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    • Great hearts and heavenly flowers

    • Quietly blazing passions - scintillating winds and simmering waters...?
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ArdENT love conquers all

I love you my precious *huggles*
from Aisil Dagda

Star Flower
Star Flower quickly slipped into the thing and wrote out a thing and put the folded thing into the thing. Running out quickly before anyone else could see her, she chuckled.

You are way too hot not to get a Valentines. 



The kingdom of LoVE

Well now, dear boy, I couldn't let Valentine's go past without sending you a little something, could I? Just to make sure you've not forgotten who I am. Rest assured, I've not forgotten you... or all those interesting games we used to play with Akilah too... and as a little reminder of my presence, here's this message.
Affectionately yours, Silendra

Anárië Drottning   
From the depths of my heart I send this letter of love. Though it is short, it shall be as potent as any great lengthy speach.  For ye are a lass who is very special and an essential part to my being, for that I thank you and send my affections.

from Halorn

Of all the love I have known, yours is greatest. 
Of all the faces met, yours is fairest.
Light of my life, and greatest gift,
It is you that keeps breath in my lungs,
And warmth in my heart.
I love you, my daughter, Arvellas 
from Isiliel

Arien Ellariel
It's been so wonderful to meet you, mellon, and I am quite pleased to make your acquaintance.  Have a splendidly happy Valentines Day!
from KingODuckingham         


Love is patient. Love is kind. Love does not envy. Love does not boast, it is not puffed up. Love does not behave rudely. It does not seek its own. It is not provoked. It thinks no evil. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things. Love never fails. Ever since I started to get to know you, I felt love for you. Not only an emotional infatuation, but a lasting, love: a love that cares, a love that builds up. Were you a peasant, I would yet love you. I have held in these feeling yet thus far, but feel that they need to get out, for there is no point in holding them in. I remember long ago, in the Meeting hall, when . Your eyes are like the morning sun, filled with radiance. You hair is like a cool breeze. When you smile, my life is filled with awe and wonder. And yet as your features are beyond my greatest dreams, I do not love you only for them. I love you for your character, and your friendship. I love you dearly.

from Aikanár


Canis Silverwood


What chance that fateful day you walked into my life.  From the moment your eyes met mine, I walk as in a dream.  Through your eyes the world has become an enchanted place; the air sweeter, the colours more vivid, the sounds as music in the air.  Your words enrapture and transport me.  You, dearest, have captured my heart, know thou that it is freely given.

Yours forever,

Elladan c/o Tinw
Ooo! You are just so gorgeous and you know why don’t you? Yes that’s right – you’re just like my own marvellous reflection…
Only older and not quite so handsome, intelligent or, indeed, hot (the fan grrrls know this naturally). But I love you anyway, after all there’s only so much of me to go around so why waste a good model! *brotherly Valentiniel hug*
from Elrohir
c/o Janowyn

Falswen Nuinost
My dearest Falswen, you are beautiful outside and much more within and that trait had captured me. You changed my life, you made me a happy person -- one so different than before. I used to be so bitter about life and did not have the will to live.. until you came along. You were the light that I have so long been looking for, one that guides me and gives me strength. I do not know what would happen to me when I am separated to you!
Loving you always, Nurhil

Galen Aranor
Galen, my dearest husband - two years it has been now since our wedding day dawned bright and glorious, and in the time that has passed my love for you has grown even stronger.  On this day, the day of our anniversary, may the sun shine once again upon the gardens of Nost Aranor.  And as evening falls and the stars and moon begin to shine, meet me at our accustomed place - for together we will remember the joy of the feast and the light of the stars in the night sky will renew our love. 
Your beloved wife, Idril

Garfindel, c/o Loriwaynen
Well hello my sweet little pussycat. Was very pleasant to see you racing the other day, sweetums, but was it really wise to rush off in the direction of Barad-dur like that? I hope next time you'll remember which way you ought to run... straight towards me. Hope to see you soon, pretty little kitty... there's always a she-cat or two in Mordor ready to tickle you under the chin any day.
from Silendra

Idril, my beloved, beautiful bride.  It is difficult to believe that it has been 2 years since we stood together and bonded to each other.  
Do you remember that night in our hidden place when we became betrothed?  I remember the reflection of the water on the stone walls.  I remember the sparkle in your eyes.  Most of all, however, I remember how I felt and what I said.  I told you then that my home was wherever you were and that is as true now as the day I declared it.  As I knew you would, as I said that night - you fill my heart with love, my life with joy and my eyes with grace - and I am at peace in your arms.
Never have I been more grateful to know that you and I have forever to share in the amazing joy that is our bond.  I will join you at sunset and spend the evening basking in the love that I hold so dear.  
Your devoted husband, Galen

Lord Glorfindel
Beloved Lord Glorfy, your blue eyes are as radiant as a cloudless sky... I mean, grey eyes... uhm, those are lovely as a raincloud on a bright summer's day. (the blue contactlenses from the Gap are to arrive in a week or so though) Truly you're as pretty as any man can be (Cuiviërimbor insists it should be "handsome", what does he know really)... Ever have I admired and loved you since that day I accidentaly spied on you when I climbed in Elrond's favourite birch tree (you don't know that by the way). Anyway, what I am trying to say is... can I borrow your horse?
from Rilómë

Legolas Fireblade
I have recently discovered feelings for you that I did not know could be had for any one else, again. Yes, it is a bit odd that I found my feelings on the battle field. But, hey, every couple needs a place to start. You filled my spirit with light again, when I could only see the darkness in the world. I know that it was Eru himself that has led us to find a love that would have otherwise been overlooked. And for that I thank him, for I do not know what I would do without you.  Legolas there is so much more I wish to tell you, but for now the best thing to say is: "I love you!"
from Veowyn G. Silverleaf

Happy Valentine's Day Lori!  I loves you gobs and I hope you have a pleasant day full of happy sweet things and don't get sick eating too much candy! 
Love you, Nessila

My Darling Losthil
My Darling Losthilion! Like the beautiful scene of a sun-rise you brighten and lift my spirit. Your love is my shield and my comfort, and my love in return is to you hope and strength. Your smile sends chills of excitement racing up and down my spine. And I still find it hard to believe, that you are really mine! Never before have I loved anyone as much as I love you! You are my sunshine, my strength, my hope. Without you, I would not be me. You are my other half. You understand me, and love me, faults and all. You believe in me! My love, my darling, I love you! With all my heart, always and forever!
from Lady Sidra-LadyLock

Luthien Elrohien
You too are a fantastic new friend I am glad to have met, and I look forward to seeing you around more.  Enjoy this Valentines Day and have a lovely and wonderful time in Rivendell!
from KingODuckingham

My dearest lady Rilómë
Please forgive me taking leave so quickly that evening. I would have loved to stay longer, yet unfortunately I could not. Also, I must beg of your forgiveness for not sending this note earlier. I had an amazing time. I hope we shall meet again and continue.
Yours fairly,


The minute I met you on a battle field long ago, I knew you are special. Especially crazy I mean... Have a great love-day (I know you enjoy this day =P) and NO you can't borrow Asfaloth. The. Horse. Is. Mine!
Yours in silliness,


Schnookums aka Rowley
My love he hath a wet, wet nose
That roams o’er the ground and tree
On which he likes to cock and hose…
Oh my dear doggie - how I love thee.

from Jano


Well are you just going to sit there and let Fuin spray PAM all over the Squirmery! Get out there and throw some food Baldie!
PS - the roses were too pink - I wanted red - like your blood. And anyway what's wrong with chocolate? You know I'm not really a rose sort of person - I do the prickling in this house after all. Choochy face!
from Jano


Veowyn G Silverleaf
My love Veowyn, a short time has passed from when I met you and yet I am in love with you. Even if this is happening inside the great struggle of battle, all bad things that happen there fade before you immense beauty. Your eyes have the color of the sky on which Elbereth placed the stars, the shining light in your eyes is my star. Even just your presence makes me the happiest elf on ME. You are my dearest being and the most beautiful elleth in ME.
No words express better what I feel for you than these: I love you!
from Legolas Fireblade


The magic of romance...

Just to say a very Happy Valentine's Day to you mellon nín and to thank you for being one of the few Istari to venture out and use this foo-lish mushy message thing. I'd say something flattering about your beard too but I just remembered you don't have one! lol

from Janowyn


Where you really need to know your beard-lore...

Marak RedIron
Happy Valentines to you mellon nín *hugs*. So good so see you back and posting like a... erm... like a dwarf who's very busy!
from Janowyn

Just to say a very Happy Valentine's Day to you mellon nín! You were my 1st friend on the plaza and do I need a reason to blow you a kiss?

from Janowyn


Eldritch mirrors and whispering leaves foretell love's dreams

Hello! can you believe i stumbled across this? I found it very amusing so i decided to send you a Valantine for happy Valantines day! It seems i beat you to it, mwhahahaha :) I know, i know its incrediably wicked of me but i couldn't resist. seems im meant to go all lovey dovey, give me a moment. I remember the day i first met you and instead of falling in love with you, i thought you were very tall! Not to mention handsome to boot. You stole my heart and everything else, im glad you are my husband, i wouldn't want it any other way.
from Lilath Linnod

Luthien Tinuviel
Tinuviel miruvor nin, oiramelnya ( my forever love ), you are the radiant sun that lights up my life. I lived in darkness til you came shining, my love, banishing the gloom and despair of the Night that I thought neverending.  I will be with you soon, sweetheart, and we will start living out all that we have ever spoken about; I will forever love you.
from Beren Camlost

Happy Valentine's Day my dear friend! 

Sidra Novgon
My dearest wife, you are the source of my happiness and I would hate to see you so sad because of the problems I have (you know what I mean). I want to see you smile again, my love. So please, stop worrying about me and my friend. You have nothing to do with it and you are not to blame, I promise you.
Yours always, Losthil


White City of doves and blossomings

Beregond Abell
Wherever this may find you know it is sent with all my love.

from Isolde Alarion

The time and reason for our meeting was routine, but unexpected was what blossomed from it.  I am blessed to be with you, and cherish each moment that we spend together.  My thoughts and heart accompany you on this day, as in all days.
I love you,
Ciarda, your Ari

There isn’t really much to write. My heart turns towards Gondor frequently these days. I cherish what we have, treasuring and nurturing it.


Because everyone once secretly loved an ugly duckling...

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!  Roses are red, violets are blue, you stink so bad, I can't stand you.  So please take a bath (but enjoy any chocolates you may have received while you wash)  I really do love you though...when you smell nice. 
~ Nessila

My 'dear' wife - by the time you receive this, we will have been married 81 days. Ahh, if only I had a knuckle for every time someone said to me it wouldn't last - I'd have enough knuckles to make up an army of skeletons. Which would be nice, and it'd save having to buy a gift. Not that I'm doing that, of course. Anyway, I just wanted to say that you absolutely rock (having a head like a rock helps in that regard, I'm quite sure) my world. Just as well I'm a pirate, and so not prone to seasickness. Oh, and here's a lovey-type momenty thing I wrote/stole:-

blah blah blah
durr durr durr
hum hum hum
I lurve you

It's not very good, but some of your laziness is rubbing off on me, and I can't remember if you can read anyway. So - love, I guess.
from Amalric


The fires of the Autumn Harvest feast have burned ever brightly in my heart, since that fateful night that we met.  Since then, I have learned that the darkness is nothing to fear, and that love can cross boundaries that emissaries would quail at having to face.  Leofa min, my heart is in your keeping; yours, I hold close to me.  May they beat together until the starts fall from the sky.
from Enneleyn Alarion


*glomps* You're so not queen.  I rule you!  Be my Valentine. 

Roses are red, violets are blue, you're so nasty, I don't know why I serve you.  Moggy, dear, happy valentine's day!  may you choke on the chocolates you might recieve and sneeze to death from the roses. 
Your friend,

Lord Sauron
Ah, bet you thought I have forgotten about you, but I can't leave you without a pressie now, can I? So you get a fluffy pink toy-bunny: you can rid its head off if you wish...
Much love,

Lots of love, Silly!  Happy Valentine's day.  I hope you find a nice bowl full of cream and hobbit toes to munch on.  You're the best. 
Love, Nessila

Roses are red, violets are blue, you're too sweet, and I love you.  Dearest Tarin, you're so great!  I'm glad you're my well as my friend.  happy valentine's Day.  
~ Nessila

Happy valentine's day darlin!  You're the greatest! 
Lots of love, Nessila


Is the beating of your heart like the thundering of hooves?

Enneleyn Alarion
Enneleyn, what can I possibly say that would compair to how I feel about you? Your always in my heart and on my mind and I bless the day I was lucky enough to find you. Did I mention how cute you are? Well you are. *hugs* With all my love for you dear...Blade  xoxoxoxo
from Bladeslinger

Goldmoon Dunami
To my sweetest Orange, Hope you have a great V-day, with lots of choco. Your the greatest! love you!

from Lavender

Happy Valentine's Dear!  I hope you get a lot of chocolate...cause then you can give it to me!  May your day be filled with sickenly sweet hearts and flowers!

My dear wifey-foo, all the days I've spent with you have been in bliss. You are like a shade of Varda Elbereth herself and how your eyes sparkle like the stars above. Your face brings a warm smile to my face just as the rising Sun's rays. I can find comfort and love in you and even if all of Middle-earth turns against me, I know you will still stand by my side. You give me strength and courage and you are the reason I exist. No greater beauty can exist besides you. My heart belongs to you forever and ever.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Sugar is sweet,
and so are you
from Táragolloion

Tári Fyrebird
Yes i know you hate valentines, but I dont care. i'm still gonna send you a gift. Happy Valentines Day Beautiful. as you would say. i'm a soggy git.:

from Cele Beadufolm


Great hearts and heavenly flowers

Roses are red, violets are blue, you're so short, I might step on you!  Happy Valentine's Day, Andu!  I hope you die from the poisoned chocolates I'm wishing you'll receive from someone kind.  I do hope you have a nice may be your last. 
your friend, Anonymous


Faeril Twiggins
Dearest cousin, Due to the fact that we have been taken as of recently, I dont want you to think that means I do not care anymore. I hope between the gifts and this card, you will know that you always have a place in my heart and you can always share in my roses *wink wink*. Love you, Peach!

from Lavender

Imlë Éltano
There is a young minion so blackened
Who is so smart his brain’s never slackened
His name? It is Imlë
Accept no pert simile
‘Cos his words always pour out his back end!

Aww - my own ickle maggot *huggles*

from Ann-Onny-Mouse

Metrey Dornen
If the wine wasn't enough for you to show how much I care, I hope this small note will let you know. Love you lots, hubby. Happy Valentines Day!
from Lavender

Webit Meadowcap
Why do Orcs suddenly appear everytime you are near? Just like me they long to be close to you.
Why do Wraiths hang about the Shire? Cause its you they admire. Just like me they long to be close to you.
On the day that you were born the Baggins got together and decided to create a mushroom stew.
So they sprinkled taters in your hair of brown and bacon in your eyes of blue.
That is why all the girls in Bree (girls in Bree) come around (come around) to have tea (to have tea)
Just like me they long to be close to you.
Ah, aahh, aahh, close to you, Ah, aahh, aahh, close to you, Ah, aahh, aahh, close to you, Ah, aahh, aahh, close to you.

I love you Weebs... will you be my valentine, not just for one day but forever?
...your Cherie


Quietly blazing passions - scintillating winds and simmering waters...?

Just to say a very Happy Valentine's Day to you BB! Valinor is looking far too forlorn on the romance front in here so this is just to say - we do all definitely, absolutely and thoroughly love you - yesh we does precious!

from Janowyn



  • Artwork
    • Titles and background: Tinw (Valentine's adaptation by Janowyn)
    • Ink sketches: Tinw
    • Kingdom stamps: Silarvalla

  • With thanks to each and every one of our contributors, for this supplemental February 14th issue - we hope you all enjoyed reading your messages and that it helped you celebrate your special day with that very special person!
  • And from us, a very Happy Valentiniel's to everybody on the Plaza!
    • ~ Keleos Nenharma & Janowyn, Co-editors