Parth Edwen ~ Volume II
Pennas Gwaeron ~ March Issue

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The Lady Who Rides Asfaloth!

Same Face, Different Place

      For those of you who may not have heard, there’s a new ruler in Rivendell. I had the great pleasure of meeting and interviewing Laebeth.

      Laebeth has been on the Plaza for two years now, since February 22, 2002. She has found her time here to be very enjoyable and believes one of the greatest things about the Plaza is that one can meet people from all over the world who share a deep love for Tolkien’s works. During her time on the Plaza, Laebeth has met a lot of people who have become very special to her.

      Roleplaying is Laebeth’s favorite activity. She thinks that it is an excellent way of developing one’s character and gives them an opportunity to actually ‘be’ in Middle-Earth. “There are still many things here I’d like to try out,” she says.

      Aside from roleplaying, Laebeth loves languages and has been studying Sindarin for over half a year. She began to study the language independently, but soon took up a course started by Tara. Laebeth goes on to express her feelings. “One of the reasons Tolkien created Middle-Earth was because he needed a world where his imaginary languages could develop. It is truly fascinating when words and names in Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion suddenly become more than just words, and another part of Tolkien’s world is revealed to you!”

      It has been said that Laebeth has no free time, but she put a stop to those rumours saying, “That is not true! Well, maybe it is... but I do have some free time!” In her free time, Laebeth enjoys reading, going out with her friends, and singing in a choir. To top that off, she leads a drama group and is part of a group called Changemaker whose main focus is to make the world a better place. That in itself is more than a handful.

      Before our parting, Laebeth left me with some advice for newbies just getting involved in the community. Grinning, she says, “Be persistent! That is what I keep telling everyone. Sometimes it will be hard to feel like you are a part of a kingdom after a week, and sometimes you do not even feel it after a month or two. I also remember how it is to be new to the plaza! But, in the end, all you can do is to keep going, join the activities, and show that you are there to stay, no matter how hard it can be at times!”



The Ballad of Imladris

Before the ascent of the kingdoms of Men

To reclaim rule of stream and tree,

A realm of the Firstborn lay glorious in shade,

Yet stood glittering like a sculpted sea.

The Last Homely House,

Lordly haven of Elven grace

Where no darkness ever dare tread

To stain its rare and holy face

The halls of Elrond ring with peace

And the light of Elwing’s kin,

No fear may penetrate this bower,

Nor death that wastes at mortal skin

Embraced by shelter of Misty Mountains,

Dwelling sweet of breeze and flower,

Sanctuary, Imladris!

The jewel of our eternal hour.

~ AlassielVanesse

Guilds and Groups

Army Report

       The Elven Army of Rivendell has not been idle during the winter season. The war in which the Elves marched to aid their brethren in Lothlórien taught them much. Furthermore, there has been much debate and discussion concerning the different branches of the Army. There is now more emphasis on discipline, tactics and training in the four regiments which are the core of the Army. Also, the sub-organisations have changed or will be changed. An example is the Imladris Military Academy, which, now that exam period has ended, will likely be changed to improve its efficiency in educating cadets. Another is the Illuisa, where the arts of magic are taught. It is currently closed with a discussion concerning how magic should be used. Since magic as a term does not really fit with Elves, it is a difficult topic and thus not easy to reach a conclusion about. A new institution has also risen, a corps of Engineers. It is still new, and thus not much work has been done yet, but their duty will include the building of siege weapons and weapons of mass-destruction, bridges, defence structures and other things in that range.

       The Army has had a few new departures and promotions; both Ender and Andyavie, officers of the Troops Abroad, have left after a long time of dedicated service, and Nurbor, also an officer of that regiment, has departed for Lothlórien. Of new officers we have welcomed Weny from the Sea Forces, and Aleandra from the Rivendell Defence.

       The army is also improving its diplomacy; all soldiers have been given time to apply for military ambassador, a position of great worth. The ambassador will act as the Elven Army’s envoy in the courts of a foreign country, hopefully establishing or improving ties with said country. Of course ties are already strong with our brethren in the Lórien kingdom. Relations with the realm of Khazad-dûm are not bad either; soon, both armies will engage in a training battle against each other, where blunt weapons will be used so that the most severe injuries will consist of headaches.

       The Army’s main activity is RPGs, and Rivendell is currently hosting one. It is a continuation of an earlier RPG concerning the Silmaril that Maglor threw into the ocean. The first part ended with the retrieval of the Silmaril outside the gates of Moria, and now the Army strides towards Mithlond in the hopes of reaching the west to deliver the Silmaril. Dangers are plenty, however, since not only foes desire this jewel.

       Other things being developed include contests and tournaments— but rather than reveal the unfinished plans, read the next issue of the Herald to be updated on Army business!

       The ranks of the Army are not full, and all who are above level 5 are not just welcomed, but encouraged to join any of the four regiments. If you are not level 5, then you can join the IMA and be taught the skills that a soldier needs to have, and upon graduation you enter the army regardless of rank.




Bards' Guild

My first dawn at Govannas in Glirdain, known to many as the Bards’ Guild, and I found myself on the sun-kissed patio of an intricately carven stone structure, perched romantically among the paths and windswept cliffs of Imladris. It was late evening when I rode in through the gate with a song on my lips and tales of old coursing through my veins. All seemed quiet and asleep until I was greeted by several of the Masters in Lore and Song. They led me to the New Pub of Falling Water, where I found a fabulous menu of dishes and drink from all over Middle-Earth. After I drank and ate a little, I was shown my place to rest for the evening. I awoke to the song of bird, Elf and Man. I strolled onto the garden patio and found students of various gifts and knowledge. Some were speaking in tongues of old, while others were singing to each other their hopes and dreams for the future. Here I was at last, in the place of my lost kin, among many friendly and talented people.

      The Bards’ Guild has so much to offer, from classrooms for learning Sindarin and Quenya, to the schools of Story, Lore and Song. You will find archives brimming with literary works of art and study guides to help you through your learning journeys. There are even lounges for discussing and sharing all that you have learned and created with others of like mind and heart, and there are celebrations of achievement and growth.

      This month I would like to congratulate the following Guild members for their successes.

~ Erufaele has been promoted to Tuluril
~ Gerontian finally was able to retire.
~ Berenand Thorsten are our newest Teachers of Sindarin.
~ Elders, Laebeth and Russë have recently graduated from the Sindarin Apprentice Class.
~ Adriel and Annatariel have won the award of Keepers of the Quill, in which they showed their creative talents with their compositions about the Immortality of the Elves.

      So if you would like to learn how to write like the masters of old and new or simply speak with others in a language you have heard whispered on the wind, then make the journey to this fun and fascinating place, nestled in the valley of the Misty Mountains. Find your inspiration at the Rivendell Bards’ Guild and Collegium.

~Silmarwen Ar-Feiniel


Writers' Guild

These past months have seen a flurry of activity in and about the Writers’ Guild as many members have worked hard on both poetry and prose to share with all willing to listen. Most of our works are beautiful poems constructed using perfect verse and others using a more free form. Some of the most stunning of these are compliments of the very talented Elandra. Stories have been written on many topics, ranging from eternal love, to the loss felt by a child, but not yet fully understood.

Many have entered our ranks recently, and the Guild is far the better for it. The consistent work put in by Shavrak_Saelta and Katurine have graced the other guild members with copious amounts of wonderful stories and poems previously undreamt of and greatly appreciated. The current thread, The Writers’ Guild of Epiphanies, has seen the joining of Ikayla Sadril, my own darling little sister, and Aeltaewe a Gondorian (But we like her anyway, shhh). We have also seen the passing from Guild mistress to Guild head of Caradain, and the promotion of FireroseBoudica to Guild mistress. I, along with many others, wish them both grand felicitations on them and their new posts.

While it is not possible to tell about all of the wonderful offerings in one small article, a person may choose one poem that stands out above the rest. The poem I chose was written by our Guild head Caradain, because I felt its meaning was even more universal then true love, because we have not all yet found true love, but a true friend, which is just as hard to come by, many know.

Come tell me your sorrow
come tell me your fears
we’ll sit till the morrow
I’ll dry all your tears
Come bare your soul
come spill your heart
I’ll sit here beside you
your side I’ll not part
a shoulder to cry on
a listening ear
I’ll do all I can
to ease all your fear
My sympathies given
my comforts extend
from here ever after
your heart I shall mend
So tell me your troubles
I’ll tell you no lies
you’ll see that my heart
resides in my eyes
to each word I’ll listen
and try to make right
with love and compassion
I’ll see thee through the night
And always remember
though near or far
my love’s always with you
and in your heart hangs a star



Debate Team

      Greetings ladies and gentlelves! Very recently, our dear Caradain has stepped down from her position as Co-Captain of the Rivendell Debate Team, and I, Gilanna, have been asked to follow in her footsteps. Our other most honourable Co-Captain, Cird, has been unable to come to Middle Earth very often recently due to the evil that is Real Life. But undoubtedly he will return to us as soon as he can.

      Fast approaching is the event that all Rivendell debaters love: the Inter-Kingdom Debates! It is the time when we get to research and write our debate speeches until our eyes are about to fall out from reading so much, and our fingers are about to cramp from writing and re-writing our multi-paged notes from which we work. But besides all that fun, it gives us an opportunity to travel to other kingdoms and see the wit and skill possessed by the other races— although with the addition of Lothlórien, we get to see the skill of our fellow Edhil. It can be a truly humbling experience, but a very fun one.

      Unfortunately, this season we have lost some of our finest debaters: Cirwen to Lórien, and Fyliwion and Derevon to Rohan. But they have been replaced by a multitude of newbies, who will undoubtedly exceed my expectations and— coupled with our experienced debaters— will help lead us to a great season. In order to get the newbies prepared, there is a practice debate scheduled with Lórien that will follow the same rules as a normal IK debate, so they can get a feeling of what the real thing will be like. And in order to help them write their arguments properly, they will be put through grueling torture that will be make them want to scream and cry... Did I say “torture”? I meant training. Those “t” words can certainly be easily mixed up. But in all seriousness, I believe that this will be a great season for Rivendell’s Debate Team. So come on out and support us, or better yet, join us. It will be fun, I promise!



Drill Team

      In a Drill Team match, teams from two kingdoms match wits and test each other’s knowledge of the lore of Middle-earth. Rivendell’s Drill Team, The Keepers of the Scrolls, have yet to be defeated!

      The Keepers of the Scrolls got off to a rocky start this season. In the matches versus Mordor, the Shire, and the White Council, Rivendell’s team consisted of two or three players. The Mordorians dropped out of the match due to their own short-handedness. Our match with the Shire ended in a disappointing tie, but the match with the White Council was won by a team of two! Matches were put on hold over the holidays; Idril and Elwë took advantage of the break to finalize the Drill Team structure. We then began recruiting in earnest, and are happy to say that we have many new members! Congratulations to Aduchil for being promoted to Hebir Ist (Lore Keeper) and to Feanor Elf, Menecamiel, Eithil, Threthiel, PDCML, and Eleanar on their promotions to the rank of Ephedyr Ist (Lore Follower).

      Sadly, Elwë left Rivendell for Fangorn in January. Tara received a well-earned promotion to the rank of Taidril (Co-captain). I, Ibrantriel, was promoted to Istur Main (Prime Lore Master). For our next match, we traveled to Fangorn, where Brandybuck presented us with questions to challenge the intellect of the greatest Lore masters. Thanks to the valiant efforts of team members, Rivendell was victorious! Our next match against Minas Tirith ended in an anticlimax, another tie. Even the officiant, Morim, lamented not being able to ask his most difficult questions! Our latest match was against Tweam Med, the Rohirric team. This match resulted in yet another tie. Our final matches will be against Khazad-dûm and Lothlórien. May the best team win!

      If you are interested in becoming part of the Drill Team, visit the thread in I Adab Athrabeth or the sign-up thread in Rivendell.



Word Sleuth

       Word Sleuth, introduced and overseen by Morgorth, has taken Middle-earth by storm, and everyone is grasping for tiles. (If this is some clever ploy like the Rings, it has worked beautifully). It’s rumored that the gods themselves are taking jaunts from Valinor to play. The basic idea is simple. Each team tries to place words on the board using the letters they’ve drawn and words already played. But the fine points of the game, including having two teams for each kingdom, a time limit, extra points for words found in the tales of Middle-earth, and questions about permissible words make for a complex game requiring strategy and serendipity.

       Under the leadership of Caradain, Rivendell fought its first bout against Khazad-dûm, where the rivalry between Dwarves and Elves triggered cheerful banter. Undaunted by its first loss, Rivendell went on to defeat Minas Tirith’s formidable wordsmiths in a match enlivened by several challenges on both sides. Next stop was the Golden Wood, where Elves enjoyed greeting kin and friends before settling down to an evenly-matched game that has Rivendell in the lead by a sliver-thin margin— stay tuned! We are simultaneously hosting a band of agreeable Hobbits in Rivendell; all are very “learned in their letters”, and Rivendell is playing catch-up.

       Following the departure of Caradain, Ibrantriel has stepped in as team captain and is actively recruiting new members. If you love words, or if you desire to serve your kingdom while getting to know fellow Elves and visiting other kingdoms, stop by!

~Tinw and Lady Shadowdawn

The Lay of Melian

I came to Middle Earth and met
A twilight shaded star
The greatest and fairest that ever was seen
He came and stole my heart

We dwelt together in wondrous bliss
For many years uncounted
Protected in our woodland realm
Together we stood united

The nightingale sang in the twilight dusk
Welcoming my child to the world
The fairest maiden the ages had known
The stars above her shone bright and cold

But darkness crept into my heart
A foreboding of things to come
And a man came wandering into my world
And a shadow fell on our home

So now I wander in Valinor
And my heart is drowned in sorrow
My love and child are gone from me

I stand alone


Annals of Imladris

Project Imladris

Imladris ~ Togo nin na guil!

       Things looked dark for the Elves in the second millennia of the Second Age. Sauron released his power over Eriador. Eregion fell. Elrond’s force, coming from Lindon to the aid of Hollin, was driven north. Things would have ended badly right there and then if Sauron had not ended his pursuit in order to follow the Dwarves and Elves of Lórinand. It was in this year that Imladris was founded; a sanctuary and a haven for the travellers of Middle-earth. And so we come to the present...

       As you might have seen, we have started a prestigious project in our fair Kingdom; a project that would shape and build Rivendell, and provide detailed information on all the locations within the Valley. We wanted to do something new ~ to bring Imladris to life, and at the same time expand the roleplaying options in the kingdom!

       However, this presented us with several problems: the inclusion of buildings and rooms not in Tolkien’s writings (such as the Bards’ Guild), the question of whether Plaza Houses should or should not be admitted into the project, and of course we had to find a effective yet quick way to set the project on its feet and help it along.

       First, we gathered every single piece of information Tolkien ever wrote about Rivendell. Then we decided, in co-operation with the Elves, what would be placed within the Valley and where. As the different phases of the project were finished, Imladris began to take shape. The final phase, making the description for the locations, is currently underway, but has proven to be the most difficult and time-consuming phase of all!

       This is not only due to the size of the project, but also to the fact that many Elves seem not to be interested in writing up a description. We are heavily relying on a small group of people right now, so if you happen to read this and want to help out- grab your chance! Go here for the current Project Imladris thread.

       The descriptions of the Valley are being put up on the KP as they are sent in. With the Last Homely House, the lovely gardens and waterfalls, Rivendell is one of the most beautiful places in Middle-earth, and in the end, we hope to present to you the valley of Imladris as it is on the plaza today!

~ Arlo and Laebeth


The Rivendell Thief Hunt

       The Rivendell Thief Hunt is now in its twenty-fifth round and growing steadily more popular. This thrilling game combines Cluedo with the realm of Rivendell to create a truly unique and challenging pastime. The list of winners is getting longer every round, with PDCML and Riki Tiki Tavi being the most recent to capture the clever thief. Nevessquen, working hard to keep up with our guesses and demands for more clues, has never yet failed to meet a deadline (as far as I know) or come up with a new combination for us to guess. Was it Merl, hiding in Galadriel’s Wardrobe with the Mirúvor? Was that Idril in the Writers’ Guild with the Shards of Narsil? Or was it Tinw, hiding Vilya in the Hall of Fire? Who knows? Who guessed? Join and find out! Additional congratulations to Arasriel, who has just become Nevessquen’s new assistant and had the honour of opening the new Thief Hunt. Keep up the good work everyone and happy hunting!

~ Ada & Elrenia


War in Lothlórien

Three times Lórien had been assailed from Dol Guldur, but besides the valour of the elven people of that land, the power that dwelt there was too great for any to overcome, unless Sauron had come there himself. Though grievous harm was done to the fair woods on the borders, the assaults were driven back.” ~ The Red Book of Westmarch

So the histories tell us, but one thing they did not foresee: what if the Dark Lord himself did come to wage war against the Golden Wood? And what if he lured the Dwarves and Istari into fighting alongside the forces of Darkness? Ah, but the Golden Wood stands not alone, and far-seeing are the eyes of those who wield the Three. Thus Rivendell and others came to the succour of Lothlórien in the nick of time. What follows are three eyewitness accounts by members of Rivendell’s Sea Forces, Troops Abroad, and Spies, who both fought in the battle and helped turn the tide. ~ Tinw


Battle Report: The Eastern Front

      Magical fog and the smoke of burning mallorn trees drifted over the river Anduin as the Sea Forces of the Rivendell Army sailed to the aid of the East Lórien Guard.
      Troubled by the thick smoke hovering over the river, two swanships silently sailed towards the battlefield. Slowly the smoke cleared from the field. Boats were spotted crossing the river, bringing Mordorians and Istari alike to the Lórien side of the river. The cunning Istari had wheeled in a large number of boats all the way from Dol Guldur and were now crossing the river in large numbers under the protection of the magically enhanced fog while catapults hurled bombs of fire into the woods.
      Chaos was everywhere as elves ran around to extinguish fires. With the arrival of the East Warden Vandome, discipline returned. The Lórien Rangers retreated into the tree line as the archers fired a volley of flaming arrows at the boats. Many Mordorians perished on the river as their boats caught fire and started to sink.
      Meanwhile, the two swanships had drawn near enough to join in the battle. At the signal of Commander Laivindil, harpoons sped through the air. Fired from fixed deckweapons, the harpoons hit the boats with much force, piercing holes in the waterline and impaling the ones on it. One by one, a couple of enemy boats reached the western shore of the Anduin, and Mordorians started to swarm out. With the Lórien archers too occupied to fire at the crossing boats, more and more safely reached the shore.
      From high upon their telain, the archers shot many of their foes, and the stealthy and strong rangers steadily held their ground, but the catapults on the eastern shore were still causing havoc with their fiery bombs.
      Under the command of Commander Laivindil, Ensign Weny and 2nd General Aurëthil, the Sea Forces landed on the eastern shore, assured that the Lórien guard could hold their position. The SF set fire to the half-deserted camp on the eastern shore, drawing out the defenders of the catapults. In return, the catapults turned and fired at the swanships, now docked, destroying them with a single shot, before resuming the firing on Lórien. Laivindil’s crew circled around the camp to assail the catapults as Weny, Aurëthil and the crew of the Simbelmynë charged the defenders.
      The Eldavenë crew was about to set flame to the catapults when reinforcements for the Istari and Mordorians arrived. At the very last moment, the Simbelmynë crew led by their commander Weny and 2nd general Aurëthil finished off the last defenders and kept the reinforcements at bay as Laivindil and his crew destroyed the catapults. The victory of Lórien sounded across the river, but the reinforcements on the eastern shore kept coming. All together the SF fought their way to the last Mordorian ship, which was left behind by the defenders, and quickly boarded it and sailed away.

~ Laivindil, Commander of the Sea Forces


Battle Report: The Southern Front

      We had many small victories, only to be engulfed by more approaching minions and orcs. Slowly, the orcs began to advance closer and closer to the city of Caras Galadhon. Istari and elves fought bravely but were outnumbered. But just before dawn some new troops came in the heat of the war.
      A band of elves from Rivendell were marching to the Lórien war to fight and die for the Golden Wood. As the sun began to come up the elves blew into their horns giving a long, beautiful sound that filled the fighting troops with courage. The elves that were coming through the trees charged into the battle to remove some small orcs.
      As they reported to their Commanding Officers, some were shot by the machines of war. These orcs were thirsty for elven blood. But seen among the orcs were men as well.
      Some Istari and elves banded together to fight the orcs and take away the machines. As a brave Istar, Phârazon, charged, others came behind him and started to slaughter the orcs. Once a path was cleared the elves began to destroy the siege weapons and use them for a barricade. Quickly some swordsmen came and blocked the orcs and minions coming. It was to be a long fight.
      After gruesome battles and firing of arrows and machines the battle seemed to pause. Out of the destroyed woods came more siege weapons. The elves seemed to despair, but then in the swiftness of battle some healers came to heal the wounded. The elves were filled with joy; this was their ray of hope. The battle claimed more lives, but many more were healed. At last the defenders drove the enemy back, and the attackers moved to another part of the forest to strike again.

~ Melanoriel, Trainee, Spies


Battle Report: The Northern Front

      Today, we rode forth to Lórien. The ride was long and very tedious, but this day, we shall fight. In hindsight, I’m unsure if we should’ve let Lord Elrond ride forth to war, but there is nothing to be done with that now, and the few non-military personnel we have with us have completed all that could be asked of them. The scouts have brought word: Mordor finally marches upon the northern front. My division of the Troops Abroad has simple orders, to provide as much cover fire as we can with our bows, and by Eru if I can get my soldiers to give more than they thought possible, I will. But now we ride forth, our arrows have flown, and now the time comes for battle. None of the friends I know have died as of yet, but Sauron is looking for an opponent, and I shan’t let someone fight my battle. The time has come; vengeance will be my greatest achievement this day.
      Even as I try to fight Sauron, more elves come to try and help me, but the minions will have none of it, and they are trying to form a circle to enclose me and allow only certain elves through. The elves are rallying though, and will not let this happen, as they are encircling the minions and marching in on them.
      The minions have begun to try and take the catapults, but the Troops Abroad shan’t let that happen, and I can hear the sounds of horns coming from the east. The Sea Forces have come to aid us in taking out the minions that are trickling in to reinforce the northern front. We shall see what the outcome is now that we have more troops to work with.
      Stone trolls of the minion army now advance upon us, and the Troops Abroad numbers dwindle badly. I fear we may soon be overtaken, but no matter, one must fulfill his duty, and fight unto the end. And so we shall, to destroy these trolls and fight the minions that advance upon our catapult.
      The charge of the minions lasted not long, as we decimated their troops, and their leaders called for a retreat. The minions are routed, and we have won, but at what cost? Now the duty of Third Master Healer I must fulfill to these people, and clean what wounds I may saving those lives that I can.

~ Nurbor Calad, Arquendi, Troops Abroad



Laer Orchenion Song of the Steward
Click here to hear it sung
Bar adel nin, i ardhon nu
Raid evyr boe enni padad
Trî Dhúath nan rîw môr nalú
Giliath thennin na galad
Hîth a Dúath, fân a gwath
pelithar, pelithar nadath

Home is behind me, the world ahead
And many paths I have to tread
Through Shadows to the edge of night until
The stars are kindled with light
Mist and Shadows, cloud and shade
All shall fade, all shall fade

~ Taramiluiel      


Feature Articles

From the Rivendell Army

The Sea Forces
Are you tired of the same view? Do you love the feel of ocean swells, mist across your face? Want to swing from ropes onto a pitching wooden deck fighting foul beasts who want you dead? Would you like to visit the Undying Lands and still return home? This regiment of the Rivendell army is not restricted to the lands of Middle Earth! We sail everywhere we need or want to go, be it the Anduin River or Tol Erressëa. With ships ranging from small swanships to massive three-masted battleships, and armed with everything from daggers to ballistas and catapults, the SF is being used for all kinds of missions. We sail everywhere we need or want to go be it the Anduin River or Tol Erressëa. If you are looking for adventure, join the Sea Forces. The glorious ships, made by Lord Cirdan himself, await you!

~Laivindil and Ellenan

The Troops Abroad
Have you ever wanted to shoot arrows of deadly fire that ignite foes upon impact? Fight alongside your trusted comrades in formations as you protect each others’ backs? Ride your mount into battle, slaying and hewing as you sally forth into enemy ranks, charging as the first? Then join the Troops Abroad of Rivendell! A regiment that offers the possibilities above and others, and which can teach you usable skills, bring you into the greatest battles of our Age, and bring you ever-lasting, never-ceasing friendship with those whose lives you will save and be saved by countless times. So do not hesitate, but join the Troops Abroad and carve yourself a name amongst the legends of the Elven Army!


Rivendell defence
Look out upon our fair valley, whose waters run clear, and whose halls are blessed by the stars of Elbereth Gilthoniel! Would you see our lands protected from the thralls of the Enemy? Would you answer the call of honour, with bright swords and tall spears, to defend the Last Homely House, and fight at Lord Elrond’s side in times of need? If being among the Valley’s finest hearkens to your heart, join Rivendell defence today!


The Spies
Do you often find yourself most comfortable surrounded in shadow? Does gathering secret information intrigue you? Are stealth and secrecy two of your best attributes? If so come join the Spies! The Spies are a regiment of elves that can blend into the shadows and remain unseen. They are those who go to other countries and gather information on what their armies are up to. So come out of the shadows and join the Spies!

~Lady Shadowdawn

To join the Elven Army of Rivendell, you must be Rank 5 or above. If you’re not yet Rank 5, you can begin your training now and sign up for classes at the Imladris Military Academy.



A friendly chat with Seregon in Mithlond, just before she took the ship back to Valinor.

If Jack Sparrow lived in Middle Earth, what would his race be? What if he was on the Plaza?

Of course, he would be a minion. You get to burn stuff, steal stuff, be angry and get away with it. If he were on the Plaza I would marry him and make it one of my Plaza duties to keep the girls away from him.

What made you choose the Shire when you originally joined?

The hobbit life fit my personality. Nice, calm, relaxing. I was never
active in the kingdom when I first joined though. Only out of boredom
did I post in the pub.

What made you become active, then?

I met a lot of nice people, joined the HDS, and became friends with
the rulers. That got me to be active in the kingdom.

Same here with me. I guess great minds think alike.

Hobbit, Elf, Valie, what race do you consider yourself now?

Well.. I keep changing my form, so it’s a bit difficult to tell hehe.
When I’m Vana, I’ll post as Vana. Though, not much is known about her.
I guess I’m a little nomadic, I post what I feel like. Sometimes I’ll
be Sere the hobbit, Sere the elf, or Sere the Valie, or in some odd
instances I’ll be Cheregon.

I like Cheregon!

Let’s play free association. I say a word, and you say the first
thing that comes to your mind. Psychiatric game. Very fun!

Firerose: Eagles
Seregon: Mormegil
Firerose: Hotel California
Seregon: Chat, of course
Firerose: New Jersey
Seregon: BB
Firerose: Fire
Seregon: Water

Do Vána’s eating hobbits differ from Celeborn’s?

Eating hobbits?


Now, even though I left the Shire I won’t go eating my kin!


As Vana, I can eat anything from New Soul stews to spammer smoothies.
As Celeborn, I have more refined tastes but it really isn’t as much

I’m afraid I have Spanish and Latin to go to. Bye!


~ Firerose


Sauron on Trial

       Yet another exciting trial got underway in the White Council this month, as the dark lord Sauron was brought before Judge Elen Sila to face charges of impersonation, mockery, forgery of illegal items, assassination of royalty, theft, unethical cloning, and illegal possession of dangerous livestock. Before the charges were even read, however, notorious miscreant Detective SaruMir swept in, stole the Ring from Sauron’s hand and brought down a large section of the ceiling. The defence, represented by famous librarian Maiarian Man, then pleaded not guilty to all charges. Unfortunately, before he got the chance to plead, someone rode their horse into the courtroom and broke down the door.

       Once the defence had pleaded guilty, and with SaruMir still hanging around in the air, Sauron leapt to his feet and demanded back his ‘precious’, questioning the hospitality of the White Council, and suggesting that he was promised safe conduct throughout the trial, an allegation strongly denied by the judge. Elen Sila was then seen to cut down SaruMir, after demanding that the Ring be given to her. This had the most curious affect on the normally stable judge, who proceeded to do a strange sort of foreign dance that I have learnt is known as the ‘Wedgie Dance’ and was heard to utter such murmurings as ‘Hahahah! Fools! Yesssss!!! Its mine! Preciousssss is finally mine!’ before vanishing.

       At this point SaruMir took objection to something said by the defence, and pointed a very large plastic water pistol that oozed some sort of thick green fluid at him. A fight then commenced between the detective and Bailiff Wedgie, to whom the aforementioned pistol belonged, resulting in the already trashed courtroom getting covered in what was later discovered to be pea soup. After threats from the Bailiff, El then gave the One Ring back to Sauron. This was a bit of a surprise. So much of one, in fact, that SaruMir then slipped on some pea soup and skidded across the courtroom. For some bizarre reason, this inspired Gwai to sing.

       The prosecution finally found its way clear to making its opening statement, and a very good opening statement it was too, full of long words, legal jargon and alliteration. Prosecuting attorney Philthrandir concluded by suggesting that the Ring be given temporarily to the custody of Judge El, and that singing be banned in the court. The Ring was eventually labelled ‘Exhibit A’ and given to the temporary keeping of the defence counsel.

       Once the defence had answered, the prosecution called to the stand Lord Elrond (affectionately known as the Eyebrows of Doom) who I’m sure was glad to be fulfilling the role of witness, having been found guilty himself of charges himself at a previous trial. Elrond informed the court that he felt Sauron’s appearance at the Last Alliance was to assassinate royalty rather than assist his troops, calling this a ‘dirty, but effective’ tactic. He also gave evidence on the charges of theft and corruption. The defence suggested that Sauron did in fact kill Elendil by mistake, his hand being very hot when Elendil came into contact with it, and then turned the charge of assassination round. On the basis that assassination is ‘an attempt to decapitate the symbol of resolve and confidence’ then it is entirely possible that the efforts made by the side of ‘good’ to destroy the Ring could be construed as attempting assassination.

       The defence and prosecution proceeded to play tennis with the witness, passing him backwards and forwards until finally the poor Elf Lord was allowed to leave.

       Next to be called was the creature Sméagol (also known as ‘Gollum’) who told his usual lies about his ‘birthday present’ before being forced to tell the truth by prosecuting attorney Elenamir, and went on to tell the court that Sauron had tortured him. He also gave valuable evidence of the ability of the Dark Lord to corrupt, and told of a giant spider known as ‘Shelob’, who is apparently allowed to roam free around Mordor without a keeper.

       At this stage in proceedings, Judge El was called away, and Detective SaruMir gleefully took her place, much to the fear of Wedgie.

       Despite his suggestion that Gollum’s evidence be struck from the record, Maiarian Man went on to cross-examine the witness with difficulty, due to the uncooperative nature of the witness and the weird nature of the new judge. More witness tennis ensued, and later there seemed to be some tension brewing between the opposing lawyers. The trial continues...

~Pip Reonyea



Tidings from Abroad

Fangorn Change often occurs early in the year, and in Fangorn this is no exception. The defensive force, the TreeGarth, has recently undertaken a complete revamp. Everything has changed, from skills to the Leaders and Shepherds. New Shepherds, Thom Greenleaf and Entlord1, have joined the existing sheps Tele and Kitara. For more information, you are advised to have a look yourself, because they accept all races into a group where having fun is paramount.

The New Year is sometimes called the time for change, although to any causal observer the forest remains much as it always was. But that is never true. If you look deeper, you can see the currents of change as Ents fall asleep and awaken— all painstakingly recorded in “Entish Rooting & Leaving”. Following this thread, one might assume that the messenger service is redundant? Nay— it has never flourished more than with the services of the Mockingbirds— Jack, Poe, Chipper, Mack, Calley, Keeters and Molly— and so Mockingbird Mail is continuing to grow.

News of a new venture now: the Keepers of the Lists are currently compiling tomes of research on the races of Middle-earth, as recited to Merry Brandybuck and Pippin Took in their holiday in the forest. This venture seems certain to succeed due to the depth of planning that has gone into it.

The Entish Homes directory has continued to map the locations of every Ent’s abode upon a giant map of the Forest. Their map has filled in considerably in the last month, improving directions and reducing journey time by removing the chance of getting lost. New homes are constantly being added, as are the headquarters of the many organisations that thrive in the peace of the forest.

Squizzel Racing continues to thrive in its natural habitat, and is never overshadowed by the Entish Birthday celebrations, which have also included private celebrations for many other Ents. Many have wished them well and it is hoped that they have all had a pleasant birthday.

~ Thom Greenleaf


Khazad-dûm When one enters the noisy halls of Khazad-dûm, they may be surprised to see the startling amount of activity there. As one of the most active kingdoms on the board, there is a sense of active participation in every dwarf, as King Annolori and Queen Marin lead them into a bright future. All of the clans are going strong for the dwarves, with the Ankixogs sponsoring a Limerick Contest and the Dwarven Poets Society along with “Name That Tune!” Short Story Contests, and the Running Rhyme. The Mojacs continue to practice their magical skills, while the Morogs are making mining trips, building in the Architecture Guild, and working on a secret project. The Lapidary is also run by the Morogs. Yukogs keep busy crafting in the Toy Shop and building as the Burx Uzbans and Mex Uzbans sponsor the Khazad Khaterers and open pubs along with other eating and drinking establishments in KD like the Golden Drake, Bruising Boozer, the Fondue Hut, and the Smoking Chamber. The Kagam Khazads also stay on the journey to knowledge with a massive project on the Petty Dwarves, Delving for Dwarves, and other dwarven research threads. Contests in KD include The Maze, The Thief Hunt, Race To The Bar, Race of the Drunken Dwarf, Spelling Contest, the Badger Races, or Riddle Games. With the KD Kouturiers, clothes are constantly being made as the Moria Health and Beauty Spa continues taking pride as being the only one of its kind. The Anghak, or army of KD, is also active in its training at Gathol u Tor and Gathol u Tor Unleashed, Gathol u Drugh, and the new Raven Gathol. DAR shows the beardlings to their new homes while the brand new Khazad-dûm University was inaugurated on February 16. Run by a group of talented educators, this establishment is now in full swing with many members, young and old, learning about the dwarves from their history to their poetry, society, and language. Several RPGs are now also running with the Kwestors and the new Dunfearen Quest. This month also saw spectacular trials of treason for the two clan chiefs Ogaitnas and Hlaevang. The result remains to be seen. Being a new resident here myself, I have seen in my short time just how active and busy the dwarves of Khazad-dûm have been this month, and it is clear a great future lies ahead of them.

~Fundin II



       With the opening of Caras Galadhon, The Royal Court of Lady Galadriel and Lord Celeborn, Lothlórien has evolved into a thriving and busy realm. Come with me to the City of the Galadhrim among the ever-moving leaves of green, gold and silver of Middle-earth...

       Just recently, a new ruler emerged under the ancient stars and Elven harps. Our own Seregon stepped down as Lord Celeborn and relinquished the title to Master Herdir. He was greeted with warmth and excitement. At the same time we said good-bye to Seregon, who will always be a special part of Lothlórien. She is now in Valinor as the lovely Vana. In other news, Lady Galadriel, better known as Ally, celebrated her Two Year Plazaversary. It was a major event, and the celebration filled The Golden Wood with music, laughter and joy.

       Lothlórien continues to grow under the guidance of The Lady and Lord and the dedicated elves of the Golden Wood. In a short time, Lothlórien has organized a Debate Team, The Drill Team (called Quentalmo), a Word Sleuth Team and their own paper called The Mirror. There is also the Mallorn Horticulture Center, and volunteers are always welcome. Right now they are in the process of cleaning up and replanting the forest that has been damaged from the ravages of the recent war with Mordor.

       On a lighter note, there is the Mirror of Galadriel, full of mystery, surprises and beauty, or the Fëanturi Dream Glade where you will be assisted in all your dream interpretative needs. If you enjoy a challenge, then Nimrodel’s Glade of Trivia, Puzzles and Riddles will keep you in search of questions and answers. Never visited the Golden Wood? Then Leyla Lothlórien will give you a guided tour through the forest. Experienced elves will take you on journey you will never forget. Questions? Then visit The All-Race Visitors Talan or leave a letter for one of the many elves at Seals, Signets and Singing Gold.



       The past two months have seen a great many occurrences in the White City, beginning with a sudden burst of anniversary activity as many citizens reached new milestones in their stay in Gondor. Most notable of these was our beloved Aragorn, Naith Liathant. In sadder news, Commander of the Rangers, Trey Andurandir stepped down from her position to take up her former place among the Roquen, Minas Tirith’s elite mounted fighting force. Her replacement has not been announced as of the writing of this report.

       The Gondorian Cart Races continue in their inimitable fashion, where spectators may witness shady Muinamacar assassins, dignified Roquen, and all other Rangers and general populace engaging in hilarious, inventive, and downright dangerous attempts to get their carts intact through the racecourses in Ithilien. Currently the Laietanic, driven by the illustrious Queen Laie is in the lead, though closely pursued by a team of Darken Shadi assassins and the valiant Suledae, or Windshadow, driven by former Ranger Commander Trey. In a slightly more sinister vein of entertainment, adventurers from all walks of life have been disappearing into the Vaults of the Valiant, seeking treasure and the renown which alone attends our lord Aragorn, who has walked the Paths of the Dead.

       The Homely Herald’s counterpart, the White Tree Registry, has opened a new journalist’s guild to recognize steady contributors, and the Poetry Palace is in rare form with the installation of a new Poet Laureate, Lokei Obnimir, formerly of Imladris, and the institution of a monthly poetry contest. In other cultural matters, the Minas Tirith Playhouse is soon to open under the direction of Etharei and Estrel Tindome, soon to be bringing masterpieces of the stage to all audiences in the City. And as always, the Marketplace and Minas Tirith eateries are open to the weary traveller from any land~just remember to share the stories of your travels, for there’s always an ale waiting for a good storyteller!

~Lokei Obnimir


Mordor The biggest news in the black land this past month was the stepping down of Mo as Sauron to become Mandos the administrator. Taking his place as Sauron was Mandallah, and replacing the latter as Gothmog was none other than the Last Homely Herald’s Mordor correspondent, Lulani. The new rulers had nary a moment’s rest, as members of the army garrison Minas Morgul quickly began plans for a revolution. Word of their treachery spread, and the Rulers have vowed to squash those who would dare try to usurp them. Minions are being asked to state their loyalty to the rulers or those that would overthrow them. If you can imagine Mordor being any more unpleasant than it already was, you would understand completely the current situation.



Rohan Two new shops have opened in the Riddermarket: Burl and Branch, owned by Aure, with furniture and smaller carved wooden items such as candlesticks and dishes; and Dwarven Delights owned by Goldbeard Battleaxe, offering ales, foods, and treats made by the Dwarves.

Pub News: The Mullet Games are well underway with the watermelon seed spitting contest into the second round, and the bull riding contest completing its 1st round. All races welcome, but you must succumb to a mullet haircut upon entering.

Grand Opening of the Story Guild! Currently the guild is running an open session, which means anyone can submit a story for entrance. If writing is your thing, you might want to visit.

IKWSL: Rohan just lost a very close match to the minions and is currently hosting the White Council, who, on their second play of the game, scored the elusive 100-point word, using all of their letters on one play. They join Rohan and Minas Tirith as the only teams to have accomplished that feat thus far.

In Middle-Earth Idol, the following have made it to the third round: Ele Isenfolme, Styba, Van Scurwen, Daewyn, Eoarod, Snowwolf, Eleowyn, and Anka.

Rohan Writer’s Prompt: Congratulations to Tinw for winning the January competition. In second place was Culfy and in third was Eorir. There have been no entries for February at the time of this writing. A new prompt for March should be announced soon. The Writer’s prompt is open to all races.



The Shire       Once again, it has been a busy month in the Shire. The biggest event being the change of ruler. Rosie stepped down as Rose Cotton and Brandybuck stepped up and filled the position. There were tears and cheers as we said farewell to dear Rosie and welcomed Brandy.

       There was also a lot of Valentine activity with a Valentine’s Ball, Valentine’s Gift Center, and general lovey-dovey stuff happening every which way. Hobbits always love a good party, and we took advantage of Valentine’s Day to give gifts, feast on all the Shire’s favorite foods, and dance ‘till the wee hours of the night.

      Among all the celebration, a lot of hard work has been going on as well. The Shire is in the middle of updating there kingdom pages as well as putting together Shire leaves and other reports. Another thing that is taking up many of the Shire’s time is the games that are currently underway. Between the Word Sleuth, Coney Races, and Drill Team, Hobbit’s have been running all across Middle Earth to keep up with it all. While we are a peaceable and friendly race, we are quite competitive and enjoy a good match with our fellow Hobbits and other races.

       The Architect Guild has just finished building a new Inn, and their next project is to make a new SKC, which was destroyed by a sudden flood. We also had two contests. One was a Garden contest run by Endy, and the other was a poetry contest with the theme of love for Valentine’s Day. The results of these contests have not been posted yet.

       The Shire would also like to take this opportunity to invite visitors to join in the many activities they have occurring in the Shire. If you are interested in ordering some of our finest wines, please visit our Strawberry Brewery. Though it is fairly new, it is very popular. Our Troops Abroad is always looking for members to help in the efforts to keep the Shire safe. If you have always wanted to assist in keeping the fair land of Hobbit’s free from Balrog’s and such, please take a peek at this organization. Of course, we have the other activities that other races love to participate in as well such as the Shire Knitting Circle, Shire Fire (Band), and the Riddle Game. If you like friendly smiles and lots of food, the Shire is just the stop for you.

~Marigold Took

       The last month or so has been quite busy in the White Council, and we’ve got a number of threads that will appeal to just about everyone. The Trial of Sauron is in full swing, where we are trying him for illegally impersonating Elen Sila, tempting Mirluin with the one ring, and the illegal possession of a very large spider, among other things. The highly-successful Isengard Storytellers’ Festival is drawing to a close, with participants from several kingdoms. The Old Agren Street Market has just opened up and featuring everything from hats, to weapons to musical instruments. A new RPG has juast started up, called the Night Mage and it looks to be a good one. And there are still the constant activities that run in the WC such as the Therapy Clinic, Riddle Nebula, StarQuality Robes, and the current pub or café. [Breaking news: After an excellent term as Ruler, Mirluin has stepped down and handed the staff of Saruman to the capable Philthrandir. ~ Ed.]



       Life in Valinor continues much as it has this past age. For a change, it seems as though no major changes have been made to the site since the last edition, though work on current projects continues, with special ranks being a major focus. This month sees two new rulers join the ranks, and we are happy to welcome Brandybuck as Rose Cotton and Master Herdir as Celeborn, leaving Sere free to return to her position as Vana. We’re expecting new rulers and admins next month, with Mo and another ruler resigning their rulership posts to become admins. Anyway, to leave on a light note, here are some quotes from Vali this month:

Arlo: *blinks at apparent inconspicuous relation between non-loading Plaza and lemon-scented bras*
Pip: and they’re not just lemon scented either...they’re bras made of soap!
Arlo: Isn’t that awkward when you’re wearing one of those, you’re outside and it starts to rain?

BB (quoting a spammer): Ma caruvalyë i veni? Ma caruvalyë i veni? Ma caruvalyë i veni? Ma caruvalyë i veni? Ma caruvalyë i veni? Ma caruvalyë i veni? Ma caruvalyë i veni? Ma caruvalyë i veni? Ma caruvalyë i veni? Ma caruvalyë i veni? Ma caruvalyë i veni?
MH: Ma caruvalyë i veni? = “will you make the boats?”

~Pip Reonyea



Creative Submission: A Letter To Fangorn

Oh dear Fangorn, how I wish to be back and stay within your years.

For every leaf in your vast forest of green and brown and even gold has such a long history to tell.

If only I could come again to sit by your many streams, where every stone is perfectly laid as if Aulë had placed it there himself.

I wish to see every detail of your forest before my eyes.

To see the old oak tree with the gnarled branches as if wrinkled by age, with all the greenest leaves that could only compare to the most flawless emerald.

That old oak tree is where I wish to play; and clean the moss that hangs from its beautiful branches and makes it seem to have the grey hairs of old age.

Oh dear Fangorn, how long has it been.

Too long have I forgotten the whispering voices of the trees.

The whispers that sound so like songs of old, the voices of the trees in their graceful harmony.

Oh dear Fangorn, how I wish I could return to thee.

~ Shadowdawn

Crafts, Language and Lore

Rivendell is renowned for the long memories of its loremasters, none surpassing Elrond. But even our younger members pride themselves on their knowledge of history, culture, and Elder Days. So gather your tomes, gather your wits, and sharpen your quill. We invite you to test yourself against one of them in our first

Last Homely Herald Lore Quiz!

(Please note: quiz opens in a new window.)



Lore Matters

The Ring of Barahir was in the Third Age the most ancient heirloom belonging to Men, well over six thousand years old. From generation to generation it had passed until Aragorn received it. The history of it is an interesting tale, and deserves fame. During the battle of Dagor Bragollach, King Finrod Felagund was caught in the marshes of Serech, with only few companions and surrounded by enemies. Barahir, a mortal Man and the lord of the house of Bëor, came to his aid, and Finrod was able to return to his fortress of Nargothrond unharmed. He pledged a vow of friendship to Barahir and his line, and as a proof he gave him a ring which had the symbol of Finarfin’s house: two snakes with emerald eyes, one upholding a crown, the other devouring. Finarfin was the father of Finrod and Galadriel.

Barahir was later slain by orcs and his hand cut off as a trophy, but his son Beren was able to retrieve his hand and the ring. Beren used it to obtain the aid of Finrod on his great quest to gain one of the Silmarils. The ring descended through Beren’s family to Elrond’s brother Elros, who chose mortality and became the first King of Númenor. The Ring of Barahir remained in the possession of the next three kings, together with many other great heirlooms such as Aranrúth, the sword of Thingol, and Dramborleg, the axe of Tuor. The fourth king, Tar-Elendil, had a daughter Silmarien. She could not be queen, yet her father gifted her with the ring, and it passed on to her descendants, the lords of Andunië. Elendil’s father Amandil was the rightful owner of Barahir’s ring at the time of the Downfall of Númenor, yet he must have passed it on to Elendil, since it survived the Downfall and came to Middle-earth.

There it was an heirloom of the line of Isildur together with the Shards of Narsil, the second Elendilmir, and the Silver Rod of Andunië. The kings of Arnor were the owners until that kingdom fell, but these heirlooms passed on to their descendants, the chieftains of the northern Dúnedain, until it finally came to Aragorn. The last thing that is known of the Ring of Barahir is that Aragorn gave it to Arwen, as a sign of his love and their betrothal, upon the hill of Cerin Amroth in Lórien. The most likely possibility is that Arwen gave it to her son Eldarion. After this, nothing more can be deduced nor speculated concerning this Ring which, although devoid of mystical power, yet had a share in great deeds.


A Taste of Elvish

The Legendary Courtesy of the Elves

Have you ever visited another Kingdom and been at a loss for words for your hosts? Don’t know how to be polite to a Minion? It can happen even to the best of Elves. Here are some courteous phrases you can use when visiting:

Khazad-Dûm: No ring iaulib lín a laeb-e-ndaen i aes lín. ~ “May your ale be cold and your meat be fresh off the carcass.”
Minas Tirith: Glamo lim i ganed rym gelib erin Minas Faen. ~ “May the call of silver trumpets ring clear above the White City.”
Rohan: Noro lagor idh rych lín a caro delevoe dithin. “May your horses run swift and may they make small droppings.”
The White Council: Trechado allú in guilylf lín. ~ “May your staffs never splinter.”
The Shire: Danno ed allú i fast buin dail lín. ~ “May the hair on your feet never fall out.”
Lothlórien: No vell i phendraith lín a no moe i suil. ~ “May your ladders be strong and the winds be calm.”
Fangorn: Galo uigelin i laiss lín a hiro nen laeb i thynd lín. ~ “May your leaves grow ever-green and your roots find fresh water.”
Mordor: Tano haelas nan faer vorn lín i Chen Uidiriel. ~ “May the Ever-Watching Eye show mercy on your black souls.”



Artisans' Corner

      To make a sword, dagger, or knife, first you have to look for the best metal and some other items. Sometimes it may take months to find the best materials, since you have to look far and wide for them. Once you have found the best materials, they would be blessed with the grace of the Elves and some sort of incantations. Then, using the extraordinary skills of the Elves, putting your very thoughts and love of beauty and hatred for enemies into the blade, you would produce a high-quality sword, dagger or knife that glows when enemies are nearby. During the forging process, some elven items would be added in. When the blade has been formed, patterns, designs or inscriptions would be carved onto the weapon. The last step is to let the forged weapon cool down so it can be used.


Elven Artists

The Elven Artists’ Association is a gallery for Elves and Elf-friends to display their art and give each other feedback and critique. Recently, some quite astonishing work has been posted by several members, which is well worth seeing.


Puzzles and Games

Mystery Code

The Elves delight in the devising of different systems for representing words. The object of this puzzle is to decipher the phrase. Each letter represents another letter of the alphabet and the relationship between the letters is constant. For example, the “E” would always represent another letter, like “H,” it would never be “H” in one place and “C” in another.


     EPYE PC WYLC (code)
     THAT HE CAME (decoded)




Have fun figuring out the message!

~Inwe Lythian



Two original riddles for you.
(answers in credits below)

~ 1 ~

Dry as stone, flows like water
Flies the wind, mountain’s daughter.

~ 2 ~

Bury this seed and my children die.
Leave me in the sun, they’ll reach the sky
Yet never bear leaf. What am I?



Top Ten List

Top 10 ways to tell if you’re a spammer

10. If you’ve ever been ‘eaten’ by Luthy
09. If you’ve been suspended more than once, and not voluntarily
08. If your name is Thomas or Qbert
07. If you think fookileson is an intelligible word in the English language
06. If you come into HC and the chat puts you on ignore
05. If you’ve seen your name in Abuse and Spammers, and you’re not doing the posting
04. If you’re no longer considered ’a mis-guided newbie’
03. If you’ve been forbidden from posting in RPGs
02. If you’ve been thomassed
01. If Eru himself had to Thomas you



The Lay of Imladris

We are very pleased to announce that Lord Eyebrows has begun to set down his memoirs in the form of a traditional ballad tracing the history of the Kingdom of Rivendell from its earliest beginnings. Stand aside, Bilbo Baggins, for the new great chronicler of the Age!

Part the First

“The days were young, the Plaza green,
The Dwarves and Riders tall and fair,
And in the glade a forum seen
Of Elves in Clinics shimmering.
Andurin was posting there
With Minions of a sort unseen,
And insanity was in the air,
And in Imladris, glimmering.”

~Arlo Cúthalion            


The final issue of the Elven Tribune included Tara’s rendering of the Song of the Wandering Elves, both the four lines heard in the recent dramatization of the Red Book, and her own translation of the rest of the poem. But we lost the link to the actual recording, and it is not something to be missed! Go here to read and hear it.


  • Getting to Know Laebeth: Emyla
  • Guilds and Organizations
    • Army Report: Aduchil
    • Bards’ Guild: Silmarwen Ar-Feiniel
    • Writers’ Guild: Lyna
    • Debate Team: Gilanna
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    • Word Sleuth: Lady Shadowdawn
  • RPGs and Special Events
    • Project Imladris: Laebeth and Arlo
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      • answers: sand, egg
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  • Artwork
    • Titles and background: Tinw
    • Laebeth (“Goldberry”, by permiss. of artist): Nimirwyn
    • Celtic knotwork: Anawen
    • Ink sketches of Rivendell & Elrond: Tinw
    • Army coat-of-arms: Aurëthil
    • Kingdom stamps: Silarvalla
    • Butterfly crest: Erin


  • Hennaid evyr ~ “Many thanks” to everyone for their wonderful contributions, and for countless hours of effort which make Rivendell and the plaza a wonderful place to be. We hope you have enjoyed the first issue of the Last Homely Herald.
    • ~Tinw and Earymir, co-editors

"Two individuals, totally different share something alike, and build a friendship that will certainly last a lifetime." - Earymir