Parth Nelui ~ Volume III
Pennas Gwaeron ~ March Issue

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Of the Beginning of Days

The darkest lord dominion held for long,
And Arda he marred so right became wrong,
Until laughter at last broke through the clouds,
The realm Tulkas freed from Melkor's black shrouds.
Across the land the seeds of life were sown,
Yet all was dark and so had nothing grown,
And so the Valar wrought two Lamps of light,
All now grew as the dawn replaced the night.
And thus the Spring of Arda bright began,
Green forest, bright sky and blossoming land.
Yet Melkor the dark he brooded on war,
Assembling his forces, revenge he swore.
Yet this time so full of bliss would not last,
Melkor struck a blow so strong and fast,
The Valar were helpless to save the most,
But their wrath pursued Melkor and his host.
Now they sought to restore what work remained,
And grow beauty in a world that was stained,
In the land of Aman they delved their home,
The Two Trees grew forth on the grassy dome.
Despite their mansions in this land of bless,
They forgot not how Melkor might transgress,
In his wish to rule over all their land,
And only their strength would against him stand.

~ Aduchil


Guilds and Groups

Army Report

As always, some things have reached an end while others have begun within the Host this month. In Imladris, training has been opened for everybody to polish their skills. It is not merely restricted to soldiers, so all who feel the wish or need to improve their skills or perhaps learn new ones altogether, are welcomed to join the training. Amongst other things there is an obstacle course, which is sure to test both the body as well as the mind of any who takes the challenge.

After months of planning and months of intensive role-play, the Fall of Nargothrond has reached its end! The hidden fortress lies in ruins, Orodreth is slain on the plain of Tumhalad, and Túrin has hastened away, fooled by the lies of Glaurung. If you wish to catch the last of it, Mordor is the place to go find the conclusion of this epic tale. A huge thanks to all those from the different kingdoms that worked together to make this happen, giving us all a rare occasion to return to one of the great tales of Beleriand.

Now with the Fall of Nargothrond finished, other things may begin. Training is but one aspect of what is about to happen. Keep your eyes fixed on the army headquarters in these days, so that you will not miss what is about to take place.



Healer Report

This month there is one, very important tiding from the Gwaith i-Nestoer. After Isilindil being gone for half a year (we still miss her terribly), the Minestor Arwil has decided to promote Ancalima to Tanestor. Many good wishes and best of luck to her in her new role!

In Adab Nestad, there have been many grievously injured patients this month. Most of these have been wounded by orcs, not hopefully these foul creatures will soon flee with the help of our (once more healthy) warriors. Wilara, the chocolate-loving receptionist has fortunately recovered from her head-injury and has resumed her usual position, giving Alaele the librarian some rest.

Among our patients, there has been the well-known hobbit Merry Brandybuck. And of course, there has also been many others, coming from all over the Middle-Earth-elves: Men from Gondor and Rohan, and even Hobbits! The most interesting injuries and maladies worth mentioning might be a Gondorian called Erchamion with broken spirit, but the calm surroundings of our garden have proved helpful to him. Two elves from far lands, Lagor and Ally, needed help after many hardships, and our gardens brought relief for two lovers from Rohan, Gecko and Ciarda.

The Taidor program is slowly gathering some popularity and there are still free spots! The Healers need all the help they can get, especially if a mysterious and strange visiting Inspector Jeckshun is not to be the last. Also, there has been a renewal of the robes of the healers. And everyone, from Taidors to Minestor, now has a new icon to use on their robes, both in the battle-field and in Adab Nestad.

Stay well! And if you are not well, then come to us!



Racing Team Report

Cheetah racing: the utter silence of the world's fastest animal sprinting around a track with the velvety quiet of cat paws lightly touching the earth. An orange and black blur as the representatives of Imladris dance their way around all other contestants, crossing the finish line to sprawl with a feline grin as the spectators cheer. If only it were that simple....

Cheetah racing, the reality: Six cheetahs receive the privilege of racing each week. They line up behind the start line as their elven masters and mistresses cross their fingers, lift prayers up to Varda, prepare pheasants to send after them, or do whatever else comes into their desperate minds to try. Does it help? Sometimes. The cheetahs may decide on a whim to run in the right direction – they may even decide to run fast – or else perhaps they truly are terrified of pheasants and flee. At other times, our cheetah friends – so flighty even at the best of times – may become distracted. As they run off to deliver messages for Gandalf and Aragorn, to give cooking advice in the Shire, or to explore the halls of our own Imladris (I have even heard rumors that a cheetah or two lost one of the precious shards of Narsil, but nothing was said to Lord Aragorn when it had been reforged and passed back to him for the great battle against Sauron, so one must hope that it was recovered), their elven friends watch helplessly, wondering how this bundle of speed and hunting fury has so easily turned into a complete fluffbrain.

Despite such setbacks, the Imladris racing team has done well this season. Out of nine races, we have won five. This includes winning against the Fangorn squizzles, the Minas Tirith skunks, and the Valinorian emus. We also won a breathtaking near tie of a race against the Riddermark raccoons, and managed to completely slaughter the Isengard rats (we shall pass over the other four faces in silence; who knew that foxes, snakes, badgers, and coneys were faster than cheetahs?). As of this writing, the only races left this season are the eagerly awaited Race of Champions, for winning racers of the previous races, and the fast-paced Derby that is a general free-for-all among all kingdoms (talk about a commentator's nightmare!). By the time this newsletter is published, both races may already have been won, but if not all Rivendell elves are invited to come cheer and enjoy watching the fun!



Library Report

Saranna scurried into the Library, dashed into the office and scrabbled for parchment and a quill. She had been occupied in her little house for some days, and now Servy had gone off on a long trip to the hot lands of the south, and here were the Editors looming menacingly with a demand for a report! Hastily she dipped her pen, splodged a large blot onto the parchment, muttered something unrecordable, and began to write.

This has been a month of spring-cleaning and refurbishment, and we urge all of the dwellers in Imladris to come and see how fine our main reading room looks now.

Saranna and Servy are both busy evolving ideas that will encourage all of you to deposit more of your learned and creative writings in the Library – and please do contact us HERE if you already have something you would like preserved for posterity and made available for all to read!

Two excellent new Tales have been added, this month, so please look on the creative shelves here to read these works by Serveanthesia and Varda Elbereth.

The Librarian cast sand upon the document, shook it off again, and hurried out in the direction of the Herald offices. Not too late, hopefully!



EAA Report

Dust has settled over the EAA halls again, and signs of a new beginning have begun to show. After a time of sadness, disappointment and many changes, the EAA has gotten back some of its former peace and glory. After Laifana stepped down as curator, a state of shock arose amongst many of us. He built the association to what it is today, together with Janowyn, and his work will certainly be missed.

But a new period has begun after these happenings. With Laifana's departure, the place of co-curator next to Janowyn became free. I was pleasantly surprised when I received the chance to fill this place. Due to the circumstances, my choice was a bit difficult, but eventually I came to understand that it is an honour and a privilege to become co-curator. Therefore my answer was positive and with that, I got the opportunity to work alongside Janowyn and help putting the EAA back to its feet again.

Along with this change, the halls got a bit of restyling. None of the former activities are closed, though. You can still find help in the Palantiri room, the peaceful garden is still open for wandering artists and the Eleidan College is still there for discussions about EAA matters.

Of course, the gallery is still open for any artist in Imladris, pointy ears or not. This month the theme is "Friends or Foes". The idea behind this title is that the artists show works that represents a friend, foe, ruler or any other person from the plaza. Of course, this does not mean that other works are not allowed. We encourage everyone to come and show their pieces, according to the theme or not. But not only artists are invited, reviewers that like to look at art are most welcome as well!


Drill Team Report

And again, that sweet smells of old parchment and gentle sound of paper… Are you among those crazy folk that find it the most beautiful in the world? Then you are bound to eventually find yourself among the noble numbers of the Rivendell Drill Team, led by amazingly wise Idril and Galen. Recently, another learned Elf has joined the ranks of the Keepers of the Scrolls – Hero of a Dream. Young as she is, the lady demonstrated brilliant knowledge of the Master's works, helping the team to answer tricky questions and passing the tests, thus deserving to have her name displayed on the banner. We also had a spectacular come-back: Trellie (known as PDSML) have rejoined our ranks, helping the team greatly during the last match.

Since the last report, the Keepers of the Scrolls have finished two matches (that being a home match, officiated by most pleasant Hobbits, against the dreadful minion team from the Dark Kingdom of Mordor) and a guest match in Fangorn, having the Ents as opponents, the game judged by Drifa of Khazad-Dum. The Imladris team has brilliantly played against Mordor, displaying the best qualities: knowledge and patience, and most importantly – noble spirit and honesty. Unfortunately, despite all the efforts, Keepers of the Scrolls lost the home match, but all the dwellers of the Valley may be proud of their team. Match against Fangorn ended up with Rivendell team winning. We all should say a huge "thank you" to Melyanna, who did an outstanding job, finding answers to the most tricky questions.

This week Junior Drill Team, Bertha an Ista, is coming into play. The match is held in Isengard and dreadful Lord Sauron is the officiant. You can come and support them here. And you still have a chance to join either of the teams. We'll be happy to see you among our ranks!



Annals of Imladris

Off the Rocks RPG

The unexpected companions of Elves and Haradrim have successfully escaped the confines of Mordor, though not from the brooding evil thought of Khamul, Lieutenant of Minas Morgul. The Lady Janowyn is still suffering from the malaise of the Morgul blade working its way towards her heart, and Elves and Men alike are weary and filthy from their nighttime battle with Orcs. But hope and help has arrived. The handsome Rochir, Lance Corporal of the Roquen of Minas Tirith, has encountered the group stumbling out of the hills, provided food and aid, and will ride as messanger to obtain the famous skills of the Healers of Minas Tirith, while Men from Minas Tirith currently camped near Osgiliath may provide assistance as well. Meanwhile, a brave and stalwart group of Imladris Elves are riding to the rescue, facing Orcs and Wolves and the tiring of their faithful horses outside of the Walls of Moria.

This is the Off the Rocks RPG and all are invited to join! Whether you join the group returning to Rivendell in Minas Tirith, or join the group riding the rescue in Hollin, or even NPC a character, good, evil or unknown met along the way, you are invited to enjoy the adventure! Please visit the thread, see the wonderful creativity of your fellow Imladris Elves and players from other Kingdoms, and join in the fun!

~ Ann-Thannath


Shadow of Hithaeglir

It was a clear morning in the fair valley of Imladris when Elrond Half-Elven called all the Elves into the Chamber of Audience. Some time ago he had received a message from Lord Elessar, informing him that a company of the Dúnedain were travelling north, and asking if they could lodge at the Last Homely House to break their journey. This company had been expected many days ago but had not arrived, and there had been no word to explain their absence.

Elrond feared there may have been trouble in the passes, and so it was decided that a company of warriors and healers should embark on a mission to search for the missing Rangers, and give aid if it was needed. It was announced that the company would be led by Lord Glorfindel.

A couple of days later, the company rode east, masked and cloaked to hide their features, for a large group of Elves travelling was bound to cause comment. They rode for many days on high alert, keeping their sharp eyes on the lookout for the missing Men. It was Glorfindel that eventually spotted the Dúnedain being attacked by goblins near the High Pass of Hithaeglir.

With thoughts of home and friends, and to the sound of Glorfindel's defiance of darkness, the company of Elves bore down upon their enemies, coming to their allies' aid in a charge so glorious that it seemed radiance sprang from the heavens merely to gaze upon it. Furious battle was joined, and the filthy orcs found themselves sorely pressed between Men and Elves. Encouraged, the Dúnedain redoubled their efforts, fighting bravely and with a fierceness that spoke of their joy in life and their desire to hold onto it. New friendships 'twixt Man and Elf were formed in the heat of battle, and though the fight rages on, the forces of Mordor will be hard put to defeat such a glorious alliance.

~ Pip Reonyea


New Thread Formats!

On March the sixth, Blackrose Bugg made an announcement that heralded the start of a new era of plaza thread format. Traditionally, all the posts in a thread had been on one page, and as a result new threads had always had to be opened at 100 posts for those unlucky folks with dialup connections. The new system shows a default of 50 posts to a page, and there can be an unlimited number of posts to a thread. As a result, there is no longer any need to close a thread at 100 posts,which means fewer topics since threads can go on forever. This means less pressure on the server, and less of those Morgoth-induced black boxes.

With this function came a reminder to members to read all the way through threads before commenting; a notice that clearly escaped many peoples' attention, as in the thread announcing the changes people carried on asking exactly the same questions over and over! Gradually, as members gave feedback on the new format, new functions began to spring up left, right and centre. As you click on a thread title from a forum page, it will take you to the first page of the thread, whereas if you click on one from the Latest Posts page it takes you to the most recent page of the topic. Within the thread, if you click on the 'Post Reply' button it will take you to the final page, which is also the only place where the reply box will appear. It is possible to select the page from within the thread, and also from the forum page.

There was a mixed reaction from the plaza's membership to these changes. Peoples' opinions seemed to fall into three categories. First there were those who were enthusiastic, and accepted the advantages of the situation without minding the disadvantages too much, and then there were those in the middle, who were uncertain or openly disliked the changes to begin with but adjusted pretty quickly and grew to appreciate the benefits, and finally there were those who found prolems with the system, or felt that having pages within threads disrupted the unique flow of the plaza, making it more similar to places like ezboards or proboards. However, most of those who disliked the changes were won over with the introduction of the 'All' function, allowing them to view all the pages of a thread in one go. Another pleasant addition was a function introduced under the 'Edit profile' option, which allows you to choose how many posts you wish to see per page.

~ Pip Reonyea


SCRs of the month!

There was the sound of bells pealing with joy through the silent morning of the valley. It sounded through, disturbed the rests of some, but no one seemed to mind. The bells were sounded in times of danger and celebration, but the Elves of Rivendell all knew that this peal resonated with joy and peace that could only be tied to that of the honour of some of their very own Elven friends.

"Friends," Elrond says, "Today it is time to honor three Elves of our fair home, two of whom have long served with dedication in quiet or very public ways, one of whom has been here a short season yet already touched many." Our very own Laebeth of the Last Homely Herald was honoured in the presence of the Lady Elwing, while Elrohir and his mother, Celebrian sailed the Sea back into the beloved valley to honour the deeds of Perlindeion and Loriwaynen, all of whom had their contributions laid out for all to see.

Indeed, as the Lords would say, we should praise them with grat praise. Eglerio hym!

~ Keleos Nenharma


Feature Articles

Interview with Lanthy

I have had the pleasure of crossing paths with Lanthy in a few threads, the most memorable being of course, the recent Plaza Olympics held in Fangorn. For those of you who know Lanthy already, perhaps you will learn something new about her. For those of you who don't, prepare to become acquainted with one of the sweetest Ents I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Q) How did you first find your way into the Plaza and end up joining?
A) Shame on me maybe... I was a member on a Harry Potter website, but wasn't too happy with the... intellectual level... of the contributions (you could sum up RP with "Avada Kedavra! Hah! I killed you!"), so I looked for a forum to live my longtime addiction - Tolkien. And promptly fell in love with the Display.

Q) Have you always been in Fangorn as an Ent or did you previously belong to any other Kingdoms?
A) Nope. I started out as a wizard, and only became an Ent a year later.

Q) What aspects of being an Ent drew you into choosing to become one in the Plaza?
A) Well at the time I was more or less burnt out, needed a change, and had a good friend in Fangorn. Becoming an Ent isn't the *evident* choice, because we're so... different. People usually think twice before they try to RP an Ent... and don't realize that they could just RP a human or an elf living in Fangorn... I enjoyed the challenge - which is made easier thanks to the warm support we get from each other, us Ents.

Q) Was becoming a Kingdom Ruler ever a set goal you had before it happened?
A) Er actually, I was a pretty poor newbie, so I can tell you with confidence that I was 100% certain that I wouldn't ever become a ruler, or any sort of RA. And didn't give jot about it: friends, having fun, giving a share of fun to others, now THAT was important. :P

Q) What would you say was your most memorable Plaza moment?
A) Most probably changing kingdoms. I had been wondering how the Ents would welcome me and hey presto! Within ten minutes they were throwing me a welcome party over IM.* *g*

Q) Are there any good secrets about Lanthy that you can share? Enquiring minds want to know.
A) Well if I can share them, they ain't secrets eh? Hm... let me see. I don't always understand English as well as I look like I understand it. Particularly idiomatisms and cultural jokes.*sheepish grin*

Q) I have been dying to ask an Ent or someone who helped to coordinate the Plaza Olympics that were held in Fangorn this next question. Whose idea was it to name the games after Led Zepplin songs?
A) Mojo's. And I almost killed him for it because I missed about half the puns, if not more *lol*. (see answer above).

Q) This question I have asked several plaza interview vict-, I mean subjects. If someone in the Plaza threw a comedy type roast for you, who do you think it would have been and what would they have said about you?
A) Well, if what you mean is how would someone make fun of and satirize me, then the answer is easy: already been done, and "Old Woman Willow" is the result. Ask around Fangorn, you're bound to run into her.

Q) What advice, if any, would you give someone new to the Plaza to help them make the most of their experience?
A) When you get to the plaza, you're entering unexplored territory. Obviously, you'll make mistakes. Obviously, you won't understand everything all at once. It's normal. Don't get defensive about what you don't understand, or about being told you didn't understand. Everyone remembers what it is, or was like to be new, so if you blush, nod, apologise and move on (without making the same mistake again and again), they'll admire you for it and be eager to meet you and help you enjoy your plaza experience. Everyone is good natured and honest really, and everyone is here because they enjoy the plaza.

Q) Is there anything you would like to say in closing?
A) Sure. Contact details in profile, and I always like meeting new people! I'm usually hideously busy and trying to hide it, but still. :)

So, there you have it, Peoples of Middle-Earth, Lanthy, I thank you, my Lady, for indulging us. Check out next month's issue to see who shall be sitting in the hot seat next.

~Amberle Amrun


Oldbie Perspective

When Lae asked me to write the Oldbie Perspective article this month I really had no idea what to write about when I agreed, and truth be told I still don't quite know what would be interesting enough for you to read. I've been thinking a bit about how I should start this article, but finally decided to just let the words flow from my pen (or fingers, really) and hope I don't bore you too much with my memories.

When I discovered the plaza on Friday, September 13 through Google whilst searching for LotR pictures, I was immediately excited about it and signed up with the name of 'Elenya.' "But," you might say now, "your plazaversary is September 14!" And yes, that is true. The plazaversary of this account. I was a right little spammer, making a double account and playing my own sister. Come to think of it, it was rather pathetic. And soon found out, too. But hey, I was an ignorant little newbie of 14 years old. I will never forget the way Elen Sila, then ruler of Isengard, shouted at me. In retrospect I think she was a bit hard on me, because she scared me so much that I fled from the plaza and didn't want to return for a week.

But I did. My first account got suspended (and rightfully so!) and to cover my tracks I changed the name of my second account, Isilya, to Merlomë. I always thought it was funny I could keep my second account because, naturally, I had done a lot better on the knowledge hall tests with that one. And for little newbie me, points meant a lot.

My kingdom of choice was, naturally, Rivendell. I wanted to be an elf. And back then Lórien did not exist yet. So I joined Rivendell, reveled in having pointy ears and fair skin and… really didn't know what to do. There's very little of my newbie days I can remember save my mistakes. I guess I was pretty timid, and tried to keep out of everyone's way. Nobody really noticed me I think. Until I first tasted role-play. I really can't remember what my first ever RPG was. It was probably a pub of sorts, or perhaps an ELP. You won't see one of those in Imladris anymore, I think. At one side a shame, at the other… just as well.

My Rivendell was so very different from this current Imladris. My current Imladris. It was foo, fun, insane with a touch of seriousness. Just a little touch. Though it was a big kingdom it was hospitable, even though not everyone agreed on that. It was sometimes easy to get lost in the crowd. But people would notice you. My first few months I was pretty silent... Then I started to get more active, post a lot in the RPG's. Have some activity suggestions in the CofA. And I got my own RPG to GM.

That was a lot of fun.

I gathered friends from that. Lae, primarily, one of my best, if not the best, plaza friend I have. Leya. Manhi. Liely. Andi. I think there are few who remember them now. Andi left entirely. Leya's in Lorien, under the guise of Rhiwithiliel, and Manhi is Rian Mareker. Liely was insane, and the Pink Lady of Rivendell. She always painted everything pink. Always. She's a happily wed woman and mother of a son that's about a half year old now. Those are my oldest friends. I've made new ones, since then, of course. But they will always be my oldest plaza friends.

But anyway… The rulers, Elle and Ally, at one pointed granted me an RPG of my own. I can't even recall what it was called. All I know is that it was, compared to the RPG's you see now on the plaza, it was sucky. Like, really sucky. Plotline was made up as I went, with only a basic idea. Posts were hardly ever longer than 2 sentences in the beginning, though it got better at the end. But it was also so much fun! Just enjoying playing with your friends in a story where you can be anything you want to be… The whole point of RPG's for me. Sometimes, when looking at the very long posts we write today, I wish we could go back to that. Because it was so much simpler.

Don't get me wrong, I think the RPG's of today are great. Well thought out, fantastic quality, great players. And oh so very complicated. Miss a day and you'd miss a lot of important things. Just shows how much things have evolved.

And oh, look at me, whining about the good old days. I should stop that. *grins* I've had so much fun in that old Rivendell. But as always, things change. And it's good that it does.

I've been an officer in the Host in that time. Of the Air Force, the oh-so un-canonical dragon-department which was loads of fun nonetheless. But before that I was a spy, under Nula. And the first official healer of the valley, at Lae's request. Together with her I set up the Healers branch of the Army and organized some classes, later with the help of Caradain. It has now evolved into the Adab Nestad, which I think is a jewel of Imladris. After all, the Valley's Lord is known for his great skill in healing!

I stayed in Rivendell for a year and some months, and then in December 2003, when Lórien opened, I joined. To build a kingdom from scratch. I've been there for 2 years, about a year and a half as officer and later general of the Lorien Guard. Fun times I had there, having also tried my hand at being a pub mistress, a newsletter editor, head of the arts house and of course lots of RPG's. But after those two years my old home called to me, and here I am again.

Though oldie in years, I still feel like a bit of a newbie in this Imladris, cause it changed a lot while I was living on the other side of the Hithaeglir. But I was very happy to notice that it is still that open, friendly kingdom where one would feel welcome immediately. Though not very active anymore in terms of posting, I find that Imladris is still the kingdom I feel most at home at.

And I guess I have its members to thank for that. :D

~ Leanan Sidhe


Newbie Perspective

Who would have thought that Billy Boyd's musical talents would change my life?

Last August I was taking advantage of some free time in a normally insane schedule to play around on the internet. This seemed like as good a time as any to look up something that had been itching away in my brain. According to the RotK special features interview with Billy Boyd, the song he sings for Lord Denethor was taken from a poem in FotR. Try as I might, I had not been able to find this poem anywhere. It was time to let Google step in.

Little did I know what browsing through the various LotR sites would bring. An innocent click on a site for "LotR fanatics", and I realized that I had stumbled across something much larger than mere song lyrics. An entire community of fellow LotR fans had made its way into my life.

During the spring of last year, my life was on pause for several months, and one way of filling this void was a suddenly blossoming Tolkien obsession. This had given me far more information about Tolkien than anyone else that I knew (as well as whispers of, "Someone has a problem...."), and so my first reaction to the Plaza was one of joy that everyone else had the same problem as me. The lore forums, movie discussions, and conversations about Tolkien's races, locations, and even Tolkien himself filled me with happiness. Now I could discuss some of the ideas that had come up during my readings on Tolkien and his masterpiece. Furthermore, I could do so in a setting where it was not only not pretentious, but expected, that I would have read more than just The Hobbit and LOTR, and that I would be familiar with the backstory.

Eventually, however, I was faced with a choice. In order to keep taking quizzes (a fun challenge that I didn't want to miss out on), I had to join a kingdom. After much deliberation and thought, I became part of the Rivendell Elves. Looking back, I still can't make up my mind? Did I manage through luck to pick the perfect kingdom for me, or did I pick one of a handful of compatible options and then through my time in Imladris become shaped to my new home? Whichever is the correct answer, this is my favourite part of the Plaza.

Here one can try almost anything. Grand, lofty writing sessions, silly Mad Libs games, great quests, cheetah racing, and scrumptious feasts, all are available. Where else can you go from an intense life-changing hunt for a fallen star, full of danger and breathtaking beauty, to brandishing a rubber chicken at a potted plant in less than 2 minutes? Whatever activities appeal to you, whatever you decide to do, everything we do is filled with an underlying sense of our elvish-ness, that same sense that Tolkien used in his books. The joy of immortality, the sense of long history, delight in beauty and nature, sorrow for what was and is no more, longing for Valinor... all of these things can be found in Imladris, enriching our "daily lives" in this kingdom. What more could you desire?

~ Nenuphar


Arien Silverleaf's House

Arien, the artsy Elf who occasionally visits the Imladris forum has an equally artsy house. As you enter, you are greeted by an array of colourful threads, mostly light role playing threads – such as The Gardens. There is also a thread where you can choose to post IC or OOC - The Psychedelic Pillow Room. The name just draws you in, doesn't it?

Of course, no house is complete without an OOC thread. The Silverleaf Palace is no exception, with the thread quaintly named The Chatterbox. There is also an ongoing game for those fun-lovers around, called 21 Questions, which is mostly a guessing game.

And now, introducing the only room in the Palace – where all the members' biographies are kept. Read them if you wish to know more of the people who make the house lively all day. All in all, this house strikes me as a happy, cheery and laid back kind of place to relax and make friends in.

I have just one thing to say to the house members though: Nice pets. They look beautiful.

~ Arwil


Tidings from Abroad

Fangorn Report


Not only has the forest shown how resilient it is in recovering from the fire that threatened to turn it into an ash pile, this "new beginning" has tempted a steady trickle of people to join the ranks as Fangornians. With numbers swelling slightly, Fangorn has continued to thrive and prosper - the ruler's idea to start afresh already beginning to show dividends. While activities are certainly few and far between, the members of Fangorn are certainly proving that its quality and not quantity that has the makings of a great kingdom. Several activities are already enjoying wide-spread success, including the Coppice of Creativity and Moonlit Musings. All are welcome to participate in any of the threads currently open in Fangorn.

This month also saw a change in rulership, with Meaghan resigning. Bombadil shed his bright clothes and donned the bark and moss of Treebeard, the well-loved Thom finally returning home to Fangorn. With such an energetic and dynamic duo in Lanth and Thom, the possibilities for Fangorn are endless and know absolutely no bounds. Ideas and suggestions are flowing swiftly and freely, anyone whose even slightly interested in an idea being more than welcome (and indeed encouraged) to share their thoughts and ideas. Yes, this month has been good for the residents of Fangorn.

~ Meltintalle


Isengard Report


Sulimë in the tower of Orthanc has been more about relaxing and having fun after the hard winter season, bringing with it a variety of games and activities.

A piece of parchment was found recently, bearing incriminating pictures of a number of the older wizards of the tower performing a certain dance. The discoverer of these pictures has been trying to put the names to the faces and has asked for help from anybody willing. However, the few remaining old wizards on the parchment have refused to help, and due to their embarrassment are trying to send the participants up the wrong tree and down the wrong path. But it doesn't look good for them as the players of the Wedgie Dance game are closing in. Time to hide.

Before I go into hiding myself (not that I am on the parchment of course…) I must tell you what else is happening in Isengard. The number of people tying their tongues in knots is increasing as they take part in a new game called "More than Mere Words". Players are showing off their word power and tongue agility by inventing new words from a given group of letters and explaining the definitions. With words such as Remplanembol (a Mother-in-law expletive), Mernomelblap (a type of Umbaran punishment) and Narmblleemop (a small, furry quadruped), we are expecting an influx of patients into the Medical Clinic and Therapy Clinic any day now. If you are interested on improving your word power there is still time to join in!

While all this has been happening, Shadowfax – the lord of horses and friend of Gandalf – has been kidnapped. He was just taken by some wizards and led by the ringleader Arwe Thereyet for a night out in Rohan's Golden Hoof Pub, but now he has escaped to Fangorn Forest where a search is being held.

Grey Pilgrim is hoping not to be sued for this unfortunate incident, as she is already in court pressing charges against the Isengard paper the Heren Istarion Elen. The case continues, and with the infamous Gondorian Lawyer Mr Pearsomir as the prosecution anything could happen, and probably will.

Now it really is time for me to go into hiding, so for more news stop by Orthanc. I recommend the reopened Isengardens.

~ Grey Pilgrim


Khazad Dum Report


One night, I received a letter from Imladris asking me to write about things that were going on in Khazad-Dum at the moment. It made me question myself, what actually was going on in Khazad-Dum. There was so much I knew off but there was even more I had never been myself because I was too busy with the things I was already involved in. But this report made me look through every single thread in Khazad-Dum and I discovered that KD has even more to offer than I, as loyal inhabitant, knew.

But just when I was investigating the everyday threads like the thief hunt, in which members of the same clan were being the thief suspiciously often, Khazad-Dum turned pink. I was shocked and sat staring at my screen for a few seconds before I could get myself to visit the throne room to see that Cajsa was off for a few days, that explained everything..leave king Dain alone with the kingdom and pinkness is the result. But as we're talking about the clans anyway, I might aswell give some sore information about them as there are still people who do not know they excist. They are the one unique which no other kingdom has. There are six clans and you can join as many as you like, foreign or dwarf. We've got the Merikhansar (Ale and food), Mojaks (Magic), Yogoks (crafters), Morogs (Miners), Ankixogs (Poets) and the Kagams (Lore). These clan are huge societies where you can be trained to become a master in the skills they offer you. The clans were, as always, a few of the most active threads around.

But of course, as they are always around they're not quite something special, what was special were the activities like the clan brawl or the adventure to the Emerald Island. The clan brawl is quite easy, you add a few members of each clan into a pub filled with ale and you get spectacular fights. The adventure to the Emerald Island was quite different, it's one of Queen Cajsa's most loved games, some sort of huge scavenger hunt through an entire country. While traveling around you should collect several treasures by trading them for items you should find in different parts of the country.

And of course, we can't ignore the opening of KD's very first art guild. There are loads of talented dwarves in Khazad-Dum but they never had a place in KD to showcase their work, except for the newspaper, of course. While looking through the thread I was amazed by what some members are capable off, I knew some dwarves were good but this was better than I had expected.

Of course, all of this isn't even close to what KD has to should really check it out yourself!

~ Aisil Dagda


Lorien Report


Greetings, dear readers, from fair Lothlórien! Surely you're all curious and anxious to hear news from the Golden wood. There are so many interesting things going on, it will be hard to mention all of them in just one article. So, sit down and enjoy the report!

The snow has melted, and all along the forest there are lovely signs of approaching spring. Trees and flowers in bloom, animals running across the glades, sunshine warming elven hearts. A perfect beginning of a new season!

The month had started with an unexpected happening, and it would be a shame to miss it! Galadhrim and visitors from foreign lands enjoyed the coronation ceremony. As you've already heard, because news travel along very fast, lovely lady Brillonnien became the new co-ruler of Lothlórien. A gathered crowd greeted the Lady with loud applause and reverence. Excitement and happiness filled us, and the beauty of Lady Galadriel shone with undying light.

Along with the ruler change, many new activities are taking place. Lend trî Lothlórien, an instructive journey trough the Woods has started, and anyone is invited to join, have fun, meet new friends, and of course, learn something more about the Golden Wood! Travellers began the trip at the foot of the Nimrodel stream, which is well known for it's healing qualities. The journey will end in Caras Galadhon, where most of the Elves live. You can't miss it, so join the group!

Another group of travellers has also begun their journey. They set foot in Caras Galadhon, and went westwards, to Edhellond, where prince Amroth once departed from Middle Earth. This is truly the beginning of an interesting journey!

For those who're more likely to stay in Lothlórien, there are also many things to do and enjoy. Lothlórien Hollow, our tavern, is attracting visitors from far and distant lands. It is a great place to meet new friends, have a drink or two, or try some of our delicious desserts. The door of the Hollow is always open, so come and check out the place where Galadhrim enjoy spending their time. Also, the Gardens of Lothlórien have many attractions worth seeing. Luin Eithel cafe is open again, and the staff is cheerful and friendly towards everyone. Besides that, you can try the best apple pie in all of Middle-earth there!

Lothlórien won't dissapoint lore lovers. Nimrodel's glade of trivia and riddles is a place to solve interesting riddles and have fun. There is even a riddle competition being planned between the Elves of Imladris and Lothlórien. Quentalmo, our drill team, is on the job. They've accomplished great things in Middle-earth!

Lothlórien is a fair place, and those of us who live there are having a great time! So, whether you want to hang out in our taverns, test your knowledge, or experience a journey, come! There are activities for everyone!

~ Nienna Tindome


Minas Tirith Report

Minas Tirith

Gondor, the white city, get into spring atmosphere. It was so beautiful to see how everything is full of laugh and fun. Many old and some new Gondorians entered our city to fulfil it with their creativity. Can you imagine walking among streets through Marketplace to see so many new faces that make our town brighter and happier?

There were several celebrations and birthdays, but I will not bother you with details… Let's just say it was very, very interesting… Our old rulers Laie and Naith and many newcomers fill out our beautiful city with joy. And above all thanks to Tarkano and lady Tiana, wonderful rulers that made our city so organized and magnificent.

The Drill teams are doing the best of themselves. This will be very interesting season for all. Hard victory but above all enjoyable. Our Dragons gave lots of headache to other teams but also congratulations to all competitors. The next round is on the table right now, so if you want come and takes a slice of cake.

Our dear Tarfea had full hands of job, so many little, or maybe big, problems worried our inhabitants. But that's life, like in Imladris also… Sometimes you get some and sometimes you lose some. But nevertheless all went right, is right and will be, just put a smile on your face. And don't forget umbrella… Sorry for that. Something fell down on paper, and my thoughts turned silly.

It was also season of fishing. Weather was so beautiful and many came to our kingdom to relax beside river. And idea was born: competition started. Nice little fishes in all sizes… We will catch them all. Yes, yes… Precioussssssssss… So nice and juicy… Can you imagine something prettier than relaxing on the riverside? Ok, ok… I know you can… But who cares. It was fun.

And now… Ta-daaaaaam! Something that changed my life. But we will be quiet about that. There was IK Racing Wk 9: MT vs Riddermark… So many Rohan ladies and gentlemen were lost within our border. Our SKUNKS lose from RACCOONS, but they raced bravely and congratulations to winners. Aren't we also winners, of course we are, because it was our honour to lose honestly. But next time beware ME, we will come in fully power.

Our poets are preparing themselves for next poetry round, and we have several surprises in our pockets… But I will not spoil them. To Mordor my dear reader you must go. There you will find gathering of the most famous poets of ME.

Oh did I mention that we have had a thief in city? I didn't? Well, maybe this is not so important , because sooner or later he or she will be caught like always.

There was also a strike in city. Bakeries were closed, and everything turned around. Can you imagine life without cookies? It was so horrible, like someone crumpled your heart. Thank Eru for some little boy. It was quite fun to chase him around streets and places through whole town. But many went crazy, because cookies have the will of it's own. If you were scared because of The One Ring, believe me, the Cookies are more deterrent… One Cookie to rule them all, Two cookies to find them, Three cookies to bring them all, And in the bakery bind them…

There were so many events and happenings, but please visit us next time. You will not regret it. Lots of best wishes from The White City.

~ Erchamion Naewe


Mordor Report


Mordor; it's the home of soot, ash, pain, and the occasional used car salesman. Really nothing interesting around there, right? Wrong, and though I'll probably do a terrible job changing your mind if you hold this to be your opinion of the place, it will be my endeavour to convince you otherwise. So the question is, where to begin. With the incredible games we're always running through? Or how about the places that make Mordor what it really is? Ooh, I know, the people who are such evil minions.

There's a growing population in Mordor every day as of late, with newbies coming into our midst to older members finally seeing the ash and moving. However, while we have been steadily growing, it was also a sad time in the land of Shadow. One of the oldest minions who had been running around since before even I can recall posted his goodbyes to the kingdom. Grishnak, former ruler and one who has a cackle no one will ever forget who heard it, has left us. Will it be a permanent leave of our oddball collection of orcs, wighs, and wraiths? Only time will truly tell.

Then of course we're on to the games of Mordor. Some are incredibly unique to the Kingdom, and others are textbook types which seem to come about pretty much everywhere. The last run game in Mordor which completed its run-through was the Mordor Beauty Contest. It was a grueling competition of looks, brawn, backstabbing, and drink mixing. The woman who came out the winner of the whole ordeal is none other than Nabooru(formerly Ailaya Nydrian of Mordor) with an impressive showing in every one of the categories. The free person Elvensong managed to pull of a second place finish, and both Pyronyxzhia and Gorshelle of Mordor managed a good showing of actually surviving the entire thing. Those who dropped out without warning were dropped into a black hole of nothingness, never to be seen again. At least, not until the end of the show when I had to return the rental black hole back and it spat them all back out. Currently the Pitfalls of Gorgoroth is the game running through, another one to be starting up any time now as well.

We also have the usual RPGs running in the forms of army activities(such as the Fall of Nargothrond which is drawing to a close, involving not only Mordor but your fair kingdom as well), the pub of the moment, the Towers of No Return(if only, too many survive, the pets in there are starting to get hungry), and the Black Pits of Mordor. Many of our activities are open for all, and it's always a bit more interesting when we have some elves running around to roast, so be sure to stop by one of these times. The pub of the moment is one which would be suggested; the Bucket of Blood proves itself to be a good time by having not only the Witchking of Angmar show up earlier on in the night, but the Dark Lord Morgoth surfaced for a moment as well(he's been rather quiet in that corner since a few flare-ups, so it might be safe... who knows).

And that's all for the Mordor report of the month. Tune in next month when someone will cover something else on the kingdom which keeps everyone hot glued to their seats, literally.



Rohan Report


Westu hal, my friends! Once again I bring you grand and glorious news from the lands of the Horse Lords. With so many challenging and new things going on this month - the smell of spring in the air, flowers all in bloom - it's an honour to be able to tell you all this.

Let's see how and where to begin, shall we? As we all know, the Minions of Mordor have for some reason decided to rampage certain places - I believe some pink curse or disease struck their lands, and made all of them go a little more evil than most. But to no avail. As they say, "Ride out to meet them" still holds true for us Rohirrim.

Onto getting all things set up for sping, our very own Spring Planning got off to a really great start. Here we are making many a plan come to life in the Mark. On another note, in the Gambling Game Room you can come in and place your bets and see if you have enough fortune to win the lucky prize. We mustn't forget the return of Boogie Nights, or Life in the Mark, where we had rushing water to deal with. And as our Rider of The Month was chosen, and turned out to be no other than myself, was shocked beyond belief. I really didn't believe it till I seen it with my own eyes and I was and am deeply honoured to say the least.

Our Cavalry , all three Eoreds, are still on training missions, and many great and worthy Rohirrim made all of Rohan proud in the way they held their enemies off. Stop by and have a look, or come to the Marketplace, where anything from soaps to saddles and candles can be bought. Well that's it for this month, a smidgen of what all went on in Rohan, but I'd keep you here all day if I were to keep going. I wish you fair winds, and may they always be at your back and the sea beneath your feet as you aim for the stars.

~ Goldmoon Dunami


Shire Report

The Shire

Well, onto events in the Shire. There have been quite a few new activities and contests in the Shire during March (is it March already?). But of course I must mention that it's been the month of Tari Boffin's first Rulerversary; yes she has had one year of being Samwise Gamgee! And another celebration has also taken place, as it was also Elanor Evermind's third Plazaversary!

So for some slightly more mundane news: the Hobbits of the Shire have, yet again, been chasing after Mushrooms in the Shire Mushroom Hunt. Who will find a Mushroom? Who will find Farmer Maggot? For, perhaps very unwisely, we have been running around in Farmer Maggot's fields. Some Hobbits have also been competing in the Gardening Competition - after all, spring is just the time to start growing those summer vegetables.

The long standing organisations of the Shire have been busy; making stoles and shawls in the Shire Knitting Circle. A trip to Woody End in the Shire Walking Club; business as usual in the International Shire and Pipeweed Association. A new Wine Tasting Centre has opened at the Strawberrystar Brewery and there is a new project of cooking a Traditional Hobbit Meal in the Ivy Bush.

Many of you may well have heard of our recent invasion from Mordor, and the Minions may be pleased to know we are still recovering. The Shire Clinic has been very busy with wounded from the attack and shops at the Market have been destroyed and will of course need to be rebuilt. But we will recover and I don't doubt that business will return to normal in April.

~ Seph Maggot


Valinor Report

Mad as a March hare is a phrase that was invented for Valinoreans. This month Mandos' singing lovebirds have been driving everybody crazy. You could not eat, sleep nor use the little Vala's room without the annoying sound of Bette Midler's "Wing Beneath My Wings" accosting you. Oromë and Tulkas have led a few of the others on a hunt, which according to them is "better than clay pigeon shooting". Well there have to be people who've wanted to shoot Bette after hearing that song at one too many weddings. Go on, put your hands up, I know you're out there!

Now Valinor is rife with the sound of "Did you ever know that you're my... SQUAWK". All this killing of harmless little birds has got Manwë up in arms. Nienna has joined him (it's a good excuse for a cry after all), as has Yavanna and Vana. The four are protesting furiously all over the blessed realm, handing out leaflets and putting up posters. Mahal wasn't very impressed, the fewer birds the better he exclaimed. The fact is they pooped all over his brand new, top of the range, sports horse. To which Manwë replied that he should go back to his cave and stop parking under trees. A terrible fight ensued, with the help of Morgoth, who was egging them on. Both combatants are now in hospital sporting broken bones and head injuries. In addition Manwë has an earache from Varda, who's voice can be heard echoing around the wards... "If I'd wanted to marry a savage animal I'd have married a baboon!". Which is highly unfair, after all baboons can be quite gentle creatures.

Now to the quieter side of Valinor life... Estë and Lorien have started a book club after wondering what they could do to fill their time. Ulmo, Nessa, and Vairë attended. Arguments soon broke out over what book they should start reading. Ulmo wanted Moby Dick, Nessa Dancing for Dummies, and Vairë The Cross-sticher's Handbook (there was free thread and needle with it you see). Lorien soon settled things when he suggested a funny little book he found called The Hobbit. We'll see what they think of it next month...

Vali Quote of the Month:
Mo: *thinks Mahal's special rank should be a Remington nose and ear hair trimmer*

~ Alkthoniel



The Fall

Leaves fall on the water,
On the clear Bruinen water.
Purple wounds of the trees
Are they? Or golden keys
Of the chambers of high lore?
Will you ever know more?
Each leaf its sacred sign bore
In the depth of its tender core.
Do you scent the trees’ sweet soul?
Do you know it from human’s one?
They had never felt the same,
No one ever saw a tree lame…
But you can’t say the same
About me - I’m just hurt
By these leaves, by this fall;
Wounded by you wooden bow,
For ever stuck in autumn.

~ Feowen


Lore: In the name of the Lord Elrond

Elrond, founder and lord of Imladris, is a person of many facets. Before he created the haven and sanctuary of Imladris, he had his share of experiences. Perhaps the most dramatic moment he cannot even remember, for it happened when he was but an infant, and with his twin brother Elros had been left in the forest to die. This cruel deed was done during the third kinslaying, however Maglor took pity on the children and found them, rescuing them from certain death and thereafter raising them.

Elrond was given the choice to become immortal, which he accepted, thus receiving all the gifts of the Elves. He and his family retained the name Peredhil however, which means half-Elven, a reminder of Elrond's proud lineage that included all three Houses of Edain, the royal families of both the Vanyar, Noldor and Teleri tribes, as well as Lúthien, the daughter of a Maia.

After the War of the Wrath, Elrond remained in Lindon as Gil-galad's herold and counsellor, and served him for more than 3400 years, until the High King was slain by Sauron. It was during this time that Elrond marched to the aid of Eregion on Gil-galad's behalf, and after its destruction, founded the refuge of Imladris. Even though hereafter he remained lord of the Valley, it does not mean he was inactive in the affairs of Middle-earth. After the Last Alliance and the end of the Second Age, he used what powers at his disposal for the benefit of the free people. He befriended Gandalf and was one of the few who understood the true nature of the Istari, and Imladris was often a place of meeting for the White Council, which consisted of the Istari and the main Elven leaders, such as Elrond, Galadriel, and most likely Círdan, Glorfindel, Celeborn and others.

Elrond also remained in friendship with the Dunedain, especially those of Arnor whose realm bordered his own. Even though he could not prevent its ruin, he sent a force to the last battle, the Battle of Fornost where the power of Angmar was broken. Furthermore Elrond ensured the survival of Isildur's house, by preserving their heirlooms and keeping a sanctuary for the surviving Dunedain, now known as the Rangers. Elrond must have had a foreboding of the importance that the descendants of Elendil could have, and furthermore they were the descendants of his own brother, Elros, so in reality he was helping his own family. This became especially important when Aragorn's father died only 2 years after his birth, and Elrond raised Aragorn as his own son, and later had Elendil's sword Narsil reforged for him.

Elrond's last participation in the affairs of Middle-earth happened before and during the War of the Ring. After Frodo had reached Imladris, partly due to the aid of Glorfindel who had been sent out with others by Elrond for this very purpose, Elrond held a council where the fate of the One Ring was decided, and a company chosen to help Frodo in destroying it. After its destruction, Elrond's time in Middle-earth was over, especially as the power of his ring Vilya now was gone. He soon after departed to Mithlond and sailed west, together with amongst others Gandalf and Galadriel.

~ Aduchil


Lore: Of the Fall of Nargothrond

At the brink of the Narog Orodreth turned, and there about him Túrin and Gwindor rallied the Eldar for a final stand. Hopelessly outnumbered, they were surrounded on both flanks and hemmed between the foe and the river. Yet as long as the king lived, the host of Nargothrond held, and for a brief time their doom was stayed. But nor might of Men nor valour of Elves could long hold back the tide of Angband on that day.

Orodreth challenged an Easterling captain and prevailed, but even as the victorious king turned from his fallen foe, he saw the losing battle that raged around him as slowly but surely the Elves were driven back. Túrin was no longer visible. Orodreth cried out to Gwindor, ordering the men to flee across the river – it was death now to try to hold the eastern bank. But even as he spoke his captain's name, he beheld him hewn down before his eyes by the sword of an Easterling.

Rage took the son of Finarfin. Wheeling his horse, he would have made a last desperate charge, doomed but glorious. But in his path lay Glaurung, his eyes aflame with malice and cunning. In its terror the king's horse threw him, and Orodreth faced the worm on foot and looked into his eyes. Thus began the final battle of wills, of which many songs are yet sung. With all the might of his race Orodreth resisted, defying his foe to the end, but it was a hopeless battle. Yet in that hour a hidden strength was revealed in him, for of a sudden he broke free of the worm's ensnaring gaze, and crying forth a prophecy of doom, hurled his sword at his foe. The blade glanced harmlessly off Glaurung's golden scales, shattering as it struck. Orodreth was hurled to his knees. Then the dragon's fire descended, and the last king of Nargothrond was no more.

At the death of Orodreth the last resistance crumbled, and the Elves turned and fled. Some were lost in the cold waters of the Narog; those that made it to the field of Tumhalad beyond were soon overtaken by the pursuing hordes of Morgoth and by the dragon. Upon that field the pride of Nargothrond was reduced to ash, its glory trodden into the blood-soaked earth.

But Túrin still lived. From afar he witnessed the fall of Orodreth, and looking out across the blackened field, he saw the Elves in flight and knew that they had failed. Glaurung advanced, burning all before him, and turning to face the worm Túrin prepared to meet his death, determined to drive Gurthang into the beast's belly ere he too was slain, and thus end in glory and gain some measure of revenge. But even as he raised his sword, Gwindor's death-cry rang in his ears. Remembering their friendship and the debt he owed to Nargothrond, a new purpose arose in him to save as many as he could of Finrod's people from destruction. Placing the stricken Elf upon a horse, Túrin bore him across the Narog out of the battle. In a grove of trees he laid him down, but it was vain, and Gwindor knew his end had come. With his last breath he charged Túrin to save Finduilas, for because of Agarwaen Nargothrond was doomed. And Túrin swore it.

No time had he to honor his friend's body with a proper burial, but cutting some branches he laid them over Gwindor's still form to shield it from defiling hands. Then turning away he hurried south on foot, gathering to him the remnant of the Eldar as he went. Like a storm he came, his face a cloud of wrath, his sword like lightning, and thus he returned to Nargothrond. But it was too late - the enemy was before him.

In the deep halls of Nargothrond a shadow had fallen upon those who remained behind. Long they waited, but still no word came of victory or defeat, and some at last began to despair. Others clung desperately to hope, and ever the question was repeated: why had there been no word? But now their waiting was over, for in that hour the host of Morgoth came upon Nargothrond.

Unwarned and unprepared, the Eldar knew that they were doomed. Bitterly they cursed the pride of Túrin, and the blindness of their own hearts, for they saw now that the bridge would be their doom. Its very might prevented it from being cast down, and the once impassable river proved no obstacle now. Strong was that city, but not even the work of the Firstborn of Ilúvatar could withstand the onslaught of Glaurung. The Doors of Felagund were overthrown in a blast of fire, and the Orcs poured in like an evil tide.

Thus began the sack of Nargothrond, and who shall tell of the sorrows and terrors thereof? Those guards that remained fled or were cut down where they stood. The great halls and chambers were pillaged and all the wealth and beauty of Nargothrond plundered or destroyed, vanishing in blood and fire. Yet even now many of the inhabitants defied their fate, fighting to the end. Before the doors of the Great Hall Finduilas made her final stand, and great was her strength in her grief and hate. But hope was no more and all resistance doomed to failure. At the last she too was overcome and dragged to the terraces before the broken Doors of Felagund, where those of the women and children who had not been slain were herded in chains to be taken as slaves to Morgoth.

It was in that very hour that Túrin returned to Nargothrond. Alone he came, for the Elves that had followed him from Tumhalad had fallen or fled. But the Mormegil none could withstand, and the orcs fell to the blade of Gurthang like dry grass before an unquenchable fire. He beat down the guards upon the bridge and hewed his way toward the captives, but at that moment Glaurung issued forth and turned his serpent gaze upon the Man. Unafraid, Túrin raised his black sword to strike the dragon, and in defiance looked full in the eyes of his foe, and thus was ensnared. For the eyes of Glaurung held the might of Morgoth, and under the power of their spell Túrin became as one turned to stone. Thrice Finduilas cried out to him, but he answered not, nor stirred, powerless beneath the gaze of the dragon. But he heard her, and the wailing of the captives as they were led away, and in his heart he wept, cursing the day he had been born.

So ends the tale of the Fall of Nargothrond, and few have matched it in woe. With the death soon after of Finduilas in captivity, the line of Orodreth was ended. Of their once glorious people only a remnant remained, broken in defeat. But Glaurung took Nargothrond and all its treasures to be his own, and long he lay upon a bed of gold in the innermost hall, until the time of his appointed doom. Thus in the end the soldiers of Morgoth gained nothing, and so are the servants of the darkness ever repaid.



Language: The Oath to Eorl

When Cirion, the twelth rulling Steward of Gondor gave the land called Calenardhon (latter Rohan) to Eorl the Young, he swore an oath in high-elven tongue. It went like this: "Vanda sina termaruva Elenna-nóreo alcar enyalien ar Elendil Vorondo voronwë. Nai tiruvantes i hárar mahalmassen mi Númen ar i Eru i or ilyë mahalmar eä tennoio."

I chose to concentrate on the second sentence for this time.

Nai tiruvantes i hárar mahalmassen mí Númen ar i Eru i or ilyë mahalmar eä tennoio. (literally: may they keep it, the ones who are sitting on the thrones in the West and the One who is above all thrones forever.)

Nai: be it(that), may
In Quenya, for expressing wishes that something will happen, is used when someone does not want to use command (imperative). This is the word "nai" and we may call it wishing formula. It can be found in the end of Galadriel's song "Namárië!" "Nai hiruvalyë Valimar! Nai elyë hiruva!"

tiruvantes – they will guard it
Here we have a compound consisting of verb, future tense , object and subject. Let us go step by step.
Tir - this is the verb "to guard, watch".
-uva – is the future ending. It is applied on both primary and A-stem verbs. In case of primary verbs it is simply attached to end of the them. When talking about A-stems, those who are ending with letter "a" we must take away the last "a" form the verb. For example "lanta-" – "to fall". So if we want to say or write "shall fall", it will be renedered down as "lantuva" not "lantauva.
-nte - is the pronominal ending "they".
Regarding this pronominal ending we will talk about in next editions.

i hárar – "the ones who are sitting". (referring to the Valar) Here we have definite article "i" – "the" which is taking function of relative pronoun "who" in this case.
hárar – present tense formed of the verb har – "to sit". Present tense is formed by lengthening the stem vowel, in this case "a" of har-. Thus hára – "is sitting". But since we have "the Ones" we must apply the ending for plural, which is –R. There is one more ending for plural, but now we are not interested in it.

mahalmassen – "up(on) thrones".
mahalma – "throne" (noun)
ssen – plural locative case ending "in, on, upon".

– "in the". Quenya preposition mi means "in". But if you want to say "in the", here definite article i "the" comes into play. mi + i gives mí. This long i is pronounced like "ee" in word "see".

Númen – "West". Long "u" is pronounced like "oo" in the word "fool".

ar – "and"

i – here means "the", Quenya definite article "i"

Eru – "One"

i – here article "the" is again taking on function as a relative pronoun "who".

or – preposition "above"

ilyë – it can be both noun and adjective "all, every". ("every" when occuring before a singular noun example ilya Nauco "every dwarf", but when occuring by itself "ilya" rather means "all". Like in singular, this word also means "all" when before a plural word. So since Quenya adjectives agree in number, if the word they describe is in plural, adjective must be also plural. The adjectives who end in –a, change this –a into –ë. Thus "ilya" becomes "ilyë" because of the plural word "mahalmar" that is following.

mahalmar – "thrones" (mahalma "throne" + plural ending –R)

ëa – "is" . probably it was used to describe absolute sense, meaning "exists" , referring to Eru and the powers). Commonly, for "is" we use copula "ná".

tennoio – "forever", comes from tenna - '"until, up to, as far as, unto + oio " an endless period, ever'.

With help from: Ardalambion .

~ Numellote



Land of stone,
Realm of the exiles,
Here the wind them blew,
Here the shores them greeted,
Here they built their cities,
East, west and upon the river the great.

~ Aduchil


A joke or two!

Gollum follows the hobbits to the Cirith Ungol and sees a great number of Orcs killed. He runs over to Sam and knees before him, awestruck:
“Pray, tell me,” he says, “how can you fight Orcs - you haven’t got any of them in the Shire!”
Sam, caressing his knife:
“And here there won’t be any of them anymore…”

Two hobbits chattering:
“What kind of shampoo do you use for your feet?”

Aragorn decided to look at Frodo’s wound and asked, surprised: “Frodo! Where did you get a mithril coat?”
Frodo replied, absent-mindedly: “Oh, it’s just a present for my birthday…”

~ Feowen



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