Parth Nelui ~ Volume III
Pennas Cermië ~ July Issue

Dedicated with love and gratitude to Tinw filigod for her dedication and hard work to both The Last Homely Herald and now all of Imladris.

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To the Undying Lands

       It was in the end of the third age, closer to the beginning of the fourth, when I rode to Imladris for the last time. Very little of its old beauty remained and sadness covered it all. The Elves were leaving, many had already done so, and the city was breathing its last moments of life.

       There was silence, a strange silence, at the old army headquarters the day I passed through the entrance's big gates. I was coming back to visit, longing to see the very few elves still remaining and hear the last news, yet silence was all I found. Emptiness cannot be described -- Is it a dark well? Full of shadows? Maybe, for that is how the place looked, that is how the night welcomed me when I felt it. Something was different, something was over... a golden age had just faded and the time of men was being born through the ruins of what once was and wouldn't be anymore.

       Can walls talk? Was it their voices I heard whispering, singing songs of old wars and adventures, of treasures found and enemies killed by a sword? Or maybe just my memories playing tricks, bringing old faces, old voices, and lost friends back to life in the dying lands for at least some few seconds?

       Legends -- they survive in memories as ghosts. They are stories told to new generations about heroes that never die, no matter what. They are stories of strong and brave generals with icy tempers and warm hearts. I felt a cold shiver down my spine. It was the wind, speaking a name, carrying an eternal voice through the lands conquered and protected from darkness with just a sword in hand.

       I walked into the pub and the place was empty. None of the faces I was longing to meet were there. Had I waited too long? Had they all sailed? I called their names as I walked through the room, and in the back, an orange light caught my sight, candles, a fireplace and a few elves, sitting around a table, telling stories of old. The remnant of an army I had called home. New faces, old faces, my friends, some of them... and I heard what they were saying as I walked in silence near them. I sat down next to a young elf who was listening in awe. It was a story of a mighty general, an elf who once lead the most powerful army of all, who would not hesitate jumping on a spider to save another soldier. They were talking of Laebeth -- the one who was sent back by the gods after fighting a balrog, a legend to most.

       "This can not be true; this is just a tale a young elf said, so I smiled and looking at him, I placed an old dagger on the table in front of his eyes.

       "She gave me that dagger, so many years ago I have lost the count." I said "I watched her fight entire armies of the Dark Lord, a thousand times, and not even once running away to hide. She was the first to charge always, and the last one leaving the battle field, after making sure all soldiers were safe and bodies buried. Never left anyone behind, never betrayed our trust. She was our hero, and founder of this army still refusing to die."

       "You mean she is dead? You mean she fell?" the elf asked, and at the question I laughed.

       "Fell? That is not a word I would use for her. To the west she sailed, with her husband, not long ago. She is not fading in these lands as we are anymore. Legends never die... the General never dies..." I whispered as my own words from the past came to my memory.

       "I imagine those elves are still there. Some will sail, others will fade with the lands. I do not know... but that was the last time I was there before sailing. There isn't much to tell."

       I paused and looked at her, saw her pride that would never die, felt the strength and bravery that shaped her soul. I smiled at seeing her eyes trembling. I knew her heart was still on the other side of the ocean, in the dying lands, at the ruins of an army headquarters.

       "It will never die," I told her. "Your legend will never die, Laebeth."



Guilds and Groups

Army Report

       The month of June has been a busy month for some. Some have taken the chance to relax in the new beginning of summer. For those who took some time off or are looking for an overview of last months activities, look no more, this is it!

       First of all our congratulations go out to the soldiers who passed their Regimental Training. Numellote, Eledelas, Eliendriel, Eragorn and Galen, we are looking forward to seeing you in action again in the next battles to be fought. You did a great job that many will take as an example. And our congratulations go to our new Summer Squires leading the Othrim too, Cu and Nula. Good luck on your important task.

       This month was a busy one for the leaders who reformed the Basic Training program. The program has been totally reformed to make it more accurate and to prepare our new recruits better for the job. This was a huge task because the previous program had to be shut down in the middle of the training of some new soldiers and built up from the ground. The final outcome was great and its first training program started. Ellenan and Eliendriel are leading it. Thanks to all the hardworking elves who made this possible.

       The activities that started in June are still ongoing. The soldiers who are trying to return to Imladris from the surroundings of Mirkwood are still encountering dangerous obstacles. In Captives of Storm they are slaying minions and other foul creatures to get back to their loved ones at home.

       And then there is the Army Inspection . The troops are parading and their weapons and armour are being inspected for shininess and strength. Lets hope everything is in order and strong enough to withstand any attack or needy defense.

       We are looking forward to the next month, full of new activities and prove that our Host is a great force with great soldiers.


Army Regimental Training News

       Recently Nuladiel and Cumehtar were appointed to the rank of Summer Squires for the Othrim Regiment. This gives them officer responsibilities so that they may help out the leaders during the summer months, and also that they may gain the knowledge and experience they need to become officers in the Army. They both readily accepted their appointments and were given as their first task, the responsibility of training their respective units. Nuladiel will train the swords unit, and Cu will train the bows. This will take place on the Training Grounds, and is open to soldiers who have at least the rank of Othor and have completed Basic Training. If one is interested in taking these classes, they should sign up in the appropriate thread in the Training Area. Both Nula and Cu are excited about their new positions, and look forward to assisting soldiers in their training courses. Classes start soon and everyone is encouraged to participate.

~ Nuladiel


Gwaith i-Nestoer

Gwaith i-Nestoer has been quiet recently, leaving everyone with the question: "What are those Healers up to?" To rid the readers of their misery, I have come to report on the activities going on.

       This past month has been very busy with lots of changes and new faces at Gwaith i-Nestoer.

       We are sad to announce that our beloved Minestor and founder of Gwaith i-Nestoer, Aleandra, has retired and our dedicated Arwil has taken up the responsibility of leading Gwaith i-Nestoer. Isilindil has been promoted to Tanestor.

       One of the first noticable changes since the change of power has been made to the ranking system. Our Minestor has invited the Nestoer, who have proven their mastery of healing, to become Master Healers and to join the House. This month we have welcomed Avi, Ness and Menel in the circle of Master Healers. Congratulations to all of them! They have all shown great dedication and skill to Gwaith i-Nestoer.

       Further changes and improvements to Gwaith i-Nestoer can be expected from our Minestor and Tanestor. And there is a rumour of a Research Room opening soon. Wait and see.....

       And at Adab Nestad, Gala has started working as a Taidor, helping our healers wherever she can. Welcome to Adab Nestad, Gala!

       It has been rather quiet at the beginning of the month, with only the eager students cluttering up the halls of the Healing House. Arwil used this quiet time to start a new activity: The Tanestor's Challenge. This involved our Healers practicing their healing skills on each other, as one group posed as patients and the other group as healers. Poor Îdhwen (Ancalima) suffered an allergic reaction to bees, charming Lord Erestor (Isilindil) needed stitching after his battle with Eithil, and people-shy Aikanáto, Aikári's brother, also needed his battle wounds patched up again.

       But the peaceful and, perhaps for some of us, boring, time passed quickly and Adab Nestad has become, once more, very busy, as patients keep coming from all corners of Middle Earth. It seems that word has spread about the great skills of the Healers of Imladris. And Adab Nestad is open to all who are in need of their healing skills.

       Another Beginners Class, the fourth already, has recently finished. The class was, once again, a great success as the eager participation of the keen students showed. The teachers were Menel and Isilindil and so far two students have passed the test and become Aphadrim Nestad. Congratulations to Fuin Elda and Numellote!

       Congratulations also to the following healers, who have passed the more difficult and advanced Nestor Test: Avi, Isilindil, Ancalima, Aikári, Menel, Ness and Eledelas.

       But not only in Imladris have our Healers been kept busy. Three healers, Menel, Aikári and Isilindil, have joined a party of warriors on the Troll Hunt. And the Host of Imladris has also requested the presence of our Healers on their return journey from securing the Old Ford.

       Bangad Imladris, the Market, has opened again. And our Master Healers, Ness and Menel, have opened a Healers' Stall, where they are selling packets of healing herbs, healing plants, first aid kits and other healing items.

       As you can see, there is a lot going on and even more planned at Gwaith i-Nestoer. If you would like to join us, the next Healing Class will start next month (August). Hope to see you there!

~ Isilindil


Govannas in Glirdain

       The Bard and Writer's Guild sponsored an activity recently titled “Whatever happened to the Fox ... or Rosencrantz and Guildenstern meets Tolkien” which explored the unwritten in Tolkien, particularly from the less traditional viewpoints. Writers were free to write in whatever form they wished, but to tell a bit of the tale from a new perspective. We had some amazing entries and it was a tough decision for the judges, but finally winners were decided and you can read all the entries here and see the prize presentation done by the Guild leaders and Master Erestor. The winners were:

Janowyn ~ 1st place ~ 15 points
Ailaya ~ 2nd place ~ 10 points
Mireya ~ 3rd place ~ 5 points
Feanaro Kenobi ~ Honorable Mention

       This is the first in a series of ongoing events that the B&W Guild will be sponsoring to have fun with Tolkien. The Govannas in Glirdain is undergoing massive renovations at the moment, but our doors are still open for all to come and share the beauty of Tolkien's world. We had some lovely bardic offerings in our main guild hall on our suggested topic "Great Deeds". You can join us there for sharing or just listening and enjoying the talents of the bards.

       We are currently celebrating the handfasting and feast of the Adar Govannas and the Aralirdan in Nost Aranor. And very soon there will be some joint projects between the Guild, the Library and the Herald as well as some future ideas for working closely with other organizations in Imladris. As soon as our Senior Bard Lien returns, we will be launching our traveling bards group once again. There are exciting things on the horizon, so join us and share your bardic talents with the entire valley or come and let us help you shape your work into something amazing.




       Serveanthesia and I have had an interesting month. After a series of incidents, in which readers came into the library but could not find what they wanted to read, we set out to investigate the shelves closely. To our horror we found evidence of Goblin pawprints, in the dust upon some of the more distant floors, and upon the very spines of some of our most valued tomes. And there were gaps upon the shelves too. We traced the pawprints into the deepest levels of the library, and found that the Goblins had cunningly availed themselves of L-Space, that mysterious region whereby a bold traveller may pass from one library to any other, in any world or time. And so our tomes were lost.

       Servy and I polished up our swords and filled out quivers with arrows. Creeping softly to where we could keep watch over that dark region where L-Space manifests itself, we were rewarded with the sight of a score of Goblins, small beasts of the Misty Mountains, venturing into our stacks! They did not get far. None returned through that space, and I daresay none will attempt to pass through it for a very long time to come. Fortunately the boiler that warms the library in winter was near at hand, and so we had no trouble disposing of the bodies. Our apologies for the somewhat noxious smoke that issued from the chimney that day.

       Now, thanks to the archiving skills of Galen Aranor and much support from our Rulers, we have already restored some works to the shelves, and more will follow soon. All who have contributed works but have not seen them upon the shelves, take heart -- they will be there very soon! (With apologies to Terry Pratchett!)




Tingdain ~ The Forge of Imladris

       The Elves of Imladris with their Noldorin heritage have always been expert smiths. Amongst their great feats can be mentioned Narsil reforged, the famous sword which shone with the light of the Sun and the Moon. The greatest performers of these crafts are gathered in the Tingdain, guild of the smiths, and they are ever seeking for new ways to improve their skills and as everything else in Middle-earth, they are subject to change.

       Amongst the most important news should be mentioned the purchase of a house which will allow the smiths to better coordinate and organise their efforts to forge items for the inhabitants of the valley. Another way of doing this is through cooperation and connections have been ensured with the Elves of Lothlórien and their forges to guarantee improvement in the future.

       A last mention should be made of Anarie, who has proven her skills in the art of forging, and have been rewarded with a promotion to the rank of smith. With her and the other improvements in the Guild, any visitor is certain to find the best equipment created in the furnaces of Imladris.



Racing Team

       Arda is on the cusp of another exciting racing season, and the Imladris Cheetahs are busy getting into tip-top form! Since some racers got a bit flabby in the off-season, the Cheetahs held a practice race this week. The animals enjoyed stretching their furry legs and reluctantly allowed their elves to tag along.

       As might be expected in the first race, some competitors looked a little rough around the edges. But, all in all, the team showed a lot of promise. Coming in first, with a score of 22, was Rinerion and Lion! A very good start to the season, indeed! But can he repeat his performance in the first race of the regular season? The only way to find out is to attend the race and cheer on your Cheetahs in person! Coming up first on the Cheetahs' schedule are the Khazad-Dûm Badgers, who are always worthy opponents, but Imladris will have the home-stadium advantage, so it should prove to be an exciting race!

       Many of last season's racers have returned, but the team was also happy to see some new faces on the track for the pre-season race. Even with one practice gone, it is not too late to join the team, though. Now that the Racing Booth has reopened for business, any elves interested in joining the team can come on down and register their cheetah!

       See you on the track!



Beauty of Rivendell

The green coloured trees,
Evergreen in summer,
Near the falling waterfall
that glitters in the sun.

Soon darkness falls,
Figures are seen
In the dim light of lanterns,
Hanging on the trees.
Sweet songs of nature
reaching everyone.

Beauty of Rivendell:
different, but equal
In both nights and days,
Taken care of the elves



Annals of Imladris

Ascension of Tinw

       The morning dawned, bright and welcoming. It would be a good day for gardening, painting, and battling. Why, it would even be a good day for unexpected announcements...

       Every ear was open and attentive as Laebeth made her announcement. She would be stepping down as the Lord Elrond, yet stepping up as Yavanna. Despite the well wishes and tears, speculations began to form in peoples minds. Who would now wear the Eyebrows of Doom? Gossip spread like wild fire out of control. The Rumour Mill went into overdrive. Who?

       After much nail biting, another announcement was made. This time, however, it was expected. Cheers went up and people surged forward to welcome Tinw into the rank of Elrond.

       About her ascension, Tinw was heard saying this:

"Imladris has grown and matured so much, since I began on the plaza. I came here as an ‘old newbie’ -- one who had a lot of experience in other communities of this kind. I saw SO much potential that I created a persona who would go around shining-eyed saying, ‘wow, Rivendell and Elves are so wonderful! This is what you are!’ meaning ‘this is what you COULD be.’ And to my delight I've seen many of my hopes realized -- great roleplaying games, places to ‘live in Imladris’, places to explore writing and art and poetry, healing and smithcraft and some of the things that the Elves really do. The wars and battles. Elven games. Laughter and fun. So many different ways to experience Middle-earth. I really feel like we're all weaving this many-stranded dream together... or that Imladris is a harp with all these different strings, and now I get to help Tara make sure we hear ALL those different voices. It's a humbling and precious responsibility."

~ Emyla


Scavenger Hunt

       I am sure you know Emyla and I have partnered up to create a scavenger hunt; The Scavenger Hunt of Silver Shadows. As you can tell, it is a scavenger hunt. The purpose, like all scavenger hunts, is to find clues that will direct you to your goal; whether it be a person, place or thing. Clues can be hidden all over. Some will be easy to find, some will be hard to find, but they must be found some way or another.

       However, there are a few things I should mention for mine and Emyla's scavenger hunt. As I said, clues need to be found and they can be anywhere. They can be in any yard or chamber and along any path anywhere except in the houses. There is another catch, on top of having to find the clues, they will be made invisible to the casually scanning eye, just to make it even tougher (and possibly annoying by the time you reach the last clue).

       Now that you know about the clues, I will mention a couple other need-to-knows. Once the sign-up deadline has come, we will leave a list of who the pairs are. The pairs though, will be made of one new to Imladris and one veteran. If it is needed, we will have trios; it all depends on how many of the newly acquired and veterans we have. The day after the deadline, the scavenger hunt will begin with the first clue being posted somewhere. Working through a messenger service or dove-mail, you will have to work with your partner(s) to find the clues and then try to find what they are directing you to. That means you older members will have to explain to the new ones just how to use the archives and other searching methods.

       Once you think your team has the answer, you send your answer to the dove-mail given in the parchment that will be posted. The first three teams to get the right answer win (and of course, receive tribute.) Anyone who posts the answer will not be counted as a winner, so remember that.

       Sadly, it is only for Imladris elves, but possibly one day there might be a plaza wide scavenger hunt...we will just have to wait and see.

       One more thing, there will be more scavenger hunts to come, so if you missed out on this one, be patient and ever-watchful for the next. Have fun!

~ Daesil


The Stables above the Bruinen

       As I strolled down to the stables by the banks of the Bruinen on one warm summer afternoon I saw that with the coming of summer and warm weather many people had gathered there. In winter people came there only on business. They arrived, took care of the horses and left quickly for the warmth of the House of Elrond or rode off away from the valley.

       But with warm weather many came there just to relax, to look at the horses or in search of good company. One could also notice visitors from such distant lands as Rohan, Gondor, Isengard and the Shire often Lord Glorfindel would come there as well to look after his horse Asfaloth.

       Many songs were heard around the stables of nature, of love, of war-glory and of history of Arda as well as the sound of harps and flutes. Near the stables young horses were trained on the fields, both for their owners and for the Host of Imladris. Some elves came to go hunting, or riding into the mountains and they did, after a little pause on soft grass. At the same time some arrived, tired from a long time on horseback. Those as well took a short break after tending to their horses and then headed from the stables further into the valley, looking forward to warm bath, hot meal and a soft bed. Of course, some only left the horses and rushed away, mostly dressed in uniform of Host of Imladris.

       So the stables keep working, standing open both day and night though empty during the latter. Ever they wait for visitors and are ready to house any horses, healthy or injured

~ Gilnessael


Feasts of Rivendell

       As summer began, the feasts continued even more eagerly than before. It seems that it is in the very nature of elves of Rivendell to gather and to celebrate at every possible chance. As June began, the storm that was raging in the end of May quieted, and at night the full moon came out. Of course, a feast was held to celebrate it and to reminisce about the dawning of the First Age and darkening of Valinor. But then, a long awaited and long planned birthday party began for all the elves, whose birthday were in June. They are Lostdalion, Idril, Nilde, Araniel, Janowyn, Lothelawen, Laurel and Rineriol. Congratulations once again! For each a small cake was baked, with wishes for their birthday. Also, a mysterious box was placed on one of the tables, that nobody was able to open. Though many wondered just how should they open it, the box stayed closed even after the feast, which lasted twice as long as all other feasts. All were probably too busy eating the cakes!

       Then, a feast was held in honour of guests from Lindol, who brought with them clams and other gifts from the sea. Many elves arrived, following the tasty, yet foreign smell of clams. But then, the brilliant weather that had lasted for almost all of June, ended with dust flying around upon a strong wind. Even the elf-eyes could not help to see though the clouds.

       Even the extremely hot weather made way for yet another feast, for no one was able to do anything else. Looking for shadow under the trees, both elves and visitors from distant lands gathered there, talking and feasting, until night came, bringing coolness with it.

~ Gilnessael


Imladris on Fire:Wrap-up

       And so it is out! The identity of the mysterious fire started is now known to all! For those who had not been keeping up to the plot, Imladris had been set on fire by a certain elf. The elves quickly took sides, but not before the Lord Elrond's beloved pink robes were all burnt into nothing more than ashes in the winds. We should have known it earlier, for the fire starter was none other than the obnoxious Arwil!

       In a valiant attempt to escape, she jumped off the bridge into the River Bruinen in hope of getting away safely. Alas, the barrel she was on leaked, and she was caught unawares by none other than a very good imitation of, Star-, I mean, a mouldy hobbit! The rest is history.

       And so she has been put to justice. She and her minion, Dillion (a.k.a. the tourist who happened to look like Legolas) were thrown into prison with no clemency from the Lord Elrond! Interviewing the Lady of Ebil herself from the dungeons, I asked of her future plans, of which she could only tell me....

       "Oh, I'll be back. Don't worry, you'll never be safe from my plans of World Domination... Mwahahahaha...."

~ Keleos Nénharma


Hammadain – Clothing Contest

       As people from all over Middle-earth (surprisingly not from Mordor!) gathered in our beautiful valley of Imladris, the first-ever Hammadain contest commenced. The concept was simple: groups of three had to create garments that would need to win the judges' approval.

       After a few hiccups where teams sent out search parties after missing members, the tailoring and creating got under way. Each team consisted of a tailor, designer and artist. For many this contest would be the first time they had attempted to sew, model and decorate glorious garb. I, for one, did not envy the judges the dreadful decision that awaited them, for the effort alone that each creator put in was laudable. Perhaps due to the location the Eldar race was the most popular race that was designed for. Even with this similarity in choice of dress origin, all the designs were original and dazzling.

       The final scores were tabulated and there was still a tie! Teams 4 and 5, consisting of Menel, Indis and Eglagaladiel and Ithilvalan, Ferallae and Janowyn came first, Team 6 made up of Lady Aikari and Alora Felagund came second and Team 2 comprised of Nienna Organa, Ralkm and Alquanna came third. Although not each designer, tailor and artist was credited with a placing, every one should be congratulated on their contribution.

       Thankfully we have such enthusiastic people who made this competition a success!

~ Yodavi


Ennyn Laer – The Gates of Summer

       The sound of clear voices floated throughout the air. After a night of deep reflection and remembrance of the past, the sun rose and the assembled elves celebrated the coming of the summer and the rejuvenation it brought with it.

       No tears were shed, unless they were of hope, as the elves sung the praises of the promised renewal of their fair home. For this was the time of Ennyn Laer; the journey from spring into summer, and all were eager to welcome it.

       Yet, even as the sun's first rays of light tenderly enfolded the elves, there was distress. For a simple merchant party had become caught in a rockslide, and one of their number was beseeching those gathered for assistance. It was a chance for the elves of the Last Homely House to, once again, prove their kind nature towards any weary travelers. However, it was thought - by some - that they could be walking into a trap. Hence, it was with caution and vigilance that a scout party of elves approached the rocky overhang underneath which the group from Dale waited tensely. There fears were soon put to rest, and the elves set about to comfort and aid all those present. Only one was in dire need of healing, a service readily available in Imladris. By the skills of the Lords Elrond and Glorfindel, the wounded were sustained; and the party soon made its way back to Rivendell.

       The company from Dale would only stay a week in the ancient home of the elves, but left with memories of an experience that they would undoubtedly carry with them for the rest of their lives.

~ Diava Echui


Bangad Imladris

       For the first time in a long while, the Last Homely House opened its courtyard to all enterprising elves with wares to sell. For one day, the normally quiet courtyard was abuzz with activity, as both elves and visitors came to trade for the many crafts on offer. The energetic atmosphere of merchants and customers chatting and haggling back and forth with one another was complemented by the bright awnings, the sound of hooting owls, and the delicious scent of fresh-cooked food wafting through the air.

       The market featured several guilds of Imladris--Bards and Writers, Healers, and Metalsmiths--as well as individual craftsmen and artists. This provided a wide variety of items: food, wine, fresh flowers, beeswax candles, herbs and medicine, tomes of lore, flutes, swords, and much, much more. A truly brave customer could even walk home with his or her very own owl!

       With so much to look at and choose from, it is not a surprise that some people spent the whole day there and still did not make it to all the stalls. Most of the merchants found that they had a steady stream of customers, which made the day pass quickly for them, as well! The elves are so well known for their skill in crafts that the Bangad Imladris drew visitors from far and wide.

       Next time the market is open, come and see for yourself!

~ Eglagaladiel


Song of Old

part three

(part one)
(part two last issue)

       A pair of stunningly golden eyes peered through some bushes to her left. Caught by surprise, the elf maid stopped singing. With fluid and shadowy movements, she approached the bushes and fell to her knees. Pushing the strong smelling branches aside, she smiled softly at the man hiding there.

       He was shocked and frightened when she offered him her hand. Not knowing what to do, he found himself staring at her face. Finding only a beautiful smile and assurance in her unearthly eyes, he hesitantly took her hand and stood. Slowly he began to relax and was soon smiling broadly himself as she led him back to the clearing.

High in the trees above them, a restless mother bird watched the scene unfold before her eyes. Sleep would not come easily to her that night, and so her eyes followed the graceful and almost unearthly movements of these two strangers as they slowly danced long into the night. Hypnotized by the dance, the last thing she remembered before drifting into a dreamless sleep was the sound of two voices, one deep and resonating and one pure and clear as bells, rising together in a story of love. A harmonious Song of Old.

~ Emyla


Feature Articles


       A new face recently graced the Last Homely House with its presence. Daesil was led to the Plaza by a friend claiming that a "Tolkien freak" like him would fit in. When the time for him to choose his kingdom was just right, Daesil jumped head first into Imladris...quite literally.

       Before he was even an elf for two weeks, he could be spotted wandering our fair halls looking for more ways to get involved in the kingdom. Laebeth (whom he looks up to and admires as a great friend) told him to contact an elf maid who was working on a special top secret project. The two soon became fast friends.

       Daesil has made himself a reputation here as a ladies man. Blushing, he laughed the rumour off with a fair warning that falling for him is a dangerous thing to do. Plaza ladies aside, Daesil says there is someone in real life whom he cares about a lot. "She is weird I must say. Often times, she is off in foo-foo land (if she saw me say that, I would be dead). She claims to not be foo, but sometimes I have to wonder about that. But no matter, I love her to death and would not trade her for anyone or anything. I guess I will just have to suffer with her slight foo side and bear through it. After all, love is not perfect." *winks*

       If he was given one week to do anything at all, Daesil says he would start a game or contest and relax with his family and "beautiful" girlfriend. "After all," he says, "relaxation is not a luxury often granted by this world."

~ Emyla


Imladris Memories

Niblets with Nula

       It is time once again for Niblets with Nula. I was hungry at the time and trying to think of a catchy name for my column, so niblets sounded like a good word- made me think of ribs for some reason. I do not know really, I just went with it. Humor me.

       This has been a month of change for us here in Imladris. I have a very dear friend who was a Newbie around the same time that I was. She grew up nicely, decided to start an Army, became the ruler of the Kingdom, and now is looming, I m-m-mean watching over us as an Administrator. Of course I am speaking about the one, the only, LAEBETH!! *And the crowd goes wild!* Lae, you have contributed a lot in your years here. Your dedication to us and this place has been tremendous and appreciated. You've been a great friend and sister to me Lae, I am so very proud of you and all your accomplishments!!

       So obviously Lae's departure left us with only one ruler- Tara of course is wonderful, but we couldn't expect the poor thing to run around all by herself keeping us in line!! She would trip over her spammer hammer and THEN we would be in a fine mess! A new ruler was installed, and I do not think anyone was surprised about the choice. This person has shown immense dedication, creativity and is an all around awesome person. I give you our new Elrond and honorary Imladris minstrel- Tinw! She has been at the post for several weeks, and I think it's safe to speak for everyone when I say she's doing a darn good job!

       So all of us Army folk were in a confuzzled tizzy because Lae not only resigned as Elrond, but as the Army General as well. She was the only General this army had ever known, and everyone was saddened by her departure. OK OK, we were beside ourselves with grief. We have lost a lot of officers, but never the General! As always though, things work themselves out. Lilu got the job and I could not think of a better person to assume command of our armed forces. I am not sure how Mor feels about being bossed around by his wife, but we should probably ask him. *Makes mental note to harrass Mor because his wife wears the pants, erm, yeah, she does wear pants right?* Don't you Lilu?!

       It has been a month of changes not only here in the Valley, but throughout Middle Earth. Mine own eyes have seen, well, not much lately- Oldie that I am and all. In the time I have been here though, I have seen a lot. I have seen great elves leave our valley, never to return. I have also seen a lot of great Plazarites leave as well. Sometimes it was expected, other times it was a complete shock. Each time is was painful to say goodbye . To some, that person had become a dear friend, to others it was another contributor to this great thing we call the Plaza, and for some it wass just an oft seen name in the threads. These people helped make the Plaza and Rivendell what it is today. It is what WE make it, it does not survive or flourish without ALL of our imaginations, contributions and creativity to help it grow, advance and change. To some, the changes that occurred during this past month throughout the Plaza were upsetting and troubling, along with being sad. To those people I say- That is life my friends. Things happen, changes occur and even though sometimes we might not agree with them, they still happen. Things happen for a reason and sometimes, frustrating as it is, it is not meant for us to understand the reasons why.

       I want to take this opportunity to bid a fond farewell to Laie and Naith who both resigned as rulers from Minis Tirith this past month. You both served your Kingdom and the Plaza honorably and with great passion and spirit. You will be missed not only by your loyal subjects, but by everyone that knew you. Thanks for the memories you two!

       So in closing, yeah, it has been a crazy and hectic month. Thanks to all the Admins for doing their best to control the chaos and for being their usually grand selves. Thanks for you hard work! We are getting two points a post now in the Kingdoms and I KNOW the temptation to spam is there. Please do not. Use your posts to express yourselves and your creativity to the fullest, rather then just typing to get the points. They are not that important in the long run. As one of the Admins said, "It's not the points that make your legacy here, it's what you leave behind in your posts that will be remembered."

       That is all the soapboxing I am going to do for now, my joints ache! I hope you all had an enjoyable month and we will see you on the flip side!

To Rivendell, where elves yet dwell,
In Glades beneath the misty fell!

~ Nuladiel


Newbie Perspective

       I joined the plaza just over a month and a half ago when a friend of mine told me to come here, that a "Tolkien freak" like me would love it and fit in. Needless to say, she was right. I was daunted by the sheer size of the website and things to do. I found myself heading to the knowledge halls first, testing what I knowledge I had and earning points so I could join a kingdom and get more involved. As I looked at the kingdoms, I found myself torn between the Hidden Valley of Imladris and the beautiful Golden Wood of Lothlórien, but finally came to rest in Imladris.

       At first, I was a bit lost as what I should do when I joined this amazing kingdom. I looked around and made my way to the Newbie Hall and made my introduction and got to meet a few people. Our beloved Laebeth is the one who jump started me. As they discussed how to get newbies involved in the kingdom, I put my information in since I was a newbie and had firsthand knowledge better than the others. As days wore on, Laebeth told me one day to talk to Emyla about a scavenger hunt that she was working on. At first I thought she was a little bit on the foo side, (I was joyfully discovering what was classified as foo and what needed to be avoided). Well, she was not so foo but she is a great and fun partner.

       I found my way next to the army which was my next big step. I was quickly surrounded by numerous friends and having a good time in the Beriadrim HQ and flirting with a couple of the beautiful elven maidens; although none of the NAAFI girls because of Mor's "Rule Number 7" which states we are not allowed to make passes at the NAAFI girls while they are on duty. I got involved with some of the activities while also wandering around Lothlórien, making friends abroad. I found the houses to be interesting and a good time as well, especially the ones of my friends.

       Needless to say, I found my way around and adapted quickly, poking my nose into everything that seemed to pull my interest. Now I am finding myself more involved than I could have ever imagined when I joined. I find myself working on scavenger hunts with Emyla, fighting with the army and having fun at the activities and of course, heading to the feasts. I have also found numerous areas for me to test my dueling skills and I am working with the RPG Guild as a trainer in a few areas as well as a Gatekeeper for the Tower of Might at the Towers of No Return. I have come to love my kingdom more than I could have imagined and loving the people in it and from my travels even more.

       I could not wish for a better life.

~ Daesil


Tidings from Abroad



Greetings elves of Imladris,

As I sit in the depths of the Forest of Fangorn and ponder about the highlights of this month's excitement in Fangorn, the first one that springs to mind is the Lithedays Festival. Now the Lithedays are the two feast days surrounding Midyear's day in the Shire Calendar. In honour of our friendship with the halfings Merriadoc Brandybuck and Peregrin Took, this festival is celebrated with a great deal of fun and entertainment every year.

This year we have quite a few interesting games and fun activities. One of the most Entishly fun activities is "Toss your Rocks". Anyone who knows anything about Ents knows that they're greatest moment in history was when they tore down the walls of Isengard. Since then rock tossing has been one of Fangorn's favourite (and most dangerous) pastimes. This Lithedays you can actually compete and find out how good you really are at tossing your rocks around!

Another fun thing to do is taking a drink or so from the "What's in your Ent draught?" stand. Lillyth with a little help from Silver has mixed a few interesting ingredients into fifty bowls of Ent draught. So take your pick, and sip your draught. But if you start sprouting purple leaves, or go back to your childhood, don't blame us! The effects will only last during the Lithedays, so you should be free after that! Currently we have the most evil Entwife around busy being affectionate towards everyone else, an Ent bursting into song every other minute, and a fire-breathing elf, all of which are causing a lot of laughter!

Of course these aren't the only fun Litheday activities, but then if I wrote all of them down there would be no reason for you to visit the Forest. So come over for a visit and enjoy Fangorn at it's best!

~ Silver Leaf




What is happening in Khazad-dûm in the month of June? As usual there were multiple things going on and many exciting events going on. This reporter had to take on many disguises and come up with many stories to get the inside scoop from Khazad-dûm and what he has found is startling. Just read for yourself.

As many people may know, the practice round of the Inter-Kingdom poetry competition took place in Khazad-dûm. It was an interesting and learning experience and many great poems were presented by the teams. Your very own Imladris team got second in the match with a very good score but Khazad-dûm did not do as well finishing in last place.

The Drill Team also faced a very tough end of the year finishing in last place of all the teams in the league and missing out on the playoffs. It was not a great year but the team went through a lot of changes and grew a lot and is looking forwards to next year and a chance to redeem themselves. On the other hand, the Debate Team had a historic season finishing with a 6-2 record, their best ever, and making the playoffs as likely the second seed. They topped off this season with a win over Imladris in a 3v3 match 63-59. It was a very good and tough match but they pulled it out.

Also during the month of June the Kagam Khazads (the Wise Dwarves) opened a pub with the cooperation of the Burx Uzbans called the Think and Drink pub where there were ten contestants and they were asked questions concerning lore and it was a running tally through five rounds and a very fun and interesting pub to join in. There is expected to be one coming in July or August, or whenever the contestants are out of the infirmary.

Khazad-dûm also has reached a great number for their growth: 1900+ dwarves are residents of the great kingdom. We all hope that we can soon have an even 2000 or above soon and that is in the thoughts of the dwarves. An inter-clan drill competition is going to take place soon as the clans are preparing for it with the clan chiefs organizing it. You may wonder why I mention this. There is going to be a no clan team led by Oin and so if you would like to join that team go to the sign up thread. It will be a very fun experience.

~ Royal Armenos



"My heart would be glad if I were beneath the eaves of that wood, and it were springtime!" (FotR, Lothlórien) Spring in the Golden Wood has passed, it is now summer, and Lorien is in full bloom. The Galadhrim keep themselves busy with different quests and celebrations under the watchful eyes of Celeborn and Galadriel. One particular thing that merits mention is the one-year rulerversary of Imfalas, our Lady Galadriel, who is affectionately known as Imfaladriel. The Wood is festive with the celebration, and notable things have been done in her honor. The Lawn master and mistress surprised us all with a roast for Imfalas, where members of our kingdom could step up and speak of the Lady's accomplishments. So great was the outpouring of affection for her that the roast still continues, with the podium now open for any who wish to speak. The Royal Chambers, home of the Lord and Lady, were once again opened in celebration, and the Galadhrim were invited in to enjoy refreshments and each other's company. This special privilege was last given for the one-year anniversary of Lothlóien, another merry time in the Wood. The Hollow was also opened in Imfalas's honor, and many congregated there to congratulate her.

In other news, the brave elves of the Guard are still on their way to aid King Thranduil in Mirkwood, where he is beset by foes. The army was attacked by a force of foul yrch while attempting to cross the River Gladden, laden with wagons and supplies. After a hard fought battle, the orcs were destroyed, though not without cost. More elves than should have been were lost, and have been sent to the Halls of Mandos to await his judgment. The Guard now has taken on the task of healing the wounded, helped along by the skillful Etelehtari of Lorien. On the subject of the Etelehtari, a house of healing in Lorien was recently opened, where people of all races can go to have their ills and hurts treated by the skilled hands of the elves. Also come to the Wood is our very own racing league, headed up by Celebglin. The Lothlóien Racing League just finished its first season. The teams were Western Winds, Swift Seas, Fleet Feet, and Flying Foxes. The winning team was Flying Foxes, with 3 wins. A race of champions was decreed for all six of the individual winners: Aiwe Nenharma, Nienna Organa, Faelminiel, LorienElfmaiden, Amalric, and Uruviel Lowen. After an exciting race, the winner was Aiwe with her fox Indil.

There have also been some strange occurrences in Lothlóien of late. One is a vicious storm, where the rain comes down in silver spears, the thunder cracks, and the wind howls. The elves were taken off guard by this, and for a time were at a loss of what to do. Many of them remedied the situation by making their way to friends' telain, where they have enjoyed warm drinks and each other's company. Some, however, were not so lucky, and there have been unusual and frightening things happening during this storm. And, finally, at the Mirror of Galadriel there is a marvel to behold. The Lady's arts have shown her a vision from the future; something called a "film." On this Freaky Friday, elves and other races gathered to watch something modeled after our own Middle-Earth called "The Lord of the Rings; The Fellowship of the Ring." It has drawn some strange visitors, and has us all puzzled and amazed. Those are the highlights of an exciting month in Lothlóien, and we hope that you may find your way to the Golden Wood, where the pillars of the forest are silver, and the floor and roof are golden.

~ Dincairwen


Minas Tirith

Minas Tirith

There have been many changes in Minas Tirith. The biggest is the fact that our beloved Queen Laie and King Naith have handed over the Flame of Anor to Tiana and Tarkano in a splendid Transferring Ceremony. Many of the citizens were distraught but have made adjustments with our new Royal Couple Tiana and Tarkano ( who are a married couple in RL) We have gotten many additional Shops opened and many new apprentices to serve the Owners of different shops in the Market Place.

Following the Ceremony of accepting our new King and Queen, a Royal Coronation Banquet and Ball was held, which ended in a tremendous Food Fight in which Tiana and Silme Sikil were the main proponents. The beautiful hall of Merethrond was a shambles and humans, Elves, and Rohirrim were covered by custards, pies and other kinds of mushy desserts.

So many things happened. Firstly, Minas Tirith has a new Royal Dungeon Master, Simaril who has given a new meaning to what a Dungeon is. Secondly, The Drill Team tied with the Shire and has started a second Tie breaker Match in which your own Idril is Game master and Judge. And the Rangers have several training RPGs underway. The latest is a Reserve RPG called Echo of a Song and is for the Ranger Reserves. We also have the sign-ups for the IK Races opened, the Osgilliath Outriders won the Pelennorship 5 -1 over the Dol Amroth Diamonds.

Our Old King Naith is being honored by having an RPG in his Honor. It’s called Naith’s Tower of Tales in the Telling This was done In memory of all that Naith Liathant did for Minas Tirith and for role-play in particular, the Tower of Tales shall continue on in his name. May he continue to inspire you when you grace the Tower with tales of Battle, Love, Sorrow and humour! Naith used his quill like Aragorn used the flame of the west, with precision style and grace. His detail and description is legendry and the power and passion that his works evoked are still unchallenged. Like the Tower of Ecthelion, Naith’s Tower of Tales in the Telling will remain just that, as a testimony to his legacy. This is open to ALL Races. So come and help us write a story of the Life of Naith Liathant.

MT also has a new Commander, Pelaadarion, who takes the spot that became vacant when Hoyamir left. I was there when the King told him: “My Queen and I believe that you are the man to fill that void.” Aragorn placed the Clasp upon Pelaadarion’s Uniform and continued, “This is yours now Commander! Wear it with pride and wear it with honour, let courage be your weapon and truth be your shield.”

As you see, things have been rather busy in the White City, too busy to put it all in this report. So please come and visit the White City to see all the things I was not able to report on.

~ Mireya



Mordor Mordor has become very busy of late with many threads storming, and two new Minions of the Month. Mordor was become very active of late and a large amount of Minions are participating. The rulers have been busy fighting off a rebellion coming both from a Balrog of Moria, and the top generals in the army. The Kingdom page is also under construction and is going to be updated with current information as well as new ideas.

First off, our most evil member ~Rings had created a shop called the "The Little Shop of Horrors" that has become very successful and is perfect for the gift given minions that want to please others. Lava Snake Fighting has finished the Morgul Masters, and the Battle for Barad-Dur is about to go under way. This is one of the most popular threads in Mordor, which pins two players' snakes against each other in a Dice Rolling battle. There is a lot of strategy involved and it is very fun.

The Army has been very busy with the creation of the Siege division and the Battle of Osgilith. In this battle the forces of Mordor were attacking the enemy across the river, which was made up by many members coming from all the kingdoms of Middle Earth. Currently the army is in Roll Call mode and is becoming ready for more terror. The month of June saw to Minions gain the honor of Minion of the Month. Both Ghashabau and Byg Sci won the honor, which was well deserved. Ghashabau won the honor for his hard work in the Army, Children of the Eye, and many other activities. Byg Sci won the honor for his work in many Mordor threads, and the high quality of his posts, that are almost unequal.

Mordor once again saw many new minions that contributed daily, and the older members keep coming up with ideas to make this growing kingdom better. But most importantly the Rulers continue to create new threads, like the rebellion, house party, and fun in the throne room. This Kingdom will continue to grow with the work of its members, and one day it will hopefully conquer the rest of Middle Earth.



The Shire

The Shire A summer in the Shire cannot go by without some sort of celebration. And this time, we have had three! So although I may be a little discouraged right now as I trudge home in my mud boots from the Inter-Kingdom Poetry Match held in Khazad-Düm – I swear, my ink well ran dry at the last minute – I am looking forward to some nice refreshment and food over at the Brewery. Then maybe I ought to head on over to the ongoing spring festival for more food, and then over to the Village Shoppes for festival leftovers. Yes, you just can't go wrong in this town!

But besides me eating up house and hobbit hole here, I've taken up an interest in spectatorship. This is not spying, mind you, since I prefer to call it "people watching." And to be sure, it makes sure that I notice the strangest things that I don't think others would see as easily. When Belladonna Bracegirdle (Daisy Fields) won our Shire Springtime Miss Contest a few days ago, I thought I noticed three Hobbit children right behind her trying to steal one of the smaller Great Party Tree branches! I was about ready to alert a Shirriff when the party grounds closed. Then, just the other day, I was at the opening promotions ceremonies for the Hobbit Defense Squad. Just as our Shire Defense Captain, Woggy Hardbotom (Pedro), was announcing who would be our new archers, I think I noticed one of our HDS officers chasing after a squirrel who had stolen her medal. Now if I could have punished anybody, it would have been that squirrel.

Enough talk about spectatorship, though. The Shire Players' newest production is starting in a few days, and I want to be ready to spectate away for that!

~ Istya Alassea



A lot of Maiar have been sacked this week, as their owners changed their faces at Lúthien's Plastical Surgery Clinic in the Timeless Halls. Nienna, Yavanna and Estë decided their pre-Third Age looks were quite out of fashion, and they approached the daughter of Melian with their propositions of their new faces. Unfortunately, the three Valar also hired a new parade of Maiar to follow them around, since their faces should match their accessories. Among those now receiving redundancy-payments are Tilion, Ilmarë (who still works part-time for Varda) and Melian. Subsequently, they sued their former employers at Ulmo's Court of Silly Trials. They claimed that they had been sacked "because we were too pretty", which is forbidden under paragraph 67d of the Valinoréan Constitution. The court is to judge on the matter when pigs learn to fly, according to an official statement.

Meanwhile, Oromë and Varda have transformed Valinor into a totalitarian dictatorial state, where they impose suspensions on everyone who dares speak in public about the appalling state of the sausage rolls in the kingdom. Manwë, always a Vala of the people, has organized a protest on Taniquetil, but rumours have it he is keeping all the proceeds from selling sausage rolls to the protestors for himself, which sparked Vairë to organize an anti-protest protest, but knowing her she will be too busy knitting her tapestries to actually bother to turn up.

~ Arlo Cúthalion



Crafts, Lore and Language

In the Healers' Garden

       Who does not know the little white puff balls growing in the meadows? And it is not only the children that love blowing the little balls of tiny fliers apart and then watching them being carried away by the wind. The dandelion is a sure sign that the winter is gone and summer is knocking at our front door!

       The dandelion has its name from 'dent-de-lion', meaning Lion's teeth. Its name comes from the jagged-edge leaves of the plant. The leaves form a tight rosette above a central taproot. And when the dandelion blooms, one large yellow flower is borne upon a single hollow stem which rises highly above the leaves.

       The common dandelion, regarded as a weed by gardeners, has many culinary and medicinal uses. The leaves, picked in spring when they are still young and not as bitter, can be used in salads. They have a slightly nutty and bitter taste. The flowers can be used to make dandelion wine (which I strongly recommend) or made into dandelion honey (see recipe below). Roasted dandelion root is even used as a substitute to some morning refreshments.

       Medicinally speaking, the leaves of the dandelion are a powerful diuretic and help lose excess water in your body. They are therefore great to include in your springtime detox! The roots are a blood purifier which help remove toxins from the liver and kidneys. And because it is high in vitamins and iron, this herb is also useful for treating anemia. Because of its bitter taste, dandelion is often used as an appetite stimulant, increasing the production of bile and used to treat conditions associated with the liver and gall bladder. It is also said that the milk of dandelion can get rid of warts.

       But my favourite is dandelion honey, sweet and flowery, it reminds me of sunshine, summer and lush meadows with lots of yellow flowered dandelions. Here is the recipe, which I hope you will enjoy as much as I do:

Dandelion Honey

       You will need about the volume of one litre of dandelion petals, one litre of water, 1 kg sugar and the juice of a quarter of a lemon.

       Harvest the dandelion in full sunshine. Pull off the petals and put them in a large pot with the water. Bring to boil and let it simmer for about an hour. Let the mixture stand overnight.

       The following day, strain the mixture, add the lemon juice and the sugar and bring to boil again. Let it simmer until it thickens (several hours). You can check for thickness by dipping a teaspoon into the honey and cooling it off on a small plate in the fridge. If its texture is honey-like, it is ready. If it's still runny, then let it simmer for a while longer.

       When it is ready and still hot, fill it into jars and seal it air-tight. It will keep for several months.


~ Isilindil


Artisans' Corner: How-to... Whittle

       You are bound to do a bit of traveling this summer, and if not, you will most likely spend a good many moments enjoying the warm weather. What better way to wile away the while by whittling? Create a trinket for your loved one, or even a show piece for your abode, the branch is the limit! And just like that traveling you'll be doing in the lovely sunshine, the journey in whittling is more important than the destination!

Step one
Select a piece of wood that will fit easily into your grip and big enough to carve down. It is a good idea to start small and progress up the wooden scale. You should also choose the right kind of knife, sharp but not too large.

Step two
Try to get into the would-be character of the wood. Some artisans believe the whittled creation already exists within the wood. It is best to set out knowing what you want to whittle.

Step three
If you have a stronger right hand, hold the knife in your right and wood in your left. The opposite should be done if you use your left hand most often.

Step four
Start by shaving the rougher pieces off the wood. Remember to cut away from your fingers, they should all be behind the blade.

Step five
Do not be afraid to take the whittling in stages. It is best to do this in a contemplative state of mind, so feel free to come back to a piece of wood. Be patient; if the creation does not look exactly as it should, do not despair, for it will come with time.

       And now let nothing stop you! Go forth and whittle...

~ Yodavi



       Feast Day Stew
Feeds 10 Elves, 5 humans or 2 hungry Hobbits

3 lbs of lean Herdbeast (Beef)
1/2 lb Butter
10 Carrots, peeled and thickly sliced
1 bunch of Celery
3 lbs of Potatoes, unpeeled and scrubbed clean
1/2 cup of whole Wheat flour
1 cup of broth from Meat.
2 large Onions, chopped
4 cloves of Garlic, minced
2 large Leeks, cut lengthwise and thoroughly washed, cut into 2 inch pieces
1 bouquet Garni

       Preheat large cauldron to a high heat. Add 4 oz of butter .Throw in the meaty bones and brown them for 15 minutes. Add the vegetables except the potatoes and the Garlic. Cook over a low fire for 40 minutes, stirring frequently to make sure the vegetables do not burn. When meat is done, take it and the vegetables out of the cauldron and add 2 cups of water to the pot. Scrap off the caramelized cooking juices. Add the meat and vegetables back in the pot and add 14 cups of clear Bruinen Water Add the 3 lbs of Herdbeast. Add the Bouquet Garni. Simmer for about 3 hours. After 2 hrs and 30 minutes, add the potatoes and half the Garlic. Simmer another 30 minutes. 10 minutes before the end of the cooking time, make a roux out of the remaining butter, Garlic and the flour by browning the butter and adding the flour and Garlic and let it color to a light brown. Add 2 cups of broth to the mixture and let it bubble. Take out the Bouquet Garni. Then add the roux to the boiling soup. This will thicken the soup and give it a nice garlicky taste.

~ Mireya of Gondor


Puzzles and Games

Word Search

Tribute to Laebeth



~Keleos Nénharma


Mystery Code

       Long have Elves delighted in the devising of writing systems – among them the Tengwar. In the following quotation, each letter stands for another. So decipher the code, and then you shall uncover a highly quoted saying!

51616 12451 2111 1214162
2141311 23141 121621111320
23141 51616 124141113 62414
652321320 52013 1614111

Bonus: Who said it?

Hints: L=16, O=14, G=12, T=1

~Istya Alassea




With sacrifice of splendour, valour is victorious
For long the fires of our dead will burn
In what stands and guards we pause
Identification of future terror is written
North we march drunk by triumph
Wisdom is replaced by foolhardiness
Stealthiness gives way before treachery
Still I, one of three, surviving like the fires
A flame I bring to the Hall.



No words, no speak,
no swords, no weak
Three witnessed the third speech.
White were people clad, silence was in reach;
but it was ruined by the evil treat.
Stopped that day, never to be more,
oh! what happened here in Númenor?

~ Erlend



The Khazad-dûm

(inspired by Edward Gorey’s Gashleycrumb Tinies)

Previous letters: A ~ B ~ C ~ D ~ E ~ F ~ G ~ H ~ I ~ J



The Lay of Imladris

Surprise! There's more water in the old sponge. These are the memoirs of Lord Slosh, formerly Lord Eyebrows: a complete history of Imladris from its pink and glompable beginnings. The Lay of Imladris has been an ongoing feature since the very first issue of the Last Homely Herald.

Previous installments:
Part the First. ~ Part the Second. ~ Part the Third ~ Part the Fourth
Part the Fifth ~ Part the Sixth ~ Part the Seventh ~ Part the Eighth
Part the Ninth ~ Part the Tenth ~ Part the Eleventh ~ Part the Twelfth ~ Part the Thirteenth ~Part the Fourteenth

Part the Fifteenth

Then Laebeth fled, but swift she came.
Tinw Filigod! Tinw Filigod!
They called her by her human name;
And in Rivendell she worked unyielding.
Gladly she ruled, and a spell
Her works laid upon Rivendell: Magnificence,
And sanity befell this fair human maid
Who in Rivendell was labouring.

~Arlo Cúthalion            



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      • answers: All that is gold does not glitter; not all those who wander are lost.
        Bonus: Bilbo Baggins, at the Council of Elrond
        A 5 , B 15, C 26, D 2, E 13, F 7, G 12, H 24, I 21, J 4, K 18, L 16, M 9, N 23, O 14 , P 8, Q 10
    • Riddles: Eludril and Erlend (Submitted with permission by Mireya)
      • answers: Mîn ~ Ohtar / Tâd ~ Eruhantale
    • Humor
      • KD Tinies: Tinw
      • Lay of Imladris: Arlo Cúthalion
    • Artwork
      • Section titles and background: Tinw
      • Ink sketches: Tinw
      • Kingdom stamps: Silarvalla