Parth Lefnui ~ Volume V
Pennas Urime ~ August Issue

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Story of a Battle

Leaving the valley...
Although in full armour,
Only dimly aware of the task,
Even laughing on the road.
Then arriving, setting up tents.
At first careless,
Then worried and afraid.
"Gather in ranks!"
Sounds through the camp.
Fear takes you over...
"Attack!" and you run,
Hasty to meet your fate,
The enemy nears,
The shouts are defeaning,
Catapults, archers work on both sides
Sound of arrows and stones whizzing.
"Will I live?" Will they live?"
You'll probably be in pain after the battle.
Not admitting it even to yourself,
You're afraid of the pain.
Drawing your sword,
Feeling a bit more secure
With familiar hilt in your hand.
You reach the enemy lines,
Dodging the swords.
Your friends already fighting.
Suddenly you are attacked,
Creature ugly, stinking and dirty
Strangely is good fighter.
You dodge, attack, defend.
Block, jump away and attack,
Using all of your skills.
But a poisoned arrow
Becomes your doom,

Piercing your arm. 
Through the pain you fight 
But you're exhausted soon.

Pain is too blinding
Only once you miss the blade of the foe. 
But it is enough. 
It pierces you. 
The pain... 
One cannot decribe it. 
You crumble to the ground. 
Thinking, that might well be 
the last second upon this earth. 
With no hope of waking up, 
You give in to the pain 
And close your eyes. 
The orc has no time to finish

Its business, a kick in your stomach 
And he leaves, attacking another

You wake up...

Still feeling the terrible pain 
You can't see, 
Half concsious, half not... 
Muffed voices still reach you.

You don't understand the words

That they say. 
Afraid to speak and not able to. 
Dimly you feel that 
You are lifted up 
And carried through the field. 
You manage to think that 
You are now captured 
And in for a torture. 
Then you know no more. 

At last you come to your senses.
It's quiet around you. 
Only soft whisper is heard. 
You are tired and sleepy, 
Feeling numbed pain. 
Bitter taste is in your mouth. 
Fealing sick and nauseous, 
Exhausted, burning and cold, 
Shaking all over, 
Thirsty, not able to speak. 
You at last open your eyes. 
A tent is around you, 
Soon able to see somewhat more clearly. 
You notice familar faces, 
Standing by you. 
You desire some water. 
Taking an extraordinary effort, 
Words escape your mouth 
"Nin, iesten, nin!" 
Sounds parched whisper. 
Relieved face of your best friend 
Appears just above you. 
"Oh, at last you're awake. 
We were so worried, you know!" 
Words fare filled with both 
Laughter of joy and 
Tears of seeing you weak. 
Gentle hands support you, 
While you swallow some water. 
Your mind's a bit clearer, 
Understanding you're safe. 
Still worrying about others 
And state of your own. 
"Will I be alright?" 
You ask in weak voice. 
"Yes, of course! 
You'll be alright very soon. 
Just sleep and rest now." 
A hot steaming liquid 
Touches your lips. 
You recognise the familiar taste 
Of niphredil, elanor of willow bark. 
Slowly you drink, 
The Liquid's burning your mouth. 
Covered warmly with blankets, 
Pain is all gone 
And you're getting sleepy. 
Soon to be away in distant dreams. 
Waking up again, 
among those most dear to you. 
They're alright, 
And soon you're too. 
Days pass

Sleeping and waking up.
Wandering between 
The dream and the reality 
Soon you're able to stand and to walk. 
Then you can ride. 
So you ride back to Imladris, 
back to your home. 
Glag of the Host leading your way.

~ Tinessael


Guilds and Groups

Army Report

In this last month, the Army had undergone many changes. Lord Elrond recalled Lilu Olnathron and Nubor, a former Rivendell who is now taking a commanding role in the Host using his Lothlórien Guard Experience to enrich the Host. He said:" Even though Imladris isn't my current home, it was my first. I got an eagle communiqué asking for me to do this, so whatever I can do to help." We like to welcome these two recalled Officers to Rivendell and the Host of Imladris.

Captain Rílomë has engaged part of the Host to find the Missing Healers and is leading a group of Healers, Aphadrim and Taidrim to rescue them. The last time I heard, the group was in a bad way in the Mountains where the Great Cave is near Goblin Town.

The search of the Missing Officers continues and our group of Soldiers have followed the group into a cave, A very confusing situation, with all its turn and 2 of the Officer were severely wound and it seems hopeless. Yet, they press on, and we wish for them to be home soon, recovered and whole. The Host of Imladris finished its Survey in the middle of the month and we hope the officers will be able to pattern a workable plan to get more Elves interested in joining the Host to defend Imladris.

~ Súlimé


Gwaith i-Nestoer

Gwaith i-Nestoer has been quiet recently, leaving everyone with the question: "What are those Healers up to?" To rid the readers of their misery, I have come to report on the activities going on.

Congratulations to Isiliel, our new Aphador, whom has passed her Test and was promoted from Taidor to Aphador this month.

After the kidnapping of the Minestor and Tanestor by a gang of 30 orcs on wargs, a search began in a conjoint effort with the Host of Imladris and the Healers of the Gwaith Nestad. Our newest Aphador, Isiliel had her hands full. Our newest Taidor, Saydet, was having to learn fast in order to help Isiliel. Númellotë and the other Nestoers who had not been the targets of the kidnapping were also overworked, especially since Aphador Súlimé had been send back to Imladris to get more supplies. They have followed the orcs through Rivendell and then overland to the High Pass through the Hithaeglir. Right now, they are above the tree-line, about half a day behind the Orcs. The Orcs and captives have reached the cave at the top of the High Pass, and have split into 2 groups. The searchers found a dying Taidor on the way up. Then they came across a Nestoer with a head injury, a broken upper bone of the arm and clavicle, and a possible rib fracture as well.

The Minestor and the Tanestor have been taken to a cavern near Goblin-town. There is a cave at the top of the High Pass. At the back of the cave is a crack in the wall big enough to pass through, which leads to a tangle of corridors and leads them after a 5 mile walk to the Great Cavern, along with half the Orcs and wargs.

In the meantime, the search party is making camp for the night. The Orc-leader has spotted their location from his vantage point, just as the sun goes down. The Nestoer who had been found on the path, was proving to be a real nuisance. He has a bad attitude, and this reporter cannot imagine how he has ever been admitted having been so arrogant.

~ Súlimé



At the end of July, Fuin Elda was voted once again to be the artist of the month, as the last time before she took up her duties as the co-curator of Elven Artist Association. This month's topic for both threads is The Second Age.

Popular this month are drawings of characters; there are two drawings of Galadriel, one from Elli and another by Aredhriel of Gondor, both completely different. Del posted a cheerful drawing of young Cirdan and Arien sent a very ebil and scary-looking drawing of Sauron. Many people have shared with us drawings of their characters, among them Fuin's very grim and sad Fuin and Saydet for Fir's story, Tari's wild drawing of a woman in pen, Rilome's fair Anarie done with pastels and Arien's reading woman Adrienne.

Arien also posted delicious blueberries, Minas Tirith, and an amazing enormous maze along with Aule's hammer, wrench, and electric outlet. Rilome, a frequent visitor to the EAA this month, posted her drawn hand and two birds, one only done in pencil and second colored in pastels. Tari posted a photo of a clay box lid, with a phoenix. Jano posted four manipulated photos, which will be soon turned into letters for a large project.

In the digital thread many of bright-coloured photos of flowers seem to be a trend, starting with Bonnie Bell of the Shire and followed by Arien, Fee and photo manip(ulation)s of tulip field of Gala. Also, many works are somehow connected to water-starting with Jano's seaside photos, most of them done with a usual camera, mind you (!), Arien's photos of seaside, tortured with different tools of Photoshop and Gala's middle-earthy views of a river. Among other interesting works are Estel's black-and-white nightphoto of a tree in the graveyard and a collage of a face and Marak's curious altering of a drawing by Roger Garland, Pelargir. It was followed by Fean's collage "City girl" and Arien's photos of fluffy clouds, resembling many things from trees to butterflies. Of course, not all of amazing works of art can be retold in words.

~ Tinessael


Gwaith i-Nestoer

Some days seem as though they will last forever and others flit by almost without a trace it seems. It has been such a month with us at Govannas in Glirdain and started on the first day of the month with events that will last long in my own memory at least, as Saranna and I were privileged to take up the leadership of the guild from Princess Idril and, with Laifana and Ann-thannath, will carry the Bards banner into a new chapter of endeavour and fresh challenges.

Our first day, with Laifana and myself as High Bards, and Ann-thannath joining Saranna as Taidril, was also marked by the official passing of Feowen Súrindis, Bombadilltom of the Shire and Ann-thannath once more, into the roll of honour as Senior Bards. As part of the new approach to running the guild, the Senior Bards may also accept membership of the Govannas household. This is not a new idea by any means, as Laifana and myself had that honour on becoming Senior Bards ourselves, but in the future we hope to see our household members play as active a role as they wish in the future running of the guild and so broaden the pool of experience and wisdom in counsel when the High Bards and the Taidrils are striving to make improvements and ensure the guild flourishes and remains a joy for all Imladris to share.

So our day of announcements was a happy time for all and dearest Bomba delighted us all almost continuously with a heady mix of his comic verse, then more lyrical work that evoked the beauty and light of Telperion reborn in Westernesse and finally a foray into gallantry involving Kings and Queens riding on beautiful white swans. I regret to say that this High Bard lowered the tone slightly with a very silly piece of doggerel and was well paid out by an undeservedly fine and completely inaccurate accolade as to her musical abilities by our beloved and most experienced Taidril who really ought to know better, but anyway... A lot of fun was had by all and so to bed at the end of it all.

After such a festival I suppose a period of quiet was inevitable and even welcome to some degree. Part of this has been unlooked for, as first Laifana and then Saranna were both journeying afar and for much longer than either anticipated. Although we have all had difficulty devoting as much time as we would like to the guild at this time, it is never far from our thoughts and we hope that the next moon will see us more able to spend time on working on our plans to refurbish Govannas. In the coming weeks I hope to open our doors to all for a preview of new areas we will be opening in the House that showcases some fine work that we will of course add to over time. A reworking of other rooms is in progress and these also will be open to scrutiny and comment to any who have an opinion on what the guild offers to the people of the Valley and indeed the other kingdoms.

Laifana and I are also looking at adding to additional events that the guild conducts in the Kingdom such as the Celebrating... Arwen contest, which we sponsor jointly with the Elven Artist's Association. This has attracted some truly excellent writing and artwork this month and we hope to be looking into several more notable Elves' lives and times - we have, of course, so many to pick and choose from, but perhaps we may change emphasis at some stage for a change of pace and maybe 'Remember' rather than 'Celebrate' as we look at Eldar who perhaps are well-known for less honourable reasons, but no less famous, or perhaps, infamous deeds? We shall see. Other, newer activities are also under discussion as I write so we shall have news of these perhaps for the next edition of the Herald.

I have a journey of my own to go on as the Fall begins, but this I know will be of short duration for it is purely in the way of pleasure and the days will therefore flit past in the blinking of an eye and I will be back in the Valley in no time at all and in good time for the seasonal activities of harvest season. Join us in Govannas in Glirdain and see how our bumper crop of words and stories has flourished - we will be glad to give you a very warm welcome...

~ Janowyn



Once again the racing season had ended with its two climactic competitions: Race of Champions, a prestigious and exclusive race by invitation only for those who had won other races, and Derby, a fast-paced free-for-all with up to ten racers from each Kingdom. Cheetahs throughout Imladris dreamt of flying across the track at the Race of Champions (RoC), showing to all which animals were the true kings and queens of speed. Or perhaps the fun, more laidback Derby, running amidst those of each kingdom who wanted to have the fun of one last race against everyone rather than just one other kingdom.

This year's RoC had begun auspiciously, with the respectable number of four Imladris racers competing (one of those being Elrond, who had somehow misplaced his cheetah and had to run an emu instead). Huddling down at the start line, hindquarters twitching with the desire to fly towards the finish, they made a fearsome sight. Even Quentin the Wonder Emu looked impressive with his enormous wingspan, ready to take on any non-Rivendell runners. Then the signal was given. Off pounded over 40 animals, each ready to bring glory to its individual homeland. And something.... happened. Cheetahs grew nervous, got stage fright, or gave in to the notorious flightiness that all such creatures are prey to. Of all those who began the race, only Rinerion and his trustworthy Lion finished on the right side of the finish line, with 12 points and a respectable 17 th place.

Meanwhile, the Derby in Isengard also took off with a bang. True, Imladris began with a few strikes against it - some cheetahs were late, and only eight showed up in total instead of the potential ten. Yet those eight ran their hearts out, hoping that they would bring victory. The Derby turned out better than the RoC; all but two cheetahs at least managed to find their way to the correct side of the finish line. All eight cheetahs even managed to finish the race, which was more than some kingdoms could boast. This, however, was not enough, and the Riddermark took first place, followed by Fangorn, then Lothlórien, Mordor, and only then the mighty cheetahs of Imladris.

As the cheetahs (and one lone emu) gathered together afterwards in a pub in Isengard, they realized that no matter what place they had finished as a team, their individual runners had indeed gone to extremes. Rinerion and Lion, not satisfied with their respectable 17 th place, had taken first place in the Derby. As if this weren't enough, last place in both races had gone to none other than members of the great Imladris: Elrond and Quentin in the RoC, and Nenuphar with Tumbleweed in the Derby. Truly, a magnificent achievement!

~ Nenuphar


Annals of Imladris

Return from Rohan

Rohan, the land of brave, trustworthy men and women who valued their horses above all, had opened its gates to the elves of Imladris. As an expedition they came to trade elvish crafts and riches for the equally great riches of Rohan - their horses, renowned throughout all of Middle-earth. After much cheerful bartering and oaths of new friendship, the elves rounded their recently gained horses together and rode off towards home.

The first few days took them through a rich green land flowing with small streams, ever closer to the mountains towering in the distance. New members joined their party, and in the peace they took the time to learn about their new comrades. Indeed, some of the members even found time for friendly bickering over dish duty, and even water fights.

Then came the morning of the rain storm. It began inauspiciously, with skies the color of lead sending rain in ever-increasing frenzy, as the wind kicked up and drove the raindrops hard into the traveling elves. They hurried on through the storm, hoping to cross the Fords of the Isen River before it flooded.

In their rush across the plains and across the shallows of the river, disaster struck. A wolf crept up on the party and attacked Ness from behind. Her life was spared by a young elven maiden who had recently joined the small band, but the elves were thrown into chaos. For what seemed like an eternity, the elves battled a vicious pack of wolves come to prey on the horses. Rumors, thankfully unfounded, spread like wildfire of wargs among those wolves; while this proved to be false, the truth was bad enough. A seemingly endless stream of animals attacked in a wave. The elves fought back as they could, with fiery arrows, swords, and knives. The grass, already dangerously slippery from the downpour, was now drenched with blood as well. Despite the brave defense, the wolves snuck through their lines and reached the horses, causing momentary despair for some.

Finally the mind behind the attack was revealed. As if from the very pits of long-destroyed Angband, a creature black as night and with eyes of fire charged forth and revealed itself to the travelers. Arrows had no effect on this monster, as large as the very horses it came to kill and destroy. All nearby came forth, drawn by the desperate summons of their leader Soronume to stop the beast before it could scatter the herd. Many were needed to bring down the evil lord of the wolf pack; at last he succumbed to the many wounds inflicted by the elves.

It seemed that at last the exhausted band would have a momentary break, but such was not to be. Overhead the storm raged on unabated, and even as the elves were momentarily letting down their guard, a bolt of lightning crashed down nearby, deafening all around. The horses, already spooked by the terror of the wolf pack, fled in a stampede. Most able-bodied elves rode after them, trying to keep the herd from being lost in the terrors of the wilderness. A few remained behind to watch over the wounded third of the group; in the temporary calm they cleaned up and the battlefield and tried to find food to restore their energy. No matter how easy their part seemed, however, their minds leapt anxiously to their companions searching in the wild for stampeding horses, and no one could rest completely.

And off in the distance, cold, calculating eyes watched their every move.

~ Nenuphar


Off the Rocks: From Rohan to Lorien

The company traveled fast enough, but nobody wished to hurry especially after our flight from Mordor. We headed to Rohan, to a small village where the husband of Ann-Thannath, Eopher, lived. Ann along with Janowyn rode ahead, to warn him, and the rest of us soon caught up. Luckily, we were welcome and we stayed the night. Ah, so good it was to have finally a warm meal and a roof over our heads when we were sleeping! Before retiring, all gathered in front of a large fireplace to have their tale told, and then to listen to many songs. Song's words of Fee and Jano stayed long in everybody's mind: "... And I will go and you must stay so whilst we share our lifelong way..." In the morning the company set out, Eopher joining in.

The journey to Lorien was quite simple and easy, and yet most of the company was engulfed in their own troubles. Marat was developing a romantic interest in Fee, and it might be that she is not coldhearted towards him either. Jano had said to Tocha that he does not have to be a servant to them, that he is a free elf and the young elf has plenty to ponder about. Ness fought the urge in herself to leave the company there and continue her wanderings, as she had no wish to return to the valley. Ann and Eopher paid little attention to anything else, now that they were together.

Finally the company reached Lorien. There Elenya left them, for this was her home. After a brief audience with Lady Galadriel, they were led to their quarters, none of them feeling too comfortable after facing the Lady of Light. The obstacles did not end there-chief handmaiden of Galadriel came to them, offering a private audience. She claimed that her skills are second only to those of Galadriel. Fee was brave enough to go first, and soon Ness gathered her courage to follow...

The company shall soon set out to Imladris, and everybody who wishes to follow are very welcome.

~ Tinessael


Summer End

It's the end of summer now
I can't tell what I feel, how...
I'm not ready to say goodbye
I have to keep it, I have to try

I don't want the sun going down
I don't want to stay alone i town...
Sun is my friend and my foe
I have had with it some row...

We argued about cold and hot
What to do and what do not
I wanted sun all the time
It wanted rest, for half of time...

What it is for, only half a day?
What to do and what to say?
To persuade sun to be here still
To change nature my one's will?

Nothing can be done, I'm sure
Nature have to stay clean, pure
None can change it and none will want
As none wants to dry the pond...

This is end of summer and poem mine
And this is the very last line...

~ Aryanna Alarion

Feature Articles

And the Void came Coding

Long ago from the Void came forth he who was mightiest under Eru in bringing into being the Plaza. Morgoth was he named, but Mo ever was he called by those who dwelt within the Plaza. A Dark Lord was he and over a small land in the realm of AOL did he have dominion. Within AOL, Mo would test those who dwelt there with riddles of lore as was his wont. Then came a day when all means of lore used in their riddle making had been put forth and Mo began a quest to search for more. Then Mo did bring forth his palantir, it being among the most powerful of all the Seeing Stones and used it in his quest. In this way did he discover the realm of the Plaza. With thought only to traverse in the Plaza for the purpose of his quest, Mo instead was drawn to dwell for a time within the land of Mordor there; kingdom of shadows and thralls ruled by Sauron and the Witch-king of Angmar.

Rising quickly through the ranks of those in service to the Maker of the One Ring, Mo soon found himself bearing the banner of the Witch-king. After becoming the Leader of The Nine he held fast with black strength of terror the tower of Minas Morgul. Well did he serve Sauron and yea, all minions did in thralldom quail at Mo's strength. Mo though it seemed was meant for yet another purpose, though not even he foresaw this.

Before an age passed, the voice of Eru came unto Mo. The creator of the Plaza said unto him that the time had come for Mo to furl the banner of Angmar and bear instead the chain Angainor, wrought by Mahal in the deeps of time, about his neck. "For what reason would I do this ?" asked Mo. Eru answered unto him, "For among the Valar shall you sit and with thy palantir wilt thou take unto thyself the CODING of the Plaza. For though you may not see nor understand the rightness in this, still it must be so for the part of each Vala do I know from aforetime for I have written it to be so. Yea, Vala I make you are and Vala you shall be. Thus say I, Eru who is Iluvatar, creator of the Plaza."

Heeding then the word of Eru, Mo passed on the banner of the Witch-king of Angmar and taking up his palantir he forsook the land of Mordor for a time and went West unto Valinor. There did he take his seat among the other Valar who watched over the Plaza and guided those who dwelt within the nine kingdoms. With the power of his palantir did Mo create the HTML script, used to call forth into being the Plaza that none save Eru had seen the design of before. Then did Mo name his work CODING, the name that was said to him by Eru. Much aid did both the other Valar and the members of the Plaza receive from Mo when sought for and lo, the Plaza did flourish under Mo's CODING.

In time Mo did meet the fair maiden, Luthy. None could have seen the betrothal of these two, perhaps not even Eru himself, for who would have thought that Mo who had come forth from the Void and walked in the Shadow and kept onto himself; yea, that his heart could be softened and love grow where naught but a rumor of love was there before. But win his heart Luthy did, and he hers. Wedded were they and now in light did Mo live with Luthy. Dreams of tomorrows did they make together and children did they have and then in this way did Mo pass his days whilst still serving alongside the other Valar.

Then came a time when Mo grew weary and heavy did Angainor become. Spending now more time with Luthy and their children became foremost in Mo's mind. So after a time, and many trials at stepping down from his seat in Valinor, Mo came then before Eru and the other Valar. Mo said then, "Take heed now and hear ye all well my words, for I say them not in jest nor without much forethought. The moment is come for the chain Angainor to rest about the neck of another. Well have I tried always to do what I was called forth to do yet now I must put forth more of myself in that life with which I have created with Luthy. Naught but to spend more of the hours lit by Arien and Tilion with my family dost my heart wish for now. I bid thee all, and pray that you will hold to it, to not sway me in this choice I have made." Thus then did the other Valar with heavy heart wish Mo well and watched him rise from his seat in Valinor and step down. With heavier heart did Eru release Angainor from around Mo's neck and hence, also released Mo from his service. Stepping away, Mo turned then and said unto Eru, "Though Vala I am no longer, still to the Plaza do I hold true. If ever turmoil should be wrought upon it, you need but call for my aid." Quietly then, Mo turned away again and continued on along the path he had now chosen.

It is said that now and again Mo comes to the land of Mordor in the form of a Balrog, just as Mandos sometimes walks in Minas Tirith and Varda comes unto the Shire. 'Tis also said that those who dwell in the nine kingdoms of the Plaza can in their palantir, when least expected, will catch sight of Mo when he takes shape as that of a Balrog. Always will the Valar and those who dwell in the Plaza hold Mo dear in their heart for his likeness shall never again be seen.

The End.....or is it ?

~ Luthien Tinuviel


Oldie Perspective

O! tra-la-la-lally here down in the valley!"

To me, that exclamation expresses the whimsical spirit of the Imladris Kingdom. As I made my transition from a newbie to an plaza-addicted oldbie (well, not quite--perhaps a hybrid of newbie and oldbie), Imladris, in my eyes, has come to represent not only "a refuge for the weary and oppressed, and a treasury of good counsel and wise lore" (as aptly proclaimed in the forum banner), but a friendly and respectful gathering place for open and curious minds with playful and creative spirits. These are the elements that are present everywhere on the plaza, and make it such a wonderful place.

To be honest, I was pretty surprised to find the Plaza. In my pre-Plaza days I didn't come online all that often--except for email or research. However, when one of my RL friends directed me to Taramiluiel's site for Elvish language information, I found a link to the plaza, and that was the brilliant beginning. My first visit was quite overwhelming--in a good way, of course. My first thought was, "Wow! There are actually people who are more obsessed as I am!" It was reassuring to know that I wasn't insane after all (or if I was, then I was in denial *g*).

I didn't actually create a plaza account for a while. Being paranoid of internet predators, online cults, and other undesirable nasties of cyberspace, I was content to merely observe how the site operated and how "safe" it was. I am extremely glad that I decided to join. It was wonderful seeing how friendly and welcoming everyone was to me, despite the fact that we were complete strangers, or that we lived in different parts of the world. The fact that we had a respect and admiration for Tolkien's creations was enough to bind us together. It's pretty amazing when you think about what literature can do in uniting different people.

There was no hesitation in deciding that I wanted to be an elf. Their deep sense of wisdom, their attunement to nature, and their playful nature appealed to me most. I chose Imladris over Lothlorien because I liked its atmosphere--warm and playful. However, as a newbie I spent most of my early days on the plaza confined to the PC and AFF fora. In the beginning, my main motivation in coming was being able to share my creativity with fellow poets and artists who could offer different perspectives, new ideas, and constructive criticism. Yet over time, after engaging in Imladris as well as other forums on the plaza, and after gaining a zany plaza family and friends, I see the plaza first and foremost as a good place to have fun.

Some days I still feel like a newbie, lost in an infinite and ever-morphing sea of threads, events, people--still freshly initiated into the world of foo, tackle-glomps, *g*'s, and huggles. But I try to extend the same warm welcome to new members and fellow plaza-ites that was offered to me when I arrived, because I want them to have the same wonderful experience I had in finding the plaza. The great thing is that the plaza continues to grow--so there is always something new to see, do, and think about.

It would be a blatant lie to say the plaza has affected me in any obvious, dramatic way (such as rescuing me from the depths of a psychotic, social disorder, or causing one *g*), but I can't deny that the plaza has influenced and changed me in positive ways. First of all, I probably would have given up on creating poetry and art if I hadn't come, especially since my course of study is unrelated to the fine arts. But aside from keeping my writing and communication skills from getting too rusty, the plaza has also helped me to develop an open-mind, more self-confidence, and an appreciation for friendship and kindness. The Plaza is a constant reminder that there are many out there, all over the world, that still value goodness, kindness, learning, respect, and creativity--things that I value and personally believe are characteristic of JRR Tolkien and his works. It's a wonderful thing to contribute to and be a part of his legacy.

"O! tril-lil-lil-lolly the valley is jolly, ha! ha!"

~Arien Silverleaf



Sulime's Little Herbal Cottage

Are you interested in herbs? Or you just like gardening or cooking? I think that this house is right place for you. All herb-lovers can discuss their knowledge with others, for example with house owner Sulime. If you desire to know more about herbs, you can sign-up for the Herbal course and get some new information. However, you should know, that this course is about real herbs, not from Middle-Earth. but who knows? Probably we'll soon be able to sign-up there also for Middle-Earth Herbal Course. You can share your information about herbs and plants also by writing them into Herbal Tomes, where are very descriptive and interesting information of uses, contraindications, benefits and so. If you like cooking you'll find something for you, too, because of changing recipes in Community Herb Garden. You'll probably also appreciate opportunity to try your new recipes and newly-grown herbs in Test Kitchen. After work ad study, you can visit newly opened Pub, where you can taste big variety of food, drinks and deserts. If you are interested, feel free to visit Sulime's Little Herbal Cottage and be sure that you'll be warmly welcomed there...

~Aryanna Alarion



The valley of Elves woke to shock late this month with which there was news that the Lord Glorfindel was missing. In his place was a fat, orange cat who never did much, save to sit around and eat and give give orders. Nevertheless, the Elves gathered upon the hill as every month they did, and sang the praises of the few who deserved their song and honour.

Their names were called, and they stepped forth, proud, and the fair elven faces glowing bright in the sun. ArienSilverleaf was Elwing, Inwe Lynthian was Elrohir and the new member of the valley, known as Illuvefailisse, was none other than Gildor Inglorion. Congratulations to the SCR recipients!

Eglerio hyn! Praise them with great praise!

~Keleos Nenharma


Tidings from Abroad


"Sojourners from afar, Welcome to Isengard. May your heart guide your council and wisdom be your strength"... Pllleasse... Do you believe that? As you read the Greeting inscription at the gate of Isengard, you get an odd feeling that this place is dull, boring and uninteresting. Well, you're... wrong! For this phrase is a camouflage method to everything we do inside Isengard. So, let me take you through the side door and into Isengard, so you can see how much fun you may have...

Well to begin with, kingdom business. The Order of Anor, a company of elite members that manages the entire kingdom, has opened up to all istar in Isengard. Of course, it is wizzie-reserved for I don't think many elves would be interested in managing Isengard...

In other news, a new pub, Pubs 'R' Us has emerged in Orthanc and is waiting for you to come by so that he could serve you the best there is in Arda's food gourmet dishes...And, if you want to stay in Isengard for more than just a day, head to the Rooms of Orthanc, where the 6 th floors' rooms are always at your disposal for a small fee that is unnoticeable. However, if you arrive injured tour great kingdom, run - that is if you can- to the OUCH medical clinic where the best doctors shall mend your wounds and heal any craziness you show! In case you want to relax and forget all about Master Elrond and Lord Glorfindel and the kingdoms of Arda and your work and weariness, the Isengard Day Retreat and Spa is here for you. Enjoy an aromatherapy or just a massage and a mineral bath...

Now, if you miss your friends and family, don't leave Orthanc. Instead, send them letters using the regular mail service, the Palantir Express service as well as parcels and packs; All this in the Isengard Post Office... You love books, you love lore? Then, there are two places where you should go, and that's the Isengard Library and the Parma Nolwe room where all the knowledge that you would like to consult or to discover is. And, if you want to take a souvenir from Orthanc, or if you need some material and herbs, or if you want to make or mend a staff of yours, the Old Angren Street Market is there for you. Have fun with Dwimorberg's shadow RPG or with the Village game. But, be sure to play the Knock and Run game where you pick a notorious wizzie's room, knock at it and run as fast as your feet can take you. If you get caught, face your forfeit... And, if by mistake you manage to run away; face your challenge! In both cases, have as much fun as you can...

For all your official trips to Orthanc, head to the Round Table of Orthanc and speak with the rulers. You shall get what you want if you can sing... (just kidding...) For your announcements, we have the Orthanc Bulletin Board. And if you can bear the heat that comes from the Fires of industry in the undergrounds of Orthanc Tower, be there and get what you want for these are the smithies of Isengard and they are managed by Saruman who will help you with any evil scheme you need to pull up.

So, Isengard, I think, is not such a dull place after all... for it's the Home of all the Wacky Wizards, and those who'd like to have some wacky time...!

~O Illuvatar



Varkin, friend! One more month is almost gone, and the life in Khazad-dûm keeps moving and changing. There are now plenty of new activities to enjoy and explore, while you walk through the beautiful streets of the Kingdom of the Dwarves.

For sure one of the most successful new ideas from our Queen Alce is a thread called 'Get to know our Fellow Dwarves'. Basically, it is a thread where the Dwarves write about anything they want (or nearly everything), concerning or not Plaza directly. In a OOC way, the members of Khazad-dûm get to know each other much better, what they do it real life, what do enjoy or hate, from which country they come from and all of those things that are nice to know. Of course, the Rulers are always keeping an eye on it to make sure no personal information that can be dangerous in the hands of other people are revealed, because everyone has access to the thread.

However, the ideas from Queen Alce don't stop in here. She has also created the Dwarven Big Brother. Generally, it works like the real Big Brother show, with tasks and prizes. Only Dwarves could try to enter in the contest, after RPGing a video creation to be shown to the judges who would choose which ones of the Dwarves could be in the group of five people who will enter in the house. However, everyone is welcome to watch the 'program' and vote on the Dwarf who should get out from the house. The Kwestors, a group of people who enter in adventures, seeking for lost treasures and secrets, have also returned. Leaded by Kain, who reconstructed it, the Kwestors are accepting new members from every corner of Middle-Earth to soon depart in another adventure. Only the bravest warriors and wanders can go, only the ones who don't fear to lose their own lives in the quests of the legendary Kwestors.

Concerning the Clans and their month-RPGs, there is also much to tell. The last RPG from the Morogs didn't end well, as the time was over when the party hadn't still reached the mithril. As our fellow Morog Clan Leader said, the Kingdom could be richer, but the time is over and now there's nothing we can do about it. The August Anxikog RPG also started, but not too much people wanted to participate on it. You had to help the Poets of Khazad-dûm finding the Clan Leader's lost work which seemed to be stolen by evil Goblins. You had to make rhymes while RPGing, and every post of you would be judged from 1 to 5.

The Mojaks are already preparing the one which will be set on September. There is now a sign-up thread for the ones who would like to enter on it and before start, learn a little bit more of magic so they can't match on the Mojak group, known as the Dwarves of Magic and Wizardry.

The Anghak is under another revamp. Closed after the revamp that affected the entire Kingdom, it hasn't opened since then and a discussion is currently going on. Officers, soldiers, and even members who once belonged to the Army but are now longer in there have gathered to discuss what to do, how to create new ways of training the recruits, which threads to keep and which RPGs to create, everything that is somehow concerned with the Army of Khazad-dûm. The Anghak hasn't still any re-opening date till now. The Behind the Beards has closed the first picture contest, where the participants were welcomed to post pictures of themselves with beards, like a true Dwarf. No matter if they were real or fake, or even made with computer programs, the contest attracted many Dwarves. A new one with the drinking theme as opened, while the judges are still deciding which the winning picture.

Khazad-dûm was having peaceful days when two Men (played by two Minions from Mordor) have decided to joke with the Lords of the Stones' size. Unfortunately, they were also joined by the Dwarfette Norin, who encouraged them and was really enjoying the show. But in the end, at order of King Durin, they were carried out of the Throne Room, as well as all the signs they brought with them. After that, it seemed that everyone could smile and enjoy the silence, but it seems that the Dwarves can't have silence for too long. Right after the Men, it was two Wizards, Grey Pilgrim and Searogim, who came with a fantastic story about a parasite that was eating the beards of the Wizards in Isengard and was now moving to Khazad-dûm, what meant that the two of them should shave everyone before it was too late...

To end the report, just to inform that Khazad-dûm has new pub, after a long time without one. In this pub, you must dress with a hule outfit provided by the management at the entrance. Only like that you are allowed to enter. Inside, there are plenty of drinks and much music so you can dance in the dancefloor. If you don't like to dance, you can always stay at the bar and talk with other friends.

So, as you can see, Khazad-dûm has been having some nice and full days! Why don't you come and take a look by your own? I am sure you would enjoy it and would no longer want to leave! We will be waiting for you!

~ Tornihyanda


Minas Tirith

Suil, Imladis mellyn of Gondor ! I bring you news from Minas Tirith ! In the South land, in the alabaster City of Kings, there is joy and sorrow; it is such when a new soverign is crowned and the one before him, beloved by many, abidicates. Just recently, in Merethrond, the grand hall in Gondor's Seventh Circle which doubles as a Throne Room and Council Hall, the ceremony of abdication and coronation was performed. Lord Tarkano, the wise and just and much loved ruler of the White City, announced to Gondorian subjects and Rangers, friends of foreign lands, and visitors from afar, his giving of the throne to the able and august Udan, a Pelecconer captain in the Rangers and drill master. It was Tarkano - who now is counted among the Valar and as Tulkas - who passed on the legendary sword Anduril, the Flame of the West, to Udan and Lady Tiana, Minas Tirith's queen, crowned the new royal. With this sorrowful yet glorious occasion comes both tears and celebration.

In Minas Tirith, some RPG's long in running are still being played. One such long-time RPG is Northern Watch. In this RPG, years after the events of Return of the King, a threat in the North that has silenced Gondor's sister realm has made King Elessar feel uneasy and especially after a recent battle between his Gondorian forces and those of Khand and Harad. Thus King Elessar sends out the Rangers to discover what is going on and the Gondorians also are helped by the Host of Imladris. The RPG is filled with action and adventure; one can join in at any time; the story is slow-running and very exciting ! Another RPG is Swan Knights ~ Liberation of Dol Amroth; it's on its fifth RP'ed segment. In the game, the Haradrim navy makes an attack on Dol Amroth and takes it; then Prince Imrahil escapes to the safety of Edhellond. From Edhellond, Imrahil calls on Minas Tirith for aid. In the game, open to everyone, Plazanites can RP as Imrahil's Swan Knights or support personnel and Rangers can play as themselves to defeat the Haradrim enemy. Come one and all to Minas Tirith and have a drink and good meal at the Tavern of the Seven Stars or the Wayfarer's Inn ! There's always something to do in the City of Men !

~ Beren Camlost



Westu Hal! Welcome once again to new from the great lands of the Horse Lords. I shall in my own way, attempt to bring you an exciting and entertaining one this month. The summer upon us now, the skies all blue and puffy clouds billowing up high, those days seem to be many here of late. Beautiful weather indeed here in Edoras. The summer festivals now coming to a halt, the many winners rewarded as well, I'm going to start off with our SCR's first. For this month they were as follows.

Éormed ~ Elfhelm
Linty (aka Amia) ~ Dead Théodred
Fyrefly ~ Grima Wormtongue
Enneleyn ~ Théodwyn

And, with each a hearty Congrats, we know each and everyone of them deserved their reward. Myself getting an ATR of Indis from the admins, not only was I shocked, I was jubilant as well. Tis a great honor to be bestowed one such as this. I can't thank them enough. Now for some of the summer activities of which were many, I'll bring in just a few for you to see. The Rotten Vegetable throw brought out many and the winners were. 1st. Goldmoon, 2nd. Celebrimbor, 3rd. Erutulcon, 4th. Shivased. In the Joust we had two winners: Shivased and Dagon. Then the Obstacle course, we had Vugar, Celebrimbor and Celinawyn winning. The IK Poetry just being completed, which also brought many a cheer and happy sound of of Rohan, for the Members of the Riddermark Team placed first in thier match in Lorien. As fate would have it to, Lorien was also a winner in theirs. Mordor a very close point from them, it was indeed exciting. The theme for this round was the Flower Simbelmyne herself. The flower which lays out over the sites of the fallen. A beautiful one to say the least. Now for not so great news. Here in The Mark of late, many intruders and sidewinders more or less have been carrying on in not so good ways here in many places of Edoras. To watch over their town folk, Eormed, the Cavalry's First Marshal has decided to stand patrols all over this great land. So if you are wondering why some riders are dressed in full tilt armor, need not fear. Unless you are here to cause mischief or harm, of which with us, that just won't do now. So there you have it, another month of goings on in Edoras. I hope you have a great day, and enjoy the summertime fun. This is Goldmoon Dunami, Namarie.

~ Goldmoon Dunami

Lore Matters


Celebrían, meaning ''silver queen'' in Sindarin, was the daughter of Lady Galadriel and Lord Celeborn of Lothlórien. Thus she had both of Noldor and Sindar blood. Exact date of her birth is not know. Her first meeting with Elrond the Halfelven took place in Imladris just before the First White Council, and he fell in love with her. They wedded many, many years after, in the year 109 of Third Age. She gave birth to twin brothers called Elladan and Elrohir in 130. and 111 years after, daughter Arwen Undómiel came into the world.  On one of her trips to mother's land Lórien, Celebrían was passing by Caradhras where she, along with her escort, were attacked  by the orcs, who again multiplied in the Mountains. Orcs kidnapped her and tortured her, and she sustained poisonous wound. After Celebrían went her sons and rescued her, bringing her back to Elrond in Imladris where he used all his skills to heal her. But from that day, this elven lady was not the same, and year after the attack, she went to Grey Havens and took sail towards West.

Leaving her family and Middle-earth, she probably did not imagine she would never seen her daughter again, for Arwen was out of her reach, after abandoning her immortality for the sake of love for Aragorn, who was human. .       

~ Numellote


Of Quenya Consonants II

Last time we completed the first part, now we will finish this lesson. So not to delay anymore, let's begin.

L - this letter more or less has the value as in english use. Though it should be said that this sound should be pronounced as in word ''let'', not ''fill'' since sometimes, regarding position of that letter, is not clearly voiced. (Try this: tip of one's tongue must touch upper teeth to get proper sound of Quenya l.)

N - has the value of English N. Sometimes it had represented older, ''archaic'' sound of ng like in english word ''king'', but this sound was lost in spelling by the Third Age. This ng was spelt as n (Noldor). We have few examples where n should be still pronounced ng.; that is before c=(k), g and qu. When such cluster appears, and also ngw, in the middle of the words, g in it must always be heard.

R - this consonant must always be pronounced as trilled one, not blurred as in english. Best example how to pronounce it come from Spanish, Italian, Scottish English and other languages which languages don't ''swallow'' this letter like english does. Examples: Parma=''book'', erde=''seed''. Remember, uvular r must be avoided!

S - this consonant must be unvoiced in every position. Example of this is english word ''geese''. You must not turn it into letter z. Where you find this letter situated between wovels, this consonant in most cases represents older þ (like ''th'' in thin) so nause which means imagination is representing older nauþe. Example: olos= ''dream''.

V, W - should come out as vine and wine in english. These consonants do have different explanations. In Third Age, letter w came to be pronounced as v (Lotr, Appendix E), but in Etymologies Tolkien states that primitive stem in w, yield words in v- (WAN= vanya (go, depart'') We also have double forms. For example: stem WA yield vaiwa and waiwa, which means ''wind'', while stem WAY yield both waia and vaia (envelope).This double form are found in LR:397. Looking at some evidence, we can be fairly sure that when at the beginning of a word, w- should be pronounced as v-when coming to Third Age. And also in other cases, distinction between those two consonants was seen in pronouncing in Third Age. When talking about clusters lv, lw, lv was usually pronounced as lb (elvea=elbea -''starlike'')( Lotr, Appendix E) by Elves. Yet Tolkien said this was not a standard pronounciation.

Y - in Quenya is only in use as a consonant, it has the value of y in english words ''yes''.

See you soon!



Puzzles and Games

Word Search




Into the Flora

Once upon a time, I drifted into a dream
that was heavy and ripe with scented flower petals.
A gentle breeze caressed my lips in a windy kiss
until a song poured from the soul within, spilling its joyous waves
across the mossy banks that sloped beneath my bare feet.
They cascaded forth in gentle ribbons, forming intertwining paths
that I eagerly pursued, prompted by innate curiosity and wonder,
entranced by the growing whispers that beckoned to me
from the heart of the vernal flora.

Ah, the flora! Lush and green, swaying in a light-hearted dance,
how they can ease pain, lull the vision, enchant the heart!
My probing fingers stroked the rough barks, and twirled stray vines
as I wove a crown of milky white blossoms.
I was a daughter of the forest, slipping from tree to tree
as fluidly as the river glided across the smooth planes of rock,
hewn and flattened by the caressing hand of time.

I knew nothing but the call of the flora, for it was all about me,
reaching to me, singing to me, saturating my consciousness
until it reached into the very fibers of my being, and sent them tingling
with the glow and warmth of life and energy.
And so, guided by the wind and the invisible, intangible connections,
I surged forward on brisk tiptoe, until I reached a marvelous clearing,
circular, full of long, scented grass lit in a golden emerald hue
by the crowning rays of sunlight that poured from above.

Silently with great reverence I stepped to the sacred center,
where all doubt and fear fell from me and vanished.
And there, I rested, soothed by the lullabies of the flora,
and fell asleep until I drifted again into the realm of dreams...

~ Arien Silverleaf


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