Parth Neledui ~ Volume III
Nénimë ~ February

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Guilds and Groups


       With the merger of the Writers’ Guild and the Govannas in Glirdain complete, the combined guild set about making everyone involved a full and welcome member. With such a shared love of the written word in all its many forms, this was not a difficult task. Under the skilled leadership of Aralirdan (High Bard) - Idril, Aradeithor (High Writer) – Firerose, Aralinn (High Singer) – Annatariel, and Tegilbor (Calligrapher) – Weny; the guild continues to produce fine quality works of artistic expression.

       Several members of the guild are taking part in the Inter-Kingdom Poetry Competition, and we wish them much luck in that effort. The rest of us will be right behind them, cheering them on.

       Congratulations also went out to Ailaya Nydrian for her poem, chosen to be the guild’s theme poem. Well done, Ailaya.

Govannas in Glirdain

Over wood and stream, echoes are heard
Fair voices of light, amidst the calls of the birds
Sweet tunes of summer, verses of spring
Come all peoples, for friendship we sing.

In a deep glade of whispers, we gather to share,
the words of our dreaming, and the depths of our prayers.
Smiles all mirror, souls joined hand in hand
Elves come and rejoice, with the words of all lands!


We offer several places for people of all kingdoms to visit and participate. Both the Hall of Tales and the Chamber of Verse offer both Critique and Showcase. In the Hall of Tales, we encourage the recounting of the great history of Arda through the creative writing of short stories and longer pieces. Our Chamber of Verse is where we hope you will learn to express your love and reverence for the legends of Middle-Earth in creative verse. The study of the history, tales, geography, customs and peoples of Tolkien´s Arda, from its origins to the events of the early Fourth Age takes place in the Chamber of Lore with each subject discussed and debated. We also have our own pub, The Rainbows End where you can come and visit, enjoy the marvelous food and get to know your fellow guild members.

       Come and join us in celebration of the bardic crafts. All kingdoms are welcome! To visit Govannas in Glirdain, follow this path to our halls. To visit the language house, the Tham Lammath Edhellin, go here.

~Galen Talarulion,
Adar Govannas (Father of the Guild)


Army Report

       We are pleased to announce that Eliendriel and Eaglelgae have been appointed as official Army Journalists. They will be taking care of the monthly Army Report from now on, in order to notify everyone about the latest developments, activities and information on the Host of Imladris. We hope you enjoy the new format!

       The month started with a new training activity, the Regimental Rumble! Both regiments are fighting each other— be there! The Beriadrim have placed their flag and are defending it with all they have, while the Othrim are using their best steeds to get it. The Army Journalists are in the middle of action, Eaglelgae riding her horse with the Othrim and Eliendriel getting ready with the other Beriadrim on the hilltop. This has been the most exciting battle in the young careers of many soldiers. We will keep you informed!

       Another troop activity is drawing to a close. Both regiments had been sent their separate ways to Guard Imladris. The Othrim soldiers were successful in their mission. The Beriadrim are still sitting around their fires and guarding our Valley. They are not safe yet and very tense about every little noise they hear. Watch out and be careful! Guarding Imladris is about to end, but there might be some spooky surprises waiting still.

       But not everything in the army is adventure and wars. These journalists have taken part in the recent day off, when our soldiers were Camping Beneath the Stars. You can still join them at the Bruinen, for the night is not yet over! Chat about deep things or hang out and feast around the fire. Every soldier is welcome, whether veteran or new recruit. Eaglelgae noticed that the topic ‘Sailing to the West’ is on many people’s minds at the moment, so join in and get all philosophical. Lay down your arms and weapons and relax.

       In just one week’s time, the Host counted 9 new recruits. Generals were very busy trying to keep up. And not only Elves from Imladris joined the Army of the Hidden Valley! One of the nine is an Ent, and another is a New Soul. Welcome, Silver Leaf and Frodo Freak! We hope you both feel very at home among us! Last but not least, we’d like to celebrate Lilu’s and Mor’s promotions to High Commander and High Leader of the army. Congratulations!

       If you feel like joining the Host of Imladris, visit the Army House and enroll at The Generals’ Office thread choosing either Othrim or Beriadrim. First, please read the information about the Regiments to decide which would fit you the best. If you have a message or question for the Army Journalists, Eliendriel and Eaglelgae, let them know by leaving a message in the Army Journalist Office Lobby. Ideas and messages for the next Army Report are welcome too.

~Eaglegae and Eliendriel


Gwaith i Nestoer

       It has been about four months since Aleandra and Sériva first set up Gwaith-i-Nestoer. It seems like yesterday when the first sign-up thread for the Aphador class was opened and full with eager students within just six hours! The first two classes have finished, and now the third class has begun. So far, fifteen Apprentice Healers have been recruited. Those that have passed the test were Ruiniel, Avi_Aiel, Eowadia, Arwil, Gilnessael, Quill, Almare Evenstar, Fingolfiniel, Laebeth, Veronik, Lady_Ilsalire, Elvadrieng, Ancalima, Avendel and Tinw.

One of the more, shall we say, creative Apprentices, Avi, also helped to create a name for Gwaith-i-Nestoer. Instead of another beautiful Elvish name, the creativity of Avi_Aiel led to a confusing string of consonants that are impossible to spell. HSFHPWNH, which stands for Healing Society for Healing People Who Need Healing. It has received high favour from the First Master Healer, Aleandra. She has used it in various places, including the Healer Room which she later named the HSFHPWNH Room.

Besides starting classes and recruiting new Ephedyr, the other Healers have not been idle. A few apprentices have gone with a group to Barad Eregion and have done quite a lot in healing the wounded. The group has now reached Imladris. More can be read about that in the Barad Eregion RPG report.

And now, back to the third class. It looks like the eagerness of the students-to-be has lessened over the months. The class is not entirely full, but still, 18 students are enough for new teachers, Avi, Ness and Arwil. Hopefully, The three Apprentices will do well on their first attempt at teaching the third Healers' Class.



Nestad Levain

       Among the forests of Imladris, nestled in the pristine valley of Rivendell, Nestad Levain was opened to all animal lovers this last month. Elves are able to bring their injured animal companions to this revamped establishment for skilled care and treatment. Formerly the Animal Care Centre, the centre was closed for a time. Now run by the Minnestor Sériva, three able Tannestors: Dundaeiel, Nenimé and Avi as well as Arwil, a Taidor, work alongside her to ensure that the creatures are swiftly nursed back to health.

       The overwhelming popularity of Nestad Levain came as quite a surprise, and it was welcomed back warmly by our elven community. Still young, Nestad Levain was filled with pets and owners, and injured animals were quickly taken care of. Unfortunately, this month was filled with unexpected events, and our Minnestor was away for much of the time, giving the Tannestors an opportunity to shine. Their training paid off however and the small staff was able to hold their own against a host of injuries that ranged from healing horses to wolves.

~Avi Aiel



Debate Team

       The Architecture Guild has been busy with the new secret hall, discovered in ruins, that Lord Elrond revealed to all who can see hidden beauty in ancient lingering dust and cool shades of stone. The hall immediately enthralled the young engineers, gardeners and sculptors and all have been swept into the repair work. In fact, not that immediately, since the timeless Elves spent the greater part of the month gazing in awe at the broken tiles and shady pillars before the work actually began!

       Now new ideas are pouring in and the hall is starting to look more and more promising. The place seems to have many secrets, and as more work is being done, more are being discovered. Also, if I may add, if any of ye elves have some secret love letters hidden between the cracks in the walls with desperate hope that they might remain hidden, I would suggest you pay us a visit and remove them immediately or face the consequences! You can always pretend that you are just admiring the stonework!

       Talking about the stonework, one messy hall that pesky Lord Elrond wants reconstructed is not the only thing the architects have been doing. Plans for rebuilding Barad Eregion are still in the works, and it is never too late to be late, as the new saying goes! Join the ranks of water engineers, gardeners or sculptors today, and we will let you add a big moustache to Lord Elrond's statue!



Racing Team

       Want a cheetah?

       Want to make it happy?

       Then starting now and carrying through to the beginning of March is the Racing Team, back again for a third season. With new captain Feanor Elf and Eithil on hand, we are sure to win, and all the cheetahs out there know it. The kingdoms are all ready and raring to go, and the season is looking good. Since six of the races are in Imladris, there is no excuse not to join in. The cheetahs will be racing assorted creatures, and there are many opportunities for excitement. Just go to the Racing Booth in Imladris to pick up your cheetah. If you do not want to race but still want to take part, you can think up a chant for the team or make a little banner for us; anything is greatly appreciated. So don’t feel left out. Join an exciting and fun part of Imladris. Join The Racing Team!



Annals of Imladris

Headline needed!

       As the new year began, Imladris elves noticed a season of inter-kingdom competitions starting. In the beginning of January, our auditions for the poetry contest finished, and we now have rather a large team. Also, the season for the racing team started, at first with a warm-up race only for elves with cheetahs, but in the next week of January the real races began. The Imladris racing team is still open for new participants, as well as old ones! The inter-kingdom archery contest opened sign-ups as well. The best archers will be chosen to represent our kingdom. Sign-ups were also held for an inter-kingdom combat tournament. A total of twenty elves enlisted from Imladris and gathered on a field the next day to start dueling. A number of Elves from this match will be chosen to go forward as members of the Imladris dueling team. They will be judged not who won, but on how they fought, since only a little time is given for each duel.

~ Gilnessael


Headline needed!

       “Glory dwelt in that city of Gondolin of the Seven Names, and its ruin was the most dread of all the sacks of cities upon the face of Earth. Nor Bablon, nor Ninwi, nor the towers of Trui, nor all the many takings of Rum that is greatest among Men, saw such terror as fell that day upon Amon Gwareth in the kindred of the Elves; and this is esteemed the worst work that Morgoth has yet thought of in the world.”

       Become a part of Middle-earth’s history! The Fall of Gondolin RPG will take you through the most dreadful event in the history of Middle-earth. Join us as we relive the events of that terrible night 6500 years ago, when Morgoth’s fire dragons and balrogs, and an innumerable host of orcs and wolves, laid waste to the fairest city of the Elves in Middle-earth.

       Running from February 1st until May, this RPG will be the one of the grandest the plaza has seen throughout its entire history. Members from all the different kingdoms are encouraged to come and play Elves of Gondolin. Participate in deeds of glory! Be a part of the muster of the houses of Gondolin! Watch Ecthelion and the Balrog! Escape by the secret way! Here there is heroism and courage, glory and sacrifice.

       Our kingdom pages contain thorough information about the Fall for anyone who wants to join. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

A Gondolin, bain Gondolin! ~ O Gondolin, fair Gondolin!
Loth in-Edhil mi Dumladen ~ Flower of the Elves in Tumladen
Silivren di galad Anor ~ White glittering in the Sun’s light
Na gelair míriel trî vôr ~ Sparkling jewel-like with lanterns at night

A Gondolin, lend Gondolin ~ O Gondolin, sweet Gondolin!
Mîr ‘lân gelair mi dailf gelin ~ Brilliant white jewel in fields of green
Lalaith ethuia od eithil ~ Laughter springs forth from fountains
Linnath merin celebrin nill ~ Joyful songs of silver bells

Bain Gondolin, A Gondolin! ~ Fair Gondolin, O Gondolin!
Ost úvarthannen in Edlinn ~ Ill-fated city of the Exiled
Nae enin nant beraid ‘loss lín ~ Alas for the fall of your dazzling white towers
Di Naur a ‘Wath firnir gwaith vín ~ In Fire and Shadow our people died

Lend Gondolin, A Gondolin! ~ Sweet Gondolin, O Gondolin!
Ost fireb Edhil alfirin ~ Mortal city of immortal Elves
Si dínin i lammath i-Chîn ~ Now silent are the voices of the children
Ui guiathar ned lind a rîn ~ They will live forever in song and memory

~Taramiluiel and Laebeth


Headline needed!

       Fuin Elda hosted her first Imladris archery contest (no relation to the new inter-kingdom contests) in January. It had three rounds, the first round posing questions concering The Hobbit, the second one about The Return of the King and the third and final round on The Silmarillion and The Unfinished Tales. Approximately 27 people entered the contest, hoping to have fun, or even better, winning.

The first round ended with Eragorn, Laifana, Feanor Elf, Arwil, Eliendriel, Gilnessael, Sermela Calalen, Eithil, Dundaeiel, Herenvaryar, Anarie, Avi_Aiel and Rinerion advancing to the next round. In the second round, Eliendriel, Eithil, Feanor Elf, Sermela and Dundaeiel were eliminated. In the third round, only Eragorn, Laifana, Rinerion, Anarie and Eliendriel passed. The Rider of Rohan, and remaining Man in the competition withdrew himself, for he had not finished reading The Silmarillion and the competition rules required the competitors not to do any research.

Some contestants had fun providing entertainment throughout the contest. Avi had stirred some of the other contestants to sing their songs after her eyebrow-raising song about her sister. The song was appropriately named after her sister's obsession and trademark — "Arry the Quill Freak". Some other forms of entertainment were performed, just to light up the competition and bring life back to it.

After the three rounds, the winner of the Archery contest proved to be Eragorn, with a total score of 75. The runner-ups were Laifana and Rinerion with a tie of 69. The third place went to Anarie, who had a score of 66. Congratulations to them all! And a big thank-you to Fuin for hosting the contest.

~ Arwil


Headline needed!

A special report from the field, Regimental Rumble...

       As the New Year began there was a sound rolling through the Valley of Imladris, the sound of a Regimental Rumble. It had been a while since the Elves had seen war. So they decided a good way of training their Host and to get their troops experienced was creating a fight themselves. The idea of inviting members of the Dark armies into our Valley was soon lost, and the decision was made to have the Regiments fight each other in battle.

       Lilu prepared the Beriadrim troops for battle as Laivindil did the same for the Othrim. The spirit of competition was very present and both were confident in the victory of their troops. Even First General Laebeth joined in and relived her times as a Othrim soldier. The Beriadrim were to protect their flag from the Othrim on a hill. The Othrim's starting position was a few miles further, on the plains, on the other side of the Mitheithel River. Their goal was to capture the Beriadrim flag.

       After the organizing yells of Laivindil the Othrim moved towards the river and found a place to cross it. In the meantime the Beriadrim organized their defence and saw that Othrim approaching. With a lot of splashing and water flying through the air the Othrim crossed the ford as the face of the sun was leaving them. For the Othrim there was no time to waste, the Beriadrim liked to have as much time as possible to prepare for battle. The horses were getting nervous and exited, snorting and stamping to make their masters hurry.

       The sounds of preparation, shouts and swords swinging through the air in practice filled the Beriadrim camp atop the hill of Trollshaws. The Othrim were planning an attack, to take the flag of the Beriadrim, no less. They moved rapidly, crossing the Mitheithel River just as the Beriadrim finished their defenses. Young archers stand nervous, fingering their bowstrings and worrying about the future. The more experienced soldiers stand with a confident ease, at one with their weapons, ready to act as ordered. The Swords and Shields unit had thrown themselves into action, digging a series of pits near the bottom of the hill. Their hurry to finish their work did not lessen the qauality of their hammer-strikes, and the pits are done quickly but efficiently. The Beriadrim archers split into two groups, one covering the Swords and Shields, the other disappearing into the trees to provide protection and cover should the Othrim try and flank the pits. Nerves were high on either side, as new and experienced soldiers were thrown together for their first training battle of the year. What would come of the Beriadrim's defensive measures? How would the Othrim scale that hill and take the flag? It all remains to be seen, but at the very least, the soldiers mettle will be tested, as brother, sister, and friend stand off against one another.

Behind the scenes...

       A discussion started about the use of real or blunted weapons in the Regimental Rumble Battle. Using sharp blades and arrows to fight other members of the Host of Imladris was hard and unjust to some. Everyday friends would fight each other and be very able to kill or seriously wound each other in this battle. So the leaders of the Regiments Lilu and Laivindil, and the 1st General of the Host, Laebeth, gathered. They decided the weapons would be blunted, so that the Elves would not get hurt too much in this regiment against regiment, Beriadrim against Othrim battle.

       Both Regiments are in need of extra forces, so go on your way to help out your Regiment on the battlefield. Hurry and get there before the battle is over!

~ Eaglelgae and Eliendriel



The "Assassins" strike!

       For as long as many can remember, there has been peace in the fair valley of Imladris, only occasional troubles with orcs and goblins from the mountains. And then it begins. One morning, an elven maiden is found at the stairs. It seems that she did not see them in the dark and fell to her death. Elves rush to her house, worried and grieved. Some think that it might be more than just an accident and try to work out who could have done such a horrid thing. After long discussions, the elves vote for Eithil to be thrown mercilessly into prison! The elves continue with their daily activities, but now everyone is looking for someone suspicious. One wrong word or movement and you will be suspected. But jailing Eithil does not help, for the next day another elven maiden is found, this time strangled in her bed-sheets, not able to cry out for help. This is surely not accident, and once again the elves start to accuse everyone around them. This time Varda seems to be the suspicious one and is locked up. Next morning yet another maiden is found dead, apparently poisoned. The murderers have left no clue whatsoever, and the angry elves begin to search for a culprit. This time it is Eragorn who is taken to jail, unprotesting. But all are too frightened to resume their duties by now, and they keep searching for an assassin until nightfall. Next morning everyone seems to be there, until a well-known elven maiden is found drowned in the Bruinen. All are distraught, for she was a good friend of many, but perhaps some are only acting, while planning the next murder? This time Avi is taken to prison, though some have doubts, for she was a good friend of the deceased. All are aroused now and do not dare to go to sleep. At dawn another elven maiden is found dead and three elves missing. It becomes known that they even tried to kill the Lords of the valley, Glorfindel and Elrond, but failed. The tracks lead to the mountains, but it is now too late to go looking for them. After releasing those who were clearly innocent from the prison, the elves slowly settle down and the incident is forgotten.

A long time passes, people change, and few still think of the victims from that sad time so long ago. Suddenly one morning a young elf-maiden is found on the ground. It seems that she had fallen from the balcony of her dwellings. Or perhaps she was pushed? As people begin to gather, news began to spread that an elf was not home last night. Some blame him, some think it was but an accident, some blame someone else. At last an elf is locked up, though there are no proofs against him, as opposed to the elf who was not at home. Elves calm down to some extent and go back to their usual business. The next morning someone finds a second maiden, also very young, drowned in the Bruinen. The suspicions of the previous day are renewed and everyone is checked for a sign of damp clothing, but nothing is found. The assassins are indeed clever. Most of the elves suspect one elf and he is jailed. All go back to their homes, wondering if they had jailed everyone responsible or if someone still out there. The next morning yet another maiden is found, hung from her balcony! The murderers have grown bolder, but still no one knows who they are. The elves, once again, begin to trade accusations and in the end half of them want one and the other half another. Eventually another elf is taken away to prison. But even those who are jailed are worried. Can they be sure their cells are safe? It seems nothing is impossible now. Yet another day passes and now the elves' only worry is whether they will wake up the next morning. As they go outside, the first thing they see is a minion, killed in the middle of the night with a brick. Hardly an elf is surprised, but all are frightened. How long will this continue? Again the elves are discussing who might be responsible when suddenly news is brought that another elf was not at home last night. Despite the evidence against him, an elven maid is locked up. Everyone is watchful now and shivers at the darkness falling. Next morning an elven maiden is found in her bed, killed with a dagger. The Elves gathered at her bedside eventually name Avendel, though the elf-maiden herself is not present. Two elves volunteer to go looking for her and take her to jail. After locking her up they release another elf, to everyone’s surprise, and silently slip off. After everyone has recovered from shock and the innocent elves are released, it is too late to go for the assassins, whose identity is now clear. All wonder why they did not think of them before, for the signs were clear, but nothing can be done. Slowly all elves once again calm down and go back to their usual lives, slowly forgetting about the incident. But some still wonder— will it happen again?

~ Gilnessael


Mortal Love Lost

Silent whispers of the past,
Shadows dancing in the light,
Gentle candle burning on,
Alone she stands in the lingering night.

Darkness enters through the window,
Hope forbidden to pass the door,
Crystal tears stain her cheeks,
Sadness so strong her heart is sore.

Ten years after, the pain fades not,
Night recalls a decade of sorrow,
Eve of mourning slowly passing,
Heart remembers the warmth of the ‘morrow.

Wandering out into the night,
Varda’s legacy smiling down,
Gentle footsteps tread forth,
Towards the grave without a sound.

Brave smile spreads on her lips,
Ebony hair reflects the moon,
Frail hand stretches out,
Pale skin touches pale tomb.

Waterfall of tears ensues,
Mended heart remembers the pain,
Niphredil petals shine upon the stone,
Lover’s heart wishes to have been one of the slain.

Dawn rises with pale cool light,
Darkness retreats to let hope once more come,
Figure rises regarding the sun,
Decade beginning anew with hope for the one.

~ Estérel


Feature Articles

The Host of Imladris: Meet one of our Warriors

       Recently, on break from defending our humble home from the threat of dark forces nearby, and before the training battle between Othrim and Beriadrim began, this reporter found herself seated round a campfire, swapping tales and stories with fellow soldiers. One soldier, a Beriadrim Tirn of the Swords and Shields regiment, caught my eye. Named Gilnessael, but called Ness for short, she is a devoted soldier, and was willing to speak of her life, her dreams, and her future.

       Like many who now call Imladris their home, Ness was born in the Greenwood. Like many of those also born in Mirkwood, her days there were marked by tragedy and sadness, and she fled her birth-home to seek a new one. It was to Imladris that she came, to be healed, and Imladris that she would eventually chose to be her home. Ness is an elf of contrasts, as she throws herself into her Army training but also enjoys her training as a healer. This duality is a tribute to her parents, as her father was an accomplished soldier and her mother a dedicated healer, and also because of Ness’ own deep-rooted beliefs. As she said, “ the memories of my and other people’s suffering still are vivid in my mind, and I want to help other people.”

       Ness’ work as a soldier often interferes with her training as a healer, but someday she hopes to be able to reconcile the two. She knows that the path to advancement in the Army is a long and arduous one, causing a Tirn to prove themselves and test themselves time and time again. The same can be said for training as a healer, as there are many levels to be passed. Ness consoles herself with the knowledge that there is time yet before she must chose which path will dictate her life. If she chooses to stay with the Army life, Ness dreams of someday attaining the rank of Caun, and leading troops of her own. But, she confided, “my biggest dream is that some day, even if I will never live to see it, no army will be needed, for peace will be everywhere and with everyone.” Until that day, the Army is a necessary tool to defend and protect, and her advice to all who are interested in joining is “you will not regret it, but when you do join, don’t be afraid to ask for help. It will be a lot easier, trust me!”

       We spent the rest of the night calmed by the fire and the camaraderie, all thoughts of tomorrow banished from our minds. Perhaps someday, Ness’ dreams will be realized.

~ Eliendriel



Tomorrow I’ll rise
And take over the world.
I’ll learn how to fly;
I’ll rise into the sky.
I’ll dive into the rivers
And chat with the fishes
I’ll make million new friends
And learn many things.
I’ll build a new town
And become king.
I’ll greet the bright sun
And go to the moon
I will reach to the stars
And succeed in all that.
I’ll be funny, friendly and kind,
Helpful, strong-willed and mindful.
How am I going to do all of that?!
Oh, I forgot, I have practice at three.
Oh well, some other day.
All this can wait.

~ Gilnessael



       A whisper has reached my ears, friends, that there are some curious of that matter most mysterious, the Derndingle of Mystery. Big things are moving, rushing at great speed to an event the like of which the Plaza has yet to see. Follow the strands, and weave them together – a rich tapestry you will discover. Even now it is of vast proportions, and growing with every passing day, every post made. And brighter still it is for the willingness of those who know naught to aid us, to interact when confusion would detain them from doing so. For just as it is in real life, in Middle-earth, one can never expect things to go as planned, or know what they mean until after the fact... when a richer, deeper world will be unveiled.

       We are, as yet, The Hobbit to Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. A preface. An introduction. The history that supports the greater story. We walk with Bilbo as he finds The Ring, enchanted, dazzled by its simple beauty. Yet stronger undercurrents pull him into a fate for which he is now the catalyst. Soon the story will not be his, as others come to live the tale, to breathe life into a story beyond even their wildest dreams. As it was for them, so it is for us: a story to share, as fate begins its inevitable spiral. And greater still this shall be, for the story shall continue for many, weaving through future threads a depth and history to make the tapestry more beautiful.

       Events are set in motion, the wheels begin to turn – slowly, slowly moving towards destiny’s goal. Strange dreams echo throughout Middle-earth, as both Edain and Edhil hear the whispers of Valar in restless sleep. Journeys begin with a purpose unknown. Fear grows, restless hearts worry as deeper and deeper they’re pulled into the maelstrom. Striding into its midst, Treebeard is called to strange deeds. Leave his home he must, though wander the world he has not for many Ages past. With Edhil and Edain, Naugrim and Periain alike he sets forth. The Walkers. They embark upon a twisting path that entwines the destinies of all, to restore hope. To find what was lost. A dangerous path these Walkers now take, for in them is bound a destiny that encompasses all Ennorath, and there are powers for evil in this world who would see them fail.

       Who will aid them? Who will thwart them? What do they seek? Time will tell.

What evil stirs in the dead of night,
What hope has been rekindled,
A whisper sounds, a dream that lingers,
The Valar speak with riddles.

Man and Elf, Hobbit and Dwarf,
Races join as fellowship born,
The Ent will leave his forest,
A dream will be soon be real.

Beware, beware of shadows dark,
Of dangers long forgotten,
Trust not the fair of face,
For looks can be decieving.

Threads, such threads,
So brightly coloured,
Weaving through the work of Vairë
As paths begin to merge.

Come swiftly my friend,
Before the wrong ears hear my words,
And learn of things far wilder,
Than things that dreams imagine.




A Glimpse into the Mind of the Lady of the Golden Wood


       The Ring of Power... The One Ring that can rule them all... I have dreamt of it, desired it, longed for it... and now...

       It is within my grasp.

       I can feel it coming into Lothlorien. I can feel the Ringbearer. The power of the One Ring calls to me. With it, I can rule Middle-earth. Without it, I am merely Galadriel.

       The Ringbearer offers it to me freely! I have long pondered what I could do with the One Ring on my finger. But now, now that the choice is given to me, I am afraid. No, Frodo, I cannot take the Ring, much as I want to. I know all that the Ring can give me, but it would take over me, consume me...

       Take the Ring, Frodo. Destroy it. Destroy it for Middle-earth. And I—

       I will remain Galadriel.

~ Ventia



Tidings from Abroad

Fangorn Greetings O dwellers in Imladris,

It is with great pleasure that I bring news to you this month from the forest of Fangorn. To begin with, the biggest news of this month is that our dearly beloved Ent, Thom Greenleaf, left Fangorn and now dwells in the Blessed Realm of Valinor as Tom Bombadil. Needless to say that we were very proud of him! However, we were saddened by the fact that he would have to leave us.

The next interesting event of Fangorn was an RPG that allowed members of both parts of Fangorn’s defense system to play together. They are on a search for the snowdrops and everyone is welcomed to join in, even those who aren’t members of Fangorn’s Defense. The snowdrops have mysteriously disappeared this year and no amount of searching seems to bring any results. And then of course what is the reason someone would want to steal all the snowdrops?

A poENTic Challenge is a contest that was opened recently. It is again, opened to all kingdoms and the idea is to find a picture from somewhere that means something to you and then writing a poem based on that picture. We hope to see some spectacular entries from all over Middle-earth! The Writers Woods is Fangorn’s poetry and fiction thread. This is the place where all the Creative Ents gather and recite their works for all to hear. From time to time prompts are given, but you’re not required to follow them. This time the prompt was the ‘sounds of the forest’. It seems strange that such a simple phrase means so many different things to different Ents.

That’s all from the Forest for this month. May the leaf be with you!

~ Celeblasiel



Not much news has come from the tower this past month. It seems the winter season has seen many beloved wizzies leave for a holiday vacation! A tower without these loyal members is hardly a tower indeed. Fortunately, it seems that the tower will be hopping over the next month as the wizzies return to take up the fun. However we have had some news: OASM, the marketplace, has opened its streets for another day, this time the theme is Valentines. You may write a valentine and place it in a basket under a tree in the center of the market, and later on someone will be by to distribute the letters. All of the store keepers are decorating their shops for this special event (though some begrudgingly).

The pub of long lost relatives has also recently opened and everyone seems to be having fun. The requirement for this pub is to try and NPC a character that is a long lost relative of a character in Tolkien’s works. Be it Saruman’s cousin 8 times removed, or Arwen’s dead lover, it’s a lot of fun to see the different combinations that some of the people have come up with. I believe Gimli’s is there right now! Well, that seems to be all the news from abroad this month, but be sure to stop by the Tower and see for yourself.

~ Arseregwen


Khazad-dûm Khazad-Dûm has been relatively quiet this month, with not much hustle or bustle. The month of January is always so terribly cold in the mines, so cold that many dwarves find it much better to stay at home and rest in front of a roaring fire than go out and traipse about the kingdom. But still, Moria did have its fair share of excitement and news. The many dwarves that own racing badgers were thrilled to pieces to find that the first race of the new Inter-Kingdom Racing season started on the ninth! The fierce little badgers of Khazad-Dûm took on the speedy Cheetahs of Imladris, and won! However the luck of the badgers seems to have run out, as they have lost every race since then.

But Badger Racing is not all the excitement to be found in Khazad-Dûm this cold January; the more lore-savvy dwarves were delighted to find the Inter-Kingdom Debate season starting this month! The debate team spent all month long in preparation for their first debate against Tweam Med, the incredible debaters from the Riddermark. The results for the match are not in yet, but the dwarves feel that a victory against such an accomplished team would be just the start that this season needs.

Now, however stimulating racing and debating might be, the real highlight this month was the re-opening of the dwarven army, the mighty Anghak. The army had closed down for some critical restructuring by Lerin and a group of schemers, and it is a good thing the remodeling finished when it did! Word has it that the army has encountered southron forces, but there is no real word as to what the results of the encounter will be. The general population of Khazad-Dûm certainly let loose a sigh of relief when they found the Anghak there to protect them, just in time. Well, that’s all the news for this month, but get ready for more excitement, because February is promising to be a month filled with love and adventure!

~ Mithykins




Welcome to all of Imladris from the wonderful lands of Lothlórien, home of the graceful elven people that live here within the Golden Wood. I myself have made this my home away from home. What is it about the elven people that others seek out, both here in the woods and there in Imladris? Kindness, grace, beauty, and great leaders? Ah! But I could ramble on about all the reasons. For each of you there is a kindred spirit that makes these woods and Rivendell what they are. As I write this, there is a warmth inside. This is my first writing for Lothlórien, so I do hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it for you.

Imfalas and the rest of the Galadhrim served up a big surprise to Maestro Ecaps, in honor of a very special day. Now serving as Ruler, Lord Celeborn, he enjoyed his one year anniversary on January 11th. Congratulations! Also a great musician, Ecaps received many gifts of stringed instruments and all the chocolate he could want. Having known him, spoken to him, and worked for him for many months myself, I can tell you that he is one of the greatest Elves in Lórien. He rules with the same side of himself that is a great person to talk to and a great friend. Do stop by; there is still time to give him your wishes!

Now, where would the great land of Lórien and the Maestro be without a guild to rehearse and play those beautiful instruments? I invite you to a gathering of any and all players to come by the Music Guild of the Ninth Symphony and enjoy the sounds and sights of Lórien’s players. There are still plenty of spots available!

This month is also the kingdom’s anniversary, and many activities are honoring the occasion. First of all, the Anniversary Sparring Competition is a delightful way to get out the stress you are feeling. In a forest clearing, you may choose an opponent and get ten tries, all with blunt weapons, of course. If there is no clear victor, the master of the dueling grounds, Firien Echui, will pass judgment. All are welcome, but be sure to sign in according to the posted instructions. From what I have seen, there are some great fighters here for you to watch and cheer on.

Perhaps you are saying to yourselves, "Where will our fighters go after they have won?" Well, more than likely to participate in Galadriel’s Anniversary Cook-off, a gathering of cooks of all races and kingdoms. The dishes have Middle-earth names, and perhaps you can make a new recipe while you are there! You may enter up to three categories, one entry per category. From the looks of it so far, my mouth is watering already.

Next we stroll to the Gardens of Lórien. Under normal occasions, it would just have a café, reflection pond, and all the other many splendors that make it a great place to help out in the winery, pick fruit from the orchard, or perhaps pick up some herbs for healing purposes. But plans have been laid for a special evening in the Gardens of Celebration. Formal dress is required, and a tent has been spread out in the center with silver utensils upon the tables. You will be treated to this season’s fine wines and excellent cheeses. So dress up, bring your friend or mate, and come try the garden and all it has to offer. What better place to meet a new friend or chat with those who came with you?

So many things are going on in Lorien that it would take me many pages to list them all. Here are a few more worth keeping an eye on. First off there is The Lawn of Lorien, where you may walk upon a field of green with great mallorn trees and a waterfall just down the way. An enchanting place where all are welcome, this is where I find my peace of mind and serenity. Then there is The Stargazers of Lothlórien, with whom you may ride in a swan boat out on the river and share stories of the stars. Also, one must not forget the Forges of the Forest, where you will get weapons and items made with the greatest care and finest materials. Last but not least, The Companions of the Palantír continue their journey, and have met many a twist and on their road to destiny. Hopefully they will succeed in their quest!

~ Goldmoon


Minas Tirith The White City is sometimes a place where travelers find themselves lost. Whether it is from the confusing navigation of the seven levels or just from the normal organized chaos it is hard to say. But visitors to Minas Tirith this past week were lucky enough to say that they had witnessed the infamous Gondorian Cart Racing teams. Spectators, Gondorian and visitor alike, were reported to have lined the streets of the first and second level. There they were the first to see the first place cart from Team Tauralinta racing by. Unfortunately for the shop owners and buyers in the Marketplace, the racing atmosphere seemed to disturb a rather peaceful day of trading. Despite this, the day went forward, as did trading.

Around the city, where cart racing and trading was not in session, Inter Kingdom racing took center stage! For the second week in a row, Minas Tirith hosted an Inter Kingdom racing meet. Having claimed the first place trophy the previous week, the Skunks of the White City look to be in good shape for another win, this time again the visiting Imladris Cheetahs!

Outside of the city though, the young rangers of the Elite Range Company were hard at work again. Guided by their skilled instructors, officers and veteran soldiers alike, these students of war managed to get through their training and the long days it entailed. So as another month is recorded in our books the sun begins to rise again on the White City, bringing its citizens and visitors a new day to enjoy!

~ Leinwe Kalthwin


Mordor Mordor, the land of pain. A feeling that you free peoples are far too unfamiliar with for my liking. This is where the strength of Middle-earth lies, something that you know in your eyes even if you are fearful of admitting it. As I doubt if many of you have dared to enter the land of Darkness and Shadow, I shall enlighten you into the goings on within our most foul home, in the hope that news of Mordor shall help you see enlightenment and turn you to darkness forever.

Please allow me to begin by informing you that Mordor, contrary to your feeble hopes, is as strong if not stronger than ever. Long have you grown fat under the comfort of your false beliefs that our army is fragmented and disorganised, and to some extent you may have been correct. But you are correct no longer. Under the watchful eyes of the Dark Lords, the reborn Minion Parliament has introduced extreme reforms to Mordor’s army. The reforms have seen a variety of responses and in true minion style there was no common agreement on how to implement them, but fortunately the government of Minas Morgul headed by Inzilbeth was more than capable of sifting through the ideas and coming up with feasible solutions.

Elsewhere in our Dark Land minions have been anything but idle with the Inter Kingdom Archery contest creating a fierce battle of dexterity and skill that at present has Turin and Ghasabau locked in close competition, each one trying to get a lead on the other. At this moment, it is anybody’s guess as to which minion shall prevail.

Unfortunately not all of Mordor is present to witness this tournament. Instead they all seem to be partaking in the traditional and highly respectable minion practice of frequenting pubs. And this month the denizens of Mordor have been blessed with two pubs. The first coming in the form of the grotesque and mentally disturbing Tricksy Lights pub, and the second coming in the form of the SSS Lugburz, a cruise upon Lake Nurnen that I personally guarantee will sink based upon the track record of all floating pubs in Mordor. As far as I can recall not one has returned to dock, and the bottom of Lake Nurnen must be getting really crowded.

By now, however, I am sure that either three things have happened to you reader. You have either gone to sleep, run away to hide, or turned to the side of darkness. The point however is that you shall either now be too frightened to come to our Dark Land, or already be making your way there. So do please allow me to bid you farewell. If you do dare come to Mordor, then I shall find you. And we shall speak again.

~Byg Sci



Westu hal! or Suilad mellyn nín. Great tidings I bring to you from the great lands of the Rohirrim, ruled by the Great M'Lord Éomer and M'Lady Éowyn. There are many unique and gratifying things to be found here in Rohan this month. This being my first writing to you, I'm hoping for your patience and understanding if iI seem a bit nervous.

Of course no Riddermark would be complete without its very own Riddermarket, abundant in anything from clothiing, to saddles, or candles for that someone special, to meat straight from the butcher. All our shop owners will welcome you and take good care of you to meet all your needs, so make sure you stop by there and have a look, meet someone there or take just some time to look around.

Now , most of you have seen a throne room before, but I personally had the pleasure of going there for the first time since I had joined many many days ago. To say that I was not nervous would be a slight understatement. I was petrified! But knowing that I would soon be entering the Cavalry, I had gone there to pledge my sword to my beloved King and land. Well, one foot in the door, and I could tell that it was immaculate. The floors alone sent goosebumps down my arms with all the runes there. The whole place was breathtaking. And meeting the King and Queen? They were kind and generous as any other person you would meet on any public street.

No town would be complete without their very own inn. Getale and Cnith, owners of The Aeldsel Inn, are always gathering up some new idea on what to serve or on the latest weather. Perhaps they are hosting a cheese celebration, or it could even be a very windy and snowy day outside. As it happens to be right now! The weather is terrible, and they fear a severe snowstorm. So if you are in the area, be careful to stop in and warm yourself and meet a few friends.

An Archery Tournament? Now this should prove to be interesting, a competition between Kingdoms. The Riddermark will be getting ready to go against Lórien to see who will be moving up in the tourney. Then whoever wins out of all kingdoms will be given a reward. This is going on now, so keep up with your Kingdom for the latest news on who is winning.

Lastly we have a grab bag— or saddlebag— of fun activities. The Riddermard Aerendgewrit is where you can write your favorite rider of choice a few notes or a whole big letter. All supplies necessary are there for you. The Caption Contest has some really great pictures with entertaining remarks on them; the game is riders-only, but spectators will have a laugh too! The Mettare: A Feast and More is for all to enjoy. Come in, have fun, and let Rohan make you feel welcome. And if you are are stopping by The Riddermark, remember that Beneath every Rider, there is an even Greater Rohirrim Horse!

Well, my Lords and Ladies of Imladris, I do hope that you have found this enjoyable. This is Goldmoon of Rohan bring you the best of the best from a place she calls her home, Rohan.

~ Your Roaming Reporter,


The Shire

Of Renewals and Beginnings

The snow still comes and piles up near my mahogany, rounded door, but I hardly notice it anymore. Neither do I think that the rest of my Shire is paying much attention to the weather. Instead, this past month of January has been full of energy, surprises, and excitement. Brand new activities, exciting events, organizations, and leaders have arisen to lead my Shirefolk for the new year ahead – if I did not know any better, I would say that spring is already here.

The very day Hobbits were thinking up their New Years’ resolutions, in fact, the Istari Illuminator’s Guild arrived in town as if nothing had ever changed ever since we saw Gandalf last with his fireworks. Their delightful Fireworks Show proved a popular attraction all throughout the month -- along with the re-opening of our famous Green Dragon Inn, and the debut of our first edition of theTuckborough Tribune. Thanks to Tari Boffin and Istya Alassea, the newspaper proved a joy for all at a time when our Shire Leaves and Shire Grove editors were taking a good and relaxing break from all their hard work!

In fact, our two Shire Leaves editors had the perfect right for a break. After a two-year long engagement, Endymion and Prisca Boffin finally pledged their vows to each other on January 2nd in a huge wedding ceremony here in the Shire. It was a joy and an unforgettable party for anyone who came, and the Shire Fire orchestra provided the music for the couple’s first dance.

Yet if they had post-poned their marriage just a little longer, the happy couple would have gained the privileges of two other dramatic and exciting changes that occurred here in the Shire just recently. After a little over a month of uncertainty and doubt, the Shire Fire orchestra announced on January 21st that they had chosen a new and permanent conductor to lead them, Hanna Banks. Already promising to be a wonderful and skillful leader, she would have been the conductor in charge at the wedding! The very next day as well, Istya Alassea opened the doors to a brand new organization called The Shire Party Planners. Open to foreigners both in staff and clientele, the SPP promises to be an exciting service for anyone who would like a hand or two in planning for parties of any kind, weddings, receptions, and even major kingdom events.

So now that the Shire’s long-anticipated Scouring of the Shire RPG has opened in what is now the frantic and frightened setting of Hobbiton, the Shire Players’ play of Snow Elf and the Seven Hobbits has finally come to a joyous close, and the Dear Rosie office has re-opened with new topics and Garnet Meadowcap as its new “Rosie” ... could anyone really say the Shire is still experiencing its winter? I must say that I think I already smell all our lovely-scented spring flowers amongst all of this activity. It’s time that I go out in my garden and plant some rose seeds.

~ Istya Alassea



The Peoples of Aman have this month been blessed with a new Maia in their midst, the esteemed Tom Bombadil. Of course, yours truly is not assuming that Tom Bombadil is a Maia. We don't know what he is. But just to be convenient, for the course of this article, he is a Maia. Anyway. Most of the Valar seemed pleased with Bombadil — who, for some peculiar reason, likes to be called "Thom" — although several of them were spotted sulking in a corner. Nessa, for instance, was hoping for a Arda-wide musician's career, but fears Bombadil is a league too far. Her husband, Tulkas, seems to be disappointed to have another soul in Valinor who prefers music to violence. The Vala did not state this explicitly, but most attending the "Immortality Welcomes You"-party got the message when he tried to smash Bombadil to a pulp with his hammer.

Onwards with the rest of the gossip from the Undying Lands. Rumour has it that Varda is going to elope with Ulmo, but neither of them wishes to comment on this. Varda pretended not to hear the reporter and continued creating a star sign after Ulmo's likeness, and Ulmo threatened to turn my family into a giant jellyfish, so I wisely retreated. Meanwhile, it is confirmed that Yavanna burnt down her own pastures to claim insurance money. Unfortunately for her, shortly after the fire the Undying Lands Police Task Force found Arien gagged and bound with vines in a nearby shed, so she has been arrested on charges of arson and abduction. Her husband, Aulë, went to Mandos in despair, asking the latter what the outcome of his wife's trial would be. As usual, Mandos refused to speak unless what he's going to say involves the End. Aulë then asked Estë if she could put a sleeping enchantment on all the guards at the Valimar State Prison, but Estë refused, saying she was busy peeling tangerines for dinner. In short, it has been an eventful month in Valinor. We look forward to Yavanna's trial (which will be broadcast LIVE on VNN!), and hope that Tom Bombadil will enjoy his new place of dwelling.

~ Arlo Cúthalion



Crafts, Language and Lore

Lore Matters

       Elrond Half-Elven was, is one of the greatest Elven Lords in history of Arda. Although Half-Elven, he has chosen to live as an Elf, and in his many years, he has done great things.

       Elrond was born in First Age, year 525, at the Havens of Sirion. When the Havens were attacked, Elrond and his brother Elros were taken as captives by the Sons of Fëanor. They were not captives for long. Maglor, one of Fëanor’s sons, took pity on the children and released them. When Elrond was found, he was playing in a cave behind a waterfall, and that is how he got the name Elrond (meaning: “Elf of the Cave”). His parents, Earendil and Elwing, were both half-elven, and after the war in Beleriand between Valar and Morgoth, he was given a choice: he could be counted among the Elves, or among Men. He chose the older race, while his brother Elros, who had the same choice, choose Men and became the first king of Numenor. Elrond stayed in Lindon with High King of Noldor, Gil-galad.

       After the invasion of Eriador by Sauron, which happened in the middle of Second Age, Elrond founded a refuge in a hidden valley near the west side of the Misty Mountains. Its name was Imladris, or Rivendell in the common speech. Elrond lived in Imladris for the rest of his life in Midde-earth. At the end of the Second Age, he marched with Gil-galad and Elendil in the Last Alliance against Mordor. Before they marched to Mordor, Elrond received from Gil-galad one of the Great Rings, Vilya, the Ring of Air. He married Celebrían, daughter of Celeborn and Galadriel, in year 109 of the Third Age. She gave birth to three children: Arwen Evenstar, and the twins, Elladan and Elrohir. She was kidnapped by Orcs in the Misty Mountains, but although Elladan and Elrohir saved her, and Elrond healed her body, her soul was beyond healing and she departed to Valinor soon after. Arwen, Elrond's daughter, was said to be reincarnation of Lúthien Tinuviel, the most beatiful of all Eru's Children. She forsook her immortallity to marry Aragorn, King of Arnor and Gondor.

       In the Third Age, Elrond was one of the leading members of the White Council, which worked against Sauron. He lived in Middle-earth for exactly 6527 years.

~Feanor Elf


A Taste of Elvish

Celebrating Love...

‘Tis the time of year to celebrate love, be it betwixt parent and child, brother and sister, or two whose hearts have found one another. Here, courtesy of Hallmark Of Rivendell, are some ways to express your feelings to those who are dear to you:

Gwedhin guil nín go lín/gín. ~ “I bind my life with yours.”

Im gennen na lúth lín/gín. ~ “I am caught by your spell.”

Lam lín/gín anna ’lass enni. ~ “Your voice gives me joy.”

Le/gen gwannathon allú. ~ “I will never leave you.”

Methal/methach nin. ~ “You complete me.”

Reno nin. ~ “Remember me.”

Ingo o nin. ~ “Think of me.”

Miston ned ôl vain. ~ “I am straying in a beautiful dream.”

Guren pathrannen na ‘lass. ~ “My heart is filled with joy.”

~ Taramiluiel


How-to: Dry Herbs

       As a healer, I use herbs all the time. In the winter months and the time I spend travelling around Middle-earth, it is vital that I have my healer pouch full of herbs. So how do I keep my plants in peak condition? Let's see.

Drying Long-Stemmed Leafy Herbs

Step One:
Harvest your herbs in the early morning hours just after the dew has dried off the leaves. Next, clean the herbs by carefully rinsing the stems in water and shake gently to dry.

Step Two:
Gently pick off and remove any dead or discoloured leaves with your fingers. Gather the stems into small bunches of 4-5 stems in each. Tie the ends together with string.

Step Three:
Hang bunches upside down in a warm, dark, dust free, well-ventilated area such as an attic.

Step Four:
Take down bunches of herbs in two to three weeks — when the herbs are dry and brittle. Strip the leaves from stems. Store these dried leaves in small containers, or in your healer pouch for journeys!

       Now you are able to have your own home-grown herbs at hand all year round!

~ Avi_Aiel


Comments on Camping


       Some of you know me as the Piper, the one who travels here and there with his set of panpipes and the seeming need to wander from place to place. Well, that is true, and as such I have gained much experience in making camps, whether for a single night or for a longer period of time. When I was asked to consider writing this series of articles for you I jumped at the chance, simply because it is such a wonderful activity — to sleep beneath the stars in the middle of nowhere with no one to disturb you except for the occasional animal in the vegetation.

Choosing a Camping Place

       One of the first and most important things to consider when camping is where to do it— by this I mean how to select a Camp Site. There are several things which need to be considered. The first and by no means least important is where you happen to be. Hobbits camping in Mordor are sadly not guaranteed to survive the night, for things do go Bump! So ensure that the locals are friendly or if not that they will not find you!

       If possible, having a nearby supply of drinking water is always good. Boil it if you can to be sure that it is pure, or if not then add some gentle acid to it. A ready source of this could be the juice from a lemon (a Haradian Fruit) or perhaps a good wine — anything to make it slightly acidic but keeping it potable.

       Next the ground should be well-drained, and higher than the water source to ensure that it will not flood. Clay soils and peaty bogs are not recommended! If using tents or other forms of portable shelter, then try to pick a level site, or one with the requirements for your shelter. If you like to be roused by the Sun, then pitching your tent or making your feet face the South East will ensure that the morning Sun strikes your face!

       When cooking, fires are often needed, and for this I recommend finding a site with a plentiful or readily available source of firewood, preferably dry and not taken from still growing trees. Green wood doesn’t like to burn anyway; dry dead wood from the floor of the forest would be more suitable. Also remember to make the fire away from the shelter if it is made of cloth or other flammable materials; downwind is also a good idea!

       Shelter of some form is always preferable to pure air. If you are not carrying one yourself, then do not be tempted to sleep beneath the tallest tree — a sure way to encourage lightning if there is a storm! Always try to examine the branches to ensure they are not going to fall on you in the night. Even hedges can work as windbreaks to shield you from the prevailing wind if nothing else is present.

       Remember too that it is usually preferable to find your site before the sun sets so that you can be all settled in for the night as the sun sinks in the West. Hopefully these comments will assist you and I will be back next month with more for you!

~ Thomah Grunlea (Wanderer)


Olthad Laer

Often when the dead of Winter
Grips with ice the brooks and streams,
I can hear the Summer music,
If I hide myself in dreams.

Under tree, as I gaze upward
Leaves of Greenwood shade my eyes.
Gently curving, shapes of branches
Rise above me to the skies.
Far above me in the treetops
Birds are calling, each to each.
Feathered spirits in the sunlight
Gather there, to learn and teach.
Hear the voice of Summer singing!
Birds the woodland wisdom keep!
Ever here would I lie dreaming
In Lasgalen's arms, asleep.

~ Ancalima


Puzzles and Games

Mystery Code

The Elves delight in the devising of different systems for representing words. Each number represents a letter, and to help you I have already given you a few hints. This piece of advice was given to Frodo by a wise Elf in The Fellowship of the Ring. Good luck!


25 10 12  
11 21 2 12  
11 24 22 16 2  
21 1  
14 16 16

14 8 24 4 25  
7 24 4 :   7 24 4  
18 14 15   3 12 15 18 12

7 24 4 22 1 12 16 9 12 1   21 15 ,   8 4 25   7 24 4

18 14 15 15 24 25   3 24 22   12 9 12 22   3 12 15 18 12   21 25

24 4 25 .      CLUES:
.      F=3, I=21, N=15, O=24, W=11

Bonus question Which Elf said these words?

~Istya Alassea



An original riddle for you.
(answer in credits below)

I am long but short,
I last forever,
Yet there is never enough of me
What am I?

~High Elf


       Well, I am back! Yes, indeed! I know you all missed me. I get an avalanche of letters every day:

       "When are you coming back, Weny?"
       "The Herald isn't the same without you!"
       "Your subscription to Archer Weekly has expired, please..."

Oh har de har har! Who stuck that in there?
       Anyway, since we are coming upon that Day of Love pretty soon, I thought letters with a love theme would be appropriate, so on with the letters!


Dear Weny,

       I love my elven wife, I really do. However, every time I want to goand watch the game with the other boys she always gives me a hard time. What do I do to get her to see that I need to spend time with other Eldar?

~ Frustrated in Fangorn

Dear Frustrated,

       You'd best get used to it. You can't hope to outlive her and arguing with an elven woman is worse than anything I can imagine easily without nightmares. You have to live with her forever you know, so my suggestion is to take up another hobby. It will save you an eternity of grief!

~ Weny


Dear Weny,

       I am an orc who has no idea what to get my mate for the Day of Love. Any suggestions?

~ Musing in Mordor

Dear Musing,

       What's the matter with you? Smack your mate over the head and drag her back to your cave. Why are you even writing to me? You're an orc asking about the Day of Love? I have seen many things over the millenia, but this really takes the lembas!

~ Weny


After that I think I need to lay down. I mean really! Well, be good y'all and don't miss me too much! 'Til next time!


(inspired by Edward Gorey’s Gashleycrumb Tinies)

Previous letters: A ~ B ~ C ~ D ~ E ~ F



The Lay of Imladris

The continuing memoirs of Lord Slosh, formerly Lord Eyebrows.

Previous installments:
Part the First. ~ Part the Second. ~ Part the Third ~ Part the Fourth
Part the Fifth ~ Part the Sixth ~ Part the Seventh ~ Part the Eighth
Part the Ninth ~ Part the Tenth

Part the Eleventh

Lórien then lured Ally hither,
And o'er hills was she doomed to roam;
And forth she hastened, pink and fleet,
And gasped at moonbeams glistening.
To Golden Wood, her newfound home
She kindly ruled on dancing feet,
And left Arlo lonely still to roam
In the silent valley listening.

~Arlo Cúthalion            


Aragorn on the Hotseat!

Astaldor: Mae govannen, Mister Elessar!
Aragorn: Mae govannen, Estérel.

Astaldor: Ooh on first name terms now are we? Aren’t I honoured! Anyway, thank you for allowing me to come here today. What a lovely city you have here. Very tiring work to climb up though, all those steps.
Aragorn: Well yes, there are Seven Circles—

Astaldor: Why not squares? Or Spheres perhaps? At least were they spheres we could climb up them and abseil down.
Aragorn: The city of Minas Tirith has always been circular.

Astaldor: Fair enough. So, what is it like being King?
Aragorn: I do my duty to my people. A King was needed to return, and so—

Astaldor: No, no, no, I mean really. Don’t you get bored wearing that heavy crown? Do councilors get you down? Much paperwork to do? How many meetings per day? How do you work our your country’s budget? What about social security and healthcare? Education?
Aragorn: I am afraid I don’t know what you are talking about...

Astaldor: Never mind about that, I’ll edit that from the tape. So, do you intend to form a parliament anytime soon? Do you intend to hand half of your power over to a Prime Minister or something similar?
Aragorn: Well, no-

Astaldor: So you mean to keep supreme power for yourself? Isn’t that a little too much like dictatorship?
Aragorn: I am no dictator.

Astaldor: No of course you aren’t Mister Elessar. I wouldn’t dream of slandering you! What I meant was, isn’t it hard to rule your people effectively and fairly being the one with supreme power? Look what happened in Russia.
Aragorn: Where?

Astaldor: Never mind. Anyway, moving on. How is life with Arwen? Any children on the way yet?
Aragorn: Arwen and I are very happy together.

Astaldor: That reply sounds a little manufactured... isn't that what all men
say who aren’t happy with their wives? What’s wrong with her? Is it her attitude? Her bad habits? Did she change her mind again about going West?
Aragorn: Arwen and I are-

Astaldor: Why didn't you choose Éowyn? She never stole a horse from an elf, did she? Due to that, some say that Arwen should have a criminal record. It can’t look good for a King to have a horse-thief for a wife, now, can it?
Aragorn: My wife is not a criminal.

Astaldor: Again, of course not, no slander has passed my lips! Anyway... why didn’t you choose Éowyn? I thought men preferred blonds?
Aragorn: Excuse me?

Astaldor: So does Arwen have any bad habits? Biting her nails, snoring? There must be something...
Aragorn: That is not an appropriate question.

Astaldor: My apologies. I’ll bet she’s the kind to hog the covers though, right? And she’s the melodramatic kind from what I have heard. But I’ll leave the subject of your wife for another time. So, what are your plans for the future as a King?
Aragorn: To keep peace in this land.

Astaldor: Oh, nothing else? What about sixty-percent of working class teens into Higher Education? What about lowering VAT and Income Tax?
Aragorn: I beg your pardon?

Astaldor: Oh, never mind. This has been a most informative interview, Mister Elessar. Thank you for your time!

~ Estérel Astaldor



Aw, look, the Witch-king has sent us a Valentine all the way from the dungeons of Barad-dûr!

Q: Do uruk-hai celebrate Valentine's Day?
A: Sure, they're very SCENTiMENtal!

Q: What did the mûmakil say to his girlfriend?
A: "I love you a ton!"

~ ~ ~

       History of Valentine’s Day in Middle-earth (from an ancient scroll found in the Minas Tirith library): In the beginning, the Valar believed that the 14th of February was the day that birds selected their mates. Hence the term "lovebirds." They couldn't figure out how to save the two trees of Valinor, but they had time to think up witty phrases like “lovebirds.”

       The first Valentine’s Day card was officially sent around 300 of the First Age, a Haldirmark fold out, from a Noldor prisoner in Angband. The card was actually a cryptic message detailing her part in the plot of his escape. Unfortunately, the she-elf was flattered by the message of love and ignored the plan. Later her husband was hung to his death on Thangorodrim.

~ ~ ~

Arwen’s Love and Marriage Dictionary:

Argument (ar*gyou*ment) n. A discussion that occurs when I’m right, but Aragorn just hasn't realized it yet.

Blonde jokes (blond joks) n. Jokes that are short so the Rohirric men can understand them.

Hairdresser (hare dres*er) n. Someone who is able to create a style I will never be able to duplicate again. See "Mithrandir."

Eternity (e*ter*ni*tee) n. The last two minutes of a Pellenor Pigskin game.

Exercise (ex*er*siz) v. To walk up and down the Minas Tirith Marketplace, occasionally resting to have a servant make a purchase for me.

Patience (pa*shens) n. The most important ingredient for dating, marriage and children. See also "miruvor."

~ Rohanna


The Burning of Lake-town

As sure as evening shall follow day,
To rest the folk of Laketown lay,
And sweet mothers to children sing,
Of fox that runs and bird on wing.

Gently lap the white capped waves,
A herald singing of watery graves,
Moonlight shines a burning white,
A herald singing of fiery light.

As hazy memories of work well done,
Upon the docks ’neath noontide sun,
Mingle with the dreams of tomorrow,
The hearts of goodfolk hear no sorrow.

Gently lap the white capped waves,
A herald singing of watery graves,
Moonlight shines a burning white,
A herald singing of fiery light.

As in slumber the people rest,
Red-hot fire the waves will crest,
Soaring, wheeling through dead of night,
The dragon comes with no respite.

Gently lap the white capped waves,
A herald singing of watery graves,
Moonlight shines a burning white,
A herald singing of fiery light.

As the timbers groan and crack,
Seering fires stain them black,
Listen as the children scream,
Thinking this a fiery dream.

Gently lap the white capped waves,
A herald singing of watery graves,
Moonlight shines a burning white,
A herald singing of fiery light.

As sweet mothers weep and wail,
The dragon dost the men asail,
With arrows sharp and broken flint,
Yet his leathery hide naught can splint.

Gently lap the white capped waves,
A herald singing of watery graves,
Moonlight shines a burning white,
A herald singing of fiery light.

As all around burns and homes are lost,
A bird doth come and Bard accost,
Whistle sweetly, oh little bird,
In tongue that Men of Dale once heard.

Gently lap the white capped waves,
A herald singing of watery graves,
Moonlight shines a burning white,
A herald singing of fiery light.

As cries of stricken fade to naught,
With well shot arrow Smaug is caught,
Upon his breast where jewels don’t shine,
Thus ends the fiery dragon line.

Gently lap the white capped waves,
A herald singing of watery graves,
Moonlight shines a burning white,
A herald singing of fiery light.


~ Ruiniel


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