Parth Nelui ~ Volume III
Pennas Yavannië ~ September Issue

This issue of the Last Homely Herald was lovingly put together by the new creative management team...Co-editor's Keleos Nénharma and Silmarwen

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Guilds and Groups

Gwaith i Nestoer


Last month was Healers-only Activity month for Gwaith i-Nestoer. Being unable to contact the Healers of Lothlórien, the Minestor failed to schedule an… innocent visit to Rivendell with the Galadhrim Healers. Nonetheless, the month had to go on! Opening up the Garden in Adab Nestad, the Healers welcomed everyone inside so long as they stayed quiet, to avoid disturbing the patients' peace.

Meanwhile, Tanestor Isilindil finally opened up a Research Room at the back of the library of Adab Nestad for discussing matters of healing. So far, interesting topics had been brought up – the uses of lissuin, the possible relation between lissuin and miruvor and many more! And after some months of trying to pin down the actual reason of the Gwaith i-Nestoer Roll Call, the Master Healers have decided that only those that have signed in the Roll Call shall be called to heal patients in Adab Nestad.

Furthermore, the once famed Nestad Levain (Healing of Animals) has joined Gwaith i-Nestoer. The Minestor and Tanestor are currently planning on trainings for the Healers to learn the healing arts of treating animals! A few more Elves have also passed the tests, and were promoted to become Aphadrim Nestad and a Nestor. A hearty "Congratulations!" to Opera_Vala, E.Halliwell, Ferallae and Laebeth!

Since the Aphador Class (currently going on in Imladris, with Ancalima and Fuin Elda as the teachers) will be ended soon enough, our Master Healer, Menel, has begun planning a Mentoring Programme for the new batch of Aphadrim. Knowing how awkward it is, being a fresh Aphador with no experience, pairing up with a Nestor would prove to be a good idea, would it not?



Elven Artists' Association

       It has been a while since I have written about the EAA. I have been the custodian for about eight months now, and the activity level seems to go up. We put up a monthly art exhibition open to all kingdoms and the entries are quite stunning. This present month has seen the birth of a new art contest, where artists are tested in their ability to create not from scratch, but from a partially drawn picture. Up until now it looks quite promising.

Last month we had a special exhibition in the memory of Hirillonwe. This exhibition turned out to be something totally new and different, at least in my time. This was the first time where both writing and drawing got together and almost created a new art form. The heads of both guilds are interested in more of that kind of collaboration.

Finally I am thankful for the opportunity to thank a special Eldar, for her help and support since her arrival in Imladris. Most of you have already guessed that it is Janowyn I am referring to. The EAA and I are really looking forward to "exploit" her palantiri knowledge and abilities.



Bards' and Writers' Guild

       The Bard and Writer's Guild has been busy this month and has seen a number of new bards wandering through its halls. We sponsored a new activity which introduced a new writing challenge – the Drabble. A painting was shown and participants were asked to write a small piece to accompany it that had exactly 100 words. Some met the challenge and some missed by a few words, but all submissions were creative and fun to read. The best of the Drabbles will be chosen and awarded tribute soon. Our most recently activity is a story round-robin that Idril started with an amusing few lines of our Lord Elrond and a bunny. Go here and add your piece to the story.

The Govannas in Glirdain is still undergoing massive renovations at the moment, but our doors are still open for all to come and share the beauty of Tolkien's world. Our Main Hall remains unaffected by the reconstruction and the current theme is "Loss and Sorrow". We have heard many sad tales as reminders of the loss that can be found in the dying lands, a story of a dragon and even a healthy and polite debate between our bards. It is never dull there. You can join us there for sharing or just listening and enjoying the talents of the bards.

Our next large project planned is a joint venture with the EAA to bring written word and art together in a special way. If you are an artist or a writer and would like to be a part of this wonderful idea, then watch for announcements about it starting soon.

As always, the Imladris Bard and Writer's Guild is open to all regardless of kingdom or rank. If you share our love of Tolkien words, lore, song or art, then you are welcome in our halls.

~ Galen Aranor



       The slanting rays of the summer sun fell through the high windows of the Library of Elrond, and cast a golden haze to dazzle the eyes of the librarians. Saranna sighed, gazing up at the far expanse of blue sky.

“Servy”, she said, “all the new tomes are shelved, and every corner dusted. Why should we not go on holiday?”

The younger librarian looked up from her parchment, gazed at Saranna for a moment, then around the quiet and unusually empty reading room.

“Hmm,” she replied. “A good idea, mellon.”

And so for a good portion of the high summer, the two parted, not without fond farewells and promises of pigeon posts, and went their separate ways.

Upon their return to the beloved place, refreshed and ready for new challenges, they each found that the library was filled with elves and others, reading, studying, discussing and pursuing knowledge into every recess of the library until it surrendered.

They looked at each other. “Well,” said Servy, “it is indeed pleasing to see so many making use of the place. But,” she leaned closer to Saranna and whispered, “do you think they have missed us at all?”

The librarians are back and eager to receive your Creative and Lore contributions. Please visit the Library IC thread and the Govannas in Glirdain help-desk for information and guidance.



Drill Team

       The drill team had quite an exciting couple of months as they participated in the semi-finals. Though they did not make it all the way through, the team worked hard and proved themselves true loremasters and showed excellent team spirit throughout.

Their first match, against the Riddermark was a tough one, but they emerged triumphant and tried to prepare for the next round against Minas Tirith. The match previous with Minas Tirith vs The Shire went into 21 tiebreaker questions, so our team knew that they were up against a tough time whichever team won. In the end, MT won and they defeated us, but we gave it a great effort and every member has every reason to be proud of their performance.

~ Galen Aranor


Another Grand Telling

To Luthien:

I pray this song of love lives on,
to tell of the great choice you made.
With me your life shall be withdrawn,
Tinúviel, fair elven-maid.

Men of Dorthonion, all slain,
met death at dawn by orkish blade.
But vengeance brought me more than pain,
Tinúviel, fair elven-maid.

How fearsome was my journey south!
The road held naught, no light nor shade.
No drink or food to please my mouth,
Tinúviel, fair elven-maid.
Great doom there was beyond my sight,
and into Doriath I strayed.
Fate led me to your wondrous light,
Tinúviel, fair elven-maid.

In summer woods of Neldoreth,
I saw you dance in moonlit glade.
My eyes enthralled, lungs short of breath,
Tinúviel, fair elven-maid.

Struck dumb I was, the spell was cast,
I sought you out, my heart was swayed.
But you appeared, the silence passed,
Tinúviel, fair elven-maid.

Dear Lúthien, you fled no more!
No longer did your feet evade.
But when you looked, my doom was yours,
Tinúviel, fair elven-maid.

But as day fell, you slipped away
my anguish filled where you had laid.
My sleep was dark, my waking gray,
Tinúviel, fair elven-maid.

Ensnared you were within my fate,
a mortal life was what you paid.
But greater days we still await,
Tinúviel, fair elven-maid.

To Beren:

"O Lúthien!" he sang, and his tired face shone,

with the purest of light, and he called me again;
He came closer to me, pain and weariness gone,
he held out his great arms, and there I would remain.
Through great danger and dark, swift and steadfast was he,
deep in Angband the foul, his swift dagger was seen;
Then a song I would sing, so our love could be free,
Beren Utúvien, linnon am meleth vîn.

"O Beren!" I cried, when the great wolf was gone,

they returned him to me, on a bier he was lain;
To the West his soul passed, his light faded to none,
and I faded with him, my tears falling like rain.
Through long labour and death, no sweet rest would I see,
until I stood at last, before Mandos serene;
Then a song I would sing, to bring Beren to me,
Beren Utúvien, linnon am meleth vîn.

"O Lúthien!" he called, and my sorrows were none,

in great joy he returned, and I sang a refrain;
O sweet lover of mine, at long last we were one,
he held out his great arms, and there I would remain.
To Tol Galen we passed, and in peace we would be,
though our life would be fleeting, our love evergreen;
Then a song I would sing, for at last we were free,
Beren Utúvien, linnon am meleth vîn.

The song that I did sing, set our destined love free.
And a song I shall weave, in the ages unseen.
The song that I did sing, has brought Beren to me.
Beren Utúvien, linnon am meleth vîn.

(The refrain "Beren Utúvien, linnon am meleth vîn." means "I have found Beren, I sing of our love" )

~ Ailaya Nydrian, NildeDulindilme, Eragorn the Odd, and Turgonian


Annals of Imladris

IK Poetry Competition

       With a successful practice match under their belt, the Imladris Poetry Team made ready for the official beginning of the IK Poetry Competition. The month of August arrived sooner then they had expected, but with quills in hand and inspiration surging through their minds, they marched forward with confidence.

On August 15th, the first Round of the Competition began. Hosted in the realm of Gondor, the Imladris team set off to compete against the hobbits of the Shire, the Elves of Lothlorien, and the men of Minas Tirith. Once each team roster was present, the judges stepped forward to announce the theme and forms of their poems. Excitement coursed through them, for their topic was one that they cherished dearly, the tale of Beren and Luthien. Of the two poems they were to compose, one was to be in the form of a kyrielle, the other in the form of a ballade. With all the information they needed, the Imladris Team set out to create their masterpieces within the ten days they were given.

Unfortunately, the team ran into many problems early on. Their captain, Ailaya Nydrian, was going to be away for much of the first match, so she requested that her teammate Turgonian step up to lead the team to victory. Their troubles were not yet over however, for still two members, Eithon and Numellote, were lost due to troubles outside their control. The two remaining to compete with Turgonian were NildeDulindilme and Eragorn the Odd, but they too were unable to compete at times. With very little work done and only four days remaining, Ailaya returned and the four of them managed to finish their poems and make the deadline. Teamwork and determination are what brought the team through this round, and as they await the results from the judges, their anticipation mounts for the future rounds to come.

~ Ailaya Nydrian


Wet Witchking War

       "To arms! To arms! Imladris is under attack!" The cry to come to Rivendell's aid as the Witchking of Mordor threatened our peaceful valley was answered by many. All the free people of Middle-earth were eager to defend the Kingdom of the Elves, but not with the expected arms…

Taking down the powerful minion with water balloons proved to be a task not many would undertake. However, courage can be found in many forms and the watery missiles were soon flying through the air intent on hitting their terrible target. It was soon apparent that the Witchking was skilled at dodging the balloons, but Rivendell's attacker could not avoid getting soaked for long. Star Flower was the first to successfully dampen the minion's mood – hitting him full in the face. Not to be outdone by the foreigner's amazing aim, Imladris's own elves Avi, Dark Mith and Ailaya Nydrian also managed to turn Witchking into a wet blanket.

Faced with a horde of people hungry for some sport, the minion was easily overcome. Once again the day was saved thanks to… the water balloons!

~ Avi Aiel


Scavenger Hunt of Silver Shadows

       This summer, Imladris was host to a Scavenger Hunt of Silver Shadows. Those who participated were paired off into groups and sent on a wild goose chase around our great valley. "Chasing geese?" you might ask "Why would they want to do that?" No, no, my friend. Not really chasing geese. More along the lines of running frantically like a chicken with its head cut off. Well, maybe that's not the best way to describe it either. Hmm....

Clues as to a person or thing were hidden strategically in several threads here in Riv. What might they be about? Well, that was for Athion and myself to know and them to find out. But what did these clues look like? Clues were whited out so it was harder to find them. After a predetermined amount of time, teams were to present their findings. Aerwen and Arwil were able to figure it out, but can you?

Funny, strange, and weird indeed, especially since he loves seaweed.
A son not once but thrice, family connected by heart and hand.
Tired from searching? Visit the Peanut Juice and Wedgie Dance Inn!

~ Emyla


Memoirs of Youth

A storm raged over the distant mountains, flashes of violent light illuminating the night sky and casting eerie shadows. Safe in the comfort of his home, a figure clad in fawn breeches and a vivid blue silken waistcoat turned from the window and sat in a plush chair by the cozy fire. As he propped his feet on the nearby ottoman, the tufts of curling silvery hair on his feet reflected the blazing reds and oranges that crackled in the hearth. Running a gnarled hand through his thick silver hair, he turned to the children gathered by his feet.

"So then, what story shall it be tonight?" he asked, his eyes shining mischievously. "Shall I tell you how we snuck from Bag End in the middle of the night? What about our run-in with Gildor and his company of elves?"

This suggestion was met with many ooohs and aaahs of amazement and wide bright eyes. He grinned broadly at the reaction he was met with. "Or maybe you'd like to hear about our meeting up with Strider? He was a mysterious one, if you know what I mean. All about secrecy and brooding, that one was." He was once again met by the intrigued faces. "He turned out all right in the end, tho, didn't he Merry?"

At this, he leaned forward and tapped the slouched figure that sat across from him. The figure stirred, but showed no other signs of movement. "He was a heart breaker, that one. Left many a lady in tears, he did." Smirking, he turned to the youngsters and whimpered loudly. "Just like your Uncle Merry here."

He let out a gasp of surprise as a cane came down sharply on his head. "Don't go there, Pip. Don't even think about it." Merry, who had come round by Pippin's tapping and prodding, settled back down in his chair. Turning to the children, he grew serious. "I think I know what story we'll share tonight. Did I ever tell you the one about the time your Uncle Pip and I were captured by orcs?" He knew he had, but never the less enjoyed the looks of pure admiration on the youngsters’ faces even as their eyes widened in fear.

"Well, there we were," he began, "lying on the ground in the middle of the battle, Grishnakh ready to wrap his ugly mitts of hands around our necks. We could do naught about it, as our arms and legs were tied..."

Merry went on to tell the awfulness of it, how Pippin's quick wits saved them, and the fierceness of the battle. He painted a vivid picture of getting lost in the Fangorn Forest and meeting Treebeard. By the time he was finished recounting the tale, every face shown with eagerness and want of adventure.

Soon, the children were playing at recreating the story. Merry and Pippin sat in the corner watching with faint smiles as they remembered the battles fought, friendships forged, and journeys of youth.

~ Emyla


Feature Articles

In the spires and towers amid the clouds in Caras Galadhon, city of the Galadhrim, a lone Imladris elf ventured to sift through the cloud of mystery surrounding a new ruler who ascended the throne of Lothlórien. Ladies and Gentle elves, I give you......Nenedhel Engrin !

Hello there Nenedhel ! Um, you don't mind me sitting on this pouf do you ? You don't ? Great ! Then let's begin without further ado.

How do you feel about your ascension as the Lady Galadriel ?

I feel great!...and a bit overwhelmed...I find that there are lots of new aspects to the plaza that needs getting used to. For instance, it never really occurred to me how much a ruler had to do until now! But, I'm enjoying the responsibility very much!^_^

Do you feel abashed by all the controversy surrounding your promotion ?

Hmmm...I'm not sure if abashed is exactly the right word. But, there was simply no mistaking the undercurrents and I couldn't help but feel bad that so many people had to be disappointed by this promotion. Right now, though, I've had the support of many Galadhrim and things have sort of settled down to normal. Ecaps has been a wonderful support through the whirlwind, and so have the other rulers and admins.

Which was better, being a normal plaza member or a ruler ? Why

Well...I think I like both equally. I mean being a 'normal plaza member' has its plus sides, and being a ruler has its own. As an ordinary member there were many things that I could take part in which I can't take part in right now as a ruler, mainly because I am rather pressed for time. Then again there are many things I do as a ruler that I cannot do as an ordinary member. ^_^

Has becoming a ruler changed your outlook on plaza life in anyway ?

Yes. It has. It has made me see all the hard work that is put in order to make the Plaza a fun place for Tolkien fans, and has therefore taught me to appreciate it much more.

How do you plan to use your rulership for the betterment of both Lorien and the Plaza ?

Hmm...that's an interesting question. But, as yet it is too early for me to say. I am still finding my feet and learning the ropes.^_^

We know very little about the REAL Nenedhel .What can you tell us ?

Well, the 'REAL Nenedhel' is a stubborn dreamer, calm, unexcitable (I love to think so*g*), loves to be needed, and is incredibly practical (others say so *g*).

Finally, what message do you have for our newbies and oldbies alike ?

All I really have to say is 'Do things because you enjoy doing them. Have FUN! Everything else will follow. When you do things with an ulterior motive then you are bound to be terribly disappointed and that destroys the real pleasure that the Plaza is meant to provide to Tolkien fans.'

In conclusion, standing up from the (very comfortable) pouf , Eithon bows respectfully and departs Lothlórien, munching some lembas the Lady has so very kindly given him and heads back to Imladris, feeling enlightened after uncovering much about the new ruler of Lorien.

~ Eithon Echui


Oldie Perspective


I suppose you wouldn't really call me an 'oldbie' as I've only been here just shy of two years. Of course I'm old enough to know better but don't, so I think that should count for something. Don't you agree?

In my nearly two years here in Riv, I've seen, and gone through, many changes. I remember my days as a newbie fondly for the most part, although I do recall a hasty name change in my first few hours. Arlo bore the Eyebrows of Doom for my first few timid months. Strangely, I remember being in a state of complete baffledness when he was promoted to Ulmo and Laebeth tried the Eyebrows on for size. At this point in time, I had only heard whispered rumours of this great elfie Tara. Soon, however, I was able to see her in full force when she stepped up as Glorfindel to reclaim her shining steed from Arwen.

Ah, those were the days! I ran around frivolously as a good little noob should and learned everything I could possibly want to know (plus more!) about foo and Balrog wings and even Tom Bombadil.

Then came my first tour of the editor's desk for the Herald. I approached shyly and carefully. My creative writer instructor thought my works were good, but would these highly advanced strangers?

That was my first meeting with Tinw. I distinctly remember looking up at her and thinking "MEEP!" while pondering a way to walk along the walls without getting in her way. But it was nearly impossible...She was everywhere. Finally, I worked up the courage to talk to her and discovered one of the kindest, most caring people ever. Now, she herself sits on the high throne displaying the Eyebrows for all to see.

Although I don't have as many days behind me as Eithil or Fir or even Galen, I have seen many things. I have seen ascensions and decensions. I have seen pirates take over. There are many things I have seen come and go (like the Great Riv Name Change). There are many people I have seen come and go (I'll miss you all). My eyes may not be the best anymore (anybody want to trade?) as I struggle with near blindness, but there is one thing I can see without my eyes. Something that is unchanging. Somewhere I am proud to call my sanctuary. I see friends both old and new. I see confidantes, family. It's something I don't need my eyes to see. Something I can see with my heart. I see the beauty that is Imladris.

~ Emyla


Newbie Perspective


Back in Ered Lasgalen when I was but a small child, my father would tell me stories of great Lords and Ladies who dwelled in a beautiful, hidden valley where my father himself had once lived before he moved to Greenwood with my mother. It was soon revealed to me that my family and I were not Silvan elves as I thought but we were Noldorin elves!

When I was of a suitable age, I gathered my belongings and set off for the Noldorin Kingdom of Imladris. When I arrived, I was stunned by the sheer beauty of the elegant buildings and mystical streams and waterfalls. Everyone there was friendly, helpfull and understanding and I was even acquainted with the Lords Elrond and Glorfindal themselves! I soon immersed myself in the various wonderful activities that were constantly taking place around the valley.

I quickly joined the ranks of the Host of Imladris as a Beriadrim Tirn to help protect my fantastic new home. I then took a role in gathering information about various aspects of the elven culture in an activity called 'Project Elves', and of course I gave an article for our newspaper 'The Last Homely Herald' which you are now reading! I have also become an apprentice in the Imladris Forge 'Tingdain', I have begun my training with the Army and I have even watched the Inter Kingdom Races between the Imladris Cheetah's and the Shire Coney's (go Cheetah's!!).

All in all, Rivendell is a great place to be. I have made many friends and I have had amazing experiences and I am sure many more are still to come!

~ Naraelion


Plaza RPG Forum


Have an RPG in mind? An RPG born of your own creativity, about something you are a great fan of? Then the Plaza’s RPG Forum is where you need to be. You can start any RPG you want there, as long as it’s family friendly, meaning that our younger Plazanites would be able to enjoy it. The variety of RPG’s to be found in the Forum are amazing; and no two are alike. As I visited the RPG Forum myself, I saw RPG’s running that range on topics from the Titanic, to Harry Potter, to The Princess Diaries. Of course, there are Middle-Earth related RPG as well like one on Osgiliath and another that was geared towards newbies entitled “The Second Quest Of The Silmaril”. Admins Six Beleriand and Hoth have one going on entitled Six and Hoth’s IC Challenge”. I don’t want to give too much of it away, but it has to do with Sauron beguiling Ar-Pharazon with his fair speech.

There are also some useful tools for those who want to start and RPG of their own or who are just learning to RPG. Six and Hoth have a thread going “Help Des and Fireside Chat” where you may ask questions and occasionally Hoth and Six present what if types of questions where Plazanites can state their opinions on certain matters. There is also a guild, The RPG and Game Masters Guild, which is run by Firien Echui of Lothlorien and Aduchil of Imladris. The Guild has many tools Plazanites can utilize in the quest of RPG’ing and also a link there to a trainers thread where one can receive training or volunteer to train someone needing help.

On the subject of Six Beleriand and Hoth; these are two of the Plaza’s several dedicated Admins. Six and Hoth oversee the RPG forum and are very passionate about their charge. They are also both very helpful and creative; not too mention very knowledgeable on Tolkien Lore. I will close this article with excerpts of an interview I did with Six and Hoth. I thank them for their time in this, as I am sure we all thank them for all they do for the Plaza.

How did the RPG Forum first come to be and have you and your co-Admin always headed it up.
The RPG forum idea had been brought up on several occasions over the past 2 years. This last time it came up was a battle but it passed and Mo started the forum. Six had volunteered to head up the forum from the start and she is the Senior advisor and head honcho in the forum. I am her co-Admin in the forum. She and I have been in on the forum since the beginning.

What do you love most about the RPG Forum? What do you like least about it?
I love to see members having fun and learning how to RPG. In the RPG forum they can all mix together with others of like mind. The RPG Guild is a great place to start if you are a novice at RPG. I would love to see more Tolkien related RPGs though.

What advice would you give someone who wanted to start an RPG to help make it successful?
Pay attention to detail. Go and read through the RPG Guild first and ask advice in there. There are basic templates for the Opening Post and Rules for RPGs that are convenient to follow. The more attention a GM pays to explaining how the RPG will work and be run is very important to a successful RPG. Ask Questions at the Help Desk so Six and I can answer.

Is there anything you would like to say in closing?
Keep the Dream Alive is the Plaza motto. I want everyone to make that their own personal motto when participating on the Plaza. Obey and respect your Rulers. Show them the kind of respect that you would want if you were a Ruler. Be yourself and remember that inside you is a world of beauty and peace. Let it shine in everything you do. Cheers.

Warmest regards, Hoth/Mandos

How did the RPG Forum first come to be and have you and your co-Admin always headed it up?
“Woof”, said Hoth! “Yap-yap”, answered Six. And there you have it folks…the RPG Forum. Actually Hoth and I are just two Admins with a love for serious RPing so we tend to be interested in the same projects. The question for an RPG Forum came up in Vali, the ‘Talk to Vali’ Survey made it clear the members wanted it, and after lots of discussions about it, Mo (Morgoth) opened the forum. Hoth and I naturally gravitated to the project, adopted it, and now in Vali we are known as the Pet Admins of the RPG Forum. Any Admin can adopt any Forum, we are but the first to do so here, and who can say how long either of us shall remain or who or what shall be next. As to us heading anything up…HA…we work for biscuits, chase our tails, sniff hydrants, roll-over when you ask, and all because we want nothing more than to please you. You are the masters, and we are your trusty companions.

What do you love most about the RPG Forum? What do you like least about it?
I love most that the Forum is all RPG, all the time, and just about anything goes, is possible, and can be tried. The one thing I like least about the RPG Forum is the bits of that miserable yellow in the header that I can’t or at least haven’t yet figured out how to code away. And to anyone who likes that color….please forgive me my opinion.

What advice would you give someone who wanted to start an RPG to help make it successful?
Before starting your RPG make sure you have the time to commit to doing it and the drive to finish it. Nothing can kill an RPG faster than a missing on non-committed GM. It is work, it will run away from you, it needs constant tending, and it will last longer than you thought. If you have the time and energy to face all of that then half the trip to success is behind you.

Is there anything you would like to say in closing?

Where should I begin?

Númenor has been raised and beneath it was found the Nauglamír, Silmaril intact and…
I have a new necklace.
Boromir is alive and well and living in Orthanc, room 3606 and …
I am a homebody.
Peter Jackson is living next door while the Hobbit is being filmed and...
I am playing Gandalf in it.
Alchemists have discovered the formula for turning rock into Mithril and…
I own the patent.
The secret to being tall is smoking a pipe and…
I own that patent too.

That’s probably not what you had in mind with that question. *runs off to godmode elsewhere*

~ Smylytinuviel


Tidings from Abroad


The representative from Fangorn has been delayed due to an incident with lightening...the smoke could be seen across several kingdoms. With wishes of quick healing and plenty of rain we await the return of a Fangorn reporter.


Isengard I hate that I have to write these words, but there is sad news to tell from Isengard this month. We have suffered two major losses this month at the Tower, the first of which being our formerly white robed ruler (Grey pilgrim a.k.a. Geeps) trading in her robes for a sparkly hat. I am glad to report though that her sparkly hat is still being sighted all over the tower, as we all knew it would. And to add more to our sorrow, the ever-loved wizzie, Alator, has left for Valinor after saying his farewells, not to return for a very long time.

There still has been some good news about the tower and life goes on. Yaworm took up Geeps white robes and throne, and while now we wizzies wait with baited breathe to see how doomed the tower is going to be without our Geepers leading us, Worm seems to be doing a downright stand up job. But while we wait to see what is going to happen we can at least sit in the beautiful gardens that have very recently been opened at the tower. How can we resist such wonders as a pond, flowerbeds, orchard, potting shed, glasshouses, and vegetable and herb gardens?! And whilst we are on the topic of beautiful things, if there is anyone out there who is good with palantir drawing shops, there is a contest going on to see who can bring forward the funniest drawing of wizzies doing something unexpected. Sure to be some good laughs to be found! And lastly I am going to mention the pub of appreciation which is running today, stop by and buy a drink for your favourite people in Middle-Earth and recall why you love them just so darn much!

Well I am afraid that is it, I am signing off, I seem to have a writers cramp and the *OUCH* medical clinic is calling me. Hope to see you about the tower soon!

~ Arseregwen



The news from the stunted people is once again being written from this dwarf’s perspective. August, what a great month, and it was a truly great one in Khazad-Dûm as well. Where to begin? It is such a long way back to travel now as I look back and all of the events seem sort of mixed together but I shall massage my memory until they are made clear for you all.

To start off this issue I turn to the debate team. KD’s debate team ended the season tied for first in record with a 6-2 record. Rohan and Minas Tirith also had that record to end the regular season. We were pitted up against Rohan for the semi-final debate which began on July 27th. KD put forth the roster of myself (Reik Longbeard), Oin, Star Flower, and Dain Rubyholder. Though having a great debate with only one hiccup, Rohan came out on top in that one advancing to the finals and leaving KD to plan for the off season.

There was an effort to draw more attention to the drill team this August with the Inter-Clan Drill competition. There were four teams formed and eventually it was the Mex team who won the tournament. It was a great competition and all who participated owe it to CajsaArkenstone for her hard work in organizing it.

The race team of badgers from Khazad-Dûm have had a good month which has propelled them to third in the standings at the moment, though they have gotten the most spaces thus far in the competition with over 700, wow! Loin Stealtharm with Sarin has led the team winning several races and been the star again this year.

To end this article I will go over the SCR recipients for August. Gimli was given to Merne Turante who had just joined KD but already had been very active in it and her posts continued to amaze members all around the kingdom. Smaug went to Fergus Fumblaxe who joined the kingdom and dove into the poetry aspect and taking the spot of Co-Captain on the KD IK Poetry team. With the Captain, Sind, out for a while Fergus really had to step up and did a fantastic job. Thorin went to Tran Clevereye for commitment to the kingdom even if it is just steady and good posting. The newbie of the month SCR went to Mazrak who got involved in the Anghak, the Debate team, and the Yukogs this month and has been a great newbie! Finally, I myself was crowned Durin’s Bane this month for everything I gave back to KD in different activities.

~ Reik Longbeard




The winds of change sweep through Arda, and lately through golden Lothlórien in particular. This month has seen an immense amount of change for the Galadhrim, much of it bittersweet. Our Lady Galadriel, Imfalas, announced some time ago her resignation as our ruler. Her parting was at first difficult, but we after what seemed an interminable wait, her successor was announced. Nenedhel Engrin, our new Lady, is proving to be worthy of the title. Like Imfalas, she is friendly and ever ready to lend a helping-hand. Each ruler leaves his or her own individual mark on a kingdom, and she will be no different. Imfalas shall be remembered fondly, and always be accorded a place of honor amongst us.

In other news, our army, the Lorien Guard, has also undergone significant changes. Besides being re-structured, it has several new leaders. The original structure consisted of four divisions, North, South, East and West, each given a part of the Wood to guard. Archers and rangers were together in each division, but that has now been simplified. The only divisions now are Archers and Rangers. Heading the Rangers are Menthol and Celebglin, and in charge of the archers are Brillonien and Firien Echui. Sulrin was promoted to the position of Special Operations Commander, and, as always, overseeing it all is our Arachiril Merl (Leanan Sidhe). The expedition to aid King Thranduil in Mirkwood is nearly to its climax. When finally the soldiers reached the woods, they were attacked by the infamous giant spiders. The Galadhrim are very skilled, however, and the foul creatures were driven away with minimal losses. The Elvenking had prepared a marvelous banquet in honor of their kin, and they now wait for strategy on finally defeating their enemy from Dol Guldur.

Back at home things continue much as they have for the past months. The Lawn, Gardens, and Hollow still welcome visitors of all races to relax and enjoy the peace of Lorien. There are plenty of other activities and places to attract visitors. Lend Tri Lothlórien, an educational tour through the Golden Wood, the music guild, called Ann-Thennath, the Animals of Arda, and the Mirror of Galadriel. Something new that might interest visitors is the Telain of Lorien. It allows the Galadhrim to visit each other in their homes, and also for visitors to see the every day lives we lead. Recently re-opened is the Garment Crafters of Lothlórien, where the well-known elven cloaks that garbed the Fellowship are made, along with other designer apparel. Anyone might place an order there for themselves or as a gift for a friend. If any of these things interest you, our borders are always open to those who come in peace and friendship. As for the others, well, the sentinels will be more than happy to escort you out.

~ Dincairwen


Minas Tirith

The last missive that we received from Minas Tirith mentioned something of war and peace. Either way, all representatives appear to be busy. With luck we will have a visitor from the White City who will be willing to tell us all. Until then, no news here.


Mordor What can we say?! Minions! *wink*


Welcome to the land of Rohan where all the smiling faces of the Rohirrim can be seen walking along the Riddermarket gathering anything from clothes, saddles, fresh meat, or any other items that are needed for your pleasure. This being an exciting month the summer festivals having drawn to a close, I am hoping to fill you in on all the new things, as well as a few from the last time you read of us to set your worries to rest. Only in saying that the festivals were grand, of which there were several going on, seven to be precise, did all the riders and others from all over have had a really good time.

The Tourney was really awe inspiring with so many gifted riders in there. This month though, we have seen brighter coloring, a lot of new people arriving, and without further adieu, let me showcase just a few for you. The Aeldsel Inn this month is featuring a place where you can come in, sit, and talk of old childhood memories. This will be a lot of fun, especially if we tell those funny or mischievous tales that occurred to us when we were at our best or even our worst? Then for our exceptional Riders, the SCR's of course were handed out with pride to each rider of the month.

As I rode further into town, I also noticed the remodeling of the Golden Hall. Yes that's right, all new and very much anticipated. Stop by and have a look for yourself and maybe suggest something. There one more thing that I found most impressive: The Rider of the Month this month, none other then a great rider, Erkendorn. Stop by and see what he means to all of us here in Rohan and what all he has achieved in just one year. Fabulous, to say the least. Well that is it for this time, fare thee well till next time. May Eru bless all that you do.

~ Goldmoon Dunami


The Shire August was the month of things being reborn in the Shire! Some of everyone’s favourite activities have come back from the Halls of Mandos; The Ivy Bush Cooking Guild, the Periannath Walking Club, and the International Shire and Pipeweed Association, just to name a few. These are just a few of many fun activities that are coming to the Shire in this month and in the coming months. An ice cream social, a fall ball, and many more activities are currently being planned by the mayors and Hobbits to light up the Shire for the rest of this year! No matter what your interest, the Shire is most certainly going to have something worth visiting for in the next few months!

Want to thank your friends and family with a special gift? The Sweetest Day Gift Shoppe is already taking orders for a very special occasion, the Sweetest Day. This tradition, started by Toadric Diggums who donated his time and gifts to give to orphans and shut-ins, has now evolved into gift giving between friends. If you want to show someone that you’re thinking about them or just want to say thank you, the Sweetest Day Gift Shoppe will be taking your orders up until the middle of October!

In other news the Shire is still home to the Shire Player’s, which is the theatrical organisation in the Shire, newest play, ‘A Mid Summer Night’s Dream.’ This play, filled with comedy, drama, and action has already begun! You’re always welcome, however, to quietly slip into the theatre and sit and enjoy the rest of our play. Perhaps if you’d rather take the centre stage and go onto become a member of one of the most renowned theatre organizations in Middle Earth, you’re always welcome to drop by our backstage! The Directors and Company are always on the look out for Middle Earth’s most aspiring actors and actresses!

The Shire is still home to everyone’s favourite organizations! In the coming months the Shire is going to be alight with many interesting and fun activities that are open to members from all kingdoms. If you’re looking for a good time and perhaps even meeting new friends please stop by and become a guest to the Hobbit’s famous hospitality! For the duration of your stay in the Shire we have several inns that would be ready to house you and some very fine pubs. If you’re looking to have a pint of the best ale on this side of the Brandywine please come by the Shire today! We’re always welcome to have you!

~ Miriath Banba



As always, the summer months have gone by with the same silence (and boredom for some immortals) in Aman. Those Valar and Maiar who could afford it went on sunsoaked trips to Alqualondë, icy cruises along the Helcaraxë or historic tours to see the remains of Illuin and Ormal. Meanwhile, the others were stuck at home, where Nessa tried to persuade people to come to her concert at the ValiDome and Ulmo tried to take over as King of Arda during Manwë's annual holiday to the Timeless Halls to meet his elderly father.

In other news, Uinen has reportedly left her husband Ossë and eloped with a squid named 'Johnny', which would account for the sudden amount of squid dishes in Ossë's fastseafood restaurants along the Valinoréan coast.

In the very west of Aman, Mandos' halls have finally reached their maximum amount of captive souls. The queue at the front door is rapidly growing, but with Manwë absent, Námo cannot apply for a building licence to expand his halls. Hopefully Eru will tire of Manwë's perpetual whining about the strains of kingship soon and send him back into the World so at least our dear departed may dwell among grey walls for many years to come.

~ Arlo Cúthalion



Lore Matters



"Long ago, the Glorious Noldor with their bitter steel fenced in foul Bauglir under Ered Engrin, and there was peace in Elfinesse. The Ancient Kingdoms flourished and prospered, and grew to love Men and Dwarves. Alliances were made, great works wrought, and old scars healed somewhat. The Noldor and the Sindar held sway over forest and fen in Beleriand, and the Valar came to see Arda perhaps as they might have originally intended it.

But this peace was an illusion. Under Thangorodrim were delved the vaults and reeking prisons of Angband, and there the Enemy of the World rested not.

From his dark, brooding thought came forth a notion that Orcs alone could never defeat the Elves, and he began the fashioning of flesh and sinew, the corruption of living tissue into forms evil and terrible, and of the breeding of monstrous, voracious beasts, filled with spirits of incorrigible malevolence.

He, Morgoth Bauglir, brought into the unhappy world that foul race of cruel and wicked creatures that came to be known as Dragons. First was Glaurung the Golden, Father of All Dragons, and from were descended Worms scarcely less evil than he. In dark and noisome foulness were bred drakes both great and small, both hot and cold, and from them evolved the Winged Dragons, brutish beasts of terror and hate. Mightiest amongst them was great Ancalagon the Black, and hundreds like him were raised there also, intended as Morgoth’s Final Weapon in his dream to destroy the Elves.

That plan did not reach its fruition. The gods came and took Morgoth, and cast him Out. In the War of Wrath the Dragons were defeated. Ancalagon was thrown down by Earendil, empowered with Holy Strength, and Thangorodrim broke beneath him, and mighty was its ruin in Ancalagon’s death. Morgoth’s demon legions were withered and destroyed, and the Valar seized Angband and ruined it, utterly.

Dismayed, those Dragons that could, fled from the rout and hid in the East, awaiting a more opportune time to emerge. Dozens of these things escaped the Valar, and their names have been cursed by generations of Eastern Men: Ulpin the Vicious, Sardaukar the Silver, Bal-chaan the Ferocious, Sarthrax the Venomous, Alkar the Terrible, and on and on and on and on, a cruel roll call of vile, sadistic monsters.

One by one, they were destroyed and their fire extinguished forever - by great and valiant warriors, or by cunning enchantment, or at the edge of Oromë’s mighty blade, their numbers dwindled and their terror lessened. The last to die was Smaug the Magnificent, some sixty years ago, and we thought he was the last of them, but it was not so."

Here, Soronúmë took a sip from his glass and frowned. He stretched, and seemed to be in pain from that simple action. He produced from his jacket a sheaf of grey, roundish objects, and spread them on the table.

"I was wandering in the East, and I found these," he continued. "In a vale in a nameless mountain range, they were strewn about. They are Dragon scales, shed by a Worm of great age. There was no other evidence of its presence, no burnt and blackened landscape, no sucked bones, no loot or treasure, no Orcs under its dominion, no maidens held captive awaiting its return. Nothing. Just these scales. I fear the beast is travelling, seeking a better location either to hide or to spread horror and desolation.

I scouted the land for many miles, but found nothing else. I then returned here, to Imladris, to consult the records, and I have at least succeeded in identifying the Worm from these scales.

These scales were shed by Drakur the Deadly, one of Ancalagon’s direct offspring."

And here, several of the listeners gasped with fear.

"Aye, Drakur himself, whom all thought destroyed, or lost beyond memory. He was not destroyed. He lives, although his age is now so great I can only wonder how much longer he may last - these scales indicate he is very old.

Drakur the Deadly, hatched in pain, raised in hatred. Hand fed by Morgoth himself! Made strong by the flesh of fair Elves, taught lore and Dark Magic by he who is the Source of All Evil, and loosed on the world to further his dark Master’s malign intent - the destruction of our Race!

For he hates us - have no doubt of that. He hates us as much as Morgoth ever did. He blames the Elves for the Divine Intervention that defeated his Master, and doubtless for Gorthaur’s destruction also. Believe the tales of him! He is vast and black, coal-black, like his father, and his eyes burn with yellow fire."

As Soronúmë speaks, one can almost see him in the mind’s eye!

"Years ago I saw him, and I, with others, fought him, but he escaped. He is a beast of unsurpassed power and insatiable lusts - for female flesh, for treasure, and for vengeance against the Elves. Fangs of steel, talons of death, armour-plated and dreadful. The whiplash of his tail can sever a Man’s torso in half, the downblast of his wings is akin to the Winds of Revelation, he contains fire hot enough to melt lead. No valiant knight, no Fighting Elf, no sturdy Dwarf, no savage Orc, may stand against him in single combat. He has destroyed every single such challenger he has ever faced. And yet............and yet.......... He has a weakness, one vulnerable point.

In his youth, in the pits of Angband, he fought one of his sibling brood. He slew his sib, and devoured him, but the fight resulted in the loss of several of his scales behind his left foreleg. He has never recovered from that wound, and the pain of it infuriates him.

I tell you this, a warrior of pure heart, wielding an enchanted spear, may pierce his hide at that weak point, and maybe find the vital organs within. But know ye, fair Elves, that only a soldier who is pure in thought and deed, and only a spear blessed by magic can succeed, for dragons are magical creatures, and can only be slain by magical means."

The old Elf fell silent, and frowned into his glass as he swirled it. Where was Drakur now? What was his intention? Was he now so old that he sought only to die in a quiet place? Or had he some darker design? There was no way of telling, but Soro thought that they ought to find this thing and learn of its intent.

~ Soronúmë


In the Healer's Garden

We are in the middle of the harvesting season, the season of Iavas. The flowers are in full bloom and the trees are heavy with ripe fruit, ready to be picked. And all though the harvesting season is during the ninth month everywhere throughout Middle Earth, other folks in other kingdoms have different names for this season. The Dúnedain used to call the harvesting season Ivanneth, in reference to Yavanna, the Vala of earth and growth. But the Númenórean calendar was revised during the Second Age, and a new calendar, called the Stewards' Reckoning, was introduced by Mardil Voronwë, which became the standard calendar of Middle Earth. According to this calendar, this month is nowadays called Yavannië. The Hobbits, however, like us elves, live to their own calendar, and in their Shire Reckoning, they have now Halimath. And although we may have given this season many names, the meaning and purpose of this season is the same for everyone. This is the time to stock up our supplies and fill our storerooms and prepare for winter!

A typical flower for this sunny season is the Lothanor, the sunflower, which name comes from 'Loth' meaning flower and 'Anor', the Sun. The fields are full of blooming sunflowers and the pull of Anor on these flowers is so strong, that the flowers have turned their heads towards East in the morning, awaiting the sunrise. They then follow the journey of Anor across the sky each day until it sets again in the West in the evening. Saddened by its departure, they turn their heads back east, hoping for Anor to return again the next day.

The sunflower is highly valued throughout Middle earth. Its seeds are often taken on journeys as they last long and although they seem small, they are a highly satisfying food and will boost any traveler with new-found energy. But most often, the seed kernels from sunflowers are pressed for their oil, which we use in our cooking. Few know, however, the seeds and the oil have healing properties. It is full of riches from the earth and will help protect the bodies of mortals from premature aging. But the Lothanor is most powerful on the mind. Its bright yellow flowers are full of warmth and happiness and they will lift weary and saddened spirits, bringing sunshine back into their lives.

~ Isilindil


Artisans' Corner

How-to... Hemstitch

       Hemstitch is mostly used to decorate cuffs and necklines and borders of other items as it secures it in quite a pretty way. It is also often used on bedding.

Necessary equipment: a hardy cotton fabric, which is weaved crosswise; a needle (doesn’t have to be sharp); cotton thread in same color as fabric; scissors.

First decide what you want to do: bordering or a decorative stripe. I must say that the latter requires less work. Depending on your choice choose a spot on the fabric where you want to do hemstitch.

Remove some five parallel threads from there. If you are working on fabric, which has already sewn borders cut them. If the fabric is tough enough, you can pull the threads, if not you may need to use a needle to get them out between crossing threads.

Put the thread through the needle’s eye and attach the thread on the side of fabric (where is the red dot). If you want to do the bordering then now is the time to fold the lower border of fabric once or twice so the folding line lies just on the last thread.

Now is the time for so to say real hemstitch. Bring the needle under three vertical threads from left to right, then over them in opposite direction and again under them. Pull the needle between the vertical threads and the sewing threads that now surrounds them. Pull them together as tightly as possible, then push the needle through the fabric (if you are doing bordering, then push it through all layers of fabric) some two horizontal threads from the gap.

Congratulations! Your first bundle is ready. Repeat the same until the end of fabric. Remember to pull the threads very tightly. Always take same number of threads from the gap to the spot where you push your needle through the fabric, or the result will look very messy. If you do bordering, every time push your needle through all the layers of fabric or it will not be attached strongly. In the end attach the end of the thread strongly with a small knot and cut away the remaining thread.

~ Gilnessael


Puzzles and Games

Mystery Code

Long have Elves delighted in the devising of writing systems – among them being the Tengwar. In the following quotation, each letter stands for another. So decipher the code, and then you shall uncover the long history of a very well-known elf.

Hints: A = 8, T = 24, R= 15, F=25, Y= 19
As a bonus question, who is the elf?

16 1382623 3232320 2413152323 82233 1620
241323 1023324 925 241323 10915181482014
182019 14232523824382014 182019
2515121624182333 2616212491516233.

~Istya Alassea



(inspired by Edward Gorey’s Gashleycrumb Tinies)

Previous letters: A ~ B ~ C ~ D ~ E ~ F ~ G ~ H ~ I ~ J ~ K



Story of the Burnt Lembas

Knowledge have I more to gain
I’m slowly but surely going insane
Instead of running to you to complain
That from burning the lembas he won’t refrain.

‘I am a busy elf,’ you will say
‘I have better things to do today.’
Until I hold out the burnt tray
And you look down in deep dismay.

‘The lembas! The lembas! Oh me oh my!’
You cannot help but loudly cry
Each piece is jet black and bone dry
‘They are burnt!’ You cannot deny.

‘I have a solution,’ I raise my hand.
‘The cleverest in all the land.’
‘Hurry up! Quick now!’ You demand.
‘Before this all gets out of hand!’

I pause. I blink, just for effect.
‘This plan of mine has no defect
I think, or rather, I suspect
It was the head of the Elven Sect.’

‘So I propose, right here right now
That we shall never ever allow
Lord Elrond to poke even his brow
Into the kitchen. So how now?’

You quickly leap onto your horse
‘We’re going to take him out by force.’
Your face did not show any remorse
Of the plan you were about to endorse.

My heart was light and oh so free
I leapt and danced about with glee.
For finally it came to be
No more burnt lembas now for me!

~ Celosia Risata




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