Parth Canthui ~ Volume IV
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Celestial Meditation

Silent blue night
thy divine profoundness waters my soul
like descending rain falling from the sky
upon my opened, parched lips,
to slip smoothly down my throat
to melt into my soul.

Observant stars,
tell me,
what things dost thou espy
during thy celestial journeys?
Thy light is reflected in my dazed eyes
glimmering with visions
of another world.

Like a fountain bubbling in the spring
consciousness unfolds within me…
like an emerging bud that opens its petals
to receive the swift breeze,
my curiosity is brought into being
by these crossing winds, these crossing paths,
these winding courses of consciousness
that suggest the inevitable, the impossible,
the past, the present, the future...

Undulating like the surface of the ocean,
I dance upon the fluid grains of sand,
the soft sounds of nature,
the stream of windy ribbons
that are illuminated by the moonlight.

My joy extends to thee,
my consciousness is prompted by thee,
and so I live harmoniously,
under this divineness,
this synchronized order
whose momentary balance
is slowly tipped, by each drop of starlight,
into pure perfection.

~ Arien Silverleaf


Guilds and Groups

Army Report

       After a fun day by the Bruinen, the soldiers of the Host said farewell to each other, and the Field of Strife came to a close. It had been a splendid, fun-filled day, and many could be seen laughing and joking as they made their way back to the Last Homely House. The second-in-command Aduchil then had to sit down and judge all the combats, to declare the winners. Congratulation to Fuin Elda, Trellie and Tinessael for winning the duels! Also, congratulation to all other participants, you've all done a great job!

Also, the soldiers of Imladris, combined with the forces of Gondor, have just reached the Weathertop, and have now begun scouting it, and making sure it is free of anything…unwanted. Both the Elven Lords, Elrond and Glorfindel are with them, and all our prayers now rise to the warriors' favour! Hopefully our brave Elves shall be soon seen again in the Valley, unharmed and unscratched!

On top of all that…disaster has occured! Someone has captain-napped the three Captains of the Host! The Third Captain's office is in havoc and utter chaos, and a note has been left there, speaking of revenge. Both the First and Second Captain have failed to return from their strolls in the woods. Who has taken the Captains? What do they want? What will happen? The Disappearance RPG introduces you to a world similar to Agatha Christie's! And the RPG is mostly guided by soldiers themselves…yes, the soldiers! This is a part of the new Host organisation efforts…why have it all planned when our wonderful soldiers can contribute also? As long as chaos is set at bay, and the RPG is believable, the choices are yours, and only the sky is the limit!

On more statistical matters: the Soldiers' Roster has been placed into one of the rooms in the Army House, and the newbie/veteran programme shall be a full swing as soon as one of the Captains sits down and gets it rollin'!

The Army is slowly growing back to it's usual state… So come and join and have fun!

~Anarie Eltane


Gwaith i-Nestoer

       The Adab Nestad is the healing house of Imladris. Lord Elrond is accounted a great healer, and he has bestowed on those who follow the healing arts here his example and his teaching. The Healers of Imladris are much sought after, not only in the Valley, but also for extended trips and expeditions outside of Rivendell, our healers are always in attendance with the Host, and often when errantry calls. Our Elven healers and their skills are woven into stories all over Middle Earth with their wisdom and expertise.

This month (and each month) have been exceptional in the hard work of the Gwaith i-Nestoer, with Minestor Ancalima, Tanestor Tinessael and the Nestors (healers), the aphadors (apprentices), and taidors (assistants) hard at work. Each patient is so unique and in need of such different care, that it can never be boring or routine. Aphadors and Nestors pass their exams for advancement in responsibility. New taidors offer their services: AmrunSilverleaf and Isiliel came recently. The members of our Healing House heal both the physical (hroa) and spiritual (fea); we teach and train new healers; research is important (the old lore may have a treatment that was lost, or a plant may be found to be have potential for healing), our herb gardens are tended by members of the house, so when we are not in the treatment rooms we might be doing any of a variety of things.

Elves and men, and even children have found their way to Adab Nestad in recent days. Injuries that are the result of violence, and also from testing and stretching oneself to excel, bring in many of the patients. Respecting their privacy, I cannot name the individuals that have been in need of treatment, but perhaps I can mention that Lord Elrond’s own herald has spent some time here as a patient.

With the festival of Mereth Imladris, there was much cause for concern given some of the dangerous activities in which the Elves pushed themselves to achieve. There was our healing stall right in the midst of all the activity, with archery, sparring and other sports with a potential for danger or injury. Our healers were right there ready to assist, and utilizing the time well to teach any and all who came how to treat wounds and fractures in an emergency. Some of the more dramatic models and “victims” were Lady Gala and Elrohir. Explanations about herbs were offered and questions answered. There was also a not so subtle push and encouragement to anyone exhibiting interest in joining the Healers. Do come and be welcomed!

~Melyanna Falas



       Since I last took up my quill it may seem to those outside the Guild that very little has been happening here in Govannas in Glirdain. Throughout the tail end of May and as summer rolled into the Valley the search for a successor to the post of Aralirdan (High Bard) was further set back by the unexpected, but necessary, absence of Tinw in faraway lands and the comforting presence of our beloved Taidril, Saranna, was severely limited due to frequent and prolonged calls on her time away from the Valley.

As the farewell celebration for Idril drew to a close, there was a mighty storm which seemed to underscore the changing times. As torrential rain drove us all back into the Hall of Writings and some dried and warmed themselves by the bright hearth, our spirits, a little low perhaps at the bitter-sweet accolades and announcements, were further comforted by sweet music, song and recitals. Even more welcome comfort in the shape of soothing hot tea warmed our hearts, taking solace in the kind thoughts of caring and constant friends and confidantes. As the dramatic violence of the cleansing storm blew away the mixed emotions of Idril’s leave-taking, the clearer air it ushered in gave us a beautiful golden evening as gentle companions - friends old and new, ventured out onto the terrace and gave thanks for the beauty and balm of creation here in our beloved Valley.

We are fortunate to reside here amongst so much that is inspirational and precious in Rivendell. So occasionally it is good to remind ourselves that though we Eldar may seem as permanent as the hills and rivers, all things will change and people will come and go in their time. Though we may be sad to see this happen, it does not mean that we cannot be happy for what we still have and for what we will know and value in the future. Or that we cannot still celebrate the people or places who have meant so much to us with honour and smiles as well with sorrow and tears. Those who touch our lives may pass on from our sight or forever leave us far behind, but whilst they live on in our memory all the affection and regard will stay too.

So even though the Hall of Writings has been quiet of late, we have not been idle, but neither have we been so disposed to practice our art. For myself and other dear friends who frequent the Bardic Inn, the Rainbows End, with the blessing of the rulers, we have contented ourselves with helping Saranna where we may, ensuring effort and creativity is duly rewarded, and that the little, but necessary tasks that once fell to the Aralirdan and then to Tinw before she was taken away from us, are still performed and kept up to date. Within the Govannas household we Senior Bards have been looking keenly around us and talking to Saranna whenever she is free, preparing for the time when Tinw might return to us, her family, and begin the task of taking the Guild forward with our new Aralirdan.

It is an exciting time, as we look around us and acknowledge what it good and strong within the Guild and recognise what has passed its time and relevance. All things will change as they grow and so it is within Govannas in Glirdain. As Bards we understand that creation sometimes embraces an element of purging. Once useful ideas or practices can outlive their relevance and without need or reason what use are they to us? Rest assured that we will treasure whatever enlivens and nurtures the Guild and our company of wonderful, perceptive, talented singers, writers and poets. We are strong and will be stronger yet. Above all we will continue to celebrate this Valley and the people who live here. And, with Idril and Galen, our mother and father still here to guide and help us, the Hall of Writings will be soon begin to fill and echo and sing once again with all and everything that we are and can be, It will continue to celebrate our loves and sorrows, our endeavours and courage and, perhaps most important of all, our fellowship and shared dreams.




       Summer has come, and EAA continues blooming with two threads, both themed as “The Elder Ages of Middle-Earth.” giving both portrait and landscape artists an equal chance to show their work. We have received plenty of works in both of them, which is of course a great joy! The thread was giving a start by Jano with her Varda and then Fuin with her water color work of the awakening of elves. Mostly the Ainur featured in the artists’ work, most popular being Varda, posted by Peach of the Shire, Arien, Isiliel and Elli, followed by Orome, Yavanna and Arien of Arien (*g*) and of Eragorn. And of course, there were (and are) elves! Arwen of Tari and Arwen of Elven Priestess, as well as who was decided to be Haldir of Arien and some unknown elves, of Isiliel and Peach.

To Elder Ages belongs without arguing, the Undying Lands, brought this month to life by Arien with her watercolor work of Valinor and by Fuin with her pencil drawing of the kinslaying, as well as a bit of Middle-Earth, more exactly Lake Cuivinien by Arien. A more dramatic picture of separation of the Firstborn into Avari and Eldar. Perhaps a bit not following the theme, yet still an amazing charcoal drawing by Tari of a guy with a crazy beard completed the variety of pictures. After a work of planets to work out the shadows, a period of graphics started, with Jano submitting letters for a mysterious poem and Arien with peach submitting works made with a graphic pen. Let’s see where the thread shall take us until the end of the month.

The Digital Art thread strayed a bit further from the given theme yet the more interesting and different was the art-work submitted. Of course, breathtakingly beautiful photos of the sky, sun and clouds fitted well with the theme, as well as the numerous photos of the sea by Ilsa. If at first there were mostly photos in the thread, then the more further, the more ‘messed around with’ the pictures became, showing clearly how many different things can be done with for example Photoshop or ACDSee. After a brief time of photos of different flowers and a discussion about storing the links to the Digital Art threads, Fuin posted a guide to sepia pictures, which started a wave of photo filters manipulation.

So that would complete my report. Thank you for reading.




       There have been a few shifts in the beautiful halls where the scrolls of both lore and creativity rest. Unfortunately, Saranna, the long-loved librarian, had to step down, due to her wish to wander through the lands of Arda. We shall never forget how much of her efforts and love went into the Library while she was there. Her place by Serveanthesia's side was replaced by that of Anarie Eltane, the very same who is First Captain in the Host. Her heart is that of a warrior as well as a scholar, and she is now seen a lot more around the Last Homely House. With the new asset, the Library now shines out once more, the light of Servy herself a bright beacon.

It is a fun place to be, so come on in! Do some research, or just RP! The Librarians are there to help you!

~Anarie Eltane



       The Imladris Debate Team is once again endeavoring to put forth the most persuasive arguments in competition with other kingdoms of Middle-earth. The regular IK Debate season has yet to start, but in anticipation of the upcoming season, Rivendell is participating in a number of practice debates to hone the skill of compelling writing.

There are several new debaters on the team who are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to meet the challenge of an IK Debate. Tinuviel, Turinqui, and Iluve have recently joined the team and earned their promotions to Gelior Athrabeth. Tinuviel and Turinqui have already competed in a practice debate with the Dwarves of Khazad-dum, displaying strong debating skills that will continue to improve as they gain experience.

To celebrate their accomplishments, we will be holding a promotion ceremony in Rivendell on July 1st to commemorate the achievement of Gelior Athrabeth (the rank of Learner of Debate) for Tinuviel, Turinqui, and Iluve. We will also be welcoming Varda Elbareth to the position of Co-Captain for the Debate Team, as Lorinol Noldo takes the title Honorary Captain. She is a valued member and skilled debater that will continue to serve to make the team even better. Please join us as we celebrate these markers in the path of the team. There will also be several puzzle competitions, open to all Elves; and the Debate team will reveal its new banner!

Also, the Debate Team is anticipating an exciting match beginning July 10th that will pit Elf against Elf as Rivendell meets Lothlorien for a practice debate! The topic for the match will be whether Men or Elves contributed more the defeat of Sauron. As always, the Rivendell team appreciates support shown to the members by cheering at the debate; it is always wonderful to know that your kingdom is behind you!

~Inwe Lynthian


Racing Team

       The dust, the crowds, the hordes of cheering trainers.... The intricate life of a cheetah racer is full of unexpected joys, triumphs, and setbacks. One would think that Imladris elves have it made; their racers are the fastest creatures in all of Middle-earth, at least over short distances. How could they ever be beaten in a race against badgers?

Yet such is not the case. Every race is full of surprises and hidden pitfalls. Will each cheetah make it to the end of the race on time? Will they be sidetracked into delivering love letters for Aragorn, being shot through the air by the guard at Minas Tirith, or simply exploring Lord Elrond's hidden chambers? Will they run towards the finish line, or will their highly developed cheetah sense of direction tell them in some mysterious way that they should instead run backwards?

This season has been further complicated by a last-minute change of leadership. The original team coach, Gala, was called away to put on the Eyebrows of Doom, and Pathael disappeared as well under suspicious circumstances (read: I don't know what happened). Merl and Ilsalire have taken over, but have been suffering from a mysterious grievance known as RL. What exactly this malady consists of I have not been able to ascertain; I only know it is related to a strange device known as a PC. Calls to abandon these “PCs” for more traditional elven means of communication, or to use the dwarven hammers to repair them, have as of yet gone unanswered.

Our season is nearing its close. After the first two races reported in the last Herald (both losses), things began looking up. Our cheetahs were successful in their competition with the Shire coneys and the Fangorn squizzles, and if all goes well they will beat the Mordor snakes as well. Racing against the KD badgers resulted in defeat, but that race was not so surprising as the race in Minas Tirith. Nearly all the skunks arrived late, and yet they still managed to crush our cheetahs.

Cheetah fans will be delighted to know that the season, while nearing its close, has not finished yet. Our final two races, against Rohan and Isengard, will take place over the next few weeks. And don't forget the Race of Champions, as well as the fast-paced Derby held at the end of each season.



Annals of Imladris


       The elf Almoril bowed and cleared his throat before addressing Eomer and Eowyn, rulers of the Riddermark. “The Men of Rohan are renowned for their skill at horsemanship, and for the horses they breed,” he said. “Great bloodlines down the ages have produced horses that can be counted Lords of their Race, and our people have admired such beasts for many generations of Men. Our stables have become diminished over the past decades, and it is in our hearts to replenish them with Rohan’s finest stock. Master Elrond asks us to enquire whether the Men of Rohan are ready to barter their horses for Elvish gold, Elvish art, Elvish weaponry, and much more. Our buyers are ready to depart, should you give your leave for them to do so.

Shall we come here, or shall we not?

What answer shall I take to my Master, Éomer King?"*

With a nod the rulers of Rohan extended their welcome to the Imladris elves, and the messengers returned to Lord Elrond to indicate the Rohirrim's willingness. A few weeks later the elven lord Soronume led a small delegation of his people into the land of Rohan. There they found Rohirrim traders ready to greet them. A corner of Edoras was filled with neighing, the stomping of hooves and the jingling of bridles. Horsetraders came to find new homes for their beloved equine brothers and sisters. Rarely would one of this horse-loving people trade these animals that they had trained and raised. All had heard of the elven love for animals, however, and while it pained them to let their horses go, they knew that each would be assured of a caring home.

Neither party was disappointed. Imladris elves found horses of spirit and nobility, ready to learn elven commands and ways. Rohirrim traders found the elven delegation delighted with the animals they had brought, and willing to trade their exquisitely crafted goods for the joy of a new mount, as well as equipment for those mounts. Both sides felt that they had received what they had hoped for. After much trading, the elves herded their new horses in with the old, and prepared to ride home. Lord Elrond's stables would once again be full.

*Direct quote from Soronume's talk with Eomer.

~ Nenuphar


The Daily RPG

       Not too long ago our lords Glorfindel and Elrond decided that the elves should not be feasting, eating and drinking themselves full every day of the year. That decision was half invoked by one of the feast mistresses, Gala resigning due to becoming the herald of Elrond, and another, Amarie due to the scary disease that sometimes spreads almost epidemically around our valley, namely RL. Still willing to give us elves a place to relax but in more Middle-Earthian vibe, Daily Life RP threads shall be open for most of the time.

Nume is remaining to be the, now only one, feast mistress, for the feasts are not gone forever! They will appear for more important occasions, which will be worth feasting. Immediately, as proposed by Eithon, the elves gathered in the Misty Dell, where all enjoyed relaxing by plenty of small springs, dancing and singing. Hopefully our numerous guests from Rohan, the Shire, Gondor and Lorien felt welcome.

Then came the time to celebrate a day important to the Elves, Ennyn Laer or the Gates of Summer in Common Tongue. On that very eve, the fair city of Gondolin was attacked by the armies of Morgoth. Now the elves traveled to the High pass to meet the first sunrise of summer. A maiden, Lin Felagund was found injured, but other than that the night passed calmly with some falling asleep and others getting proposed to.

After that, the elves, or more exactly Arvellas found a hidden glade which became immediately much to the elves’ liking, where the elves enjoyed the warm summer weather and laughter with songs reached far, as the elves formed new friendships and kept alive the old ones, played pranks and fell in love.

~ Tinessael


Edenduath Eriol - Final Article

       The Shadow lenghtened over the Valley; the Elves looked into the air and around them, trying desperatelly to pick out the source of the caouse for their heavy hearts and looks across their shoulders. Try as they might, no one could find it.

No one, exept the few valiant Elves and one Man down by the river Bruinen, who stood against Sauron once more. He had taken the body of Fuin Elda, captured her spirit, and now seeked to claim Vilya for his own. But it was not his to claim, as Lord Elrond told him straight-forward, as did the First Captain of the Host, and all others gathered there.

A long battle issued then, where none escaoed without a wound, even Kamac, the faithful companion of the Captain. The great wolf had flung himself before the blade meant for the Lord. Both Man and Elf were weary and weak, in mind and body, when Elrond stepped forth. With the sheer power of his will he reclaimed Fuin's spirit, and cast Sauron's blackened one into the Void, where it belonged. Thus the battle ended, and all rejoiced.

For Good would always overcome Evil, no matter in what shape or seize it came forth.

The valiant Elves and Man and wolf then took the first step to heal, as they followed their lord to the Adab Nestab. There, the skillful hands of the Aphador and Nestoer would heal al their wounds, and bring peace and serenity into their souls..

And the Valley baths in the Sun once more.

~ Anarie Eltane


Middle Earth Messenger

       The Middle-earth Messenger, our Plaza’s official newsletter, has recently undergone a revamping; as always for the better. Previous editors and writers have done what the current team of the Messenger is doing now, and that is trying to put out an informative, creative, and entertaining newsletter. Neither the amount of work nor dedication that is being put into current endeavors has changed from those of the past.

The current co-editing team of Firefly and Star Flower were put together by our Yavanna admin, Roh. Recently they were joined by three assistant editors; Loriwaynen, Woggy, and Caelyn Dunami. It is this team’s fervent wish to take the Messenger to new heights, one baby step at a time in Star Flower’s words. Roh, who knew Star’s work as an editor from Khazad-dum’s Mirrormere Reflections and Fly from Mordor’s GRaBT, hand chose them both. Star clued me in on Roh’s ultimate goal for the Plaza’s newsletter which is to see it become an actual published newspaper that will center on events that promote Lord of the Rings. Star has said that the Messenger is very far from this goal however.

Both Star and Fly concur that the biggest reason that the Messenger was halted previously was do to a lack of writers. They know, as do the editors of all the different kingdom newsletters do, you need good writers who are willing to volunteer their time and creativity. The team has mentioned that they have many things planned for the future of the Messenger. When they cover the Plaza in its entirety and thus with people volunteering from the different kingdoms then everyone in, Fly’s words, gets to have a voice. It is also their hope to include members of the plaza’s Valinor team of admins to contribute articles in each edition. The Middle-earth Messenger also has “An Only Once” policy for coding. This means that each edition will be of a different color and lay out.

As aforementioned, the editors feel that the Messenger will be the plaza’s voice. It is intention for Plazanites to be able to speak their mind through the Messenger. Hence, volunteer writers will be able to write editorials and articles about certain Plaza events, problems, and changes that maybe for better or worse as the Plaza is in a constant metamorphosis. Yet again, it will take a strong effort from the Plaza members themselves to help see this dream become a reality.

When long-time and dedicated editor of the Plaza newsletter, Gwai, stepped down and Roh took over, it was Roh who decided that it would be a better plan to have co-editors to back her up. Almost two months ago is when Lori, Woggy, and Cae joined the team as well; and none of the crew have looked back since then. After changing the name to The Middle-earth Messenger and giving the newsletter a whole new look, the new team had put out their first issue back in August of 2005. Although the three assistant editors have only been a part of the crew for less than two months, the collected hope is that as a joined force they will better be able to build the Messenger to new and better heights and serve well the Plaza. I, myself, know each member of this team; Roh, Star Flower, Firefly, Loriwaynen, Woggy, and Caelyn Dunami, and also their skills. I do not think that Gwai could have left the newsletter in better hands.

      Editor's Note: The Middle Earth Messenger (MeM) will advertise in the Editors' Desk thread every month for months to come; don't worry - it's not spam!

~ Tinuviel


A Season Never Again the Same

       The summer has come once more, and though I have known past summers, this one, though it feels vaguely familiar, is like no other I have yet known. A new home I have found, and new companions as well, though still I cling to my old ways despite the losses that I have also suffered. Spring was a time of rebirth in which I was forced to start anew, but it is over now, yielding to a time of growth and of light, though still my own despair darkens it. Oaths of determination I have sworn in the face of the agony, and now comes the hard part, to make good on those promises and not to lose faith, as incapacitated as I may be.

I recall summers of walking in the shadows of trees, trees so large that ten of us joining hands could not encircle their trunks, and I recall gazing skyward and thinking that those sunlit leaves of yellow and green, fringed with dark needles, were more stunning than any stained glass in a wooden window frame. But I was younger then, and in a far distant place that I once called home, long ago now it seems. The trees here are of lesser height and girth, giving way to grasses far more often. It is different, and so am I, for never before have I seen a summer without one person in particular I had not expected to lose. I am not sure which suits me best, my innocence and shadowed home, or newfound scars and wisdom thrown into sunlight, but I have no choice but to take the latter.

I shall try to make good on the oaths I have sworn, and I shall try to walk the earth as openly as I once did, with pride and strength that I never before possessed. Imladris was not what I thought it would be; it was far more, though I myself may have become less. Yet I may rise again, greater than I was before, and I pray that this new season shall take me there.

~ Arvellas


Feature Articles

       Hesitantly did I enter the Halls of Mandos to speak with he who bears the Vala’s banner. Much trepidation did my heart feel as my footsteps echoed down those long halls, for it was no my right time to be there and made me fear and ponder on my Elven immortality. Mine ears thought they heard heard the wails of the souls of my kindred who had been lost to Middle-earth; those who would not see the shores of Valinor from a ship that had been born to the West. Rather they would be called forth in each his due time by the phrophesy of Mandos, Keeper of the Souls of the Eldar who had passed into the Darkness for wounds suffered in combat or from broken hearts, for none feel grief nor love so deeply as those of Illuvatar’s First Children.

My steps at last carried me before the High Seat of Mandos. I looked upon the Vala Lord with much awe. Bowing before him, I slowly rose then and spoke softly unto him. My Lord, words of doom are your wont, or so it is said, I come for another purpose. If you would my Lord, I would have you tell me of yourself and how you came to sit in this place and bear the heavy burden that is your’s alone. Standing back silently then, I bent down and sat upon the cold floors of that place. Intently did I listen to all that he would share with me.

And it came to pass that upon the blank canvas of Arda there came the Ainurian spirit that the Elves called Namo. And it was he that came into the far Eastern lands of Aman. In the air there was the feeling of autumn but there was yet no greenery in the world for Yavanna had not yet entered. There Namo built his great Halls and he named them Mandos. (I joined the Plaza on September 12, 2002)

When the Firstborn awoke it was Namo that walked among them at first. But by reason of his silence and ever inward looking eye did he forsake the Elves at that time and take his abode amongst the olvar instead. For five long ages uncounted Namo walked among the Ents and he was happy for spirits of Yavanna were slow and thoughtful beings only revealing themselves after slow contemplation as was the wont of Mandos. But there came a time when even Mandos became restless and he came into the South of Middle-earth and there he took the guise of a man of Gondor and remained for many years. Yet finally on a glorious day of springtime did Mandos retire to his home in Aman and there he was welcomed. It was Morgoth who called to Mandos as unlikely as that may seem. Yet it is true. But Varda was there also and she cleaved to Namo and they bacame as one. (My first kingdom was Imladris but I was only there for a short time before I joined Fangorn. I was an Ent for about 5 months and then moved to Gondor where I spent the rest of my time as a normal kingdom rank. In April of 2004 I was asked by Mo to come to Valinor and be an Admin.)

And it is told by the Elves that there came a time of summer when Mandos did meet and wed Varda, despite the protests of Manwe. For in the mind of Iluvatar it was Varda and Mandos that first joined their minds. It was meant to be and to this day is proven out again and again. Namo would amount to no more than a dark memory if it were not for Varda. (I met Beebs in the summer of 2003. We met on the Plaza and after a whirlwind courtship in which it became evident that we were made for each other, Beebs came to Western Alaska where we have been together ever since).

A message from Mandos to the Elves of Imladris:
O! Wise hearts of the hidden valley! Long have you dwelt in bliss behind the unspoiled veils of Vilya. And the seasons have passed in perfect measure. Yes, there has been sorrow for some have come to Mandos and some have been lost yet their memory remains. Think back ye elves. Remember the purity that was Helevorn before it was spoiled by Morgoth. Remember the great heart of Finrod for that is the wisdom that is thy bequest to lesser folk. And remember that, though seasons may change and friends may seek other pastures still nothing is lost to elven kind for is not the life of Arda your lives also? Ye shall see the face of a new Day and rightly soon for in the air I smell change. Will you be ready? Mandos has spoken.

Silent I remained for some moments when the Vala had finished speaking. He looked upon me and in my mind I knew and held words he had for me alone. Words of using my time wisely that was given to me to walk in Middle-earth for none but Illuvatar and Mandos, save Manwe, know the fate of each sould that dwells in Arda. Heed me well my kin, listen and take to heart the prophesy of Mandos that he hath sent me back with to share with you.

      Italics are words spoken by Mandos himself



Oldie Perspective

       I first stumbled across the Plaza quite accidentally, while searching for some pictures of Arwen (believe it or not! *g*). I had read LOTR by that time, and even that was pretty much because my cousin insisted I have to; until then, I was a serious Harry Potter fan. After chewing through the first 100 pages, however, I got hooked! Completely and totally.

So, back to the story; after seeing the Fellowship of the Ring, I thought about how cool and utterly beautiful the women looked, and how cool everything was in whole. Thus I stumbled across Plaza.

What can I say? Back then, I was younger and more immature than now; I thought: »What now? This doesn't look the least interesting…« And I walked away, sadly. Little did I know what a great part of me the Plaza would become! For after seeing the Two Towers movie, I began searching for high-quality LOTR sites. And thus I came across our very own little site again. I remembered well what my primary thoughts were at my first encounter, but I said to myself: »Hey, why not? You can't lose anything…you might as well give it a shot!« So, in November 2004 I became a registered member of the Lord of the Rings Fanatcis Plaza site.

Back then I had absolutely no idea how much time, devotion, tears, joy, sweat, mind-wrecking, commitement and many many more things I would give to the site. But as soon as I joined, I realised that I've found a rare jewel on the internet.

Reading through the FAQ, I was very much thrilled when I found out that after you've reached 20 points, you could join a kingdom! After having seen the two movies, I very much wanted to be an Elf, if only in my imagination. But somehow Lorien felt too calm and peaceful for my taste. There was no doubt as to which kingdom I would join.

So I became a member of Imladris very soon after joining the Plaza (since I had taken the Knowledge Halls' tests, and received points rather quickly). Very soon I realised that this was the place to be. I got everything I wanted: things to do, friends, and also I found a way to spend my time in high-qualitly! Although, here I have to add that, two years prior, this site was more active than it is now; more hiper-speed, I should say, for lack of a better term. Nowadays, you can post once every two days in a thread; two years ago, if you did that, you were quickly out of the game!

Back to the main storyline; the first organisation that I actually joined, was the Imladris Racing Team. I can't really remember who led it at the time, but I can say that I had a blast. Sadly, I had to step out of the action there, with my heart and mind being somewhere else, but nevertheless, that organisation helped me make my first steps into the world of Imladris here on Plaza.

Soon after joining the Racing Team, I stumbled across the Army House. Back then, the Host of Imladris was still lead by Laebeth, and there was a bunch of other officers around here; Laivindil, Ellenan, Mor, Lilu…I remember feeling rather intimidated with the size of the Plaza, and wanting to make a good impression on Lae. So I joined, and was immediately thrown into my very first true RPG. The Shindig at the Trollshaws was a very fun experience, and there I found that you only had to use your imagination to become a good soldier.

So I became a member of the Host. Not long after, I remember we went to war against Mordor. The battle of Amon-Sûl lasted for 7 threads, and it got me to an officer rank. It was shortly after the battle, and not long after I joined, that Lae completely surprised me by saying she'd like me to take place as an Officer in the Host. How could I refuse her? Her, who had become a good friend to me.

Back then, we still had the War room. I remember Mor welcoming me with these words: »Welcome Anarie! Here's where Lae sits on her chair, with a white cat in her lap, and commands the take-over of the world!« It was a very good time, being an Officer. But shortly after, the Host began to dwindle in numbers, and becoming very slow in motion. Lae resigned, changing from Elrond to Yavanna. Tara resigned from being Glorfindel, and Eithil came along, with Tinw as Elrond. And life went on, just as it had in the past. I had grown much during the short period (I think it couldn't have been more than 6 or 7 months); from the immature girl I now found that responsibilities are very important, and stating your case loud and clear is very much the best thing to do. The Plaza had helped me grow more than I had ever imaginted, but the biggest change for me was still to come.

Before that changed I helped Cumehtar bring the Forge of Imladris to life; sadly, I no longer abide in that area, for my heart is elsewhere. But I have seen it's beginnings, and through it's sixth thread I was still pretty much there.

No RPGs or any other threads come to my mind from that time period, for one thing shadows them all: the sudden absence of Lilu Olnathron and her husband Mor. Lilu had stepped up as First General in the Host after Lae had resigned. There were no other Generals sat that time, and Officers were also scarce. Very scarce, because we had to call upon the help of squires. Then I took upon myself the task of guiding the Host through it's heavy time, until Lilu returned. I was granted the title of temporary General, and the greatest period of my time on Plaza begun. I faced much challenges, keeping the Host alive, guiding it over the many rocks it faces, gently steering it around every obstacle. How many tears of frustration I have shed only the walls of my room know, and how much steel my nerves had burried themselves in. It was a very challenging time for me, since my real life was also pressing, with exams and orals. I often found myself thinking of giving up, of just letting it go. But Lae's belief in me, her strong support through it all, and the support of Aduchil, my Plaza family and friends whom I have come to know, prevented me from doing so. If I had backed away then..would I be the same person today? Unlikely.

Thus I stayed, and fought the endless battle every organisation faced. And words came in that Lilu could not be General anymore. So, not even a year after I had joined the Host I became First General, with Aduchil and Rílomë as my Second and Third Generals. We quickly realised that the Host needed immense changes, and we have successfully undergone them, as far as transformation is counted. How much success our changes shall bring, only the future holds.

By the time I became First General, I had also become active in other forums and throughout Plaza. Many activities I have seen and lived through, many things I have said goodbye and greetings to. Not long ago I have been elected as the new Librarian, and I now stand by Servy's side in that aspect. The RPG Guild takes a lot of time also, in the RPG forum.

And I almost forgot. Tinw had to say goodbye, and I've seen another ruler star rise into the air. Gala, who is currently Elrond. I have made friends with many rulers and admins, as well as people from other kingdoms, which I thought impossible at the time of joining.

What have I learned, in the almost two years I've been here? I've learned to delegate (Lae shall probably laugh at this, but it is true *g*), to decide, to stand my ground, to be myself, to make friends, to laugh, to cry. And most of all to help wherever I can, and am able too. Alas, unfortunately my day only consists of 24 hours, so I cannot be in all places I wish to be. But I still watch and smile as Plaza, and Imladris grow, knowing that I, too, have contributed to it all. If only a small piece. I know not for how long I shall remain on the site, but I have no doubts that for a long time still. This site has helped me become the person I am today, and many friendships have sprang from out of nowhere, it seemed to me a while ago. I have learned to cherish every single post I make, every newbie that comes along, every argument, disagreement, and agreement.

That is what Plaza has been for me for the last 2 years.

~ Author



       And how the valley sang with joy for the announcement of the great Elves of the Kingdom, in celebration for all they have done. It was more than a simple morning in the valley; it was one of great beauty and pride as the Elves rose their voices in song to honour those whom were worthy.

Three stood before them: Trellie as the Lady Celebrian, Tinessael as Elrohir, and Janowyn as Earendil, the Elves' most beloved star. And it was not merely Earendil who shone brightly in the heavens, above all light of the disc of Arien, it was the three individual that shone, as well.

Eglerio hyn! Praise them with great praise!

~ Keleos Nenharma


Tidings from Abroad


       Fangorn Forest is buzzing with activity. Why? Because it's Lithedays, of course! As of this report, two activities had already been opened. In the first, participants must answer five riddles to decipher the Sunstone. The Sunstone is on the edge of Fangorn Forest. Everyone thought it was simply decorative, but in reality, it carries a hidden code. Spooky, huh? In the second, and incidentally, my favorite, contestants participate in a dwarf toss! Ents and non-Ents alike RP tossing a dwarf against Orthanc. If you have a vicious streak, this one's for you.

On the IK outlook, Fangorn's Junior Drill Team won its first match in a slightly controversial fashion against the Minions of Mordor. The Derndingle Drillers got all five questions right in a 10-8 victory. Fangorn's squizzle racing team is also progressing well. After 6 races, the squizzles and their forest-dwellers sit 2nd on the table, only behind those other Elves from Lothlorien. And as always, our po-ENTs are writing superb poetry.

In RPG action, Fangorn newbie Lailaswen set up a brilliant Open RPG about Merlin Wizbang and his Magic Chest. The chest will do whatever you wish it to do, but unfortunately, it can be hard of hearing sometimes, leading to wacky results. The Entish Acting Society has re-formed, and has decided to produce “A Midsummer Night's Dream.” If you are interested in helping with the EAS, drop on over to Fangorn and click on the EAS thread. One of Fangorn's favorite games is having a special edition this month. “Do You Dare to ENT-er?” has a hidden kingdom twist to it.

Last, but certainly not least, one of our resident admins, Rohvanna (who is Yavanna) celebrated her 1000th day with a special Star Wars-themed cantina set up on the planet of “Fangooine.” Congratulations to Roh for reaching this milestone! And that's it from the Forest for this month. Hope to see you around!

~ The Nav



       The Tower of Orthanc has been continuing its festivities celebrating the coming of the original five Istari, and the wizards and visitors have been having a great time. But when you have a chance to dunk Gandalf and Saruman in a tank of water it's difficult to be miserable! However, Saruman's reactions to being the target of choice will probably mean some of the wizards going into hiding for a while. Wizard's Wisdom, the lore game with a very nifty score board, was very popular but there were a number of very interesting and skilled entries in the festival art contest. The winner was Pyewacket with a lovely sketch of Gandalf at the Gates of Moria; there were also entries as diverse as a beautiful wood carved staff. The Look-alike contest appeared to be popular activity, though Ultchuk probably had the most fun as the less than pleasant Saruman.

As the Closing ceremonies get underway, most inhabitants can be found not celebrating but underneath the towers in the dark hidden tunnels. Saruman is up to his old tricks again, and on his orders Lurtz has been mustering uruk-hai, orcs and other dark minions. They already came out the fighting winners against a large group of Moria orcs and a huge cave troll, and Saruman's new army is growing quickly. While the unpleasantness occurs below ground, in the Tower itself Saruman has sent Gríma on a mission to obtain the Palantír stone from Gandalf's room. But the grey wizard is not easily fooled.

The Istari are mostly unaware of all these doings, and some of the more senior members of the Order have been busy planning changes for the kingdom, including redecorating and rebuilding some of the rooms and introducing new activities. I shall provide more information as it comes, so I'll see you same time same place next month!

~ Grey Pilgrim



       With so many changes, for sure the Kingdom of Khazad-dûm will look different to the new visitors.

After the Festival of Khazad-dûm, the Rulers have decided to keep everything closed and start a major revamp that lasted for nearly a month. Announcements and voting threads were being opened all the time, in order to remove the inactive threads, the ones that no longer attracted people, to make space to new ideas and to the threads that can still ‘struggle’ for some more time.

With all of this, many threads were closed and disappeared. Of those, it can be counted, for example, some which were very famous and considered important in the past, like the Smoking Chamber, the Dwarfbucks (the Coffee House of Khazad-dûm) and also the Moria Spa. All of them were removed and won’t be reopened in a near future, although it can happen.

However, it was with the Clans that the Kingdom had more problems to solve. To the Clan Leaders, it was asked to gather as many members as they could and with all of them, short the first posts of each thread and create new ideas and renew the old ones. Like in the Kingdom, this was also pointed to attract new people who would support the Clans and make them grow once again.

Besides it, it was also decided that the OOC’s threads of each Clan would be held in the Clan Chamber’s House, instead of the own Clan’s houses. Each Clan must organize, monthly, a new RPG, where all the other Clans will also enter in. Up to now, only four Clans have been reopened (the Yukogs, Mojaks, Anxikogs and Morogs. It is missing the Merikhansar and the Kagams). It seems this long absence hasn’t discouraged too much people, as the Clans, step by step, are returning to their normal lives.

What was never closed were the Inter-Kingdom activities. These threads were opened during the Festival and during the revamp.

A piece of news that may be useful to everyone who liked to advertise their own threads in Khazad-dûm is that the Chamber of Announcements no longer exists. The Rulers have decided to close it permanently, even before the revamp begin. This means that for now, all the banners and announcements can’t be posted in Khazad-dûm, not even in the Throne Room or in the Royal Chambers.

The Merikhansar have also organized a party to welcome the summer season. There is a long menu with all the famous Dwarven drinks and food, which are expected to be finished by the guest by the end of the day. Everyone is welcome to enter. The more the merrier!

The Thief Hunt has two more winners! Andu (from Fangorn) and Amalric (from Lórien) have passed through all the ranks and have reached the highest, winning the Thief Hunt Series. New games have began now, still ran by Opal Arkenstone.

So, in this month, as you can see, you have much to visit and explore in Khazad-dûm. We are all ready to welcome you in our Halls, so, don’t forget to pass by!

~ Tornihyanda




       Do you often find yourselves wondering what is happening with your elven kin away in Lothlorien? Don't, because not much is going on... Only joking of course. On the contrary, much is happening lately in the Golden Wood. An influx of new elves and some older members returning is keeping the Galadhrim on their feet, welcoming them back home, or for the first time to our woods. These elves are showing enthusiasm and excitement for the kingdom, with a number jumping right into plaza life and finding ways to contribute and get involved. Some of these are also showing interest in our army, the Guard, and are appearing on the training grounds to become soldiers.

On the subject of the Guard, some changes have taken place within. Archer trainer for over a year, Brillonnien recently stepped down and handed her post over to Nirithil Ranien, and Nemroth was promoted to Taidron Cûdir, or archer warden. There are four officers in the Guard, two wardens for the rangers, and two for the archers. The soldiers of the Guard currently find themselves gathered in pouring rain at the ruins of the ancient city of Tharbad with a party of orcs to keep them company in the RPG Forged Through Time. Their mission to rescue two of their scouts who found something priceless did not turn out to be as simple as they thought it would, obviously.

In the kingdom proper, life continues much as it has, with some changes. The rulers began giving a royal banquet several months ago to honor a small number of elves for their contributions to the kingdom, one happening every month. It is a fancy affair, and only those invited are allowed by the guards to pass inside. The racing team, the Lothlorien Foxes, is having a record-setting season. Thus far they have won all but one of their races (which was against Fangorn, if you were curious) and the last time this writer checked, were in first place in the league. IK competitions are taking place in other events, such as debate and with our drill team, the Quentalmo, and also the poetry team. (If I left anyone out, please do accept my apologies.) As always, a large number of threads in our kingdom are open to visitors, such as the lawn, gardens, and Hollow, so feel free to come visit. As long as you do not look threatening, the sentinels shouldn't shoot you, but you never know.

~ Dincairwen Almarea



       Suilad mellyn nin, Westu Hal! great people of Imladris. I am honoured once again to bring you news from the lands of the Horse Lords. Greater Rohan if you will. This month was brimming with lots of excitement, as you all will soon find out. The IK Interkingdom races were one of the many things going on. Week 7 brought victory to the Raccoons over Fangorn. A happy bunch of riders you could say were gathered around congratulating the team from Fangorn after the match. It was good to see a win after week 6's loss. In other news, summer is fastly upon us, and you sure can tell Rohan is getting ready for the summer fun. In the Gambling Game roon, this months game by Ithilbalan, Middle Earth Charades, which all are welcome, you are given a chance to (hopefully) improve your roleplaying skills by making you more versatile with characters as well as have some fun with Tolkien's characters. There is also a RPG "Greener Pastures", where you can be a horse, yes I said that correctly, where you are with a herd heading with others to these per se greener pastures.

Sure looks like alot of fun to me. There are also some Npc's that can be played as well. This to, is open to all races. Stop by and see the many who are so calling theirselves unique names and be amazed at all the wonderful role playing going on. The one game I really liked is the SCR & ATR Scramble. You are given a spoon, an egg, and you must, well only SCR , ATR, and R/A recipients from all Kingdoms, a chance to make it around this track. Oh but its not as easy as it may sound. They're are obstacles in the way as well as spectators tossing water balloons at you. Visitors may post, in a specific color and try to make it hard for the racers to get around. This game here is bringing out a huge gathering as it would seem to be a most attractive one. Now before I get to long winded and just tell you everything, I should mention the SCR recipients for this month. They are:
Polaira - Hasufel
Shivased ~ Stybba
Eolord ~ Theoden
Eorl Boarhelm ~ Erkenbrand

Also this month brought a new newbie of the month, Polaira who as you have seen, won an SCR the first month to. A wonderful rider, nice and very into everything you could say. Well I could go on and on, but I think that about covers some if not alot of whats happening in the Mark this month. I wish you all a wonderful read, days of bright sunshine and may the wind always be at your back. Until next time, this is Goldmoon Dunami saying, may the valar bless you all.

~ Goldmoon Dunami


The Shire

       It’s that time of the year again, folks, yes, indeed ... it is time for ten, gorgeous hobbit lasses to strut around in their best party dresses and well-groomed furry feet! And no, I am not writing about this month’s latest gossip from the dance floor of an elite social function where we must exclude all Hardbottles and Sackville-Bagginses from coming. I am at the Shire’s Springtime Miss Contest, watching – and even taking part in – a fancy extravaganza of the Shire’s best hobbit talents. I say, I think Petula Hornblower sure looks good up there deep-frying her bacon with mayonnaise and special sauce for her judges to eat later.

The Shire Springtime Miss is not the only contest or fun-day free-for-all going on in the Shire these days. The talented hobbit lasses, Alimah and Celandine Borow, are currently hosting the Shire’s first Iron Chef contest ever. I haven’t tasted carrot cheesecake puffs quite like Mira Brandybuck’s in years (yes, I snuck a bite), and I don’t think that I have ever had the pleasure of eating gingered carrot latkes, which was a dish made at the contest thanks to the cooking skills of Gerontian and Mrs. Bugtussle. The Strawberrystar Brewery has been doing their own share of cooking this month as well, although the grape stomping that they are enjoying have nothing to do with any big prizes in the end. It’s about the happy customers they like to serve!

That’s not to say that June has been a month all about cooking. A real estate agency now exists in the Shire, which is currently dubbed the Hobbit Hole Homes Realty Agency Plus! Suddenly, even the most settled of hobbits are looking for new homes all about the Shire. My only concern is how often we are stuttering over such a name. I’ve taken to calling it the Triple H & RAP since the day the place opened. And speaking of things opening – or re-opening, for that matter – Bilbo’s old home is now open for any curious bystander that might be curious as to how Mister Frodo lives there now. Even the Shire Medical Clinic has re-opened recently, to the relief of all ailing hobbits and friendly folk who love the Shire just as much as their old home.

There’s no doubt about it. June has been a busy but pleasant month for all of us here in the Shire, through and through. I can hardly wait to see what July is going to be like, especially with the Shire’s Lithe Festival Holidays just around the corner ...

~ Istya Alassea



Dare to Dream

Dare to live,

Dare to hope,
Dare to dream

About tomorrow.

Though dark times
Have come,
Though a dark day
Has dawned,
And though
The night was long

Dare to live

A new day
Has dawned,
The sun will rise,
Will shine
Only if
We make it so.

Dare to hope

Courage will
Bring it,
Hope will keep it
Alive today,
Only if
The Dream stays alive.

Dare to dream,
About tomorrow
Dare to live,
Dare to hope,
Dare to dream
About tomorrow.

About what tomorrow will bring.

~ Elilea


Lore Matters


       Anduril was the mighty sword of Aragorn, but its history goes way back, into the Elder Days. Sword's original name was Narsil and was forged for the first time between fourth and fifth century of the First Age. It was made by famous dwarven smith Telchar of Nogrod, who also made Angrist and Dragon-Helm. About its past and how he came into the hands of Elendil the Faithful, we don't know much, one could say almost nothing. We can only presume that somehow it came to Elros who brought it to Númenore or was given the sword by those elves who visited this land from Middle-earth, or the ones from Aman. Anyway however it might have been, Amandil, princ of Andunie and father of Elendil, sent his son to Middle-earth with Narsil, just before the Fall of Numenor. Name Narsil was Quenya form and was compound of the stems seen in Anar ''Sun'' and Isil ''Moon''. Nar means ''flame''(sometimes translated ''fire''), it is shorter from nare; Sil means ''shine (white). Name was given to it 'cause in battle it shone with red and white light, all that enemies feared of.

Elendil used this sword in the siege of Barad-dur, where it got broken after Elendil fell on it, slew by Sauron. His son Isildur, who was fighting alongside his father in the Last Alliance of Elves and Men against Sauron, took what was left of it and in the last moment cut off the One ring from Dark lord's hand. When returning to Arnor after the fall of Sauron, Isildur and his companions were ambushed by last mayor group of orcs, and after just three of them survived, including Isildur, he gave the shards of Narsil to his squire Ohtar, who brought it to Imladris. There, Lord Elrond, foretold that Narsil would remain as such until One Ring was found, Sauron revealed and heir of Isildur born and ready to wield it. And so it was. Narsil was passing from father to son, until Aragorn was born and when he turned 20, Elrond told him all about his past and Narsil which was heirloom of Isildur's house. When the War for the Ring began, Narsil was reforged by finest smiths in Imladris, who re-established the light in it, adding Elven runes for protection. Aragorn renamed it Anduril, meaning ''Flame of the West'' in Sindarin. Aragorn used his sword to gain the Army of Dead to follow him into the battle and help him defeat the Corsairs of Umbar who were going to assault Minas Tirith in the act of surprise. Sindarin. Anduril, like once Narsil, brought fear and panic to enemies, for it was indeed deadly weapon to wield.

~ Numellote


Cirion's Oath

       In my first writing for the "Language section" of the Herald, I have chosen one sentence form the Cirion's oath to Eorl the Young. I think it is about time to explain the second one, but technically it is the first. So let's begin with whole oath.

"Vanda sina termaruva Elenna-nóreo alcar enyalien ar Elendil Vorondo voronwë. Nai tiruvantes i hárar mahalmassen mi Númen ar i Eru i or ilyë mahalmar eä tennoio."

"Vanda sina termaruva Elenna-nóreo alcar enyalien ar Elendil Vorondo voronwë.
(meaning: This oath shall stand for recalling the glory of the Land of the Star and of the faith of Elendil the Faithful.)

Vanda: n. "oath" (pledge, solemn promise)

sina: "this" , one of the demonstrative nouns. They can be placed before or after the noun they describe. Generally they follow the noun.

termaruva: "shall stand"
This verb is consisted of the primary verb "termar" – "to stand" + future tense ending uva.

Elenna-nóreo: "Star's land"

Elenna = Starwards, (a name of Númenore)

nóreo= "of land". Here we have word nóre, which means "land" and on its end it is attached singular genitive ending –O.

alcar: n. "glory" (Alcare is the longer shape of it.)

enyalien: "for recalling, in order to remember", sometimes can be translated "in memory")

en: prefix "re"

yalie: infinitiv (or gerundial) form of verb yal – "to call, to summon"

n: dative ending "for"

ar: conjuction "and"

Elendil: proper name, king of Arnor

Vorondo: "of the Faithful". Here we have genitive ending –O attached to title used as adjective (Voronda). When it comes to phrases like that, Elendil Vorondo, it is common in Quenya to put the genitive ending on the last phrase or word that is being declined. So it would be weird to see Elendilo Voronda.

voronwe: n."faith"

Next time we will concentrate on Quenya consonants.



Puzzles and Games

Mystery Code

With the invention of the Tengwar, elves were able to keep their lore and rich history from the four ages past preserved. This mystery code replaces the characters of Quenya and Sindarin words with numbers for important names, places, battles, and things from the annals of Imladris’s history. So enjoy deciphering a different sort of puzzle this month!

Hints: A=19, E=15, I=4, O=5, U=26





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