Parth Nelui ~ Volume III
Pennas Víressë ~ April Issue

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       On March 23rd, the elves of Imladris and foreigners of every kingdom gathered together in Elrond’s Halls to celebrate one of the most beloved members of Arda: Arlo Cúthalion. A friend, a leader, and an inspiration, we all are honored to have such a person amongst us! And while it is nearly a month from the actual date— Happy Third Plazaversary, Arlo!

       Throughout everything he has done, the current Vala has shown maturity, respect, and honesty. During his days as the eyebrow wielder of Rivendell, he assisted all of the Rivendwellers with questions and ideas, encouraged us all, and involved us in his plans for Rivendell’s future, whether we were newbies or elders of the plaza. His great humor, creative mind, and advising nature creates a friendly and atmosphere, and while newer members and older members alike might confess they are still intimidated in his presence, it is certainly due to how much he has done and how long he has been with us. Many characteristics of Arlo have prompted us all to be and do our best in every aspect.

       From his beginning days as Arwenlover, his eyebrow wigglin’ period as Elrond, and as his current puddly state as Ulmo, Arlo’s third year plazaversary is not only a celebration for him, but a celebration we get to share in as well. Every year he stays with us is a blessing, and hopefully we can be blessed with his presence for many years to come.

~Avárith Aldâwén

A Song of the Sea

Sweet melody of the wave and tide,
arise in splendor as morning wakes.
With glowing waters where chanteys ride,
adorned with light of golden drapes.

Lyrical voice of the ocean’s song
ring with the wind and whisper long.
Sapphire eyes and emerald arms,
reach up from the sea with blissful charm.

A song of the sea has taken my dreams,
when moonlight fills my wandering gaze.
Your melodic tune on white shores gleams,
under the moon and sun’s warming rays.

~ Ailaya Nydrian


Guilds and Groups

Army Report

       The Anniversary month of the Host has been busy and chaotic. The leaders have had to juggle their attention between hard-fought battles and cheerful festivities. Our congratulations to them for a great job!

       The Treasure Hunt for Philbert the Seagull continued. Both the Othrim and the Beriadrim had to cross the island in search of the bird with the precious prize in his belly. Following the clues they crossed the swamp, lake, river, mountains, cave, forests and native village. It was a great adventure, with each division trying to beat the other. Finally they made a plan of attack, and the Othrim saved Philbert and thus the Ring of Elrond from the hands of the natives. Feeling homesick and tired after camping in this banana grown environment, the divisions returned home safely.

       The greatest event in the Host’s recent history has been the Battle of Amon Sûl. Check out the special report later this issue! After a hard fight against the troops of Mordor, the Host came out battered and wounded but victorious. A Beer Tent has been erected at Amon Sûl to celebrate this great achievement. Everyone is welcome to join us in this feast.

       Another special event this month is the sparring between Imladris and Lórien. Twelve pairs are fighting each other in a friendly fight with blunted weapons. It’s a good experience and a chance to get to know each other better. Three pairs finished their battles, and some soldiers decided to buy a huge mug of ale and sit down together afterwards. That’s the spirit!

       Following the departure of Aurëthil, Mor Olnathron has been named our new leader of the Beriadrim division. Tas will be the new leader of the Swords and Shield part of the Beriadrim. Congratulations to them! We put our trust and confidence in these leaders for the future.

       New recruits for the Host of Imladris are always welcome. Please visit the Army House for more information or for enrollment. The Army Journalists Eliendriel and Eaglelgae are always available for questions, so please feel free to drop by their offices!



Nestad Levain

       The elves of Imladris have grown accustomed to seeing the symbol of healing that hangs above the doorframe of Nestad Levain. Although the doors are only flung wide once every two months, the center has grown in fame for the healers’ skills with animals and their injuries or illnesses. Still recently opened, Nestad Levain greets every passing day with new changes and excitement for the next time it welcomes all inside.

       Speaking of new changes, the animal center has undergone many big events in the past month! The return of the old Mistress of Nestad Levain, myself, brought an air of happiness around the rooms after I announced I’d be staying to help as Taidor. Sériva, one of the best Mistresses the center has ever had, left her position to the disappointment of all the healers. She will hopefully be helping around Nestad Levain when it re-opens. Nonetheless, the two new Minestors are Arwil and Avi_Aiel, two very dedicated members of the group who have been excellent in leading us all.

       Plans for the next opening include mysterious events, special animal holidays, as well as a new section for owners and their animals. Keep your eyes out for Nestad Levain. We’re always here to watch over you and your animals!

~Avárith Aldâwén




       There has been much excitement this past month in the Bards and Writers Guild. First, the rank of senior bard was bestowed upon Ailaya Nydrian. Ailaya composed our lovely new guild poem and is co-captain of the Imladris Poetry Team. Second, Saranna was named the Guild’s new Taidril and will assume the job of running the guild alongside Idril and Galen Aranor. Saranna is both wise and kind, and already serves as a helpful librarian in the Imladris Library. All know that she will make a wonderful Taidril. Congratulations to both Ailaya and Saranna!

       In celebration of Edenidhrinn, the Elven New Year’s festival, Govannas in Glirdain sponsored a writing contest. Bards gathered from Gondor, Rohan, Lothlórien, Valinor, and our own dear Imladris to enter their poems and short prose works. In celebration of the coming of spring, the writers were invited to compose works about love, renewal, rebirth, and healing. We eagerly await the announcement of the winners. Please stop by our halls to read some of the fabulous submissions to the contest, or join our daily gathering to share and enjoy the creative offerings of our bards!



Racing Team

       The recent Race of the Champions, held in the Riddermark, proved to be quite a spectacle. Only those who had won a race during the season qualified to race the best in Middle-earth, roughly forty competitors. Three racers made it with their cheetahs to represent Imladris in the competition held by the Winning Kingdom. Dundaeiel, Pathael and yours truly proved their cats were the speediest in our valley and got the opportunity to challenge the cream of the racing crop in the contest.

       The competition started off with many racers taking an early lead – showing that it would indeed prove a contest of the best pitted against the best. Through numerous obstacles, unruly racers and cheering spectators, the finale to round up the season proved every bit as eventful as expected.

       Star Flower of the dwarves managed to win convincingly on 35 spaces, followed by the minion Undefined and in third Alator from Isengard. From Imladris, Avi took 5th place, Pathael took joint 8th place and Dundaeiel 18th.

       Well done to all racers; we held our own against uncertain odds and had the Derby to brighten up our spirits!

~Avi Aiel


Elven Artists'Association

       My name is Ferallae and I have recently joined the Elven Artists’ Association. I have found that everybody there is very welcoming to new plaza members and they encourage them to share their work. As I have never considered myself a very good artist, I was a little intimidated at first to try my hand at this, but found that Laifana and the others were very helpful.

       This month, there were two EAA displays. ccc There was the recurring monthly thread with the theme of Palantiri “Modern” Art. It was a great and fun way to be able to experiment with different programs. Many different plaza members contributed with works ranging from the simple, like my first piece, to the extremely complex. The other display was the Edenidhrinn Contest: Les-Belles Arts. This was a celebration for everyone to rejoice in Edenidhrinn, the Elven New Year. All entries were very unique and showed different views on the beauty and wonder of life. You may find small copies of them throughout this month’s issue of the Herald!

       Overall, the EAA has grown into a very warm and welcoming place to experiment with different types of art and to showcase one’s talents. I have found it to be a wonderful place to meet other Elves and to see many striking works of art.


“And Sauron is afraid of this?” ~ Little Washu’s entry in the Edenidhrinn art contest


Annals of Imladris

New Years

       Warm breezes stir in the Valley, bringing with them the first sweet scents of spring. Flowers spring up from the moist earth, and the birds gather in the tree-tops, ready to greet the New Year with song. But lo! - not only does nature rejoice in this welcome arrival. So too do visitors from distant lands and those fair folk who are the heart of Imladris. All gather in the Last Homely House and its courtyard, ready for the joys and excitement of the arrival of Edenidhrinn, as the world blooms once again. Everywhere there is a tension and excitment, feelings that always accompany the coming of the New Year.

       Competitions were held this year to help elves and other fair folks celebrate this joy of rebirth and renewal. Many well-wishes and congratulations to the winners as well as heartfelt thanks to all those who entered, for every _expression of our joy makes us more full and is welcome.

In the LORE competition, the winners were:
Celebglin of Lothlórien~ 1st place
Faelminiel ~ 2nd place
Menel the Istar ~ 3rd place
Indis ~ Honorable Mention

In the LANGUAGE competition, the winners were:
Indis ~ 1st place
Elenear ~ 2nd place
Isilrussë and Ibiralian ~ 3rd place

And finally in the

POETRY AND PROSE competition, the winners were:
Eragorn ~ 1st place
Tinindil ~ 2nd place
Dinledhwen ~ 3rd place

[Editors’ note: Lord Glorfindel has just summoned all to an Edenidhrinn closing ceremony where results for the EAA contest have been announced as well! There are refreshments, music, and dancing. When you’ve finished reading the Herald be sure to stop by, congratulate the winners, and enjoy the festivities!]

~Galen Aranor


Amon Sul

       The Dark Army had taken over the ruins of Amon Sûl. This was seen as part of their spread over Middle Earth. Amon Sûl was an important military target, a historical landmark built by Elendil to keep one of the Palantiri. The Elves of Imladris decided this invasion had to be stopped. On the anniversary of the Host, the Battle of Amon Sûl began.

       In the tracks of High Commander Laivindil the Othrim Swordsmen headed the charge, striking in an arrow formation. Othrim Archers rode behind the Swordmen, the Beriadrim Swordsmen and Archers following. The minions were positioned on the eastern slopes and top of Amon Sûl. Scouts were positioned around the ruins and elven camp.

       The siege weapons of the Host claimed a great number of casualties on the dark side. The mighty horses of the Othrim trampled the minions on their way uphill. But the poisoned arrows and minion blades did terrible damage to the elven soldiers. The din of noise was like nothing some of the soldiers had heard before. Orders, screams, clashing metal, arrows, crashing rocks and the trampling of warhorses filled the air. The battle was long and hard, but slowly the Host of Imladris pushed back the Army of Mordor and drew closer to the ruins of Amon Sûl. The Minions’ flag taunted them from its summit, waiting to be captured.

       In the elven camp chaos was created by the minions. The catapults were set on fire and tents damaged by an explosion. Some Healers were taken hostage. Safety couldn’t be guaranteed anywhere.

       Yet by day’s end the Host of Imladris had reached the crest of the hill. One-on-one fights dominated most the battle by then, and brave warriors from both armies fought for their lives with skill and honor. Some minions took cover in the ruins. Finally the elves drew near the flag and managed to find it, the Army of Mordor called the retreat. The Battle of Amon Sûl was over.

       Now the number of casualties could be counted and the wounded treated. Soon everyone realized that victory was not so sweet. People were missing, others dying. Search parties spread out to find wounded elves. The Host was short on Healers. The news of victory spread slowly. But as the wounded began to recover and leave the Healers Tents, and warriors returned from the field of battle, the spirit of the elves improved. They decided to put up a Beer Tent on Amon Sûl, to celebrate their victory in this major battle, and to honor the courage and strength of the fallen soldiers.

~ Eaglegae

The Way the Minions Saw It

       Receiving the call to arms, the newly-conceived army prepared for battle. Excitement flooded the ranks and every minion in the army was eager for war. They received little information, except that they would be fighting the elves of Imladris for Amon Sûl. That was a minion’s dream, to be able to fight in a war against the elves.

       And so the march began, and before we knew it, we had arrived. It was not long before we were besieged by the elves. The army began formulating its plan, and the bladesmen took their positions amongst the ruins. Some ventured past the ruins to their quick demise, as the elves pelted the army with siege weapons.

       This lasted an age, and the minions were thankful to hear the sound of an army of horse galloping toward them. The blades prepared for the onslaught. From the first contact there was much bloodshed. It was not long before the hill was covered in blood, and the Mordorian army was quickly proven to be undermanned. The blades were aided by the archers on the top of the hill and the unseen scouts, who were both reducing the elven army greatly. However, as time continued, the elves kept pushing forward and eventually broke the minion wall of defense.

       It was then that the precious flag was stolen by a certain Cumhetar. Crystalen was also captured by this elf and transported back towards the elven camp. Despite a few minions attempting to recover the flag, it was lost. Túrin, the Maugan of the Mordorian army, sounded the tactical retreat. It was time to fall back and regroup. They had not lost this war; they were merely changing tack. They army was yet new and very flexible. The leaders would surely be capable of coming up with plans to completely annihilate the elves.

       A warning goes out to all elves: whilst you may think you achieved victory at Amon Sûl, you did not. For the Mordorian army was able to learn many things from that battle, and will undoubtedly be back again to finish what it started. So Beware and watch your backs. For you never know when we will attack.

~ Bashtakh


Ocean of Wonder, Sea of Dreams

Melodic winds spread silver stars,
upon jet skies of heaven’s halls.
Velvet waves of midnight’s journey,
sing tunes to which dreams are called.

My daughter ocean, your heart shines clear,
and with your smile, my goal is near.
For your raven cloak mirrors eyes of night,
and brings the moon to my hands with light.

Gentle sprays of curling arms,
wrapped upon my home, the shore.
Carving crafts of salt and sand,
with hidden gifts the tide has bore.

My sister sea, enlighten my soul,
as the tale of your travels slowly unfolds.
Encircling wonders, and waking dreams,
upon waters kissed by moon’s beams.

~ Ailaya Nydrian



       A large flying thing crash-lands in Imladris with the screech of the Nazgûl. Folk exit what appears to have made the noise. The Fell Beasts, hollow?

       Eldar whimper at the thought:

       They were dressed as Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, Hobbits, and other things that normally appeared in Ennorath, but they were not what they seemed. The abominations wandered Imladris inquisitively. They wondered where they were and ambushed people as they did. Mysteriously, several celebrities visited Rivendell at precisely the wrong time.

       Near the beginning of the struggle, a hobbit lady was in the library. She may seem unimportant now, but wait! She was led from the library by an Elf who has asked to remain anonymous and brought before Lord Elrond. With his consent and the help of some other Eldar, she began to cook for the bloodthirsty tourists...

       "My lords. I am but a simple halfling, unskilled in matters of war. Yet if by my sauce pans or my coney stew I can aid you, I will."

Meanwhile, there was chaos in Karningul. “Fangirls” as they were called, ran about screaming “FIGWIT!” and its variations. Lords Elrond, Celeborn and Elladan and Queen Arwen discussed Imladris’ fate as the fake beards, plastic toys, rubber feet and prosthetic ears were loosed upon Rivendell.

       Luckily, the pandemonium ended (to some extent) with the call of “COME AND GET IT! Real elven food and wine! And it’s free!” The crowds came and ate to their pleasure, never knowing that their tea had been drugged. What is the fate of these tourists? This is a question that everyone asks before the drug takes effect and the tourists fall asleep. All we can do is wait and see, and if they return to pulverize us, defend your homes thoroughly! Sleep in full armour with a sword at your breast. Most importantly, have a companion with you at all times. You never know when a rabid fangirl will pounce upon you in the dark.

~ Eragorn


Tinw’s entry for Edenidhrinn art contest


       Echuir brings out the best in us, it seems. Some of us begin Spring-cleaning, bringing order out of chaos (hah!). Some set foot upon the road (that goes ever on and on), seeking adventures. Others feel the urge to create things both practical and beautiful. Art for its own sake is a wonderful thing, but craftsmanship adds utility to beauty. On the Terrace of the Last Homely House, some of us have ventured out into the spring sunshine. There is teaching, there is learning: life and inspiration spring anew as Elves (and others) create lanterns, candles, and quills in true Elvish style.

       Ancalima is ready to show anyone interested how to make their own hand-dipped candles of fragrant beeswax. "This is one of the many crafts that uses time and patience as ingredients, also." says Ancalima. "Everyone will get the chance to make two beautiful candles for their own use...”

       Serveanthesia is here to show us how to make lanterns, using silver, gold, mithril, diamonds, and gems of all sorts— "It takes skill to create such lanterns and they can be as simple or intricate as you desire. But all skill can be acquired through teaching and practice..." says she. We can’t wait to see her beautiful creations take shape.

       Arwil is here to show us how to make writing-quills. She sits beneath a tree on the Terrace, with her beloved owl-feathers, her pen-knives, and a mysterious box of hot sand. We don’t know what it’s for, yet, but we are so curious... "The thing you have to look for in the feather," says Arwil, "is that it is strong...We want the quills to last!" Well said, Arwil! With all the writing that goes on in fair Imladris, it would behoove all of us to learn how to make our own quills.

~ Ancalima



       The Feasts of Imladris have been celebrating many things this month. We had a Feast of Opening Blossoms, a Feast of Fog, and most recently and very importantly we have had the Feast of Edenidhrinn, the Elven New Year. Gilnessael and I have been working to come up with new and exciting Feasts, and it can be assured that the upcoming feasts will be just as exciting or more so then the last one. People from all over Middle-earth came to the Feast of Edenidhrinn to celebrate this wonderful time with us here in Rivendell. Songs were sung and music was played for many days, and the celebrations were a wonderful sight to see, and great sounds to hear. The Feast of Fog was a very interesting feast, as it was set right in the middle of a clearing, but I think a few Elves might have had some problems seeing through the mists. In the Feast of Opening Blossoms we were all celebrating the coming of the spring season, and everything seemed to be blooming. The trees are now greener and the fields more colourful thanks to the wonderful weather. I have planned the next feast, and I am hoping it will be exciting, just as the last ones have been. Do not forget, if you want to visit old friends or meet some new ones, stop by the Feasts of Imladris!

~ Tas


Amon Sul

In Imladris...

       Dawn awakened with a small yawn of sleepiness; morning’s eyes had fluttered open as colors stretched across the sky...all seemed so peaceful and calm in our haven of Imladris that day, all so usual and perfect...but little did we know what terror would befall us. Throughout the elves’ long immortality, nothing, not even the tragedy of Gondolin or the War of the Ring, could match the utter shock and bewilderment of the day ahead

       An announcement spread across the haven as elves stumbled out of bed. Many rushed towards the halls of Elrond in shock at what they had heard. It could not be true! But alas! It was! The kingdom,missing Lord Elrond for the weekend, was suddenly claimed by a tyrannical, entirely anti-foo, and supposedly dead elf! The Mightiest of the Noldor, Fëanor, declared his new position as ruler. Gasps and fainting spread throughout the kingdom. Some bowed to him in respect. Others used that direst of weapons, the only tactic that could unseat the scary dictator from his new throne: FooFoo. By Glorfindel’s wit, Imladris became the pinkest it had ever been. The fountains poured pink in the courtyards, the guilds and buildings were painted anew with a blush color, the river Bruinen’s waters were tinted a rosy hue, and all around the fair haven were paint buckets and brushes full of bright magenta! Foreigners and Rivendwellers alike teamed up to color the surroundings of Fëanor and rid him from the kingdom. But mighty Ulmo conspired with the anti-fooish tyrant, to the haven’s horror, and almost succeeded in victory over the elves! However, in the nick of time, Manwë joined in with the foo and threatened to win Rivendell over with an army of eagles ready to cover it in pink! After a few name callings, faints, ravings, and shouts, the throne was recaptured by Glorfindel and FooFoo Fëanor was restored to his original self. Make no mistake; he’ll be wary of invading the kingdom again!

       In another part of the kingdom, Arwen returned to clean out the cobwebs in her closet. Escaping Fëanor’s wrath to visit and perhaps sneak a few items from her closet, elves from all over Imladris raced towards the Queen’s room. The discovery that Erestor wore pink silk boxers wasn’t the only startling thing discovered. Amongst all the gown nabbings, Fëanor swoonings, sibling rivalries, Celebrían scoldings, pretzel snacking, and horse stealing, there wasn’t an ounce of hope that the closet would be neatly organized by the end of the day. Nonetheless, while Glorfindel’s rants about Asfaloth usurpers rang throughout Elrond’s Halls and Arwen’s gowns slowly disappeared by the minute, the closet was yet again left in need for some dusting for a day soon to come. Perhaps, next time, they will finish tidying up!

       While many feared Imladris’s sudden transformation into everything pink, there were those addicted to foo whom praised the day of April Fool’s. The haven of the elves slowly reverted back into its state of un-foo, and the lands went back to normal. However, never would the dwellers of Rivendell forget the day Feanor tried to take over, Arwen tried her hand at spring cleaning, and Imladris once again was hailed as the mighty kingdom of foo.

Avárith Aldâwén


Fall of Gondolin

Continued from last month’s eyewitness account of the unfolding saga.

       The Folkwell had been lost. Now the survivors of the battle at the North of Gondolin, guided by lord Tuor, struggled to retreat to the King’s Square. The heart of the city was defended by lord Glorfindel and the warriors of the House of the Golden Flower and of the Harp, who had finally disobeyed the orders of their cowardly lord Salgant and charged into battle. When all these warriors had regrouped before the palace, a weak hope grew in all hearts, even in king Turgon, keeping watch over the events from his Tower. Hope strengthened when lord Egalmoth arrived from the south, bringing with him a group of women and children that he and his people had rescued from the filthy hands of the orcs. Civilians were sheltered in the King’s Halls, as the warriors built barricades around the Square, protected by the archers of the Swallow and the Heavenly Arch. Lord Ecthelion, gravely wounded, lay weakly by the Fountain, attended by members of his house.

       But the barricades could not stand for long, because from the north came one of the foul dragons of the Enemy ridden by a demon of fire: Gothmog, Lord of the Balrogs. Tuor went to challenge him holding high Dramborleg, his father’s axe. With the timely aid of the archers and his warriors, he beat back the dragon, but the Captain of Angband would not be an easy foe. Three times the mortal man barely escaped before he received a blow from the whip of fire. Gothmog was ready to give the final thrust, and nobody from Tuor’s folk was close enough to help him. However, struggling out of his own shadows, Ecthelion of the Fountain attacked the demon with his sword and then, gathering all his strength and his pride, rushed against the foul creature with his conical helm. Both fell to the bottom of the fountain and so killed each other.

       Turgon witnessed everything from the Tower in anguish. The murder of his brother had been avenged at the hands of one of his lords, when he should have struck the blow! He took his crown instead of his helm. The command spread in the Tower: finally, Nost en-Aran would go out to join their kin in the fray. The sally of the people of the King renewed much of the hope lost with the fall of the Lord of the Fountain, and the King himself defeated one of the balrogs of the Enemy, winning back part of the ground that they had believed lost. But more orcs kept arriving and another dragon entered the Square. The King and many members of his House drove back the dragon to the fountain and into it, but the waters boiled and the burning vapor felled many elves, scalding them and impeding their breathing. Turgon managed to survive the tumult. Making use of the mist and the fog as cover, the Gondolindrim retreated to Glingol and Bansil, images made by Turgon himself of the Trees of Valinor, but now there were many wounded amongst them.

       Seeing the state of the city, Turgon proclaimed: Great is the fall of Gondolin. Despite of the clamor of his people, he renounced his kingship and gave orders to follow and obey Tuor and to protect the weak. He asked Galdor, Lord of the Tree, to take his crown and give it to his nephew Ereinion Gil-Galad on the isle of Balar. Then the King retired to his Tower and refused to escape with the rest of the Gondolindrim, because he felt that the responsibility of the fall of Gondolin was his alone. Yet the warriors of the House of the King disobeyed their Lord and stayed with him at the Tower to the bitter end. Many others would have liked to accompany them in that last stand but Tuor gathered them and told them about the Secret Way that had been dug under the House of the Wing and tunnelled far out into the plain outside the city walls. It was now their only hope of escape. So Tuor organized the warriors around the civilians and wounded for the retreat.They would have to run if they wanted to stay away from the armies of Morgoth Bauglir.

       While all these things occurred at the King’s Square, Idril was wandering the burning streets of Gondolin along with the guard of the House of the Wing that had been assigned to her, rescuing women, children and lost soldiers, and sending them to the Secret Way. Idril was the Princess of Gondolin, and she didn’t plan to abandon them nor to look for her own safety until her father and her husband were safe as well. Her bodyguards fought bravely by her side, caring not about their own wounds, but when they were heading to the Place of Gods, all of them but Voronwë, Tuor’s loyal friend, fell slain by orcs. But she didn’t realize that little Eärendil, the precious son she had sent ahead through the tunnel, was not yet safe.

       The meeting of Tuor and Idril in Gar Ainion, the place were they had married, was not as happy as expected. Lady Idril was frozen, her sight lost on the Tower of her father. Just before the Tower fell, Turgon heard his daughter’s voice and he was able to answer her, speaking through their thoughts, and thus he could say farewell to his beloved child. Then a drake threw down the base of the Tower. So passed away Turgon, King of Gondolin, High-King of the Noldor. The armies of the Enemy were sacking the city and taking delight from the defeat of the Eldar, giving some time for those led by Tuor to flee for their lives. The King had bought for them a small advantage, and they had to take it.

~ Ralkm


Siege’s End (A Soldier’s Thoughts on Spring)

The birds are singing Reveille,
So early now, the dawning!

In the deep, in the dark, in the heavy-sleeping earth
A Meditation ponders, and a Strategy gives birth.
And skirmishers are sent out; a tiny picket-guard
Comes sprouting, comes scouting on the left, and on the right,
With bright green blades, they advance into the light.

Is the seige of Winter lifted?
Do the messengers speak true?
Do we dare declare the victory
In the long defeat of Rhîw?

See the armies of the Winter
All their icy spears throw down!
See the last defeated remnants,
Snowdrifts vanish in the ground.

The birds are singing Reveille,
So early now, the dawning!

~ Ancalima


Cirbann Lim

       Cirbann Lim, a sparkling haven, located in the lush locales of the Golden Wood, is a home for the arts, culture and lore of Middle-earth. It is set just outside Lothlórien amid green, rolling meadows, streams and waterfalls.

       Visit the Talaf Maetha, or the Dueling grounds, and hone your battle skills using the best of weapons, armor and training. Your battle skills will never be better, once finely tuned in Talaf Maetha under the able and superb guidance of Firien Echui, who is also the owner of Cirbann Lim! Also, if you are wounded in battle or crave healing for you fatigued spirit, pay a call on the Healing Houses. Here the skilled and experienced healers will rejuvenate your mind and body used a wide variety of ancient Elven remedies.

       Stray into Padma Vihara, the meditation gardens of this sparkling haven. Ponds, waterfalls, birds, and stunning natural beauty await the visitor. Find peace with your inner self within the sanctuary of these gardens. Or step into Grond Cirbann, the pub of the haven, and make new friends and rediscover old ones over Dwarven beer of Dorwinion wines. Rest assured, you will find peace and friends at this paradise-like place in Middle Earth !

       See you next month ! And have a great spring !

~ Eithon Echui


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Host Plazaversary

       Three short years ago, the Host of Imladris was born. It began as an idea in Laebeth’s mind, inspired by the creation of an Army in Khazad-dûm. Everyone was eager to participate, and many great friendships were born. Being young and somewhat inexperienced, the Host at first leaned more towards the silly and the foo, as did much of Rivendell itself. Laebeth remembers that godmoding was rampant, and entire wars were fought and won in mere days! Not all participants remember that time as being silliness, though — Arlo remembers that even in its youth the Host was conscious of trying stay true to Tolkien. “What I liked best about it was the intention of the Host to not be some taskforce made up out of super-elves with superpowers, but rather a closer to Tolkien approach to things, both in our Head Quarters and in RPGs.” Alkthoniel recalls that the best part of the Host was that “...the army allowed me to be involved in Rivendell without being on the Plaza constantly. I tended to miss a lot of the action with threads being chatty and in the present... you know - if you’re not there at the time then it’s gone, kind of threads. I liked the fact that I was recognized and made friends.”

       Unfortunately, there was so much activity that the Host threatened to take over Rivendell, and so they were asked to leave the Forums proper. They moved to the EZ-Boards, courtesy of Aurëthil. “Then it was an endless job of trying to make it look as similar as plaza. We had the same background color, similar buttons...There was a bar on the left with links and a news-scrolling thing. Then each troop had a forum with space to start as many threads as they wanted, and it was all decorated according to their specialization...Ezboard in the end was like a home to many of us. It was painful to accept the fact we had to leave it after so many years being there... after all, EzBoard saved the army we could say.”

       Saved the Army, yes — it gave the Host a chance to develop. During its years on the EzBoards, there were several regiments — the Spies, Rivendell Defence, Troops Abroad and Sea Forces. All regiments participated in the different battles and there were 2-3 leaders for each troop. Aurethil recalls, “Yet after two years in a different location, the army had turned into an organized thing, serious and with rules and ranks. I guess that’s when we were admitted again in plaza... we had to show them we could do serious things for real.” Alkthoniel also remembers the Tolkienization of the Host as one of the key factors for its reintegration, “I would say the army became more accepted by its Tolkienisation, and more permeating by its return to the Plaza.”

       The only down-side was that to prepare for the move back to the Plaza, the Host had to be cut down in size. The structure of the Host was changed to only two regiments — Othrim and Beriadrim, with each having an infantry and archers. Laebeth said that the transition was a smooth one, and spoke of the necessity to change with the times. “I believe the transition came quite naturally really. We wanted to improve things as the plaza changed... When you are in a continuous process of improving things; it is natural that things become more orderly and structured... In the end, I think that was the right choice! The regiments became better organized, the ranks improved, various kinds of training were opened, and activities and lose-IC threads became a standard in Rivendell.”

       Nowadays, the Host is a prominent figure in Imladris, with an Army House, the Imladris Training Academy, and several in-Kingdom threads. There are sparring matches, training battles, wars, treasure hunts, and plenty of chances for Soldiers to get to know one another. Speaking of the Imladris Training Academy, I’d like to take this moment to mention the young Elf who created it — Rûdhrédion. He first suggested and opened the Imladris Military Academy, the place where now all soldiers must go to train and rise in Rank. He has taken the twilight ride, but his memory and his spirit will never be forgotten.

       Finally, the Host is now one of the backbones of Imladris. It is a serious organization, dedicated to the roleplay and exploration of Tolkien’s world. It has proven itself to be worthy of the Plaza, and the future is bright. Today, its best feature is its members, who are “...well-trained warriors, who not only write beautifully, but make up an Army Rivendell can be proud of. They are kind, they are creative, and really make the Army something special!” as Laebeth so wonderfully puts it.

       To learn more about the Host, or to join up, please go to the Army House!




Interview with First General Laebeth
By Eliendriel, Host Journalist

       As the battle for Amon Sul wound its way down, with the Host of Imladris carrying the day and the defeated Minions heading back for Mordor, each soldier sought peace in their own way. Wiping soot from my face, and limping around, helping where I could, I found myself walking with First General Laebeth, and was lucky enough to have a few questions answered. This was an important month for the Host of Imladris, as it turned three years old this month, and the General spoke freely about her years with the Host, and her dreams for its future.

       Laebeth reminisced about the earliest days of the Host, when it was a relatively silly and foo-like organization, just as likely to tickle its foes as outmaneuver them. It was a tight group, with many divisions that offered a wide range of interests – Spies, Defence, Abroad, and Sea Forces. “In the first days of the plaza, I loved, like every other newbie, to come with new ideas for my kingdom. I visited the other kingdoms much more often back then, and one day when I entered Khazad-dûm, I saw that they had created an Army. I was very intrigued by the idea, and immediately went to suggest it to Andurin and Pip, who were the rulers at that time,” shared Lae, as we settled ourselves onto some rocks, the smoke from a few campfires trailing towards the sky.

       “The best part about the Army in the old days,” Lae said as she watched the smoke, “Was that it had so many participants! Wars were fought and won or lost in the matter of days, and everyone participated with great zeal. Being a part of the Army was counted as something very special, even more so than it is now, and everyone were working ceaselessly to improve it. I guess, to put it short, the best part about the Army was the joy of participating, and the great sense of fellowship it offered. These days the best thing about the Army is its members. If you look at the Battle of Amon Sûl, you will find a Host of well-trained warriors, who not only write beautifully, but make up an Army Rivendell can be proud of. They are kind, they are creative, and really make the Army something special!”

       When I asked her about her plans for the furture, she smiled and said, “I must say that seeing the “Battle of Amon Sûl,” I leant back and thought “Wow. After all these years, the Army is perfect”. But of course, there is always something more that can be done! I am looking forward to collaborating more with other kingdom armies in the future, and to see if our new training system works. We also have to work a bit more on tactics, and on how to include the healers in our adventures.”

       I smiled, and asked Lae what the Host meant to her, as her voice was warm and full of love. She smiled even wider, and answered in a steady voice. “The first word that came to my mind was “everything”. And in a sense it has! It was the Host of Imladris that made me find something I really loved working with in Rivendell, it is through the Host that I have gotten some of my best and truest plaza friends, and it has made a huge impact on my character’s history. “

       Finally, I asked First General Laebeth what words of advice she would have for any Tirn, any new recruits just beginning their military career. “My advice would be to have fun, and join in on the activities! And if you have a suggestion for the Army, then don’t be afraid to come with it ~ the Generals do not bite! If you think about joining, then you should consider how wonderful it might be. I know of so many people who have made new friends in the Army, or gained some great memories during their time there!”

       Thanks, Laebeth, for your time, dedication, concern and friendship!



       I have been a member for about a month now and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. I chose Imladris originally because I thought elves were a ‘cool’ race to be. Was I ever understating it! I have found so much to be a part of— with EAA, debate, drill, feasts and the army that I never can say I’m bored. My knowledge of Tolkien and his works has grown tremendously just in the past month. I have even found a way to work something about Lord of the Rings into conversation at least once a day! This has been one of the best experiences I have had and I am so glad I became an elf of Rivendell.

~ Ferallae

Entry for Edenidhrinn art contest



Song of Old

part one

       A pale figure clad in shimmering silk the color of a freshly picked violet hurried through the moonlit forest, starlight casting a silvery glow about her. Eyes the color of the summer sky shown and sparkled brightly from behind thick black lashes, cheeks glowing rosy pink on a face like fresh cream. Her ebony tresses flowed behind her like wings of a raven, bare feet moving as swiftly and surely as the Nimrodel.

       Coming to a wide clearing full of golden night blossoms, she stopped and breathed in deeply the fragrant air. Opening her ears more fully, she listened intently to the sounds that surrounded her and a peaceful smile played on her rosy red lips. Throwing her arms open wide, the elven maid turned her face up to the velvet blanket of sky. Singing softly of the stars with a voice as sweet as silver bells she began to dance gracefully. Little did she know she was being watched from afar....

~ Emyla



Across the plaza...

      April 1st..the cold, comfortless grasp of night rests it lifeless fingers upon me. I tremble in fear as I recount all of today’s events. Reports from all over the kingdoms and halls of lore, language, and the Valar have come to my attention. Shocking, terrifying, bewildering...these words cannot begin to describe what amazing horror many dwellers of Arda experienced this day.

       The kingdoms of Middle Earth have been in chaos since dawn first began to wake from her slumber. The men of Gondor and Rohan were astonished by their kingdoms’ sudden mayhem. In the Riddermark, GAP of Rohan, the trendiest new addition to the market, opened its doors for those stylin’ divas and fashion-impaired. Discussions on Peeg’s "doodie" pool and Baby Ruths were accompanied by a rather surprising visit from two dwarfettes, Hrive and Dis, who sprung right up from the ground (literally)! The most astonishing event was when Lady Éowyn made the official announcement that the kingdom would now be completely governed by Foo! A war of anti-foo and foo commenced, and is still underway. Farther east, two foreign visitors soon arrived in Minas Tirith. Éowyn stood beneath the Queen’s window, asking if Aragorn could come out and play. Meanwhile, Elrond searched out his daughter and bribed her with the ancient skill of "the eyebrow wiggle" if she should return home. After all, her father said, wasn’t nagging the King about washing his hair getting old?

       For those smaller in height, the earlier events of today caused panic in the streets of the Shire and Khazad-Dûm. The hobbits witnessed many shocking events, which bewildered those who liked to keep indoors and in peace. The Pony Pub was opened for all those overworked and underpaid ponies like Bill, who had a grand time horsing around (quite literally again)! Friendly, eerie, and frightening faces popped up around the kingdom— Hrive and Dis burrowed into Rosie’s kitchen, and Gríma and Saruman arrived for a little "visit" to see their old friends of the Shire. Scouring had nothing to do with it, of course. Least of the hobbits worries was The Witchking’s accepted proposition to marry Samwise, considering the announcement by the mighty Oromë that the Shire would be annihilated from Arda! In the kingdom of the dwarves, Arwen questioned the dwarfettes about their beard products and how they seemed to always stay so shiny and smooth. Gandalf set up a duel with the balrog, wanting a round two with the fiery fiend, and the hobbits began a marketing campaign in the mines about how Shire ale was so much better and cootie-free; unlike Moria’s!

       The elves of Middle-earth experienced a day like none in all of their long immortal lives. In Lothlórien, a Haldir and Legolas themed talan was opened due to the recent rumor that Imaldris and the Golden Woods were joining forces in a foo alliance. A few tried to put up a good fight with an "Anti-Foo Alliance" while Spamalot was welcoming all races to speak of whatever they wished. With someone tampering with the lembas and causing Galadriel to stumble around in a glowing, giggling state, Lothlórien was rather busy with many worries of foo and frenzy! Imladris, on the other hand, became entirely pink— The river Bruinen flowed pink, the courtyard fountains flowed a rosy blush, and building, plants, and people were being painted bright magenta. Feanor, the Mightiest of the Noldor, decided to conquer the kingdom with Elrond off bribing his daughter, which resulted in ambushing him with pink everything. Glorfindel, who was labeled Pretty Boy for the day, saved the Rivendwellers in a last attempt to rid of Feanor!

       For those of Fangorn, Isengard, and Mordor, April 1st still haunts their kingdoms in the night. In the home of the forests of Fangorn, Nienna rallied a moot to protest the silly foreigners NOT coming over and causing trouble. Saruman teamed up with ents and entwives, who headed off to boot out Gandalf from the tower. During the march to the kingdom, Isengard advertisements for some guaranteed combs of the Shire were selling quite quickly at 10 coins for each. The dwarves again made their appearance by burrowing into the basement of Orthanc. Just as things were getting odd, Fangornites marched their way into the kingdom, ready to bombard the walls with rocks and rumbles. In Mordor, a horrifying sight confronted every dweller of the land of ash. A brightly-decorated ice cream parlor sat, awaiting all minions, minionesses, and foreigners. And while Mordor held off from foo for most of the time, a strike had to be made in the end to quash an outbreak of magenta and pinkish hues.

       Not only were there chaotic events in the main kingdoms, but the general halls were mayhem as well! In the Halls of Lore, elvish dentures, quote games, winged balrogs, stinky mithril coats, elf shampoos, Legolas’s black hair, flying oliphaunts, halfir’s dragon characteristics, and balrog flagellation were all being discussed...rather seriously, sadly enough. In the language halls, the translations for "poop" and "fart" were requested and answered more thoroughly than was needed. In the Halls of the Valar, Mandos nearly quit to leave all the dead up to Arda, Fëanor and Vairë were given fan clubs, Oromë, Mandos, and Morgoth were discovered to be secretly stylizing in mini skirts and squizzel fur coats, the heroes of the War of the Ring had head shots that looked rather frustrating, the wizards were handing their keys to Sauron, and the Lord halfir was hailed as "High Lady of Imladris".

       April 1st...A day of utter pandemonium. Shall dawn bring us all a new, ordinary day, as if this was all a dream? Or will the terror ever really stop?

~ Avárith Aldâwén



Tidings from Abroad


Happy Spring! All of Fangorn is currently sprucing up the kingdom, readying for our busiest season. Residents and rulers alike are currently mooting and deciding what to do with both new adventures and old favorite places, such as Treegarth, The Wanderer’s Abode, and The Healing Grove. With so much activity dedicated toward this kingdom-wide clean-up, many of other activities have, sadly, slowed down for a moment.

Soon the Friends of Fangorn will open their Circle of ConsultENTs for business. This great new grove is a place of sanctuary, somewhere to go when your favorite Huorn suddenly turns against you, or when your fear of fire becomes overwhelming. There you will find unbiased ears to sympathise and guide.

All this activity is taking place for one reason, outsiders! Our aim is to make our wonderful home more accesible to the average elf and rider (neither of which we see much of!) So here’s hoping news of our face-lift pays off. See you around the forest!

~ Akaja Uriel


Isengard The Istari have been busy this month, in and around Isengard. On the first day of this month, strange things started to happen! The Ents decided that it was again time for them to descend on Isengard and give it a “hoom redecoration”, as they called it. But of course, the Istari did not like that! However, all was handled with the necessary fun and laughter, and so everything went fine! I myself was not there, so sorry, no in-depth reports on this one! On the same day, some Hobbits came with a new info-commercial...wooden combs and silver brushes for our beards, which came (for a limited time) with a jar of anti-aging cream! Of course, that’s all an Istar needs to look good. And it only cost 10 coins! Irresistable of course, so many (myself included) went, and bought these fine products. The last (and probably strangest) thing on the 1st day of April was that some Dwarves, led by Queens Dis and Hrive, arrived in the deepest basement of Orthanc! A small navigational error, one might assume... but it all got settled with Queen Hrive giving safe passages through Khazad-Dûm and providing cartloads of pie every third Tuesday. Nice, right?

For the rest, the usual activies have been going on in and around Isengard, nothing to worry about.

~ Denethor II


Khazad-dûm Though I am but a humble Maia, I was given the most prestigious opportunity to report on the events in Khazad-Dum these past two months. Perhaps the reason was partly that a large portion of my time lately has been passed in the fair and rocky realm of Moria. As a wizard I roam much, and Khazad-Dûm was on the Istari’s Top Ten Vacation spots so I went to the mine to pass a few weeks. Upon arriving in Khazad-Dûm I immediately took up residence at the Burrowing Badger Inn, a renowned establishment that is recommended by the locals. Once I had settled in I took refuge in the common room and began to hear some of the outrageous gossip. Though I did not encounter many actual newsworthy stories whilst in Moria, the truthful gossip is more than enough to stand your hair on end. I will relate my tales...

The first thing I encountered was certain outrage over the lack of newspaper in March. It’s said around the mine that the editor was shooting fire out of her eyes for a few days at various reporters who failed to submit their articles, and also that a prestigious journalist who failed to tender his five editorials and stories went strangely missing. The only truth I could discover from these allegations is that there was indeed no Mirrormere Reflections available for purchase that month, but the promises of an excellent next issue were bountiful. Though a bit of a disappointment, I can only wait in eager excitement for April’s double edition.

I was lucky enough to get to chat a bit with one of the members of Khazad-Dûm’s incredible Debate team. With some coaxing I finally got her to reveal their win-lose record, a stunning three wins to one loss! When I asked her the secret to their success she just commented that it was all hard work and only a little bit luck. I can attest to the fact that it is mostly hard work, the dwarves barely talk of anything other than lore matters! For half of our conversation the female debater was rambling about how the trouble that the Silmarils caused in Arda was far less than the trouble that the One Ring caused, her latest debate topic. I left the conversation feeling a good deal wiser, and a bit honored to have spoken with a member of such a good debate team. Currently Khazad-Dûm ranks second in the Inter-Kingdom Debate League!

The last bit of gossip I will bring you is purely that, gossip. There are ruminations of a movement in Khazad-Dûm, a movement that some would say is nothing to be proud of. Though some of my other news has been light-hearted, this is not. The most common theme among my many conversations, the one thing that kept on popping up, was the tone and talk of discontent from the dwarves of Moria. Through careful observation and coaxing I discerned a name that was repeated again and again, Freyr Strongart. Most of the restlessness and the rebellious stirrings that I heard were tied in with her well-known name. Though this is purely conjecture, watch from Moria for word of a revolt against the system in the coming weeks. Sorry to leave you with a sort of serious note, but that’s all the news from Khazad-Dûm that I could get out of the dwarves at my stay at the Burrowing Badger Inn!

~ Melia



Lorien Welcome to the beautiful land of Lothlórien where Spring is in the air. All April long, everyone has been buzzing about like busy little bees. Speaking of bees, if you follow a few they are bound to lead you to the Garden where everything is blossoming. Take a walk through the vineyards or maybe a stroll through the rose gardens. Your senses will be alight with the aromatic array of flora and fauna. Now that is my idea of aroma therapy. And while you are there, don’t forget to stop by the Luin Eithel Café and sample their delectable fare, most of which is grown in the Gardens’ many fields and orchards.

Buzzing right along, there is much activity to report from the Golden Wood. The Fox Racing League has just wound up another exciting season. The rambunctious racers finished fourth, our best show thus far. Go Foxes. Speaking of foxes, have you ever wanted to play with a few? Have ever seen a Fell Beast or a Mumakil up close? The Animals of Arda is the home of these exotic creatures as well as many more. Come interact with the many animals that Radagast the Brown has entrusted to our care and speak to one of our knowledgeable caretakers. Now if it’s knowledge that you want and it’s lore that you fancy then it’s the Quentalmo, our local drill team that you seek. Celebglin and his top notch team are off to a great start this season with four straight wins and no losses.

If you intend to visit Lothlórien anytime soon, might I suggest that you join the Lend Tri Lothlórien, a walking tour that is currently winding its way through the Golden Wood. The tour starts on the borders of Lothlórien near the River Nimrodel and comes to its end at the foot of Caras Galadhon where the Galadhrim live. Everyone is welcome to join. Do you have a problem you just can’t solve? Is your love life in a stall? Why not ask Nenya? Come speak to one of out two capable psychiatrists. Sedryn and Merl (Morrigan) are here to help. Whether it is lore or racing or walking tours, Lothlórien has it all. Come and help us celebrate all that Spring has to offer.

~ Anayaru


Minas Tirith Gamers should feel quite at home in Minas Tirith right now. Pelennor Pigskin has reached the Telcontar Cup matches, and matches currently underway include the Pelargir Pirates vs. the Lambedon Lions, the Dol Amroth Diablos vs. the Ithilien Forest, the Osgiliath Outriders vs. the Minas Tirith Monarchs, and the Dol Amroth Diamonds vs. the Edhellond Eagles. None of these talented teams are willing to go down without a fight, and the matches are proving to be thrilling challenges to the skills of all involved. Also, those interested in joining in the Maze of Madness have begun flocking to the sign-up desk, and Minas Tirith Chutes and Lore Ladders, (Piggyback version), is still going strong. It is indeed a strange sight, watching these respected citizens of the White City traipsing up and down, huffing and puffing breathelessly in pursuit of the reward which lies at the top!

The citizens of Minas Tirith, as well as a good many well-wishers from afar, enjoyed a rather pleasant time in the the establishment was alive with the talents of some of Minas Tirith’s most gifted musicians for a celebration honoring Gondor’s King, Naith Liathant. When the festivities concluded, Gondorians did not have to wait long for more good times, as the Tavern of Seven Stars soon filled with those come to celebrate in the honor of our Queen, Laielinwen, each in their own unique way. Some offered a song, others brought gifts, but all had a good time, and helped our Queen see how very appreciated she is.

We await with great anticipation the beginning of the Gondorian Cart Racing season. Most teams have finalized their rosters, and it is presumed to be only a matter of time before the season gets underway, and the carts are again screaming their way through whatever course may be determined by our talented game master, Naith Liathant. Several new teams have been formed this year, but a few of last season’s are back with renewed fire as well! It should be quite a spectacle, so feel welcome to come and join the spectators of the fast, furious action!

That’s the news from the White City, where all the citizens are content, all the Rangers are courageous, and all the animals are well-treated!

~ Ibiralian



I am here once again to bring you evil tidings of the black land. Much has happened since the last month, and there is not enough time to delve into all the happenings of our wondrous land, yet I shall spare a few moments to share some of the more important and interesting events.

Firstly, as you would have undoubtedly heard in the last paper, our mighty WitchKing, Rohanna, stepped down as ruler. It did not take long for Sauron to choose her successor. It was in fact the one known as Inzilbeth, the Maugan of the army and wielder of the great weapon of fear amongst many minions. May her reign be long and tedious.

With her resignation, Turin has taken over command of the newly developed army, and has done an excellent job. He not only recruited and trained enough minions to have a battle with Imladris in only a few short weeks, but he also managed to contain Byg Sci, who is known throughout Mordor as a troublemaker. Why on earth he was promoted to Lathaur is anybody’s guess.

All unfounded abuse aside, there is a new minion of the month. Again it was an overwhelming victory to the minion that goes by the name of ~Rings. After much effort trying to settle into her new evil kingdom, she has finally made her mark. She is involved in the IK Debate and Drill Teams, both of which have suddenly increased in talent and numbers and are expected to have big wins in the upcoming rounds of competition. None shall stand up to them.

With more and more evil competitions arising, such as Lava Snake Fighting, Mordor is just growing more evil by the day. You are now up-to-date with Mordor’s latest news. I shall return to bring forth more glorious words from the black land in a month’s time, but for now I must bid you evil day.



The Shire April Showers ... Have Brought About A Bit of Tomfoolery

I think I just closed up my windows for an oncoming storm the eighteenth time this week! I am glad that the rain is here. All of our farms and gardens need that bit of nourishment. But whenever I look up and notice those rain clouds, I have to shake my head at them. At least the fun and wacky goings-on we’ve had here lately don’t reflect what has been hovering above us!

Ah, now when did all of this tomfoolery start? I do believe it was on April Fool’s Day. Yes, that must be it. I remember that there was a huge crowd surrounding the Mayors’ Office when the Witch King proposed marriage to our new Samwise Gamgee (Tari Boffin). You should have seen the look on Rosie’s face! In fact, it was only a couple of days ago when Rosie returned home from visiting her family and she got yet another shock of her life. The whole Mayors’ Office was crowded over with dirt, spam, and wads of paper, and she had to go and clean all of that up!

Poor Rosie. At least it wasn’t Sam’s fault that time. Several of my good friends confessed to participating in that massive waste mess-fest outside of the Gamgee’s front door. I am just glad I have been able to get some of my own laughs from watching the joke contest going on over at our Comedy Club. It’s actually a bit of sanity amongst all of the craziness here. Even work is light-hearted these days! My Hobbit Combat Armoury XXI - Fresh Start boss, Tittamiire, is letting guests come in and eat, and while her employees such as myself hardly even lift an anvil or hammer to make new swords.

The talk of the town, though, is the anticipation of more pubs coming to the Shire. We’ve had themed pub contests left and right, and I am starting to dream of menus serving chocolate only. Of course, that’s not good for my figure. So at least I get to go beyond the front porch and meet friends in any part of the Shire that I wish to see. They could even visit me here at my own Hobbit hole ever since our mayors decided that our neighborhoods ought to be open for anyone who may want to visit us! Our Watch Headquarters may also re-open sometime soon.

Uh oh. I better eat my chocolate bars now – before I embark on any other sorts of adventures out there!

~ Istya Alassae



Last month was in many ways one of constant changing in Valinor. We sadly report that Estë took one final sip too many of her sleeping draught, and has been laid to rest in the Halls of Mandos, with a fountain over her head as she would have wanted. Her fëa has transported back into Middle-earth, and recent reports suggest she is haunting around Saruman’s beard. In other news, many of the Valar were happy to see Nienna return from the Outer Sea Holiday Resort after a five-month long break from constant weeping. The party thrown in the Lórell Inn for her return turned out in a bit of a bummer when the party-girl started sobbing uncontrollably and refused to speak another word until all the guests had left.

Meanwhile, many of the other Valar have wisely stayed out of new scandals in March. Varda and Ulmo have eloped, of course, but as they are currently residing at the bottom of the sea with a "We’re not at home" sign on the door, chances are small you can expect an all-exclusive story on that in this paper anytime soon. Manwë was inconsolable until Yavanna, Nessa and Vairë came to bring him homemade pies, casseroles and stews (which are all aphrodisiacs in ancient Valinoréan mythology, claim professors at the University of Alqualondë). Tulkas has been observed in Madame Mishap's Dancing Classroom, but with regards to the squashed squirrel that arrived by mail yesterday, I shall wisely not mention it any further.

~ Arlo Cúthalion



Crafts, Language and Lore

Lore Matters

Finrod Felagund

       Finrod, later called Felagund, the Lord of Caves was the eldest son of Finarfin and Eärwen. He was the fairest of the Princes of the Eldalië, a friend of Men, born in the Bliss of Valinor, when yet the Two Trees stood on Ezellohar and all were at peace, save Melkor. He had been imprisoned by the Valar, and awaited his release. At Máhanaxar, he feigned repentance and was discharged. Melkor ever sought the friendship of the Eldar and found it in the Noldor.

       Yet all of Aman was betrayed. With the aid of Ungoliant, Melkor killed Laurelin and Telperion, and in the wake of their death, stole the Silmarils and killed King Finwë. Fëanor held the Noldor to his will and after the great evil of the Kinslaying at Alqualondë, the Doom of Mandos and the perilous Crossing of Helcaraxë, they made their way to Ennorath.

       Finrod established the watchtower of Minas Tirith upon Tol Sirion. In later years, Turgon sought Finrod and they traveled south along Sirion. That night, they slept on the banks of the river. Ulmo came and gave them troubling dreams, which remained afterwards. Subsequently, they ever looked for hidden places, concealed from Morgoth. When he was a guest of Thingol in Menegroth, he told his great-uncle of the dream. After Finrod’s departure, Thingol had him brought to the great caves at the deep gorge of the Narog. There, Finrod began to create great halls alike to those of Menegroth. In the shaping of this fortress, called Nargothrond, he was assisted greatly by the Dwarves of the Blue Mountains. He had brought the most riches from Eldamar and rewarded them handsomely. They made for him the Nauglamír, set with many jewels of Valinor. In the tongue of the Dwarves, he was named Felagund, Hewer of Caves. Finrod Felagund became the overlord of all the Elves between the Sirion and the Falas, controlling more than any of his kin.

       When three centuries had passed since the Noldor came to Ennorath, Finrod went hunting with Maglor and Maedhros of the house of Fëanor. He grew weary and went alone, in the direction of Ered Lindon. In the night, coming north of Ossiriand, he saw lights and heard voices in song. Coming closer, he looked with wonder at them. They were Men of the kindred of Bëor, with whom his fate was entwined. Coming among the Men as they slept, he took the harp of Bëor and sang a great song. They awoke in astonishment, and called him afterwards, Nóm, Wisdom and called the Eldar Nómin, the Wise. He taught them much, and they became loyal to him. Later on, Bëor joined Finrod in Nargothrond and served the Noldo until his death.

       At Dagor Bragollach, the Battle of Sudden Flame, Finrod was cut off from the rest of his people with only a small company. He would have died if not for Barahir, the grandson of Bëor. At a great cost, he and his men surrounded him and hewed their route through they fray. Returning to Nargothrond, Finrod swore an oath of loyalty to Barahir and gave him his ring. About two years later, Sauron came to Tol Sirion, bringing fear unto the hearts of the Elves there and driving them away. Sauron made the watchtower evil and the isle became Tol-in-Gaurhoth, the Isle of the Werewolves.

       Barahir’s son was Beren, who after his father’s death and meeting Lúthien came to Nargothrond. Finrod recognized the kin of Bëor and adhering to his promise, he joined Beren on the quest for the Silmaril with ten companions, leaving Nargothrond in the charge of Orodreth. Coming upon a company of Orcs, the twelve slew them, taking their clothes and arms. By Felagund’s power, they were disguised and appeared as Orcs. Sauron intercepted them and there came a great contest of song between he and Finrod, in which Felagund lost. He removed their disguises, but knew neither their purpose nor their names. He threw them into a pit, werewolves would kill them one by one until they revealed the truth. When only Beren and Finrod lay in the pit, a werewolf was ready to devour Beren, but Finrod wrestled with it until it died, but he too was mortally wounded. Later, Beren and Lúthien buried him on Tol Sirion. But a quote from the Quenta Silmarillion suggests that that was not his end:


“But Finrod walks with Finarfin his father beneath the trees in Eldamar.”



Artisans' Corner

How-to Make Your Own Reed Flute

       As winter at last releases our dear Arda from its icy grip and the flowers and birds respond to the world changing again, we are called to be merry. What better way to celebrate Spring than with a beautiful melody on a chorus of flutes?

       Follow our simple step-by-step manual and become one with the music!

Step one
Cut a length of reed of your desired length. The length will ultimately determine the pitch of the notes produced; a smaller flute makes higher notes. Make sure the reed is hollow and has several nodes (places where parts of reeds join).

Step two
Get a sharp, fine-pointed knife and mark where you will make your holes. It is better not to wash your reed, but a good dusting will not go amiss!

Step three
Mark and cut the finger holes as follows: the first begins 5 1/2" from the node (the joint) and the holes are 1 1/4" from each other.

Step four
Cut a mouth hole 3/8" in diameter about 2" from the node that closes the end of the reed. The mouth hole should be a clean cut with the edges of where the hole meets the surface of the reed, not rounded. The other end of the reed should be open.

       Producing clear sound may take some time, so practise before you join your mellyn by the fire! May you spend many joyful hours making merry tunes!

~ Avi_Aiel

Avi’s entry in the Edenidhrinn Art Contest

Eternal River

Although a pond is calm and quiet,
Soothing, healing, reassuring,
Placidly listening to worries and doubts,
Although the sea is as old as time,
Watching, waiting, remembering,
Blue-green waves rippling across the surface
Like the words of a poem, hiding the deep,

Although a lake is wide and generous,
Giving, glittering, twinkling,
Smiling back at the inquisitive sun as it caresses
Its secretive surface,

Although the sky is deep and thoughtful,
Brooding, pondering, reflecting,
Embracing the earth’s lush, beautiful life
In a strong, gentle grip,

A river shall always be my favorite.
Fierce and raging,
Serene and soothing,
Cheerful and bouncing,
Dark and sullen,
Winding through the rugged earth,
Steep, harsh mountains,
Endless plains,

Guiding lost travelers to long forgotten home,
Supplying inspiration to a storyteller, lost in thought,
Supporting healthy life along its peaceful banks,
Where it thunders violently,
Lies lazily,
Runs playfully,
Stirs moodily,
Deep blue,
Sea green,
Crystal clear,
A river is eternal.

~ Iruviel


Puzzles and Games

Mystery Code

Long have Elves delighted in the devising of new writing systems for recording speech. In the following quotation, each letter stands for another. Decipher the puzzle to uncover a popular saying!





Bonus: Who said it?



Word Search

A challenge: find the places of Middle-earth hidden in this mysterious scroll!



Hidden Words




(inspired by Edward Gorey’s Gashleycrumb Tinies)

Previous letters: A ~ B ~ C ~ D ~ E ~ F ~ G ~ H



The Lay of Imladris

The memoirs of Lord Slosh, formerly Lord Eyebrows: a complete history of Imladris from its pink and glompable beginnings. The Lay of Imladris has been an ongoing feature since the very first issue of the Last Homely Herald. As this is the final installment of the Lay (for now) we would like to salute our former Elrond on his third plazaversary!

Previous installments:
Part the First. ~ Part the Second. ~ Part the Third ~ Part the Fourth
Part the Fifth ~ Part the Sixth ~ Part the Seventh ~ Part the Eighth
Part the Ninth ~ Part the Tenth ~ Part the Eleventh ~ Part the Twelfth

Part the Thirteenth

The days were old, the Plaza large,
The Dwarves and Riders still tall and fair,
And Anor showed a forum clean
Of Elves in roleplay shimmering.
Taramiluiel was posting there
With charisma of a sort unseen,
And Laebeth was also there,
And in Imladris, glimmering.

~Arlo Cúthalion            

Day in the...

A Day in the Life of Elladan Taken from the Secret Diaries of Elrond’s son.

29 February 1564 Third Age

Dear Diary,

(08:01) Oh drat! Mummy caught me practising my pout in her bent mirror. I’m getting quite good, if I do say so myself! Of course Elrohir agrees with me. He did try to give me some pointers, though I don’t know why.
What surprised me was that she was awake. If I were her, I would so be catching up on my beauty sleep! Luckily I don’t have that problem. I wonder if wrinkles run in the family? if so, I’m doomed. Have you seen the wrinkles on daddy?

(12:34) Ai! Again I am called Figwit, by my father for another thing! Can’t they tell I’m the one with the better pout? I spend so much more time on it than he does. What an insult to be mistaken for that elf! At least Elrohir comforted me. He’s good at that. I love Elrohir *sigh*

(15:23) Man! Again Arwen insists on playing with my hair! She even prefers mine to Elrohir’s! I love my brother and I know he’d understand when I say I have the prettier hair. Ordinarily I wouldn’t mind, of course, but her kiddy hands are so sticky with whatever she likes to eat. I hope it isn’t honey. She loves honeyed cakes. I tell you, now it’s fine, but one day all those cakes are going to show on her hips. I’d better check in with daddy’s barber! Wouldn’t want to ruin my perfect locks that compliment the perfect pout!

(22:59) I suppose I should go to bed. I know all the Lorien elves are allowed to stay out late. They even get to go to the Hollow! How am I meant to find an eligible she-elf stuck up in my room practising my pout? Although I think my pout will probably bag every beauty from here to Valinor! Good night diary. Oh, did you know this year is special? Something about leap frogs. I really should pay more attention in daddy’s lessons? good thing I have Elrohir to ask. I don’t know what I’d do without him.

Dear Elladan’s diary,

(23:10) Elrohir here. Just to tell you that I, as the more obedient son of daddy who actually pays attention when he gives us lessons, am here to tell you that this year is what the Edain call, a leap year, which happens every 4 years! Some strange Man actually said that in a year, (Men reckoning, of course) there was 365 1/4 days! Ah, the wonders of the mortals... Obedience of course, does not involve not reading others’ diaries. It pays to be informed. Oops, Elladan’s stirring.
Good night diary!




Day in the...
Not only is the karaoke club in the seedy section of Imladris (aka the other side of the waterfall) still in business, this past month it was visited by elven royalty, none other than Arlo Cúthalion himself! An elaborate disguise was required to get him past all the mannish females just lying in wait for a handsome elf, but once inside he donned his costume as leader of the most famousest of Middle-earth bands. Taking the stage with his friends, Elrond, Dobby, and Ringo (Frodo’s cousin and the original ringbearer!) the Eyebrows of Doom celebrated his 3rd plazaversary in style...

Elrond/Ulmo’s Homely Eyebrows Band
(to the tune of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band by the Beatles)

It was 3 plaza years ago today
Elrond/Ulmo taught the elves to say:
“We’ll be doing all your laun-der-y
into slavery when you turn 3”
So may I now seduce you to
the act that will rule Middle-earth!
Elrond/Ulmo’s Homely Eyebrows Band

We’re Elrond/Ulmo’s Homely Eyebrows Band
into to the West we must go
Elrond/Ulmo’s Homely Eyebrows Band
after we do our hair you know
Elrond/Ulmo’s Homely
Elrond/Ulmo’s Homely
Elrond/Ulmo’s Homely Eyebrows Band

It’s wonderful to be me,
It’s certainly a thrill
I have such a lovely family
I’d like to kill my son-in-law, I’d love to kill him dead.

I don’t really want to go away,
Cuz Mama Elwing never lets me play
And I want you all to bow to me
There’s never been another he
The one and only Spouse of Lae
Elrond/Ulmo’s Homely Eyebrows Band!!!

“Here you will dwell, bound to your grief...until the long years of your life are utterly spent.”
- Elrond teasing the mortal Ringo backstage.

~Waxy: audio mixing
~Boone: cast photo


Lost and found:


Anyone who has found my purple wizard hat, please contact me. Address is:

Siniath Imladris ~ Mail






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