Parth Edwen ~ Volume II
Pennas Lothron ~ May Issue

May 1st ~ Anniversary of the Coronation of King Elessar

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The Last Fight

Don’t weep my fair pale Níniel,
you knew it had to come to this.
Just give me one word of farewell

and give me one last bitter kiss.
The Walls of Night are falling now
and marred is Valinórë’s bliss.

This is the ending, anyhow,
no more shall Anar rise and shine.
I swore an oath, I made a vow;

when all of Ambar does decline
and fade, I’ll stand alone and fight
with Gurthang, darkest friend of mine.

My love, dress me in gold and white!
The time has come for Mormakil
to stand alone against the Night;

I have been longing and I will
not fear to face the Shadows’ Lord,
to fight all that is dark and ill

and end the world upon my sword.
Farewell my love, farewell again!
Go back now, flee the roaring hoard.

There will be silence soon and then
there will be sweet, eternal gloom.
Your Turambar, most cursed of Men

shall prove he’s Master of the Doom,
shall conquer, ruin, burn and quench,
release the dead and break the tomb —

this is the hour of revenge!

~ Annatariel

Guilds and Groups

Army Report

Here’s all the latest from the Rivendell Army! The Troops Abroad have a new Training RPG going on and Archer Training as well as an Archery Contest. The Sea Forces have a nifty new RPG, an Improvised RPG where anything goes (within reason). It's open to all Army members, so come join us! The Rivendell Defense has a Mini-RPG going on, but it’s slow, since its members have been busy with the Quest for the Silmaril. The Spies are always in hiding or spending time in the darkroom or sneaking around, and there isn’t that much activity happening just at the moment— that we know about! The Envinyatindo has a new group of Healer Apprentices, of which yours truly is one. It has been a quiet time because the Army is in the Shire right now, and most are cared for in the field or in the Hobbit Hospital. The Smithy is under major reconstruction, and this reporter is not sure when it will reopen. The Animal Center continues to provide new animals for army members. It looks like horse orders are in the lead with 178 replies. In the Army Training Center, Lalo and Falassewen went on a Wild Boar’s Hunt. The Boar was successfully apprehended, with a little trepidition on Falassewen’s
part. The Army also has a Weapon Research Project where a soldier can submit an article on a Middle-earth weapon. And the army has a new Dating Thread, where lonely Soldiers can date one another. This service is for members of the Rivendell Army only, and is supervised by General Aurëthil.

Finally, we have breaking news...

The Plaza Armies RPG: The Last Alliance

That is right; the moment you have all been waiting for is here! The secret forum that has annoyed so many has really been the planning thread for a huge RPG, involving Rivendell, Khazad-dûm, Rohan, Minas Tirith and Mordor! We will replay the Last Alliance, and invite all Army members to join one of the Elven Armies.

Your options are:

  • Imladris Army
  • Mithlond Army
  • Greenwood the Great Army
  • Lórien Army

All these armies have their own forums at Army Headquarters. Enter them, and follow the sign-up instructions you will find there. Have fun, and good luck! If you’re not a member of the Rivendell Army, there is still time to enlist and join in! The RPG itself will start in Rivendell on the 15th of May, so it is important that you have all signed up by then!



Bards' Guild

       The spring sun rises on the Bards’ Guild, and we find that many things have begun to bloom rapidly. The talents of our bards, lore-smiths and artisans grow steadily as well as enrollments in the language courses. So much so that Aerlinnel of Lothlórien has joined the staff as Istoneth Edhellen (Teacher of Elvish). And Thorsten has opened the Journeyman Class for Sindarin. We also find that Nathril Golodhrin (formerly twinlakesgrl) has graduated from the Quenya Apprentice Class.

       April has also brought great growth and change for Taramiluiel. With her coronation as our newest Lord Glorfindel, co-ruler of our great land, she has found that it is best to resign her position as Tuluril (Assistant to the Head Bard). But do not even begin to think that her dedication will dwindle. She will continue to keep her watchful eye and ever talented mind busy and in tune with the Guild and all of us within it.

       Growth and change will also be coming to the entire Bards’ Guild in the months ahead. In order to strengthen and encourage even closer ties with Rivendell, the Guild is in the necessary process of constructing its own Rivendell Kingdom House, Govannas in Glirdain. It will be an IC bardic house for everything except the Schools of Language. These will continue to be located at the ezboard site for now, but may one day be relocated to the Guild house as well. As soon as all of the logistics are worked out we will have a detailed explanation of how it will all work. But for now, the Guild at ezboard continues as before, though the admin thread and the gathering grove at the new house are open to all. Please, come and join us in The Rainbow’s End and take a look around at the new construction.

~Sil Ar-Feiniel


The Song of Lebennin (trans. of a poem in ROTK)

Taramiluiel was recently contacted by a talented young bard, Helen Trevellion, who has arranged and performed a jaw-dropping rendition of one of Tara’s older translations. While Tara has discovered a few mistakes in this translation which she has since corrected, this phenomenal piece is well worth hearing! (Follow the link)

I sîr sirar gelib o Chelos na Erui
Min dailf gelin Lebennin!
Ennas i thar gala dond. Guin hûl uin Aear
I lyth fain lilthar.
Ah i nill velthin nellennin bo vallos ah alfirin
Min dailf gelin Lebennin,
Guin hûl uin Aear.
Silver flow the streams from Celos to Erui
In the green fields of Lebennin!
Tall grows the grass there. In the wind from the Sea
The white lilies sway.
And the golden bells are shaken of mallos and alfirin
In the green fields of Lebennin,
In the wind from the Sea.

~Tara, Trevellion, & Tolkien


Drill Team

       In the Rivendell Drill Team, the elves of Imladris match wits with loremasters from other kingdoms across Middle-earth. This past month has been a bit slow, with the season winding down to a close. The only remaining matches are against Lothlórien, whose team joined later in the season. After Lórien plays its three final matches (one being against the elves of Imladris), the playoffs will begin. Rivendell stands a good chance of getting in, currently holding second place in the league standings; we are tied with the Shire at ten and trailing Minas Tirith by two points.

       This past month has seen many new recruits and several promotions. Congratulations go to Elenear and Feanor Elf on their promotions to Hebir Ist (Lore Keepers) and Mithduin, Aman Kano, Amandagreenleaf, and Koranti on their promotions to Ephedyr Ist (Lore Followers).

       The Drill Team is a very fun activity for anyone with a love of the Lore of Middle-earth. Interested in joining? Click here!



Word Sleuth

       Word Sleuth, a Scrabble-like game with a Middle-earth twist, is still a very popular game throughout the plaza! Interested elves can sign up here! Rivendell’s Word Sleuth team is still going strong, and all members of the team are having a great time in their matches! At mid-season, Rivendell has completed six games with three wins! With Mo, the creator of the game, moving, Mir and Rohanna have taken over officiating games in his absence. Recent games include games against Rohan and the White Council, and we are currently playing two games: one against Valinor (currently on hold) and one against Fangorn. If you enjoy Word Games or Scrabble, chances are you will enjoy Word Sleuth! We are always happy to have new members, so if interested, join today!



Racing Team

       This season has been a good one for the Rivendell Racing Team. We came third out of the eight kingdoms, winning four games out of seven. It has also been a good season overall with over 100 people participating with their chosen animals. The race of champions (the people who had won previous games) was won by Luniel, a Lothlórien elf, and Nerresta, an Istar. Our racers Tilion and Annatariel did well, each reaching the 37th space by the end of the race. In the Interkingdom Derby we also came away with a good score, a total of 35. It was won by Rohanna, a Minion, but Tilion managed to come joint 8th with four other individuals. And the other entrants Sayoko, Shadowwolf, Iclaulau, Khait and Feanor all did well and finished the race with good scores. Overall, this season has been very good and worth all the fun! And thanks have to go to all the moderators (Sayoko, Shadowwolf and Eithil for Rivvy)...It couldn’t have happened without you.



Song of a Winged Rider

Oh! Fire and pain, which none shall tame.
Wind a-blazing by thy ears.
The sky taking away all your fears.
Forgotten is the time of take off.
A hate dwelling within for the landing not far off.
So we send our voice high,
Deep into this velvet sky.
Through winter, summer, and spring.
We shall ride.
We shall ride.


Annals of Imladris

Rivendell Enters a New Era

       I stood amongst the many Elves gathered in the great hall. Although Arlo Cúthalion had ruled the realm of Imladris for a year now, it was clear that the inhabitants of the valley had not been gathered because of that. Nay, elsewhere was being held the celebration of his rule and his many achievements in the kingdom, serving his time as an officer, offering his guidance to those new to the realm, maintaining and greatly expanding the kingdom archives, and lending a hand wherever it was needed. During his time as ruler, Imladris had been steered through troublesome times when Elves emigrated in great numbers to Lórien. Ever he had encouraged the fine art of behaving as a true Elf, and not the reputation often undeservingly given to Imladris. All remembered his stern gaze when the times demanded it. And now it was announced that he would leave, sailing west and fulfill a duty there in the service of the Elder King and He who is above all thrones.

       Laebeth stepped forward, and all gazed in her direction. She had enjoyed great affection as ruler, for her long time as general of the Host of Imladris and participation in many activities had left none in doubt of her capabilities as a leader. A sigh of relief could be heard through the many Elves when it became known that she would continue to serve as a ruler, and Imladris would continue to enjoy her guidance and the direction she had taken the realm to, where knowledge and many arts were thriving.

       As Taramiluiel walked forward to stand at Laebeth’s side, it became clear to all who the choice would be. In the spirit of Imladris, an Elf had been chosen who had proven herself many times: both with skill of words and art when she had devised names, poems, tales, and images, and with her great knowledge of lore when she had bested other realms or served as judge in contests. Shouts and cheers erupted among the crowd, and I heard my own voice join as the Elves of Imladris greeted their new sovereign. Then the hall fell silent as we all, one by one, stepped forward and swore our allegiance. Imladris had a new ruler.

~ Aduchil

Concerning the roles of Elrond, Glorfindel, and Ulmo

       Lord Elrond was the son of Eärendil and Elwing. He and his brother Elros were given the chance to select their race, since they had both human and elven ancestors. Elrond chose the elves and since that time has honored his race. He served under Gil-Galad and he established Rivendell after the destruction of Eregion. He married Celebrían, Galadriel’s daughter, and had three children with her, Elladan, Elrohir and Arwen. Glorfindel lived in Gondolin, a famous city of the Elves in ancient times. He was the head of the House of the Golden Flower. He died fighting a Balrog, in order to save Tuor and Idril and everyone who was following them out of Gondolin when it was sacked. He is the only elf who both reincarnated and returned to Middle Earth. Ulmo was the Vala most concerned with the happenings in Middle Earth and the fate of the elves. He did everything he could to help them and protect them. He was always trying to convince the other Valar to help the elves, even when the elves had aroused their wrath. He ruled the seas of Middle Earth.

~ Elron Quel Droma



The Silmaril Goes West

       After the long battle with the minions, Laebeth’s last orders had been to rest, take care of the wounded soldiers and bury the dead. The plan had been to take the Silmaril to Rivendell and from there to the Grey Havens and Valinor. But plans changed when a winged Nazgûl flew over the camp during the night, showing the enemy knew where the jewel was. After a meeting, the three Generals decided the fate of the jewel and the Army: they would go straight to Grey Heavens and from there, they would sail to the West. After breaking camp near Moria, the Elven Army of Rivendell marched along the river, but had a pleasant surprise when they discovered a number of Swanships sent by Lady Galadriel of the Golden Wood. With the help of the Sea Forces, the ships sailed downstream towards Tharbad, reaching the marshes just northeast of the deserted city. The Army crossed the marshes to find the city of Tharbad had been conquered by the enemy. After a long battle marked by excellent cooperation and skilled fighting, the Army conquered the city, and spent the night there before moving on. After a day of marching and another night of camping, the Army reached Sarn Ford on the River Baranduin. The ford was being guarded! With the help of a brilliant plan by Captain Rilómë, the Ford was quickly taken by the Elves who now found themselves in the peaceful Shire. But the Hobbits thought they were responsible for what happened in Sarn Ford, and took the Elves prisoners to Tuckborough where the High Rankers tried to get to an agreement with the Leaders of the Hobbits. While negotiations were taking place, ten monstrous trolls attacked the camp, and both Elves and Hobbits joined to protect the Shire against the enemies. The Elves and Hobbits have now defeated the trolls, and are resting and tending the wounded while the General and Marigold talk with the Lord and Lady of the Shire once again. As the month closes for this Army Adventure, Laivindil has lit a funeral pyre, and some of the surviving Elves stand watching it.

~ Linnendwen


       As the Elves of Imladris were awakened by the song of birds and the sound of the wind rushing through the leaves, it became clear to them that spring had finally arrived. It was time for the great feast of Ethuil, to herald the coming of the spring as is suitable. Soon the horses were saddled, the lords and ladies clad in garments appropriate for such celebration, the only hint of darker times being the swords carried for the sake of elegance only. With merry talk the company set off towards Woodhall, the clearing in which the feasting of Ethuil always took place. Yet as mirth and dance commenced, the first night’s feast was disrupted as the shrieking of crows heralded ill news. Goblins of the Hithaeglir had found the secret glade and now from all sides fell upon the unsuspecting Elves. Though poorly equipped for battle, the Elves valiantly fought back and slew the Orcs in heaps. At last they abandoned their plans of murder and turned to flee, the cowards frightened by the bitter resistance that the Elves gave. Gathering those who were injured, the people of the stars turned south until they entered the hospitable country of the Shire, inhabited by the Halflings otherwise known as Hobbits. There the celebration of Ethuil began anew, for spring had come.

~ Aduchil

       This month a cooking contest was held in Rivendell, and the theme was “pies”. Participation was open to Rivendell elves alone, however, all were welcome to come and partake of the feast. A good many booths were set up where the participating members would bake their pie and leave some out for sampling. The contest would run from the 1st to the 15th of April, and then the contestants’ entries would be judged. There were only six entries, but each of them was an excellent piece of workmanship. The entries ranged from varieties of Chocolate Pies, Meringeu Pie, Gweria Cheesecram and even Marzipan pies.

       The first entry by Linnendwen was the Rivendell Cherry Chocolate Dream Pie. Made with a wonderful chocolate base, stuffed with cherries and whipped cream and chocolate shavings on top, this is a definitely great pie. The next pie that was entered was by Lilu Olnathron. She entered a Fruits of Imladris Meringue Pie, which was made up of apples, black cherries, wild strawberries and blackberries and topped with meringue. The pie seemed to taste of spring and of blooming flowers and leaves. Once you go to the next booth you find that Laifana had made a delightfully original Mirkwood gweria Cheesecram pie. Made up of Mirkwood cracker crumbs, nutmeg, creamcheese, eggnog and whipped cream, this pie taste can best be described as... go try it yourself and find out! Túrelië’s pie was the next one to come out of the oven, and she had made a Super Special Sweet Treat Chocolate River Puffy Pie, which was made of a lembas base and filled with molten chocolate, which had a tendency to flow out like a river. Quite enjoyable though messy! Falassewen’s Chocolate Raspberry Delight was a tasty combination of chocolate, raspberries and almonds and made your mouth water for more! The last entry was by V Elentári. She had made a Marzipan Miruvor Raspberry Reverie that contained an amazing combination of marzipan, raspberries, miruvor and cream.

       After the deadline had passed the only thing that remained was for the judges Khait and Eithil to judge the pies. According to them, the pies were judged on “originality and the descriptions.” So what kind of descriptions did they want? “A description that made the judges’ mouths water”. The participants had fun sampling each other’s pies while the judges were making their decision. It wasn’t going to be easy judging, since all the entries were excellent. Finally, Khait and Eithil announced the winners. In first place came Lilu Pereldar, in second place Falassewen, and in third place came V Elentári. The event was a success, and we are pleased to report that now everyone is enjoying themselves tasting the pies. Why don’t you come over and enjoy some before it is all finished?

~ Silver Leaf


       Recently our ever-flowing fountain of ideas for the Plaza produced yet another great idea, ME Idol. Middle-Earth Idol, or ME Idol as it is better known, is a plaza-wide competition where contestants combine creativity, wit, and cunning strategies to win over people’s hearts while representing their race or home kingdom as faithfully as possible. To do this contestants are given “challenges” which they must complete. A challenge is where you are given a scenario and you have to write up a convincing “essay” of sorts. Now you may be wondering about who the contestants were in Rivendell, out of the many people that entered 10 were chosen, these ten were:

  • Aduchil
  • Tinw
  • Soronume
  • Taramiluiel
  • Lilu Pereldar
  • Caradain
  • Lady Shadowdawn
  • Niquinga
  • Laluna
  • Ibrantriel

Here are the challenges, where you can read everybody’s entries:

It was narrowed down to two, Tinw and Caradain. Caradain. Out of the two, Tinw was chosen to represent Rivendell, and did a great job! Final contestants from the other kingdoms were:

  • Lothlorien: Nuviel Antulien
  • Meduseld: Ele Isenfolme
  • Minas Tirith: Terithavrindiel
  • Mordor: Grishnak
  • Rivendell: Tinw
  • The Shire: Eamila Bolger

You are probably wondering who won! It was in fact Eamila Bolger from the Shire. You can read her winning entry, a “Shire Alphabet”, and those of the other contestants here. Another fun fact for ME Idol is that Rivvy was were the whole ME Idol began. Great Job, Neenuvar, for starting it!

~ Melanoriel

The House of Art

       Greetings! Fëanturi here reporting from The House of Art, located right in the heart of Rivendell. I enjoyed my stay here, and talked with the people, who were extremely welcoming. If you go visit this house (which I highly recommend you do), you will be flooded with different activities. As the name implies, they have a Gallery, filled with magnificent artwork of all kinds. You can also check out the Poetic Corner for some insightful poetry. The house is also a great place to just kick back and relax, and meet some new friends as you do. I hope you take time out to stop on by, the door is open...

~ Fëanturi


Barad Avallone

       No ordinary house, Barad Avallone is a castle for both astronomy and military purposes. Upon entering, if you find yourself with any evil then you must leave at once, but if with good you will be welcomed to enter either the Pub of Starlight, Dome under the Stars, Training Grounds of the Starrode, and much more for your delight. For the military part of it, you may join four different regiments: Infantry, Cavalry, Archers, and Defenders. But if you join this army you will not stand alone! You will also be allies with Barad Caranrusc, located in Rivendell and owned by Lilu Olnathron. So come on down for a visit sometime!

~ Melanoriel



In the bitter watches of the twilight;
Through many sleepless nights;
Does my mind wander to things far off
Found under no earthly lights.
In loneliness do my fears
Ever mock my dreams
Of stony paths and endless forests
Along the silver streams.
Some say my foolish imaginings
Shall never come to be;
Yet ’tis in these sleepless nights
That it is made clear to me.
Our paths are laid before our feet;
For over destiny we have no sway.
Yet we decide where our paths lie.
Rest assured!
The heart knows the way!


Feature Articles

Gwaihir has been one of the plaza mainstays in many guises over the years, serving officially or unofficially in many important capacities. Learn from the wisdom of this well-loved and well-travelled lady!

Melanoriel: Recently you were promoted to Editor of the Plaza-wide newspaper. How did you feel?

Gwai: I wonder if it was a promotion. I signed up in a thread around October/November last year where Grey Pilgrim asked if anyone was interested joining the editing team, because Treyan had resigned. When they picked me, I felt happy, of course. I like doing the HTML, I learn a lot and get to know and work together with great and enthusiastic Plaza members.

Melanoriel: That’s great! So how did the job get passed on to you?

Gwai: I was notified via E-mail that they wanted me to join the team. So that’s exactly what I did. There was a lot of work to do.

Melanoriel: Do you enjoy getting the work done? or is it stressful sometimes?

Gwai: Well, I have been doing it on my own for quite some time now. For a while, there were three editors (Grey Pilgrim, Eruan and I). That complicated things at times, due to time zones and lack of communication. It was also fun to work together of course! I would not say it is stressful, although I try to improve every single Newsletter. I am just very grateful I was granted the chance to work on the Newsletter. And I am very grateful to have so many dedicated Plaza journalists on my “staff”.

Melanoriel: I heard, or rather saw, your recent change from Istari to Hobbit. What influenced the change?

Gwai: I have been on the Plaza for over 2 years. I needed something new, so I decided to travel around like Gandalf. So maybe next month I’ll be in Fangorn! It is nice to learn all the Kingdoms from the inside out. In RL I am the same; I cannot stay at the same place for a long time when we are on a holiday, I need to explore, and I often sit down with the local people and try to learn as much as possible.

Melanoriel: What different kinds of things do you like? It seems as if you are everywhere on the plaza! Wow! Must be hard to keep up with you! Though it seems you have a very busy life, are you this much of a nomad in RL?

Gwai: I always will be Gwai; the people who need me always know how to find me regardless of the Kingdom I live for the moment. In RL I wish I had more time to travel and be more of a nomad. Like I said: I am curious, I love to find out how people live, I love historical places and nature on its own.
I have explored the Plaza almost to the fullest. So the challenge is to find new things that keep me busy. The Newsletter is a wonderful challenge for me. I was ruler of Gondor in 2002 for a short period, so I had that pleasure. After that I stayed on and explored this virtual Middle Earth as a Ranger Captain, a Nazgûl, a wizard and now as a Hobbit.

Melanoriel: What activities did or do you like in the White Council and the Shire?

Gwai : Oh dear! You see, I was a Gondorian first for almost one and a half years. I only lived in the WC for maybe two months. I love the WC’s atmosphere a lot. The rulers are both very relaxed and easy-going. I have to admit, I did not post or interact that much because I spend most of my time on-line working on the Newsletter and reading other people’s posts. But I think one of my favorite activities in the WC must be the games and trivia.
In the Shire I adore the Silver Thread of the Old Tooks, and I recently joined the Shire orchestra, playing harp. See! One of the great advantages in a virtual world— all of a sudden I am playing the harp wonderfully. The Shire is a really nice and comfortable Kingdom.

Melanoriel: Were you ever an Elf in Rivendell?

Gwai: I have been an Elf for 20 minutes for fun but changed back. But who knows? Maybe I will be one in the future. Like I said, I am on a virtual fieldtrip, so I could end up anywhere. I have even been a Nazgûl for a month a year ago. I love Mordor, must be the dark side in me. But I was too much a Lady of Gondor to torture poor Middle Earthlings, so I went back to the White City.

Melanoriel: I never knew that you were a ruler of Gondor! Though it’s changing the topic a little, I have been so curious about tribute. I know this sounds really silly, but where does it come from?

Gwai: The tribute the Plaza Newsletter journalists receive comes from the administrators team. After every issue is released, I make a list of people that should be tributed and the amount of points they deserve. I send the E-mail to the Valinor team and ask them if anyone up there would be so kind helping me out. And so far someone always does.

Melanoriel: Are you into activities in different kingdoms besides the one that you are living in, like in Rivendell?

Gwai: No, unfortunately I am not. I have a busy life. When I am on-line I hardly have the time to interact or sign up for anything. I spend most of my Plaza time in the Newsletter threads and converse with the journalists. I do read a lot of threads when I am drinking my morning coffee, but my real life is getting more and more busy, which I find very pleasant. I recently picked up my old job: giving vocal classes. And since I have three children, which means a full household, I cannot get that much on-line. But I do know Rivvy is a great Kingdom, with wonderful creative talents, lots of fun, warm, caring and bubbly personalities, and I have made some good friends there.

Melanoriel: So if there was some advice you could give to all the newbies in Rivvy, then what would it be?

Gwai: I would tell them to take the time to read Rivendell’s FAQ, and to make their first post in Rivendell in the Newbie thread in there to introduce yourself. It is a great way to get to know people, and you can ask questions about the Kingdom and learn a lot by sticking to the other newbies.
Another thing is not to get discouraged. Rivvy is big but also very wonderful, so again :
Newbies, take your time, never ever forget to have fun, and abide by the rules.

[Ed. Note: Sadly, shortly after this interview, Gwaihir was forced by circumstances beyond Middle-earth to say farewell. We wish her all the best.]

The Poetry and Fanfiction Forum is one of the busiest places in all of Middle-earth, due to the prolific talents of our writers. Goldberry is one of the three Muses who keeps the place running smoothly.

Arasriel: What do you think is the best aspect of being an admin?

Goldberry: Definitely getting to read the poems and fics in the PaFF...and, of course, getting to talk to the people. I’ve met people through the help threads (and just through the cafés and fic threads) who are absolutely fantastic, and whom I never would have gotten the chance to talk to otherwise.

Arasriel: Like me! What kind of things do you normally edit?

Goldberry: Hmm... usually questions in the help threads, or my own posts, when I make a really wince-worthy typo.

Arasriel: Prolly, one of mine! How did you become an admin?

Goldberry: I hung around the PaFF an awful lot, and somehow managed to attract the attention of Minstrell, who thought (mistakenly :-P) I’d do an okay and uninsane job and appointed me. At least, it was something like that. To be honest with you, I couldn't tell you exactly how it happened. It was over a year ago, and my memory is mighty short.

Arasriel: Did you ever dream of being an admin before you were one?

Goldberry: Hehe, doesn’t everybody? I did...and, for the record, it’s nothing like what I thought.

Arasriel: Pfft, I sure do... So, where do you spend most of your time?

Goldberry: PaFF, eternally.

Arasriel: I wonder why... Where did you spend most of your time as you were a newbie?

Goldberry:PaFF, still...I used to haunt a lot of the riddle threads, as well.

Arasriel: If your avatar could be anything you wanted it to be, what would it be?

Goldberry: Most definitely a star of Fëanor, as I’m mildly obsessed. However, something like a giant skull would make a nice change from the luverly Pink Flower, as well as scaring all the newbies.

Arasriel: Should have known; I remember the 200 question survey! Ok, now describe yourself in one word.

Goldberry: Inane.

Arasriel: Can I have your autograph?

Goldberry: Sho’ thing— but, just warning you, you won‘t be able to read it.

Arasriel: Have you ever talked to Eru?

Goldberry: Hmm, I believe I have... does having Eru answer a question count?

Arasriel: Of course that does! What is you favorite part of the plaza?

Goldberry: My poetry thread, muahaha.

Arasriel: Should have seen that coming! What is the best part of being Goldberry?

Goldberry: Probably the same as the best part of being an admin: reading great stuff, and meeting nice people. And then there’s the nifty pink flower icon....

Arasriel: LOL! Thanks for being with us!


Introduction to the Advanced Lore Forum

       Good people, welcome to a place deep in discussion and thought. Filled with ideas, we are in the realm of Advanced Lore. Many of you may ask, what is the difference between Basic and Advanced Lore? Never fear, for I believe I have the answers! Basic Lore is a place to ask simple questions and receive answers or basic discussions. Advanced Lore is a place for more in-depth discussions and analyses of Tolkien’s work. The discussions may be a little more complex than most. But it is not only this! No, it is a place for speculation and perhaps more philosophical ideas. Of course, every philosopher needs a change sometimes, so surely there are places where they may be set challenges. Well, why not join in this month’s challenge on The Dynamics of Power. Also, why not have a go at Hothís IC Challenge. A curious idea to be sure. Take a look and see if you could take up the challenges, or join in the discussions. Everyone would be pleased to hear new opinions and theories. I am not a regular visitor myself, but with the help of Calenel and LothirielEadig, I was soon fine to set about with my article. Well, it is time for us to leave the discussions for now. I hope you visit this curious place soon.

[Editor’s note: You may not open discussions in Advanced Lore, but if you begin a discussion in another forum that the Powers deem worthy, they shall move it to this distinguished hall.]

~Rhîn Ariel


Thief Hunter

       Being a Thief Hunter involves a lot of travelling. You get to see many parts of Middle Earth. The Kingdoms using professional Thief Hunters are Rivendell, Meduseld, Khazad-dûm, The Shire, Fangorn, and, surprisingly enough, Mordor. The idea originated in Khazad-dûm, and was suggested by a certain dwarf called Borromino.

       The concept is simple. Whenever a theft occurs, trained Thief Hunters are called upon to aid the authorities in capturing the thief. To do this, one must find out who is the thief, where he/she is hiding, and what item was stolen. Deadlines are set for handing in our guesses, and in return we receive further clues. The aim is to be the one to outsmart the thief, to win renown, and to get your name placed in the Hall of Fame. There are also other rewards like a basket of mushrooms in the Shire, a year’s supply of MiracleGroTM in Fangorn, or a packet of Lembas in our very own Rivvy. You may think this sounds easy enough, but don’t be fooled— there are dangers along the way.

       The thieves set traps for the hunters, and if you’re not careful, you may fall into a pit somewhere in Mordor, lose yourself in the tunnels of Khazad-dûm, or slip on some nut shells in Fangorn, just to name a few examples. In the Shire, the thief also has a habit of kidnapping the hobbit he has robbed and leaving him or her tied up somewhere. Of course, if you happen to find that poor hobbit, it is your duty to look after the victim, and you lose valuable time. In Meduseld, you are at risk of getting into trouble if you wrongly accuse someone by mistake. Said person will destroy your property, and you spend the rest of the Thief Hunt clearing up the mess. If you are thief hunting in Mordor, you are required to not only hand in your guess, but you must explain in detail how you came to your conclusion.

       But aside from these hazards, being a Thief Hunter is a very satisfying job, and I invite anyone to come along and learn the tricks of the trade by joining in.


Not a member of the army? Ever wondered just how those training exercises work? From this month’s army reporter, we have in-depth coverage, so here’s your chance to see for yourself!

Instructors and trainees:
Rilomë: Evinyatar - Elorn - LadyArwen144 - Finwe Saralonde - Angel Wings -
Shadowwolf: Gilluin - PDCML - Aman Kano - Lord Reemo - v Elentari -

It looks like a fairly active Group of Elves. They seem to have a great time
with their Training.

As the clouds cover the sun, you enter a wide, rectangular field. It is almost barren, resembling the wasteland of Mordor. Stones, ash, and some dead wood - that is what the field is covered with, burying whatever might have been alive under it. As your eyes scan through the field, you notice that after all not everything is lifeless. Not far away from you, sitting on great horses, are the Generals of the Army. Full armor covering her body, Laebeth is in the center, a long sword hanging at her belt. Elnarsil and Aurethil are by her sides, armed in a similar manner, though Aurethil also has a bow behind her back and Elnarsil a short spear. But the generals themselves do not hold your attention for long when you notice what is behind them— a iron cage with thick bars. The cage is filled with fierce Uruks, members of an Orc raiding party captured in the Misty Mountains. They bear their traditional arms and armor, and swing it in the limited space of the cage with such aggressiveness, that you immediately realize — they mean bussiness. Their hideous voices bear insults, curses and threats, which they shout at the top of their lungs. Just as you start to wonder what these Orcs are exactly for, General Laebeth speaks in a very loud voice: “Friends, it's time for training, in some minutes, these Orcs will be released and you'll have to defeat them...”

(Abridged) Rules for This Exercise:

  1. 1. You’ll be attacked with questions and just by one orc. (Roleplayed by the high ranker chosen to train you)
  2. 2. For each question you answer correctly, the orc gets injured once.
  3. 3. If you answer correctly 3 times, he’ll be injured 3 times and die.
  4. 4. You can get up to 5 wrong answers. In each of them you get hit, but after the fifth one the orc will be out of control and the Generals or trainers will kill him inmediately.
  5. 5. A star will be given to those who fufill their training.

Example questions and answers...

Evinyatar: “What where the burned lands around Erebor called?” It is called the Desolation of the Dragon, or better known as the Desolation of Smaug!

Angel Wings: “What is the Dwarven name for the Mirrormere that lies in the eastern valley of the Misty Mountains?” Kheled-zâram.

~ Linnendwen


       You wouldn’t believe my surprise when I approached Tinw one morning not all that long ago, only to find Elrohir instead of our beloved editor. Startled, I returned to the forum and looked closely at the name of the thread starter. Sure enough, it was Tinw. Bewildered, I opened the thread again, but just as before the first post was written by Elrohir. Feeling a bit more than confused, I hurried to the Administrator Messages knowing they have the answers to everything. Sure enough, with very little searching on my part, I soon found the answers to all of my questions. And I don't mean 42.

       Special Character Ranks were the creation of one Mirluin, wizard and onetime ruler of the White Council. At the beginning of the month, the rulers of a kingdom choose people (or Elves or Ents or Dwarves or Hobbits or Istari or Minions as the case may be) who they feel have contributed greatly to their kingdom. For the period of one calendar month, they will hold the rank of one of Tolkien’s beloved characters. This special character rank (SCR) is graded as a level fifteen. At the end of one month, the SCR is reassigned and the member returns to their normal character status. A member may recieve the award more than once, but will not hold it for two consecutive months.

       Being given a special rank does not entitle a member to special powers. They are no different than anyone else, except in an RPG where they outrank everyone but SCR's, Rulers, and Admins. They have been making cameo or full-fledged appearances in many RPG threads: The Shire’s Friendships Pub,. Minas Tirith’s King & Queen’s Reception and Departure to Dol Amroth Mini-RPG, and Rivendell’s Wandering Company expedition to The Shire, to name a few.

       So, without further ado, I present to you the Special Character Ranks for the Month of April! You may view their icons here.

In Rivendell:
The rank of Elladan went to Taramiluiel who soon became Lord Glorfindel.
The rank of Gil-galad went to Aduchil.
The rank of Celebrían went to Firerose.
The rank of Elrohir went to Tinw.
In Fangorn:
The rank of Neldoreth went to Lanthir Lamath.
The rank of Nimbrethil went to Eruantaliel.
The rank of Fladrif went to Morim Fëanturon.
The rank of Finglas went to Düncirith.
The rank of Beechbone went to Dev Denali.
In Mordor:
The rank of Witch-King went to Azog.
The rank of Khamûl went to Loke.
The rank of Wildman went to Faire.
The rank of Dumb Orc went to Minyadagniriel.
The rank of Shagrat went to Roguey.
In the White Council:
The rank of Radagast went to Donedhelien.
The rank of Alatar went to Forenz the Blue.
The rank of Pallando went to Mædhros.
The rank of Shadowfax went to Grey Pilgrim.
The rank of Gríma Wormtongue went to Severus Snape.
The rank of Lurtz went to Ultchuk.
The rank of Uglúk went to Arwe Thereyet.
In Minas Tirith:
The rank of Faramir went to Hoyamir.
The rank of Beregond went to Mathen Nors.
The rank of Bergil went to Biki.
The rank of Imrahil went to Trey.
The rank of Hurin went to Thorongil.
In Meduseld:
The rank of Háma went to Altura Flet.
The rank of Erkenbrand went to Sicilius.
The rank of Elfhelm went to Elvheimdros.
The rank of Grimbold went to Eormed.
The rank of Guthláf went to Heafocwine.
In Lothlorien:
The rank of Nimrodel went to Merl Moriestiel.
The rank of Haldir went to Nayeldraccon.
The rank of Rúmil went to Cirwen.
The rank of Orophin went to Imfalas.
The rank of Calaglin went to Sedryn.
In The Shire:
The rank of Bill the Pony went to Pippynish.
The rank of Lobelia Sacksville-Baggins went to Jakle.
The rank of Frodo Baggins went to Marigold Took.
The rank of Pippin Took went to Icy Baggins.
The rank of Merry Brandybuck went to Eamila Bolger.

** Khazad-Dûm had no Speical Ranks to report for the month of April. **

Congratulations to one and all! Keep up the good work!



That time of year has come once again.
The magnolias are in bright bloom,
And the days are getting longer.

The boulevard has burst into Spring,
White blossoms on tall trees and
And violet cones all around.

The sun rises now with more glory then ever.
Every day it comes up only to confirm
That you are gone from my side.

It was like this when we met.
The sun was just rising over those hills
On that fateful Spring day, not so long ago.

It was dark and cold before you left my door.
The snow was falling thick from the sky,
And clouds were sinister and bleak.

I stood waiting in my door for hours
Waiting for your harsh words
To lose their deep sting.

Still, every time the sun rises,
On a warm Spring day like this
I wait to see you again like before.


Tidings from Abroad

Fangorn       Well, as I sit beside the Entwash to write this letter to you, I have the chance to reflect over some of the many occurrences that happened this last month ‘neath the boughs of my home.

       All things must change, and we are often loath to admit this. However, this month saw the departure of one of the oldest members of the forest, if not the eldest. Yes, I’m talking about our beloved Treebeard who has mysteriously left the forest. Many are unsure whether he will return, but we now find ourselves under the joint leadership of Quickbeam (Roo) and Fimbrethil (Marina). [Achoo, formerly Treebeard, has shed his bark and is now roaming around as the Valar Tulkas – watch our for the Iron Gauntlet that fights against spam!]

       Diversions often occur within our forest. This month saw the advent of three new activities. The first, Run Forest Run, is a board game of sorts where we are tracing the route the Hourns took to Helms Deep. The second was merely a one-off, the Easter Egg Hunt, organised to a high standard by Lindol Onodrim. It involved the hunt for bottles of Entdraft secreted around the forest. The third is The Weakest Branch, a new variant on the old Trivia Contest, and much is hoped for from this enterprise. The TreeGarth continues to prosper, with new trainings and many activities, as is the Tree Voice, the forest’s own paper, which has been restructured and is well worth a read! The Word Sleuth team is performing well with an amazing 10 – yes 10 – letter word being spotted by one of the Captains, Lanthir Lamath. Finally, awards have recently been handed out. These are the Orders of Fangorn, a select group of individuals who have worked extremely hard within the forest. There are three levels, Olvar, Onodrim and Kementari, and several deserving individuals were inducted.

       I do however have some sad news to report, a medical epidemic sweeping the forest. This disease, which appears to be merely a common cold, involves copious sneezing. Some say it is a tribute to one of the greatest ents, Achoo, who has sadly left the forest. This remains unconfirmed at this present time, but we advise visitors not to panic.

       Well, it seems as though I am running out of parchment, so I leave this for you now. I will send it with the Mockingbird Mail, an excellent service that I can recommend to any sending post to the forest.

~ Thom Greenleaf



      When the editors of the Herald let me sign up for this article, I was thrilled, and decided to keep an eye out for news. Little did I know that Khazad-Dûm would have such upheaval and change this past month, I barely had to watch for it! Every week seemed to bring more news into the spotlight and drive dwarves to the pubs, either for mourning or celebration. We started off the month by voting and inaugurating the council of KD, a group of seven dwarves established to help the rulers deal with matters such as spam and tribute. The dwarves elected were Soleil, Edain, Elvensong, Dis, Freyr Strongart, Stormbringer, and Mithriltears. The Dwarfettes got right to work by setting up “council chambers” in their plaza house. While this was happening, the DAR (or Dwarven Association of Recruitment) faced a tough decision. One of their co-leaders, Narsi Mjaoveig, stepped down and left Oro to find a replacement. He chose the quickly rising young Rusty1axe. In other news, the clan of the Kagam Khazads faced a major renovation, as their inactivity had been a major cause for complaint. It was decided to appoint a new leader and basically restart this lore clan. The new leader chosen was Durgil Firefist, a younger crazy dwarf. The Architecture Guild was also reborn with Ranlinde in charge. Meanwhile, Annolori and Marin let the dwarves know that they had several thousand credits burning a hole in their pockets, so we let them know what they should spend them on: a Council house, a Smoking Chamber, a Badger house, and a Raven house. With everything happening, many were expressing their emotions in interesting ways soon diagnosed by doctors as a mental condition known as, “mad dwarf syndrome”. With this syndrome on the rise, KD’s favorite Old Fart, Edain, opened the Happy Mountain Asylum. LittleDudini and Stormbringer serve as wardens and consequently haunt the troubled dreams of many.

       But I have saved the big news for last! Annolori (Lord of the Spice Dwarfettes) and Marin (Lady of the Macarena Judgements) stunned Khazad-Dûm with their dual resignations. Both rulers felt that Real Life demanded too much of their time for it to be fair for them to remain as rulers. There was much weeping and wailing, but the decision was final. They further stunned Khazad-Dûm when the dwarves simply found a note in the throne room telling the populace of their departure, as they had said they would help the new ruler train for the job. The dwarves took this blow in stride, and awaited the announcement of their new ruler in hesitant anticipation. The decision that came next was not approved of by all, but then again, what is? Valinor appointed Dis as our new queen with Loki Teshvara to train her for a month. When this month is up, a new ruler will be inaugurated with Dis and then they will start their reign together. The dwarves (particularly the Morogs, Dis’ clan) were filled with joy over their new ruler and were quite vocal about it. All the dwarves are still on the edges of their seats waiting for the appointment of Dis’ co-ruler, but are quite content again under Loki’s part-time co-rulership.





       The days in the Golden Wood have been quite peaceful, and the Plaza’s newest kingdom is definitely evolving.

       The Lothlórien Guard has recently added a new unit, the Cavalry Division, and two new Wardens have been selected: Celebglín is now a Warden of the Eastern Division, and Lady Aredhel is a Warden for the Western Division. Congratulations to them both! Currently in the Guard RPG (called Search for the Entwives), the Galadhrim Guard has won a battle against an army of Easterlings just outside the walls of Dorwinion. Now they are feasting and merrymaking with delight at their victory, and it was there that Arachiril Lairë announced the promotions and the commencing of the Cavalry.

       Many new journeys and new occurrences have happened in the land of the Dream Flower. The Lothlórien Pubs are soon to open, and the Lothlórien Maze has begun. The Maze is open to all races and is quite popular at this point.

       The Lothlórien Jewelry Association has been as busy as ever and their Designers, Replicators, Gem Cutters, and Crafters are all hard at work. Promotions have been made as well, and Ecaps is the new Terminator and Himlithion has been given responsibility for all promotions that go on the LJA.

       Both the Quentalmo (Drill Team) and the Lothlórien Debate team have been quite successful, with Quentalmo recently tying with Minas Tirith and winning some competitions before that. The Debate team has won against both the wise Rivendell Elves, and the clever Mordorians. Best of luck to them both!

       Life in the Wood of the Lady of Light has been quite pleasant and we look forward to the future!



       Another month passes in Minas Tirith, and as usual, there is much news to report. One of the most important events to happen is the Master Healer Laielinwen’s malady. She has been gripped by an unknown illness that has left her in a comatose state in the houses of healing. Many have come from the White City, as well as other lands to wish her well in this time, though none have been able to heal her.

       The Gondorian cart races have also gotten underway with team Anduinomiel winning the Drivers championship and Team Suledae in the lead in the Constructor's championship. The Second circuit of the season is about to get underway as the teams make changes to their roster by hiring and firing members, as well as their carts. Oyvind joined the pitcrew of team Tauralinta, Erlend became pit crew chief of the Flying Fish and Ondoher was selected to be on Liathant Light & Magic.

       Many changes were also made to the Rangers in the past month with the former commander, Halloran, resigned his duty and Hoyamir became the commander of the rangers after being nominated by the former leader, with Pellaadarion filling the position of Second in command. The rangers also departed for Dol Amroth led my Pellaadarion on a quest accompanied by Prince Imrahil and Faramir.

       Gondor's Spring Tuilérë Cruise also continued with some intrigue when Catherine, the laundress turned up murdered on the ship. Both Queen Laie and Orome, who had been locked in the closet, have now fainted after they went inside to examine Catherine's room for more clues. The suspense continues as more is revealed as they investigate the crime scene.

       Merethrond was also an exciting place to be as an invasion of dwarves from Khazad-Dûm flooded the Halls. It seemed they had been afflicted with Mad Dwarf Syndrome. Luckily, their ailment was easily cured with a fuzzy brain treatment from the queen. Four bald dwarves could be seen tending to the flowers outside Merethrond for a while after they had successfully been cured.




       The Minions of Mordor were mourning last week as our beloved Lord Sauron, Mandallah the Misbegotten, due to severe palantír problems, resigned from the rulership. Mandallah has been the ruler of Mordor since the rank changes last year, and was the first ever person to hold the rank of Lord Gothmog. He was best known before that as the Pub Lord of Mordor, and for being the eternal Cave Troll. We will miss him greatly.

       Only days later, Lulani crossed the gap from Gothmog to Sauron, and her new co-ruler was announced - none other than one Loke Clogwearer, currently masquerading under the name Beau Nidle. We congratulate him and wish him a long and prosperous reign as Gothmog!

       A new Pub Wench was recently announced, as many of you will know. For those who don’t, the proprietor of one of the most popular places on the Plaza is Rohanna, taking over from Grishnak. She in turn has appointed an assistant, Aure. At the moment, the wedding reception for Raven and Mauwurz is taking place there, so everyone is on their best behaviour, but never fear! In no time it will be back to the chaos you know and love.

       In other news...The Lava Snake Racing Team is filling the interim between seasons after an undefeated round - congratulations to them!...The Debate Team is currently engaged in a battle of wits with the Elves of Lothlórien...The Mordini Family and the Necromancers’ Guild are going through renovations...Planning is underway for a Mordorian Party with the working title of Mordor Mayhem...and congratulations to Minion of the Month, Inzilbêth!




       A lot has been happening in Rohan of late. The most lamentable of them was Faramir’s retirement as Théoden King, following which a new ruler was elected. Our beloved Lord Éomer selected ten Riders (Anka, Culfinwen, Ele Isenfolme, Eléowyn, Éoarod, Imbeannowyn, Lailindëiel, Pellakal Agléca, Rorina and Starfire) who are among the most dedicated and involved Riders, and asked them a few questions so that we could get to know them inside and out if we didn’t already. Riders, Rulers and Admins were asked to express their choice; and a Rider was selected to rule Rohan alongside our Lord Eomer, and our new Eowyn is now Eléowyn!

       Our resident founder of the healing arts and chief healer Fëawen sailed to Valinor as Vairë the weaver, and Protoguy designed a brand new freckled icon for her, as she refused to give up her bright red hair and freckles! She will continue to remain active in Meduseld, continuing on in her duties as the Bealdorhélend (chief of the warrior-healers) of the Cavalry and a co-runner of the Riddermarket. We are really happy for this wonderful reward for all the time and dedication she gave to Meduseld, and her undying wisdom knows no bounds for the Riders.

       Of interest to Riders is the new open session of the Bards’ Guild, the poets’ corner of Meduseld, which is now taking new applicants. The Story Guild is also hosting a Rider Writing Short Story Contest by Culfinwen on the topic of one’s character or ancestor during the War of the Ring. Who said that the Riders only knew how to ride? They know how to write eloquently as well! The Raciendas Lore Guild has also opened up, absorbing the Drill and Debate teams.

       Rohansown Spring Festival celebrated the coming of spring, and ran throughout the month of April. While it is now coming to a close, all races have partaken in events such as the Easter Egg Hunt, the Simbelmyrne Counting game, and the upcoming Joust.

       Catch up on Rohan when we next release our May Raedboda Edition.

~Gemætancwén and Anawen



       Happy hobbits welcomed the arrival of Spring with a number of activities and, of course, parties! The Periannath Walking Club was organized by Merry B. and has set forth into the Old Forest, where, if rumor be believed, Tom Bombadil himself may greet the group with rhyme and song. Those staying in the Shire are hard at work on the Mother’s Day Gift Presentation, a fund raising effort of the Garden Club, organized by Lobelia Sackville-Baggins, who before her amazing transformation, wandered the Shire paths as Jakle. The Garden Club is also beginning a May Day Celebration, hosted by CL Baggins at Bag End. Food is the main focus, of course, but members will be exchanging plant cuttings and seeds to beautify the already marvelous Shire gardens and glades. A Spring faire was opened to celebrate 50,000 inhabitants of Middle Earth, with a Maypole, an egg toss, and a pie baking contest. Naturally, we would LOVE to have those who are interested in such things stop in and participate.

       In other Kingdom news, Muffin the Mule has established themselves as a serious debate team with a record currently standing at 3-0. Having defeated Lorien, Rivendell and Fangorn, they were handed their first defeat in the hotly debated contest "Was there evil in Eru?" by a strong tweam from Meduseld. [Note, tweam is what they call themselves]. The Drill Team is involved in the culmination of their contests, with the finals planned to open soon in the Shire. Hard fought battles of Lore will fill the air in Hobbiton as teams from all over Middle Earth provide answers to some VERY difficult questions.

       The Shire is also hosting the feast of Woody End, a celebration of the Rivendell Elves’ victory over a horrendous evil — goblins! The Shire folk are ALL most grateful to their allies for the eradication of this terrible threat.

       The Mayors' Office in the Shire has been completely refurbished, and Sam and Rosie returned to their duties there recharged and refreshed.

       Plaza Poet Laureate Gerontian has graciously offered to share his expertise and wisdom with poets everywhere as he conducts a thrilling and incredible poetics class in the Shire Academy.

       Five hobbits were chosen to represent some of the Shire’s famousest personages this month. Marigold Took took on the difficult, but rewarding role of Frodo, Eamila Bolger found herself looking out through Merry’s eyes, Icy Baggins discovered more than a little Pippin in her heart, Pippynish has been galloping brilliantly through her time as Bill the Pony, and Lobelia Sackville-Baggins has scared small hobbits everywhere as Jakle has brought the dear lady to life. Congratulations and heart -felt thanks to ALL of the Special Character Rankers.

       On May 7, Shire Ruler Blackrose Bugg will wed Hoth of Gondor, in the Shire, all invited. Beware of mid-ceremony transformations!

       The sun is setting over the Westmarch, and this correspondent is just about to be late for dinner. Farewell to all.

~Blackrose Bugg

Isengard        Orthanc has lots of things going on that people from all kingdoms can come and enjoy.

       The IBIDEMS — The Orthanc Library also known as the IBIDEMS or the Indefatigable Bookworms and Imperturbably Daring Erudites Multicultural Society is always looking for new book donations. Anything and everything is accepted.

       The Pub — Due to a late grocery delivery, our current pub is a make your own meal pub. Lots of ingredients are available and the only limit is creativity in what to make.

       OldAngren StreetMarket — The current theme for the market is May Flowers, which are popping up all over the place. The flowers are pickable. so come on down and enjoy.



The Wind

The wind holds whispers
Whispers of love
Whispers of hate
Whispers of innocence stolen in the night
Yet no one hears what it has to say
Sometimes it whispers are loud
Sometimes they are barley there
Yet no one hears them
The wind blows its whispers in all directions
Yet no one hears them
It speaks of the past, the present, and the future
It speaks of the changes that have happened are happening and that will happen
Yet no one hears it
People my try over and over again to hear the winds voice
Some may even claim to know what it says
But it is all talk no one knows what the wind really says
For no one knows how to hear its call
For it is long since they have walked abroad on this ground
But if really wish to hear what it says
You might just be able to
All that you must do is take the time and sit quietly
Let your mind wonder
And then you will find that you can hear what the wind has to say
If it wishes to tell you
For many of us have ignored it for so long
That the wind no longer wishes to talk to them
I tell you this now
For my time will come to an end
Soon the wind will have no one to talk to
And in the end will give up
Trying to talk when no one will listen
To the death of us all
In less you can learn to listen and talk to
The wind

~ Lady Grace


Crafts, Language and Lore

       Anglachel. One of the best swords ever forged by Elves. Anglachel was forged by Eöl, the Dark Elf. He lived in Nan Elmoth, a forest in Beleriand near to Thingol’s kingdom, Doriath. He was a great forger, and was often a guest in the Dwarven cities of Nogrod and Belegost. There he learned from the Dwarves many things about metal. For this sword, Anglachel, he used meteor metal, which he had found in Nan Elmoth. However, Eöl didn’t keep this sword for himself. He gave it to Thingol, King of Doriath, as a fee, so that he might stay in Nan Elmoth.

       The sword had a twin, almost exactly like Anglachel. It was forged from the same meteor metal and his name was Anguirel. Unlike Anglachel, this sword was kept by Eöl until his son, Maeglin, stole it and went to Turgon’s hidden city, Gondolin. After that, there is nothing else known about Anguirel.

       In Doriath, Anglachel was given to Beleg Cuthalion, when he went to find Túrin Turambar. When Thingol gave the sword to Beleg, Melian, Thingol’s wife and a Maia, said: “There is malice in this sword. The dark heart of the smith still dwells in it. It will not love the hand it serves; neither will it abide with you long.’

       And she was right. Beleg found Túrin captured by Orcs, so he went to rescue him. He brought him out of the Orc camp, and was going to cut his ropes, when he accidently stabed Túrin in his foot. Túrin woke up, and saw someone heading towards him with a sword. Túrin thought the Orcs had come to torture him again, so he grabed Anglachel out of Beleg’s hands and killed him. When he found out what he has done, his grief was huge, because he killed someone who loved him the most. He then took the sword and went with Gwindor, an Elf Beleg had found on the way to rescue Túrin, to Nargothrond. There, the Noldor reforged his sword Anglachel, and he named it Gurthang, Iron of Death.

       After the fall of Nargothrond, Túrin went to Brethil, and lived there with people who lived in this forest. However, the dragon called Glaurung, who was the mightiest of all dragons, came to Brethil. In order to save the people he lived with, Túrin went to kill the dragon. He caught the dragon sleeping, and put his sword, Gurthang, deep into Glaurung. He killed him, but then fainted, because he was burned by the dragon’s blood. When he woke up, he found out that his wife Níniel, who had come looking for him, was actually his long-lost sister Nienor. He also found that she had killed herself thinking he was dead. So he took Gurthang and threw himself on the sword. After he was dead, the men who found him saw that Gurthang was broken into pieces. That is the end of Anglachel, or Gurthang.

~Feanor Elf


A Taste of Elvish

All remember well the cry of the Edain of the North, that sent fear into the black hearts of Morgoth's fell servants over the hills and dales of Beleriand: Lacho calad! Drego morn! ~ "Flame, light! Flee, night!" Hear now some of the battle cries of the Eldar...

Gurth an Glamhoth! ~ "Death to the Din-horde!"
Am Melain! ~ "For the Valar!"
Si tôl acharn! ~ "Now comes vengeance!"
An ngurth ah aglar! ~ "For death and glory!"
Ego môr! Lacho estel! ~ "Begone, darkness! Flame, hope!"
Am methed-en-Amar! ~ "For world's ending!"
Aur baudh sí! ~ "Judgement day is here!"



When you wander among the flora and fauna of Middle-Earth, you are seldom aware of the beneficial nature of many of the plants that grow around you. However, many plants do indeed have some healing properties. You need look carefully for many of these, for all grow in unlikely places. Here are a few examples;

A is for...
ANGELICA; Used for digestive troubles, infused as a tonic tea. Dried leaves used in herb pillows.

B is for...
BASIL; Used dried as snuff to relieve headaches and colds. Powered basil leaves were used as a snuff. Infused in water it is used as a tonic tea.
BAY LEAVES; Cure for all ills — so stick it in anyway! Good for improving a poor appetite
BEE BALM; Used for bee stings. Bee balm is a member of the mint family. Can be brewed to make a tea similar to China tea.
BORRAGE; Digestive herb, clears the blood.

C is for...
CARAWAY; The boiled roots of caraway are recommended for those with a cold, weak stomach.
CHAMOMILE; Infused as a tea for indigestion and gas. Can be stewed herb and insect repellent.
CHERVIL; As a waster can be used as a nerve tonic, clears the blood, improves memory, aids digestion.
CHICORY; Restores appetite and strengthens digestive system.
CHIVES; improve appetite
COMFREY; Used as a poultice to heal wounds and reduce swelling. Can treat bronchial troubles, asthma and catarrh of the eyes. Relieves arthritic pain.
CORIANDER; The seeds can be chewed as a breath freshener. Early distillers used oil of coriander in flavouring some whiskeys.

      Now of course the question remains as to how best to use them? Well, there are several ways, as mentioned above, but below is a simple recipe for a healing potion of sorts. While the symptoms may not totally be relieved, it won’t do any harm, and is likely to assist while you get the individual to proper medical attention.

1 cup boiling water,
4 Horehound leaves, each about the size of a thumb.
4 spoons of sugar.

Tear the leaves, so that the sap can be released.
Pour boiling water over the leaves and leave to steep for 15 minutes – this produces an infusion which can be used directly, however, the effects are magnified, if you make a simple sugar syrup, with sugar and water, then add this to thicken it.
Remove the leaves, add the sugar syrup and give to the patient once a drop on the back of your hand fails to burn.
This general tea will reduce coughing, aid with breathing, and provide vitamins and minerals, which are vital for your recovery. Dose them with half a cup every 6 hours or sooner with a single swallow if they suffer from prolonged coughing.

~Thom Greenleaf

Puzzles and Games

Mystery Code







~ The Lay of Leithian

~Inwe Lythian



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Runs over fields and woods all day
Under the bed at night sits not alone,
With long tongue hanging out,
A-waiting for a bone.


If you have one of me
You cannot hold me
Though you can hold one like me.
If you have two of me
You can hold me
But never throw me away.



The Lay of Imladris

The continuing memoirs of Ulmo, the Admin Formerly Known As Lord Eyebrows. Please see previous issues for Part the First and Part the Second

Part the Third

Insanity grasped their weary feet
That on Minion’s heads were doomed to roam;
And forth they ran, to Barad-Dûr,
And painted walls in pink, glistening.
Hobbits flew then over the walls,
And the Elves lightly fled on dancing feet,
And left Sauron lonely, still to foam,
To pink Nazgûl, listening.

~Arlo Cúthalion            


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