Parth Nelui ~ Volume III
Pennas Yavannië ~ October Issue

After the year's work has been completed it is time again to celebrate our achievments, we dedicate this issue to the fun and never-ending creativity of the members ofImladris.

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Guilds and Groups

Gwaith i Nestoer


The summer has come to pass and the autumn has begun. The first level healing class has tarried for a short while, but the future apprentices now listen to their last lessons and soon we are expecting some fresh and talented blood in our ranks. We have also gotten quite a few letters from those who were unable to attend the class but hope to pass the test. Good luck to you all.

With the colder weather came the harvest season and the healers wandered into the Garden. The resources of Adab Nestad are not endless, but they were refreshed as many herbs, like Elanor, thyme, Athelas and niphredil were gathered from the garden and prepared into powder, poultices, infusions, tinctures and every other possible way of storing them.

Luckily (or unfortunately) there have not been many patients this month, though one case is worth the mentioning. Once came an elf by the name of Norin who wished only to explain to the healer. Then the weirdest things began to happen. Ally, who was believed to be in Valinor since I do not know when, came to Rivendell. An axe fell from the sky breaking the fountain. Ally left a small bag of gold at the reception desk and took Norin who had turned into a dwarf with her in a sack.

And that concludes the most important events as we await new patients with different injuries from the dangerous games of the Enedhoer.



Elven Artists' Association

       "You enter a great courtyard in the middle of the Last Homely House in Rivendell with flowers of all colours and artists all over. They talk and laugh with each other while drawing the flowers and singing merry song to their pictures."

This was the first message I read when I entered the Elven Artist Association, the EAA, of Imladris. It is exactly the right description for this art exhibition. Many talented artists from different races come here to show their work and get comments. In the last couple of months the EAA became more popular and it reached a record number of entries.

This month the Races of ME exposition continues. After ‘hobbits’, ‘rohirrim’ and ‘spirits’, the theme is now ‘minions’. I immediately started drawing something to fit the theme, like many others. When I finished my drawing, there were already a lot of other pieces to be found. Balrogs, orcs, spiders, lizards, trolls, swords and especially dragons decorate the pages of the EAA this month. Of course, you do not have to place something fitting the theme, so you can find other drawings there as well.

Besides just looking at art, there is a lot to learn. New this month, are the ‘guide to presenting images’, the ‘EAA-workshop’ and other tips. Especially the last one is very handy; I speak from experience, my pictures always had a bad quality when I presented them. Thanks to a few tips I recieved from Janowyn, I can now have better presented pictures. So, thank you Janowyn!

I am looking forward to the entries from other artists, because it is always great to see so many different works in one place. The EAA is definately one of my favorite places in Imladris, if not my favorite. I want to thank Janowyn and Laifana for the upkeep of this wonderful hall. It is always a delight to find that someone appreciates your work and is willing to help you improve.




       “Saranna,” said Servy, “It’s become very quiet in here since I redecorated. Do you think that the scholars and visitors perhaps don’t like the new colour scheme?”

“No, my dear, they just need a little waking up, that’s all.”

Saranna made fresh tea and brought a plate of freshly made cakes to the front desk. As the scents of these wafted about the Library, the sounds of dozing scholars could be heard in the remotest corners – coughing, scraping of chair-legs, and falling to the ground of precariously balanced tomes. This last sound made both Librarians wince.

Saranna then retreated to the workroom to create a large and colourful poster. There was to be a new competition!

here is where you can enter.



Tingdain ~ Forge of Imladris

       The steady ringing of hammers and the clacking of billows, beautiful music to any trained blacksmith and a strange melody to those that don’t know the trade. The new batch of decorations that now hang in the Guild house don’t seem to be hurting to much either.

This month the Forge of Imladris has been busy, both in accepting new members and turning out quality work. This month alone saw the further mending of the relations between dwarves and elves as a dwarf came to learn the craft of blacksmithing here in Imladris. In total there have been six new apprentices that have joined this Guild so far; though one (Celebmornie) is going to be attempting a new position in the Guild, as a designer for those that come in wanting a weapon but not having a clear image of what they want.

Celebmornie has taken a few orders and the smiths have with great efficiency forged the items needed by races across Middle Earth. There were also some repairs to other items from something as tough as a dagger to the delicate work of a necklace that had broken. Showing that the quality of work done at the Rivendell forge is outstanding, and while we haven’t had too many orders the ones that we have gotten have made life fun and have kept the apprentices and smiths busy.

~Fuin Elda


Túrin and Morwen

Morwen, Mother,
Sinks to the ground,
Tales have come
Of Nirnaeth’s mound.

She sees me not,
and so she weeps.
It falls away,
the mask she keeps.

Tears begin to fall
from my eyes,
Pain burns through me
just as hope dies.

I must have strength,
Myself, I tell,
Or else succumb
To Morgoth, fell.

I say to myself,
I am Húrin’s son,
In this darkness,
Morwen’s only sun.

To Mother, I run,
And with arms so small
I embrace her,
to my shoulder, her face falls.

And then without words
we looked face to face
and I dared not leave
her warm embrace.

I was her comfort
this memory I’d not pawn.
I protected her from darkness
till at last, there came dawn.

~ Eragorn


Annals of Imladris

Narn e-Dant Gîl

       Laebeth has started up a new tale for all to join known as Narn e-Dant Gîl which proves to be an ongoing event for sometime. A star has fallen from the sky, and landed near Lake Evendim. A company of brave elves have gone led by the great general to recover the star, and keep it from evil forces.

Starting out the company found a gentle journey without much trouble on the horizon. The members took time to get to know one another, and to meet up with old friends. But as the days wore on, signs that this mission would not prove as easy as it had appeared began to appear. First the group met with a group of scouts who reported no danger yet lay ahead. Soro, and several dwarves of the scouting group joined their party.

And then the next morning rain began to fall. Dark and dreary became the mood, and then whistles of warning were heard. The warriors were moved to the flank, and their pace was again quickened. But then another loud whistle was heard, this time from behind. The group awaited the command of General Laebeth on what to do next.

The group was then attacked by orcs and dark men. The Eldar found themselves in a battle far sooner than they had hoped. The rain poured about them, and they fought on, but in the end the battle went to the elves and their companions. Many were wounded, and the group rushed to get them upon horses and continue northward toward Lake Evendim to reach the star before the enemy.

~ Iruviel


Tear Drops of Life

       Tear Drops of Life The winds echoed hollowly in the vast still wilderness of the night. Dutifully, like a deranged messenger, they carried the shrill cry. It tore through the thick air weaving a tangled web of shear terror and desperation as it went.

Shaking violently from the mere memories that cry awoke, a lone elf sat under an old tree. He could have chosen any other tree under which to reflect upon his life. Eru knows any of the other trees was certainly more presentable and didn't have as much of a foreboding aire about it. But this tree somehow caught his attention. The air around it was denser and darker, reflecting the twisted and gnarled finger-like branches that no longer bore foliage. He looked up at the tree and once again vividly remembered the last time he had heard that shrill cry...

It had been several years now, but he remembered it like it had happened yesterday. He had been walking through the forest on that fateful day. The weather was clear and although the sun shone brightly in the deep blue sky there was a chill in the air. A chill that penetrated deep into his bones. Stopping for a bit of a rest, he sat under a dying tree. Leaning back, he closed his eyes and listened for the calming sounds of nature...But they never came. It would be much later before he would realize just how truly odd it was.

As he sat still in the calm afternoon, he suddenly felt as tho a dark shadow had fallen over his life. Opening his eyes slowly, he surveyed his surroundings and saw that, indeed, a dark shadow had crossed his path. The sky, once so clear and bright, was now shrouded in dark, thick black clouds. Everything was engulfed by the much too early darkness of night. Rising to his feet slowly, the elf dodged a large bat as it flew toward his face. Then he heard it. The shrill, blood-curdling cry that shook him to the bone still today. It ripped through the darkness like a knife, tearing into his soul. Gasping, he turned and ran in the direction from whence he had just come. Tearing through the underbrush, it was as tho he had sprouted wings. The miles he had traversed that day were soon behind him and he slowed as he neared the cottage. He dared not make a sound as he approached the door. It was then he saw what he feared. The cottage door stood hap hazardously on only one hinge...Not firmly secure as it had been when he left in the morning.

As he edged carefully around the door, he heard a soft strangled cry and saw what he feared most. She lay in a heap on the floor, yet the way she lay there, she was as graceful and valiant as she had been in life. In her arms, held protectively, was a tiny bundle. Kneeling on the floor next to the body of his wife, the woman he loved dearly, the elf gently lifted the bundle from her arms. He held the babe and watched with increasing heartache as his son struggled to take in air to his tiny body. Each breath came harder than the last until, finally, his son breathed no more. Silent tears fell down the elf's cheeks as he placed the babe once again in his mother's arms. The elf kissed each softly and tenderly before leaving the cottage. Outside, he tore his cloak and hung it on a nearby bush. Taking one last glance at the cottage, he set it afire and strode away. In the thick cover of foliage once again, he fell to his knees and rendered a great cry heard for miles around. Sobbing, he lay down and slept fitfully and dreamt of happier times.

Now, as he reflected upon it, the elf sat under the dying tree where he had decided to stop for a rest many years ago. On the day that changed the course of his life forever. The tree no longer bore foliage, and would never again. Not since that day. Rising slowly to his feet, the elf looked around and walked slowly to the burnt patch of land that he once called home. Nothing had grown in that spot since he burnt the cottage. It had been as empty as his life. Tears fell as he stood there, soaked up thirstily by the dry ground. He left that place, never to return again, a piece of tattered cloak floating lazily by. Had the elf turned once again to lay eyes upon the burnt patch of ground one last time, he would have seen something truly remarkable. For where his tears had fallen, new life the form of a tiny green sapling.

~ Emyla


A Great Account of Foo

A Great Account Featuring the Sudden Rise and Even More Sudden Demise of the All-conquering Foo

What more can I say that those wonderful elven chroniclers haven't already mentioned half-way through cups of soothing tea? Imladris was recently overcome with a bout of the foo, which recent evidence points as having plainly come from a certain punished dwarf. The Great Infestation was, how shall I say it, abrubt. No sooner had pandemonium broken out in the Halls of Elrond (and I seriously thought I would have to get used to the drapes being pink) when it disappeared in a puff of suspicious-looking magenta smoke. The whole incident was rather embarassing and I beg no one else brings it up. That kind of thing is better swept under the stripey rug. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go and get rid of this sailor suit.

The foo it was advancing
And the council bells were ringing
When Lord Elrond entered, dancing
And the elves did follow singing

For behind them painted brightly
On the trees all standing rightly
Was a colour most unsightly
A magenta bold and sprightly

And before they knew the warning
It had covered them; entrancing
So they fell about a'fawning
Over lollipops and prancing

And a lone elf muttered, gurgling,
'Who will save us from this fey thing?'
Elrond's chicken - it was splurgling
At the polka-dots and plaiding

Then the FWAT team came insanely
Acting up quite rude and knavely
Making anti-foo fall mainly
On that blasted plain in Spain-ly

But the foo came on, unwavering
As the wizard's wares were flying
To dull Elrond's lecture favouring
Rounds of much extended sighing

But as soon as it came winging
It had gone with dwarf-kind running
Leaving dark-foo magic ringing
And the sobered elves un-funning

So the moral of this tale-ing
Say the elves with headaches throbbing
If you're going off the railing
Mind the pink and mind the mobbing

~ Diava Echui



Welcome, friend, to Rivendell!
We hope your stay finds you well.
So busy are we, as you no doubt see.
Flitting here and flitting there gaily.
But tell me, whom do you seek?
I may have a clue as where to find them...

Is it Elrond you seek
Elrond strong and true?
A very wise man is he.
You might find him
in a room high above
trying on a gown
of rich purple hue.

Or do you seek fair
and quiet Glorfindel
who rides in raiment silver?
So pure, so learned.
He might be found in
the bath house preening.

Ah, I see, neither.
Might you seek another elf?
They who are fairest firsborn?
Look not far for them.
Prancing here, nancing there
They can be found everywhere.

You mean to say
you don't seek them either?
Tell me then, who?
Oh, my, yes, I see.
Well friend, still I say
Welcome to fair Rivendell.

Sadly, tho, I must
say that can not be.
You see, the thing is...
Your lovely white coat
will not fit me!

~ Emyla
(Disclaimer: This piece was in no way meant to cause offense to anyone. It was merely inspired by the Council of Foo.)


Feature Articles


At the eastern gates of Imladris, stands a diminutive maiden, packed up for a journey. I was able to catch Norin Deathfoot, the Dwarf-turned-Elf-turned-Dwarf and spoke to her about her brief period of residence in our fair land and its effects on her:

Eragorn: Norin, explain exactly how you were converted to Elveness?

Norin: I was being punished for pinning up a note on Delnynalvor's back saying Elves rule, Dwarves drool.” I was however in the employment of Alkthoniel. Note: Delny broke my hair band and I was merely getting revenge… Sooooo the whole story is like this: it was the end of a long day at the Fellowship Festival, and we were all tired and hyper and we wanted to take a group painting. Ally and Delny had a friendly rivalry and Delny had drawn a sign saying “Dwarves rule, Elves drool” which he quickly unfolded and showed while the group painting was taken. Ally and Idril and Eldrith got revenge and made another sign with glitter glue saying “Elves rule, Dwarves drool.”

Eragorn: So you were punished for that by having to become an Elf. Explain this process.

Norin: It was fun. So....Geep (whose knob Delny broke) offered to take me to Isengard, Nargy even offered to take me to Mordor and Ally said she’d turn me into an elf and Delny, being the silly ruler he is, chose Ally. Ally turned me to an elf and let me loose in Rivvy for a week (I chose the name myself though)

Eragorn: How is Elveness doing for you now?

Norin: Well, apparently I was infected with foo, but I myself am immune, so I was contagious. I saw Rivvy and was like "Ewww, they're all naturesque and swishy gowns and they even have ballroom dancing!" So I tried to crash it.

Eragorn: Did you do well?

Norin: Well, I got my Dwarven accomplice Dagordraug to help me smuggle Orc Bite in but no one drank anything, silly elves. Dark Mith said she even got a headache after drinking some of the wine! Do you Elves have no tolerance for alcohol?

Eragorn: Well, I do.

Norin: I must bring you to KD one day

Eragorn: Sure thing. Did you make any friends in Rivendell?

Norin: Tinw was funny and played along, Dark Mith was very nice, and Eithil (whom I met in RL) was very helpful. There were many, many nice elves around; I'll definitely be coming back!

Eragorn: Are you considering permanent residence in Imladris? *big grin*

Norin: No. Never.

Eragorn: *Elven pout* Do you regret succumbing to Delny's wishes?

Norin: No, it was actually rather fun and he did come by and looked after me. It gave me a proper chance to see another kingdom from an insider’s perspective, and it wasn't nearly as foo as I thought, though I must say the flowers everyone wears are ugly…

Eragorn: *suppresses rage* And you had to shave your beard?

Norin: Well, it actually just disappeared, but then started regrowing a day or two before I was due to change back I changed a couple of hours late, but I was an elf for a bit over a week!

Eragorn: Do you think your time as an Elf was long enough, or did you feel you hadn't enough time to entirely grasp Elveness?

Norin: my time as an elf was definitely long enough. Long enough for me to appreciate how foo you all are under your icy exterior (I'm gonna make myself a lot of enemies like this) =P

Eragorn: *knows a few shady folks'll be rather offended* Finally, do you have any advice for anyone who wants to get on his/her rulers' nerves and/or get him/herself kingdom transferred?

Norin: =P Ummm, well, meeting them in RL helps...

Eragorn: Should I move to KD?

Norin: Yes! We have clans!

Eragorn: *ponders*

~ Eragorn


Oldie Perspective

       You know, I have never considered myself an oldbie before. Middle aged? Possibly. Mature. Highly probable. But old? Never. I’m less of an archaic oldbie than Tinw is a spam monkey. So how – apart from being slightly bored with an afternoon or two to spare – could I ever write an oldbie perspective? My mind almost shut itself down trying to think of worthy things to say. In fact, I was poring over Imladris’ (then the ever graceful Rivendell) archives for some inspiration. And I realised I remembered quite a few of the names next to those posts. Not to mention the actual posts themselves. So, if you’ll forgive the ramblings of a Plazaite who might be applying for false teeth and an ear horn before long, I’ll take you down memory lane.

I joined the Plaza on November 19, 2004 with the name of Andiavaswen (almost as difficult to pronounce as Gala’s -_^) – an impressionable newbie of epic proportions. So epic were these proportions that I spent a great deal of my first six months holed up in OOME, back when it was a breeding ground for rather strange families with even stranger family trees. As I look back, those six months were wonderful, but I feel disappointed in myself for lurking so long – because I never realised what a fantastic place the kingdoms were. Sometime in 2004 I believe I emerged, stumbling and wide-eyed, into the wonderful world of Rivendell. There really is nothing to describe the Last Homely House as seen from newbie’s eyes. Everyone has an impossible amount of points (687 – wow!) and they all know each other. Except no one knows you. So – not biting off more than I could chew – I signed up for possibly the biggest rpg of the year, The Last Alliance. I’m sure many of you have fond memories of battling yrch and travelling obscene distances. But, in my opinion, the finest remembrance I have of it today is the companionship. Newbie, oldbie, midbie, never been in an rpg before, planned the rpg – all were equal and all were expected to pull their weight. That was the best thing that could happen to a newbie. At the end of it, head full of a newfound confidence and equality; I waded in a little deeper to see what delights were waiting.

My first year passed like a flash. With so much planned, the years fly by. I celebrated the Enedhoer Festival for the first time, got the shock of my life at Halloween (yaargh, me hearties!), and revelled in the warmth and spirit of my fellow Rivendwellers at Christmas. Then, before I fully comprehended it, we were welcoming the New Year once again. And what a year it has been! I am constantly amazed by all that everyone has done and continues to do for Imladris. At the beginning of the year there were more (and better) activities than had occurred in a long time. And it’s not just a normal thread runners’ names at the top of the post (like was so often the case last year), it seems that every different event is run by someone new. That, my friends, is the sign of a growing and capable community. One that I’m immensely proud to say I belong to. And the rulers are just as dedicated (if not certainly more so) as the members. We lost Laebeth to the lures of Adminship this year. Now, I, for one, was very scared as to who would replace her. To clarify things, I started becoming involved in Imladris at precisely the time Arlo sloshed his way into history as the soggiest Ulmo the Plaza has ever seen, and Laebeth ascended. So she was the only ruler I knew. How could the Last Homely House still function without its General? Well, luckily, she was replaced with someone so entrenched in our home I’m surprised she didn’t already wear the pout of Glorfindel or the brows of Elrond. We all know who she is. So Imladris continued much as it always had, albeit with a name change and a worrying April Fool’s joke (you suckered us good, mon capitans). With Tara and Tinw (TnT: *grins* Took about five seconds for that to stick) at its head, it flourished. And so the year wanes, and I can’t wait to discover what’s next (not to mention what this year’s Halloween is going to be like).

As I write this in October, I can honestly say that this year has meant so much to me. Those of you who have seen it pass know what I mean. Joys were celebrated; woes grieved together; new leaders introduced and old ones sent on their way with the fondest wishes. We’ve had our foo times; our oh-so-serious times; our in-between, socialising, everyday times. But what holds each of these memories together is you, Imladris. I’m sure there are some wonderful kingdoms out there, but, in my ever-so-slightly biased opinion, Rivvy has been and always will be the jewel on the proverbial crown. So please, keep being you. Thread runners, keep coming up with those wacky/serious ideas. Newbie helpers, keep encouraging and guiding. Newbies, keep making Imladris such a varied and interesting place. Talkers, keep spreading that Rivvy news. General crazy – er - ‘eccentric’ ones, keep making us split our sides laughing over your antics (but always with you). Cooks, soldiers, bards, twangers of miscellaneous string instruments, keep playing. Play on, all. And if we all band together, I know Imladris will be just as fantastic – if not better – in the future…

~ Diava Echui


Newbie Perspective


       I have been a member of the plaza for about 40 days now, and I must say that I feel completely at home now. Sure, I don’t know everything about the plaza, but that’s normal. I also get a lot of help from everybody, so it’s absolutely no problem. When I first saw this site, I was completely in love with it. There are so many Tolkien-dedicated people here, from all around the world. What more could I wish for?

The first thing I did, when I became a member, was visit the “Art&Fanfiction-section”. I saw how many great artists where around here and decided to join in some contest. I haven’t been drawing for that long, so I was bit nervous on the reactions I was going to get. But I immediately got a very warm welcome from everybody.

When I had posted some messages, I found out that I had enough points to join a kingdom. My first choice was Imladris, because I’ve loved this land ever since I found out about it. So, I became a Newborn of Imladris, and soon this became a Youth of Imladris. Now, about 40 days later, I’m an Elder of Imladris. I changed my name in something more personal, because I first had a really common name. I decided to go to the language forum, to ask for some elvish translations. Finally I got a great name that was based on the words “star” and “dancer”. This name was perfect for me, because I love the stars and love dancing. I found out that I don’t know so much about this Kingdom as I first thought. But I’m learning every day, and I have more fun every minute that passes on the plaza.

I am now a regular in some sections and already have gained some friendships. I visited the “out of Middle Earth-section”, and found out there was a thread in my native language, Dutch. I immediatly joined in and got a warm welcome from everybody. I even became a member of their house recently.

I am discovering things, I meet new people, I become involved in more threads and have more fun every day. Everyone around the plaza is very kind, and they help me a lot. I hope that one day I’ll have my own “Plazaversary”, so I can also spread that all around the “out of Middle Earth-section” like others do, and I hope I will stay here and become more at home for many years.

~ ellitarë


House Review ~ Calamehtari

       The palace of Calamehtari, by the lush banks of the river Celebrant is an experience not to be missed in all of Middle Earth. Its lawns and fountains are a soothing experience for one who visits this haven of peace.

Visit the Solarium, a parlour where the sun caresses you and opens you mind to new thoughts. The fragrance of the many plants and flowers here provides a relaxing aromatherapy experience for the weary traveler.

Join the warriors of Middle Earth in the Warrior's pub, a place for warriors old and young to gather and recount their experiences of the heat of battle. Indulge yourself with a hearty mead, beef stew or a scintillating blueberry cobbler.

Visit Calayana for an experience in fine elven dining, where you dine among elegant elves and the other races of Middle Earth in a luxurious setting amid ponds and streams. Grilled crabcakes with Belfalas Bay Oysters, Fresh Seasonal Fruits and finje wines from the wine cellar at Calamehtari and the Gardens of Lorien and Dorwinion grace your palate at this exquisite evening dining restaurant.

Over and above all, you must have fun in Calamehtari, which I am sure you will. Rest assured, you will be welcomed with a hearty ' Howdy ' from Nurbor, owner of Calamehtari.

~ Eithon Echui



       The night is silent. Eerie shadows fill the room. Downstairs, the old grandfather clock strikes one. You throw the bed clothes aside and pace restlessly by the window. Looking down into the yard below, you see a shadow hurry from beside the tree. Curiousity getting the better of you, you hastly throw on a dressing gown. Stealthly, so as not to make a noise, you descend the stairs. Reaching out to open the front door, you notice it is open. But that is not how you left it. You distinctly remember locking it. Gripping the door knob gingerly, you pull back suddenly. There is something warm and sticky on your hand, but it is too dark to see what.

You light a candle, closing your eyes against the impending flood of light. But it never comes. Your heart beats faster as you slowly open your eyes. Taking a deep breath, you slide silently out the open door and into your yard. But something is wrong. This is not your yard. Turning around, you see that neither is the door you just exited yours. Seeing a flicker of movement to your right, you begin to follow the candlelit cooridor to a large black door that appears to be dripping...Dripping blood.

As you reach out to touch the door, it slowly swings inward, beckoning you to enter. Stepping cautiously over the threshold, you are met by a pulsing red light. The pulsating of the light gives life to the room, making the walls of black thrum and beat like a heart. In the center of the room is a tall curtained box shaped like a coffin. Next to the box, clad in torn black, stands a tall man. You can not see his face, as it is covered in shadow. He extends a long bonelike finger to beckon you forward. Fearful, you heed him.

When you stand in front of the box, he grasps your arm and pulls the curtain away. A loud scream of terror erupts from your throat, and you turn to run, tearing away from his grip. You run faster and faster down the corridor, masked figures on either side of you. Breathless, you reach the door that isn't yours and pound on it frantically. But it is too late. A masked figure reaches out and seizes you with his bony hand...

You wake up shaking in fear in your own bed. Safe between the sheets you know so well. Sweat clinging to your body, you sit up in bed. You look around you, ever fearful of the masked man. The night is silent. Eerie shadow fill the room. Downstairs, the old grandfather clock strikes one...

~ Emyla


Tidings from Abroad

Many Kingdoms were unable to send news and tidings to us at this time. May they all return to us next month with joy in their hearts, health in their veins and more scholarly than they are today.

Minas Tirith

When one thinks of the Minas Tirith, what comes to mind? The brilliantly white walls, the white tree, the seven levels, or the people wearing white and black. Well of course all of these come time mind when thinking about the city. Now inside the city there are the people wearing white and black, they all have something in common. It is the Marketplace. Each one goes to the Market to buy things of need, but only recently has this market become open to all. There are levels of apprenticeships, and after passing through all three then one can become owner! Which is a task, but many would admit its rather fun!

That is part of the more exciting news of Minas Tirith at the moment. Other goings on of the city is the great game of pigskin. There are several games going on at the moment. One of the most exciting moments is when the forward rushes towards the goal and the deep breath before the pigskin hits the back of the goal or is in the hands of the goalie.

Down one of the darkest streets there is a row of pubs that are well, not normal. In each of these pubs there is a theme that has to be followed. Something that might be silly as to dress up or act in such an odd manner that isn't usual.

Yet there is so much more going on in Minas Tirith. So take the invitation and come on over for a visit, we would love to have you!

~ Laureel Idesan


Westu Hal! This month is definately turning out to be one of utter delight. With fall just around the corner and all the wonderful leaves changing, everything so colorful, even the soft breeze blowing tells us here in Rohan that it won't be long in coming. Ah but with the fall fast approaching, we here in the Riddermark have found so many ways to appease outselves. First and foremost all can stop by at anytime in Life in the Mark and visit any one of our riders at their homes. All welcome to walk down through town and go see that favorite cottage or home of your friends or even a relative there. As I made my way along the streets of Edoras this month though, I's caught sight of many a festive occurances going on. The Harvest Festivals for example, including The Masquerade Ball, The Celebration, Badger Chase, and a Nightmare on Edoras St all seem to be where one can have so much fun and some being contests, others just an exciting thing to do. Then riding further into town, I came across the Autumn Festival also. Including things such as Mister and Misses Meduseld, Show jumping, just to begin with. These also are great fun. Who I wonder, will wear the crowns of Mister and Miss meduself. Well why don't you all stop by and have a look to see. Our great riders will welcome you with open arms, always a friendly place, anyone can tell we love our Riddermark. On your way in or out though, please stop by our Riddermarket and get you something to take back to your homeland. Surely there is something of interest here for you, so come by, find a friend, enjoy the festivities and have fun.

~ Goldmoon Dunami


The Shire If this piece of parchment appears wet to you, I would like to apologize. I was writing this news report while attending the induction of Elanor Evermind into her new mayoral position as Mr. Frodo Baggins – and it was then that one of the Shire’s many rainstorms decided to pour all over Hobbiton. And of course, you don’t just go home during something as important as a mayoral induction! I walked home afterwards not only feeling wet and cold but also as if I were a shriveled raisin.

To be sure, many of us here in the Shire still miss our Rosie. But we have also been missing our Sam, since he was just recently kidnapped by a few unsavory and still unidentified characters! We have confidence that our newly trained Hobbit Defense Squad members who went after him will seek justice for this awful deed. This was the last thing we needed too. But Elanor and Mr. Frodo have been watching over us as well as this campaign to go and get our Sam. If it were not for the two of them, the Shire would not have been nearly as exciting and busy over this last month of Halimath (September.)

The Shire’s rumor mill – ahem, Mrs. Proudfoot and her good friends – have not only been spinning tales about who our next Olympic team captains should be. They have also been spinning tales over why the sweet and hard-working hobbit lass Alimah re-opened the Ivy Bush Cooking Organization, allowing anyone from any kingdom to come join in on their catering fun. They have also recently protested the re-opening of the Shire’s Medical Clinic and the Periannath Walking Club, since they insisted that “we Hobbits can take care of ourselves and have no need for fun and exercise.” But I am guessing you would beg to differ this with these gossips. So come on over and prove them wrong! Just mind the raindrops as you drive along. I would not want you as drenched to the bone as I was on Mr. Frodo’s induction ceremony day, no, never.

~ Istya Alassea



His hand Ilúvatar raised,
In his voice thunder was caught,
Lightning erupted as he gazed,
The depths swirled with his thought,
Reaching out beyond the starry light,
As the One summoned forth his might,
And his thought became life.

No longer was he alone
I Ainur assembled at his feet,
Their eyes lifted to his throne
Hearkening as he spoke from his seat
A great theme, so darkness would disperse
A theme, to weave into the threads of universe
And the song became life.

But he who arises in might,
Melkor, he who received great gifts,
Conceived a desire born of night,
His lust for the Fire created first rifts,
And in the void, so empty of life and thought
The Fire that had kindled even him, he sought,
Yet the Flame is life.

Thus disharmony erupted,
Melkor spreading dissension,
Thus his brethren were corrupted,
Weaving their themes to reach ascension,
Weaving the thoughts of unlife that he held,
Yet with Ilúvatar his darkness could not meld,
For Eru is life.

His hand Ilúvatar raised,
In his voice thunder was caught,
Lightning would erupt as he gazed,
As the turmoil ended through his thought,
The third theme appearing in majestic vision,
The threads weaving together by Ilúvatar’s decision.
For Eru’s will is life.

He spoke, Let It Be
Eä created, void torn asunder,
With awe I Ainur turned to see,
Voices singing in their great wonder,
Praise on their lips to Ilúvatar seated above,
Marvelling at seeing the Children of his love,
His love being life.

Melkor spoke naught,
Yet his numbers quickly grew,
And they spread his dark thoughts
To create as they saw fit, from anew,
He wished for others to call him their lord,
And Ilúvatar’s designs he desired should be ignored,
For his will is life.

Fulfilled was Eru’s design,
As the Ainur into Eä descended,
Becoming the powers, Valar divine,
Eru’s plans they ceaselessly defended,
For the Children’s sake against Melkor they fought,
Carving a home for Eldar and Atani as was Eru’s thought,
For the Children are the eternal Flame Imperishable, eternal Life.

~ Aduchil


Lore Matters

Of The Noldor

       The first Elves appeared at Cuivienen, the Water of Awakening. They lived free and undivided under the light of Varda’s stars. However, when Orome came to lead them to Valinor, there was a dividing between the Elves. Those who chose to follow Orome on the Great Journey were called Eldar. The Eldar were divided in three groups: Vanyar, Noldor and Teleri. In these scrolls, we shall learn about the Noldor.

The Noldor, also known as the Deep Elves, were lead by Finwe, the father of the famous Feanor. They were the second of the hosts who left the Middle Earth to Valinor. They lived and prospered in Valinor, learned much from the Valar, most of all from Aule the Smith. They were the greatest of the Elves in lore and craft, and the Noldor made many great things (the Silmaril, the Great Rings). If they have continued their life in Valinor, only Eru knows what else they would have accomplished. Alas, they didn’t stay. When Morgoth killed Finwe and took the Silmaril to Middle Earth, Feanor, Finwe’s son, led the majority of the Noldor to Middle Earth. A tenth of the Noldor stayed in Valinor under the rule of Finarfin, Feanor’s half-brother.

In Middle Earth, Feanor, the High King of Noldor died shortly after he and his host disembarked on the shores of Beleriand. He immediately pressed forward to Angband, Morgoth’s fortress, but unfortunately he was killed in a battle by Gothmog, the Lord of Balrogs. After his death, the High King of Noldor became Fingolfin. The Noldor soon became Morgoth’s worst enemies in Middle Earth. They battled him throughout the First Age, sadly, many of them were killed during that time. After the War of Wrath between the Valar and Morgoth, many of the Eldar from Middle Earth, including the Noldor chose to come back to Valinor. Those who stayed in Middle Earth were ruled by Gil-galad, the High King. Of the Elves who led the Noldor to Middle Earth, only Galadriel remained there until the end of the Third Age. In the end of the Third Age, the last of the Noldor left Middle Earth and sailed to Valinor. Amongst them were Galadriel and Elrond. And so ended the life on Noldor in Mortal Lands.

After that day, no Noldor ever returned to Middle Earth. They stay in Valinor, living in the presence of Valar, and we, who only know them by legend, honor them.

~ Feanor Elf


Artisans' Corner

Watery Wind Chime

If you have an old, broken wind chime, or a really unattractive one that someone gave you some time ago that is still in its packaging, now is the time for a new transformation!

Give new life to your wind chime, and soon it will be both pleasing to hear and to look at.

You will need:
~ Some cording or string (Make sure it is strong but not too thick)
~ Chimes (about four of varying length)
~ A wooden curtain ring (or any ring you can get) of about 8 cm in diameter (or any ring of similar size)
~ Some thin, bright metal foil
~ A blue glass pebble (the small type used to decorate fish bowls or vases)
~ Eight identical small mirrors
~ A circular piece of wood or other material to run the cording through(It need not be too thick. Poke five holes in it, arranged like the five dots on dice.)
~ Beading wire
~ Some small, clear blue glass beads
~ A pair of pliers

1. Completely wrap your curtain ring with the foil. This will be the foundation of your wind chime.
2. Tie two identical lengths of cord tautly and firmly across the ring such that they are perpendicular to each other, forming a cross, which divides the ring into quadrants.
3. Place the circular base across these, such that the four outer holes are lined up with the quadrants.
4. Tie the four chimes to the outer four holes in the circular base. To the centre hole, tie another bit of string with the blue pebble attached to the end. If it will not stick, “sandwich” the thread between some blue tack and the glass pebble. The glass pebble should be at a suitable height for it to hit the chimes.
5. "Sandwich" the mirrors on four more lengths of string and attach these along equal intervals on the ring.
6. Tie two longer lengths of string in a similar fashion to step 2. This will be the hanging part.
7. Finally, twist a bit of the beading wire into curly shapes with the aid of pliers and put a few beads on them. Make four of these and place them at equal intervals on the ring, between the mirror strings.
8. Hang it up in a breezy window, and enjoy!

~ Celosia Risata


Puzzles and Games

Mystery Code

Long have Elves delighted in the devising of writing systems – among them being the Tengwar of Feanor. In the following quotation, you will see that every number stands for a letter to make for a brand new writing system. If you decipher this nunbers code, you shall uncover the quote about a very well-known Valie. *g* Good luck on figuring out who it is!

Hints: S=25,    N=10,    K=16,    A=23

25   3   22   6            9   26  6   5   6              23  5   6             12  26  3
__  __  __  __         __  __  __  __  __         __  __  __           __  __  __

26  23   8   6              25  6   6   10             26  6   5              25  9   23  10  20  4   10   1
__  __  __  __          __  __  __  __           __  __  __            __  __  __  __  __  __  __  __

7    4    16   6             23             9    5     6     6             15  10  20  6    5
__  __  __  __            __             __  __   __  __           __  __  __  __  __

26   6   23  8    6   10            14  5    3   12  10   6   20             12   4   9   26
__  __  __  __  __  __          __  __  __   __  __  __  __            __  __  __  __

9    26   6              25  15  10
__  __  __             __  __  __

~Istya Alassea



Letter to the Editors

Dear cherished editors of the Last Homely Herald,

Since the beginning of the monthly publishing of the Last Homely Herald, which I have enjoyed ever since I was a young Elfling, I noticed that besides the fascinating articles, and interesting works of art and poetry, something was missing. I was wondering, if there would be a possibility of an opening for a special column, for all readers to express their opinions.

Well, I just felt like submitting this for all to read, so here goes nothing… Elladan, son of Elrond, elder brother of Elrohir and Arwen, I shall salute you, and express my undying love for you in this letter. Your smile is like the shiny glowing phial that Frodo took along his journey into Torech Ungol. Your pout is like the trademark of Teen Elf Magazine. If only you could have a look at my quarters, which are filled with portraits of you, my lord!

At night, I am his shadow… well, a stalker of his shadow ever since I got that annoying restraining order from Elrond. During day, I am forever his follower, always 500 yards away! I dream about Elladan each and every night when I am not following him, my thoughts are plagued with the disease that I call LOVE! LOVE LOVE LURVE oops, my brain must have been clouded by love so as to misspell such a sacred word!

The first time I laid eyes on this pigeon, I was amazed that so far no one had spoken of this droolicious Elf! And of course, I went to the Library of Elrond, found myself the thickest tome and smacked myself with it hard on the forehead for missing him! Then I passed out, but when I woke up, I beheld a radiance so bright, it blinded my eyes, it was Elladan and Elrohir (the latter is less important, but nonetheless they were together) who were discussing how to dispose of a dead Elf! Elladan thought I was dead! My heart skipped a beat, and I could feel Nazgul fell beasts in my stomach!

By the way, readers, if you deem my love for Elladan to be true and touching, help me. Reach out a hand, let two suffering souls be together! Let Elrond know that his separation of true lovers is cruel and should not be allowed, according to the Laws and Customs of the Eldar, section 34b, line 699! Help us!

Yours truly,
Desperate Future Daughter-in-law of Elrond

Editor's note: The writer, true name unknown (bless her heart) was later brought to some place far far away from Elladan inside a padded carriage due to disturbing tendencies of stalking the Son of Elrond. May she soon be cured of such an unhealthy obsession.

~ Arwil




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