went to two Marshals, Elfhelm to (Golds) myself, and Firimar as Theodwyn. And that, my friends, is the end of the goings on around Rohan, well, for this month, anyway. Our summer festival planning is fully underway, so be on the lookout for those events up and coming.

~ Goldmoon Dunami



It’s hard to know where to begin this month, so much has happened in the Shire since the last time I wrote for the Herald. But one must begin somewhere! And that somewhere is all the wonderful new and old threads cropping up in the Shire. The first to make a comeback was the Shire Gardening Club. This was something that we hadn’t seen in quite some time and it was decided that it needed a comeback. With Feiniel at the helm it returned in the middle of last month and within mere days, we had nine new members. Together they are busy making the Mayor’s Office look lovely again. The garden at the front of the Mayor’s Office had become something of an eyesore; Sam may be a keen gardener but when your work is indoors you don’t have much time for the outdoors! So if you feel like learning a little about growing, or just like getting your hands dirty you’re most welcome to join them.

The next thread to make a comeback was the Shire Clinic, and about time too. This was always a popular place, as Hobbits are always getting into mischief and getting themselves hurt! The paint was hardly dry before a new staff of six arrived. They consisted of the doctors Finny, Lal and Galahir, along with Chiefs of Staff Miri and Estel, and receptionist Celebrian who is already run off her poor feet. They were quickly followed by patients falling through the door, quite literally as Istya Alassea arrived with a badly hurt ankle and ended up on the floor! Since then there has been non-stop activity. So remember, if you’re ever in the Shire and find yourself in need of some medical help, you know where to go. But only between the hours of 9 and 5!

The next Shire activity to reappear was the Shire Builder’s Guild. The Mayors had been thinking about bringing it back for a while, but the opportunity to do so never arose. That was until a new face arrived in Hobbiton. He is known to most as Benarda but his real name is Hamfast Deepdelver and he is a leading Hobbit expert on all things related to stone-masonry, the design and building of bridges, blacksmithery, forging, casting, smelting carpentry and joinery and carriage-building, and the construction of Hobbit Holes, Elf houses, Halls and Tree-houses, and Dwarven-halls and passageways to name but a "few" of his talents. He opened his workshop in Bywater so the Builder’s Guild has been relocated there and they are currently looking for enthusiastic folk to sign up. This is a unique opportunity to work with someone who really knows what he is talking about so if you’re interested stop on by. Everyone is welcome.

There are also some brand new things going on in the Shire right now. Anson is encouraging people to get dramatic in her thread Suds in the Shire. The idea behind it is that Anson gives us a situation. The first person in must NPC this situation, the next person in carries on where the last post ended and so on. All the posts so far have been entertaining to say the least and in true soap opera form there have been fighting, shocking twists, and plenty of backstabbing behavior. Suds in the Shire looks like it might be around for a while; it’s too good to run it only once. But why wait? If you’re in a particularly dramatic mood hop on over and NPC all that drama. An even more recent new thread to the Shire provides the opportunity to let the child in you out! Led by Metrey, it’s called “When They Were Kids” and it allows you to turn back the clock in your characters world and RP them as a youngster. There are no strict rules or boundaries; the Shire is your oyster. What kind of mischief did your younger self get up to? Where did you and your friends play? What did you like to do? This is a chance to develop your character, or an NPC character in the case of non Hobbits and to really let loose and have fun. I know I plan to!

Elsewhere in the Shire things are more serious. Rumors have been flying for months about some evil in Buckland, and finally a call went out to investigate. A group of swordsmen, archers, cavalry and Shirriffs met at Brandy Hall and are on their way to the Old Forest. With the help of Tom Bombadil we now know what is going on. It seems Old Man Willow is leading a band of evil creatures, including the Barrow-wights, against the Shire. If you want to help us protect our beautiful home in Defending the Borders it’s not too late to sign up.

Other things going on in the Shire recently include the Word-Sleuth Team making it to the finals after a long and hard season. They are up against Khazad-dum, another great team and I wish both teams good luck. But naturally I wish the Shire a little bit of extra luck! Miss Miri, otherwise known as Pippin has gone on a tour of Middle-earth and so a spare Pippin had to step in to take her place! Feiniel stepped up as Mod for the month of June, sporting a rather fetching Pippin Took SCR. After all, what would Sam do without someone to talk to in the Mayors Office?!

The Shire welcomed some new Hobbits into its borders recently, only these Hobbits looked oddly familiar to everyone. After some odd looks we found out why they looked so familiar; it was because we knew them from somewhere else. Arien Silverleaf (now known as Sweetpea) and Mae Silverleaf (now Rosie Bracegirdle) came from Lorien, Region had shrunk and moved from Fangorn and Lail had left her horse at home and traveled over from Rohan. It has been a delight to have them in the Shire and we can only hope it isn’t just a quick visit.

That’s all from the Shire for now, I could go on but I fear I might lose your interest! Until next time!

~ Estel


Lore: Ost-In-Edhil


Ost-in-Edhil was the capital city in Eregion (also called Hollin) built by the Noldor; its literal meaning in Sindarin is “Fortress of the Elves”. Its first rulers were Lady Galadriel and Celeborn, who were succeeded by Celebrimbor, son of Curufinwe.

It was founded in the seventy-fifth year of the Second Age and situated on the northern shores of the river Glanduin near the place where the Glanduin joined with the river Sirannon. There was a road which led from Ost-in-Edhil down to Western gates of Khazad-dum, known later as Moria. The Elves and Dwarves had great relations during that time and there was trade between them.

This was the city of smiths, whose guild was known as the Gwaith-in-Mírdain or People of the jewel-smiths; Celebrimbor was their lord.

Around the year 1200 of the Second Age, an unknown being came to the town offering knowledge and help to the smith. He was Sauron, but he called himself Annatar (Lord of Gifts), and his aim was to destroy the Elves.

Celebrimbor and others accepted his skills and forged 19 rings, called the Rings of Power. The last three were forged in secret, and were named Narya, Nenya and Vilya. Two of them were given to Gil-galad and one to Galadriel. Sauron, also in secrecy, forged One Ring that would rule all the other rings. Yet when he put on his One Ring the Elves became aware of his evil intentions and removed their rings, hiding them. In the year 1697, Sauron launched an assult on Eregion and the city of the Elves.

Celebrimbor was captured and tormented until he revealed to Sauron the location of the original sixteen rings. Yet he did not tell Sauron where the secret three were, or who had them. Eregion and its capital were destroyed, and Celebrimbor, the last descent in the direct line of Feanor, died of the torture wounds. Sauron went and took the sixteen rings, seven of which were given to the Dwarves, and nine to Men.

The remains of Ost-in-Edhil somehow managed to survive The War of the Ring, and still stand today.

~ Numellote


Language: Exercises

It is time for Quenya Party Time!

If you have done your part of the job from the previous lesson, it should have been like these:

Translate into English:

  1. The sun will rise and the birds will sing.
  2. Six women will watch/guard the gate.
  3. All men will die.
Translate into Quenya:
  1. The aran ar i tári cenduva i parma
  2. I Elda hiruva i Nauco
  3. I ohtar turuva macil.
And if you thought a new lesson would be on the table, you were wrong. We shall exercise again. You know what the wise say: ''Repetition is the mother of knowledge!'' *smiles*

Translate into English:
  1. Eldar nar vanye.
  2. I taura nér ar i vanya nís nar úmië.
  3. I anúmië neri nar firini.
Translate into Quenya:
  1. The king summoned the queen
  2. The maidens watched the Elf.
  3. The mightiest king is wise.
Next time Perfect Tense is scheduled. If not, then pronominal endings will do just fine.

Till next time, stay beautiful!

With help from Ardalambion

~ Numellote


  • Guilds and Organizations
    • Word Sleuths: Loriwaynen
    • Debate Team: Loriwaynen
    • Healers: Aikari
    • Forge: Aikari
    • IK Racing Team: Nenuphar
  • Kingdom Events
    • Changing Times: Pip Reonyea
    • Ost-Formentir: Elwen Falmariel
    • To Arms: Pip Reonyea
  • Tidings From Abroad
    • Isengard: Nineran Isme
    • Khazad Dum: Tornihyanda
    • Riddermark: Goldmoon Dunami
    • The Shire: Estel Underhill
  • Crafts, Lore, and Language
    • Annuminas: Numellote
    • Quenya: Numellote
  • Artwork
    • Titles and background: Tinw
    • Ink sketches: Tinw
    • Eagle and Cheetah sketches: Ellitare
    • Kingdom stamps: Silarvalla

With gratitude to each and every one of our contributors, for all your efforts to record and bring to life the magic of Imladris and of the plaza. Fond memories, fun times, a great paper: we are so proud and honoured to be able to put the Herald together - thanks to you!
~Nenuphar, Arvellas, and Mar-Evayave, co-Editors