Parth Canthui ~ Volume IV
Pennas Cerveth ~ July Issue

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    A New Golden Flower: Dedicated to our new Ruler

    Long the Golden Flower dwelt
    Within Imladris' bounds
    Shining with bright and cheerful light
    Upon the blessed ground

    The herald of Lord Glorfindel
    Keeper of Asfaloth
    Tending beds of yellow daffodils
    Caring for the Valley with such love

    But sadly, all good things must end
    The Daffodil did wither
    Glorfindel's herald could not go on
    And the Valley's grief was bitter

    They wondered and they waited
    To hear what lay in store
    Who, they asked would guide them?
    Now that the Daffodil did no more

    Then one morning they all gathered
    And beheld a lovely sight
    A new Golden Flower had arisen
    Budding in the light

    The Valley was alive with cheering
    They laughed and sang with pride
    Asfaloth neighed and pranced
    Glorfindel's new herald had arrived

    ~ Arvellas


    Guilds and Groups

    Army Report

           The chase is on. Someone secretly entered the Valley and took the three Captains completely by surprise. Now, it is up to the soldiers to find them. Do they have what it takes? Will they find enough courage and skills deep inside them to bring back their beloved leaders? For an army without a leader is like a herd without a shepherd. But all three Captains have great faith in their warriors. So...we wait.

    On a completely different field, the Host is asisting the Men of Gondor in the Northern Kingdom of Arnor, where, upon the Weather Hills, there is something amiss. What is going on? Why did the King send word of help into Imladris? Only time will tell.

    On more statistical matters: the Army Headquarters (Army HQ) has been changed a bit, giving it a more pleasant look to cast eyes upon. Also, there is a Hall of Fame in the making, where soldiers shall be nominated for special prizes, get acknowledged by their Captains, and much much more. It will, in a way, replace the old Roll Call threads you have all been used to.

    And there are many more activities in the making, of which the Captains are working hard to get them into progress. Stay tuned!

    ~Anarie Hecil-Quan


    Gwaith i-Nestoer

           It has been a busy month in the Gwaith and many people have come in need of healing. During this month we were able to finally let Eglagaladiel, Herald of Lord Elrond, go home after a lengthy stay.

    To benefit those who are in need of healing, the healers at the Gwaith have discovered many new types of herbs, allowing us to help those in need even more effectively.

    A young Elf by the name of Legolas checked into the Gwaith with an orc wound received while patrolling Imladris's borders. As it goes with youth, he became soon annoyed and bored because of forced bedrest, but was happy when an auspicious visitor, Gildor Inglorion, came to visit him. The two spoke about his family and how Gildor missed Lasgalen.

    While Gala was still recuperating, Eriol was shot by accident on his way home from Mithlond while fetching things for the pairs' wedding. With a little convincing from Gala and Gildor, Eriol had finally come and very reluctantly asked for healing. Both Eriol and Gala were released to their home later to take care of one another.

    At the beginning of our month, one of our Aphadrim, Númellotë, suddenly collapsed right in front of me. She suffered from heatstroke, and was tended by Nestor îdhwen.

    After weeks of intensive healing and recuperating, we were also able to release White_Tower.

    A few weeks later our friend Arele came in late one night dripping blood from a a wound from a morgul weapon. Although it was touch and go for a while, she is steadily improving. I will personally always remember Arele as she was my first independent Patient.

    There were also many changes in the chain of command in the Gwaith. Our dear Minestor Arwil, who had been in charge for so long, decided it was time to leave and passed the duties of Minestor to Ancalima, while Tinessael became our new Tanestor. We also had a new addition to the Gwaith, near the end of the month, we received our newest Taidor, Saydet, a member of the White Council.

    Since we had now several new Taidrim, hands-on-training is currently taking place.

    But there has been a terrible tragedy! The Gwaith was invaded by a band of Yrch who kidnapped our Minestor Ancalima and Tanestor Tinessael. The Gwaith was smashed to pieces and needs to be rebuild. We still don't know how the Orcs got into Imladris unnoticed, but Captain Rílomë is organizing the remaining Healers, Aphadrim and Taidrim, into search parties to find the missing Healers. May the Grace of the Valar be with us all.


           The Adab Nestad has been bustling with activity. As I first stepped foot in this sacred House of Healing, I knew that my full first month would be a busy one. I just had no idea how busy! My first patient to attend to this month was the Herald of Lord Elrond. Her time in the House was spent healing up from her sprain… It was a great time for learning and much needed as another Elf came to the house in need of help. Her name was Arele and after an orc-inflicted wound, we had to do our fastest and best to make sure she would not fall into some unnatural sleep.

    Legolas, a mighty warrior Elf had also come to stay in the House after an arrow wound that was given him by a rogue band of Orcs. Gala’s own Eriol was harmed also by an arrow, though it happened by accidentally walking near someone’s target practice…

    My training has been helped greatly by Aphador Sulime, who has taught me much about being a healer. Tinnessael has also been helping me along…it was a shock to us all at nearly the close of the month when a group of Orcs attacked the Adab Nestad! It was a horror and even now a group of volunteers and healers are setting out to find the Minestor and Tanestor…wish us luck!




           It has been said that rest cures weary feet. If this is so, then the lilt of words woven together in story or song cures a weary heart. After much travel and time spent away from my beloved Imladris, I returned, with another thread woven into my tapesty. Breathing the fine air of Rivendell, I made for Govannas in Glirdain, what had once been my home away from home.

    Although much time had passed since I had last entered the halls of the Guild, it felt as if barely a day had gone by. I was warmly welcomed with open arms and open hearts. As I write this, my fellow bards are weaving their own stories into the Tapestry of Imladris and my mind is cast back through the changes that have occurred in the last few months, be they large or small.

    As Janowyn said in the June issue of The Last Homely Herald " bards we understand that creation sometimes embraces an element of purging. Once useful ideas or practices can outlive their relevance and without need or reason what use are they to us?" And so the Bards and Writers Guild 'turned over a new leaf' and underwent a myriad of changes, starting with the departure of our lovely High Bard Idril. Our Aralirdan left to join our Guild Father, Galen to become the Guild Mother. After the fitting and moving tribute to our Idril, the task of filling her position fell into the capable hands of Janowyn and Laifana. We are more than certain that these two elves will continue to lead us to newer and better heights!

    Govannas in Glirdain has been going through a programme of changes of late, not the least of which is the closing of the doors that had once been open to many. The Chamber of Critique, the Sign-Up Desk and the Chamber of Lore are no longer rooms that we bards or visitors can wander through. For those who wish to view these renovations, the address is as follows: Govannas in Glirdain Household Palace, Imladris.

    Perhaps the biggest change however, has been the implementation of three new appointments to Senior Bard, to be formally announced August first. It is possible that a fourth bard shall be named, but at the current time this had not been confirmed. These new bards will join the current list of Senior Bards - Aerlinnel, Ann-Thannath, Beren, Elders, Eliendriel, Faele, Firerose, Helkabeleth, Janowyn, Laifana, Master Herdir, Nabooru, Saranna, Soronúmë, Silivren, Taramiluiel, Tinw and Russë.

    Yet this has not been the only happening to occur in the Bards and Writers Guild. Faces new and old have made their way to the halls of the Guild, to share their own stories and works of literary art, or content to sit back and listen to the gifts of others. The talent this month has been uncommonly good, with the art of story-telling clearly having not been lost, with the poignant and heartfelt stories of Aduchil, Fyriel and Anarie greatly touching and moving those who heard their words. A feeling of romance that had gone astray begun the poetry this month, with Feowen's poem of lost love and dying hopes ensuring all who heard it were certain to return home to the loved ones, to give them an extra hug.

    Outside of Govannas in Glirdain, the Sun has set and the Moon is now high above, His gentle glow wrapping around those within His arm's reach. Another day has passed, another will begin and still the Guild will shine on, content to weave another worded thread in the Tapestry that is Rivendell.




           The EAA has continued to bustle with activity as we finished up June and moved onto July. A warm congratulations to Isiliel as our June Artist of the month! July introduced another wave beautiful and creative artwork for the EAA as we continued our Ages of Middle-Earth themed series with The First Age. Our art thread was filled with both a variety of mediums as well as artistic styles. Opening our thread this month was a beautiful pencil drawing of an elflord by Hirillonwe, a talented artist who has passed on. His work was truly inspirational. Fuin Elda presented an enchanting and well-crafted piece featuring the most famous couple of Arda, Beren and Luthien. Ellitarë shared her creative version of Vairë upon a woven and textured background. Lord Elrond made a dignified and expressive presence through the talents of Janowyn and our Lord Ulmo, Tari Boffin's conté art. Arien Silverleaf also contributed a portrait of the Lady Galadriel, a depiction of the first sunrise over Arda, and a sketch of Treebeard. Also adding to our collection of portraits was Ellitarë's realistic and pencil drawings, one of which featured her music teacher, while another displayed a young girl. Fuin Elda also displayed her talents through an adorable and saddened elf-child, an elegant shell, and a child eating a delectable and juicy watermelon, the last two being appropriate for our summer season. Tinessael offered several beautiful and colorful paintings to our landscape category. One of them depicted a serene river that meandered through the woods into the distance, another illustrated a cheerful rooftop bordered by trees, and there were also pieces depicting a teapot with a lemon, and an elderly woman by Stonehenge. Two colorful lake-pieces, one in oil-pastel, and another in acrylics, was presented by Arien. Bonnie Bell of the Shire returned this month with her geometrical artwork when she presented a silmaril-like drawing, as well as eye-catching jewelry designs for Yavanna's pendant, and an elegant brooch-like jewel piece. Other artwork in our thread included Ilsalire Alburz's Laurelin-inspired design, a fortress by Fuin Elda, and a domed building by Arien.

    Our complement digital art thread of the month featured a digital challenge in which Aldoriana selected two images (a circular apophysis and a photo of a pair of eyes) for the artists to manipulate digitally, resulting in a variety of combinations that ranged from abstract to metallic to sinister in theme. The thread was opened with a piece featuring Gandalf's battle with a balrog, done by Janowyn who successfully captured both movement and energy. Her piece portraying a handsome (though sadly, dead) Glorfindel airborne by an eagle also graced the thread. Amroth shared his intriguing self-portraits, one in which the features of his face were replaced by lips, and another involving repetition and division of the individual portraits by lines. Fuin Elda also presented her own series of animal photographs, including a line of eager meerkats, a beautiful fish, and two before-and-after pieces that depicted a chicken, and a vivid peacock. Marak RedIron Dakora continued to impress with his digital pieces featuring flames. Other creative contributions included Ilsalire Alburz and Arien Silverleaf's refreshing beach and ocean photos, as well some fruit, flowers, and a denim jacket.

    Finally in our EAA news, our Co-Curator Janowyn has decided to step down from her position in the EAA so that she may concentrate on her BWG duties. We would like to thank her for all of the work she has done along with the standard of excellence she has helped to set for our artists. Stepping up in her place is the talented Fuin Elda, who with our Co-Curator Ellitare will no doubt be successful in upholding and maintaining the quality of the EAA.

    By now you have had a taste of the wonderful art offered in the EAA threads by our talented Imladris and plaza artists. If you haven't stopped by our art threads before, we encourage you to drop by, whether to admire or to contribute. With all of the variety we have to offer, you'll be sure to find something you like, and maybe even something to inspire you!

    ~Arien Silverleaf



           After many hours and days of emptiness, the mighty halls stand open and full once more! With the coming of the new librarian, and the great efforts of Servy, the Library is coming to life again. Tomes and scrolls await for you to read through them, and also, many an empty shelf awaits to be filled! There are also rumours of something bigger, much much bigger. What and how it will take place still needs to be seen, but keep your eyes open, and be one of the first to notice!

    Stay tuned!

    ~Anarie Hecil-Quan


    Racing Team

           "You did what???" Nenuphar cried. "You decided to eat one of the racers on the other team?? There's no way I'll be able to explain this to the racing counsel. What am I going to do with you?" Her cheetah ignored her, seemingly fascinated by the butterflies dancing on the nearby flowers, but Nenuphar was not to be detered. "I know it's tough that we keep losing, but do you have to embarrass me like this?"

    No! It couldn't be true! Nenuphar sat bolt upright breathing quickly, as she realized that she had been having another nightmare. The racing team had been doing poorly as of late. They had done so promisingly in the race against Mordor. Almost twice as many points as the Mordorians, Beren Camlost's cheetah Meoi had tied for first place, and after his Mordorian co-winner, all of the next four racers to finish had been from Imladris. If only it could have continued that way!

    Only two races had remained in the IK races: their matches against the Isengard rats and Riddermark raccoons. The Riddermark race had been a home meet, which should have given the cheetahs an advantage, but they still lost. That race still made Nenuphar cringe; Tumbleweed had been a sub, and jumping in at the last moment hadn't helped any. Unless, of course, the moderator decided to give bonus points for going backwards....

    Isengard had been a close race, tense up to the very last moments. One of the Imladris runners – Rinerion with Lion – had even managed to pull off the best time, barely nudging out a rat as well as another fellow cheetah. Yet it hadn't quite been enough, and Isengard had received the official victory. At least all of the racers had ended up on the right side of the finish line that race. Somehow it was always more humiliating to lose because half the cheetahs had run the wrong direction.

    At least the cheetahs could still redeem themselves in the Derby and Race of Champions. The Race of Champions, that highly prestigious run for all those racers who had distinguished themselves by winning former races, was being held even now. Three Imladris racers (four, if you allowed for the fact that Lord Elrond had inexplicably chosen to retire his cheetah for an emu) had qualified for the RoC, and while from the rumors they weren't winning, at least they had made it. The Derby was really more of a free-for-all that could be entered by up to 10 competitors from each kingdom; it was a face-paced race that involved mass chaos. Imladris elves seemed to be doing respectably, if perhaps not winning. Only time would tell how the final competitions would turn out.



    Annals of Imladris

    Rivendell Happenings

           One day in Rivendell is worth one month in real life. What takes a week to create in reality, takes an hour to grow into fruition within the Elven Home of Imladris. Therefore, the task of writing a general Imladris Kingdom Update is much more daunting than it sounds. But I shall don my battle weary helmet and soldier on.

    In one month in Imladris, we have seen the opening and re-emerging of many new threads, including but not limited to; Poetry Team Announcements and Sign-Ups (which has reached the 8th round, to occur on 31st of July, to the 1st of August), a continuation of the Elves of Arda-both helping with research and writing the book, a place to view the beaty of our elves Beyond the Sea-Elven Portraits, and most recently at the time of writing, the opening of the Elven School of Imladris, which is currently looking for knowledgeable, dedicated members to become teachers.

    Here in the Last Homely Herald, Laebeth has left our Rivendell newspaper, leaving Keleos to find a suitable person to replacement. Luckily, Kel found exactly what she was looking for in Trellie. This month’s Homely Herald is Trellie’s first foray into the position of Co-Editor and I know I echo the thoughts of absolutely everybody when I say she is sure to do a wonderful job!

    Within the corridors of the Newbie Hall of Habbanan, many new faces have introduced to us and welcomed onto our lands, both elves and those from other kingdoms. As always, the oldbies and those in-between were there to answer questions, allay fears and clear any concerns for anyone!

    A view into the Elven Daily Life has continued, with the Misty Dell closing and all the Elves moving to the Bathing Pools for fun under the sun! Although these pools have not been open long, they are gaining more and more in popularity and are fast becoming the place to be seen!

    During the month of July, Imladris continued to grow, expand and develop day by day into a bigger and better place for all!

    ~ Arele


    Dryad's Song

    You came to my world spinning
    your loud and angry metallic
    blades that gleamed with malice
    under the sun, laughing as the spiraling teeth
    gnawed and cut into earth and tree-flesh.

    Thousands you casted upon once-living dirt,
    so that their dead corpses—though healthy
    to the core—were spread out side by side
    to rot. This was the testimony
    of your brutal, machine strength, against
    our ancient, raw power.

    You laughed to see us fall—your voice
    mixing with the pulsing cacophony
    of your machines to spawn marrow-chilling
    echoes in the wake of your slaughter.
    They mock us with their call: "Behold! Some
    pathetic creature has thought himself clever
    enough to wage a civil war upon his own home!"

    While your footsteps shake this earth,
    the blood of the fallen pours into the wind,
    the streams staining the rings of your nostrils,
    until the smell of sickness and destruction
    chokes the breath in your throat.

    And as the smaller animals of this world run from you
    to the places you have not yet destroyed,
    all that is good and pure is uprooted,
    and I stand by and watch my brothers and sisters'
    lifeless forms pile upon another with no proper burial.

    All that I may do is place my bowed head
    upon their empty frames, and begin
    the long mourning for the End that is to come.

    ~ Arien Silverleaf


    Feature Articles

           It was mind wracking as she approached the room. What sat, or stood within it was both forbidding. yet in a strange way, welcoming at the same time. She could not help but hold her breath in her throat, as if afraid that she was alert whatever was within, although she was aware that it was known.

    She gasped, hand on the door knob, turning it ever so quietly she that even her keen elven ears could not catch the sound. But there must be one better, since she heard her name...

    For more to happen, watch this space."



    Oldie Perspective

           March 07, 2002. Just another ordinary day. Or was it? There was nothing to do, it was a miserable day and I was bored, bored, bored.

    Perhaps I should’ve remembered that feeling of boredom a little better. Because on this day, it was fated that I was never to feel that way again.

    What Lord of the Rings Character are you? Should you marry Frodo or Sam? How totally hot is Viggo Mortensen? Quizzes and surveys. Things I could fill out, to show off my ‘connection’ to Lord of the Rings.

    Well, okay so maybe the last one wasn’t a quiz, but made up of my own volition….

    Like many other members, I was taken to Bilbo’s Eleventy-One Question Quiz (which embarrassingly, I’m still to complete!) I got to about the fourth level, when my eyes began to wander. “Oh, what’s this down here?” I thought, moving my mouse to the bottom of the page. A Fanatics Plaza? What, you mean people are that nuts about Lord of the Rings that they have to have their own Plaza? Come on! I tried to talk myself out of it, swearing I was ‘normal’ and didn’t really like Lord of the Rings that much. I mean, sure the movie was good and the books were great but enough to join a Plaza created specifically for the purpose of people being able to write about how much they loved it?

    Oh how wrong I was.

    You see, it took me all of three seconds to realise hang on, that’s me! I’m one of those people! I should be there! So I clicked on the link, highly expecting a few words about how hot Orlando Bloom is and how much fRoDo RoCkZ!!

    Perhaps March 07, 2002 was the day I was just meant to constantly be proved wrong.

    For that was what happened. A WHOLE PAGE of different Lord of the Rings Forums greeted me, twinkling evilly, just sucking me in.

    March 07 was also the day I was apparently meant to discover how weak I was. With one fateful click into Rivendell, I discovered my home was not meant to be made of bricks and mortar, but of internet connections, and billions of wires and information thrown all over the globe and the warmth, care and pure fellowship of thousands of others like me. Finally. I was home.

    Everyday I would rush to the computer and return to the Plaza, desperate to see what I had missed in the few hours I wasn’t actually on. Perhaps a new place had been created? Oh! So that’s who the knew Minas Tirith Ruler is? I would greedily gobble everything up, searching, posting, never spamming (hey! I’m a good girl!), becoming more and more engrossed in the World of the Plaza.

    In my dreaded Real Life which I still had to face, things were unfortunately not going as well for me as they were on the Plaza. I found myself in rather regrettable situations, which eventually led to my being placed on life support. My Real Life sister struggled with this, until she remembered how much I had and was getting from a little place called the Lord of the Rings Fanatics Plaza. She signed on, told a few close friends about my condition and was amazed and deeply touched by the outpouring of love that was shown to me and to her. Perhaps the thing that touched her the most was the prayer circle that was created for me on the day life-support was to be turned off. To this day, both she and I credit my full recovery to the global love and support of those on the Plaza, and everyday I thank Eru that I found this place, because who knows what would have happened if you all weren’t in my life?

    After this time, I found that I needed to stand on my own two feet. I needed to try surviving in the real world, without falling back on the Plaza. On one of the worst days of my life, I signed off the Plaza, with no idea whether or not I would sign in again. Sometime passed, and I managed this ‘living’ bit day by day.

    One day, a thought came to me. The Plaza. I put the thought aside, attempting to ignore it. But it was not to be so. Clearly, even after all this time the bug of the Plaza had gotten under my skin and would not, no could not be shaken as easily as the first time.

    I was back. Even though so much had changed, both on the Plaza and in my real life I knew once again…

    I was home.

    ~ Arele


    Homely Houses

           Nestled away in Imladris is a building called the Tingdain, it is home to some of the members of the Forge of Imladris. It’s a nice house, three stories high, the first once housed a Pub, which has become inactive and shut down. The second story a large room of records, full of old parchment and lists detailing many of the past orders and items that have been made as well as members, old and new. And most importantly a Glossary of Forge terms, though it sits on a table, mainly in loose sheets of paper waiting to be finished so that it might be bound. Though there are a few pages that are completed. The third story, which is off limits to all others save the workers, is a bed room where workers may if they so wish sleep if they work late into the night or just want to stay close to their work, though generally they go unused.

    On the main floor there is a backroom for the Forge itself. It is here that members discuss important matters Who will take which apprentice, what items who is going to do and of course further discussing of how to make an item if the customer doesn’t feel comfortable discussing it in the forge, which is quite understandable since the back room is a good deal cooler then the Forge. In all it's a nice house, though not overly active.

    ~ Fuin Elda



           They were not less worthy even if rain fell from the heavens, bringing sprays of water to the valley. Once again, the time had come to honour those who were the pride of the valley, and the Elves gladdened the rain and mist with songs and spriteliness, such that the heavens could not bear to continue.

    Three once again stood before them: Arien Silverleaf as the Lady Elwing, INwe Lynthian as Elrohir, and Iluvefailisse as Gildor Inglorion, and though young, she stood, proud and noble like the form she took, and the ones who came before her.

    Eglerio hyn! Praise them with great praise!

    ~ Keleos Nenharma


    Tidings from Abroad


           Fangorn has always been known as one of the smaller Kingdoms. However after the official burn out and recreation of the Kingdom the Kingdom has been growing in strength and numbers. After the official 1500 bash, we've found our numbers ever increasing. The most recent arrivals have of course made a stir – Turin, Oin, Opal, Mod and Lariel established members from other Kingdoms have joined the throng of new comers to Fangorn and we expect and know that they will be valuable members in our home as well. Apart from the new-comers, what else has been happening in the shady forest of Fangorn?

    New activities are keeping the ents busy and the latest arrivals have made a splash in the murky waters of Fangorn. Instead of having the time-over-time used tradition of a Kingdom Pub, Fangorn had to be different and Region started Fangorn's official Tavern. It's called the Tavern of Orofarnë's Three Sequoia's and it has many positions opened for those people who would like to join in this unique experience. For those of you who are more book lovers then ale lovers, we've got the perfect spot for you. Bookwyrms: The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe is a book club open to all Kingdoms. As the title suggests, we're currently in the middle of discussing the well loved Narnia series.

    Whilst these are only two of the newest activities we have a whole bushel more and we await for you all to come and to take part. However, what would a Kingdom piece be without a little bit of gossip? It's rumored that Lanthy and Thom will be missing for a few days and already to my ears have come the shocking news that a group of ents want to take over the Kingdom. Will they succeed? Who knows but I know that as resident evil Black Númenórean of Fangorn I will do everything in my power to stop them. For only I can and my never-ending and all power army of newbies will take over this forest.

    One day… oh yes, one day…

    ~ Star Flower



           As the festival of the Five draws to an end, Saruman is performing the closing ceremonies and is distributing awards (that is to say points… not plastic statues) to both the winners and the judges!

    If you finally get to Isengard, tired, weary, and worn out, make sure you get to Isengard's Retreat and Day Spa and spend a full relaxing experience under the great care of Spa managers, Nethron and Saydet. You could also take the Day of Relaxation package and choose any three treatments you want, and don't forget the 25% discount on any item from the Spa Gift in the Old Angren Street Market, which I am glad to inform you is back!

    There's certainly no place like the Orthanc Library for lore and fun, yet in silence for Eruvérdë and Ultchuk are always watching for troublemakers! And I think that no one wants to be labeled official mayhem generator, do they?!...

    The currently running RPG is Dwimorberg's shadow and "The Village" game running also, and it's gotten to Northrong I. The Round Table of Orthanc is still welcoming all official requests. Inter-kingdom competitions are running like a charm: There is practice debate going between the Shire and Isengard, The Drill Team captains are recruiting new members and preparing for the new Drill Team Competitions season; and of course, the IK races are still operating wonderfully.

    For the rest, The 6th floor on the Orthanc tower is now ready to welcome all foreign visitors, be they Elves, Men, Dwarves, Ents or even Mordorian Minions, and for reasonable prices… but watch the furniture, it's still brand new you know! The Isengard thief hunt is still going on, while Gandalf is still trapped on top of Orthanc tower, and Saruman's staircase just keeps getting tougher (When he said he wasn't joking, nobody would believe him…!)

    So come to Isengard: Laugh, learn, relax and taste the dazzling Istari hospitality… lavishly!!

    ~ O Illuvatar



           Khazad-dûm is now fully operational! All the activities have been reopened and every Clan is working and accepting new members again. However, there have been many changes in thread ownership. To give only three examples, the 'Thief Hunt' has returned to TMM, the 'Realms of Khazad-dûm' are now under management of Durgil, and 'The Dwarven Express' was turned over to Tornihyanda, the former assistant.

    The system to find the threads was also renewed. Before, it was used a drop down menu in the top of the Khazad-dûm's main page. However, due to the problems that the coding brought the Rulers, they've decided to close it down and open a thread with all the links, turning the update much easier and faster and at the same time, and continuing to allow people to look for the thread they want.

    As agreed in June, each Clan must now organize a RPG that will last for a month. The first to start were the Morogs. "Mithril Strike!!" has as main theme an expedition to the deep mines of Khazad-dûm, where the brave miners of the Morogs lead all the other Dwarves in an adventure, seeking for the legendary and precious mithril. However, to conquer the largest mithril vein in the history of Khazad-dûm, the Dwarves will have to work hard and overtake many troubles and problems.

    Besides the Clan RPGs, there is a new idea that started to work few days ago, nearly the end of July. Azrak has created the 'Race to Erebor', a new game where everyone can participate. The idea is to recreate the legendary adventure of Bilbo Baggins and the Dwarves. From the entire company, only Thorin and Bilbo will remain. The empty spaces will be filled by the people who make the sign up in the thread. When the game starts, each contester has to answer to question and role play their actions to move to a new place. There will be twelve spots to be visited, from the Bag End in the Shire till the finally destiny, Erebor. The first to reach the Lonely Mountain will win the game.

    Khazad-dûm also signed up for the Arda Cup and was in the first group, along with two other Kingdoms, Rivendell and Minas Tirith. Despite the wonderful beginning against Rivendell, with two victories, the Khazad-dûm turned to be the weakest team in the group, being placed in the third place and consequently, fight in League 2. Khazad-dûm has fought with Tornihyanda, TMM, Norin and Marak for the battles between warriors above and level 8 and for the category under level 8, three Dwarves have decided to help: Tugnus, Azrak and Treebeard19. The two Rulers of Khazad-dûm, Alce and Dain, are the captains of the team. Now, all of them will have to defend their honour in more two games; first against the Shire and then against Fangorn.

    After so much discussion, it was decided that Khazad-dûm would have two Dwarves of the Month. The members, by voting, have made a draw between Opal Arkenstone (now a citizen of Minas Tirith) and Alameda Larkeye. As no one has appeared to break the tie, the Rulers have decided to tribute both with the honourable title. The voting thread for July is already opened and everything points that TMM will be declared once again the Dwarf of the Month, with an advantage of eight votes so far.

    So, next time you pass near the gates of Khazad-dûm, don't forget to enter because we all will be more than happy to receive your visit! See you soon!

    ~ Tornihyanda




           Lothlorien is often known for the peace and tranquility that characterize our land, but certain events lately have made some of us reconsider this. While the majority of the Galadhrim were going about their business in the Golden Wood, an argument developed between our esteemed rulers, Lady Galadriel and Lord Celeborn. Apparently they could not decide which of the two was mightier. Both, of course, are powerful and have qualities that would make them a match for almost anyone, but for each other? Their method of creative problem-solving involved weapons and the battle arena, where they went about beating each other senseless, with most of Lorien's population looking on. The fight was close, and until the last few hits one could not be sure who would win. But… the win did eventually go to Lord Celeborn, with a masterful last stroke. Both received wounds and were immediately taken to the Healing Houses of Lothlorien, a suitable reminder that there may be better ways to solve problems.

    In other news, Lothlorien has again seen the number of new elves increasing, and many have been delighted to see these new elves become active kingdom members. Our army, the Guard, has also went through recent changes. Our general Brillonnien felt the demands of running an army (and a kingdom!) weigh down on her and decided that it was time to choose a co-general. And so Nemroth was promoted, leaving a vacant warden position, which was filled by Kalandria De Mein. Both are sure to do well and make their kingdom proud.

    Our inter-kingdom racing team, the Foxes, came out on top of the league this season, and because of this were allowed to host the Race of Champions. This is still going on as of now, and all racers are giving a marvelous performance. Racers from Lorien are also participating in the IK Derby in Isengard. The maze in Lorien, a favorite for members of other kingdoms to visit, has opened a contest for people to submit new challenges and new designs for a banner. The contest is only open to Galadhrim, but everyone is welcome to go see what has been submitted! As always, all of our regular threads are open for anyone who wants to visit. We do so enjoy visits from our elven kin in Imladris!

    ~ Dincairwen Almarea



           Westu Hal! Suilad mellyn nin. What is it about the land of the Horse Lords that make it so unique from month to month? Well I've asked myself that question many a time. And you know, this is what I've found out. Not only do they have such a tight nit family, with everyone knowing everyone else, the bonds of some go onto their children, whom then spread it all around within the Mark. Hence forth, it comes right back around to the new riders that join.

    Do you feel like a journey? Maybe catch your Rider friend at her or his home? The Home of The Mark would then be the place to go, or even drop them a line in the post office. 'Tis always good to write letters, especially when you get one back, right? While perusing the streets of Edoras this month, it was made clear something exciting was going on. Ah summer. The summer festivals were in full swing, there is a Joust, an Obstacle course, a Rotten Vegetable Throw, and a Fox chase to see how good you are at a hunt.

    But that's not all the activities. There is a Feast right now, with such amazing smelling foods. 'Twas hard staying out of there. Most of these are open to all races. Just ask the rider as you go in, they'll be glad to help. This month also celebrated one of our very own Ithilvalan breaking that ten thousand mark. What an ever outstanding accomplishment!

    Our Rider of the Month this month was Cira Twiggens who is seen a lot all over middle earth. The Newbie of the Month, Treolias, has promised to be one heck of a poet. One thing I did happen to overhear though, something going on in the Throne Room that some say, just didn't settle well. Perhaps that will be told in next month's issue, but for now, with what I have seen in the Throne Room, all should be well in Middle Earth. The IK races are still underway, with the Riddermark winning their final round, and we're all hoping all Kingdoms do well in the all out Derby going on. Make sure you wish your friends good luck. While all the riders were so busy getting all this ready, the Riddermarket sure is staying busy as well. If you need anything, from soap to a saddle to candles to food to make a meal, come, stop by.

    Our SCR winners this month were Treolias, Aodh and Ariziuh. Congrats to you all. Well, that's about it for this month. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed my insight of the land of Rohan. This is Goldmoon Dunami, may the sun always shine for you.

    ~ Goldmoon Dunami



           It has been a while, I'm sure, since you've last heard about the dealings of your neighbors from Mordor. There's a reason for that, as there is a reason for everything - we have all been too lazy to expound to you the wealth of activities taking place here in the dark lands that have kept us busy from boasting to you our wealth of accomplishments.

    But now I have kindly taken time from my schedule to let you know what's been going on in the land you really should not go to unless you're prepared to meet your demise. There's really too much to going on for me to cover completely - either that or I'm too out of it to know what all needs to be covered - but that's not the reason I'm sure.

    A new pub has opened in the dark clefts of Mordor and holds the promise of having an enjoyable time - or ar least an eventful time. We shall see. It all depends on how touchy some people are, what moods they are in, who all comes, and how stupid you elves act. Of course, that's nothing against you in general. We just all know how...brainless you all can be. But that's perfectly alright. That should provide some entertainment for us all at least. So I'd highly recommend going there if the urge of some danger is pressing upon you.

    The Arda Cup has begun, and thus those who have signed up have begun to go at each other in their various rounds. I don't really get what it is, but since it has to do with fighting and bloodshed, I'm sure we from Mordor will have the superior hand.

    The Inter Kingdom competitions has kept some of our lore masters, and aspiring amateurs busy. The 4th season of Sr. Drill has just ended and I'm sure we all are breathlessly holding our breaths for the new one to be up and running. (Don't ask me why, but I'm sure we are) While we wait for it, though, Sr. Drillers are having a fun time combing their forces and battleing each other in the Buttercup competitions. Jr. Drill is still going full blast, though, and we're slowly but surely doing what we do best. Lava snake racing? That's just a blast for those who enjoy it and so be on your guard as you come into battle with Mordor.

    The Army is busy away doing whatever theyr'e doing. It's not like I would know, since I'm not part of it....though, I'm sure I do know something, because if I didn't you would probably consider me ill-informed and thus look down on me...and we couldn't have that, could we? So they're obviously up to something, but I'm not telling you what.

    The Towers of No Return is another place that might be of interest to you all. It's always full of action and bloodshed. Just the things you all are dying to see, I know. Feel free to enter - at your own risk, of course. If coming, though, please remember to finish any business you might have with others, for, there's no certainty if any return, is there?

    Although we from Mordor try our best to make sure everyone realizes how cruel and nasty we are and understand the full potential of our wickedness, we are not below showing some attention and yes, honor, to shose amongst us who have done more than their lazyness usually led them. So, those minions are listed for you to see and envy:
    Nessila recevied Shelob
    Aure got Thuringwethil
    Turin was Ancalagon
    Nyelli/Leaf became Khamul

    And with that I conclude. If you were hoping for more details and in depthness on Mordor and the dealings, well tough. What do you take me for? A work-a-holic? I should hope not. So there. Go about your kingdom being your usual fooey self and if you are terribly anxious for some fun and excitement and overwhelemed with envy and curiousity about what exactly we are doing in Mordor, I'd highly suggest you have a look for youself and stop making me do all the dirty work for you.

    ~ Nessila



    Pennas Laiquendi

    ~ Fuin Elda


    Of Quenya Consonants

           After vowels and diphtongs, the time has come for learning about consonants. This lesson will be split into two parts. Quenya consonants of the Third Age are (altough you should not take this list for granted, for some have other opinion): c (= k), d, f, g, gw, h, hy, hw, l, ly, m, n, nw, ny, p, qu, r, ry, s, t, ty, v, y and w. I will concentrate on those who need explaining, others will be left out, 'because they are of the same pronouncing as in English.

    C – is in all places pronounced as k, not s. That means you won't read word Calacirya as Salasirya, but Kalakirya. (Tolkien himself often used K in his writing to spell C.)

    Hw, hy, hl, hr – these groups are unitary sounds written as digraphs, for letter H in them must not be pronounced separately from other letter.

    Hl, hr – in the past, these were unvoiced letters l and r (that is no vibration in vocal chords). But in Third Age, they are to be pronounced as normal l and r, though that h before them survived in writing. Example: ''hríve'' = winter.

    Hw – matches English ''wh'' in dialects where people distinct it from normal w. It is a sound, weaker of that when you blow the candle. Tolkien provided us with few examples, making it quite rare in Quenya language. Example: ''hwesta''= breeze, puff of air, breath (it is also a verb: hwesta ~ "to puff'')

    Hy – this sound may occur in English, and is a somewhat weaker sound of that seen in words ''hew'' or ''huge''. But better way of explaining this sound is to use German ''ich-sound'' (Ich-Laut, 'ich'' means ''I'' in English) and you should not pronounced this ''ch'' in ''ich'' as ''sh''. Tolkien did explain that this hy has influence on y as hw has on w. Except for one example, this sound is found mostly at the beginning of words. Example: ''Hyarmen''= south.

    H – when not in groups hw, hy, hl, hr; this letter must be pronounced separately, meaning it is independent sound. In original form, it was much stronger that English one (for example, as in word ''high'') In Elder days, when Feanor still walked among elves, it was pronounced like ''ch'' in german ''ach'', Scottish ''loch'' or Cyrillic X. Before a vowel, at the beginning of a word, h must be pronounced as English h. When it comes in the middle of them, letter h must be pronounced as x. Example'' aha''=wrath.* Also this must occur when h is in front of letter t. Example: ''ohta'' =war**

    *- there is one late source form Tolkien where he stated that in "in Quenya and Telerin medial [x] eventually became h also in most cases" (VT41:9). That means that given example of the word ''aha'' may be sounded as English ''breath-h'' as in ''high''.

    ** - but second example of a group ht as in given word ''ohta'' must probably always be pronounced as xt.

    Also concerning h, before t, in original form was pronounced x in all places. And it stayed that way when it comes to vowels a, o, u. But this x went underchange before vowels e and i.

    So this sound of x turned into somewhat similar ''Ich sound'' and it should be pronounced as sound hy. Example: ''ehte''= spear.

    Next time we will do the second part. Take care!

    ~Numellote Seregon



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