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Guilds and Groups

The Elves from the forge are still out on their quest right now. They have been enjoying the beauty of Eru's creation, spending an early morning enthralled by a sunrise over the mountains as they continue journeying. While this is the sort of thing that fills life with wonder and a heart-felt joy, it unfortunately does not make for fascinating articles. Aikari asked us all to be patient and wait for the next installment of their adventures.

~ Aikari


At the reception being held for Tanestor Númellótë an old presence honoured us: Gilnessael. The old nestoer were delighted to see her ghostly form, the new aphador got acquainted with her and learned who the old Tanestor was, whom the senior healers spoke so highly about. As the drinks were being shared and food went around, two strangers appeared through the main entrance doors. One was badly wounded, so the carrier called for help. Several healers came to their sides and brought the badly wounded man toward healing room two. Tanestor Númellótë fights now together with aphador Istawen and aphador Nimaroel over the life of Enpecedude.

We have great news. Nimaroel traveled from Lothlorien and joined our healing house. With little effort, because she already has quite a career in the healing arts, she took the test for aphador and passed it with a high score. She may now officially call herself a true aphador in the Adab Nestad. Minestor Idhwen is still walking on her crutches, healing from her broken ankle in the library. With the help of the other nestoer Fuin and Ariethil she looks over the medicines to see what is needed and what is still there. The aphadoer Endril, Mar, Gabriela and Veowyn are busy with cleaning out the healing chambers. Even after a few days of no activity the chambers get dusty and that is not good for the rooms.

As always we are always looking for new taidhrim, or aphadrim. So if you want to take your first steps into healing, go over to the office and ask for a test. Minestor Aikári or Tanestor Númellótë are there to help you with instructions.

~ Aikari


The racing team was taking a break this month to work on the cheetahs' clicker training a bit more before the next season. We hope that this will help them continue not to eat their opponents.

~ Nenuphar


Kingdom Events

SCRs of the month!

There was the sound of bells pealing with joy through the silent morning of the valley. It sounded through, disturbed the rests of some, but no one seemed to mind. The bells were sounded in times of danger and celebration, but the Elves of Rivendell all knew that this peal resonated with joy and peace that could only be tied to that of the honour of some of their very own Elven friends.

"Friends," Elrond says, "Today it is time to honor two Elves of our fair home, all of whom have long served with dedication in quiet or very public ways. Our dear elves coughnamecough and anothercoughnamecough, for their regular dedication to our kingdom. They have served Imladris long and well, and richly deserve these thanks.

Indeed, as the Lords would say, we should praise them with great praise. Eglerio hyn!

~ Adapted by Nenuphar from an original article by Keleos Nenharma

(For those who are curious, these deserving recipients are also known as Istawen and Isiliel.)


The Takeover of Imladris

A new dawn approaches

It was a strange day for Imladris when its citizens woke up to discover that a neat and impressive coup had taken place. Without much fuss they were made aware that Lori and Ril were no longer going to lead them as Glorfindel and Elrond; instead they would be under the renewed leadership of one of their oldest and respected Ruler pairs Arlo and Ally. The impact was unimaginable. There was elation, horror, and defiance to be felt everywhere. Great inner turmoil struck the kingdom as Arlo and Ally immediately set to work their plan to reform and stir. The following piece covers an intimate interview with Lord Elrond and how he has experienced the whole situation, what is going on and perhaps what more can be expected in the future.

Unsuspecting Interviewer
So how did you feel when you woke up this morning?

Tired but strangely refreshed.

Err... right. When did you notice something was wrong?

Well of course the commotion that was everywhere and the horrible crowding of my Chamber of Audience with the most random of nonsense was a good hint something was wrong. And then when I looked in the mirror I suddenly looked like I was back in the day... of course still the same handsome me, but different. Not until I got to looking up my trusted yoghurt-missiles did I suddenly realize what was happening. Not to mention that Glorfindel was looking suspiciously like Lady Galadriel.

And thus chaos ensued. Total anarchy in the kingdom. What will be done about it?

*dreamy sigh* Aaaah, glorious chaos! Err.. I mean. Yes yes, bad bad baaaaad chaos! We shall grab it by the... *thoughtful pause*
...we shall grab it and destroy it at its roots! But first we have to finish the assault on Mordor and wait the results of the Mud Wrestling Match. And then there's the possibility that something will have to be done about the badgers and pixies. *considers* ... restoration may take a while before everything gets back to normal.

That sounds pretty ominious...

Not at all... but really, assaults and mudwrestling create more of a mess than you'd expect. Though I fear the badgers and pixies will be something we shall have to live with. *sighs*

Assault? Mud Wrestling?

Ah yes, you see, we have decided that something has to be done about those stinky orcses and other filthy creatures. We are teaching them the ways of fruits and vegetables, though perhaps next time we should bring soap too. *the editors have taken out the next piece of rambling for the sake of coherence* As for Mud Wrestling, my darling Galadriel has decided to challenge the darling Galadriel to a match to determine whom is the true and only Galadriel. I have a hunch about who might win such a thing and I definitely applaud the initiative. We have to make good use of our rescources and mud has been neglected for too long!
*again the following speech has been edited out*

What else can we expect?

ANYTHING! *manical laughter*

As you can see this story may very well not be over yet. Or maybe it will end as suddenly as it has started. We can't say. No one really knows. Until then however, one should be ready for anything! Participate like crazy and never be afraid to try out your new powers (yoghurt!) on unsuspecting strangers. Before we end this interview we would specially like to thank Ally's Hair and Beautifying Products for making this possible!

~ Rilome


Ost Formentir

The sun was sinking low as Elwen sat at her desk and dipped the end of her feather quill in black ink, preparing to write the report to Imladris. It had been another long day on the Island of Ost-Formentir, and not an easy one. She closed her eyes for a brief while, trying to recollect every detail of the events that had taken place since her assignment in command of the fort, and began writing.

We are making steady progress in rebuilding and strengthening the defenses of the island. Hard work is required, but the fort will soon regain its old image of strength and invulnerability. But though the Elven soldiers that have been gathered are worthy and valiant indeed, we are still short-staffed. The coasts of Lake Nenuial and the surrounding hills are full of dangers and enemies: Orcs, Wargs and hostile tribes of Hillmen who loath our presence here and cause a lot of trouble. Moreover, news has reached us that a large horde of Orcs has camped on the northeastern shore, and their intentions are not yet clear. But there is also good news amidst the gathering darkness. Warriors from the Free Lands are coming to lend their service in the cleansing of the Wild.

Aigronding Mordagnir showed his valour by rescuing the Elven scout Haerran from the hands of the wild Hillmen and is now on a mission of great importance: a mission of peace. I have assigned him the subtle task of returning Naruva, the wife of the chieftain of a somewhat friendly tribe, to her husband in the Ered Uial. With him I have sent Mar-Evayáve, to assist him in his perilous journey. Alaron Alcadir of the Riddermark is sent by a human helper on the Island to find a sum of gold buried in the shores of Nenuial, for we are in dire need of supplies. And Pele Alarion of Gondor has undertaken the dangerous mission of stopping a company of Dwarves who are heading for the Lake with hostile intentions and have already killed two of our scouts. There is still a lot of work to be done, and new hands are never turned down, be they healing hands, a warrior’s hands, or just hands seeking to help.

Elwen finished her report and rolled the parchment , fastening it with a silver cord. She then rose and made for the camp in search of someone available to be sent as a messenger to Imladris. It was very important that her report reached the Valley soon; what hope they had lied in quick reinforcement.

~ Elwen


Feature Articles

Newbie Perspective

I haven't been a member of the Plaza for long yet, but I already feel at home. When I first joined, I looked around for a few days and finally got around to registering, but I still had no idea what kingdom I was going to join. Would it be Rohan which was full of races and military type rps? What about Fangorn with its many interesting creatures? And if I chose elves, which elven kingdom would I go to? Then there were the tempting minions of Mordor with their fire and brimstone. I made my choice pretty easily after I asked for advice. Imladris was the friendliest kingdom I had been to with people eager and willing to suggest different activities to join in without being too pushy.

So, already with amazing people being so patient with me, I soon found myself interested in the poetry team and have been accepted with open arms. I've also gotten many chances to wander through Imladris along with other kingdoms and I still find myself coming back to my elven home every time. Although I haven't made many good friends yet (it's still early in my Plaza life) and although I haven't had much of a chance to be very active in the community, I still adore Imladris and can't imagine that I'd still be on the Plaza had I not met the amazing elves that dwell here.

~ Neila


Tidings from Abroad


Varkin, Readers of the Herald!

With the Wizarf Day activities coming to an end, all the attention of the Dwarves is focused on the brand new event that has taken place in Khazad-dûm: the creation of a new Clan! With the activity of the Yukogs, the Crafters, and the Morogs, the Miners, diminishing alarmingly, the Rulers along with the Clan Leaders decided to form a new society, a merging of the previous Clans. Now the Dwarves count one less Clan, but all expect the Mokogs, as the new family is called, to rise and succeed.

However, the Mokogs aren’t the only new that I bring you this time. Eager for more organization and clarity with commercial transactions, the Market Mistress obliged all the shop owners to create a list of goods and prices that all customers can access anytime. Besides this, the security staff will collect the payments for the shop’s monthly rent, and no excuses for the ones who miss it. To add to all of this, the Market also has a small bank now where money can be picked up and exchanged. Finally, to end with all the news concerning the Market, I would like to inform you that it was graced with the opening of a new shop. Jaye and Cara, two Dwarves that settled at Khazad-dûm not long ago, have opened the “White Wolf Outfitters“, a shop where all kinds of clothes may be bought.

Although the season has finished and there is still a month before the beginning of the next, the Badgers keep training daily and the Team Captain is on the field recruiting new members and racers for the team. Still speaking of inter-kingdom competitions, all teams that regularly participate in these kind of events have been gathered under the banner (with exception to the Badger Team) of the Kagams, the Wise Dwarves.

Finally, to end up this report, I would like to let you know that an expedition to the Glittering Caves departed from Khazad-dûm a couple of days ago. If you are interested in joining it, you might be still in time if you hurry up to catch them!

I hope you have enjoyed traveling around the news world of Khazad-dûm! We are looking forward for your visit!

~ Tornihyanda



The leaves of the mellyrn may not yet be the golden shade they reach during the season of autumn in the Golden Wood, but that does not mean that changes are not occurring in our realm. At this point in the year when many activities tend to begin, the Lord and Lady of the Golden Wood have started to give leave to the many Galadhrim that inhabit the area to freely present any ideas they might have for such occasions. Whatever they may be, a gift is presented to each one that steps forth; the important thing to note is what ideas they have brought. Not interests of only one category, but more than a few—relating to lore, game, archery, wars, and more—are being considered and either accepted or put aside to save for the right moment. With such an occasion coming about, Lothlórien will be hard pressed to achieve dullness.

Speaking of a lack of dullness, our very own Lord Celeborn seemed to have thought it appropriate to put himself right in show to dispel even the slightest probability of this. It came as a surprise to a few—myself among them—to see that he had decided to be put at the mercy of not only residents of the Kingdom, but visitors alike, in a very interesting and diverting game. Suffice it to say that the Lord Celeborn has been dunked into water more than a few times by the good aim of many that seemed to continue hitting the target which caused this. If the aim was to bring about good laughs and a bit of joy to any that would wish to partake of it, this goal was definitely accomplished.While the IK Poetry team moves together in practice and IK Racing team brings in unison a few thoughts and comments from their trusted racers, all activities are just now seeming to be gathering about and getting ready for a new Season. Drill is not too far behind in, and it is starting to look like the new beginnings are never too far away from this land, which continues to stay young despite the ages that pass.

~ Alhana



Suilad mellyn nin, Westu Hal to all you fair elven folk of Imladris. Long has it been since I last brought news from the great lands of the Horse Lords. Although spring is surely upon us, many folks are still preparing for their lovely gardens and abundant crops to be sown. Rohan has so many things going on right now. For one thing, our Cavalry is getting over the tragic loss of a great commander, it appears they are rejoining and regrouping in a soon to be normal 'Roll Call' which is required by all Cavaliers. Young and old alike have shown up for this wonderful occasion, with some even retaking an old oath from years ago. This is news of a wonderful rebirth, if you will pardon the pun.

It's with honor and pride I can only see great things up and coming. Our Riddermarket is now showing off its spring floral stands, the bright sunny day drawing customers to much-needed supplies, leathers, ans other surprises that visitors may not know lie within. Stop by and take a look at some of the many things each shop owner has to offer; surely you can find some things you will need. Celebrating a 3 year plazaversary today is our very own Afor; this day is a most joyful one for him. Not only does he train our cavaliers in fire and other badges, but he is a great person to get to know. We only hope he sticks around many more years. Tazynia Dunami is celebrating her birthday as well, and Windowcel's is today; our riders have partied for them a lot. The most important thing though is that Rohan is doing a survey for all to attend and send in their thoughts on how to better the kingdom; this is not only for riders, but for YOU too. Stop by and send yours in today; what could it hurt?

An uncommon thing going on in the Cavalry tavern has caught attention of many. It seems the animals are on a rampage! But in a good way some would say. They are serving drinks and plates of food? Oh yes indeed. Something to tell your grandkids about, that's for sure. Our King has taken on a new look as well this month, one of a more dashing nobility me thinks *g*, but nonetheless, Eomer is looking good as always. Our rider of the Month went to Tazynia Dunami who also just joined the Cavalry as well as an older veteran, Alaron Alcadir. We are hoping to see great things from these two. And that my friends, is the news for this month. Take care and may your day always be filled with sunshine and bright thoughts. Le hannon mellyn nin, until we meet again.

~ Goldmoon Dunami



Aegnor was a Noldo, son of Finarfin and Earwen and born in Valinor. His name in Quenya was Aikanár or Aikanáro, which meant Sharp Flame, which probably refered to his character. His true name was Ambarato which means Noble.

Aegnor was older brother to Galadriel but younger than Finrod and Angrod. He along with his brother Angrod thought that Fingolfin should attack Melkor and both of them were involved in the Siege of Angband.

The land that he ruled was Dorthonion, north of Doriath. Aegnor's true love was a mortal woman of the House of Beor, named Andreth. Yet their love was impossible; there was no previous record of elf-kind being romantically involved with mortals or vice versa. Aegnor eventually chose not to marry Andreth and went to participate in the Siege of Angband and later in Dagor Bragollach. There he was killed, like Fingolfin, the High king of Noldor.

~ Numellote


Language: Quenya Future Tense

Last time we learned about the future tense and now a hard task is ahead; to practice your little grey cells.

Translate into English:

1). Anar ortuva ar i aiwi linduvar.
2) Enquë neri tiruvar i ando.
3) Ilya Atan firuva.

Translate into Quenya

1)The king and the queen will read the book.
2)The Elf will find the Dwarf.
3)The warrior will wield a sword.

Be good and do your homework. See you soon!

With help from Ardalambion

~ Numellote


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With gratitude to each and every one of our contributors, for all your efforts to record and bring to life the magic of Imladris and of the plaza. Fond memories, fun times, a great paper: we are so proud and honoured to be able to put the Herald together - thanks to you!
~Nenuphar, Arvellas, and Mar-Evayave, co-Editors