Parth Edwen ~ Volume II
Pennas Urui ~ August Issue

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Maglor’s Song

Bright stranger on the midnight shore,
what madness brings you here?
Did you not hear the tales of yore—
a shadow’s wandering near.

When night falls on the desert land
a voice comes creeping forth,
a harp caressed by hollow hand
sings coldly in the North.

You are not moving, stranger pale;
why am I frightening you?
My ghostly silhouette is frail,
what could this weak man do?

I could enchant you with my song
and drown you in the sea!
But why? I would still walk along
the shores of memory.

I have been singing of revenge
for ages out of mind,
my ancient fire none can quench
my hate no chain can bind.

But where are those that tortured me,
the gems of holy light?
Deep in the earth, deep in the sea,
and high above the night.

Yes, Maglor son of Fëanor
they called me way back when
the Earth had not yet suffered for
the foolishness of Men.

My brothers? Oh, they’re gone, they’re gone!
The oath has slain them all!
I’m left beneath the scorching sun
to mourn the Eldar’s fall.

My harp is made of broken glass
the strings are made of blood,
and when the silent west winds pass
it’s singing like a god.

Bright stranger on the midnight shore,
this madness is my fate.
I am not praying anymore;
I know it is too late.

~ Annatariel


Guilds and Groups

Army Report

       Changes are afoot in the Army of Rivendell! The new third general, in replacement of Elnarsil who stepped down just a few weeks ago, is Rilómë. Congratulations to her as well as to PDCML, the new Beriadrim General. We are also pleased to announce the Smithy is open again for business! And there are now two regiments to choose from.

       The Beriadrim (Defenders of our fair city) are one of the two new segments of the army. They currently have mandatory division training running for the Swords and Shields as well as their Archers. Also, members of the Beriadrim, don’t forget to participate in the RPG, “The Case of the Missing Beds.”

       The Othrim (Warriors) are the second half of our new army. They are currently working on registering all of the animals of the Othrim. This includes all horses, hawks, and wolf hounds that they have received, before or after the reorganization. All Othrim, be sure to visit Calvary Archers and Calvary Swordsmen training! The new mascot of the Othrim is a very pretty horse named Rana.

       Grand felicitations go to Alastriel, Evenstar Halliwell, SierraRose, PDCML, Valanar, and Sayoko on their graduation from the Imladris Military Academy. They are the first graduating class from the Mandatory Basic Training, and to be commended for their superb performance. Special congratulations to Ellenan for receiving a fourth star for being the highest scoring student of the class.

       For all army members, remember to sign in every two weeks; your officers want to know who is active and who is loafing about! For all who would like to join the army and are rank five or above, please come to The Elven Army of Rivendell and register under Messages to Laebeth, they would be glad to have you!

~Lyna Pipeweed


Bards’ Guild

       For all those who spend their time discussing lore on the plaza, the Bards’ Guild now has a big project just for you. In our house, we have started a research project about the City of Seven Names, Gondolin, in preparation for the big RPG that will be held this autumn in Rivendell. Please visit to find out more! Right now we are holding sign-ups, where you can choose which topic you want to research.

       Our old forum has, as you probably know, been closed for a few months. But the possibilities in a house are limited, and our calligrapher Weny has suggested that we should open a new site. She is a very talented webdesigner, so we’re sure she’ll do an excellent job. The new site will not be a forum, but an archive for saving old threads, showing the work of our bards, and having pages with FAQs and other information about the guild and its structure. We don’t know when the site will be opened, but just keep an eye on the Herald, and you’ll find out!

       An important part of a bard’s work is to share it with others— not only share it with your closest friends, but also with people from other places. Therefore, one of our most active members, Tinw, has started to take other bards with her on her journeys. Some months ago I, Tinw and Silmarwen went to Rohan, and visited the Bards’ Guild there. We had a nice trip, although there was some minor trouble over some Riders who did not realize that we had been invited by a senior member. It has not been very long since we came back to Rivendell, yet Tinw has set out on another journey. This time the destination is Minas Tirith. She has even more companions this time, and many of them are quite new members of the guild. We hope that these travels will create new opportunities to learn things and establish better contacts with bards in other places in Middle-Earth. Hopefully, we will also have some travelers visiting us in the future!



Writers’ Guild

       During the early part of the month, we were still in the Guild of Swords, Axes, and Knives. Some excellent poetry was submitted, as well as a very well-done fantasy story by Serveanthesia. Chapter Two tells the story of a maiden named Tári and her brother Callo who must go to war to save their people; Chapter Three is full of background information on the characters.

The most recent thread is the Writer’s Guild of Nature. This theme has produced an influx of extremely descriptive and heartfelt poetry about places, things, and concepts in nature. Elron Qel Droma started the nature poetry off with a poem told from the Earth’s perspective, which would certainly pluck the heartstrings of any environmentally-friendly elf. One of the more powerful poems in this guild, “Keep Pure the Earth”, was penned by Ailaya Nydrian.

Enclose the world within a wandering eye
and let it consume the beauty that is the earth.
Expanding the elegance of a fallen leaf,
and imagining wonders greater than the sea.
Petty hues of crumbling coral, reflected
upon a blood stained horizon.
Water of blue, yet with waves of white,
like the sky and the clouds, that litter its body.
The soft caressing touch, of tall green blades,
and the bitter kiss of a winter’s breeze.
The grandness of the towering hills,
children of the mighty mountains.
Stars wrapped in silver elegance,
alight beside their motherly moon.
Dawn of gold embrace our hearts,
awaken eyes from lingering dreams.
Rays limpid encompass the earth,
a world of beauty in itself.
Pure is nature and evil it holds not,
we have poisoned the clear streams,
and have quenched the light
of blooming petals.
If we are to fully enjoy this undying
beauty, we must tend it, with loving
hands, and not reek destruction.

We also welcomed a few new members this month as well. Servy, Koranti, Aelinor, Ibrantriel and Diava (all of them Rivendwellers) joined us, as did Machiavellian of Lothlórien. We are glad to have them, for many of these writers have produced some of the more noteworthy compositions this month – including Machiavellian’s poem about Maedhros, which was truly outstanding. To share with you all of the great talent that is abundant in our writers’ minds would take an age, so visit the current Guild to read more!



Drill Team

       Do you have great knowledge in Lore?
Do you want to find out more than you knew?

Then come join Rivendell Drill team! In the InterKingdom Drill team contest, Rivendell’s Keepers of the Scrolls test their knowledge with lore masters from other kingdoms. During the last regular season, we were undefeated!

Unfortunately, Rivendell lost in the first round of the play-offs against Khazad-Dûm’s dwarves. We are now practicing for the new season which is starting in September/October.

We have several new members in our team. Please welcome Lúcë, Aeargirl and Calebwen. And congratulations go to Telepavariel, Inwe Lythian, Lúcë, Serveanthesia, Aeargirl for their promotions to Lore Followers.

Right now, we need all the help we can get. I do not want to see Rivendell out in the first round again, and I am sure you that do not want that either. So if you are ready to help us with your lore knowledge go to the Rivendell signup thread or our Headquarters in Rivvy house Thaim Athrabeth.

~Feanor Elf


Racing Team

       The new racing season has started now, and we have two new teams, Valinor and Minas Tirith, changing it to a nine week tournament, longer than before. So if you want to get involved, there is still time! In the first week, Rivendell raced against Mordor, and for the first time ever there was a three way win; Miriel Arien and Narv, two minions, tied for first place with the lovely Feanor Elf. Mordor won the race overall, however, with 8 points more than we. In week two, we raced Valinor in our very own Rivvy and came out with a promising score of 48. It was a shame that the Admins came through with a higher score (only just!) of 50, with Rosie coming first and our Khait coming second. We were so close! But we know that the next races are going to be won by the fantastic Rivendell cheetah team. If you want to take part, get yourself to the sign-up thread in the Rivendell forum, where the lovely Eithil will help you out. Hope to see you all there.




Gil-Galad’s Last Stand

From Sundering Seas to Peaks of Mist
Where he had there untold bliss,
In the Havens at Lindon he dwelt.
Here the Eldar never knelt
To Sauron of Old. With Ruling Ring,
Shadows to Middle-earth did he bring.

Son of Fingon, king of Old,
Whose end is sadly here foretold.
Against Aeglos none could contest,
And his Elven-host none could best.
The Last Alliance grave and tall,
Mustered nigh to Imladris’ hall.

He with Elendil the Tall did stand,
And fought the Darkness hand to hand.
Upon Amon Amarth was his doom,
At the feet of Orodruin his tomb.
They fell beneath the One Ring’s power,
And died before the Dark Lord’s Tower.



Annals of Imladris

Tengwar Tours

       Imladris has been busily buzzing of late with activities and guild events, and one of the kingdom’s favorites, the Tengwar Tours, has embarked on the next leg of their trip. Lilu, the guide of the Tours, has led the group from Rivendell into Gondor for a journey which includes a cruise along the Anduin, a sightseeing stop at Osgiliath, a shopping spree and exciting game in Minas Tirith, and a brilliant feast to end the trip. The tourists are having a grand time and have been keeping busy. Dancing on deck, enjoying foreign cuisine, holding a concert, performing with puppets, and plotting their very own orchestra are a few things they’ve managed to do in spare time!

       We last left the group as they waited in anticipation to moor in Osgiliath. The cruise crew anchored the ship safely, and the tourists began their sightseeing day in the city as morning waned. There was much to see; from the Music District to the Spice Market and Clothing Emporiums, there was barely enough time to explore and view everything! Some of the group visited the shops and bought some souvenirs and other necessities, and most met up for lunch at one of the inns and had a splendid time chatting with one another. Night slowly climbed into the sky as the travelers were signaled to return to the ship for a big buffet, and some of the tourists got together to create a concert for the others!

       Altogether, the cruise is going wonderfully, and the group is enjoying themselves and each other’s company. The cruise ship is preparing to leave Osgiliath in the morning, and the tourists will soon look to Minas Tirith as the tour continues What excitement will the game hold in the city? What will the tourists find in the city of the King and Queen of Gondor? All shall be revealed in the next article of the Tengwar Tours!

~ Avárith Aldâwén



       As the sun sleepily casts its rays on Imladris and the misty curtain slowly draws back, it reveals the curving tower of the Animal Care Center of Rivendell. Already the busy sounds of patients and owners in the Center can be heard, and fresh footsteps are trodden on the path. The triumphant neigh of a healed horse arises as it runs about in a paddock, and the cry of an injured eagle grows silent as a vet attends to it. The staff efficiently moves about the building to tend to animals, and as one nears the front doors, the emblem of the Animal Care Center can be seen hanging proudly.

       As summer has continued on, so have the Center’s busy habits! With a new rank system up for those who wish to join the staff by Ava, a completed list of all the ACC’s used herbs and descriptions of them by Sériva, a building structure put up by Ava, and a brand new Center house purchased and running, the future of ACC looks bright indeed! We’ve gained more staff and have a new system for the Center’s themes to incorporate more interaction and more caretaking, and we’ve even made an alliance with the Shire Hospital in its Animal healing section!

       With much to do and fun to have, the staff and I are excited to see what the future holds for the ACC. Our dedication to aiding the animals is our first priority, and as the Center expands and grows, so does our anticipation for helping patients and owners both. Always remember we’ll be here at hand for your animal’s safety, comfort, and care.

~ Avárith Aldâwén



       The Elves of Imladris have once again put on a feast worthy of the Lore books. Visitors from all around Middle-earth have been invited to test their courage in a jousting tournament, taking place throughout the current feast.

The first joust saw Sanim of Gondor defeated by Ecaps of Lórien; whilst the second battle between the Lórien elves Ivanhoe and Forystine saw Forystine named the victor.

Of course, not all those present at the feast have chosen to joust, and many people are enjoying the best foods and drinks that Rivendell has to offer. Please stop by Rivendell yourself, and enjoy our latest feast!

~ amandagreenleaf



A flower blooms, yawns wide in spring,
And its petals unfold with grace.
Its slender stem and leaves
Sway with the morning breeze,
Its sweet scent carried to someone’s pleasure.
It reaches for the sun
From its spot in the garden,
Beauty seeking nourishment.

But all good things must come to an end,
And such is the fate of the flower.
Petals wither, wilt, and fall -
A stale reminder of
The beauty that once was,
And will be again come spring.

~ Telepavariel



       The Towers of no Return were created by Weny. They represent the three greatest values a warrior must have and should represent: wisdom, courage and might.

       The Towers of No Return are three. First is The Tower of Might, in which you can prove your might by passing three duels against enemies that are provided to you by your gatekeeper. The Tower of Wisdom is the second tower, and you can pass it by answering correctly three questions drawn from the legends and histories of Middle-earth. You have three attempts, or else you must pass 48 hours to the dungeons of the Tower before you may challenge them again. The third and last Tower is the Tower of Courage. In this Tower you can prove your courage by successfully answering three riddles, which are again provided to you by your gatekeeper. Again you may have three attempts or else you shall pass 48 hours to the dungeons.

       I strongly urge you all to come and challenge the Towers, as they are the perfect place to develop your RP skills. The challenges are not difficult, at least some of them, and the honor you receive by passing them all is great. The current caretakers, Snik of Khazad-Dûm and his assistant,Twin Demon of Rohan, are doing a great job. It is definitely worth trying to pass them.

       P.S: I will be waiting you all in the Tower of Might; expect no mercy!

~ Elron Quel Droma



Gardening activity

       On July 22nd, Rilondë lead a group of 17 Elves to the main path to Imladris. They started working: designing flower beds, planting seeds, and enjoying the fresh air and company. Their aims were to make our fair city just a little fairer, to give newcomers a better first impression of Rivendell, and to have lots of fun doing it. Since then, they have been hard at work, planting all sorts of seeds, from alfirin to elanor, in an effort to improve the area around the Last Homely House. With a little help from both furry and feathered friends, they are well on their way to making Imladris an even nicer place to live, to visit and to enjoy.

~ Calebwen


Last Alliance

       It is the year 3434 of the Second Age, and the tale of the Last Alliance continues.

       Late June saw the joining of our own Army of Imladris, which had already been allied with the armies of Greenwood and of Men, to the formidable army of the Dwarves. While they were met with some suspicion by many, their company was greeted gladly by most.

       A little traveling brought the company of Men, Elves, and Dwarves to the old ford, where the first of their battles with the forces of the Dark Lord was fought. A great and fierce skirmish was waged between the Easterlings and the forces of the Last Alliance. Though many were wounded there were few actual casualties, and both sides claimed partial victory.

       After the Allies’ encounter with the forces of Sauron, dissension arose among the leaders of the various camps. King Orophor and King Amdir, the leaders of the Greenwood and Lórien armies, split off from the group led by Gil-Galad to Greenwood the Great. Not long after this sad turn of events, a rider from Gondor came bearing the news that Osgiliath was feeling the full brunt of Mordor’s wrath. Isildur and a company of his men were sent to Osgiliath to aid Anárion, Isildur’s brother.

       Now, as Isildur’s men head to Osgiliath, the rest of Alliance is resting, waiting for the morning, and whatever it may bring.

~ Lyna Pipeweed


Ringil ROG

       The group of brave adventurers, sent out by Elrond, lord of Rivendell have finally reached their objective. After crossing the Ettenmoors and battling a group of merciless goblins they have come, under the oppression of brooding and threatening clouds, to the foot of Alagos. The only cost for this progression so far has been some comparatively minor injuries sustained in battle against the orcs. In this skirmish, Kali performed admirably using the most unique weapon of the group: a frying pan he had out to prepare lunch.

       Now the most difficult portion of the journey awaits them, if they can find the path to the secrets held in the long darkness of the forbidding mountain. The paths before them are steeped in mystery and danger. The sky looms in shadows, in spirit of the menace that once ruled the land.

~ Inwe Lythian


Nirnaeth Arnoediad

And so at last, that promised day, that long awaited hopeful dawn,
broke across our Deathless host through clouds that fled, ragged and torn
across blue Menel, clear and high, where Manwe’s birds below did spy
Elvish armies in might arrayed to boldly Morgoth’s will defy -
that Northern King of fire and frost, hid beneath the jagged towers
of Ered Engrin ’gainst the sky that southward grimly glares and glowers.

The plain lay ’fore our mustered strength where, once, clean rivers gaily coursed
through sweet and pleasant flowering lands now choked and burnt without remorse
since Sudden Fire there long ago poured across with ravenous flame
and laid in ruin that fair land! Then, following, Orkish soldiers came
and butchered Elves with evil lust, grinding Firstborn bones to dust.
So gathered now with vengeance keen, a Noldorin army, fair and just,
our purpose clear, Angband to break, atoning for foul Bauglir’s ills,
to bring to book the Evil One, and repossess the Silmarils.
For Maedhros, Feanor’s son and heir, forged from all races, far and wide,
a Union of great peoples strong - Elves, Men, and Dwarves there side by side
in two great hosts, the East and West - the hammer and the anvil grim,
and catch between the unclean foe, the Orcs of dread Thangorodrim.

So, quietly, calmly waited we on Hithlum’s green and woody slopes,
then from the south news flew like fire, a cry that raised our eager hopes:
"The day has come! The day has come!" Great force from Gondolin marched forth,
ten thousand warriors to our aid and fight the Shadow in the North.
"Night is passing!" cried we back, and deep within, the Elvish fire
of our immortal hearts flared up and turned our minds with vengeful ire.
Brown dust we saw upon the plain as Northern legions marched with haste,
southward with intent malign, and at the desert’s border faced
the peaceful wooded slopes above and made a challenge fierce and loud.
"O pretty Elves! Come down and fight!" Bellowed their General, swart and proud,
but to his taunt we answered not, by Maedhros’s most solemn word,
and in the dust the Enemy mocked,knowing we had surely heard.
Then from their ranks they offered up an Elvish prisoner sorely maimed,
Those near me gasped at this sad sight; Guilin’s son, Gelmir was he named,
lost in the Dagor Bragollach to Morgoth’s Orcs now long ago
and put to pain and torment long in filthy dungeons far below,
now brought as bait to draw us out, limbs from his body cruelly ripped,
whilst by evil chance his brother Gwindor watched, his sword hilt tightly gripped.
I dared not look at Gwindor’s face as Gelmir’s head was roughly hewn
from his bowed shoulders kneeling down, his fair remains there sadly strewn.
Such grief and pain could not be borne, the stricken Elves with madness roared,
consumed by red-hot fiery wrath, with weapons drawn we downwards poured.

Across Anfauglith’s bones we flew
and Morgoth’s Embassy we slew,
while Gwindor o’er Gelmir’s body wept
our furious course of death we kept.
Foul Orcs and Balrogs turned and fled
before our onslaught hot and red,
and glittering swords their slaughter wrought,
thus Gelmir’s life was dearly bought.
Each Elf ablaze with reckless wrath
with strength of twenty carved his path -
a deadly searing scarlet tide,
a thousand warriors side by side,
who left the Orcs in heaps of slain
across the choking ashen plain,
who spilled their cold and noisome blood
and turned the sand there into mud,
who never since and ne’er before
had made such lethal play of war
in groaning Arda or beyond!

We Fighting Elves of Nargothrond!

Yet still with violence incarnate
we hammered on Hell’s iron gate,
and deep in caverns underground
in clinging darkness most profound,
in evil throneroom foul and deep,
where hideous things did prowl and creep,
cowering in his charnel house
like a frightened little mouse,
great Bauglir lurked with cringing fear
as he the blows above did hear.
Then Fingon’s soldiers joined us there,
and frothed with fury on the stair
before the towering Hell-wrought gate,
forged deep below in fires of hate.
But lore to break them had we not,
and so our anger cooled somewhat
while from dark Angband’s secret doors
leaked fierce and savage unfought force,
and ’neath the dripping blood-red sun
we found the battle not yet won,
as our fair forces were thrust back
with loss to Morgoth’s armies black.

And on the ruined desert dry there perished Hithlum’s lore and power
with Tears Uncounted shed by those who mourned the broken flower
of Fingon’s Noldorin armies bright whose banners blue were high upheld
by valiant warriors doomed to death - they one by one were cruelly felled.
Brief hope flowered strong from Turgon’s hand and from the Sons of Feanor,
but mighty flowers are fragile yet, and leaping hope was crushed by war.
For Balrogs foul and grey wolves strong, and evil Glaurung’s burning breath
swept apart the Elvish hosts and withered them with dreadful death.
But even this appalling force and potent gluienous dragonfire
would not have gained the victory for Morgoth, Lord of treachery dire -
it fell to evil Eastern men, swayed by Bauglir’s blackheart lies,
who slew their comrades, Men and Elves, and underneath the bloodsoaked skies
to Morgoth’s great delight and joy the hearts of Elves and Men were set
apart, save for the three Edain, those mortal Houses Elves love yet.

Renown and honour was there won by valiant Dwarves of Belegost
for Glaurung and the Northern beasts they drove away, though at great cost;
their mighty King, great Azaghal, who with his final dying stroke
pierced foul Glaurung’s armour, and the Worm’s pernicious malice broke.

But broken also fell the host of Maedhros and his brothers fair,
and crushed the Eastern Army was by Morgoth’s Orcs, thus, in despair
Feanor’s Sons with Elves and Dwarves about them fighting gallantly
made their escape from ruinous wreck and to the east were forced to flee.
There to live poor wandering lives amongst the peaceful Nandorin folk
of fair Ossiriand’s pleasant lands yet far away from Morgoth’s yoke.
But in the West great ill was wrought as Fingon fell to Gothmog’s hand
and our beloved King was slain, his standard trampled on the land
now washed by fiery Noldorin blood and watered by our tears divine
for Fingon, fair Fingolfin’s son, who passed to Valinor sublime.
The day was lost but not the war, for Turgon southwards grimly fled
and with him gathered those he could from sorrowing fields of glorious dead -
to fly to secret Gondolin and close the leaguer once again
and build anew his nation’s strength away from Arda’s grief and pain.
His flight was shielded by great Men, of fair Dor-Lomin’s wooded realm,
the battle’s bravest selfless deed, for all but one was overwhelmed.
Great Hurin Thalion stood alone his kinsmen all about him slain
and glory everlasting earned, he the mightiest of the Edain.
"Day will come again!" he cried, as armed with axe he battled well,
until at last they brought him down and led him northwards, bound, to Hell.

That was the Nirnaeth Arnoediad, the tragic Noldor’s mightiest throw
against the Enemy of the World, the Pitiless One who wrought such woe
upon our people - brave, yet doomed, to suffer, live and die in vain,
and mourn our dead now heaped in peace - the long-since drownÈd Hill of Slain.


Green grew the grass upon that hill,
alone amongst the gasping dust,
and foul things dared not it defile,
while deep within swords turned to rust.

~ Soronúmë


Tham Lammath Edhellin

Members may have heard of The Bard’s Guild, devoted to the pursuits of storytelling, poetry, lore, and the study of the Elvish languages. It consisted of a kingdom thread for sign-ups, asking questions, and sharing one’s art and the company of other bards, plus an Ezboard, where were classrooms for the different disciplines, a library containing links to resources, Beginner and Advanced Classes in Quenya and Sindarin, and various other activities. In order to make the Guild more accessible, the Guild has returned to its original thread in Rivendell, and a Plaza house with halls for each bardic art and special events. However, due to the size of houses, there is not as much room for language RPGs, advanced discussions or long-term translation projects. The solution? Tham Lammath Edhellin!

Created over a month ago by Thorond, Tham Lammath Edhellin (The Hall of Elvish Languages) is still growing. The house can or cannot be viewed as part of the Guild depending on you thoughts. While it houses activities that were Guild activities, it isn’t clear-cut if more Guild members will be active or if more newcomers to the Plaza who don’t even know of the Guild will be active.

As of now, the house host many threads such as:

Comments, Suggestions, Complaints: This thread is pretty self-explanatory. This is where house members, visitors and friends are encouraged to speak their mind and discuss what they want changed, added, removed or what they think would help the house grow.
Sindarin – Help For Beginners: Well, this thread is also pretty easy to explain! Here is where anyone can ask for questions about an unclear aspect of Sindarin, a translation in a challenge they don’t understand, or if they have attempted to translate something themselves but need help. Don’t ask for a translation though, this is not the place!
Quenya – Help For Beginners: The counterpart of “Sindarin – Help For Beginners”, this thread is where anyone can ask for questions about an unclear aspect of Quenya, a translation in a challenge they don’t understand, or if they have attempted to translate something themselves but need help. Don’t ask for a translation though, this is not the place!
Cuil mi Tham Lammath: Is a thread for playing life inside the house. All actions are described in English, but spoken words are encouraged to be Sindarin or Quenya, and for those who do not understand Sindarin but do Quenya or vice versa, an English translation can be whited out. Also in character you can show your Elvish works and get feedback!
Cuil mi Tham Lammath – Parallel Thread: Is a thread where you can get grammar feedback on the works you displayed in “Cuil mi Tham Lammath” and where you can ask questions about the Elvish used in the RPG. Also any OOC comments or questions may be posted.
I Nórë Astova – Quneya RPG: Is a Tolkein based RPG about the Noldor who left Valinor. The elves under Fingolfin have met battle and Fëanor’s party joined them to help, that is where the RPG starts off, after the battle has been fought.
I Nórë Astove – Parallel Thread: Is for any questions regarding the Quenya used in the RPG or any questions about the RPG in general.
Sindarin Advanced Grammar Verbs: Just like it sounds, this is an advanced discussion about Sindarin verbs, their conjugations in the past tense.
Pennas Belain: Is a thread for a translation project. The project is to translate the Valaquenta (from the Silmarillion) into Sindarin.
Language Forum Re-Vamping: Is a discussion on how to update and structure the Language Forum of the Plaza.

The house contains many rooms such as:

The Living Room: An introduction and where the threads are kept.
The Hall of Elvish Studies: An informative room with frequently asked questions on how to study Elvish.
The Chamber of Music: A room for any Sindarin or Quenya music written by members of the Plaza/House.
The Chamber of Sindarian Poetry: A room full of Sindarin Poetry written by members of the Plaza/House.
The Chamber of Quenya Poetry: A romm full of Quenya Poetry written by members of the Plaza/House.
The Hall of Dreams: A hall full of Elvish artwork, calligraphy and pictures.
The Household: Biographies (IC) of members of the house.

As for further additions, Thorond has not made any definite plans, but he hopes people will begin to show him what they want. Suggestions will play a role in the house’s future; Thorond is looking to see what people like the most in the house, so he can add more of what we want!

~ Twin Demon


Feature Articles

Tinw: This interview comes direct from the Halls of Mandos, a place that very few members of Rivendell will ever have a chance to visit, barring future Kinslayings. It is my pleasure to introduce Hothuxus Par, currently holding the chair of Doomsayer of Valinor. [Tinw pauses, quill poised, and whispers discreetly] any witty opening remarks?

Hoth: Hoth is not witty. At all times Hoth is completely serious. Instead of sheep, Hoth counts tax auditors at night. Hoth has an army of spies which work the underground dives in BL looking for rampant non-seriousness. It must be stamped out, this plague of silliness. Paramecium ciliatus the silly germ. Sneaking in through open windows at night to steal our seriousness away................Ohhhhh, sorry. Sometimes I get carried away.....LOL.

Tinw: Sorry, we don’t have an ELP treatment clinic open at the moment. For readers who have not had the pleasure of meeting you, tell us a little about yourself. When did you join the plaza, and how did you get started?

Hoth: I joined the Plaza on Sept. 12 2002 and immediately realized what a unique community it was and still is. Without visual cues it has always been an invigorating challenge to be articulate. So I got drawn into the magic of this world, and it has captivated my heart ever since. I guess you could say I am completely enthralled by Tolkien’s great Story and the World that so naturally goes with it. As is the case with most of us I accidentally found the Plaza. I was looking around for cool pics related to Tolkien and got here somehow. I love this place. It’s unique and unprecedented. And the people here have always continued to renew my faith in the basic goodness and purity of people. I know that sounds naive, but nevertheless it’s true.

Tinw: I understand that you were part of Fangorn for a while. Was that when the kingdom opened? What was it like?

Hoth: I was originally a Rivvy elf called Hothelcaraxe with my pet Emu, Three Toes, who was stuffed but a good companion. He never talked back, LOL. Back in those days, Rivvy was a jungle, and it was hard for me to meet anyone, so shortly after Fangorn opened up I joined. In Fangorn I first made my greatest friends. I met Ander, the Librarian, there, and we have always been close confidants. Haha....we swore a pact once that if we were ever asked to come to Valinor we would refuse hands down. Now look at us; we’re both in Valinor. Fangorn taught me how to be a good Plaza member, and I had a ball there. I learned so much from members like Roo, the present Fimbrethil in Fangorn, and Achoo, a fellow Admin. There were many others, Dev, Imby, Morim, Ani, Gling, Eruan and a whole plethora of other fine and talented Plaza members.

Tinw: More recently you’ve been an outstanding citizen of Minas Tirith. What drew you to the White City?

Hoth: I was eventually drawn away from Fangorn by the City of Kings, the White City. I liked the Rulers, especially Queen Laielinwen, who welcomed me warmly. I never realized how much I would be missed in Fangorn though. To this day, the old members still tease me about that. But MT was my cup of tea. I loved the RP and the formal way things were often done. It was as close to really standing before a King and Queen as you can get and still is even today. I still owe my allegience to Laie and Naith.

Tinw: And what were some of your main activities as a Man of Gondor?

Hoth: In MT I was mainly focused on lore and debating. I love debate and the skill it takes to be a good debater. Elders, the first Debate DGM, eventually asked me if I would take over for him and so besides being captain of the debate team I was also coordinator of the IK Debate League. It was a daunting challenge but taught me much about diplomacy and organization. To this day I am still undefeated as a debater, 12-0 and one tie. It was my privilege to lead MT to the 3rd Round IK Debate Championship back last November.

Tinw: Well done! When you got the call from On High to travel West, what was your first reaction?

Hoth: Oh gads, I almost choked on my pop. I knew something was afoot though, because BB, the Shire Ruler at that time, is my RL girlfriend, and she knew before I did. She never said anything, but I knew something was up. It was Mo who first IMed me and showed me my new Mandos icon. I was flabbergasted to say the least. My first posts in Vali were reminiscent of a little kid trying to explain why there is air (besides to fill up basketballs, LOL). Its been a rousing experiance so far. I will admit that BB has to hold me back at times. I have a tendency to be rather talkative at times. Haha....just like the esteemed Editor.....hehe Tinw, I couldn’t resist.

Tinw: I plead no contest... Now that you’ve settled in, how are you finding your work as Mandos? Any pet projects you’d like to promote?

Hoth: I love my job as Mandos and have several projects going on. Presently I have a House Competition going on which will offer the transformation into a point-earning forum for the winning house. Its only for three days but, wow, what a cool thing for those that work so hard to make their houses worthwhile. I also have an ongoing "In Character" competition in Ad Lore which has turned out to be very successful and is a great place to show off one’s writing abilities. And then there is the Derndingle of Mystery, my House in Fangorn, which is the staging ground for a monumental RPG that will be coming to your neighborhood in the near future (it’s a secret so..........shhhhhhh).

Tinw: What? Hunh? House meeti– er, right, Midas has donkey ears.

Hoth: In Valinor, I work on the SCR committee and am presently coordinating the production of all new and different quizzes for the Knowledge Halls. There are some other things that I am working on now in Vali but cannot speak about at present. These are great surprises to come in the near future.

Tinw: Many people are indebted to you for your leadership in the inter-kingdom debates, but few were around when they began. Were you one of the founders, or simply one of the leading lights?

Hoth: Elders is the founder of the IK Debates; I was his first successor. I like to think that I had some small part in bringing the IKs to the high level they are at today. I just got finished reading the first debate posts in the Championship thread, which is in Rivvy, and I am thrilled by what I am seeing. Well thought out and cutting edge posts. Anyway after I finished my season as DGM of the IK Debates I decided to pass on the reins. Today we have Mojo, Ander and Doc running the show, and they do a teriffic job.

Tinw: I see that an institution of higher learning, Hoxford Debate College, has been named in your honor. Congratulations! This looks like quite an undertaking. How active will you be in providing guidance and instruction to its members?

Hoth: Hoxford is my pet thread, and I have to take my hat of to Laie for her vision. She told me it would work, and I’m very excited about its growth in the future. Please come and join in sometime.

Tinw: Hothuxus Par— the man— recently took his leave of the King and Queen and his city. Do you expect to return at a future time when you’re less busy, or have you opted to remove yourself from Roleplay permanently in order to concentrate on other duties?

Hoth: RP is one of my main loves, and when I left MT to assume my Admin duties I RPed that to good effect. I will never actually leave MT as it pertains to my IC character. Heck, I live behind the old Guesthouse on the Lampwrights street. I bunk right near my two horses, Aspenwind and Graymane. But sadly I have had to leave MT, for Mandos has given me a great message to give to Treebeard in Fangorn. It is now my duty to deliver that message. A message of hope for the lost. But you will have to figure out the rest yourselves, haha.

Tinw: Or just— [Hoth whips out wand with red light on tip]— What was I saying? Oh, yes. Any time for goofing off? What does Mandos do for fun?

Hoth: I love to write epic poetry (if that is the right word to describe it). I enjoy meeting new writers and veteran ones too. Its bright and talented folks like Tinw, BB, Hoyamir, Ace, Morim, Chilly and all the others that keep me always on the edge. But there are soo many wonderfully vibrant and talented writers on the Plaza. I guess I basically enjoy reading and responding. The same things I have always enjoyed.

Tinw: Finally, any parting words of wisdom for our newest members?

Hoth: Newbies, you must all remember that we who are high up in the Ranks of the Plaza were once just like you. We grew to love this place and found out that patience and understanding were our greatest attributes. Gandalf would tell you straight out that it is wise not to actively seek power. For when you are ready, power will find you, and in that way the responsibilities you have as a result will always mean that much more to you. Never ask for promotion or honor. It will come on its own if you’re deserving.

[Many thanks to Hoth for his time, his help, and his wit— or supposed lack thereof.]


       I came here a few days ago, hoping to meet some new friends and have a lot of fun. I sat for a long while, deciding on which kingdom to join, flipping through pages and pages of information... then I found Imladris, a place popping with life and spunk. It was a little frightening, that first day, like going back to your first day of school, the second thoughts about how you would fit it, if someone would pick on you, but as I wandered, I noticed that not one person, old or new, seemed to have a cruel bone in their body. Rivendell certainly does live up to its reputation as a place of refuge and hominess.

       There is so much to do! I find it a little overwhelming at times, with all the activities, guilds and role plays available. But I’ve heard it so many times and I truly do believe (any other newbies like me, pay attention to this) getting involved really is the best way to have fun and make friends here, even if you’re a little nervous at first.

~ Aulmiri


Newbie FAQ

       The Newbie F.A.Q. was designed to answer a newbie’s questions and make things a bit clearer for them. Included is a short description of each kingdom to help aid the decision of which kingdom to join. Some descriptions, like that of Rivendell, were rather misleading. Each kingdom was given the chance to change their description and make it more fitting.

       "What Makes Rivendell Unique" gave everyone the chance to come together with their opinions to construct one complete description. Each person had a different opinion, but in the end it boiled down to one common thing: Rivendell has something for everyone.

       Here in Rivendell we have a wide variety of activities from serious RPGs like the Towers of No Return to the not-so-serious and rather silly ELP and even combining the seriousness and insanity. There is always at least one place for someone to let their creative juices flow be it the EAA or the Herald. You can improve your battling and intelligence skills when first starting your Plaza life by joining the Imladris Military Academy which eventually leads to the Hosts of Imladris.

       Foo-foo? Not really. Contrary to popular belief, Rivendell isn’t about fluff and pink ribbons and "bunnywunnies" or even teenage girls hoping to catch a glimpse of Legolas. But the occasional bit of insanity keeps us well rounded and from becoming too serious (we do have a reputation to uphold).

       Rivendell is made up of people from all over the world and from many different social backgrounds. We are all brought together through common interests. At first a newbie may feel a bit overwhelmed and alone, but soon they will find friends around every corner. Just slip into a feast and introduce yourself. You’ll find you’re not as alone as you previously thought.

       People have chosen Rivendell as their kingdom for a variety of reasons. Friendship, RPGs, creative activities, languages, lore, and the occasional insanity are just a few. Though everyone has a different opinion they can all agree on one thing. Life in Rivendell is fun. It’s a place people like to call home.




Other Forums

Advanced Lore: Thought-Provoking Discussion

       Tolkien’s writings raise questions that are not easy to answer. Words may trick us, and each of us is tempted to interpret them based on our own experiences, beliefs and knowledge. Although many people put a lot of effort into getting an answer, for some questions there is no ultimate answer, only stronger or weaker opinions.

       The most famous enigma in Tolkien’s writings is Tom Bombadil. Everybody who reads Lord of the Rings has the question “Who is Tom Bombardil?” in mind. Many answers have been given, but the question is still there, ready to be raised again, ready to challenge our imagination. I shall not go over all the classic views on the nature of Tom. Instead, I shall present you an interesting and original theory that is being debated in Advanced Lore, put forward by Elladan Thoron under the title "I don’t think Tom needs philosophizing about."

       In this thread, we are challenged to see Tom as being “one with the tao”, which explains his lack of desire, his complete control at a macro level, which denies the need to control the micro level, which is the small universe of the story. "The Master sees things as they are, without trying to control them. She lets them go their own way, and resides at the center of the circle." (Tao Te Ching) Elladan sees Tom unimportant for the story due to his understanding beyond the limits of the world in which the events are taking place. Tom is the oldest creature in Middle Earth and will be the last, because tao “is infinite, eternal. Why is it eternal? It was never born; thus it can never die. Why is it infinite? It has no desires for itself thus it is present for all beings." (Tao Te Ching). As Hammodius mentioned in this thread, Tom has “a sort of power without power”, which expresses very well the tao spirit. Tom is the oldest and will be the last one, he has control on many creatures and things, he has power, yet the wish behind this power does not exist; in other words he is acting without any expectation of a result for himself. He does the simplest things: sings, eats, has guests, gathers flowers. Not only that he isn’t affected by the result of his own actions, but neither do the most powerful things of this world affect him. Tao has the same vision about life: “Do without doing. / Act without action. / Savor the flavorless. / Treat the small as large, / the few as many." (Tao te Ching--#63, Ursula LeGuin’s New English Version) The wise man is aware of every single act of his, no matter how simple or insignificant, and at the same time he is detached from his actions. Moreover, each act has the same importance; the word insignificant has no meaning into his universe.

       From this perspective, Tom and Goldberry represent yin and yang, parts of the all, together becoming the Androgin, the ultimate perfection. Goldberry is simply at one with it, River-daughter = tao is like water, she is the yin side while Tom is the yang. It is up to you to take this opinion as the answer you expected at “Who is Tom Bombardil?” question or to seek for your own answer, which suits the best with your expectations.




Flames of the Pyre

       I came up here ages ago, it seems.Too long now to really remember anything or any place else clearly.

       Twice a month I get a reprieve from my solitude. Twice a month the lowlanders bring me food, somtimes new clothes when their women get to feeling sorry for me. Usually they just bring me some cheese, wine and bread baked by their women. One, Eoric, brought me some seeds several winters back, along with some excellent ale. He brought me two bags full of seeds, saying that his missus felt I coud use the change in diet, and I’ve managed to keep a small garden going ever since, even though the winter gales seem to get worse each year and the ground here is as tough as the stone my hut is built on.

       I hunt, sometimes, early in the morn or around dusk. There isn’t much game to be had, but there are a few goats that still roam these cliffs. But my skill with the bow is still strong, as is my arm. I do not starve, but I do not really live, either. My bow I’ve had since I was a young man, full of dreams and eager to defend my honour against any slight, percieved or real. Honour. What a word. Honour is what led me to this mountain top; honour is what destroyed my life; honour is what kills me slowly each day.

       I feel my blood stirring when I think of my youth. Those days are past, but what glorious days they were. Fighting the minions of Mordor, protecting Gondor against her enemies, being part of a brotherhood of soldiers sworn to defend our homeland. And then that one drunken night, one foolish argument, one mistake I would take back in an instant if I could. And so here I sit, on a mountain top, tending a pile of wood and oil, alone.

       Goldrin came three days ago to bring me some supplies. He seemed worried, and would not stay too long. He brought me some ale, this time, which is a rarity and a blessing, though I do not have a taste for it like I did in my past. Goldrin has grown so old in these last few months, it seems. His wife is sick, and his son has joined the Army. His son fights under Lord Faramir at Osgiliath, he said. Seems Mordor is pushing hard against Gondor, and with Boromir lost or dead, Gondor cannot hold out for long. Sure, Faramir is a good soldier, but we all know how Denethor feels about Faramir. Boromir was Gondor’s strength, and now it seems that strength is failing. If only the old days would come alive again and a King would take the throne. But those days are past. Too much has passed away that should not - Goldrin hints that Gandalf Greyhame is involved in this somehow, so maybe Gondor will last a while longer.

       Ah, but I am an old man now, if not in body then definitely in spirit and mind. Those days are gone for me; my role, my duty is here. To sit atop a mountain, to watch the world from a distance, but to never again be part of the world. To sit here, amid the snow and rock, watching for a fire that will never...

       What is that?

       There, in the distance, a glow in the night sky.

       What.. It can’t be! Oh Gondor! Oh Gondor! Strong you must now be!

       There, my flame is lit! How the flames leap into the sky, how they shine so brightly in this dark hour! The pyre burns, the signal continues! May Rohan answer - may Gondor be saved!

       And yet - here I sit, bathed in the snow-melting heat from the pyre. When it burns down, what then? My life will not change, my duty will not differ. I will gather more wood, create another pyre, and grow old. I will tend my garden, roam these treacherous cliffs, and watch the world from atop my mountain.

       But a part of me still stirs - May Gondor be saved.

~ Eliendriel


Tidings from Abroad

Fangorn Greetings from Fangorn!

Well, as I sit beside the Entwash to write this letter to you, I have the chance to reflect over some of the many occurrences that happened this last month ‘neath the boughs of my home.

This month, as usually happens when the summer sunshine lances through the leaves to strike the floor of our forest, many of us slow down and become more treeish, as we simply stand and marvel and the wonderment of nature. Or perhaps this is merely the aftermath of the exciting Lithedays Festival which we recently celebrated.

As many scholars know, this was a 2-day festival in the Hobbit Calendar, centered around Midsummer, and we have adopted this practice to celebrate friendship and the pleasures of summer. Games and Competitions were held all over the forest, and the TreeGarth spent an exciting time hunting for the last known colony of Okapi’s within the forest. We are proud to say that we found them, and that the location is unfortunately undisclosed for their own protection. However, should you ask any member of the Hunt, I am sure they will take you on a “mystery tour” to visit them.

The Squizzle racing team is doing well, with the Fangorn Open Race and the Fangorn Race of Champions both being completed last month. This along with the other activities of Fangorn seems to be growing ever more popular, as more Entfolk wander in the forest.

Well it seems as though I am running out of parchment, so I leave this for you now – I will send it with the Mockingbird Mail – an excellent service that I can recommend to any sending post to the forest.

My best wishes to you all,

~ Thom Greenleaf


Khazad-dûm Smaug let loose a little giggle of delight as he crouched uncomfortably in his dim corner of the Throne Room. He had always enjoyed the privilege of being a freelance writer, and now was one of those occasions. Front row seats to the event of the month! Occasionally he would jot a note down in a mysterious-looking leather notebook, but for the most part he knew this would be burned into his memory. As the mad miner began to scream vehemently again and the Queens Dis and Hrive chuckled, Smaug longed for a bag of popcorn; it would just complete the moment. A minion reporter slid in next to him and asked for an update. In his most suave and hushed tones, he explained to the she-orc that Borromino, the famous mad miner, had invaded the throne room for no apparent reason. So far they had witnessed hordes of rats and now valiant army dwarves and other free peoples were beating off scores of badgers left and right.

Smaug exited the throne room with a sigh— too bad that it had wrapped up so quickly. Nevertheless, it would be something talked of for a long time to come – Borro’s Throne Room Invasion. And his punishment was a bath? Priceless! As Smaug walked the halls and rubbed shoulders with various people he heard wedding bells. What? A party? He had to go! Setting off at a slightly faster lumber, the dragon proceeded towards the sound. By the time he arrived, the wedding was over, but thankfully he was just in time for the party and drinks of course. Tyia and Thaelintar celebrated their marriage happily and Smaug was never more pleased with himself. He had discovered it, the sign happily proclaimed, “all-you-can-eat!”. His stomach grumbled in hunger and he patted it affectionately, He had discovered a solution.

Antacid. That’s what he needed. The dragon sat back in a groan. For someone so fiery you wouldn’t think indigestion would be an issue, but it plagued Smaug. He picked up a copy of, “Dwarves” magazine and glumly read on high dwarven society. The council had a complete overhaul? Such a secretive lot that he had heard naught of it. 4 out of 5 of them stepped down in one week? Now there was a true tabloid newsmaker. The new council consisting of Ranlinde, Thom Greenleaf, Alman Kadar was doing splendidly. “Interesting...” he thought as he flipped casually over to the sports section. He noted with pride the Dwarven Drill Team had made it all the way to the Drill Team semi-finals to lose against the Shire. He sighed, the hobbits, tricky tricky little things, very hard to catch as well! The dwarves had put up a valiant fight even making it to a tiebreaker round then losing in a heart-breaking escapade. Smaug yawned largely, letting the light glint off of his teeth. With a smirk on his face the dragon curled up and was soon snoring, heartburn completely forgotten.

~ Smaug



Greetings to all! A few new things have happened in Lothlórien.

The special ranks were given to Winky House-Elf (Mireth Guilbain) who became Nimrodel, Nurbor became Orophin, Fred Weasley (Aduchil) became Legolas, Silmë became Haldir, Professor Lupin (Alatarwen) became Rúmil, and Lalwendë became Calaglin.

The Armoury has been re-opened by Celebglin. It had been closed after the Armoury leader, Erágon, had left Lothlórien. But now Celebglin has fixed it up and it is better than it has ever been before.

We have opened a new port in Lothlórien known as the Lothlórien Port. We are setting sail about this time and are going down to the south. It should be a very exciting journey for us all.

Sedryn has also started a new Inter-Kingdom Correspondence Office where we will be paired up with another Elf or maybe even an Ent. We will write to them and get to know each other better.

~ Anteru Sharrasi


When the great Gate of Minas Tirith opens, poets fall in. Many great poets came from abroad, as Rivendell’s; own Serveanthesia. Her poem, as well as Tinw’s and Turgon05’s, were some of this month’s greatest entries, and they were greatly appreciated. Aralomiël, the Poet Laureate of Minas Tirith, hosts contests of poetry, and this month’s winner was Acabar with his succesful entry in the Poetry Palace of Laielinwen.

Gondor and their Argyles achieved the finals of the Inter-Kingdom Debates. Hoyamir, Thorongil, Biki, and Acabar will participate, and give their best against the White Council in Rivendell. The judge is none other than Mojo, the great Loremaster of Fangorn.

The first Pelennor Pigskin match in Gondor is finished, and Hoyamir’s team won. Great goalkeeping from Hoyamir saved the day for his "PeLaie,"and Øyvind, the ever-so-unlucky Gondorian, was the scapegoat on the Pink Panthers, the team of Arteris. Both teams played great soccer, and fair soccer, but at last, Hoyamir’s PeLaie was the lucky ones, and ran off with the trophy, which are going to be determined by the King.

This July, the king inaugurated a great new RPG, named ’The Southern Storm & Northern Wind’. Following the War Council, the great men of Gondor, an Elf, and a Rider took their places place in the RPG. We Gondorians expect many participants now, so come on... Keep going!

~ Øvynd


Mordor Greetings foul elves to the Mordor kingdom report. The fact that you are reading this section of your pitiful paper means that you are trying to find out what is happening in our fantastic land. Personally I’d just tell you to come to Mordor and enjoy yourself in the activities we minions take part in, however, those up top have brought to Mordor the very odd idea of publicity. They somehow think that through writing for your most feeble of papers, it will make the whole population of Imladris come to our magnificently evil land; they talk about recruitment. Personally I think they just want those party morsels that they scoffed at last years office bash, the little sticks with elves on them, and sometimes pieces of fruit. Anyway I have rambled too long; it almost seems as if I care about the welfare of our rulers stomachs! On to the report.

This month has as always been a brilliant one in Mordor. Let us begin with those who were awarded the most revered SCRs. They were given to Búrzbag, Byg Sci, Vinyatur, Linmoriel and Narv. This reporter assumes that they all committed great deeds for the purpose of the land of shadow, especially Búrzbag, however it is rumored the miscreant Narv bribed his way into his position. The game of Pelennor Pigskin has swept across Mordor as well as the lands of the free peoples and a tournament is being organized. Our most brilliant team Mordor United has been drawn against Rivendell for their first match; there is no doubt that it will be a walkover for our magnificent team. The Shamans of Shadow have now returned and are continuing planning. It has been decided that all races are able to join so all input is wanted, even if it is from an elf. The necromancers’ guild has continued its reformation and is nearly ready to be open once more. The almighty Sauron restarted the minion biographies idea so each of us in Mordor can record our great and in some cases embarrassing deeds; it is rumored that Rohanna once wore a pink hat and enjoyed it, although this has not been confirmed the source of the rumor is a reliable one.

On a final note the powers that be have made the most informed of decisions and have decided that Mordor will be the next host of the Olympic games, naturally because Mordor is involved they will be so much more, how shall I put this.... meaty. The cuisine will be fantastic, especially if the free peoples enter large teams. Few of the details have been settled upon yet but any Mordorian changes will surely make the games a better event. Surely if the things I have already mentioned won’t make you change your mind about becoming a member of a Mordor dinner spread, I mean of an interesting and vibrant community, nothing will. So I shall finish my masterpiece here and go and play Hobbit darts; the Halflings are suffering from blood loss and I want to finish the game before the maggot passes out.

~ Búrzbag


Rohan War is ravishing the plains of the Eastmark as the Cavalry is in full muster and in battle with a large force of Easterlings attacking the Aldburg fortress. The ranks of the Cavalry have staggered a wee bit through the course of the campaign, with the sudden illness of the First Marshal Sicilius, the wounding and disappearance of the Second Marshal Malorn, and the abrupt kidnapping of Feldmarshal Ele Isenfolme. But spirits remain high among the brave wigends of the Cavalry, and Bema will guide us to victory!

On the homefront, the staff and visitors of the Riddermarket are preparing carebaskets for the wigends on the front line, a reminder to the fighting souls what and whom they are defending. The Riddermarket has finally calmed down after the capture and questioning of a suspicious character who was believed to be responsible for an unusual death within the Riddermarket. Once more the streets are open to the public and the stores are no longer under lockdown while the Cavalry searched for the murderer.

In the midst of the hightened security within Edoras, the citizens of Rohan were saddened to learn of the retirement of Lady Lord Lana from the throne as the longtime Éomer of the Mark. Now a Councillor of the Mark, she is helping to council, with the help of Lady Éowyn, the new Éomer of the Mark, none other than Wamba the Fool. While a jolly jester and minstrel in a good mood, be wary to upset the Lord Éomer, especially when concerning the security of his homeland and family. But while jolly, the new ruler of the Mark has been merrily tossing out tribute to hard-working riders and singing songs to cheer up the people of Rohan!

The people of Rohan are rejoicing with the founding of two new guilds within the kingdom, the Art Guild, led by the talented Minyadagniriel, and the Historian’s Guild, headed by our own skillful Anka. Both guilds will serve and portray Rohan well indeed.

Naturally this is just the tip of the iceberg of what’s occurred in Meduseld in the past month, and no matter how long I go, not everything can be mentioned. So the only way for you to find out every aspect of our multidimensional kingdom is to visit for yourself! And on one last note, a trifle really, it seems we have a madman loose in Edoras. Already the lunatic has desecrated Windfola, Éowyn’s loyal steed, by shaving it clean of every hair! More will come as this story unfolds, but until then, watch your horses! The Shaving Fiend might attack again!

~ Anawen


The Shire The Shire has been extremely active this month with new events that have been keeping the hair on the Hobbits feet standing straight up! Here are some of the events that have been keeping us so occupied!

We had a huge celebration of our very own Hobbit of the month, and you guessed it! Istya Alassea herself was honored in a celebration worth remembering! It is hard to come by someone who is loyal to their kingdom as well as the other kingdoms in Middle Earth. It is a deserved title for her and all of her hard work! She also has a house called the Middle Earth Social club that is brimming with activity at every turn! Congratulations Istya on a job well done!

The HDS (Hobbit Defense Squad) has been in a bit of a pickle with the Equine Capers disease. They are currently undergoing a mission to rid the horses from this disease forever! They have paired up with the Troops Abroad Team to get this disease kicked in the bud before it gets out and travels to other kingdom horses. They have a mighty fine adventure ahead of them in completing this task, but the Mayors are confident that they will catch it, keep it contained and rid of it forever!

The Shire just finished the IK races against The White Council and boy, was it ever a tight run until the end! Just when we thought we were getting ahead, those Rats carried our Coney’s to the finish line in knapsacks upon their backs, beating us in a good tight round of 28 to 24 in the final! Our Coney’s went home crying, but we shall prevail in the next race against Valinor. That race will be held at home in the goodness and comfort of The Shire!

It is business as usual at Ye Old Village Shops with bartering, trading, purchasing of fine leather goods and the like, when all of the sudden a great wind filled with hail has blown the place over! The carts are in shambles and the kiosks have been blown over! The products that the Hobbits work so hard on all year around have been destroyed in weather that the Shire hasn’t seen since the Old Gaffers long time stories! Most of the Hobbits have taken refuge in the buildings, but the food is scarce and the wind still blows fiercely! The whole Village Shops are ruined and it will take a lot of repair before it will ever be back to normal!

All of the sick and bruised have come to Hobbit Hospital in need of a helping hand! It has been a great place for those who have been hurt by picking berries at the Hob’s farm, just been sick or mishap that has come to travelers on their journeys. The Hobbits of the hospital have taken great care in providing for those who are in need and finally it is time for them to celebrate! This is the 100th Century of the Hobbit Hospital and they would like everyone to celebrate in all of their efforts in keeping us all healthy! We really appreciate all of their hard work and dedication in stitching us up and making sure that we left the hospital in one piece! It is a celebration worth talking about!

I know it sounds scary, but the Hobbit count has finally hit the 2000 mark! We are making a new kingdom into an old one! With all the Hobbits joining The Shire, it is no wonder Sam and Rosie are so busy! We are currently celebrating this grand walk into populating Middle Earth with our Hobbit heads held as high as we can get them. Who ever said that hairy feet weren’t appealing? We are throwing a party as well! The ale is flowing and we already had two second breakfasts! We will keep the Hobbits coming as long as the good tilled earth is growing mushrooms, ale is aplenty and the good stories are flowing! Look around, as you may see more hairy feet coming into your kingdoms as well!

~ Rings


Isengard The summer months have caused a quiet White Council, but the wizards have still found plenty to do. “Ready, Aim, Release!” has just finished, a game in which for some reason unexplained, wizards and visitors were allowed to play with arrows. The competitors had to answer questions in seven rounds whilst performing archery and Rivendell’s own Khait earned second place for her originality (and for making GP spray her drink with laughter).

More silliness in Orthanc occurred during a plot to steal Saruphil’s many coloured cloak in the Orchard, and the wizards had a more advanced caption contest where they had 5 pictures and a theme, and had to make a caption story for them together. The Therapy Clinic has gained a new shrink in the form of Six Beleriand, so that the psychoacketyschmackety, Shockology and Lunacidificology may continue, and the Great Identity Scavenge, which has had old and new wizzies alike paired up, scrambling for information in the archives and solving puzzles in order to find the identity of their secret partners.

Of course, the White Council is home to the wise race of the Istari, so there is plenty of lore and serious character development. In Parma Knolwe, currently the discussion is based on The Last Battle by C. S. Lewis, while Wizards are creating their staffs and the Armoury and Fires of Industry (strictly Tolkien threads regarding weapons and Saruman’s work) are back in business. The Observatory has the Istari studying and reporting about the various constellations and stars in the skies of Middle Earth. So far all wizards have managed not to fall out.

There are a lot of new activities getting ready to be introduced, so keep an eye out! Visitors are always welcome in most of our threads, and there’s something for everybody!

~ Grey Pilgrim



Crafts, Language and Lore

Rivendell is renowned for the long memories of its loremasters, none surpassing Elrond. But even our younger members pride themselves on their knowledge of history, culture, and Elder Days. So gather your tomes, gather your wits, and sharpen your quill. We invite you to test yourself against one of them in our first Lore Quiz.

~ author


Lore Matters

The House of Finwë

       Of the three ambassadors chosen to go to Valinor after the elves awoke at Cuivienen, the one whose descendents achieved the most reknown was Finwë. Finwë led the Noldor on the Great Journey from the Water of Awakening to Aman, and he was the first High King of the Noldor. This title was passed down to his eldest son Fëanor upon his death.

       Fëanor’s mother was Míriel, Finwe’s first wife. He was the greatest elven craftsman that ever lived, but also had an extremely prideful and fiery temper. So fiery was Fëanor’s spirit that his mother’s spirit was utterly spent after giving birth to him, and it left her body soon after she named him. Fëanor’s most famed creations were the Silmarils. He led the Noldor in their rebellion against the Valar, which was brought on by the lies that Melkor (Morgoth) had sown in Valinor while feigning repentence, and also by the request of the Valar for Feanor to surrender to them the Silmarils (which Fëanor denied). Many of the Noldor returned to Middle-Earth under Fëanor’s leadership (including his seven sons Maedhros, Maglor, Celegorm, Caranthir, Curufin, Amrod, and Amras), but soon after their return he was mortally wounded by Gothmog, Lord of the Balrogs. When Fëanor died, his body fell to ashes as his fiery spirit left it. Of his sons, only Maglor survived the First Age.

       Fingolfin was the second son of Finwë; his mother was Finwë’s second wife, Indis. Fëanor stranded him and his people in Araman when the Noldor left Valinor, and they were forced crossed the Helcaraxë (the Grinding Ice) to come to Middle-Earth. Fingolfin became the second High King of the Noldor in Middle-Earth after Fëanor’s death. After the Dagor Bragollach (the Battle of Sudden Flame), he challenged Morgoth to single combat. In that battle, though he was slain, Fingolfin gave Morgoth seven sword wounds on his foot. Fingolfin’s children were Fingon, Turgon, and Aredhel. Turgon was king of Gondolin, the Hidden Kingdom, and his daughter was Idril Celebrindal, the mother of Eärendil. Fingon and Turgon were the third and fourth High Kings, respectively, and upon Turgon’s death, the Kingship passed to Fingon’s son Ereinion (Gil-Galad). After Gil-Galad died in the Siege of Barad-Dur, the title of High King of the Noldor was not used again.

       The third son of Finwë was Finarfin, who was Finwë’s second child with Indis. Finarfin was grieved by the deeds done in the Kinslaying at Alqualondë, and when the Doom of Mandos was proclaimed he repented and returned to Valinor, becoming the king of the Noldor who chose to remain in the West. His children, however, went with the host of Fingolfin. They were Finrod, Orodreth, Angrod, Aegnor, and Galadriel. Finrod established the kingdom of Nargothrond in Beleriand, and aided Lúthien and Beren in the Quest for the Silmaril. Galadriel learned much from Melian the Maia, wife of King Elu Thingol of Doriath, and later established the kingdom of Lothlórien with her husband Celeborn.


       Fëanor son of Finwë

Fëanor was considered the greatest of Deep Elves (Noldor), but some consider him the greatest of all Elves who ever lived. He was born in Valinor, during the Years of the Trees. His parents were Finwë, who was the king of Noldor in Valinor and Miriel Serinde. When Fëanor was born, he was named Curufinwë, but Miriel named him Fëanor, Spirit of Fire and said: ”Never again shall I bear child; for strength that would have nourished the life of many has gone forth into Fëanor.”

And what she said was true: he became the greatest smith among all Races of Arda (except Valar and Maiar, of course). The first jewels he made were very simple, but under the light of the stars, they would glow with white light. He also made other crystals, in which you could see distant things (It is premused that these crystals are Palantir).

With his wife Nerdanel, he had seven sons: Maedhros, Maglor, Celegorm, Caranthir, Curufin (father of Celebrimbor), Amrod and Amras. And since his mother’s soul was in the halls of Mandos, after some time, Fëanor’s father, Finwë decided to marry again with Indis. With Indis, he had two sons: Fingolfin and Finarfin. His father’s wedding didn’t please Fëanor, he had little love for his brothers and stepmother.

While Fëanor worked on his creations, Melkor was freed from his inprisonment in Valinor and he was allowed to walk among Elves.

Noldor listened to Melkor, because he had great knowledge in smithery. But Fëanor never listened to him, he hated Melkor from the bottom of his soul.

Then, something happened. A great thing that would affect the Elves both in Valinor and in Middle Earth. Fëanor made his greatest work, jewels called Silmarils. They were the greatest jewels ever made. The outside of the jewels was made from unknown material. But, it is the inside of Silmaril that made them so beatiful. Inside the jewels, Fëanor caught the light of the Two Trees and Silmarils always shined, both in the light and in the dark.

Now, Melkor was greedy, as always, and he wanted to have Silmarils for himself. He destroyed Two Trees with Ungoliant, and stole Silmaril from Fëanor, killing his father Finwe. Fëanor decided to take Noldor to Middle Earth, to follow Melkor and retake the Silmarils. He and his sons swore Oath of Fëanor, that they would not rest until Silmarils were recovered. They led most of the Noldor to ME. When they arrived, Fëanor started to move toward Angband (Melkor’s citadel). But he went to far ahead and was left alone. Outnumbered greatly by Orcs and Balrogs, he fought like with such fury neither Orcs nor Balrogs could kill him. Finally, he was killed by Lord of Balrogs, Gothmog. He had so great spirit that after his death, his body burst into flames.

And so died Fëanor, greatest Elf ever to live on Arda.

We can still see one of his Silmarils on night: it is called now Eärendil.

~Feanor Elf


Would you still hear me when I could not speak,
To say the words in my heart?

Once, passion and love were our only companions,
That kept us close.

But now pain and anger know us just as well
Overshadowing our once joy.

The riots of emotions in our hearts caused an unprecedented
Insanity in the mind.

But this, this is all I must know to keep on,
Or to return to before.

Would you still hear me when I cannot speak?

~ Lyna


Artisans’ Corner

       The craftsman set her materials out in front of her on a table. They consisted of different thicknesses and colors of metal wire. She preferred to use silver and gold, but one can find almost any color. There was a box of glass beads next to her as well as several ornate buttons that she used for the center of the front. Her tools consisted of a pair of pliers and some wire cutters.

       She picked up the thickest wire and measured the length to go about her own head and cut it. After bending it for a while, making sure the wire would fit the shape of her head, she took a thinner wire and wrapped it about the 2 ends to keep them together. Now that she had her frame, the next part would be making it stronger. She wrapped a medium width gold wire around and around the thick wire until the frame was sturdy, and both gold and silver could be seen.

       The base for the circlet finished, she took more wire and some of the glass beads. On the back of the circlet, she twisted and bent the wire making a design that would fall about the hair when the circlet was worn. She added in beads for color and simple design accents making sure that they were securely set, wire wrapped around them. The whole process took her several hours, but the end result was beautiful. This was one of the more simple ones she had made, but with more practice, the designs would become more and more intricate.

~ Serveanthesia


       I have been asked several times, as I wander around the Gardens of Rivendell, what the best way is to store herbs and similar items for traveling. The answer is both simple, and wide-ranging!

       Some herbs, such as athlelas, prefer to be fresh-picked; however experiments using the dried leaves have proven to be fairly effective. For the majority of herbs, however, I would advise picking when the leaves or the blooms are at their peak. Lay them slightly sloping towards the base, in the shade, to give a chance for any sap to run out for a few hours. Then bind them together in bundles of about a handful, and hang them upside down from a rafter in a cool, shady place.

       When they are dried to a state similar to last autumn’s leaves in the spring, take them down and remove the leaves from the stems. Taking a piece of waxed paper (explained below) make up a neat packet of the leaves, fold and seal it with sealing wax. Write the date wrapped, and the herb on the outside. This is both lightweight, and protective of the herb, with the usefulness lasting for several months, if not years if kept cool.

       Waxed paper can be produced by melting down any remnants of wax candles in a dish (large enough for a piece of paper to be placed in) over a low heat. When it bubbles, remove from the heat, and allow to cool until it feels warm but isn’t set. Then either dip the paper into the bowl, or paint the wax onto both sides, and allow it to set and dry. A thin coat is better than a thick one, as it is less likely to crack. This provides a waterproof and airtight medium for the transportation of herbs.

~ Thom Greenleaf


Puzzles and Games

Mystery Code

The Elves delight in the devising of different systems for representing words. The object of this puzzle is to decipher the phrase. Each letter represents another letter of the alphabet and the relationship between the letters is constant. For example, the “E” would always represent another letter, like “H,” it would never be “H” in one place and “C” in another.


     EPYE PC WYLC (code)
     THAT HE CAME (decoded)

~ Gandalf

      ,     .


Have fun figuring out the message!



Word Jumble

The following puzzle contains the names of several people or things from the great stories. Unscramble them, then unscramble the letters found in the red boxes to find the Master Word.






Use the Letters in the red boxes to complete the following word:


Master Word:

Hint: Elf-friend

~Inwe Lythian



Click here to display puzzle on own page

1. The rangers were of this race.
4. Brother of Ori
7. The sundering ___
9. Second best singer of all the eldar
12. Hedge on the Shire’s eastern border
13. Beloved of Finrod
16. Sister of Oromë
17. Quenya name of Vása
18. Name of Taniquetil
22. Other names include Nerwen
23. Giver of Fruits
25. River that guarded Nargothrond
26. Older name for Yavanna
27. The last of the three kindreds to reach Valinor
29. Former bearer of Narya
31. O! ________, Lassemista, Carnímirë!
35. Land of the Valley of Singing Gold
39. Laita __! Laita __!
41. Where Rían died
42. Advisor to Elrond
43. Wandlimb was one of the ________.
44. Died alongside Frár and Náli

1. Námo was the ________ of the valar
2. Orodreth was the second ruler of this stronghold
3. This was given to the dwarves by Thingol
5. Grandmother to Aegnor
6. Khazad-Dûm
8. A region in Rohan
10. Reverse a word at the beginning of many of Tom Bombadil’s songs to get this.
11. Daughter of Belagund
14. Greatest of the elven-rings
15. Realm of Tar-Minyatar
19. Tall as a house, grey as a mouse...
20. Greatest of the Noldor
21. A name of Elbereth
23. Orch, plural
24. An elf led by Ingwë was this.
28. He slew Gothmog
30. Gimli’s uncle
32. The Carnen empties into the sea of ____.
33. Another name for Numenór
34. The Lonely Isle
36. Iron-cleaver
37. Skinbark
38. Cloudyhead
40. The world that is.





Dear Weny

      Mae Govannen! Welcome to the first installment of "Dear Weny" This is the place for you to ask all your most pressing questions. After all, who knows more than the Eldar? I can answer any question. Nothing is out-of-bounds, so don’t be shy Let’s get right to the first letter:

Dear Weny,

       Things have just not been the same since my accident. You see I was riding my horse oneday, when all of a sudden my long flowing hair got caught in some tress and they had to cut it all off to get me out. I am so ashamed. i can’t face anyone. What should I do?

~ Lost in Lothlórien

Dear Lost,

       Have you thought about exile? I know it sounds harsh, but really, how do you expect to inspire awe in mere mortals with a butch haircut? It just won’t do. Find a nice cave somewhere and settle down until your hair grows back.


Whoa! That was close..let’s see what the next one says:

Dear Weny,

       I can’t believe I am writing this see, I am a trickster and well being an Elf that just isn’t done. We are supposed to be wise and fair and ethereal but all I want to do is laugh. I am thinking of going to clown school, but my parents want me to take Aloof Lessons from Galadriel. What do I do?

Laughing in Lindon

Dear Laughing,

       Are you sure your an Elf? Maybe your a hobbit? Were you adopted? If not then I suggest you get yourself to Galadriel ASAP!


What is Middle-Earth coming to? I think we have time for one more letter.

Dear Weny,

       I have a very serious problem as I am sure you understand see I use Nancy Elf Hair Conditioner and lately just isn’t doing it’s job. What do i do?

Musty in Mirkwood

Dear Musty,

       Have you tried Herbal Elf? i find it does quite well. Also, be on the lookout for my new line of products Weny’s Wonderful Elf Wash. Coming to a trader near you!


       Well those were exciting letters and it looks like that’s all the time we have this month.Tune in next month for another installment of "Dear Weny".



An army of orcs is walking down the road. Out from behind a big rock pops an elf. He proclaims to their army, "An Elf is better than an Orc!" The Orcs get all mad and one of them challenges the Elf. They go behind the big rock and in a few seconds, the Elf pops out. "An Elf is better than ten Orcs!" he taunts, and soon ten orcs step forward. They go behind the big rock and after a minute, out comes the Elf. "An Elf is better than a hundred Orcs!" So, pretty sure they have him this time, a hundred Orcs crowd around and go behind the big rock. After a few minutes, one of the Orcs stumbles out holding a rather nasty wound and warns his fellow brethren, "It was a trap! There were two Elves!"




The Lay of Imladris

The continuing memoirs of Lord Slosh, formerly Lord Eyebrows.

Previous installments: First ~ Second. ~ Third ~ Fourth ~ Fifth

Part the Sixth

When autumn came, Elrond sailed away,
And her farewell appointed Elle,
Like rising lark, slightly insane,
And forbidden pub-drinks bubbling.
Elves saw the foofoo-valley bloom
About her feet, and insane again
They longed by her to prance and sing
Upon the ickle valley floor.

~Arlo Cúthalion            



previous letters: A
(inspired by Edward Gorey’s Gashleycrumb Tinies)




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