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Guilds and Groups

We are back! While our Juniors have already started with 2 win sand a tie, Senior members came back together after a long spring-summer break. Preparations regarding season's schedule and rules are still being finished, and the competition will start in the first half of September. That is the latest news.

You still have the time to put your name on the list, if you have time and are interested in showing your skill at dealing with the history of Arda. Join the Immy team on our way to new victories!

~ Numellote


Another season of Junior Drill league has already started. The first question that comes to mind with this sentence is: what exactly is junior drill? Drill is the competition in which Lore knowledge is tested. And, of course, by "Lore" I mean all things written by Tolkien, the Master. Any drill match consists of questions based on Tolkien books and teams have to provide answers to those questions with supporting quote(s), again from the same books. Now that drill is explained, what does that ‘Junior’ stand for? The difference between junior and senior drill is in the number of books used for reference. In junior drill, we refer only to LotR trilogy, The Hobbit and The Silmarillion.

This is the 4th season of the junior drill league. The 1st and 3rd season champion was our own Team Imladris. In the 2nd season, Mordor won the cup. This brings us to 4th season. On July 7th the fourth season kicked off. Team Imladris visited the Tower of Orthanc for their first match against Isengard. The wizards were extremely admirable and even though Imladris tried their hardest, the match ended in a draw (14-14) after 3 tie-breaker rounds. The second week of the season was the time for the team to visit the Fangorn forest. Unfortunately the Ents seemed to be busy somewhere else and due to their absence and efforts of the elves, our team won the match by a great margin (16-4). Because of this victory, Imladris was leading the board after 2 rounds.

After a month’s travel to Isengard and Fangorn, on business of course, Team Imladris finally got chance to come home. Their third match was in The Valley as Riders visited us from Rohan. We won that match but it was close (10-8). The results would have been different but for the first question of the match which Rohan failed to answer correctly. We somehow managed to maintain the 2 point lead to the end and were victorious. As of today, Imladris is leading the board with 7 points and Loriengard is in second place also with 7 points. Fangorn is behind Loriengard with 4 points followed by Rohan, Shire and Mordor.

Now it’s time to mention the names of the people who put Imladris in the leading position: Pip Reoneya, Ealena, Mar-Evayave D., Hithleen Eltoran, Inwe Lythian (who is also captain of our debate team) and Lori (our esteemed senior drill captain). I (Revan) share the co-captaincy with Tanequil. All of the members have worked hard to get the Team to the top and in doing so are having great fun and satisfaction. I sincerely thank all of them for being there.

Finally, I request that any and all of you readers consider joining our great team. If you love Tolkien and his Lore, you’ll love drilling!

~ Revan


Underground the elves assembled to get new metal for the Forge of Imladris. As Mar-Evayávë explored the closed door to the storage room, the rest of the team remained alert for unusual sounds from the open corridor on the other side of the stairway. As the door was finally opened, Fuin entered the storage room first, bringing a torch with her. The light revealed the heavy old wooden shelves and on them among the cobwebs the supplies they had come for. Hundreds of bars of iron and elven steel lay there; Fuin ran a hand along one, wiping off the centuries of dust and revealing the silver gleam of steel. For a moment the elves looked with awe at the metal laying there.

All together they gathered bars and began to haul them from their resting place, carrying them up the stairs and loading them outside the cave on the cart they had brought with them. Then suddenly the group was alarmed by cries coming from the corridor behind the stairway that led to the old mines. Only minutes later they had to abandon their work as carriers to draw their swords and fight for their lives against a group of ten Orcs. Luckily no troll or other foul beast came to them, but it was not easy to battle the quick Orcs. On order of Fuin they withdrew to the stairs and up, Quennar leaving a moment later to create a firewall with his cloak and so create time for all of them to get safely away from the cave, mount, and ride off.

It was late evening as they all galloped over the path toward the cave, Fuin in front leading the cart-horse, Mar and Fingolfin following, and Quennar and Aigronding taking the rear. Their elven ears could hear the angry screams of the Orcs who had to wait before the shadows fell on the cave, and then poured out into the wilderness. No path bound them to go, but free as birds they followed smaller paths between the bushes, downhill, in pursuit of the fleeing elves. It is still unsure what their fates will be. The Orcs can reach them quickly and be upon them, as the night is the friend of these foul creatures. Yet luck can also shine over the little group so that they reach Imladris safely with their precious load for the still-closed Forge. Watch out for the last chapter next month to learn how it will finish!

~ Aikari


Summer was fully blossoming over Imladris, elves were wandering over paths between the flowers and waterfalls were becoming quieter as most of the snow from last winter melted and flowed away. Ripe forest fruit such as strawberries, gooseberries, blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries were there still. But now the time had arrived for ripe apples and pears to pluck and eat as well.

Inside the guild house the summer months were calm for the healers, so they could putter around the gardens and even just sit. Not so far from the entrance leading to the gardens was a spot with a table and about six chairs. Nárië, Idhwen and Kiranell assembled to talk and enjoy the cool shadows of the trees in the fine summer sun. As always happens in the healing house, the calm time turned suddenly to busyness. Patients arrived and Wilara had to call for the available aphadoer and nestoer to come to her.

The Tanestor got a warrior named Aigronding under her care with head and arm wounds. Gabriela had to attend a lady elf from Mordor, Nightshade, with a serious knife wound. Idhwen was called toward the healing room of Mar-Evayávë to assist Endril and Nimaroel with the setting of a broken bone. From neither of these patients had the receptionist Wilara received any reports and so she has kept them on the chart. A mortal maiden, Ealena, arrived at Wilara’s desk feeling unwell and Nárië was called from the gardens to help the poor maiden with what later was diagnosed as heatstroke. Most of the healing cases are still going on.

Also a new class for aphadoer has started and Idhwen and Númellótë have welcomed five new students: Mar-Evayávë, Kiranell, Mereni, Lori and Eruvérdë. Eager they attended and received their first questions about what it really means to become a healer. Now they are on their way to a healing room to see their first case and receive their first real instructions on healing patients. If you want also to learn this healing art, you are welcome to join. Go over to the office and leave a note. Minestor Aikári or Tanestor Númellótë will be there to help you with instructions.

~ Aikari


After almost a month of quietness, the Library of Rivendell has seen a delightful spike of activity! The few visitors of the Library of Rivendell include the ever-present Aigronding and the elated reader Kiranell. Two foreigners were also part of the activity - the wizardess Eruverde of Isengard looking for a vacation and Lothlorien’s prominent elleth and master healer Dincairwen who wished to use of one of Imladris’ insightful books to further learn the healing properties of plants. Little, golden-tressed Silmiel, an elfling of Mar-Evayave, could be seen drawing in a coloring book and singing an elvish lullaby her mother had most likely taught her. Elenaro himself returned to the Library of Imladris from an extended journey which added to the joy of seeing the place so full of life again.

During this recent day of wonderful activity within the Library of Rivendell, Mar-Evayave confided in her betrothed Aigronding and the wizardess Eruverde of her desire for a Bookworm Celebration, a big party of sorts, which would be hosted by those who tend to the libraries of those kingdoms that have them: Isengard, Minas Tirith, the Shire, and Khazad-dum, in addition to Imladris. There would be contests, games, food and drink, and lore activities for sure. The Bookworm Celebration would be held in one kingdom, and Mar hoped that the kingdom would be the Shire. She even had the location chosen in the event that the Shire agreed to accommodate her: the spacious field south of the front door of the hobbit hole where Bilbo used to live and held his farewell feast in 3001. Many of her ideas for the Celebration are still being decided upon. Eruverde, herself a Librarian of Orthanc, and Aigronding enjoyed the idea and were willing to help Mar in any way possible, as well as Mar’s daughter Kiranell, who soon parted from them to read tomes on plants.

Lori, another who wished to partake of the Library’s busyness, soon came inside and read for her enjoyment a book of Tara’s poetry and, soon after, a tome entitled The Healing Art of the Eldar, for her studies in Adab Nestad’s aphador class. Aigronding had to leave abruptly and without explanation, though he did indeed look very grave. The Library sadly then experienced a quiet spell, because of the absence of Aigronding’s cheerfulness and humor, but this was soon disrupted by the sudden appearance of the handsome, dashing, adventurous Elladan, son of Lord Elrond. He was looking for a brief respite from his quests and missions, which had been vital to the safety of Rivendell and the protection of the Peoples of Middle-earth.

Elladan proved to be quite the easy-going and fun-loving fellow, and had surprisingly asked Mar-Evayave, who curtsied in greeting before the elf-scion of Elrond, for a copy of Elvana and the Wonderful Wizard of Esgal’nor. The book was written by a Gondorian a hundred or so years ago and was a fictional story about a little Rohir girl who was whisked away by tornado beyond the utmost bounds of Middle-earth to find herself in a land far, far away. Esgal’nor was a stranger land than Middle-earth, with no elves and yet with Uruk-like beings called Gargoyles that flew and served the wicked witch Saiwen. There were hobbits in this land, but they wore shoes and fancy clothes! Even stranger was the identity of the Wonderful Wizard of Esgal’nor, who ruled in the center of the land in a city made totally of Sapphire and blue marble. He was none other than Pallando, one of the missing Blue Wizards of Middle-earth!

In the novel, Elvana had to journey to the Sapphire City to ask the Wizard to send her home to Middle-earth, to the hills and plains of green Rohan. With her were three companions who had their own requests of the Wizard: The Gold Knight who wanted to be rid of the spell on his golden armor, which Saiwen enchanted him to live in forever; Larri the disgraced dwarf who could never grow a beard, and desired one with all his heart, for that is the blessed hallmark of his kind; and the Coward Warg (who talked!) who wanted a bit of courage!

Elladan asked the mother, Mar, if he could read the story to her little golden-headed daughter; Silmiel, who had overheard, bounded forth from her place where she colored, and clambered excitedly upon his lap on the sofa where Elladan sat, saying jubilantly that she would love to be read by him. With the attentive Eruverde, interested Elenaro, and the story-adoring Mar, Elladan began to read the first chapter of Elvana and the Wonderful Wizard of Esgal’nor, “The Battle”.

In this chapter, during the time in history when the Orcs had fled south from their wars with the dwarves to dwell in the White Mountains, Elvana woke up at dawn one morning to find the Yrch attacking the horse ranch that was home to both herself and her parents. The Orcs slew her parents and their workers and she was the only one left alive at the attacked ranch. With her parents brutally slain by the Orcs, Elvana was orphaned and fled westwards to Edoras on a pony that had survived the carnage. She knew her Uncle Eohir would be selling his meats for a few days at the Riddermarket. Her uncle and Aunt Leowyn would take care of her, she knew.

Aigronding suddenly returned just as the chapter ended. He had brought a book with him that had to be renewed: Grima’s Faerie Tales. Aigronding was humorously upset that he had almost forgotten and would have had it overdue. His betrothed helped tend the library and he hated to look careless in Mar’s eyes. Aigronding took up reading The Wonderful Wizard of Esgal’nor to Silmiel because Elladan had one of his important missions to go on...

... and now I’m afraid that you, the reader, must peruse the next library article in the next month's issue, to learn what new happenings transpire in the Library of Rivendell and to learn of Elvana and her adventures in Esgal’nor.

~ Aigronding


Kingdom Events


Elwen Falmariel from Fort Northernwatch, monthly report to Imladris. We are preparing for battle. We expect a major attack from the Orc and goblin forces anytime soon. The defenses will not last; though we are committing all efforts, skill, and speed, we are in need of raw material, food, and able hands. More than anything we are in need of time, but it seems that time is not on our side… The news I gather from our friends and allies are not reassuring; the enemy is preparing to strike, and the blow will be fierce. They are coming to burn down the fort and slaughter every soldier that stays to defend it.

The fate of Aigronding is still unknown. Mar-Evayave and Pele Alarion have been sent to rescue him, and are this very moment on the way to Annuminas, escorted by a group of my best scouts and warriors. I can only hope they will not arrive too late. Aigronding Mordagnir would be a very heavy loss…But if I have not lost count of time during these dark days, they must now be finding their way into the tower where Aigronding and his companions are being held and probably tortured.

The other matter I reported is being dealt with. Much as it grieves my heart to face a plot of Elf against Elf that helped bring us closer to disaster, action must be taken swiftly and I will see to it myself. I will reveal the name of the head of this conspiracy: it is Vorn, an ill-pleased scout and soldier. He will be arrested and sent to Imladris for punishment, as it is not for me to deal with such abominable deeds, especially in war time. A detailed report will be sent with him, explaining his crime and the part he and his accomplices played in creating the major threat we are now facing. I will renew my request for reinforcements; it is now a matter of the utmost importance and urgency. The fort cannot be kept with such few numbers; any help in the sense of soldiers or supplies will be most welcome.

By the time the bird carrying the report arrived in Imladris, however, Elwen was in great predicament. Having followed the traitor Vorn past the slain bodies he was leaving behind, alight with fury and yearning for revenge, she now found herself in a dark cave, facing two giant spiders. The traitor had lured her there with the intention of watching her be devoured by the sprouts of Ungoliant. And Elwen was left alone in the dark tunnel, her sword the only weapon she had in defense against the terrifying monsters...

~ Elwen Farmariel


Tidings from Abroad


Nenuphar stopped in surprise, and the melody she had been humming under her breath trailed off as she looked up at the large banner that had appeared in the hall of Elrond. “The TaBAthlon?” she murmured under her breath. “What is this?” The painting on the banner contained a beautiful rendering of a quiet path in the Shire, wandering its way through wildflowers and a few small trees. Something about the image caught her eye, and she read through the rest of the notice.

“A competition amongst all the kingdoms of Middle-earth?” she repeated slowly. “This could be interesting.” Each kingdom had created its own event, and some of them were... most creative. Battlecarts, wandering through the Fangorn forest, duelling, lore quizzes... The Mordorians had some event with giant spider trampolines that gave Nenuphar the shivers. The Men of Gondor were to host an archery contest, to be followed by rounds of drinking in Khazad-dum for those who had made it through the rest of the events. She wasn't sure how she felt about participating in the spider trampoline contest, but the rest of the events sounded... intriguing. Perhaps it was time for some fall traveling after all.

~ Nenuphar


Lore: Dagor Aglareb

Dagor Aglareb was the third battle in the Wars of Beleriand. In Elvish the name means “glorious battle”, for it was the battle when the Noldor completely defeated Morgoth's troops, since they had not conquered Thangorodrim after the Battle under the Stars.

It was the year 75 of the First Age when Morgoth sent small troops of Orcs to cross the Pass of Sirion and Maglor's Gap, trying to catch the Noldor off-guard and draw attention from the main host. They made it to Eastern and Western Beleriand, but there they were stopped and destroyed by Finrod and Turgon, accompanied by Elves from Falas. In the East of Beleriand, the Orcs suffered under Maglor, Amrod, Amras and Caranthir, the sons of Feanor.

The Noldor fought alone for Doriath was shut and the Laiquendi, the Green elves, refused to go into the battle after having their king killed during the First battle of the Beleriand's wars.

Meanwhile the main forces were set forth from Angband to Dorthonion, but Aegnor and Angrod managed to hold their positions until the army of Maedhros and Fingolfin came to make counter-attack, which was fought at Ard-galen. Orcs were trapped between two armies and then pursued by Noldorian cavalry almost until the Gates of Angaband. There they were defeated, and as a result of this battle began the time known as The Siege of Angband. Morgoth was utterly defeated by the Noldor of Beleriand.

~ Numellote


Language: Quenya Present Tense

Language time! Language time! It is Quenya tiiiiiiiiiiime! Come on, put your notes on the table and let us see how you did your homework from almost two months ago.

The translations into English should look like this:

1)Elves are beautiful.
2)The mighty man and beautiful woman are evil.
3)The most evil men are dead.

And into Quenya like this:

1)I aran tultane i tári.
2)I vendi tirner i Elda.
3)I antaura aran na saila.

Now we shall resume with a new lesson: the perfect tense. TheQuenya perfect is a true perfect tense, expresing one meaning. It is formed by prefix which contains the stem vowel of the used verb, the suffix -ie- and depending, on the verb class, a lengthening of the stem vowel.

Here are the examples:

Utúlie = ''has come'' - verb tul- ''come'' ,
amátie = ''has eaten'' – verb mat- ''eat''
irície = ''has twisted'' – verb ric-''twist''
ecénie=''has seen'' – verb cen-''see''
onótie= ''has reckoned'' – verb not- ''reckon''

In each example you see the pattern: the stem vowel is copied in front of the base of the verb.

In dealing with A-stem verbs, you simply throw out last ''a'' and add ''ie''.

Example: lala = ''laugh'' is alálie = ''has laughed''

You should not lengthen the vowel in front of pronominal clusters. So ''harna'' is not ahárnie, but ''aharnie''.

A-stem verbs ending in ''ya'' (vanya, hilya...): discard that ''ya'' and add ''ie''.

Examples: hilya= ''follow'' - ihílie= ''has followed''
tulya= ''lead'' – utúlie = ''has led'' (context will tell you if this utúlie is derived from verbs ''tulya'' or ''tul-''.

Verbs containing diphthongs do not lengthen them, but still add ''ie'' in the end.

Example: taita= ''prolong'' – ataitie ''has prolonged''

The biggest problem is with verbs beginning with a vowel, for they can't have the same two letters in succession (for example, you couldn't say “aántie”). One source said we should duplicate the first syllable and have “anantie”. Others say it is safer to write simply “antie”= ''has given'' (only the suffix).

Be it this or that, we have come to the end of this lesson. That means the usual work for you, translation. You know what to do.

1)I úmea nís amápie i nelde Naucor.
2)Elda ihírie i harma.
3)I tári ecénie atta ciryar.
4)Six boys have fallen. (boy = seldo)
5)The king has released the thrall. (thrall = mól)
6)The man has come.

And do not forget the plural ending.

Until next time, goodbye.

With help from Ardalambion

~ Numellote


Tile Unscramble: Glorfindel

Unscramble the following tiles to decipher a quote about Glorfindel. The answer is provided at the end of the Herald.

~ Loriwaynen



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With gratitude to each and every one of our contributors, for all your efforts to record and bring to life the magic of Imladris and of the plaza. Fond memories, fun times, a great paper: we are so proud and honoured to be able to put the Herald together - thanks to you!
~Nenuphar, Arvellas, and Mar-Evayave, co-Editors

Puzzle answer: Glorfindel was tall and straight; his hair was of shining gold, his face fair and young and fearless and full of joy; his eyes were bright and keen, and his voice like music; on his brow sat wisdom, and in his hand was strength.