Parth Edwen ~ Volume II
Pennas Nórui ~ June Issue

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Caresséd by the sweet September rain
you stood with mourning eyes and empty heart.
Why did you weave your melodies of pain,
why did you tear the peaceful air apart?
I saw a silver stain upon your face,
"It’s just the rain" you said and stepped aside,
but I know, Lady of Eternal Grace,
that tears were breaking your strong walls of pride.
The Golden Wood has lost some of its light,
just like your radiance is growing dim,
you have stopped singing and you fear the night,
your whispered prayers are calling out to Him.
  The smiles and happy laughter are but lies,
  I know - I’ve seen the longing in your eyes.

~ Annatariel


Guilds and Groups

Army Report

The trumpets sound, and by dawn the clear ringing of metal can be heard as the Host of Imladris ascends the hill. Proud and tall they are, and in their eyes burn the fierce light of the Firstborn; a light that no darkness can quell. Once again the trumpets sound, and a herald steps forth from the ranks of the Host; bearing with him the standard of Imladris and an open scroll. From this scroll, he reads out loud with a strong and clear voice:

An era has ended, and a new one has begun.

Throughout years uncounted, our valley was defended by the Troops Abroad, the Rivendell Defence, the Sea Forces and the Spies. But time changes in the same way as the river changes. Where there once were four regiments, there are now two.

The Herald turned and pointed towards the two new forces.

They are the Othrim and the Beriadrim; regiments of warriors and defenders of the Valley. In each regiment there are now three divisions, each of which are built up by spears, bows, swords and shields. Yet one thing separates them, and that is the proud horses which only the Othrim rides, for they are the cavalry of the Army, and the Beriadrim the infantry. Both should be remembered, for both are regiments of pride and honour, and their future shall be great.

Then the Herald stepped back, and from the ranks of warriors, another soldier emerged and spoke.

The Houses of Healing, renamed Gwaith i-Nestyr, are still open to heal injured Elves. We also have a Vet on call for our animals. Each regiment has its own gathering place with places to socialize, and in the house of the Beriadrim, there is now also an exciting quest going on.

In the Training Arena, battles are being fought every day to help the soldiers to advance in skills. Ellenan and Shadowwolf, the Smiths of the Gwaith i-Barvdain, have promised that the forge will be opened within the next couple of weeks. The Animal Center is open and doing business as usual.

The future of the Silmaril in our Quest is still uncertain, for it has been put on hold until further notice, but an epic adventure is underway in the Last Alliance which is now hosted in Imladris.

~Linn and Laebeth


Bards' Guild

       Winds of change have been blowing around the Bards’ Guild lately, and all the Guild has been taking a new shape. Formerly, we had four quite structured schools, with talented people teaching lore, song, story and language. But many thought that there was time for a change. Too many students thought that it was difficult to understand how to get in to the Guild. The old Guild site is now closed, and the Guild has moved to a kingdom house called Govannas in Glirdain, owned by Idril Celebrindal. There you can find the chambers of verse, tale and lore — places to read and comment on poems and stories, or discuss lore matters. A gathering place called The Rainbow’s End has opened, and many new bards are coming there, singing, drinking and enjoying the friendly atmosphere.

       The language school has also been changed completely. Taramiluiel is making editions of her Sindarin lessons and Thorond’s available to all; you can find them on Rivendell’s Kingdom Pages. Thorond has instituted a Hall of Elvish Languages, Tham Lammath Edhellen, in association with the Bards’ Guild. There are rooms for students to discuss different language matters and get help from more experienced bards. More advanced students are working on a translation of the Valaquenta into Sindarin.

       In Rivendell itself, our Guild thread is now a Hall of Fire, where everyone is welcome to come in and share and story or and song, or just sit down and listen to the others. People of all races are welcome. You no longer need to sign up for anything, just come in and join us!



Word Sleuth

       All is quiet in the Home of the Rivendell Word Sleuth Team. The league has been on hiatus since the beginning of the month, when Mirluin (a.k.a. Miss Kitty) left to go on vacation, but rumour has it that Rohanna has been pushing the Valar to try and finish some of their games which were on hold before Mir returns. As a side note, MoAule has decided, in his infinite wisdom, that the regular season will end once each team has played against each other team– in other words, at the half-way point of what was the old season. There is no word yet on when the season will resume, but according to my source, the Valinor/White Council game has been restarted!

~Lord Menel


Racing Team

       This season’s races promise to be better than last season’s (if that is possible) with all nine kingdoms taking part again, and with many new ideas coming forward. Lothlórien has suggested that we could play once at home and once away against every other kingdom, creating a total of 18 games for each kingdom, twice as many as last season. A representative of Fangorn proposed the idea that the race could be to 25, when it was previously 50. These are both great ideas, but while this planning was going on, KD held their own version of the races. In this game, the badgers race once a day till they reach the 40th space, the end. They may have a quick move (1-4), a chance, (1-40 with negative numbers), or a challenge (either move 2 steps forward or two steps back). The second game ended with Nain in 1st Place with her badger Dia, Mith in 2nd place with her badger Este, Goldbeard in 3rd with KR and Kar with Ceser in 4th. With a promising outlook for the next season, start getting ready to sign up and race your cheetahs. I promise you won’t regret it!




This is an original lullabye written to the tune of Enya's Welsh song Deora Ar Mo Chroí. Go here to hear it!

Si caedo nôl lín min rainc nín
Lasto lammen ir olthal
Leithio naeg a del lín
Le beriathon ir lostal

Losto hi, losto hi, losto

I ngiliath os ven sílar
Filig darthar minuial
Sûl velui lhossa o mar
Le beriathon ir lostal

Losto hi, losto hi
Losto hi, losto


Now lay your head in my arms
Listen to my voice while you dream
Release your pain and your fear
I will protect you while you sleep

Sleep now, sleep now, sleep

The stars above us shine
Little birds await dawn
A sweet wind whispers of home
I will protect you while you sleep

Sleep now, sleep now
Sleep now, sleep



Annals of Imladris


       A summons has gone out to all the Elves of Middle-earth — Imladris, Lothlórien, Greenwood. A summons from Círdan, Lord of Mithlond, requesting immediate assistance for a project the likes of which has never been seen before. Carpenters, craftsmen, jewellers, all will be needed, for Círdan has had a vision: a vision from Ulmo, Lord of Waters!

       And so they came, in small groups and large, walking and riding, to hear the words of Ulmo, and what he desired of the Firstborn Children of Illuvatar. And what did the Valar require, but to build a ship to rival Vingilot! None could guess the purpose of this vessel, but when the Lord of Mithlond finished telling what was required of them, they set to work. And work they did!

       After long labor, all of the sections have been prepared, from the keel to the mast to the swan-heads both fore and aft, to the magnificent sail with the banner of Mithlond set amidst the image of a swan. Precious little time is left to assemble the great vessel, and make her sea-worthy; but for what purpose? Still, none know for certain, but many have guessed, and others have themselves had visions of their own! Are the Valar summoning the remainder of the Elves to Valinor?

~ Lord Menel & Lady Amara


New Years Festival

       Anyone who walked through the corridors of Elrond’s house would have been surprised at the great activity therein. Though perhaps the battling arena in use outside would have given any stranger a hint at what was taking place. The halls were full of both Elves and members of other races as well. In one hall, a visitor might hear poetry being read aloud, or a story; in another, it would be a song that was being chanted, or perhaps some work of art being exhibited.

       Someone well-versed in the Elvish calendar would probably have guessed the reason for all this activity; for the New Year had come, and with it the Elves’ customary celebrations. Bereth Edenidhrinn, New Year’s Festival, was this time celebrated with contests and competitions, celebrating the skills that the Elves possessed in both the arts of war, but also the arts of peace, song, poetry and all such crafts. After a month of festivities, the winners were finally announced in a great hall, where you may drop by to congratulate the winners and read their enthralling entries, view their artistry, or browse accounts of the fine duels fought on the battlefield!

~ Aduchil


       As the Elves of Rivendell were settling down to a feast in the Hall of Elrond, the singing was merry and the food was being laid out on the table. The Elves dressed in colors happy and gay, laid out flowers of elanor and the niphredil blossoms. They were all ready for a night of merry-making, when their preparations were disturbed. The great doors of the hall fell open and an Elf stumbled in. His face white and clothes stained in blood. He fell to the floor, dead before he hit the ground. In his hand that was stretched out towards the Elves, there was a note it read:

II 1697

       The city is burning. Thrice now have I seen a friend fall and a foe conquer. They speak of the Battle of Tears Unnumbered, but now I know that every battle is one of countless tears. I send this note with the refugees, for I know where my own last stand will be. I will fall with the city and with my friends, and defy evil till the very last. Even without hope. Where is the help that should have come from the north? Where is the aid of our kin?

       Yet all these thoughts are futile, and not the purpose of my letter. Time is running short, and the sword by my side is longing to be used.

       All I ask you is this; when times change and proud Eregion is but a memory, then return here. In the middle of the city, you will find a treasure that is dearer to me than my own heart; for it is the scroll of the history of Eregion. Many will remember the making of the Rings of Power ~ I do not doubt it ~ but few will remember the laughter among the Holly-trees. Retrieve this book, and bring it somewhere safe.

       Do not forget Eregion, as it once was.

       It was unsigned. The Elves decided that some one had to find this book, for it would be a great addition to the libraries of Imladris. So the Army sent out teams in pairs of two, not knowing the perils. Each of them took different ways some by the mountain trails, the other along the banks of the Bruinen, or the low foothills of the Misty Mountains. All of those on the quest were ambushed by orcs, but the book of Eregion’s history was recovered.

~ High Elf


The Elven Feast in the Shipyard

       The Elven Feast in the Shipyard, one of the most recent feasts in Rivendell that replaced the pubs of old, is now open to anyone and everyone. Situated in an old shipyard, it celebrates the glory of mariners, past and present, and the Elven love for the beautiful Sea.

       This feast, like all other past feasts in Rivendell, is not your average feast. Unlike your average ones where the food is free, here, you have to literally work for your food, so if you are a lazy soul, this is not the feast for you. To partake of the delicious food and drinks, you must start building your own ship, or join a group of no more than 4 people that are building their ship. The food is worth working for, though, with favorites such as Glorfindel’s Banana Chips, the quite new Gingerlembas Man and classic drinks like the Vilya Spumante and the Shadowdawn Delight that were from the old pub menu.      

       So whenever you are in fair Rivendell, drop by this unique feast. The feast will not last forever, and who knows, you might learn a thing or two about shipbuilding and love the Sea even more.

~ Alquanna



       Middle Earth Survivor is back! This time with new rules but the same fun! Headed up by Eithil, this game is played by most races in Middle Earth. Split into two teams, the groups have to go through challenges and eliminations, a great game to to watch! The teams are Cemen and Menel. On Cemen there are: Imbeannowyn, Maurachel, Aredhel, Laivindil, Anka, and Mallote. On Menel there are: Loralinn, Merl, Faenen, Eouwen, and Vinyatur. Each “survivor day” is 96 hours long, so in this game you have to be quick or you miss out!

       The game is fun to watch and each team would love your support, so come and visit today!

~ Melanoriel



       Almost a year has passed since the Imladris Trivia Contest, and once again Rivendell is opening a lore quiz to all elves: the Rivendell Challenge! It is a battle of wits with questions posed from among Tolkien’s works. And it is already underway!

       With quizmasters Aduchil and Rhîn Ariel at the helm, the first round has begun. First to be quizzed are the teams Rumil and Elrond. With two questions down, both are doing well, but things could get a bit trickier. The other teams had better not lie back, as soon the next set of teams will be up to be tested. At the end of Round One, someone’s going to leave. In just a few weeks, Rivendell will have a champion, but who will it be? Rumil, Daeron, or perhaps Tar-Elendil? Who knows? Do you want to know first? Then head straight for Rivendell where you can watch the first match, perhaps even cheer on your team.

~ Rhîn Ariel


Deep in the forests of Rivendell, if you look closely, your Elf eyes may glance at a clearing. If you look even closer you will see a path, and if your are the curious kind of Elf, you will follow it all the way to an ordinary house. It is not an army house, lore house, nor a guild house. The house is Taurost, owned by Shadowwolf. And ordinary it is not. It is both enchanting and beautiful. The inhabitants are very hospitable and will welcome you to almost any room in the house. After the owner tells you all the rooms you can visit, you mentally list the rooms in your head, and try to decide which to enter first.

  • ~ The Courtyard: A large and peaceful place surrounded by gardens, with a beautiful path leading up the Misty Mountains.
  • ~ The Stables: Filled with Aewen’s wonderful animals, the stables are ornate and spacious.
  • ~ The Guest Room: A perfect getaway for the less social guests, decorated with beautiful tapestries full of stories from the Last Alliance.
  • ~ The Royal Chambers: Beautiful rooms filled with velvet tapestries, magical things, and workplaces for the masters of the house. The Dungeon: A place that you may never want to visit. If you are a mortal man, you may never see the light of day again.
  • ~ The Library: One of Aewen’s favorite places, filled with sunlight, beautiful jewel-like coloring books, and lovely bookshelves. But not all people are allowed to walk up the velvet stairs. You need special permission to enter, but it is well worth it.

~ Melanoriel


Feature Articles

       In the depths of the sea there lives a watery lord. He is Ulmo, known also to us as Arlo. Two years ago, he made the Plaza his home and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. His fascination with Elves led him to the only Elven kingdom at the time, and he soon settled in to Rivendell. He began his life in Rivendell rather simply but didn’t know of the great things that were to become.

       Arlo has many memories of his time on the Plaza. So many, in fact, that he has no particular favorite. His coronation as Elrond, marriage to Laebeth, and a distinct memory of karate-chopping Ally in a pub top his list of the best memories. He can now add his promotion to Ulmo to this list.

       The thing Arlo misses most is the ‘old days’, as he and a couple of the other oldies call it fondly. This is the time most Plaza-legends were forged, such as ELPs, the Riders’ strange affection for Dr. Pepper, and the Mandarins of Andurin. He also misses the Elves who left for Lórien last year leaving Rivendell “rather empty and quite sad.”

       Before we parted ways, Arlo left me with some tips for people who are just finding their feet (or should I say ears?). “Do not choose a Kingdom too quickly! Some people, like me, find the Kingdom that is right for them with a single try. There are numerous cases of people spending more time switching Kingdoms than enjoying them, which is no fun and can drain away your love for the Plaza and its communities way too fast. I can also recommend reading the FAQs, since that’s what they’re for, and you can save the R/As quite some trouble by reading and abiding by them. Most important of all is to enjoy yourself and make friends.”




Once a fair name it had
In those days all was glad
Morgoth’s power was over thrown
And little evil was known
But evil soon returned
As the elves quickly learned
In their dread
Many elves fled
Across the sea
To peacefully be

But Thranduil still held the throne
In his halls of stone
Away with evil they did
And no more they hid
It was renamed wood of the green leaves
And many new homes were built in its eaves

~ High Elf


Tidings from Abroad

Fangorn Greetings once again from Fangorn!

       This month, if you look closely, you will no doubt see that this epistle has been written in a different manner – yes, scorning parchment. I have decided to use one of the excellent tablets of stone, engraved by the inscribers of the Crafts Guild of Fangorn. This fine establishment, admirably run by Entlord1 and Fingolfin, features many talented and dedicated CraftENTs who work on furniture making, inscribing, decorating, pottery, and sculpting. Here you can order anything you want, providing it doesn’t involve wood, and they will make it for you, before delivering it to a location of your choice.

       This month has also seen the reopening of the restored Healing Grove, formerly known as the Entwash Falls Medical Centre. This has, in alliance with the Orthanc Therapy Clinic, and the Hobbit Hospital, achieved a greater amount of knowledge, and increased care to its patients, with cases being referred between these three organizations. They have adopted a branch-division-scheme similar to that of the TreeGarth, which is allowing for a greater amount of specialization.

       And so it seems that my tablet is running short of room, so I am going to finish now, after suggesting that this month, as many of you as you can come and visit us. Stay in the Lithian River, join the TreeGarth in their latest exercise, or even pop into the Crafts Guild or the Healing Grove. All in all, it has been an excellent month.

       May your canopies broaden and your roots always find water.

~ Thom Greenleaf



       This month I kept a special look-out for news while carrying about my normal duties in Khazad-Dûm. Why? Because I had the joy of reporting on my fair kingdom for the Last Homely Herald! My first real shock was upon entering my clan (the burx uzbans) headquarters and finding our leader, Narsilion, transformed into a very large fire breathing dragon. She managed to communicate to me that a wizard had made a nasty mistake and turned her into Smaug rather than Gimli, and Nain Mithrilear was supposed to be Smaug and wound up as Bombur. The would-be Bombur, Rusty Axe, ended up as Gimli. Thanfully the situation worked out and everyone became the correct rank.

       The next big news was the Khazad-dûm had a new queen!! Elvensong was made co-queen with Dis, but under a new name, "Hrive". Right after her step up to the throne, it was her birthday! So naturally all of Khazad-dûm gave her a big birthday bash. I know firsthand that the council was devestated when their beloved Soleil left them for lack of time. It crushed us all, but thankfully we were not left one member short for long. Lerin has joined the Khazad-dûm council! Also this month i saw the Race through Khazad-dûm come to a close. Nain Mithrilear and his speedy badger Diamondtooth won the badger event. Mithriltears with Este came in a close second and Goldbeard with Kuluvai Rakka came in third.

       While strolling about the fair hallways one day I came across a shoppe that i hadn't seen before, it boasted a sign reading, "Smaug's Breath: Blacksmithing by the Yukogs". Curiosity led me inside and I was greeted with a very busy blacksmiths. I grinned happily and meandered my way out in search or other news. I soon happened upon a brand new guild, the Musicians guild! Headed by GamlisonofGimli they're practicing up hoping to perform soon. Khazad-dûm has been a happening place this month, and looks to continue that way through June.

~ Mithriltears



Lorien        Those coming to the Golden Wood in these days will find that it has both changed, yet it is still the same. The atmosphere of mystique, tranquillity and serenity is still evident and can almost be felt as one walks amongst the golden leaves. Yet those with keen eyes will recognise the soldiers positioned around Caras Galadhon, a sign of the Gilvaethyr elite soldiers guarding the city; and along the borders, other sentinels of the Lothlórien Guard stand ready, keeping a vigilant watch.

       That the Galadhrim are skilled in the arts of war is clear; recently a tournament in archery was held where the finest archers participated. It was such a success, that visitors from Rohan have sought for permission to do the same in their lands. Skill at arms is not all that the Elves of Lothlórien possess, though. Many contests in honour of the noble arts such as poetry, song and writing are held.

       They are organised by the Mallorn of the Guilds, a great talan where the arts earlier mentioned are kept in honour. Other Lothlórien organisations include the Forges which equip the Galadhrim with weapons; and the Jewellery Association, which ensures that the beauty of the Elven maidens are adorned as is fitting. For although the Golden Wood has many secrets and stores great treasures, the Elven people living in Lothlórien are the greatest treasure to be found.

~ Aduchil


       There have been two prominent moods in the White City lately, that of celebration, and remembrance of the past. Both are evident in the celebration of the king’s one year of rule. Many people of all races are turning up to tell stories of his past exploits and favorite memories they hold. They are also feasting on the Boar of Mandos, that many brave citizens of Gondor helped to bring down. The second, is reflected in histories that are being told, one about the harrowing flight from Númenor, and the other from when Denethor was Steward.

       The Rangers have also been quite busy, and many interesting tales of bravery and honor unfold. Besides hearing about such things (stop by at the Wayfarer’s Inn and I’m sure you’ll hear many tales) the traveler an also contribute to similar tales and captivate all in Naith’s Towers of Telling, where there have been many contributions from non-Gondorians. Spectators are also welcome to cheer on the drivers of the famous Gondorian cart-racers, which have started up again much to the delight of many, and the chocolate from the marketplace is the perfect treat for all occasions.

~ Galen



       Things had been unusually quiet in Mordor. Just the usual torturing and brawling in the pubs, and the Minions were beginning to get restless. Then suddenly the call to arms came! We were going to war! The leaders of the forces of Mordor are Oberon, the fiery Gothmog, Azog, the Prime Minion of Mordor, and Raven, Azog's predecessor as Prime Minion (in the RPG, respectively, Lieutenant of Sauron, Witch-King of Angmar, and Orc Captain). At the moment, the Army is massing at Barad-Dûr, preparing for the attack on Osgiliath.

       As of late, Mordor has experienced a rush of Free People clamoring to take up residence in the Land of Shadow. Of course, who would want to be a graceful, beautiful Elf when you could be a fat and ugly troll? One which can, of course, stomp on Elves? We welcome them to their new homes, and hope the remainder of their lives will be torturous and bloody.

       In other news, the Mordor Caption Contest is open to all races, and the first series of the Thief Hunt has finally been won, by Lavinia of Fangorn and lclaulau of Rivvy! Congrats! Mordor wins the debate with the Shire — go us! And our Minion of the Month for June is Rohanna.

~ Raven


Rohan        After a whirlwind spring brought new life to Meduseld, the kingdom is finally starting to settle down and begin our worship of our new Lady Eowyn. Eleowyn has settled into the throne with ease, and the new partnership with LadyLord Lana promises the kingdom new life. In Cavalry news, the inter-Eored training has finally completed, and promotions within the ranks followed, with 50 wigends receiving promotions. In addition to the promotion to officership, three new ranks were instituted for the wigends without the responsibility of officership, including scyldwigend, sweordwigend, and eowigend to join sperewigend in the enlisted rankings. In sadder news, our Second Marshal of the Mark, Encait, reluctantly resigned after problems in the Westmark kept him away from his duties, and Third Marshal Malorn ascended to the Second Marshal spot. The cavalry then welcomed Larmaegister Eormed as the new Marshal of the Eastmark.

       The mighty riders are vying for all of Middle Earth in Lác in Ælemiddeland, hosted by Rivendell’s own, Faenen Erurén. A game of military strategy fit for even the master of strategy, Theoden King, each participant lines up armies and strikes against enemy lands in the quest for total domination of Middle Earth from Harad to Rhovanion to the Shire. The game will prove to be excellent training for military masters and the novice Wigends of the Mark.

       This month’s special ranks also brings in three new RPGs, with a celebration of Arod (Eoarod) and Windfola (Starfire) as two of our most respected and honoured horses, while Lady Haleth (Bereth) leads the Haladin peoples as they face off against Orcs in the early days of Man, and Dead Theodred (Malorn) roams around Meduseld, reenacting his dire fate with Elfhelm (Ele Isenfolme). Definitely an interesting twist to the Special Ranks for this month, the choices of characters will prove each month to be imaginative and fun for all.

       This month in the Riddermarket, the patrons were terrified by an invasion of badgers. Badgers on horses, badgers on store countertops, in coiffs of hair, badgers badgers everywhere. Successful shooing and scaring of the badgers eventually cleared the Riddermarket of the pesky badgers, and all was returned to normalcy, just in time for the opening of the Riddermarket once more.

       Way too much occurs in Meduseld to keep you updated on it all, however for a detailed note on current happenings, please visit Meduseld and read the latest edition of the Meduseld Raedboda!

~ Anawen


The Shire

       May was a busy and glorious month for the Hobbits as they celebrated the wedding of their mayor Blackrose Bugg to Hothuxus Par on May 7th. The Shire Knitting Circle, the Ivy Bush Cooking Organization, and the Strawberrystar Brewery donated their time and talents to make the bride blushing, happy and beautiful, and the necessary Hobbit food and drinks tasty and delicious! The wedding music was orchestrated by the Shire Fire, and the Shire Players delighted everyone with their second production, A Love Immortal, during the reception. People from all over Middle-earth attended, giving all sorts of gifts to the new couple.

       Yet May was not just the month of Blackrose Bugg’s beautiful wedding to Hoth. Many other great beginnings and endings took place in the Shire. The Shire Players finished up their first production, the tragic Crystal Heart, while the Hobbits’ Word SleuthTeam scored a great win against Valinor. Mrs. Bugtussle also hosted her splendid May Day celebration, and the Shire Garden Club had a successful fundraiser where they honored everyone’s mothers and loved ones from around Middle Earth with beautiful flowers, plants and food.

       The Hobbits were certainly busy and adventurous this month. The Periannath Walking Club got to have a surprise dinner with Tom Bombadil and Goldberry in the Old Forest, and the Hobbit Hospital began training brand new doctors so that it can re-open again in early June. Finally, an artful Hobbit Hole Design Contest broke ground on May 16th, and an FFA (Fun For All) Scavenger Hunt also started in late May.

       So if you drop by the Shire, you will never be at a lack of things to do! The Shire again promises to be full of fun, food, and friendly faces for this bright summer month of June.

~ Istya Alassea


       There’s a hotbed of activity going on in Isengard. What, you might ask? Everything from the IK Debates Round 8, which finds MT arguing against the WC on the topic 'The Faithful could have saved Numenor from destruction if they had tried harder'; to the Old Angren Street Market full of all kinds of shops and whatnots (something for everyone); to The Fires of Industry where in the caverns of Isengard our wizards are churning out metal and machines as varied as the wizards themselves.

       Then we also have Sagely Tidings for the Common Wizard, which begs the question — 'is there really a such an animal as a 'common wizard'?, as well as The ICO and a plea from Geep asking for more mail, but less junk, as it tires out the owls way too much. Let's not forget the ever-popular Armoury of Isengard, which in and of itself is a scary thought, for do we really want to put more weapons in the hands of these folks? Last but not least, a couple of RPGs to scare even the hardiest among us -- 'The Night Mage' which has Isengard coming to the rescue of Edoras and 'Off to the Pits of Despair' which make the most foo-foo of Elves seem tame by comparison.

       Finally, we've got the usual suspects, which include Gandalf and Saruman's Challenge, the Riddle Nebula, various Pubs, and the Moonlight Karaoke Lounge which, if you've ever had the misfortune to hear Mir screeching (singing), then you'll certainly understand what I'm talking about here. Add to that ShEru's Orthanc Observatory in which she attempts to map all of the stars placed in the heavens by our beloved Varda and the completion of the Valinor/White Council Word Sleuth game.

~ Avarvilya



Crafts, Language and Lore

Lore Matters

       Círdan was lord of the Teleri, who were also called Sea Elves, because of their love for sea and sailing. The Teleri were the biggest group of Elves to awaken in Cuivienen. Unlike the Noldor or Vanyar, who all went to Valinor, the Teleri were divided. One part of them went to Valinor under the leadership of Elwe, but Círdan and some of the other Teleri were persuaded by Osse, Maia of the sea, to stay in Beleriand.

       During the First Age, Círdan became Lord of Falas, a coastal region in west of Beleriand. He lived there with the remaining Teleri in Falas’ harbor cities of Brithombar and Eglarest. After the Nirnaeth Arnoediad, the Battle of Unnumbered Tears, he moved to the Isle of Balar. Then, after the end of the First Age and destruction of Beleriand, he moved east and founded a new harbor in Mithlond, also known as the Grey Havens. Círdan remained in Lindon (land between Blue Mountains and the Great Sea) during the Second and Third Age. At the time of the fall of Eregion, Celebrimbor sent two of the Elven Rings to the High King, Gil-galad. Gil-galad then gave Narya, Ring of Fire, to Círdan. After Gil-galad fell in war against Sauron at the end of the Second Age, Elrond Halfelven, essentially his heir, retained rule over those who lived in Imladris, while Círdan took the leadership of Elves west of the Blue Mountains. He continued to maintain the havens of Mithlond throughout the Third Age and into the Fourth.

       When the Wizards arrived in Middle Earth, Círdan perceived that Gandalf was the wisest of them, and gave him the Ring of Fire to bear in secret. After building the Ringbearers’ White Ship which passed into the west, it is said that he sailed to Valinor with the last ship that sailed some time in the Fourth Age.

~Feanor Elf

A Taste of Elvish

A rose by any other name...

       Maps of these great lands East of the Sundering Sea are often found in the graceful tongue of the Elves, but mortal cartographers sometimes translate our words imprecisely. Here follow some simple explanations you can give to the next Mortal who wishes to know more about the realms of the Eldar.

Eriador ~ Sometimes translated as "Lonely Land", the true meaning of this name given to the lands between Hithaeglir and Belegaer is not certain. It is quite likely "Rising Land", from eria "rise" and dôr "land".

Imladris ~ Translated as "riven dell", it comes from imlad "narrow valley" and riss "ravine", showing by its name that it is a deeply cleft valley, not a wide open one.

Bruinen ~ Accurately translated as Loudwater, it comes from brui "loud, noisy" and nen "water", so named because it flows very rapidly over a rocky course and its sound is ever heard in the Valley.

Hithaeglir ~ This name for the Misty Mountains comes from hîth "fog, mist", aeg "point" and lîr "row, range", and well describes the jagged sharp peaks that are often enshrouded in clouds.

Fanuidhol ~ "Cloudyhead", one of the great peaks of the Hithaeglir. Fân is "cloud", and fanui the adjective "cloudy", as seen in Fanuilos, a name for Varda. Dôl is "head", sometimes used for geographical features, such as Dol Amroth.

Celebdil ~ Named by Men "Silvertine", for celeb is "silver" and till is "point".

Caradhras ~ "Redhorn", the tallest peak of the great range of the Misty Mountains, near which is the pass over to the Mirrormere. Its name comes from caran "red" and ras "horn".

Eregion ~ This is translated by Men as Hollin. It comes from ereg "holly tree", which itself contains êg "thorn", so named for the plants that grow in abundance there. -ion is an ending meaning "land", seen in several place names, such as Rhovanion and Thargelion.

Ost-in-Edhil ~ This once-great city where the Rings of Power were forged in the Second Age was laid to waste by Sauron's forces thousands of years ago. Its name means "City of the Elves". Ost is a word for a walled city or a fortress or stronghold that has been strengthened through craft rather than natural fortifications. In Edhil means "the Elves".

Sirannon ~ This has been accurately rendered as "Gatestream" by those not of our race. Sîr is a word that can also mean "river", as in the great River Sirion that divided Beleriand in half, and is seen in softened form in the name Minhiriath, meaning "Between Rivers". Annon can also mean "great door", and is written above the West Gate of Moria in plural form: Ennyn Durin, the Doors of Durin, from where the river flows westward.

Glanduin ~ This river, beside which once sat the graceful Ost-in-Edhil, means "White River", perhaps named because of the rocky course it takes from Hithaeglir to Tharbad. Glân "white" is seen in Curunír 'Lân, the White Wizard. Duin is a word for a long and large river, such as the Anduin and Baranduin or Brandywine.

Nîn-in-Eilph ~ This marshy land where the River Glanduin lessens before joining the Mitheithel is often named by Men Swanfleet. Nîn is "waters", and in Eilph is "the Swans", so it is literally "Waters of the Swans."

Mitheithel ~ This mighty river comes from the cold northern Hithaeglir, for which it gets its name, "Frosty Fog Spring", which Men name the Hoarwell. Mith is white fog or wet mist, as well as a word for a pale shade of grey (as in Mithrandír), and eithel is a well or spring or source of water.

Tharbad ~ This City of Men was built on the great North-South Road, where the rivers Glanduin and Mitheithel meet to form the Gwathló. It was destroyed by terrible flooding in 2912 of the Third Age of this world. Its name meant "Crossways", from thar- "across" and pâd "way".

Gwathló ~ This mighty river flows from Tharbad's ruins to where it empties into Belegaer at Lond Daer. It is named by Men the "Greyflood" for its color and size. Gwath means "shade, shadow", referring to the shade of the great forests that once lay along the river's banks.

Lond Daer ~ Built by the Númenóreans during the Second Age where the Gwathló spills into the Sea, this port was an important place where the Mariners repaired their ships. In the Ancient Tongue it was called Vinyalondë, New Haven, but its name in our language means "Great Haven".

~ Taramiluiel



       When asked to peruse through books of oft-forgotten learning, you seldom expect to find that plants such as those that grow within your garden may actually have some benefit to your health. Filled with knowledge from my reading, I made my way into the gardens of Rivendell to see what I could discover. I found several plants which can be placed into the category of first aid plants, which you can carry with you when on a trek in case of injury. I must stress however that they are not cure-alls, but they do however do a lot of good. Both of the recipes this month can be made in advance and carried with you – but they are also able to be made en-route.

A cure for Bee Stings and other Injuries of a similar nature
Three Thumb-sized leaves of Bee Balm
Three leaves of Savory
1 once of beeswax

Tear the leaves and stew in enough boiling water to cover them until the water has cooled.
Strain out the herbs, and leave the water to reduce by half.
Meanwhile crush the leaves into a paste, and mix this with the water.
Melt the wax and stir in the herb & water mix.
Pour into a seal able container and leave to set.
Rub into the skin around the Sting and leave. The pain should wear away within moments, and the swelling within a few minutes.
This mix can be stored and kept for use in emergencies.

Disinfecting Wounds 4 cloves Garlic, crushed
2 leaves Lemon Balm, torn and steeped in water
2 sprigs Thyme, torn and steeped in water
1 measure Brandy

Bring the Brandy to the boil, and add the crushed cloves and the water from the Lemon Balm & Thyme
Leave to cool, strain, and place within a bottle or similar container.
Apply by soaking linen in the spirit and swabbing the wound in question.
(If the patient is in a shock, a half-measure of this spirit will soon sort them out!)

~ Thom Greenleaf

Artisans' Corner

       Serveanthesia began to take the silver and heat it, and started the long task of pulling it out into wire that she could use to create designs with. The silver had finally reached a good diameter where she could begin to shape the rough outlines of a lamp. Heating the silver once more where she would make the bends, she hammered the metal until she had the basic frame, a hexagonal base with six thin, yet strong rods of silver coming up from each bend with a second frame going about the six bends at the top. She wove another gold strand about the silver frame, giving it support as well as brilliance. Each time the gold wrapped around the frame, a diamond was held between the gold and the silver.

       Carefully, Serveanthesia looked at each one of gems that was placed in the center of the room. She chose countless diamonds that were perfectly clear. These she would put on each of the side panels to help scatter the light. As she kept looking, she found several emeralds, sapphires, rubies, several pearls of varying sizes and a few other varying precious stones. Of these, she decided to use the pearls for the roof of each lamp and set aside the gems that would be integrated into the design. With thousands of different designs for the doors running through her head, Serveanthesia sat down and began sketching each out in its turn. She finally finished the sketches, five in total, and returned to her frame. She had chosen the sketch that featured a swan on the door of the lantern. It would be made as an outline using the silver wire and set in the center of the panel with a single emerald for its eye.

       Taking another piece of silver, she heated and pulled it into a wire as well. She hammered and bent it into a rectangle that fit snugly, into the frame, yet was loose enough to swing out as a door. She took the silver wire from before and began to make the rough outlines of a swan inside this panel. Hours and hours passed and she finally grabbed the emerald. Carefully drilling a small hole in it, she positioned the green stone to be the swan's eye. She had finished the lantern door. Standing back to admire her work, she smiled, and returned to the lantern. There were the crystal sheets that she found in the corner of the tent. She cut them to fit into the five other panels of the lantern. Then, she etched out a star in the center of each crystal pane. Each panel was then put into the lantern, including the door with its hinges. The top was a hexagonal pyramid that’s top was flat. She fashioned this out of six sheets of silver that she inlaid with gold in various designs. The top was crowned with an edge of pearls with one great one in the center. From that one pearl, a thin, yet strong chain came out for it to be hung on the ship. Satisfied with her work, she wrapped it carefully, in cloth and went in search of Círdan.

~ Serveanthesia

Puzzles and Games

For your convenience, you may obtain a copy of the puzzle here.

1.   Bilbo’s Surname
5.   Melkor, After Theft
9.   Ered Engrin, the _______ Mountains
10.   Descendant of Thrain—a King of Durin’s Folk
11.   The 13th King of Rohan
12.   Hobbit Porter
15.   Royal Prefix, ‘Ruler, King’
16.   __________ Lithui, Luin, Mithrin or Nimrais
18.   What to Do if You See A Balrog
19.   A River in the South of Gondor
20.   Used to Stab Frodo on Weathertop
24.   The Ring was ____ in the Anduin.
26.   Arwen _____star
27.   Rings of Power Availability
28.   What Aragorn did When He was Crowned
31.   The Mountains of Valinor
32.   Hobbit Contracts are Signed with Red _______
34.   A Poetic Invention
35.   High King of All Elves
36.   They Went __to Moria
37.   The Number of Hobbits that were Being Taken to Saruman
38.   The Dead Came to Fulfill an ______
39.   The History of Arda is Divided into _______
42.   Arathorn to Aragorn
44.   Elrond’s Emotion to Arwen’s Choice
44.   Between Valinor and Middle Earth
47.   ____-___-Ernil, ‘Land-of-the-Princes’
48.   Prefix, ‘Queen, King’
49.   Vala of the Waters
52.   Came after Elves
53.   Firstborn
54.   Quenya Word for ‘Letters’
56.   The Undying Lands
58.   Goldenhaired, Leader of the Third House of the Edain
59.   The Vala Who Takes the Form of a Giant Tree
2.      Husband of Arwen
3.      The Grey Wizard
4.      "Glittering Rain" (Old Name for 24 Down)
5.      The Road Goes Ever __.
6.      Mother of Theoden
7.      Ancestor of All the Eagles of the North
8.      Hung by Varda
13.   Right __ Wrong
14.   Princess of Gondolin
17.   The Palace of Manwe
20.   Athelas to Rustic Folk
21.   What Some of the Noldor had to Cross
22.   Varda, ‘Star-queen’
23.   The Tenth King of Rohan
25.   Grew beside Laurelin
29.   The Elven City in Valinor, ‘Great-watch-tower’
30.   The Twenty-Third King of Numenor
32.   Leader of the Guards at the North of the Rammas
33.   ___________-zarâm, Mirrormere
37.   Gandalf to the Dwarves
40.   Hope
41.   The Sign of a King on Paper
43.   Before Firing an Arrow
44.   ___________ Naur, ‘Chambers of Fire’
46.   The Last King of Arthedain
47.   Sea did to Numenor
50.   Elrond’s Status in Rivendell
51.   Valinorean Form of Gandalf
55. _______riders, Easterlings
57.   Increase

~Inwe Lythian



(answer in credits below)

I have rivers but no water
Forests but no trees
Mountains but no rock
What am I?

~High Elf

Unscramble the names below and write them in the boxes. Then take the letters in the boxes with the red borders and unscramble them to find the Master Word. Warning: do not hit Enter or Return, or you will lose what you have written!





Use the Letters in the red boxes to complete the following word:


  Master Word:

Hint: Lost a Horse?

~Inwe Lythian


The Lay of Imladris

The continuing memoirs of Lord Eyebrows. Previous installments:
Part the First. ~ Part the Second. ~ Part the Third.

Part the Fourth

One night Elves heard the eerie sound
Of glass breaking underground,
And when they rose at sight of dawn,
They gazed in mirrors wrought of gold,
Now reflected were the heads of Orcs,
Wrinkled, green and full of hate,
Screaming cut through morning air
The Doom Gang fled through Imladris gate.

~Arlo Cúthalion            




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