Parth Edwen ~ Volume II
Pennas Cerveth ~ July Issue

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Guilds and Groups

Army Report

       There is exciting news in the The Elven Army of Imladris! After considerable consultation between the three Generals, Rilómë was selected as the best choice for filling the position of Third General. This appointment follows an illustrious and dedicated military career that Rilómë has faithfully fulfilled for some time.

       Sadly, the promotion of Rilómë follows the retirement of Third General Elnarsil, after a proud and exemplary term of service which spanned years. While Rilómë’s skills are undeniably equal to the task, the loss of Elnarsil will be keenly felt, and he will leave behind a legacy that will not be forgotten. However, a position has been created so that our warriors may still receive the benefit of Elnarsil’s wisdom and experience. Under the mantle of Honorary General, Elnarsil will still be present in the army and may at times order random soldiers to polish his boots.

       Meanwhile, the Army is undergoing a series of changes designed to improve the experience for everyone involved! One of these changes is the implementation of a Basic Training course which is mandatory for ALL Elves of the Imladris Army. This course may be found at the Imladris Military Academy (IMA). Normally, Basic Training is required before participation in Advanced Training; however, due to the recent installment of Basic, it is permitted to participate in both Basic and Advanced Training simultaneously.

       The army has been reorganized into two regiments, the Othrim (offense) and Beriadim (defence). The Beriadrim march as infantry, while the Othrim are our cavalry, fighting with the benefit and difficulty of mounts. If you are in the Archery Division of either regiment, please report to your immediately headquarters for a training exercise. Unfortunately, due to lack of participants, the Lance Division of the Othrim had to be disbanded. If you were formerly a member of this division, please report and select either the mounted swordsmen or horse archers as your new unit.

       Please remember to check in regularly at roll call so that you are not dropped as part of the Army!

       An ngurth ah aglar!

~Inwe Lythian




       Many changes and many months have passed since the first Art thread was opened in Rivendell by Lyceus. Stewardship of Imladris’ creative pool has passed into its third set of hands; first from Lyk to Lairë, and then from Lairë to myself. When Lairë bequeathed to me the government of the EAA, or Elven Artists’ Association, she requested that I change nothing, to honor the group’s creator. I was more than happy to oblige my sister in her request.

       However, the EAA has undergone a few embellishments. To start with, the thread titles now follow a monthly theme. Each EAA shall only be opened for one month, and then closed regardless of how many or few posts may be present. The main theme will be listed alongside a few lesser, usually related categories. “Miscellaneous” will always be an option for those that have art they wish to share that does not happen to fit into any category. At the end of the month, pictures from each category will be selected for tribute and featured in the Homely Herald. You may find the current month’s selections on the themes of Fingolfin, Thingol & Melian, and Miscellaneous, by browsing this issue.

       I hope that you will all enjoy these changes and be inspired!


“Fingolfin” by Inwe Lythian

Bards’ Guild

       Ever since Narelen started the guild in the beginning of 2003, Galen Aranor has been a very important part of it, first as Narelen’s first assistant and later as Aralirdan, High Bard. He has done a lot for the Guild and kept it running in an amazing way. Now, because of his busy real life, he has decided to retire. He will not leave us completely, however, but stay as a member with the special title Adar Govannas, father of the Guild. Idril Celebrindal will be the new Aralirdan. Idril has also been active in the guild since the beginning; she has been a teacher of lore and contributed much behind the scenes. Annatariel, one of the first students of song, will be the new Taidril. To celebrate these promotions and honour Galen, we are having a great feast in our guild house. You are all more than welcome to visit Bereth Aralirdain, The Feast of the High Bards.

       The activities in the Guild continue as before. If you have a story or a poem to share with us, a lore matter you want to discuss, or if you simply are curious about the Guild, don’t hesitate to visit the Hall of Fire in Rivendell, or the house Govannas in Glirdain.



Writers’ Guild

       In the Writers Guild of Lairë this month, many members wrote either on the topic of a story about the coming of the Valar, or a poem about sailing to Valinor. Tinindil posted the first submission, an interesting untitled story. The plot so far: A lone traveler from a distant land arrives at the great city of the south desperately seeking help, only to find it under the rule of a dictator. She becomes wrapped up in the affairs of the city, whilst in her own land the situation becomes more and more desperate, as a sickness threatens to destroy her home.

       Many writers showed their poetic side to us, starting with Elron Qel Droma. His first two poems, Leaving at Last and Happiness or Not, were about leaving for Valinor. The third one had no title:

I used to live under great mountains
In the doorstep of the gods I made my life
Since passion took my heart and brought me here
To Arda to face all the difficulties and dangers
Of old and modern dangers upon us
Now its again my time to go
To find peace in the only place I love so
Suilaid Valinnor, my heart beats quickly for seeing you again.

       After that we were graced with a poem written by Adriel called Still Children. Sharvak_Saelta shared a long, darker piece and another poem, while Tinindil showed us more writing techniques, this time with a poem about the Silmarils. Telepavariel, too, followed the topic of sailing to Valinor. You can read all of these and more at the Writers’ Guild. Look for a writing contest coming up in July!

~ Raliadier


Drill Team

       Elves are known as loremasters. In Drill Team matches, we test our knowledge of Middle Earth with teams from other kingdoms. We are Rivendell’s Drill Team, Keepers of the Scrolls.

       The season ended, and Rivendell advanced to the play-offs undefeated. Our first match was against the Dwarves. We fought bravely to win, but in the end the victory went to Khazad-dûm. Now we train for the next season, determined to be even better. Our newest additions to the team are: Aumin, Rilonde, Telepavariel, Inwe Lythian, Lorinol Noldo and JRRLegolas.

       There were also several promotions. Congratulations to Aumin for promotion to Lore Followers, and to Koranti, PDCML and Laifana for promotion to Lore Keepers. Strengthened with these Elves, we hope our results will take us further than we have already taken ourselves.

       If you want to join the Drill team and help us with your lore knowledge, visit our sign-up thread in Rivendell or our HQ thread in I Adab Athrabeth.

~Feanor Elf


Racing Team

       Want a cheetah?
       Want to make it happy?
Starting on the 27th of June and carrying through to the middle of August, the Racing Team is back with a vengeance! With the kingdoms ready and excited to begin, the season is looking promising And with three of the races in Rivendell, everyone will be able to support and cheer on the best team. The cheetahs will be racing assorted creatures. Do not worry if you are only reading this in July; there is still time to participate! Just go to the Racing Booth in the Rivendell forum and you will find all the explanations necessary for you to begin.

       If by chance, you are not up to the race but still want to take part in the excitement, you can create a chant for the team or even make a motivational banner for the thread. The team appreciates any and all support that you have to share. So don’t feel left out, join in an exciting part of Rivendell. Join The Racing Team today!


Arwen’s and Lúthien’s Lament

Luthien: Many years I lived alone
Loving no man,
Content by myself.

Arwen: One night as I walked
In the moonlight he came,
Taking me by surprise.

Luthien: Many times he spoke
Of his love for me,
And I, in time, returned it.

Arwen: The choice was mine,
I bound myself
To a mortal life for love.

Luthien: “A price must be paid
For my daughter’s hand” —
The rule laid down by my father.

Arwen: And so it was done,
The dues were paid,
And love was satisfied.

Both: For my heart gave way,
Forsaking life everlasting
For a love that would never die.

~ Telepavariel

Annals of Imladris

Headline needed!

(continued from June coverage)

       The summons had been given, the call had gone out, and many Elves had gathered from far and wide. Together they worked tirelessly to craft a mighty vessel for a purpose still unknown. By day the sounds of hammers, saws, and other tools filled the air above Mithlond. Some plied known and tested trades, like Tinw, the woodman’s daughter. Others tried their hands at something new. Few could not be impressed by the carving work of Aduchil Lomearyon. At night, all were gathered in celebration as food and drink flowed freely. Music filled the air and the night was filled with dancing and laughter.

       But as their work progressed, a new urgency came to their mission. Lord Círdan, blessed with another vision from across the Sea, urged those gathered to complete their task with the utmost speed. As the ship took its final form, the great Vala Ulmo himself took form in the waters of the Harbor. Círestel he named the ship, and blessed it with his power. Its specific purpose still left unsaid, Ulmo vanished, bidding the Eldar to journey not across the Sea to Valinor as some had speculated, but on a short traverse of Ennorath’s shores.

       Few were left unmoved or untouched by the voyage. The sight and sound of the sea brought with it old memories for some, whilst for others it held the exciting promise of the unknown. For though the ship’s intended purpose remains and may forever remain a mystery, it has lived up to its name, and once again kindled hope in the hearts of the Eldar.

~ Lady Adriel


Tengwar Tours

       Ladies and Gentle Elves, it is time again for the Tengwar Tours, and for you to be off adventuring and journeying through Middle Earth! On June 6th, Lilu Olnathron and the group of voyagers officially set out to embark upon their trip. The Tengwar Tours have trekked all over the vast lands of Arda, and this tour, the Gondorian River Cruise, promises to be one of the best!

       The famous Tengwar Tours have always been an enjoyable and luxurious vacation for many elves, men, hobbits, dwarves, and minions alike. Whether it be hiking the Misty Mountains or sailing down the Anduin, the Tours make for a relaxing and fun time. If you are looking to get away from a busy schedule, or if you just want to vacation for leisure or simply for travel’s sake, then the pleasant and delightful environment and company are sure to entertain and unwind you.

       This adventure started off in Imladris, where the party met with Lilu at the Tengwar Tours offices. Once greetings had been exchanged and the travellers welcomed, the group went out to greet the two travel dragons, named after our dear ruler Laebeth and brave Merlomë. Then they traveled on over the Misty Mountains, catching the beautiful views from above Fangorn, Rohan, and Isengard. Landing near the Isenford in Rohan at the river Anduin, they boarded the splendid river schooner, complete with lovely cabins, a large galley, and rooms for all purposes. So began the trip downriver. After a delicious meal of Gondorian cuisine, the company went out to enjoy themselves on the deck, where beautiful elven music was played and a buffet of foods and drinks was spread out. Many danced, talked, ate, and drank, and soon ’twas off to bed for most. In the morning, a healthy breakfast was served, and it was announced that Osgiliath was near; the group would be setting forth to it that very day! While the voyage grew near the city, excitement and cheer grew within each traveler.

       Any are welcome to meet up with the travelers if they wish to accompany them further on the trip! What will the visit in Osgiliath bring next? What will the travelers find themselves seeing? All shall be revealed in the next article of the Tengwar Tours!

~ Avárith Aldâwén


Animal Care

       In the mists of the Last Homely House, a new center has appeared, in which every race in Arda can attend. The path to it, whilst fairly new, has been trodden on by many who have come to seek the counsel and arts of those who keep the center. The aroma of fresh herbs and plants of all sorts can be recognized by travelers who walk passed it. The crest hangs above the door proudly, and entering the elegant doors, you find yourself amidst the buzz of The Animal Care Center of Imladris.

       A dear member of our realm, Eruname, first conceived the idea that there should be a center in Rivendell for the aid of all animals in Arda. The center was soon busied with all kinds of animals from the far reaches of Middle Earth. Whether it was a wolf from Mordor or a horse of the Rohirrim, the care center was there to help. Sadly, Eruname had to leave Arda, in hopes to maybe one day return, and passed on the ACC to me. Since then new staff, more animals, and many more healing herbs have come into the Center’s rooms and halls.

       The Animal Care Center of Imladris is purposed to provide a place where any race can come and bring their sick and/or injured animals to be healed, mended, and nursed back to health by means mostly of healing herbs, or get counsel and advice for their animals. If a Shire pony needs a check up, or a wild fawn has been injured by hunters, the ACC is here to provide the needs of all Middle Earth’s animals.

       The changes of time brought with it new changes for the ACC. Our staff is now grown. I am the head vet of the ACC, experienced in the arts of healing all types of animals and any cases they may have. Assisting me is Sériva, the nurse, whom aids with most basic cases and needs, and even a few tougher ones. Bow_Legend is our assistant nurse, who comforts both owners and patients and creates the pastes and teas that heal the animals. More of a family than a group of healers, we welcome all to come to the ACC, whenever they may need us! We’re expecting soon to open a house for the Animal Care Center, in which all shall be invited to come and see! We’ve also formed a new crest that Sériva gets the honor of making, and it shall be up soon for all to view!

       Watch for new developments coming to the Animal Care Center, and we thank all our supporters as well! For those who have come to the center for aid, we welcome you to come anytime you need again, and for those who have yet to do so, always remember we’ll be here at hand for your animal’s safety, comfort, and care.

~ Avárith Aldâwén

“Smaug” by Minyadagniriel

Actors Club

       Some time ago, Firerose Arien established a club for those elves that had a liking, talent, and art for acting and stage performance long ago in Imladris. The club has recently been renewed and rebuilt, and our haven now has an official Actors’ Club for those who wish to perform in front of fellow friends and audiences, and performances and acts for those who wish to watch!

       Recently, the Actors’ Club held sign-ups and auditions for their new performance, The Fellowship in Lothlórien. It actors and actresses placed dedication and practice high in their lists of things to do as they made ready for the production. The play begins with the Fellowship trying to find a place to stay the night in the trees as they wander into the beautiful haven, where they are confronted by Haldir and his brothers, along with another Lórien elf. Currently, the fellowship is telling Haldir who is in the company, and discussing whether they may pass through the Golden Woods or not. Feel free to enter the theater quietly and take a seat and enjoy some lembas or elvish popcorn while you watch! An intermission may take place soon so the actors and actresses can take a small break, and the viewers can speak with others on the performance so far.

       Firerose and Ajija, the heads of the Actors’ Club, have been planning the play for quite some time, and arranged a list of actors who are performing in the play. The following are current members of the club and their parts:

Orophin--Eragon a Falah
Other Lórien Elves (as many as sign up)--Ajija, Koranti, Andiavaswen
Directors: Fir, Ajija

       Feel free to drop by and watch the performance! To join the Rivendell Actors’ Club, please wait for the next sign-ups after the current play is over. In the meantime, performing for our fellow elves and members of Arda and Valinor, we bid you to come and see The Fellowship of Lothlórien, a Rivendell Actors’ Club production!

~ Avárith Aldâwén



       Elves of Imladris, a new tournament began in our haven a few days ago, one which many wished to join, though only a certain number could participate! The Archery Tournament of Rivendell was established by Raliadier, who designed the plans, guidelines, and rules of the contest. Ten competitors have signed up and been assigned to an archery range each.

       As of June 22nd, Round Three is currently underway, and the participants have been hard at work answering questions and aiming their arrows. From lead to hindmost the current standings are: Fuin Elda, Nenime, Feanor Elf, Telepavriel, Mor Olnathron, Serveanthesia, Eithil, Lyna, Aumin, and Amandagreenleaf. It has just been reported that Archery Range Four, Fuin Elda’s range, is very windy, and elven arrows cannot be shot. Aumin’s Archery Range 6 is rainy, and wooden arrows cannot hold up.

       The Archery Tournament’s been full of excitement, surprise, anxiety, and skill, talent, and knowledge. The competition’s been close, and the determination of the contestants is immense. What will happen next, only Eru knows! More updates next issue!

~ Avárith Aldâwén

Last Alliance

       It was the year 3434 of the Second Age. The Shadow of Sauron had grown powerful behind the high mountain walls of Mordor, and his evil servants had troubled the wide lands of Middle-earth with their foul presence. Now the three races of Elves, Men and Dwarves had risen and joined forces to march on Sauron and attempt to secure freedom for the people of Middle-earth.

       The forces of Gil-galad and Elendil set out from the valley of Imladris. They planned to pass over Caradhras and meet the Dwarves under the leadership of Durin VI. En route, the host suffered deadly setbacks: the cruel weather of the icy pass, dangerous avalanches and tumbling rocks as the mountain shook with fury. Many warriors were afflicted with altitude sickness. Yet perserverance won the day, and Caradhras could not prevent the host from reaching the far side. However, when they came to a bridge on the eastern slopes, they found that the shaking tantrums of Caradhros had ripped loose the span from its supports. Under the steady guidance of Lilu, commander of the left flank of the host of Imladris, the bridge was restored to good condition.

       As the armies made the slow journey across, missiles pierced the air and rained upon the hosts. Foul orcs had lain in wait for the host and now attacked with deadly ferocity. King Gil-galad led a band of brave soldiers to the crags from which the beasts released their spiteful darts, and his sortie drove them into the waiting battle lines below. The battle was intense and fierce, yet short-lived, and the union of Elves and Men emerged in victory.

       The host left the cold and biting winds of vengeful Caradhras behind them and went to meet Durin's folk. The faithful Dwarves appeared just as they had promised, and there demonstrated their friendship by sharing their food with the Elves, who had lost many supply wagons in the avalanche and ambush.

       The Alliance then pressed onward to the Old Ford, where they found barriers and fortifications had been erected in their path to halt their advance. Catapult-launched stones flew to greet them with deadly purpose. The embattled army braced while generals laid plans to take the bridge. The Easterling stronghold had to be destroyed -- but at what price? -- before the army could continue its trek to its conclusion: the gates of Sauron and desperate battle with the dark power of Mordor.

~ Inwe Lythian


Welcome to Rivendell’s First Murder Mystery!

Sound exciting? Tragic? Fun?

All of the above?

You definitely have that right! The first Murder Mystery has been anything but boring. Kicking it off with a character analysis, then moving on to the first and second eliminations, has it been fast-moving? You bet! It’s also really fun to watch the events unfold and see who everyone thinks is the guilty one. This time all of the players, together have to create a story using all the player’s real life experiences in this RP! Basically the contestants all act like their characters and try to find innovative ways to express the character’s emotion. It has just begun, but is off to a great start! Sound fun? Come join us at the Murder Mystery!

~ Melanoriel


This month’s review features one of Imladris’ newest feasts: The Feast of the Absent Elrond. The recent feast is dedicated to Elrond Peredhil, founder and Lord of Imladris, who has recently taken a much-deserved leave of absence, especially after a failed attempt to usurp him from his position a few weeks back. Sadly, he himself is not present during the feast, which would explain why the mood of the feast is a bit subdued.

To celebrate his leadership spanning years of service, participants in the feast are encouraged to write a song or a poem about the great elf-lord. There is also a stage nearby, for those who want to recite or sing their work. Not only Rivendell elves are allowed to celebrate: other races are also invited to join and partake of the feast. The food and drink, is really good, for the menu is made only by the best chefs of Rivendell. As Elves gather for feasts instead of congregating in pubs, everything is laid out on the table and entirely free.

So come, join us in the celebrations for the Lord of Imladris.

~ Alquanna



Lament for Théodred

Strong and brave you were in life,
As swift with sword as horse and wind.
Your shoulders squared and head held high,
And fiend ne’er did escape your eye.

Your young, fair face in sunlight glowed,
While hair behind as horsetail flowed.
With strength of kings there in your limbs,
King and home did you defend.

You were your people’s valiant son,
A prince of might and courage too,
For honor and the Riddermark
Each day you’d rise and fight anew.

But fate was not with Rohan bright,
On that most horrid, fateful day,
When your great life was cut so short,
As gruesome fuel for Orkish sport.

In Meduseld, the Golden Hall,
There is a grieved, empty space
In hearts of young, and old, and mine
To hear of your sad fall from grace.

Théodred! Oh, sweet Théodred!
Tears of fitful tempests’ storms
In your pained wake are left behind,
And naught but time may sooth their cries.

~ Lady Adriel


The Hiding Place

       The Hiding Place house, located in Lothlórien and owned by Nuryave, is the home of many gifted poets and writers of all races. The majority are elves of Lórien or Imladris, with a few Rohirrim and Gondorians for good measure! There are many parties held to bring the housemembers closer together. Watch out for the Cow King’s Army, currently being created by the house! There are also poetry events showcasing the literary talents of the housemembers. This is THE place to see the best in upcoming writers.

~ amandagreenleaf


Feature Articles

       Just a month ago, I gazed on the fair valley with a mixture of excitement and mild trepidation. Lord Elrond and Glorfindel had made it clear that all are welcome (Imladris is, after all, a place of refuge). Still I wondered, would there be a place for me in this community? I didn’t want to merely exist here, but to contribute, if only in some small way. When I reached the Last Homely House I was directed to the Newbie Hall, where those more familiar with life in Rivendell greet, encourage, guide (and gently correct, when required) new arrivals. Armed with encouragement I settled into life here.

       My first days in Rivendell were spent exploring. I slipped into halls, discovering that I was not the only observer. Silently, other new arrivals, visitors from other kingdoms and undeclared “new souls” also gathered to watch. Here, studious as well as leisure pursuits are shared with light hearts — the lingering memories of my earliest days are those of merry voices as new works were shared, languages were studied, defenses were planned, topics were discussed. For some (like me) it can take a dose of courage to begin participating, but I’ve found the tentative elf to be accepted just as warmly as the effusive.

       After a month here, my own experiences are ones I wouldn’t trade for the whole of Middle Earth. I came to Rivendell seeking refuge - and instead found a enchanting home.

~ Pathlaniel


       Suilaid Penath,

       I’m Aeargirl and I’m new to Imladris. So far, my first 48 days here have been truly delightful. The legendary courtesy of the Elves is greatly understated. I’ll admit that it is a bit overwhelming here. There’s so much to see and do. However, once I gained the courage to participate, my eyes have been opened to a whole new beautiful world of friendship, love, entertainment, recreation and much more. My favorite times have been hearing the tales of my fellow Elves, competing in challenges of lore, and joining in food, fun, and fellowship in the Adab Teliad. I look forward to taking part in future adventures and growing in knowledge. Thank you all for your graciousness, wisdom, and friendship. Pelo nalu i laiss en galadh guil lin!


~ Aeargirl

“Fingolfin” by Laifana


       Having returned to Rivendell at last, I find that what has been my summer home of sorts for a few years is very different from how I remember it. Clearly, though time doesn’t affect the many beautiful elven faces here, it does show in how much change can occur within the valley itself. I have known Imladris for a long time - since before special ranks (or even the ranks of warrior or scholar of Imladris and the like), and before so many beautiful houses dotted the valley. A great number of elves, it seems, have made new homes in the Kingdom of Lothlórien. It’s always interesting (and somewhat confusing!) to see people that I always used to associate with Rivendell now dwelling in Lórien, or in another kingdom altogether. Project Imladris was conceived and completed in my absence, and I am astounded at how well this massive project was carried out by everyone.

       And yet many other things remain just the same – I was warmly greeted when I made my return, and have become fast friends with many. The elves of Rivendell have always had a special gift for welcoming newcomers and old friends back to their home. Another thing that has stayed the same is the writing talent that abounds here – the Writers’ Guild, in which I had participated before, has always been a great place to showcase one’s poems and stories. And of course, the joy that so many take in the army, contests, and travel has always – and I think ever shall – exist. But above all, I have found that the friendly, fun-loving spirit of the elves of Rivendell always stays the same, though many other things change. It’s great to be back.




On the fair shores of Mithlond dwells our Beloved Third General and all-around great Elf, Elnarsil. He was born in the year 1909 of the Second Age in Mithlond. His father, Dinaire, was a Falathrim Elf, and his mother, Aurëthil, a Sindar of Mirkwood. He was the eldest son in the family, his twin sister Arele born fifteen minutes after him and the rest of his siblings followed years later. Growing up by the Sea, he learned to love it from his early childhood, for the blood of Sea-Elves was in him, and having the instruction of his father as well as Cirdan, who was a close friend of his father. He became a skilled mariner, who could appreciate the Sea in all of its majesty. Yet Sauron did not leave the Elves in peace, and as his power grew, Elnarsil had to learn to wield a sword as well as sail. In small battles with Sauron’s forces, Elnarsil gained battle experience, but they do not compare to the Last Alliance of Elves and Men, the bloodiest campaign of his life. It is then, at Dagorlad, that his father fell, while fighting in the host of Oropher, which he joined in order to be together with his wife. It is there that Elnarsil learned how horrible war can truly be. Many of his friends who marched with him to this War did not march out from the Black Land, and only the seeming demise of Sauron gave him a sense of relief.

On March 12, 2002, a timid Elnarsil joined the plaza. He was torn on which kingdom to join, whether he would choose the Power of Gondor, or the Mysteries of the Elves of Rivendell, then the only Elven kingdom. In the end, he chose to be a mysterious Elf of Rivendell. Elnarsil started his career in the Army at the time he joined Rivendell. There he was given the rank, second in command, which would be translated into Sergeant in the new rank system. He shared the rank with his twin sister, Arele. After the Captain of the Sea Forces left, both Arele and Elnarsil were promoted. Elnarsil kept growing in experience and skill within the army until he reached Captain, the highest rank beside General. In July 2002, an election for Third General was held. After it was all done, Elnarsil was sworn in as the Third General, and served as such until recently when he resigned.

He has many fond memories of the plaza: The Quest for Mithril, many talks with Laebeth and Aurëthil, many great debates in the Lore Forums, getting closer acquainted with certain army members. Each of these memories are favorites in their own right and can be compared not more than Elven harping to the taste of Lembas.

Elnarsil also wanted to give some advice to the newer members to aid in their quest to find what they want in the plaza. “Look up to the older Elves — they have a lot to teach, and their wisdom can be priceless in finding your niche on the plaza. Getting adopted by one of those Elves is the best way to get to know them.”

~ Faenen Erurén


Fëawen, apothecary extraordinaire and one of the bright lights of the Riddermark and P&FF, has blessed countless threads and now assumes the role of Valinor's top weaver.

Melanoriel: How long have you been an admin?
Fëa: Well, I’ve been an admin for a little over two months now. I belive the day I turned into Vairë was the 8th of April.

Melanoriel: How long have you worked in the Riddermarket?
Fëa: As for the main coordinator of the Riddermarket, I believe we started that in November of last year, and I’ve been running it since day one with Eléowyn at first. Recently Eléowyn has stepped down, and now I’m training someone to take her place. Penny Lyscop.

Melanoriel: What inspired you to work on the Riddermarket?
Fëa: Actually, I really wanted to establish something for memebers who did not feel as if the Cavalry was for them.
I love the Cavlary, and I’ve been in the Cavarly since I’ve been a member of Meduseld, but some poeple just are not meant for the millitary. So this was a way for them to be involved and particpate.

Melanoriel: How much time do you spend on the Riddermarket daily?
Fëa: Hrm... well that all depends. The Riddermarket moves pretty fast, so we stay on one business day for at least three threads. I’d say I read it over about an hour every day, make sure that no one is abusing the thread. Maybe two hours a week with Penny coming up with new ideas.

Melanoriel: How much time do you spend being an admin?
Fëa: Hee hee, a lot more time than I spend on the Riddermarket. *g* I spend about four hours a day, at least, being Vairë.

Melanoriel: Do you know what admins look for when choosing a new admin?
Fëa: Well we look for a lot of things, time spent on the plaza, contributions to the plaza, are they fair, have they had responsibilty, how do they work with others, are they courteous...

Melanoriel: How much time spent on the plaza do admins look for?
Fëa: I think that varies... we all have real lives that need to be taken care of. We all have a job, or school, significant others, children, friends... I’d say most Admin spend at least an hour a day, if not more... but it is in cycles. Some can be here on some days more than others on some days...

Melanoriel: Besides yours, what admin position would be the most fun?
Fëa: Oh, that is easy, I’d love to be Nienna *g*
Nienna has always been my favorite Valiër; I really do like Vairë though. It’s been fun trying to come up with a personality for her. Tolkien had written so little about her, I have a lot of freedom with the character.

Melanoriel: What do you enjoy most about being an admin?
Fëa: Most about being an admin... I’d have to say that I get to talk to many more members then I did as just a member. I enjoy helping members with learning their way around the fourms and hearing their ideas on how the Plaza can improve.
I also like judging poetry contests. It is one of my favorite tasks, and it’s always an honor when I’m asked.

Melanoriel: Do you ever judge or deal with Inter-Kingdom Activities?
Fëa: While I was a member I was involved with the Inter Kingdom Derby Races, but I am not involved with Drill, Debate or Word Sleuth. Maybe in the future, but there are so many more members of Valinor who are more knowledgeable of those things, that it is better for them to handle them.

Melanoriel: What advice would you give to people who would like to be admins?
Fëa: To be admin... well, first of all, be active in your kingdom. Be involved and be creative! Be a team player! Be fair, and give others credit where credit is due. Support your rulers and the other members of your kingdom. Now I’m not telling everyone to become their ruler’s best friend *g*, but what I am saying is that you should be someone whom your Rulers can rely on. If you are dependable, your name may make it into nominations for R/A positions. *g*


Project Imladris was started over 6 months ago, and the finished product can now be seen on the Rivendell Kingdom Pages. Many hours of reviewing, editing, reading and coding went into it, but hopefully the (slave)labour will bear fruit in the future. In my opinion, the project has several purposes that will help make Rivendell as a kingdom a more realistic place to be. First of all, it can give every Elf and visitor, regardless of their purpose, a simple yet meaningful overview of the valley. Obviously we’ve had to include several activities that Tolkien’s elves did not participate in, but the general idea and many of the chambers are true to the master’s writings. Secondly, it provides roleplayers with a detailed scheme of the Valley, which can be used to visualize the room or place they are located. We’re planning a large expansion for one of the sections (it is to start in September), which will uphold our Elvish reputations as loremasters. If you have any suggestions, comments or complaints about the Project, you can e-mail us anytime at, and we’ll do our best to answer them.

~ Arlo

In January, our fair valley was but a picture in the imagination. All we knew for sure was how it looked in words, as they were all we had to go on. Until now.

Project Imladris was launched in early 2004. The main goal? To expand on Tolkien’s description of the Last Homely House. For many long months, Laebeth, Arlo, and the Elves of our fair valley toiled to create our home. So, without further ado, welcome to Imladris! Here are a few responses by visitors:

~Aduchil Marchwarden of Lothlórien “Wow. This must be one of the greatest and most ambitious projects ever done on any of the kingdoms RP’s. I am really impressed that you have done this, managed to be so detailed and do it so wonderfully; it is really like you’re exploring Imladris itself.”

~Mor Olnathron Councillor of Imladris “What can I say? I am absolutely taken aback by this wonderful project. To see our valley finally brought to life is a miracle - it makes it so much easier to see it in the minds eye now we can explore and see where buildings, rooms, guilds and the like actually are in relation to each other.”

~Arániel Councillor of Imladris “I must say, it is an honor to be among such wise and talented elves. I too have watched Project Imladris during its development, choosing to be a spectator rather than participate myself. The world you have created is quite an accomplishment considering the number of people involved over several time zones and thought expanses. You all should be very proud of yourselves, I am.”

~Koranti Elder of Imladris “OH MY GOSH THIS IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! This is MORE than I ever imagined that it would be like this when I first asked what I could do to help a couple of months ago! (tears of joy) I’ve only read bits and pieces of it, but this is absolutely AMAZING! Great job to Arlo and Lae and anyone else who worked on it!”

~The Moneytree Hasty Ent “I enjoyed the visit! This is indeed a highly debatable topic. But the work that went into it and the sheer desire to create this wonderful site is well worth the efforts! Congratulations to Arlo and Laebeth on a job well done. If you make adjustments I’m sure they will be for the better. I shall tell all my friends about this site that they will also enjoy the visit.”


After crossing the Ford of Bruinen, a weary traveler is still a day’s journey from the Last Homely House. When he first sets his eyes upon it, he will agree that it was worth the wait. There is the sound of tinkling silver bells in the air as Elves rush about from place to place carrying on conversation or simply reading a scroll. Our traveler is greeted with a most generous hospitality. As he is led to a building, his eyes stare amazedly at what he sees:

To reach the Ford of Bruinen, you have to walk up a steep, brown path, from where there is approximately one day’s journey to the House of Elrond. There seems to be no trees and no valleys and no hills to break the ground in front of you, only one vast slope going slowly up and up to meet the feet of the nearest mountain. Sometimes there are steep cliffs leading to valleys down below, covered in trees and cut through by running water. Dark ravines there are also, and waterfalls leading into the deep. The only paths are marked by small, white stones, if marked at all. Then, as you look down another steep cliff, you see a valley. The sunlight is reflected by a river running over a rocky bed, and the scent of trees is warm and sweet. The path down into the Valley is zigzagged, leading you through fields of grass and trees, ever lower. Eventually you reach the banks of the mountain river, which consists of crystal clear water. The only way to cross it is by the means of a narrow bridge. Having passed over this, a trail leads you upwards to a higher cliff level. Trees and flowers surround the House of Elrond, which consists of two stories. There is no glass in the windows, and there are paths and hallways crossing the treetops at many a place. To the East, the Hithaeglir rise up like a wall of stone; their slopes covered in grass and trees.

After crossing the Bruinen, you pass a courtyard. The first part of Elrond’s House has open doors. Elves enter and leave constantly, engaged in busy chatter or examining pieces of parchment. The building consists of two stories, and on top is a large belfry. The smell of food comes drifting through one of the portals, and from another emerge the sounds of debate.

You now have four choices...
To continue your explorations of the valley, please visit Project Imladris.

Explore the Valley
Enter the Last Homely House:

~ Emyla


A Minion’s thoughts on a Rivendell PF&F submission

First of all, I would like to dispel the myth right now that minions cannot read. With the exception of a few cave trolls, I assure you the rest of the residents of the Dark Land are quite literate. That being said, I present my review of the story Praga by Rivendell’s very own Turwaith.

This story starts out in a fine fashion, with a black-haired, black-eyed boy who appears dark and uncaring. Perfect description of a young minion, I say, so of course I was excited to read on and see what havoc this young orc would cause. He was lost and wandering, always a good thing, and stopped by a house of free peoples. A great deal of my reading time was wasted listening to the old folks’ bones creak and hearing their wimpy son whine that he was afraid of the little orc, but I finally did get to the good part of the story — Praga!

I must admit that a story written by one of you rather bland immortals had me expecting Praga to be a gallant white horse or something. You can imagine my pleasure when he was revealed to be a sinister black dog. I usually would consider a dog as a tasty snack, but this one was evil, truly evil, and worthy of living. I shan’t give away the ending, for those of you eager to read, but trust me, Praga is a character worthy of the Dark Lord’s service, and Turwaith is truly a minion disguised as an elf, that’s the only explanation as to how he could write something so dark and beautiful.

On a scale of 1 to 5, I give Praga 3 Morgul daggers. It’s evil enough to rate a 5, but it could be more descriptive as to the relationship between the little orc and the evil Praga. Overall, quality minion fiction — a must read!




Tidings from Abroad

Fangorn Greetings from the woods of Fangorn!

This has been a positively "hasty" month here in Fangorn. Firstly we received the disheartening news that our ruler Marina decided to step down from her position as Fimbrethil. Our hearts were saddened at this, but we were very pleased when she chose Morim Fëatauron to rule Fangorn along with Casiroo!

Our special Ranks were awarded this month to Naiya Fernberry, Fernleaf, Erucolindo, Ríner and Lindol Onodrim for their dedicated work in Fangorn Forest. We have had our Lithedays Festival, the biggest event of this month. It is intended to celebrate the coming of summer in the Forest when our saplings suddenly shoot up and flowers bloom everywhere! But there are plenty of other special events, such as a writing competition and a couple of exciting adventures (RPG’s) to enjoy, including the search for the Okapis as well as an adventure where we fight a new evil in Mirkwood!

From those of us in Fangorn to all of you, may your roots find plenty of water!

~ Silver Leaf


Khazad-dûm June was a bustling month in Khazad-Dûm both for visitor and seasoned old dwarf! I spend my month on the go, running hither, thither and yon and I thought perhaps I could share a few of my experiences with you folks!

I was meandering my way off to the Burx Local Pub one night when I saw it. The lights, the noise, I knew what it must be. Carnival! I scurried my way towards the base of Zirakzigil, the head quarters for this joyous event. So much was happening that it absolutely blew my mind! a Three-Legged Race, A Kissing Booth, a pub, a restaurant featuring hobbit cuisine. It had it all. While I was there I saw a poster tacked surreptitiously on a nearby tree. Interested, I read it to discover that Khazad-Dûm was hosting its first ever beauty pageant! Khazad-Dûm's newspaper, Mirrormere Reflections, is hosting Dazzling Dearies and Dashing Dandies. The day after the Zirakzigil Mingle I made my way to the sign-ups and was completley surprised at the number of people there. I signed up and quickly left; I didn't want to ruin my looks and there were some fierce catfights brewing. Most notably Freyr and Ranlinde were looking quite dangerous.

Upon arriving at my clan headquarters I was handed a note reading, "Blag inspection! Report ASAP!". Scared for my life I strapped on my scout's gear and headed for the inspection. That's right, earlier the Dragon's Bane Natol of the army had undergone scrutiny and now it was the Azaghal's Own Natol's time to shine. After long hours of scrutiny under the watchful eye of Gabilkapn Lerin it was finally time to head out. I was surprised to find a brand new party! Rusty Axe and Estella Gold were tieing the knot right there in Khazad-Dûm! The newest council member, Rusty, had decided to settle down, and with the most beautiful dwarfette around, Estella.

In other news, Khazad-Dûm opened up its long-awaited market this month! It features such shoppes as The Farmer's Market by the Mex Uzbans, Burx Best Beer by the Burx Uzbans, Smaug's Breath (an armory) by the Yukogs, and a shoppe by the spa. Many exciting options are available at the Market, make sure to check it out!

~ Mithy




       The month of Norui (June) saw a new set of special rankers with Firien Vorondil, Ecaps, Naurloth, Tari Carnesir, and Menthol as Haldir, Rumil, Orophin, Nimrodel and Calaglin respectively. It was a happy honor for five well deserving subjects of Lothlórien. Lórien also had a change of rulers when MH stepped down as Celeborn to be replaced by Imfalas.

       A new Thief Hunt RPG was started in Lothlórien in the middle of the month. The full fledged hunt has yet to begin as sign ups are still happening. The Lothlórien Jewelry Association has reopened on the twentieth of this month after a long bout of reconstruction. All races are welcome to be a part of the LJA teams, and also to make special orders.

       The Lothlórien IK Debate Team lost to Minas Tirith by 8 points, the score being 78-70. Nevertheless congratulations are in order to the Galadhrim for making it to the playoffs.

~ Nenedhel


       It has been an unusually active week for most of the Gondorians. The Queen has returned to good health, and is letting nothing stand in her way. The Marketplace and all their apprentices have been running smoothly, and Gondor has been visited from afar just to have a peek at their shopping-culture.

       The Library has recently been re-opened after a lot of trouble finding the perfect successor of the former Royal Librarian. But Daelin took the responsibility upon his shoulders and with him, as an assistant in difficult lore matters; he has brought the newly appointed Royal Sage Acabar.

       On the sports front there is lot to tell, but to make it short, Jane Blond and her Team Anduinomiel was victorious yet again in cart race history. The second place team made a good run of it, but in the end Team Flying Fish captured it. Leaving the third place holders Team Thunder Dragon, disappointed, for they really had the second spot in their hands until the very end.

~ Erlend



       Much has happened in Mordor during the month of June. Things are beginning to spice up ever since Lulani and Loke really got the feel for their leadership roles. As soon as they began to use their iron fists, Mordor began to return to its glory days, if it is not already there.

       Things are continuing to change. The army is beginning to restructure, while new activities are popping up everywhere for minions to prove they are more than just muscle and good looks. Even Route 666 has become wrapped up with a great victory to Team C.

       Out of the shadows, two familiar faces appeared. They are two of the greatest minions to ever walk the face of Mordor. Their names are Mo and Mandallah. However, Mo’s stay did not last long for he was soon promoted to Morgoth.

       Whispers of a rather large event are going around the ears of some of the higher minions and as they begin to get excited others wonder what it could be and are also excited. What shall it be? Join us as we discover what is about to happen, because soon all of Middle-Earth will know.



Rohan A shadow looms over Meduseld in this time of peril. In the chilly northern winds that have been striking against the city of Edoras, many an odd occurrence has occurred in the past month. A stranger, possibly a Dunlending bearing some odd illness has entered the Riddermarket and causing quite a havoc. The Riddermarket has been shut down for the time being under the order of the Cavalry, and only Cavalry warriors may enter or leave the Riddermarket, trapping shoppers from near and far within the Riddermarket while this stranger is sought out. The Riddermarket office has been undergoing quite a change, welcoming the new laedanmangere Penny Lytscop to replace Eléowyn as co-runner of the Riddermarket with Fëawen.

This month Éomer has had a palace full of relatives visiting with the announcement of the Special Ranks for the month of June. Culfinwen claimed Éomer for herself, taking the role of Éomer’s wife from Dol Amroth, Lothíriel. Imbeannowyn is now Éomer’s and Eowyn’s mother Theodwyn. Also in court this month is Anka, who has become the famous Mearas Feralof who was first tamed by Éorl the Young after killing Léod his father. Lailindeiel is the Lord of Harrowdale, Dunhere, and Rorina is the adorable Freda. Drama is the word of the month, as the court of Meduseld has played itself out in the Saddle Soap “As the Wold Turns,” while in the nursery, all the children of Meduseld have been happily munching on cake, cookies, candy, and carrots while pulling each other’s hair and making play forts in “Childs Play.”

Meanwhile the Debate hall is busy preparing for the semi-final round of the Interkingdom Debate Tournament, and several of our team members have been named to the All-Star Team. IK races have started up once again throughout Middle Earth, and the Rats of Rohan are ready to go, full of sugar and hyperactivity. Meduseld welcomes two new pubmasters, Eldrith and Amadhrill and new Art Guildmaster Minyadagniriel, not to mention the institution of the new History Guild by Anka. Wamba the Fool is now co-runner of Se Gildlic Ærn, the Festival House, and Eormed and Eilonwy as Newbie RP GM’s. While new positions were being handed out, Ander was magically transformed into Bilbo the Librarian as well. Congratulations everybody!

Naturally much more is in the works for the upcoming months, and Éomer and Éowyn have been busy scheming in Meduseld to get everything ready for Riders and visitors alike. But I could go on for hours with all the new developments and their various states of completion. Rather, I send an open invitation for everybody to come see for themselves our kingdom as we continue to grow!

~ Anawen


The Shire

       Many tears and celebrations marked the month of June for every Hobbit in the Shire. The Shire lost two very special Hobbits over the past month, but of course gained brand new and well-respected leaders. While Valinor called the Shire’s beloved mayor, Blackrose Bugg, home to be Varda of the stars, goodhearted Eamila Bolger became Sam to guide the Shire faithfully for the next few years. The other heartbreak was when the Shire lost Bryony Took, the Shire Fire orchestra’s conductor and well-respected teacher, due to a tragedy in her hometown. Yet Miss Bryony passed the conductor’s wand on to the talented Aradell, and the Shire Fire rejoiced when the admired Hobbit took over.

       The Shire was able to see dramatic events shape it and very familiar faces grace the land. Bryony Took, before her leave, became Frodo Baggins as a special rank for the month of June, while Tari Boffin was awarded with the lovable Pippin Took, Mitzi Forlark with the faithful Merry Brandybuck, and Tittamiire with the grumpy, but loyal Mrs. Proudfoot. PG also created new icons this month for high-ranking Hobbits, and now a few special Hobbits smoke their famous pipeweed in fancy, decorative pipes.

       June did not go by, of course, without some major changes and exciting new events to accompany such grand news. The Hobbit Defense Squad started a new RPG where they must discover why their ponies have caught a dangerous influenza infection. Two Fun-for-Alls also started up as delectable games in the Shire: one a scavenger hunt for any who might enjoy riddles, and another a delightful summertime fruit-picking game. The Shire also held their first council meeting at the League of Extraordinary Hobbits where they debated whether or not to keep their pubs open past midnight.

       The Shire Pub of Book Characters opened in late June. The There and Back Again office also opened its doors for the first time, where Hobbits could more easily report their comings and goings if they were to be gone from the Shire for periods of time—as all employers took a sigh of relief. The Middle Earth Social Club, a new house, opened its doors as well in early June to the public, hosting its own pub and dance hall, promising many social events to come.

       The Shire has also resurrected the Shire Grove, a weekly report, with a brand new editor, Prisca Sharrasi.

The Shire Players’ theatre troupe triumphed at the conclusion of their second production, A Love Immortal, on June 27th. For the occasion, they are hosting their first ever Meet the Cast and Crew Dinner where anyone can come to meet the hard-working actors, actresses, technicians, crew, and stylists. The celebration will last until July 5th, when their next play, a comedy called Snow Elf and the Seven Hobbits will commence to make the whole of Middle Earth laugh their cares away. For the Shire carried many cares on its shoulders this last month, and the new happenings needed a good accompaniment in theatre and in joyful song.

~ Istya Alassea

The Glittering Caves

The Glittering Caves
Oh, how the light waves
Skillfully the dwarves tapped
Each cavern carefully mapped
Gimli on the throne
In the great halls of stone

Friends of the Horse-lords
Wealth to fill a dragon hoard
Beaneth the White Mountains
Making colums and fountains

Here they will mine
Until the end of time
Til the worlds breaking
They will keep making

~ High Elf


Crafts, Language and Lore

Rivendell is renowned for the long memories of its loremasters, none surpassing Elrond. But even our younger members pride themselves on their knowledge of history, culture, and Elder Days. So gather your tomes, gather your wits, and sharpen your quill. We invite you to test yourself against one of them in our first Lore Quiz.

To view the quiz, you must have Macromedia Flash player 7 installed. It’s free! Click here.



Lore Matters

       The magical elven-rings were created by Celebrimbor, one of the greatest elven smiths in Eregion. The Rings were finished in year 1590 of the Second Age. Even though they were created by Celebrimbor and the Mirdain, his Elven smiths, they were under a secret guidance of Sauron. However, unlike the other Rings of Power (7 Dwarf rings and 9 for the Men), the Three were not touched by Sauron’s hand. When Sauron forged the One Ring, Elves sensed his treason and hid their rings in fear from Sauron.

       The Three Elven-rings were Narya, Nenya, and Vilya, the Rings of Fire, Water and Air. Celebrimbor gave Nenya, the Ring of Water, to Galadriel, and the other two to High King Gil-galad.

       Galadriel kept her Ring through the Second and the Third Age. Gil-galad gave his to lords in his service. Narya, the Ring of Fire, went to Cirdan the Shipwright, and Vilya, the Ring of Air, went to Elrond Half-Elven. Elrond used his Ring to found a haven in the western slopes of the Misty Mountains – Imladris, called Rivendell by Men. Círdan eventually passed Narya on to a wanderer known to us as Mithrandir, or, to Men, Gandalf. Thus, at the end of the Third Age, the Rings were held by Galadriel (Nenya), Elrond (Vilya) and Gandalf (Narya) who was not an Elf but was recognized by Cirdan as a a person who would gather the races to fight against Sauron, and fire their spirits.

       Unfortunately, the Elven Rings did not survive the end of the Third Age. When the One Ring was destroyed in the Mount of Doom, they lost their power, for although they were not touched by Sauron, they were connected to the One Ring. Those who had borne them left Middle-Earth together on a White Ship: Galadriel, Elrond and Gandalf, the Keepers of the Three Rings.

~Feanor Elf

A Taste of Elvish

The Legendary Courtesy of the Elves

The Elves are renowned for their manners. Gracious even to those whose souls are darkened by Shadows, they always find something courteous to say when in...

Khazad-dûm: Galo fengyrn lín na dail lín. ~ "May your beards grow to your feet."
Minas Tirith: Edlothio anuir i ´Aladh ´Lân! ~ "May the White Tree forever blossom!"
Rohan: Noro vell a lagor roch lín athan i thelaith en Ardhon! ~ "May your steed run strong and swift across the plains of the Mark."
The White Council: Giro ered nan beth lín. ~ "May mountains tremble at your command."
The Shire: Garo le aes, iaulib a ´alenas evyr an oer lín phain! ~ "May you have abundant food, ale, and pipeweed all your days."
Lothlórien: Edlothio anuir elanor a niphredil min Naith. ~ "May elanor and niphredil ever blossom in the Naith."
Fangorn: Matho i thynd lín allú i chelch rhîw. ~ "May the frost of winter never reach your roots."
Mordor: Diheno vistiath lín phain i Vrannon Vorn. ~ "May the Dark Lord forgive all your mistakes."

~ Taramiluiel


       Last month I mentioned how to cope with bee stings and similar disorders, and also how to disinfect wounds. This month I have returned to the gardens of Rivendell to gather more herbs of the First Aid variety – these are herbs, which you can carry with you when on a trek in case of injury. I must stress however that they are not cure-alls, but they do however do a lot of good. Both of the recipes this month need to be made on site, but they can be prepared before you go away.

Reducing Swelling – A general Poultice

Equal Bunches of Comfrey, Plantain, & Sorrel (enough to cover the swelling)
1 measure water

Tear the leaves and stems from the bunches and add enough water to hold them together as a rough paste.
Place into a suitable container and heat until a dab on the back of the hand feels warm but doesn’t burn.
Place en-mass onto the swelling and bind into place with a length of clean linen
Replace when it feels cold, and keep the poultice in place until the swelling is reduced.

A Sleep-bringing Tea
4 leaves Dill
1 measure boiling water
1 spoonful sugar

Pour the boiling water over the dill and allow to steep for 15 minutes,
Strain out the dill, add the sugar and give the entire dose to the patient,
Deep & dreamless Sleep should follow in 5-10 minutes.

~Thom Greenleaf

Puzzles and Games

Mystery Code

Noldor delight in the devising of different systems for representing words. The object of this puzzle is to decipher the phrase. Each letter represents another letter of the alphabet and the relationship between the letters is constant. For example, the “E” would always represent another letter, like “H,” it would never be “H” in one place and “C” in another.


      EPYE PC WYLC (code)





Use the Letters in the red boxes to complete the following word:


  Master Word:

~Inwe Lythian



An original riddle for you.
(answers in credits below)

Who makes it, has no need of it.
Who buys it, has no use for it.
Who uses it can neither see nor feel it.

~High Elf


(inspired by Edward Gorey’s Gashleycrumb Tinies)


The Lay of Imladris

The continuing memoirs of Lord Slosh, formerly Lord Eyebrows.

Previous installments: Part the First. ~ Part the Second. ~ Part the Third ~ Part the Fourth

Part the Fifth

They sought MC ever, wandering far
Where leaves of Ents were thickly strewn,
By rumbling fruit and tail of eel
In frosty CofAs shivering.
Then Lady Mori glinted in the moon,
And wielded now the mace-on-chain
She ruled, and at her feet was strewn
A crowd of Elvish quivering.

~Arlo Cúthalion            

Past and Future

I used to live under great mountains

In the doorstep of the gods I made my life

Since passion took my heart and brought me here

To Arda to face all the difficulties and dangers

Of old and modern dangers upon us

Now its again my time to go

To find peace in the only place I love so

~ Elron Qel Droma



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